Curt Cobain: Prophet?

Kurt Cobain

This graphic was sent to me several days ago. I decided to verify it and near as I can tell, it’s legitimate.

Kurt Cobain was a gifted musician, of this there can be no doubt. His group, Nirvana, was on its way to being the greatest rock group of the nineties. Like many musicians, he was a troubled soul; so much so that he took his own life at the height of his career.

Like many musicians, he had insights that were preternatural in my opinion –the one quoted above would certainly fall into that category. We’re talking about men like Bob Dylan and John Lennon: both men viewed themselves as poets rather than pop musicians. And poets they were. (Hence my approval of the Nobel Prize for Literature that was recently bestowed upon Dylan.)

In the modern period, it is the poets and the litterateurs who speak with a prophetic voice: Yeats, Eliot, Dostoyevsky and Solzhenitsyn among them. Like them, Cobain saw things with a certain clarity.

This is not to say that Trump is going to win or that he is the answer but merely to point out that Cobain saw something that nobody else did and that is that it would take someone from out of the box to shake things up. And given the corruption that is being exposed daily thanks to Wikileaks, the established political class is unable to see it.

The poet however, can.


  1. Make Monomakhos Great Again! says

    Why are they showing a picture of Kurt Cobain while displaying a quote attributed to this “Curt Cobain” fellow?

    “I decided to verify it and near as I can tell, it’s legitimate.”

    It came from a Trump Train Facebook page, that’s verification enough for George Michalopulos! So which issue of Rolling Stone did that quote come from again? Oh, that’s right, it didn’t. Sad!

  2. Mike Myers says

    I’m sure the Nobel Committee is relieved to learn you approve of their selection. No doubt your keeping them in suspense led to many sleepless nights!

    And I bet I’m not the only admirer of your deft adaptation of the Gish Gallop mode of hollow yammering to this resonant linkage of Dostoevsky, Solzhenitsyn, Dylan, Cobain, et al. with Donald Trump’s visionary scampaign of sleazy fraud and hate-mongering! Really smooth name-dropping, George. Just pray that Dylan never sees it. (The other guys are all dead, so not to worry.)

    Intoning a mantra about the vast corruption exposed by Wikileaks® doesn’t get any truer with mindless repetition. Something specific you’d like to mention?

    • George Michalopulos says

      Where to begin Mike? Where to begin? It’ll take a multi-volume encyclopedia to catalog the Clintons’ crimes and misdemeanors.

      • Mike Myers says

        Please. What’s with the dance of seven veils, Salome? Lay out the crimes. Bring it on.

        • George Michalopulos says

          I’ll make it simple by not bringing up her moral lapses (like lying to the parents of the men killed in Benghazi) or her ethical malpractice (letting Benghazi happen) or her overall slovenly sloppiness when it came to record keeping (like when she let her made in Chappaqua file classified reports for her). I’ll also leave aside her personal immorality (abortions, lesbianism, trips with her husband to Pedophile Island).

          I’ll leave all that aside (not that they’re not disqualifying in and of themselves). Let’s just stick with the actual high crimes and misdeamenors:

          Today we will start with Perjury.

          • George, be careful not to hurt Mike Myers feelings. In case you haven’t notice he is easily offended, and thin shinned. Then the topic turns to his hurt feelings instead of the subject matter originally discussed

            Then it becomes a long circle dance. Thought provoking in the beginnings but quite boring and repetitive in the end.

            If I truly have offended Mike Myers I ask his forgiveness.

          • Bishop Tikhon (Fitzgerald) says

            Mike referred to ‘vast corruption exposed by Wikileaks®” above and asked to reveal where WIKILEAKS revealed WHAT.
            George could not and did not, except to repeat the word “corruption.”

            • George Michalopulos says

              Your Grace, I find it hard to believe that you’ve read any of the Wikileaks. I’ll make it easy for you: “Taco Bowls,” etc. Now the latest one that shows that they had “leverage” to use against Bernie should he not play nice. Then there’s the Lolita Express.

              If this ain’t corruption, then pedophilia isn’t a sin.

