Has Kissinger’s Prophecy Come True?

kissinger-150x150One of the curiosities that Monomakhos has reported on over the last several years is the apparent anti-Christian ethos that permeates the New World Order.

After decades, a curious geopolitical fault-line has been exposed between secularist/consumerist nations and those which strive to hold on to, or try to recover, their Christian origins.

The following excerpt is from a speech that was given back in September of 1974, by Henry Kissinger, Nixon’s former Secretary of State. The thesis of the speech concerned the cantankerousness of the Greek people, and how their backs had to be broken if a “new world order” (so to speak) was to take place.

The underpinning of a Greek is his culture and underpinning of his culture is his religion.  Are we at the point where the Church of Greece has acceded to his wishes?  Has the Church of Greece delivered us into the hands of the globalists?  


 The Greek people are anarchic and difficult to tame. For this reason, we must strike deep into their cultural roots: Perhaps then we can force them to conform.

I mean, of course, to strike at their language, their religion, their cultural and historical reserves, so that we can neutralize their ability to develop, to distinguish themselves, or to prevail; thereby removing them as an obstacle to our strategically vital plans in the Balkans, the Mediterranean, and the Middle East.

Henry Kissinger, while addressing a group of Washington, D.C. businessmen in Sept.1974, (as reported in Oikonomikos Tachydromos, Aug 14, 1997)

The words are bad enough. Having said that, a little context is in order.

This address was given barely two months after the Turkish invasion of Cyprus and one month after the resignation of Richard Nixon. These were tumultuous times. When viewed in retrospect, it all seems to be part of a plan. In any event, Dr Kissinger was never high on any Hellenic list of heroes.

Having said that, it it is important for my readers to understand that I had no brief against Kissinger prior to the time in which his speech was published (that is to say 1997). Perhaps I should have. For the majority of my adult life I admired his Realpolitik and I continued to defend his overall worldview even after it became clear that he was the architect of the Cyprus debacle. I am an American; as much as I hated what happened to Cyprus, my allegiance is to this nation. And anyway, Kissinger’s diplomacy bore considerable fruit for the United States (all things being equal).

Consider: (1) The United States was able to withdraw from the Vietnam conflict with honorable terms and a strengthened South Vietnam in 1972, thereby extricating our nation from a hopeless quagmire. (2) During Nixon’s presidency, diplomatic relations with the majority of Arab nations were established. (3) A strategic alliance was made with Red China. (4) Detente was secured with the Soviet Union with much cultural interchange and lessening of tensions. All in all, these were favorable developments for the United States.

That being the case, I chronicle these news-stories since I believe that people have the right to know what their leaders believe. Specifically what they believe about Orthodoxy and our worldview. Frankly, what we believe as Orthodox Christians and what the globalists believe is incompatible. Indeed, I consider most traditional people are increasingly finding themselves at odds with the nihilistic spirit behind the secularist world powers. As for myself, I have come to the regrettable conclusion that the West is in the process of transmogrifying into an implacable enemy of Christian civilization. I pray that this will not be the case and that we can come to repentance.

I realize that much of what I have written in the past is debatable. That’s as it should be, after all, I’m not infallible. But what cannot be debated is that Kissinger’s prophecy, his prescription for the future if you will, is coming to pass. The Church –the back of the Greek people–has been broken. It only took four decades but the globalists are nothing if not patient.

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  1. George,
    I am surprised you haven’t figured this out by now. All of this has been in the open for a long time, it’s just that most people didn’t want to believe or read about it. Our saints have been warning us, we have ignored them. The books were published, they were ignored.
    Humanum Genus, written in 1884, is enough to start. The Popes knew, before they were infiltrated.
    I like Nesta Webster’s “World Revolution”. In that book is a great table that compares various documents as to their content.
    This stuff has been around a long time, “educated” people trying to serve both God and Mammon have forcefully ignored any such conspiracy talk.
    I was in China recently, they have built out the perfect surveillance and tracking system, with perfect facial recognition tied to your social credit score. At any given time the state can decide to deny you access to your ability to buy or sell. The technology and systems now exist for the Antichrist to force everyone to make that bargain and take the mark…and in the Western world we will accept these systems as convenience through our smart phones…which will no longer be able to live without.
    We are still sleeping, and you are still wondering. Go back and read that “conspiracy” literature, it was all there from the beginning, as clear as a bell.
    Here is a good video from elder Gabriel (a disciple of St. Paisios) talking about the end times:
    That time might becoming soon, and all Orthodox Christians should prepare themselves, regardless of the age.

