Je Suis Charles Martel: Part 2

Charles Martel

Charles Martel

We here at Monomakhos first used this title back in January, after the Charlie Hebdo atrocity. It was an affront to all those who were proclaiming their solidarity with the murdered “artists” and “journalists” employed there. While we condemned the tragic loss of life at the hands of “home-grown” (note the word) jihadists in France, we thought that the outrage displayed after the fact was beside the point.

Charlie Hebdo was not in any way, shape or form a paragon of satire –much less Western values–as traditionally understood and as such did not deserve our support. It was not Swiftian by any stretch of the imagination, nor did it even rise to the level of Mad Magazine or National Lampoon. It was an unfunny, scatological piece of trash that was to satire as feces is to food –nothing more. For Western leaders to march in a show of support of these idiots was wrong on so many levels. The march was just a cheap publicity stunt.

“Je suis Charles Martel” however was a bracing slap in the face of all those liberals who were prancing about proclaiming their moral sanctimony. Standing up for Charles Martel, who turned the Moors back at Poitiers in AD 732, now that’s something to crow about. Especially in light of last week’s atrocity in Paris.

Make no mistake, it’s been hard for me to summon sympathy for the liberal European nations since so many of them actively invited the invasion of the orkish masses into the European heartland. They did so at first for the cheap labor (sound familiar?) but then they continued their cultural suicide because they became embarrassed by their traditional cultures. And anyway, it’s all about “tolerance” and “diversity,” isn’t it? “We can’t be like that ghastly Franco now, can we?”

I guess they thought that these migrants would assimilate into their respective cultures. Their “vibrant” cultures would add a dash of spice to the drabness of the northern tier of European countries, nothing else. That may have been true a hundred years ago when the Christian religiosity of the average European was still palpable but not so within the last couple of generations. Anyway, as we can see now, that was a foolish thought. Too late now, though, huh?

Looking back, the only thing that comes to mind is: what did we expect? Quite simply, the pornification (and the resultant loss of faith) of Europe was well under way thanks to the overlong American Occupation. First “democracy,” then feminism, now homosexualism. It’s all moral anarchy and the inevitable end result is nihilism. To say otherwise is to invite moral preening and the wagging finger of the multicultis. Pointing and sputtering “because Hitler!” as an all-purpose answer worked well enough for several decades.

The brain synapses of the European elites had been fried for so long thanks to decadence that they never bothered to ask critical questions. Things like how could traditional Moslems acculturate themselves to such perversion? Or more importantly, why would they want to do so? What could the Western governments offer them in exchange for any future loss of virtue? Welfare payments? (I seem to remember words to the effect that “man does no live by bread alone.” You, Dear Reader, may as well.)

Well, the joke was on us. They took the Welfare payments and viewed them as manna from heaven. “Allah must really love us because all we have to do is sit on our asses listening to some crazy imam tell us how we’re going to take over. And without firing a shot! Hooboy! God really is great!”

And so now Europe is taking it on the chin.

It’s sad really. Thanks to the treasonous leaders of the past several decades, the European masses have invited in their own marauders, rapists and murderers. Moreover, with the charade of “democracy” in place, “the people” were complicit with this evil program. Courageous leaders like Enoch Powell were driven from office for daring to say otherwise. Of this there can be no doubt. These are words to the wise for those of us in America where both of our political parties (the Evil Party and the Stupid Party) have been working overtime to displace, impoverish and otherwise demoralize the American people with their open-borders insanity.

So, where are we? Is it too late for the Europeans? Probably. It’s certainly too late for a peaceful resolution.

With compromised leaders like Angela Merkel and David Cameron, it’s hard to see Western Europe rising to the challenge and to the extent that they need to. Vladimir Putin can provide them with the necessary cover should they choose to use it but the unAmerica of Barack Hussein Obama (unfortunately) exercises an opposite gravitational pull which lulls the cowards of Europe into their ongoing complacency: “all will be well,” “Islam is a religion of peace,” and if those don’t work, “what are you? a racist?”

The siren song is seductive. The cultural suicide of the Europeans is not couched in harsh tones. It’s not, “come, let us eliminate ourselves” but “don’t you want Europe to be transformed?”

Make no mistake: this will not end well. As William Butler Yeats said, “the center cannot hold.” Either the Europeans (and we Americans) pull up the drawbridge and expel these foreigners or else there will be a genocide, despite all liberal fantasies to the contrary. Speaking for myself, I don’t want to see one –of either our people or theirs.

Because of the the suicidal policies of the last generation, those are our only choices. And they can’t be avoided no matter how much we wish otherwise.

So yes, I’ll make it easy for all my lib/prog readers: Je suis Charles Martel.



  1. Michael Warren says

    The sooner Europe can emancipate itself from McCivilization and throw off the American empire, the sooner it can be free to chart its own civilizational course and act to prevent the next global war begun by monied interests buying Islamist and fascist orcs to incinerate the world in rants of red, white, and blue uber alles.

