Juliana (Louise) Paffhausen: RIP

Yesterday, Metropolitan Jonah served the funeral service for his mother, the late Louise Paffhausen (who took the name Juliana when she was received in the Orthodox Church).

Below is the sermon which he delivered at the Cathedral of St John the Baptist in Washington, DC.

I never had the pleasure of knowing the late Mrs Paffhausen and the rest of her family but from what people told me, she was a fine woman. I do know that she, like her husband and daughter, suffered greatly when they saw what Metropolitan Jonah was put through by the Apparat in Syosset during that entire sorry episode. It was in fact a type of martyrdom and rather than shaking her faith, only strengthened it and so she reposed in the embrace of the Church.

May her memory be eternal.



  1. Thank you for this. This homily was an amazing way to start the day. Barb

  2. Archpriest George says

    Memory Eternal! Memory Eternal! Memory Eternal!

  3. Gail Sheppard says

    My heart goes out to Metropolitan Jonah. Grant, O Lord, eternal rest unto Thy departed servant, Juliana, and make her memory to be eternal.

  4. Please pray for the health of Met. Jonah. He has cellulitis and is in hospital.

    • Nun Eisodia says

      I just spoke with him and he should be released from the hospital on Tuesday, 19th. Continuing to pray for his health and strength…through so many trials.