Je Suis Charles Martel: Part 3

wheel of fortune

If there’s any doubt in anybody’s mind that the President doesn’t have the back of Western Civilization, his nonchalant attitude in Cuba should dispel it.

Think of it, while Belgian police were shifting through the horrible carnage in Brussels, our President and his elegantly coiffed wife and daughters were doing the “wave” with Raul Castro at a baseball game. Just imagine if George W Bush were still in office and he pulled off a stunt like that.

The game was bad enough. The optics of the entire trip were even worse: nobody was there to greet Air Force One when it landed at Jose Marti International Airport; Castro lectured Obama on the evils of the West; he raised Obama’s arm in a limp salute showing off the American President like a conquered chieftain. The only thing Obama didn’t do was bow at he waist in the presence of a foreign head of state. Maybe he would have if Castro was a Moslem king.

What better way to signal to the world that the whole purpose of the Obama administration is to make sure that the New World Order of globalism is now in place? Hillary’s job is to make sure that the job of destroying American hegemony, sovereignty and nationhood is complete. This explains why our Oligarchs are feverishly planning the overdue destruction of the Republican Party.

The erosion of European borders is emblematic of what we are talking about. The vacuum created by the suppression of nationalism on that continent was filled by radical Islam. It could be nothing other. The carefully crafted stupidity of welcoming in hundreds of thousands of non-Christian Europeans into the heart of Europe made all this inevitable. Of course, for those who believed in the nonsensical religion of egalitarianism, the ingratitude of the invaders, their inability to assimilate, and their rampant criminality was a shock. It is nothing less than a rebuke to the central tenets of their evil faith, namely the delusional belief that all civilizations are equal.

Now, Europe knows differently. It’s too late for them. Only two outcomes remain for that poor, benighted continent: destruction or a massive race war between the natives and the invaders, the likes of which has never been seen.

I can only hope that America wakes up and casts off those evil people which are shoving that same philosophy down our collective throats. What I am talking about is nothing less than what Donald Trump did to Jorge Ramos back in September, when he threw that little atheist parasite out of his press conference. Perhaps that was nothing but a one-off, an incident which can grow in the telling during the upcoming dark age should we be unable to resist the Oligarchy. A legend if you will which can embolden the young as we sit around the campfires regaling them about our lost glory.

These may be feverish musings. The older I get the more pessimistic I get. But one thing that is not delusional is the President’s inability –nay, unwillingness–to see radical Islam for what it is. Nothing less than a menace to Western Civilization. As to why that is, that is up for you, the Reader to figure out.

But make no mistake: even if these jihadis strike in these United States, as long as Obama is President (or Hillary after him), our betters will continue to bleat about how a “peaceful” religion has been “hijacked” by marauders. They will never admit their mistake, unless of course several of there own kind are slaughtered in the streets of America. And then it will be too late for us as well.


  1. Peter Millman says

    Yes, George, you are quite correct. To top off all this stupidity , Hillary wants to take away the American people’s right to defend ourselves. One of our responsibilities is to lock and load. That’s right; start carrying a gun for self protection. Your family will be grateful.

    • Bishop Tikhon (Fitzgerald) says

      Too late, Peter! Sultan Obama has his drones all programmed and ready to detect and annihilate gun-bearers upon his signal [with the concurrence of the ACLU, HUMAN RIGHTS WATCH, AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL, CENTER FOR THE VICTIMS OF TORTURE, AND THE QUAKERS]! Only the Taper-bearers peacefully presiding over Holy Russia have our backs!
      As for Cuba–may the holy and righteous martyrs Batista and Lansky intercede for us!

  2. Bishop Tikhon (Fitzgerald) says

    Is that like the rest and relaxation Ronnie took when all those US Marines were slaughtered in Lebanon? Or like W. Bush’s ten minute Depends incident on 9/11? Or like MacArthur with his tail between his legs leaving the Philippines in the hands of a sacrificial (Vicar) General?

    “Je suis!” Frenchman calling his pigs? Je suis, suis, suis!

    • Pat Reardon says

      The Bishop asks, “Or like MacArthur with his tail between his legs leaving the Philippines in the hands of a sacrificial (Vicar) General?”

      Hardly fair. MacArthur was ordered out of the Philippines and left under duress.

      Whatever the General was, he was certainly not a coward.

      • Bishop Tikhon (Fitzgerald) says

        While I don’t have ready-to-hand evidence now that the powerful general pulled strings, no one has ANY evidence that he objected or hesitated one second! “I’ll be R-I-I-I-I-IGHT back!” He agreed immediately that he was too important to stay and fight with Wainwright and the rest!

