Webinar: Journey Through Pandemia

Among the topics covered in this 90 minute presentation featuring live Q&A:

  • Are the COVID vaccines necessary, safe, and effective?
  • All the COVID vaccines in the US have links to aborted fetal cells, are they moral for Orthodox Christians to take?
  • What is the current legal status of mandates, and how can we navigate them going forward?
  • Will boosters work, and does repeated injection raise the chances of side effects?
  • If you have taken a vaccine, can you get a religious exemption for the upcoming boosters?
  • What are ethical, effective treatments for COVID-19?
  • Can you detoxify your body if you have taken a COVID-19 vaccine?
  • Do Christians have a moral obligation to take the vaccines, wear masks, and take other steps to protect others?
  • Pastorally, how can Orthodox Christians confront the fear of death, hysteria, depression, anxiety, drug addiction, and other surging social problems?
  • Are the vaccines and vaccine passports mentioned in prophecy? If so, how can we make sense of it all?
  • Have mitigations such as lockdowns, masking, social distancing been effective at “stopping the spread” and/or reducing deaths? What have been the impacts of these attempts to battle a virus?
  • How should the Orthodox Church respond to demands from civil authority such as checking vaccine status, mask mandates, and attendance limits?
  • How are limits on the free exercise of religion legal, and what can we do about them in court?
  • Are we seeing a shift back towards sanity among medical professionals, among the clergy, and in the legal/political arena?


Date: Sunday, January 9th

Time: 7 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. Eastern

See site for details:  https://orthodoxreflections.com/covid-webinar/







  1. George Michalopulos says

    BTW, I just registered for us. I recommend y’all do so as well.

  2. I’m registered! My family will be tuning in!

  3. What happened to your video? I have the second half to listen to. My Covid headache only let me last about 15 minutes before I had to stop.

  4. This may be helpful.

    Malone’s thesis is pretty solid. All that’s changed is that we’ve replaced flu deaths with Covid and inflated the number, devising a vaccine to the financial benefit of Big Pharma and societal constraints conducive to totalitarianism. That’s the thing in a nutshell. It’s really not any deeper than that if you are truly “red-pilled”.

    Now, there is a question about how we might respond to vaccine pressure. I personally chose to receive the first two shots specifically because I was paid to do so by my insurer. I figured that they were approved under Trump and probably weren’t particularly dangerous and, not having any acute fear of death, it wasn’t a difficult decision.

    Knowing what I do now and given the steady stream of VAERS info coming out, I probably would not make the same decision again and certainly will not receive any boosters. But I have suffered no ill effects at all that I am aware of. My only point is that I don’t think you’re effectively committing suicide by allowing the vaccine, though it is much riskier than is warranted by any threat from the disease.

    What has happened with vaccine mandating is a travesty, truly un-American. Regime change is the only answer to that. But I think it is important to reject any leaders, clerics included, who describe Covid as a threat to any but the most aged and infirm. There is no Covid problem, period. It should never have been an issue any more than the avilan flu before it. Anyone who tells you different is an accomplice of the evil one and should not be trusted even if he wears a ryassa or even a panagia.

    It is the greatest Lie ever foisted on mankind, even greater than the Russian Hoax since it has affected the whole world. Rejecting the most fundamental premise of it is essential to being spiritually free of it and defeating the present madness.

    • Glad for you that you haven’t had any ill effects from shots number one and two. I’ve learned that there is notable difference between Pfizer and Moderna, according to Dr. Peter McCullough. Pfizer, per jab is like only 20 trillion units of mRNA molecule whereas Moderna for both jabs is 90 trillion units total of mRNA nano lipid particles delivered to the ribosomes of the cells, and Dr. McCullough pointed out that “Americans ordinarily like to know what they’re getting” but in this case apparently not. Dr. Zelenko elsewhere I recall him stating that per molecule of mRNA successfully transported to the cell you have 200 spike protein that comes with it or that it will manufacture, so doing the multiplication I think we’er getting into the quadrillion range of spike proteins, the ones that they now know escape the injection site of the shoulder and circulate throughout the system and are culpable in “micro-clotting” which can have a long range of numerous deleterious effects, short, medium or long term. Good thing Misha, this according to McCullough, with shots one and two he believes you can rid your system of spike protein anywhere between 12 to 15 months, drink pine needle tea and maybe dandelion with Manuka honey, few things along those lines, and no booster which you know, or otherwise the Dr. says forget about it, you’ll be stuck with the spike forever. And of course maybe you were fortunate to get a vaxx out of a batch that maybe had no viable mRNA in the first place, but for those who consent, from Christian Orthodox viewpoint you have to figure the demon isn’t going to let that slide by so easy and you should be aware there could be some material of some nature that may not be so good. Shots “one and two” with no bad reaction “you’re not effectively committing suicide” as how you state but with the booster all bets are off.

