Justice for Jake

Just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse, it does.

The other day, a certain Jake Gardner, committed suicide rather than face the American “justice” system. Jake, a Marine vet, with two tours of duty in Iraq under his belt, committed the “crime” of defending himself, his father, and his business from a howling mob of SJWs in Omaha, Nebraska.

I’m seething with rage. In time, I’ll come to grips with my emotions and write in a more dispassionate fashion. But for now, I can’t. So I’m directing you instead to one of my favorite YouTubers, a guy named StyxHexenhammer. Like me, Styx is righteously angered, but at least he can speak eloquently on this particular tragedy. (And yes, he’s pissed so don’t watch this at work if you know what I mean.)

Long story short: not only are we not going to be allowed to defend ourselves, we’re going to be prosecuted for it. You see, the local DA knew that Jake was defending himself and that he even retreated in the face of danger before firing. So he didn’t bring up any charges. But some holdover from the Obama Department of inJustice convened a biased grand jury that came up with bogus indictments against Jake. The ex-Marine couldn’t take it. He knew he couldn’t fight the government and he also knew that once in prison, he’d be killed.

So he took his own life. God damn them for driving him to this point.

My question is this: why aren’t any Christian pastors condemning this injustice? Is it suddenly OK to drive a broken man to suicide? What about our own Orthodox bishops? And don’t give me any crap about Jake not being Orthodox –neither was George Floyd. But that didn’t stop the primate of the GOA from marching with the urban terrorists known as BLM, did it?

I gotta give it to these globalists: they know they can’t take our arms from us so they’re going to do the next best thing, and criminalize self-defense. If they succeed, it won’t matter in the end. You know why? Because it’s gonna blow, folks. Ain’t no way they Left is going to put Humpty Dumpty back together again.



  1. The blood of this man is on the hands of those who invented the bogus indictment. They will be judged unto eternity.

    • George Michalopulos says

      Mikhail, I completely agree with you.  
      It is one thing to be persnickity about the law, and quite another to make up spurious laws to punish the innocent.   As bad as the priest and the Levite were in not assisting the beaten man lying in the street, they at least did not prevent the Samaritan from doing what he did. 
      “It will be better for Sodom and Gomorrah on the day of Judgment” than for these malefactors in high places.  I’ve often wondered about that.  Why?  Because neither Sodom nor Gomorrah had the dispensation of the Law of Moses, nor the grace of Jesus Christ.  They didn’t have the rationality and broad-minded liberalism of the Enlightenment.  Our magistrates don’t have that excuse.  

  2. Michael Bauman says

    Two things: the Church needs to ordain more priests and we need to get out of the cities.  

  3. cynthia curran says

    I just seen a silly article that racism cost the US economy if this were true than blacks would do better in very liberal cities and not so good in more moderate political towns like Fort Bend Texas. In fact racism is not the problem but rural poverty. In both Mississippi and West Virignia rural areas have high poverty rates. Certainly in WV it has nothing to do with racism since its mainly white.  Poverty not racism is a bigger problem.

  4. Probably, rather than evading and avoiding, we need to do what we think is best according to our informed Christian conscience and, as they say, “Let her lie where Jesus flung her.”
    I say this with respect to self defense and defense of property as well as to men in domestic disputes.  We just need to act like men have always acted and take our medicine and then use whatever means we have to reform the system or destroy it if necessary.  That’s the only way it’s going to Christianize – Christian defiance.
    It’s tragic we have to be persecuted by the government but we have been on notice that the government is evil since at least Roe v. Wade in the early seventies (and really dating back to the “Civil Rights” movement).  Christ Himself warned us that we would be persecuted.
    I’ve read Jake’s story.  I used to have qualms about eternal damnation but I hope all these people burn in hell who are laying siege to the decent whether it is Jake Gardner or Mike Adams or any other victim of the mob.  I’m sure both Jake and Mike had underlying issues which led them to suicide, but that is no excuse for the bullying that drove them over the edge but for which they might have enjoyed long lives.  In a free society, not under occupation, it is best to fight fire with napalm.
    We need a paramilitary organization strong enough and with a broad enough presence to strike fear into the hearts of these predators.

    • George Michalopulos says

      Michael, I do not espouse –nor encourage–violence.  My sentiments however are superfluous:  the counter-reaction will come.  And it won’t be pretty.  As Aragorn said to King Theoden in The Two Towers “war us already upon you”.  

      FWIW, the rioting in Kenosha quieted down real quick after Kyle Rittenhouse upped the ante for the rioters.

      Just sayin’.

      • Luke 22:36: “Then said he unto them, But now, he that hath a purse, let him take it, and likewise his scrip: and he that hath no sword, let him sell his garment, and buy one.”