  2. Molon Labe says

    This “speech” is a very sloppy and long-since debunked fabrication, and quite honestly I’m surprised how any intelligent person, even someone as conspirologically-minded  as GM, would not be able to pick up on this. 

    Of course, the classic conspirologist response is to quickly shift gears, and say that while the source may indeed be dubious, real world events still largely conform to what is written – and therefore this is a legitimate avenue of discussion, and that we should even be “thankful” for the catalytic effect of this BS. However, this is a dangerous trap, and can never lead to anything good. 

    Now, very quickly as to why this is total and utter BS. Number one – Henry Kissinger, famously ruthless though he was, is still one of the greatest diplomats of modern history and a very intelligent man – certainly somebody who would never voice such an opinion, in front of any kind of audience, even if it was sincerely held. If somehow Kissinger did say something to this effect, it would most certainly be heavily garnished with various human-rightsy/multi-culti language, and not this childish drivel. 

    Second – this piece of text is very obviously written by a native-Greek speaker (which of course makes it hard for a Greek to pick-up), with turns of phrase that could never come out of Kissinger’s Bavarian-Jewish mouth, but are very common in Greek.

    Finally, the entire premise of this piece is laughable, and clearly something intended to just feed the Greek persecution complex. What is written could only really ever make sense to a Greek, while leaving everybody else scratching their heads. The best part, definitely, is this – “removing them as an obstacle to our strategically vital plans in the Balkans, the Mediterranean, and the Middle East.”  Hahahaha.

    • George C Michalopulos says

      Molon Labe (love the name btw; gotta be careful, a lot of “conspiracy theorist types are very sympathetic to those nine letters), you assert that this speech has been “debunked”.  By whom?

      Also, you fail to read the entire blog post; clearly I praised Kissinger’s Realpolitik in general.  Did you not read that?  I could have added that it was under Nixon’s direction that Kissinger went to Saudi Arabia and set up the entire “petrodollar” scheme which the entire world has been dependent upon for several decades now.  

      In any event, you must understand the tenor of the times.  (I imagine I am quite older than you, for I do remember how rattled our nation was in the aftermath of Nixon’s resignation.)  Kissinger himself had received several death threats from Greeks and Greek-Americans because of his perceived (?) greenlighting of the Turkish invasion of Cyprus.  In such a context, I can very much understand his contempt for the Greek people.  

      (BTW, if you were every wondering why the late Christopher Hitchens so despised Kissinger, it might have something to do with the fact that his first wife and mother of his children was a Greek Cypriot.)

      Nor should we forget that the American nation is not especially philhellenic in any knee-jerk fashion.  So too his audience of businessmen.  After all, the Turks were a bulwark of NATO, as you can read from the Buchanan piece which I just posted in another comment, they not only (literally) had our backs in the Korean War during one major engagement, they stationed the Jupiter missiles in Turkey and allowed us to quietly remove them as part of the quid pro quo with Kruschev to end the Cuban Missile Crisis.

      Now of course, Turkey hosts fifty (50) American nuclear warheads on its soil.  The only other country that has more is the American mainland itself.  (All this is in the Buchanan piece.) 

      In any event, Orthodoxy was the glue that bound the Greek diaspora to Cyprus and forced the Congress to treat American arms sales to Greece and Turkey on an almost-equal basis (which was not in NATO’s interests given Turkey’s much more significant population and size of its military).   So yeah, I fully expect the NWO types to want to eradicate or at the very least dilute Orthodoxy. 

      As for the actual words spoken by Kissinger, they don’t sound like “poor, poor, pitiful me” Greek treacle.  (Believe me, I know what that sounds like: it’s pathetic.) In fact, they are spot on in this sense:  they accurately portray the situation on the ground as it is. 

      • George,
        First of all, thank you for publishing my post, and for your very thoughtful reply. I did, in fact, read the entire post, and noted your praise of Kissinger. However, the point of my post was not an apologia for Kissinger. The point was that the underlying premise of the quote attributed to Kissinger (that the Greeks played such a key function on the chessboard, that they merited this all-out effort at destruction) was Greek autofellative bunk. 