      • Gail Sheppard says

        RE: “. . . this according to McCullough, with shots one and two he believes you can rid your system of spike protein anywhere between 12 to 15 months. . .”

        I can’t imagine him saying this. Do you have a link? The vaccines instruct your cells (trillions and trillions of them) to make the spikes. . . INDEFINITELY.

        If you take really good care of yourself and strengthen your immune system, the hope is that you won’t catch SARS again. It’s being exposed to the virus that triggers your immune system to go into overdrive. Instead of just your lungs, your immune system will target everywhere it sees that spike; in all cells and every organ including the brain. . . assuming you live that long.

        It is really important to understand that so far, you only had a 1 in 200 chance of getting the bad stuff when you took each jab. They know this because some smart people looked at the stats for every batch, by state. If you didn’t get sick immediately, chances are you didn’t get the mRNA.

        With each round of boosters, they’re going to ratchet it up. (They can’t have bodies stacking up in the street, so this thing would have to be staged with more bad batches added as time progresses. If you take all of the boosters, at some point your number is going to be up.)

        Don’t take the shots anymore.

        COVID IS 99.97% SURVIVABLE. If your own doctor won’t prescribe ivermectin, get it online even you even if you only think you might have COVID. Don’t get tested. Just take the medication. It can’t hurt you if it turns out you don’t have COVID. There are people all over the world who take it every day (prophylactically). https://deeprootsathome.com/find-a-doctor-who-will-prescribe-ivermectin-early-covid-treatment/

        • I believe McCullough made the statements in interviews with either Jeff Rense or maybe Alex Jones one of those hour long talks, regarding the spike protein and the system being able to rid itself of it in 12 to 15 months or so. Yes, I know, other reliable sources such as Dr. Shirley Tenpenny and some many others regard the synthetic mRNA as “permanent” and that the enzymes which break down organic mRNA easily do not the synthetic one, but others say it’s still too early to say the “duration” of the synthetic mRNA/spike, also the actual amount of what you get in an “injection” but hey, its all still “EUA” so anything goes. I don’t know about the “1 in 200” number though, seems odds of getting the actual blood clot poison would be higher than that, again McCullough also was pointing out that different people can still have variance in their uptake of the mRNA vaxx. Those who have immediate reaction up to and including anaphylaxis and or death, those poor individuals have what is an “allergic” reaction to the vaxx and it may be the PEG polyethylene glycol which is a necessary ingredient to enable the transport of the molecule into the cell. People who have had colonoscopies they have had PEG used on them in prepping for the procedure and hence can have developed a sensitivity or allergy to that chemical. The mRNA may not have much to do with those people who have the immediate reaction. What the actual mRNA count is in all the injections probably we cannot know however the toxic effects of it can be “short/medium/long” term so if a person falls ill maybe after a year or so or longer that could just be that it took that long, but the 199 out of 200 not having none of the juju I think unlikely, has to be more than that. I’ll see if I can find McCullough interview, he also stated that the the new fast test kits are “reliable” that Abbot labs would not fool around not too sure about that either. McCullough, Yeadon, Bosshe, Malone, industry heavyweights, all these guys I think are making valuable contributions but they have things you want to look out for. There was a Dr. Thorpe I heard recently on Bit Chute I want to get back to him he was really good, solid. Have to check that name again though.

          • Gail Sheppard says

            I’ll check into Dr. Thorpe. Thanks!

            I’ve heard there may be an antidote. Time will tell.