        I don’t think we need more actual violence, just an armed presence to counter Antifa/BLM et al.  Right now, all that is out there can be easily dismissed as extremist elements:  Klan, Proud Boys, etc.  I’m thinking more of a network of militias, at least one in each state, mostly NRA types who aren’t easily intimidated, know the gun laws in their jurisdictions, and can put on a conspicuous display of force when the time and circumstance warrant.
        Something like that may be coming and has already arisen here and there.  What actually surprises me is that we haven’t seen a resurgence in Klan activity.  In the South, that used to be the go to in times of instability, not that I’m encouraging that.

        • George Michalopulos says

          Truth be told, all of the destruction we’ve seen over the last four months has been perpetrated by no more than 25,000=50,000 people. It’s a small sliver, well-organized and funded but not nearly a force for change with any legitimacy. But then again, neither were the Bolsheviks. There were a minority of a minority but because the dumb-ass liberals had delegitimized the government and then forced the abdication of the Tsar, they were easy pickings.

          As Lenin said, “I found power lying in the streets and merely picked it up”.

        • George Michalopulos says

          Misha, the Klan is not only morally illegitimate, it’s completely infiltrated. As the son and grandson of immigrants, I have little sympathy for them.

          As much as I respect the martial skills of young Mr Rittenhouse, we need to find a way to bolster the local police forces in the Red cities. The Blue city police forces are on their way to extinction and/or irrelevance. (Or worse, they can be turned into a force for evil against the law-abiding, in much the same way DAs in Philly, NYC and Portland are.) Sheriffs are a good place to start as most of them are elected by the people. Some sheriffs in New Mexico have declared their counties “sanctuary 2A counties” and others in Florida and Virginia have said that if any civilians are indicted for defending themselves, they’re going to deputize the whole county as deputies. At that point, they will be able to keep and hold their arms unmolested.

          My advice would be to partner up with people of good will of all races and politically organize to come to the aid of embattled DAs. It’s at the DA level that Soros is doing his most damage.

          It’s going to be easier in the Red cities/states but even in Blue states there are significant areas of patriotism. Virginia has six counties that are crapulent but 90 counties where the people are loaded for bear. Same with Oregon and Washington State east of the Cascades.

          • Yes, I’m no fan of the Klan either.  But that would have been the natural reaction of many white Southerners to what’s happening now a generation ago.  I suppose that’s actual progress.
            In any case, I live in a red state where there has been precious little unrest and no significant level of violence.  Thus what happens in some states is more or less unthinkable here for the time being.  Yet our Demshevik governor has us all wearing masks in businesses and social distancing, etc.
            What concerns me more than the fact of Jake Gardner’s suicide is the climate, the Overwhelming Context, that is developing.  Norms are being twisted and the new intolerance is being used as a psychological weapon creating the “cancel culture” and a climate of fear of the Progressive Borg.  
            It is long past time to kill the Progressive Borg before it destroys us.  I don’t mean defeat them in an election.  I mean destroy the Democratic Party as a political force at the national level.  I believe that Trump is actually working on this, slowly, deliberately, incrementally but decisively.  Restocking the courts with originalists, winning re-election, capturing the House and defending the Senate, suing MSM outlets for defamation, banning race crit re-education in the government and prosecuting every last perpetrator in the Spygate scandal are all works in progress toward this end.  But they cannot come fast enough to avert tragedies like Jake Gardner or Mike Adams.  

            • Well, I stand corrected. They’re rioting in Louisville today over the Breonna Taylor thing. I live in Lexington, 60 miles away. Kentucky hits the big time. We’re the lead on foxnews.com

              • I just read two Louisville officers have been shot, one down. Unbelievable! 

              • Christopher McAvoy says

                The response to unrest in Louisville has been far more sufficient than in many cities. The speed with which they were crushed tonight is quite encouraging, despite a few casualties/injuries. The local militias there have certainly done good works. Such militias will become the norm in many regions of the USA, should such unrest from the 18-25 yo demographic of “sunrise movement” local chapter housing hubs/and or antifa cells of the “marxist university/financial/medical complex cities” continue to be pervasive.

                A large proportion of funding and organizational structure of these semi-professional “color revolutionaries” is well known to those in the open source intelligence field and mainstream LEO/justice dept. I was amazed how quickly the u-haul rental van in louisville was immediately traced to a Soros organization (not to mention Gringrich being shown as taboo to talk about him on fox news, even fox is blackmailed – both sides are corrupt).

                Cutting off their funding is more and more only a matter of time passing. The exposure of the crimes of globalists/communists during the next few weeks, from epstein logs, from hunter bidens egregiousness, from the obamagate durham probe, improvements in the supreme court, winning of second trump term, all of this will provide a crucial nexus of change. Eventually accountability toward them shall occur, even as these ne’er-do-wells may still attempt to fight back.

                Now with more realization of solutions to the present publicized unrest in the streets we may be curious if President Trump may have a plot to foil the next form of social control beyond the atheist/jewish driven medical establishment, which is the atheist/jewish controlled financial establishment.