              • Bishop Tikhon (Fitzgerald) says

                Your words, George, “VAST corruption.” The question was “WHERE did Wikileaks reveal (VAST corruption)?

                • George Michalopulos says

                  Surely Your Grace you’re kidding.

                  • Bishop Tikhon (Fitzgerald) says

                    No, George, I’m not kidding. Assange’s claims must be substantiated by documents—the so-called Wikileaks, What Assange says and the materials he put forward may not always agree!

                  • George,

                    It’s unwise to argue with the devil. He delights in endless disputes that eat up your time from doing God’s work. I like taunting these minions from time to time but do remember not to take them seriously at all. They are not here to be constructive but for no other reason than to attempt to muddy the waters and distract.

                    It’s a pathetic job description, but there it is.

                    • George Michalopulos says

                      Yeah, I get it. The reason is not to convince those who are ideologues but to use the resulting argumentation to enlighten those who are on the fence. Kind of like arguing with a Flat-Earther. It’s for the elucidation of the facts.

                • “Vast Corruption.” (Weiner, Lynch, Epstein, Rich, Huma, Debbie and Donna, Muslim Brotherhood, Saudi’s and Clinton Foundation, Soros, Uranium 1, Podesta, Flint Michigan, type type type) …. some “vast corruption” here:


                  • Bishop Tikhon (Fitzgerald) says

                    Cy, thanks for spelling Weiner’s name correctly. Of course you don’t have that Diki-, schlong, cuck-, and, now, semen fascination, which makes “Wiener” so attractive!
                    Thanks, too, for mentioning the Muslim Brotherhood! Few know how the situation of the Christians of Egypt has deteriorated since Sisi destroyed that annoyingly, oddly religious organization which used to organize protective barriers and guards around Coptic Churches on Feastdays when they were threatened by non-Muslim Brotherhood mobs, which turn out to be Sisi’s thugs! I know, just saying “Muslim Brotherhood” conjures up such scarey images as Mothra in the imaginations of the ignorant! I hope you don’t think Trump doesn’t worship the Saudis! I thought vast corruption must refer to the members of congress who were elected by Republican voters and found out to be pederasts, etc!

                    • Sorry I don’t understand your “babble” talk or what you are saying. Idiotic jargon. “Sisi” nonsense “mothra” blah blah. You hope what and what? Please “Bp” if you have something to say say it I don’t want to guess your convoluted thought patterns.

                    • Bishop Tikhon (Fitzgerald) says

                      I guess “Cy” missed the part where Sisi becme the ruler of Egypt after the elected President Mobarak was overthrown? He missed the part where Sisi had the Muslim Brotherhood of Egypt criminalized. They, under Mobarak were used to forming Islamic protective human cordons around Coptic Christian Churches and clergy when they were threatened by thugs like those of Sisi. I’m sorry if Cy is so ignorant he thinks reference to contemporary historical facts, real history, is babbling. Ignoramuses are afraid of the mere NAME “Muslim Brotherhood”, as if it were one of those monsters in post-war Japanese horror films, like Godzilla or Mothra! I’ll try to speak even more simply in future so “Cy” and anyone else that knows little of the outside world won’t have to guess at all!. I’m glad Mrs Clinton got more popular votes, about 200,000 more popular votes, than Mr Trump, but according to the Sacred Constitution of the U.S., the people’s votes don’t elect presidents: the members of the Electoral College do! Trump admires the Saudis excessively. Clearer?

                    • You have a “Muslim Brotherhood” obsession. Anyway Hillary/Obama are your “Arab Spring” engineer sponsors. “Regime Change” specialists. That whole entire debacle humanitarian disaster. Consequently Europe also going down the tubes, “your people” doing all that and count all the Bushes likewise in your camp, “establishmentcrat” turncoats voting Hillary.

                      Your Electoral College “protest” is just naive bumpkin talk. If you have a “football game” and a touchdown is 6 points with possible 1 or 2 point conversions added and a field goal is a field goal worth 3 points, you do not say after the game, a field goal is “5” points, or Touchdown is “9” with no conversion points you do not do that, change rules after the game, you do get that basic concept ?? YES?? NO?? ….