            • Check this out, on topic, incredible:


              So, they’ve dug into the VAERS database and looked at the “lots and batches” and guess what (?) some very highly active with adverse activity and others hardly at all!

              • Gail Sheppard says

                More proof they were playing Russian Roulette with the American people. I wonder if they used different batches for families that came in together.

                Can you imagine a mom, dad, and two teenagers coming in to see their PCP and injecting them all from the same lethal batch?

                I have a friend. He and his wife got the jabs. He had a sudden cancer pop up and she had a stroke weeks after their last dose.

                • Yeadon is confident that they know what they’re doing and rollout is all orchestrated and by design. I’m sure they would account for the kind of scenario you have and within the lots, batches, incorporate “variation” so as to avoid clusters, I’m sure they’ve thought of it. Another doctor, maybe Stephanie Seneff someone along her lines was touting that there needed to be oversight in terms of “quality control” of the lots and batches with one in one hundred vaxx vials pulled for lab analysis, but of course there is no such thing, not even remotely. Maybe only the Japanese and interestingly Japan, their whole entire country only around 20% vaxxed that’s pretty good, if thinking “where to escape” down the road, I’ve had opportunity to travel there once before, they also had the couple hundred million doses of Moderna with visible contamination so they get it. The Yeadon video on this subject matter I want to view again more closely. Yes, cancer will be a problem, Ryan Cole a doctor talking about seeing a 20 fold increase in his practice, “Endothelial” cancer, blood vessel artery lining, just where the spike proteans imbed themselves. Also, hearing that people who’ve gone into remission with the booster vaxxes they can see their old cancers flare up far worse than ever before, what nightmare.

                  • One thing puzzles me about the idea
                    that all the mRNA was meant to stay in the shoulder.
                    If that was so, wouldn’t all these billions or trillions of spike proteins in the one place cause the mother of all inflammation such that the arm would pretty well immediately seize up, clot, rot and fall off? And wouldn’t that be so publicly noticeable their vaccination program would be DOA?

                    They knew it wouldn’t stay in situ

          • Gail Sheppard says

            The reason it makes sense is that Pfizer et al. would want to keep track of what’s in every batch and how it impacted the people who got it. This is Stage 3 of the clinical trials and they need that information to get formal approval from the FDA down the road. I’ve heard that the problematic batches have much larger doses.

            • Sure, they keep track “to themselves” but evidently the VAERS database has the info on the “lot, batch” of the vaxx associated with each case entry, that’s what I gather from watching the Yeadon video and where they were able to piece together the graphs demonstrating that there was the “clustering” of adverse events indicating that the dosages are highly variable not uniform on aggregate.
              But as far as the “FDA” approval goes, the “licensing,” they can already have that if they want, in the US, but they do not. The “initial” ‘approval’ of BionTech Comirnaty vaxx in the European division of Pfizer could be made transferable to the US, they can start producing Comirntay for US today, but they do not want to do that, reason, they lose their “EUA” with the approval, with the loss of EUA they then also lose “shielded liability” therein lies the rub. So, to remedy that, Pfizer needs to get the vaxx on the “Children’s Schedule,” yes, notice they are going after the kids? This is why. Once on the Children’s Schedule they then can have “approval” and also maintain the “shielded liability!” Like the “cake” having it and eating it as the saying goes. It is so evil, macabre.

    • Gail Sheppard says

      Watch this video!

    • The Elder said: “Go to lawyers…”
      In Bosnia they did…

      Developments: Bosnia the first country without certificates Covid-19 –
      Lawyer proves vaccinated people transmit


      ‘ The first great victory of the freedom of the people came in Bosnia and Herzegovina, as the Balkan country becomes the first in Europe that will not apply the Covid-19 certificate for its citizens!

      Lawyer Mirnes Ajanovic managed to win over the country’s government, which was forced to withdraw the decree it had signed to implement the Covid-19 certificate.

      According to ERT, the lawyer used his legal skills and constitutional knowledge and, thanks to official Pfizer documents, managed to defeat the Bosnian government.