  2. Pat Teague says

    George, forgive the correction. Charles Martel was a few years earlier than the dates you mention above. He died in 741. Being the grandfather of Charles the Great, it helps being older. The Battle of Tours was in October of 732. God bless you, Dear Friend.

  3. If genocide is what you want, George, then maybe you should send a donation to this Nevada State Senator:

    “Nevada Assemblywoman Michele Fiore (R) last month dismissed a statement from Nevada Republicans calling for the state to bar refugees from Syria, and said that she is prepared to travel to Paris to shoot Syrian refugees herself.

    During her weekly show on Las Vegas radio station KWDN, Fiore discussed why she did not sign onto the statement from Republican members of the state assembly opposing resettling Syrian refugees in Nevada. Fiore recounted a conversation with Nevada GOP political consultant Chuck Muth, who asked her why she didn’t sign onto the statement.

    “What–are you kidding me? I’m about to fly to Paris and shoot ‘em in the head myself!” Fiore said she told Muth when asked why she didn’t join the statement on Syrian refugees.

    “I am not OK with Syrian refugees. I’m not OK with terrorists. I’m OK with putting them down, blacking them out, just put a piece of brass in their ocular cavity and end their miserable life. I’m good with that,” she continued.”

  4. Battle of Tours/Poitiers was 732 AD. Nice article.

  5. Regardless of the insane ideology of the week, birth control has made the decision of collective societal suicide for us. A nation without a replacement birth rate is not viable. If you don’t want to be taken over by someone else, have kids (unless you have received monastic tonsure, have otherwise chosen celibacy, have some medical issue, etc). Birth control and abortion are bringing death not only to individuals, but our entire civilization. And for what? So people can have careers unhindered by children? For the useless mass produced junk thats the reward of a dual income household? Our society is rotting from the inside, from our own sin and shellfish. Sure, jihad and immigration are a problem, but not half so much as our own selfishness.

    • This is my first post on this site (I fell across the site while looking for a listing of Orthodox monasteries in California; the second “hit” contained a link to this site).

      I can only speak for myself w/regard to not having borne children, but note that my parents birthed FIVE of us–I’m the oldest–and only the youngest sister, born when I was 14, has borne children. Speaking in full knowledge that I am on a religiously oriented site and that I may be violating at least one of the Ten Commandments, I say the truth:

      Our lives as children were hell.

      Our mother regularly told us to our faces that she wished we had “never been born.” I was left at home alone, to supervise three younger siblings when I was 6 years old, and the parting words of my parents were “Remember: if anything goes wrong, it’s _your_ responsibility.” I had no idea who I would call (O for Operator?) should anything happen.

      Our father was in the military, so that any alert neighbors who might, over a period of time, have seen that things were “odd,” were simply not there. Two years here, three there….

      By the time I was 12 years old, I had grown so tired of

      –care-giving to my siblings,
      –house-cleaning for my mother (began at 7 or 8 years of age),
      –attending school and maintaining my mother’s wished-for 100% average (intellectually not an academic challenge, but it meant I could _never_ relax)

      that I vowed before God that I would never have children (exact words: “O God, I can never have children”). I was terrified of abusing them myself, and I couldn’t imagine anything worse than going through it again and inflicting ingrained behavior patterns on innocents.

      THEN, two years later, my mother became pregnant for the fifth time. She came home from the hospital with my youngest sister and said, in the hearing of both my second sister and me, “I’m going to have FUN with this one!” I was stunned and simply went elsewhere in the house to read. I was then sophomore in high school and was hoping to leave the house forever in 2 years. (However, until I did leave, the baby’s care was all MINE whenever I was home.)

      But my second sister, 5 years younger than I, found that the small things of life–a new set of clothes for school, for ex.–were now to be given to the baby. Please imagine the toxic relationship among siblings.

      It is only my youngest sister who has had children. Even she concealed their existence from our mother as long as she could, until a staff member at the medical clinic where she works slipped one day when Mother called there. As best I can tell, my beautiful niece and nephew are happy children, having been protected by my Lioness Sister from their toxic grandmother until less than one year prior to Mother’s death in March 2009. (Sister had her children in her late 30s/early 40s.)

      We have not all “refused” to have children for selfish reasons. I am in tears as I write this and ask for some consideration of cases. I have never had an abortion. I don’t even think I ever became pregnant and had a two-week loss or something. My body seems to have refused–or God protected me?–from the age of 12. (And I must admit that, due to all the psychological damage, I was not always careful.)

  6. Terry Myles says

    Maybe this jihad is part of God’s plan to punish we prosperous, western “Christians”. He did not fail to remind His children Israel of their sins.

  7. Isa Almisry says

    I notice that they celebrated their murder by Islamists by mocking the Christian God (or their caricature of Him) on the cover.
    “The murderer is still at large.”
    Je ne suis jamais Charlie Hebdo