                      Trump concentrated 90% of his resources time money and energy on 12 States, OK, 12 States, “battleground” States; if it were popular vote COMPLETELY TOTALLY different campaigning strategy. Trump did not write Electoral College into Law, so lets quit with this phony demagoguery of yours and quit whining, GROW-UP, you got whooped.

                    • Bishop Tikhon (Fitzgerald) says

                      Cy, my son! YOU introduced the Muslim Brotherhood into this discussion, not I! I only educated you on what that is!
                      ““Vast Corruption.” (Weiner, Lynch, Epstein, Rich, Huma, Debbie and Donna, Muslim Brotherhood, Saudi’s and Clinton Foundation, Soros, Uranium 1, Podesta, Flint Michigan, type type type) ”
                      See that? YOU brought it up.!
                      When I educated you on what that is, you (in a panic?) cried: “You have a “Muslim Brotherhood” obsession.”
                      Good thing they don’t make voters take an English test before voting! Ever hear of a whooping crane? It’s pronounced “hooping.”
                      By the way, you referred to “Your Electoral College “protest” When or where have I protested against the Electoral College system, Cy? Can you answer that for me? Just because I MENTIONED the popular vote of the American people doesn’t mean I’m protesting against ANYTHING!

                    • Oh common, so I just “threw in” Muslim Brotherhood in there who gives a beep, then Oh gee, your “big lecture” on the Muslim Brotherhood, yes Bp. that was a very comprehensive analysis about them barricading some Coptic Church service or something, sure, that explains so much and covers everything, right. We now know everything there is to know about Muslim Brotherhood with your 20 word explanation. Then you go on “See that” .. see that …. yes Bp. I see that (!!!!) eebbee jeebbee ….” …. Yes Yes, you are, you most definitely ARE making a huge federal case about “Electoral vs. College” and of course the “INJUSTICE” don’t cop-out …. or what would be the point ?? Lets not be so obtuse. PLUS there are tons of you LIBERALS out there screaming your heads off about the Electoral College and Popular Vote like as though that is supposed to mean something important, IT MEANS NOTHING, NOTHING. All after the fact. Plus, before the Election everyone thought it was Hillary who had the “BIG PATH TO VICTORY BY WAY OF ELECTORAL COLLEGE” and Democrats were all-in 100% with that. So that is all hypocrisy plain and simple. Now which couple of words of mine are you going to nit-pic with your next reply back?

                      I have feeling, anticipate, you will still belabor that Hillary won “Popular Vote.”I will answer that, remind you again Trump spent 90% of resource, time, money and energy on 12 battleground States. Wherever Trump campaigned he had major success. Hillary other hand had low low turnouts, everywhere. OK?
                      Easy to surmise in a “Popular Vote” Election Trump would have campaigned throughout all the 50 States including California getting many many more votes throughout the Country, logic dictates that. Now if you just want to be stubborn and live in your “make-believe world” of Hillary being some kind of “Popular vote winner” ok then you are not in touch with political reality just your liberal “safe-space” reality suit yourself. Maybe a therapy dog might come in handy as well.

                    • Bishop Tikhon (Fitzgerald) says

                      Cy. You said these two things: One: “You have a “Muslim Brotherhood” obsession,” and, Two: “Your Electoral College “protest” is just naive bumpkin talk.”
                      Neither of those assertions has any basis in reality. YOU introduced the Muslim Brotherhood here, and I answered once. No obsession, SEE? I also made NO Electoral College protest. And where does this mention of “country bumpkin” come in? Are you sensitive on that topic? I’m not! I now see that Egypt is an unfathomable mystery to you , particularly, its religion and politics. There’s no need for you to be ashamed of that!
                      After all, a United States Senator from Arkansas, Tom Cotton, although being an Ivy League graduate, is apparently an imbecile! That’s much worse than being a country bumpkin! He complained in a speech that Iran’s aggressiveness had increased so much “that they’ve ALREADY taken over Tehran!!!”

              • Mike Myers says

                “Taco Bowls” e-mail = vast corruption?