                The system of digital currency (digital dollar) which the federal reserve has spoken of bringing into being yesterday, if allowed into existence, would be the ultimate form of social control, as has never before been seen in the USA. It would be worse than what China’s social credit, it would allow a tyranny never before imagined. I suspect Pres. Trump has some awareness of this. May God protect us from such evil coming to pass, in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost, to whom be all , honour, glory and dominion for all ages.

  5. Michael, I agree. We need more country parishes. Though Christianity started as a metropolitan religion, it is in the country where we can find grounded tradition and humility. The Church would then have a chance to be a community meeting place. Pennsylvania has several Orthodox parishes dotted throughout the countryside.

    • Christopher McAvoy says

      Yes, having had the opportunity to worship at SS. Peter & Paul Russian Orthodox Church in the rural mountains of central PA this summer, without any restrictions whatsoever at the peak of paschal-tide was a profound blessing. It was built with money from pre-revolutionary russian Tsar Nicholas and dedicated by Patriarch St. Tikhon himself! It was as if I was transported to another time and place, with security and nothing but God’s grace and an encouraging congregation of traditional Orthodox laity.

      I have semi-professional experience in farming, culinary arts, food production and not much interest in anything but rural life for the remainder of my life. Presently I am struggling to decide which rural region to settle in. I have the funds and am ready to go, I only wait for God to give me the sign. He has granted me patient peace in the deep south and indicated that I wait for a few months longer before making a permanent decision.

      I have considered emigrating abroad to nation that says no to globalism, such as Tanzania, Russia, Belarussia or Ireland (right to bear arms there doesn’t exist!). Surely many fellow Christians find themselves in a similar position to myself. Retaining dual citizenship and having a home in more than one nation seems wise. Whereever we live there will be both benefits and disadvantages. The mountains of western Virginia, which I am fond of, are full of many good protestant Christians but what I am not fond of is Gov. Northam and the Godless political culture that placed him in power through support of the stereotypical overeducated secular suburbanites of the state – and help from Soros funds…

  6. Coulter’s new column has the details:
    “Innocent Until Proven Trump Supporter”

  7. George Michalopulos says

    This essay by Angelo Codevilla (who came up with the concept of “The Ruling Class”) bears a thoughtful reading:


    • Codevilla is insightful but his categories muddy the waters.  The Left perpetrated a revolution, still in force, that is now the Status Quo.  That is why Trump has such a hard time even controlling the Executive Branch.  It is why Roberts is a turncoat on the high court.  And it is why we have all the RINO’s in the Senate.
      It is why the MSM relentlessly batters the Right, as does academia.  The Status Quo was instituted by the Left.  If you want it to change, you must engage in a revolution.  Trump seems to be attempting this and that is what is provoking accusations of fascism and aspirations to monarchy.  
      But make no mistake, if the Demsheviks are able to field a candidate in 2024 who has a snowball’s chance of winning the election, Trump and the revolution will have been defeated.  The sole objective of the revolution is to destroy the Democratic Party and its power bases.  Without that, it is a wasted trip.
      A revolution manned by those who don’t truly appreciate that there is indeed a revolution afoot is doomed to fail since revolution is a radical reordering.  You may be able to maintain the present Constitution but the conventional wisdom regarding the power of the Executive Branch will have to be discarded in favor of a dramatically more vigorous presidency which dominates the other branches.  In that sense, 1776 will have to be undone in some sense.  
      Those who support Trump are quite right to do so, but so are those that criticize him for dragging his feet and not being aggressive enough.  The temptation to stop short of true revolution is just too great to let up.  The truth is that we need a different consitutional order and my preference would be for Trump, at some convenient point, to seize power and suppress dissent.  
      Failing that, if he wins re-election and the Republicans retake the House, Trump has the opportunity to be far from a lame duck but rather a crusading reformer.  He needs to immediately initiate every move that can be made to lock the Demsheviks permanently out of the corridors of power and to suppress their party activities far and wide to the extent legally feasible including using the IRS and DOJ.  The Democratic Party is a vast criminal conspiracy, Tammany Hall writ large, and America needs to be de-Democrafied much like Germany had to be de-Nazified after the war.
      It is not a matter of vengeance but rather of self-defense.

      • I think a better analogy than postwar Germany might be France,
        where the dysfunctional Fourth Republic (dissolving into anarchy)
        was replaced by the more strongly presidential Fifth Republic.

  8. Be patient... says

    I’m sure many men feel the same way as you do …. thinking of Stonewall… discipline wins the day…. it’s hard to hold the line until the right moment while brothers fall next you in early volleys…The time to cry out like furries may seem to be upon us…. but it isn’t yet… the distance is closing. Keep holding the line. They weren’t called the Stonewall Brigade just because of Jackson… but also because they were all stones of what made their wall. 

    • George Michalopulos says

      Very well said.
      It’s all a matter of timing, isn’t it?
      On another sadder note, Rep Ron Paul was doing his podcast earlier today and appears to have suffered a stroke of some kind.  Keep him in your prayers.