        You are indeed quite a bit older than me, and I also have no reason to doubt your description of popular sentiment in America during the time of the Cyprus crisis. However, as a trained historian and one who has worked closely with the State Dept and Pentagon overseas – this narrative rings false to my ears. Greece is simply not that important. This does not mean I disagree with other parts of your analysis, specifically regarding a Turkish bias. 

        I didn’t know about Hitchens’ wife, that’s pretty interesting. 
        I feel I have to apologize for the poster below me. You’re too good, letting trash like that be published. 

        Be well, and please keep up the hard work.

        • George Michalopulos says

          Molon Labe (again, I LOVE the moniker), thank you for your kind response.

          Having said that, I see there is much that we can agree on, however the “importance” of Greece to the NWO is not because Greece is an economic or military powerhouse. It is not. Greece’s main asset is its location. I never realized how much more so until I started reading up on the Great War and how the Great Powers did everything in their power to either get Greece involved in that war (e.g. France, Great Britain) or to remain neutral (e.g. Germany).

          BTW, I had to think long and hard about the word autofellative. Hilarious! If you don’t mind, I may use it every now and then!

          And I very much appreciate your commentary and readership.

          • Molon Labe says

            Hahaha, sure go ahead! I’m not sure if this is something I invented today, or was already floating out there in the ether, but it seemed to make sense to me and be appropriate for the context. Apologies if was a little to risqué for your blog, but it seems not 😉

        • Gail Sheppard says

          Don’t vote for Biden if you believe Greece is just not all that important. LOL https://greece.greekreporter.com/2017/06/07/former-u-s-vice-president-greek-people-have-shaped-my-consciousness/

      • Monk James Silver says

        Well, there’s all that from the ostensibly ‘republican’ perspective of Henry Kissinger regarding the Greeks and their religion, but this is not substantially different from the ostensibly ‘democratic’ views of Zbigniew Brzezinski whom I heard say ‘Now that communism has fallen, the last enemy in Russia is the Russian Orthodox Church.’

        Why is Orthodox Christianity so frightening to American politicians recently?

        • George Michalopulos says

          That is a very good question, Monk James.

        • Michael Bauman says

          Monk James, is it possible that American politicians recognize the reality of the Church more deeply than do we? The Church’s teaching is antithetical to everything the nihilist philosophy that all modern politicians live by. No matter what they say in public, no matter what party the claim to represent, politicians like ZB, Kissinger, et. al. have given themselves 100% to the Will to Power and the suppression of “the herd”. Inherent in that belief is that Jesus Christ is the only opponent and a Church actually dedicated to Him, the only people who can withstand their drive to dominate and destroy.

          The State and the statists will always turn against the Church because they do not want any authority higher than them. They felt they had effectively co-opted the RCC and the various Protestant denominations. Only the Orthodox Church is left. The nihilism they follow is of like kind to Islam BTW.

          The only surprise is that the opposition and hatred for the Orthodox Church is openly confessed. These type of political leaders represent in the flesh “the world”. As Jesus Himself said (recorded by St. John in his Gospel) John 15:18:: “If the world hates you, know that it hated me first”.

          The Orthodox Church is the Body of Christ on earth; the gateway to the Kingdom of Heaven. We are/will be attacked and hated both from within and without.

          But we should fear not for He is with us to the end of the age, unto ages of ages Amen.

          “So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.” Isaiah 41:10

          I sing frequently: “Lord God of Hosts, be with us, for we have none other hope, in times of troubles, but You. O Lord of Hosts, have mercy on us!”

        • That is why in America the push to destroy the outward beauty of Orthodoxy with it’s distictive worship, acapella singing and clerical appearance, has been so aggressive  and sustained and so unlike  in western Europe and Australia, so as to make it look like any western denomination,  while the Faith is hollowed out and corrupted. 

          • As I have often said I  have comunicated with a greek priest in Florida.  Good man, dedicated,  works hard. BUT TOTALLY WESTERN PROTESTANT MIND, TOTALLY.  The experience of the communist yrs of Russia etc the martyrs etc Unknown to him. The great saints as Seraphim of Sarov etc, unknown. HOW MANY OTHER SO CALLED GREEK AMERICAN CLERGY ARE LIKE THIS???
            We have different language.  To me he is a protestant  pastor.  Good man, etc yes,  I  respect in that degree, BUT A WESTERN PROTESTANT OFFERING POP OPRAH FEEL GOOD STUFF tinged with a bit of Church. His reposte would be that his audience understanding nothing else.  Quite!!  