                From your own Scriptures, ,

                It is unclear whether Christopher was referring to ordinary Latino outreach itself as “taco bowl outreach,” or whether she was referring to campaign of outreach based on presumed offense within the Latino community at Trump’s tweet.

                In the context of Trump’s mocking, patronizing dog whistle tweeted the day before, it’s obvious to anyone with a functional brain that the exchange was “referring to [a] campaign of outreach based on presumed offense within the Latino community at Trump’s tweet.” Except there was nothing presumed about the offense. And it was probably quite intentional, and targeted precisely to malicious racists just like you.

                Date: 2016-05-06 19:44
                Subject: Re: New video: Trump isn’t trying to bring people together

                Attached again ‹ I can swing by if you still can’t open?

                On 5/6/16, 5:20 PM, “Walker, Eric” wrote:
                >Sory this isn’t popping up for me for some reason. Can you resend > > > >

                On May 6, 2016, at 3:59 PM, Christopher, Rebecca >wrote:
                > >Hi everyone, > >Attached is a script for a new video we¹d like to use to mop up some more >taco bowl engagement, and demonstrate the Trump actually isn¹t trying. > >Let me know if you have any flags and thank you! >


                Lolita Express? Attorneys for the candidate you’ve passionately stumped for months have been summoned to appear before a federal judge in NY for a status conference, concerning a certain as yet unscheduled trial. The plaintiff in the complaint was a 13-year-old girl at the time the following alleged actions took place:


                His counsel are summoned to appear together with counsel for his co-defendant, a registered sex offender/convicted child abuser.

                (On a minor note: your candidate is the defendant in a class-action lawsuit charging him with multiple counts of fraud & racketeering. That trial’s on the docket and begins Nov. 28).

                And yet, incredibly enough, here you are, screeching like some demented chimp that the email exchange above is a flag for vast corruption? Scattershot poo-flinging such as this reminds me of a recent visit to the San Diego zoo. The developmental distance between you and that s***-hurling chimp, in moral and cognitive terms, is minimal. Unlike that chimp, however, you present no evident excuse for evincing such depravity in and rank disorder of basic discernment and elementary critical thinking skills. We’re witnessing some of you people devolve before our very eyes.

                George, you need professional help. Like your idols, you’re becoming a lying fraud incarnate. I can smell the fake from here. It’s almost terrifying. Have mercy on yourself, and STFU.

                • George Michalopulos says

                  I dunno. Can you imagine the howls of outrage had a Republican called Hispanics “taco bowls”?

                • Mike Myers says

                  Update on this civil lawsuit: reports are that it was dropped once again, this time because of alleged death threats made against the complainant. Before dropping the suit, the woman chose not to speak to reporters about it at a press conference scheduled on Nov. 2nd, after days of receiving such threats, according to her attorney, Lisa Bloom,

                  No way to know how much substance there is to allegations about things said to have occurred 22 years ago. But these details are in the public record, in court records and calendars, and well-known to journalists covering this election cycle.

          • Make Monomakhos Great Again! says

            Hillary Clinton has been convicted on charges of Perjury exactly as many times as George Michalopulos.

            • George Michalopulos says

              No one said “convicted.” Stop the bait-and-switch. The commission of the crime is still a crime, whether it’s prosecuted and adjudicated or not. (See: Simpson, Orenthal James.)

              • Bishop Tikhon (Fitzgerald) says

                In GREAT America, A PERSON was and is innocent until proven guilty. I thought you knew that, George!

          • Mike Myers says

            Perjury. Your point of departure to distinguish your passionately supported candidate from the flawed Democratic one, to specify her “crimes,” is perjury?

            Never mind George. I can’t stomach any more of your hypocrisy. I think I’m gonna be sick. I’m outta here.

            • George Michalopulos says

              Yes Mike, perjury. As in lying to Congress and the FBI. That’s a crime. Whether it’s prosecuted or not is not up to me to decide. But it is a crime.

              • Mike Myers says

                Specify which statements you assert are perjured, and please explain why you know better than federal prosecutors that they meet the standard of prosecution for perjury, bozo.

                • George Michalopulos says

                  How about this?:

                  I imagine that The Wheel crowd and other Orthodox progressives will find this outre if not exactly sinful.