      Based on the country’s constitution, Mirnes Ajanovic has shown that vaccinated people transmit the virus in the same way as non-vaccinated people and that it is unreasonable to introduce a Covid-19 certificate.

      This is the first big victory and we are sure that more will follow soon, as lawyers from other parts of the world will invoke the same facts as the Bosnian lawyer to force governments to withdraw the unconstitutional measures they have taken in the last year.

      Let us emphasize that this development comes at a time when in Greece the government is said to have put a “brake” on the scenarios for the extension of the obligation . It is not at all unlikely that we will approach the end of the drama and now the governments that have violated the freedoms of the people for two years, will try to save what is saved, because now they will have criminal responsibilities. ‘

  5. George Michalopulos says

    Athanasia, because we live in a country founded on the Bill of Rights, the first of which is Freedom of the Press, Religion, and Association, Big Tech decided it was necessary to take our video down because you’re a too innocent to worry your pretty little head about the well-researched information that Gail and I were presenting to you.

    Does that clear that up for you?

    [Snark off]

  6. I will be traveling at that time. Hopefully it will be recorded or summarized.

  7. The longer this goes on, the more completely I’m convinced we need a real revolution in this country and that everything short of that – of a takeover of government power by force – will not end the madness and the spiral into the abyss. I was heartened to see Trump endorse Viktor Orban for re-election in Hungary the other day, but I’m still unsure that Trump has what it takes. A year ago today when I was told about the Capitol riot my reaction was, “Good, I hope they hold it and that Trump seizes power.” Alas, this was not to be.

    But everything that has happened since then leads me to believe that a major opportunity was missed that day which may never recur. We are left at the mercy of liberals who may or may not deign to allow another relatively free election in 2022 and/or 2024. But they have proved they don’t have to do so by stealing the one in 2020. That should have been a cause for war – open warfare – but the opportunity was missed and that may have been our one and only chance.

    But regardless of whether a revolution comes or not, Americans have to live with the fact that when their republic was stolen from them they did . . . nothing. Not a shot was fired, no Bastille was stormed – nothing of any substance. This makes a mockery of the line, “. . . land of the free and home of the brave.”

    • George Michalopulos says

      Misha, it never ceases to amaze me how the American Establishment is shocked —shocked!–to find out that revolutions, rebellions and secessions happen all the time. And that our own country was founded by such irregular tactics.

      Sigh. Oh well.

      Having said that, let’s not also forget that the whole “insurrection” was instigated by the Deep State from soup to nuts. Not only to delegitimize Trumpism but to get access to the laptops of several key figures (i.e. Pelosi).

      What if it had succeeded? Then the Deep State would still be setting pretty, this time with a Trumpist regime in charge.

      It’s an old trick. In 1801, the Russian Deep State was disappointed by Emperor Paul and so in March, a Guards regiments broke into the Winter Palace to arrest/eliminate/remove him from the throne. A second Guards regiment was in on it but waited until the first one did the trick. The second one held back in case Paul carried the day and upon their arrival, they would say that they “came to save him.”

      An oversimplification but you get the drift. The Byzantines perfected such chicanery centuries earlier.

      • George,

        Yes, in retrospect I see what you are saying. And I agree the “riot” part was spearheaded by FBI collaborators with a little help from their friends in Antifa and BLM. That’s where the evidence points if you follow the trail as was done by Beattie on Revolver.

        Now, as it stands, the coup plotters appear to have bitten off more than they can chew. They got their Brandon in office by hook and by crook but they can’t make him sing a pretty melody. He’s tone deaf. Nature and nature’s Lord conspire against the usurper much like the regicide in MacBeth.

        Nonetheless, something in me feels like the time has long passed for a “more energetic remedy” and I wonder if America will ever recover from its paralysis in the face of a successful coup d’etat.

        • George Michalopulos says

          Good question, Misha.

          The way I see it is one of two possibilities as far as America’s future is concerned: (1) no justice is done and we limp along into eventual oblivion, the vitality of our national blood being sapped by soy, feminism and faggotry, or (2) things get turned around by resolute rightists taking charge.

          A third option is a #1/#2 whammy: Because of eventual soyblivion, a more virile race of “barbarians” rise up and displace us. Either way, option #1 is ultimately doomed to failure, even if they “win.”