            • Tim R. Mortiss says

              Nikos, you have often spoken of this particular priest. But I don’t think it can be said that he is representative. Our GOA priest, American born and raised, is very different than this. As is our church different that what you suggest above.

              • Tim. Thank you.  I am glad and accept what u say as u are a serious thoughtful, informed, commentary.  What i give him credit for at least is being focused on reaching his people and not lost in current church chaos but the chaos impacrs on us all.  
                We are about to attend the liturgy for St Ivan Rilsky day so will light candle for you all.  

        • I wonder what Kallistos Ware will do?   As usual speak the talk and remain sitting. A perfect uk civil servant which what would have been, probably with a ‘Sir’ added now,  if had not got religion so to speak.  Good man,  compasionate man and sees the truth but like them all,  is seemingly UNABLE TO ACT.  I am shocked at the lack of action, the diplomatic face -saving language in the face of clear church abuse and political influence and disastrous  path in byzantine alice and wonder land of Phanar.  The damage this does to the witness of the Orthodox church. Effectively at the moment at a crisis time in human affairs the Church is AWOL. !!! ……………. Useless…….,, excuse my bulgarian to call a spade a spade. It should pack up it’s alice and wonderland baggage and go home. No wonder the likes of Pompeo behind the polite garbage are laughing with contempt for the pathetic delusion it sees of old Men and some young, refreshed from bulgarian stallions no doubt,  grabbing on to power .
          When are the punters going to wake up to being fleeced or are they sent to sleep by the sophorific  titles spouted out?   Quite frankly I am sick of the lot of it. Is anybody else?? 

          • You can understand that in March 1917 in Russia it was noted that the mobs ransacked the many chapels on the Saint Petersburg streets  and paradied Orthodox worship by dressings up in the robes etc .  The Church was in dire straits from Rasputin with openly homosexual affeminate Archbishop( Pitirim Okhnov), Varnava etc  and  other corrupt lose living metropilitans.  It had to suffer 73 yrs to find it’s soul and repent in blood of  the martyrs.   Are we in same situation today?  

            • My kumbaros in Athens says to all this, that for ordinary lay people with daily pressure of greek reality, jobs, family,  it is difficult to bear weight of all this.  He fears many will become indifferent and tired of it all and many will withdraw from Church as it’s  tainted and corrupted. Some will go to Old Calandarists.  Ordinary people do not give a toss about ecclesiastical boundaries etc. They are sick of it.

        • WOW!
           ‘Now that communism has fallen, the last enemy in Russia is the Russian Orthodox Church.’
          Is that why the support Bartholomew?

          • Monk James Silver says

            Not if Brzezinski’s statement is a corollary to Kissinger’s, as I suppose it is.

            The problem is not that the U.S. State Department favors the Greeks over the Russians, since they clearly don’t, but that State thinks of Orthodox Christianity as a collection of ‘poor relations’, a tool, a primitive, unthinking lever on international politics.

            They don’t care two figs about our faith and they can’t make us fit their very limited binary catholic/protestant paradigm of Christianity. No wonder they can’t make sense of the Jews and the Muslims!.

            The fact that at least the officially orthodox Greeks are willing to play into being manipulated by this godless scheme is heartbreaking. But while the officially orthodox Russians won’t play the game, they have agendas of their own — not that we can be sure that this is any better.

            We need to stay focused on Christ and work around the politics rather than get sucked into them. And so should the Greeks and the Russians.

            • Monk James agree. But at least the russians are about power. Wrong but worldly failing. They suffered once for it.  Phanar is about denial of Orthodoxy doctrine on Church for papal Catholic one and worse . I fear as for Ukrainian people, they. CHRIST, don’t get a mention. And do you wonder why people walk away? I am often close to doing so as am sickened by it all. 