                  • Mike Myers says

                    Not even remotely pertinent to my question, ridiculous Vanity Pundit.

                    Recall that you asserted of HRC that she had committed perjury:

                    Yes Mike, perjury. As in lying to Congress and the FBI. That’s a crime. Whether it’s prosecuted or not is not up to me to decide. But it is a crime. [emphasis added]

                    For convenient reference, here’s the question I asked you, again:

                    Specify which statements you assert are perjured, and please explain why you know better than federal prosecutors that they meet the standard of prosecution for perjury …

                    Be man enough to substantiate your assertion by answering the question and clarifying what you meant by your charge, your Honor. Or retract the charge.

                • George Michalopulos says

                  OK: telling the FBI that she “didn’t remember” 39 times. See also Comey’s interrogation (under oath) by Trey Gowdy back in early July.

                  • Make Monomakhos Great Again! says

                    It’s a little ironic that right after making the Spirit Cooking post, George Michalopulos is claiming to have occult psychic powers to know what Hillary Clinton does or does not remember. How much satanic sodomy is required to gain the power to read minds anyway Mr. Michalopulos?

                  • Bishop Tikhon (Fitzgerald) says

                    I said, “Perjury may only occur in a legal proceeding, not in an interrogatory outside court. Perjury may be pronounced only by a judge or by a person presiding over a specific LEGAL PROCEEDING. It can’t be pronounced by this or that Monomaskateer!”

              • Bishop Tikhon (Fitzgerald) says

                Perjury may only occur in a legal proceeding, not in an interrogatory outside court. Perjury may be pronounced only by a judge or by a person presiding over a specific LEGAL PROCEEDING. It can’t be pronounced by this or that Monomaskateer!

  3. For all those “holding their noses and voting Hillary” here is what you are VOTING FOR:

    Hold the nose tighter, tight as you can. You have “pigs blood, semen, breast milk and urine” wafting inside your voter’s booth. Please please all you “nose holders” don’t tell us its “Putin” or Podesta, Hillary’s campaign chair, no no, its all her, its all her people, they are all in their own familiar “Eyes Wide Shut” circles, its all them, they are all the same thing, by and large. “Tell me who your friends are I will tell you who you are” old old saying.

  4. An RC priest speaking a kind of moral clarity on that “holding your nose” thingy:

    It’s refreshing and sad at once.

    • Mhmm. Kind’a wonder’n “what RC priest” and what “thingy” thing at first. Unequivocal. You know who is who and who is what when it comes to that issue the Democrats champion abortion. He points out that it is a “pre-meditated” act, crime. Exactly right. Vote Hillary Dem Clinton you forfeit Holy Communion. Sounds RIGHT. That was a well articulated sermon by an RC priest.

  5. Tim Johnson says

    Your careless faith in this obviously and reportedly spurious quote of “Curt” Cobain…(It’s Kurt), casts lots of doubt on what else you write….
    Come on. Get real. Check it out.
    Trump was not prominent enough in 1993 to be on Cobain’s radar….
    Get this corrected.

    • George Michalopulos says

      Tim, you must be very young. I remember Trump being very much on the radar screen in the eighties. There are videos of him attending the 1988 GOP convention and speaking very highly of Dan Quayle, when everybody else was dumping on him.

      He first came to national consciousness in the 70s when he burst on the NYC real estate scene and was squiring beautiful supermodels left and right, hosting galas, and giving tons of money to Democrat office-seekers like it was nobody’s business.