          • “The way I see it is one of two possibilities as far as America’s future is concerned: (1) no justice is done and we limp along into eventual oblivion, the vitality of our national blood being sapped by soy, feminism and faggotry, or (2) things get turned around by resolute rightists taking charge.”

            You and Misha are both incorrigible optimists. How about a scenario where what, Dr. Michael Yeadon, former Vice President and Chief Scientist of Pfizer, fears: intentional mass depopulation, billions with a b dead, not millions: comes to pass?


            Eventually, the damage from the “vaccines” would be undeniable:

            Rev 17:16-17, “And the ten horns which thou sawest upon the beast, these shall hate the Whore, and shall make her desolate and naked, and shall eat her flesh, and burn her with fire.”

            Thus ends the USA (Rev. 18, “The music of harpists and musicians, pipers and trumpeters, will never be heard in you again… The voice of bridegroom and bride will never be heard in you again.”, Bye, Bye, Miss American Pie, “The three men I admired most, The Father, Son, and the Holy Ghost, They caught the last train for the coast, The day the music died.”

            Then Rev. 13.

          • George,

            The reason I remain optimistic, besides complete faith in the Almighty, is the dynamic of how the coup of 2020 was achieved. As we observed at the time, the Dems could not have sold the coup and the Big Lie narrative were it not for the complacency of the Republican Establishment who were happy to see Trump go but drew the line at down ballot tinkering. In other words, so long as the Dems did not try to run the table but focused their fraud as much as possible solely on Trump, Establishment Republicans could stomach it. And that is the clear implication of the overwhelming Republican victories down ballot. The anomaly was Trump’s numbers.

            Why does that give me hope? Well the Republican Establishment is surely not intent on putting itself out of business and so it will be difficult if not impossible for the Dems to successfully rig 2022. That’s why they’re trying to federalize elections. Manchin and the filibuster should prevent that.

            But if they are unsuccessful in 2022, then they will lose the ability to steal 2024 since Republicans, many of them MAGA, will control both houses of Congress. Moreover, everyone will be alert and at the ramparts looking for fraud which will be harder to effect given election reforms in many states.

            Lastly, 2022 is going to be in the bag before they can replace either Biden or Harris. They will not have the ability to confirm a replacement for the VP until then since no Republican can defend handing the other party a Senate majority. Even after 2022, will the Republican Senate have any incentive, in the majority, to confirm a VP if the next in line for succession to the presidency is a Republican Speaker of the House?

            Thus one of these two jokers is going to be the Democratic nominee in 2024, absent the demise of both, unless Biden gets primaried. And in all that confusion, with a Republican Congress watching like a hawk, they simply will not be able to cheat their way to victory in 2024.

            And that will be checkmate.

    • George Michalopulos says

      It was in fact, “mostly peaceful.”

    • “I was heartened to see Trump endorse Viktor Orban for re-election in Hungary the other day, but I’m still unsure that Trump has what it takes”

      Trump, Putin, and Orban, are all on at least their third “vaccine,” and ideally everyone would stop supporting them, in favor of purebloods who will go after all three of them for treason and crimes against humanity.


      According to the PM, anyone who is not vaccinated is a danger not only to themselves, but also to the rest of us.

      ““The only thing that protects us from the virus is vaccination. (not God? Not Vitamins D, K, and C, Quercetin, Ivermectin, Zinc? Just off my head.)” […]

      In the end, everyone will have to be vaccinated; even the anti-vaxxers will realize that they will either get vaccinated or die.”

      I take that as a threat to genocide of the un-vaxxed, because the Covid isn’t going to kill them off, and nobody who has resisted the vax until this point will just “realize” they need to get injected or die of anything but persecution by government.

      Orban = Biden:


      Employers will have the right to require workers to get the COVID jab despite earlier comments by the Hungarian Prime Minister that obligatory vaccinations would not work.

      As part of a package of measures that includes wearing masks on public transport and closing hospitals to visitors, the government on Thursday (28 October) said employers will have the option to require vaccination as a condition of employment.