        • Pat Reardon says

          This depends, I suppose, on what one decides to accept as evidence.

          The standard biographers mention the General’s reluctance to leave..

          Although I was a friend of William Manchester (and presided at his mother’s funeral), I never never thought to query him on the evidence supporting his narrative in American Caesar: Douglas MacArthur 1880–1964, pp. 242-254.

          Louis Morton’s Strategy and Command (p. 194) cites the General’s message to the President—February 11—announcing that he and the family were resolved to “share the fate of the garrison.”

          I am not aware of any evidence that MacArthur “pulled strings” with the
          advisors (Marshall, Eisenhower, Hull, et alii) who were urging the President to get the General out of danger.

          Aware that the General’s rescue was widely criticized among the troops themselves, I would not take it amiss if the Bishop were simply making himself their spokesman here. From this perspective he vastly more qualified to speak than I.

  3. Michael Warren says

    False flag “terror attack” orchestrated to implement more EU police state architecture and act to consolidate power in the same hands such attacks do in the USA: the party of the Neo Liberal/Neo Conservative “war on terror” pursuing neo Colonialism.

  4. Gregory Manning says

    Where’s the rest of the cartoon?

  5. Michael Kinsey says

    A more excellent way is how St Paul described Christianity. It created the highest most freedom loving, wholesome people the world has ever seen or will see.. St Constantine outlawed slavery and abortion in the Roman empire. Here the right to life was born in human culture, but the warrior culture common to all worldly empires was also introduced into Christian culture.Still just wars of self defense were sanctioned as St Cryil, Patriarch of Jerusalem spoke in Just favor of. A deli-ma was created which those who fought in self defense to protect those they loved, were force to kill their enemies, in contradiction to the Christ teaching to love your enemies. This reaction eventually produces living by the sword and dying by it. eventually.I can not comprehend anyway to judge this, Divine Perfect Justice from the Lord Jesus Christ is the only hope we have in this devils trap. Infinite Divine Mercy is contained in Divine Justice as well as Righteous vengeance against the unrepentant wicked..The acceptance of abortion by the West is father delivering up the son unto death, which is where the great whore riding the beast steps off the cliff and falls into perdition. It is already too late, as the innocent blood of 55 million unborn children floods the land.This innocent blood will be requited absolutely. The Command of Gos is Life Eternal, and this Command is not mocked. We will reap the Just Punishment of> Were it not for the sake of the Elect, NO LIFE WOULD BE SPARED. The Only Holy will not exclude the reast od the world in this punishment, but the West, and else where plce were given and received this MORE EXCELLENT WAY, AND HAS DISCARDED IT. Ours will be the many strips, we knew better..Baby John Doe 1709 Operation Rescue, Siege of Atlanta. 1988

  6. Michael Kinsey says

    Divine Justice Rules.

  7. Michael Bauman says

    My lovely wife gave me a Colt .45 Defender. Now I need to get some ammo. Still…
    It is a fearsome thing to take another human life. I fully appreciate those who eschew the possibility.

  8. Obama’s response was no different than Reagan’s after KAL 007 – he stayed on vacation and had to be persuaded to return to DC.

    Partison hackishness in the face of terrorism is really just silly.

  9. Michael Kinsey says

    St.Peter genuinely loved and loves Jesus Christ. He demonstrates this when he tries to thwart Jesus Christ from going to the Cross. The Christ rebukes him for this, saying, ” Get thee behind me Satan”. And again , St Peter demonstrates his love for the Christ, being willing to lay down his life in combat, protecting Him from the servants of the High Priest, cutting off the ear of one of them. Greater love hath no man, than he lay down his life for his friends. St Peter was a true friend of Jesus Christ. The Christ saves St Peter, from death in combat, and perhaps the servant of the high priest, by showing the Divine Love and infinite Mercy to the servant of the high priest, healing his ear.On His Cross, it is the Divine Mercy and Perfect Justice of the Royal Law being fully manifested in time, as it has been manifested all eternity in the Heavens. the Sacrifice of Jesus Christ will restore all of God’s creation back to it’s original Holy Perfection. Anyone who doesn’t like it, can go elsewhere. Human love does not compare with Divine Love, but it is sufficient and acceptable to Our Loving Holy Father, the Only Holy One, because it Pleases Him. How pleasant it is for the brethren to dwell together in unity.We were created with the capacity for human love, and God said it is Good.