  6. Make Monomakhos Great Again! says

    After a bit of research, it really is amazing how many departed musicians have made prescient quotes about our current moment in time. I’ve decided to verify them, and, as far as I can tell, they’re all legitimate:

    “A lot of dudes use to say, facism slumbers in America but wakes up in Europe, and I gotta say, some day there’s going to be a white dude in a suit. And he’s gonna look good and talk good and before you know it we gonna have a dictatorship up in this here America. Y’all are gonna have to get up on and stop that. Who is that gonna be? I can’t tell ya who! I can’t tell ya who! But if I did, maybe some cat like Donald Trump!” – James Brown (1993)

    “I think the wrong Clinton was elected, frankly, but I’m sure Mrs. Clinton will be there, when she’s needed most, to save the American experiment from lawless right-wing authoritarianism in a couple decades.” – David Bowie (1992)

    “It’s Christmas at Ground Zero! There’s music in the air. The sleigh bells are ringin’ and the carolers are singin’ While the air raid sirens blare.” “Weird Al” Yankovic (1986)

    • George Michalopulos says

      We’re pretty much already a fascist state, given the level of crony capitalism that exists. And then there’s Imam Obama who today told illegal aliens that they should vote and that there “would be no repercussions.”

      If that’s not a lawless regime then nothing is.

      • Make Monomakhos Great Again! says

        Show me the video of Obama telling illegal aliens they should vote and there will be no repercussions and I will show you a video of George Michalopulos declaring his desire to murder a hobo for sport.

        The interview in question that got distorted by the likes of Alex Jones to snooker the ever gullible George Michalopulos:

        “RODRIGUEZ: Many of the millennials, Dreamers, undocumented citizens — and I call them citizens because they contribute to this country — are fearful of voting. So if I vote, will immigration know where I live? Will they come for my family and deport us?

        OBAMA: Not true. And the reason is, first of all, when you vote, you are a citizen yourself. And there is not a situation where the voting rolls somehow are transferred over and people start investigating, et cetera. The sanctity of the vote is strictly confidential in terms of who you voted for. If you have a family member who maybe is undocumented, then you have an even greater reason to vote.

        RODRIGUEZ: This has been a huge fear presented especially during this election.

        OBAMA: And the reason that fear is promoted is because they don’t want people voting. People are discouraged from voting and part of what is important for Latino citizens is to make your voice heard, because you’re not just speaking for yourself. You’re speaking for family members, friends, classmates of yours in school…

        RODRIGUEZ: Your entire community.

        OBAMA: … who may not have a voice. Who can’t legally vote. But they’re counting on you to make sure that you have the courage to make your voice heard.”

      • George, please. Take some pride in your horseshit! That’s such a tired, old lying meme — not perverted out of anything said “today!”

        And then there’s Imam Obama who today told illegal aliens that they should vote and that there “would be no repercussions.”
        If that’s not a lawless regime then nothing is.

        100% FALSE

        Consider how you might adorn your hellish false witness with at least a touch of original craftsmanship! The aspiration to s***lordship is impassioned, true — but your efforts are always so artless, so banal and, well … incompetent.

        • Mike Myers says

          The working link to rebuttal of that tired old crap George parroted:

          • George Michalopulos says

            Snopes? Seriously?

            • Bishop Tikhon (Fitzgerald) says

              Isn’t Snopes more reliable than Trump?

            • Mike Myers says

              Your lies and slanders are beneath contempt. We’ve exposed them to rational and fair-minded people, and that’s what matters most to me.
              Why the priests and fellow Orthodox here participate with you in dragging the reputation of the church you falsely claim to represent down into this sort of gutter tabloid vileness is your business, I suppose. I’m certainly done with you.

              • George does a better job of representing the heart and mind of the Church than the vast, vast majority of English speaking Orthodox in this country. It is a poor reflection on you that you cannot see this.

                Yes, his spelling is questionable. We all have our moments. And he may generalize a bit more than the facts in detail warrant. But he gets the gist of it and is open to correction if convincing correction is offered, rather than nitpicking.

                But the broad strokes of the corruption and contempt for the rule of law are unmistakable on the Clinton side. Trump’s worst sin in this regard is not agreeing necessarily to recognize the purported results of the election if he is not reported to have won.

                Given all the facts on the table, this is not at all unreasonable. No less than say if Kerry had said the same thing after the Bush/Gore experience. I mean, the president is preventing the indictment of Trump’s opponent on dozens of felony counts. If the federal government cannot be trusted in this election, who can?

                • George Michalopulos says

                  Thank you Misha for your kind words. I have always liked to paint in broad brush strokes; vivid colors and not pale pastels. As long as the Lord grants me the life, health and discernment to do so, I will continue.