      Without giving details, Gergely Gulyás, minister in charge of the prime minister’s office, said that the Hungarian state would also make “wide use” of this option as an employe

      • Steven J. M. says

        There are numerous claims online that Viktor Orban was a member of Klaus Schwab’s Forum of (or for?) Young Global Leaders

        • Not sure what the point of that would be. Putin was an officer in the KGB, after all. People under certain circumstances just do whatever they need to in order to get along. As of now, Orban is doing quite well.

          There’s an effort on the Left to delegitimize any rising stars on the Right. This should be taken for what it is, disinformation. No enemies on the Right; death to the Left.

          Here’s a pretty good article from Newsweek which has surprisingly published some non-Borg type articles. It’s entitled American Oligarchy and it describes the Uniparty Establishment quite well. Whoever or whatever destroys them, by any means necessary, is fine by me.

          • Steven J. M. says

            I’m not in favour of the Left, either. The fundamental difference between the political view of the likes of you and George and that of me and others who sometimes post on this site is that you guys see a Right that is still relatively free of the Establishment, while me and others see it as being more or less captured and now used as a tool for the divisions and hostilities it can arouse in the world, owing to the benefits the Establishment can gain there from.

            Therefore, where you guys see hope in Trump, Putin and Orban, we are more sceptical – not because conservative values are offensive to us, but because we’re suspicious about whether they’re really what they seem.

            The result of this sees you guys focus more on the conservatism of the above leaders, while we see their support for the globalist/technocratic plandemic narrative and response – each of us with our reasons for ultimately dismissing the conservative or globalist/technocratic tendencies that can be seen.

            The challenge for me is to see whether, for example, the conservatism of an Orban, combined with his alleged ties to Klaus Schwab, as well as his aggressive adherence to the globalist/technocratic plandemic narrative, still makes him a good enough champion of conservatism.

            • I think part of it has to do with our respective standards. You self describe as a conservative of the American variety, maybe neo, maybe paleo – I don’t know of what variety. You measure Trump, Putin, Orban, etc , by the standard of what I call conservative liberalism – some type of Goldwater/Reagan, Constitutional Republicanism type model, most likely.

              My standards are higher and my expectations are lower. I am not a democrat (small d). I loathe democracy and representative government. I’m a monarchist, pure and simple, like the Church Fathers. Thus I judge leaders by their approximation to the model of a Christian monarch, given the limitations imposed by the various political systems in which they operate.

              So the more they impose Christian values through the appointment of originalist judges, for example, the more pleased I am with them. The more they magnify the power of the executive (but only for Rightist purposes), the better. The more they domesticate their party, especially in Congress, so it becomes a rubber stamp, the better. In short, the more autocratic, Constitution be damned if necessary, the better.

              I am not an American conservative but a classical conservative or, more accurately, a traditionalist. ​I believe in the divine right of kings. Thus I am the Left’s worst possible enemy: completely to the Right. I care not a whit about economic liberalism/libertarianism – laissez faire. I believe in the king’s largesse. Christian morality should be imposed, period.

              So there is no worthy ruler I see on the horizon. But some manage to approximate these ideals more closely than others. Putin and Orban are among them. I agree, Trump is too weak and conventional, no argument here. Find me a more ruthless, fire breathing autocrat who’s electable and I’m in. Until then, I’ll settle for the Golden Don. Unconcerned about re-election, he may grow more authoritarian and that would be peachy keen.

              • Steven J. M. says

                Actually, I’m an Orthodox Christian Monarchist, too. In the absence of an Orthodox king, I’d be willing to settle, first and foremost, for a strong leader who promotes Orthodoxy and its values. The reason for our differences seems to come down to other things, then. Circumstances permitting, I’d like to go into more detail about where I’m coming from.

        • George Michalopulos says

          Doesn’t matter. They’re walking the walk.

          As for the three men you mentioned being “pro-vax,” so what? Neither Gail nor I are anti-vax. We are extremely vax-skeptic about this particular vax however.

          Personally, I’m looking into RFK Jrs research. He has thrown much shade on the over-vaccination of our children. And I’m not a liberal or cared all that much for his father’s politics. So I’m going to go wherever the science leads me.