        • Lemonia Katouvas says

          I do attribute such thoughts to Brzezinski, Obama’s mentor, but I doubt he openly said such a thing. At the time of John Paul II and Reagan, Brzezinski talked about the eastern and western lungs, echoed by JP2. But the RCs definitely harbor secret hatred towards us. The NYC Life Chain spent New Years 1993 in Sarajevo. Many pro-life RCs were openly trying to collect arms for Croatia in NYC in 1989. But the Prods are no different, instead of Fatima and Medjugorje they try to label us Magog. I wonder why they seem two faced. I suspect the problem is the Vatican Archives. They keep digging up old arguments there.Maybe it’s best to infect them with some parchment eating fungus.

          • George Michalopulos says

            Lemonia, Zbig’s antipathy towards Russia and Orthodoxy is well attested. And you are right: at the end of the day neither of the Western confessions really like us (as a rule). JPII was different but then again he saw the Western rot was starting to infect his beloved Poland.

          • Monk James Silver says

            I watched Brzezinski say these words in a televised interview, so I know for a fact that this is true.

  3. Jonas Bertocle says

    A major Greek magazine, Economic Taxidrome debunked your Kissinger quote as there were not any speaches at that event. Further the style of the quote shows Greek authorship by lexical synactical (AI) analysis such as that used for automated essay grading and follows the ideas of the pogrom iciting rants in your Thursday before Easter services (Anomus, anarcus, Adioscorus).  Further it is your heather ruscolating that is the real anti-Greek influence here as Kissinger supports the Greek posotion on Macedonia.. You will be reported to your pharmacy board, employer sna homeland security.

    • George Michalopulos says

      Clearly Sir, you have serious issues with grammar yourself. And spelling. As for your threatening my employment, presently I am retired.

    • Gail Sheppard says

      Jonas, I GOOGLED the name of the magazine you gave us and it didn’t come up.  Interestingly, the popular Greek magazine, Oikonomikos Tachydromos on 14 Aug. l997, came to a different conclusion: 
      But for those to whom these arguments do not persuade we offer the following: Father Yiorgos Mettalinos was one of the guests on…TV program Me Apopsi (Μέ ΄Αποψι) which aired on the 30th of June ’03. Father Mettalinos is one of the most widely respected individuals in Greece, right up there with Archbishop Christodoulos. He also happens to be a professor of Ecclesiastical History at Athens University (he holds five university degrees, including two doctorates). A man beloved and admired by even those who may disagree with him, his words are not ever taken lightly nor are they uttered frivolously. When Father Mettalinos speaks, most Greeks pay attention. And you can be sure that one of our staff members was paying enough attention to turn on the video recorder when Father Yiorgos mentioned Kissinger during the discussion. Here he is in his own words:

      I was studying in Germany when Kissinger made this speech. It was in 1974, and I was listening to the late Pavlo Bakoyianni’s Greek program out of Munich. The speech was in the English language with a Greek over voice translation. I know English and can tell you with absolute certainty that he made those comments because I heard him make them.

      I think the spelling you were going for is T-O-X-I-D-R-O-M-E, not Taxidrome.  It’s a term you hear a lot in hospitals.      

      • George C Michalopulos says

        Gail, and of course it’s (the YouTube in question) gone into “Error 404” land hasn’t it?

      • Tori Sipas says

        Kissinger replied to the editor of the Economic Tachydromus in October 1997 “there was no award ceremony, there was no speech, and the alleged quote is entirely untrue. The whole thing is pure invention” “.

      • The magazine is. Ταχυδρόμος,  POST OFFICE. 

  4. Dear George and Monomakhos readers,
    There’s an interesting and well-done documentary out on Amazon Prime that I recommend: “The Enemies Within”. A lot of great expose material not found elsewhere.

  5. GoArmyBeatNavy says

    Those HK quotes are entirely FAKE and the likely product of the Kremlin’s extensive Info Ops enterprise. What are you going to print next? The Protocols of the Elders or Zion? And tell us those are authentic Codexes? What crap !! The Russian anti-semite , anti-American trollers have become deeply rooted in this blog. It allows the question of who is paying whom? Things on this blog have taken a toxic, fake turn. No kidding. It strains credibility. 

    • George Michalopulos says

      GoArmy, why do you immediately ascribe “anti-Semitism” to those who castigate (whether rightly or wrongly) Dr Kissinger? Where did I say anything about the notorious Protocols?

      Why is it always the Left which goes to the man and screams “racist” or “anti-Semite” when they have no other argument? Is it merely to shut down debate (likely) or perhaps a case of projection?

  6. George Michalopulos says