                • Misha, if George, as you suggest, represents the heart and mind of the Church, remember that he is in agreement with me that the Church should not have festivals. I assume you think that he is wrong on this issue since you believe in the prostitution of the Church through festivals. Possibly you only believe in Russian festivals, since Russian culture is superior to all others. Maybe you should, ” be open to correction.” I know you belong to a festival Church so that would be a difficult correction for you to make. Nevertheless, the Church, whichever jurisdiction, should not be in the restaurant business even if the festival proceeds lead to Church structure expansion.

                  • Given the widespread occurrence of festivals in the Church, I think George is an outlier on that one particular issue. But that’s ok. There’s room for diversity of opinion on things other than theology and morality that has been long settled.

                    • Festivals, theology and morals are directly and intimately woven together. For the non-secular Christian one’s entire life is committed to Christ; there is no separation between spiritual and profane, everything is spiritual. For the carnal Christian, there is separation. The witness of the Church is damaged when the Church community prostitutes itself through festivals. You and your festival parish need to repent. Jesus overturned the money changers in the Temple for a reason–it damaged the witness of monotheism to the broader public. As widespread and addictive as festivals are they are still wrong. Wrong is wrong and leaven is leaven no matter how prevalent it is.

              • MIKE MYERS,

                You seem to think you are a virtue of truth. Be careful, that’s a dangerous road your on. No one here, except our God, knows the absolute truth. Satan will sprinkle truth to his lies to fool all. Go to your Bible and read and pray, that the truth will come back to you.

                In regards to abortion. Yes I believe it matters who pays or does not pay. But! What is truly important, and truly the TRUTH is we should not allow abortions to happen period. Killing the most innocent, and near sinless of us is intolerable. There should not even be an argument, especially with Christians.

                I give credit today to Father Frank Pavone, a Roman Catholic Priest, and a devout defender of the most innocent. He is not afraid of his superiors, or the defending the truth. Today the Washington Post reported that Father Frank put a aborted FETUS(it’s not a fetus, it’s a murdered baby)on the altar in a appeal for Donald Trump.

              • Peter Millman says

                I consider George to be an extremely intelligent man whose posts are excellent- much better than your in fact. Remember, if George lost nine tenths of his brain power, he would still be one hundred thousand times more intelligent than you. George writes a lot like Patrick Buchanan. My nine year old granddaughter writes better than you. Myers, you are a benighted, dimwitted nitwit- and I’m being extremely kind.

  7. Don’t know about the quote but there is a certain logic in a very wealthy celebrity businessman coming in to save the day. He would have to have both money and name recognition from day one to have any chance at a major party nomination if he were not in politics already.

    As to the mud thrown at Trump, really, I don’t believe any of it at all except the tapes that have him frankly discussing a) how he struck out with a beautiful woman who turned out to be married (ie, he took “no” for an answer) and b) how far pretty women let rich celebrity men go when it comes to “coming on” to them. Crass, but no big deal. All the other stuff is just nasty people projecting their own crimes onto Trump (allegations of harrassment/rape, etc. that are late-coming copycats of what has already become old news truisms re HRC’s husband). Oh, and he took a massive loss and thus he paid few if any taxes for quite some time. So?

    On the Hillary side, we have the classified material email scandal which seems to implicate everyone all the way up the food chain in felonious activity to the tune of 10 year stretches in club fed. Clear violations of the law on a long term, flagrant basis. You have the Clinton Foundation being investigated again. You have Thornton law firm being investigated for funneling money illegally into the DNC. That is only one firm and the investigators believe that it is a widespread practice; ie, more to come.

    On top of all that you have a sex scandal from hell that may break wide open at any moment.

    And all of this stuff has sticking power on the Clinton side. It is the type of stuff that has dogged them perpetually since before Bill was in the Oval Office and it will not go away any time soon regardless of whether she is elected.

    The Trump stuff? It arose with the election, and only because of the election, and will die out when the election has passed.

    But vote your “conscience” [pause for laughter].

  8. I’ll say one thing. This obsession with Millennials, it should be the Gen X’ers we should be paying attention too.