          • Personally, it bothers me that having issues with vaccinations in general has become a whole new way to put people down. “Anti-vax” is now just another slur, up there with “racist.” “What would you rather be accused of: being a racist or being anti-vax? Golly, talk about Sophie’s choice.” I’ve even noticed the doctors who are speaking out against mass use of the coof shots constantly prefacing their remarks by saying, “I’m not anti-vaccine.” Like their afraid to being taken for hillbillies.

            I have not done much research on vaccines. It was never something I found that interesting. But my wife has, and she found plenty that disturbed her, from the ingredients to use of aborted fetal cells to the effects they’ve had on people. Again, I can’t speak to this because I have not researched it myself. I tend to take her word for it and stand by her. I’ve researched the Shroud of Turin a lot and know a good bit about that. A lot of people are skeptical of that too. A lot of people believe “the science” proved it to be a medieval forgery. But I have reasons to believe it’s legit.

            If people are anti-vaccine, in general, so what? I’m grateful for what SCIENTISTS have given us over the years. Science leads us nowhere. ScienTISTS use what was already there in God’s creation to bring technology into the next phase. And scientists are ever discovering more things and, more often, building on the work of the great minds who came before.

            Following on that, science, whether we want to admit it or not, has a heavy subjective element. People, including the scientists themselves, tend to look at experimental results through their own lens. We’ve seen that over the last two years more than ever. My point in all this is simply that if people want to slur me or my wife or anyone else for being “anti-vax,” fine. But, personally, I’m sick of the term. None of us have anything to prove to anyone else. We are each supposed to be free to make our own personal medical decisions, even country bumpkins like me. Well, I better go. I have a snake-handling service to get to.

          • Christopher William McAvoy says

            Science is today become as an ideology much like a religion with various factions contained within. Our religion is Orthodox Christianity. We go where the Holy Ghost guides us. In the typical meaning, science is no longer mere logic or rational deduction as it once was. Today science is a tainted religion of atheism, full of demonic deception. Let us follow Christ and refute false science of darkness and death.

            • Amen, Christopher. I’ve found myself asking myself over the last two years, “Why has much of the Church not been utilizing the healing methods WE have?” We have services, Holy Unction, supplicatory services, Holy Water, Communion, prayer, icons, and processions. So what was our answer when the disease sprang up? Don’t come to church. Don’t kiss the priest’s hand (aka don’t reverence the blessing of Christ). Don’t kiss the icons. Use multiple spoons for Communion, if we can take it at all. And it’s hard to have processions when everyone has to stay far apart. Not to mention the negative effects of isolation/lack of fellowship, etc. Not to mention, when people did get the coof, we treated them like lepers, instead of trusting God and taking an attitude of self-sacrifice in embracing and caring for our brethren. Isn’t this a little backward?

              By the way, Christopher, I like your name. I used to date a girl with the last name McAvoy.

            • Many of us have been thinking this same exact thing Christopher. Covid has revealed a stunning lack of Faith that our hierarchs have, which I guess is actually a good thing. There is a major realignment going on in American Orthodoxy that has been playing out of the past two years. There is a palpable feeling that our hierarchs have lost their spiritual authority and the laity are flocking to those parishes which have stayed strong.

      • Myst,

        First of all, Happy Ashli Babbit Day! That is how I will be commemorating 1/6 each year, by lighting a candle for her and others murdered or assaulted by the Capitol police on that day.

        Secondly, Covid is way, way overblown by everyone on both sides of it. It’s basically just another form of the flu, which kills comparable numbers of older people each year and is completely unexceptional and routine. But beyond that, the vaccine is relatively innocuous except in the aggregate where the rate of adverse reactions and mortality is much higher than other vaccines. The notion that this is a depopulation effort is comical since it is an abysmal failure if that was the intent.

        What is much more likely is that this thing Covid is a bioweapon devised by China (with US funding) which was purposefully or accidentally released and which the Chinese and others are tracking to measure its transmissibility as a delivery device for more deadly pathogens. That’s the only explanation that really makes sense. If it’s meant to cull the herd then it is exceptionally ineffectual at that objective.

        Of course, there could be delayed reactions to it. However, the human body is quite resilient and that would not be the pattern that most viruses take, even engineered ones. Moreover, you run the risk of increasing non-life-threatening complications if it were designed to kill over years and decades. This only increases health care costs and in the long term does little to combat “overpopulation” which is, in itself, a myth.

        The insistence on vaccination is best explained by economic incentives (gift to Big Pharma, grants to hospitals, etc.) and the incentive to preserve the narrative that Covid is dangerous which allows the government to expand/abuse its power and fosters the notion that the government is the only solution to the Covid problem, which is another source of control.

        This is all inspired by control freaks in the Uniparty who are terrified of losing their position of dominance in the West to leaders like Putin, Orban, Le Pen/Zemmour and Trump. The Democrats and Establishment Republicans form the Uniparty which has dominated American politics since at least the Great Depression – the Democrats as the sun party, the Republicans as the enabling moon party. That is the system which is under attack and hopefully will be destroyed.

        “Это не случайно.” as we say in Russian, “This is no coincidence.” It was launched when the Uniparty and the Deep State saw that Trump was heading for a second term in which he would not be hampered by concerns regarding re-election. That prospect was horrifying to them since they saw it as a death sentence for themselves. Thus they devised a much more elaborate sequel to the Russia Hoax and the Ukrainian Impeachment Hoax to ensure they could rig the election through mail in ballot stuffing and alteration of election rules ostensibly on account of Covid – which was also expected to depress Trump’s chances since social and economic crises often reflect poorly on the incumbent.

        It all makes sense if you look at it from 30,000 feet.

        The thing with politicians and Covid is that the money is flowing quite freely around this thing. There is a strong economic incentive for them to encourage vaccination since money is being allocated in large amounts from the public coffers based on doses delivered, tests administered and people diagnosed and hospitalized. It’s a multination RICO case on steriods and you just can’t expect even otherwise responsible politicians to piss against the wind in such a climate of fear.

        This just demonstrates how truly dangerous, satanic and insidious the Uniparty that governs the West is. They absolutely must be destroyed.

        Death to the Left!

  8. Even i didn’t expert something as bad as that from macronescu :


    He dared.
    I really hope you don’t understand the french language, he is (we are, indeed) so an embarrassement.

    Kyrie eleison !

  9. Balkan Dan says

    I’d like to watch this webinar after the fact. Is it posted on YouTube, Bitchute or some other?


  10. George Michalopulos says
  11. Here is a reflection of the real numbers, as we have stated for over a year now:


    Only about 6% or 1/16th of the deaths attributed to Covid are actually people whose cause of death was Covid. The others merely reflect positive tests or diagnoses for those who died simultaneously as having or being diagnosed as having been exposed to Covid. Of the 836K reported Covid deaths in the US, this results in an actual mortality of a bit over 50,000. And now it’s down to 5% so the number may be a little lower than that. That’s on par with the flu from the years before the flu/Covid numbers became skewed and meaningless.

    • Nate Trost says

      From CDC data, total deaths from all causes in the US:
      2018: 2.839m
      2019: 2.855m
      2020: 3.384m
      2021: 3.399m (preliminary estimate[1])

      Over a million more people died in the US in 2020/2021 than in 2018/2019.

      [1] https://www.pbs.org/newshour/health/2021-likely-to-eclipse-last-year-as-nations-deadliest-cdc-says

      • Gail Sheppard says

        Only .529 more people died in 2020 than in 2019 (of multiple things) while also testing positive for COVID. Only 6% of the .529 died of COVID, specifically, or something that resembled the flu (which they didn’t count/include in other causes of death) or pneumonia.

        In many cases, these deaths rolled up under COVID as the immediate cause of death on the death certificates.

        That’s a 3% increase in death which could be explained by exposing older people in nursing homes to a virus.

        Thanks for keeping it short. If it’s too long, it’s too difficult for me to decipher.

        [Minor edits to make this more understandable.]

      • Nate, you do realize that PBS is part of our oh so wonderful govt, right?

  12. George Michalopulos says

    Alan, what are you saying? That our government might actually lie to us?

    Please excuse me while I clutch my pearls!