It’s My Party You Can Cry if You Want To

They can’t get Trump to show up for their January 6 witch hunt and now they have to throw in the towel because they lost the attention of the American people! 

What Trump did was brilliant!  Now, every one is talking about “the party.”  What are the Dems gonna do?  Lambast him for hosting a party for their “peps?”   No matter how they react (which they won’t, because they can’t), they’ll look bad.

Don’t worry about the Evangelicals.  They aren’t stupid.  They know what he’s doing.      

And Trump hosts some pretty spectacular parties from what I hear.  Some of the attendees might actually say something nice about Trump and that wouldn’t do at all! It’s imperative that the Dems voting base doesn’t start crumbling because after what they’ve done to this country, they could have an angry mob with pitch forks on their hands.

This is what I like best about Trump.  He twists his enemies into a pretzel.  He is 100% focused on the end game which is to protect this country. Changing the narrative kept the insane Jan 6 committee from putting him in jail where he might have ended up like Epstein.  I don’t care what he has to do as long as it’s legal.   

He’s not pandering to anyone. Nor is he being disingenuous. Trump is 100% consistent.

Trump is fighting for the American people. All of us.  It’s the American way.  All people matter in this country.  

No one is making anybody get the vaccines or leaving people to rot in prison, blah, blah, blah. You don’t like something he says, fine, “it’s a free country,” for now

But please don’t consign the rest of us to hell on earth because he offended your sensibilities. We don’t need someone who thinks like you or me. We need someone who can keep this country from going down the toilet.  If someone were rescuing me from a burning building, I would not be quizzing them on moral issues.  What am I going to do?  Say, “Put me down I don’t like how you think?” 

You don’t have to like Trump.  Hold your nose if you have to. But if you don’t get him back in office, you won’t have the luxury of sitting around thinking about what you like or don’t like.  The powers-that-be will cram what they think down your throat as they’re trying to do now.

We need one thing, and one thing only from Trump, and that is to dig us out of this hell hole where we’re paying $9.99 for orange juice. Trump can do this.

Why would I care how closely he mirrors my values, as long as he protects them.  I’m good with that.  

I have no opinion on his big gay gala at Mar-a-Lago.  It’s his party.  He can do what he wants to.  Trump and I only need one thing in common, and one thing only, and that is a desire to save this country.  He and I are on lock step in this regard.  Trump is uniquely qualified to do this (as we’ve witnessed) so I would be an idiot not to support him.

The thing about the vaccines is this: If he said even ONE thing against them, he could be charged with interfering with public health on a global scale.  The World Health Organization has positioned itself as the only source of legally binding international regulations for a pandemic response.  The nations that have signed onto this treaty, the U.S. being one of them, have agreed a Public Health Emergency of International Concern (PHEIC) is under the WHO’s sole jurisdiction.  If the WHO Czar says COVID is a “public health emergency of international concern,” and vaccines are the answer to turn this around, the U.S. is legally bound to support his recommendations by whatever means necessary.  If Trump spoke out against the vaccines, I can see them using this as an excuse to throw him in jail.   –  He got nailed just for saying he was taking daily doses of hydroxychloroquine.  Remember that?  They’re not messing around.  

There is a plethora of information out there against the vaccines from very credible sources.  We now have the stats, not to mention videos of people dropping dead in their tracks; literally.  

Luke 16:31 comes to mind: And he said unto him, If they hear not Moses and the prophets, neither will they be persuaded, though one rose from the dead. – People have already made up their minds about the vaccines and in spite of all the evidence, they’re still going to get them. We continue to publish comments on the vaccines but we’ve stopped writing about them because it’s a waste of time. We’re not going to change anybody’s mind at this point and neither is Trump.

Trump cannot afford to be taken out of the game by offending the WHO Czar.  As he has said many, many times: “Everything has to be done by the book.” Indeed it does, because they’re looking for the least little thing to get rid of him.

And one final point.  If you don’t get on the Trump Train who will you be left with?  You’ll be under the control of people who are diametrically opposed to your thinking and will do everything within their power to change your mind.  At one point they were talking about arresting people like us for expressing our opinion.  What’s next?  Gulag centers for re-education.  Oh, yeah.  They talked about that too.  

And how would this be a “win?”

That’s why George and I support Trump and will continue to support Trump.

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  1. “We continue to publish comments on the vaccines
    but we’ve stopped writing about them because it’s a waste of time.
    We’re not going to change anybody’s mind at this point.”

    I know of many people who have changed their minds, many
    of them recently as they have seen friends and relatives die.

    • I listened to you. Your posts made me do research, and it convinced me to protect my family. At the time I suggested you do a general post against the Vaccines, and you never did that. You should have, you would have convinced more people not to take it. My extended family did not listen to me, but others did.

    • My goddaughter (whom I dearly love)
      cut off all contact with me when I tried
      to persuade her not to get the ‘vaccine’.
      A godson, married to a doctor, has done the same.
      I expect the cognitive dissonance was too much to bear.
      I will not pursue them, but they know where I am.
      All I can do is wait and hope they are all right.

      That people do not want to hear the message, I understand;
      but the excess deaths are becoming too excessive to hide.
      The insurance company statistics provide the hard data
      that was lacking at the start of this pestilential project.
      The explosion of cancers and ‘Sudden Deaths’ supply the details.
      But the pharma-funded mainstream media turns its blind eye.

      Only the independent media is telling the truth about this.
      Last night I watched a woman named Olivia tell her story,
      at some length, to Del Bigtree on The HighWire.
      [Episode 300 – from 45 min in: m]

      Olivia has an autistic child, damaged by the MMR vaccine.
      To help protect others she took part in the Moderna trials,
      thinking a new adjuvant-free vaccine would be a blessing.
      When things went wrong (and how they went wrong!)
      she was not only abandoned by Moderna, but her VAERS report
      (which had been properly filed) was removed from the system
      and not included in Moderna’s submission for the EUA.

      The images supporting Olivia’s testimony are harrowing;
      but she offers them in the hope that others may learn
      from her mistakes rather than by making their own.

      There are those who have eyes and will not see,
      I admit. Yet there are also those that might see
      if they are but presented with true information;
      and the blank spots on the sheet are filled in.

      If even fifty (or ten) can be saved,
      is it not worth the effort?

      • Michael Bauman says

        Brendan, may our Lord have mercy on your loved ones. May His Forgiveness fill your heart as well.

    • As a physician, the most common reason that I see people taking the vaccines and getting “boosted” is because of fear….. the “vaccines/boosts” are essentially a way that millions manage their COVID-related fear.

      It’s quite nefarious and diabolical…. government(s) and government supported organizations/labs create COVID… then it gets released to the public…. then they have massive propaganda efforts to terrify the world about COVID…. then they tell people that the solution for their COVID terror/fear is these endless “vaccines/boosts,” which don’t work well at all and which have no long-term safety data and which cause endless complications and second/third-order effects. And the truth behind COVID origins and its release to the public are endlessly suppressed.

      If I had a nickel for every patient I’ve seen who says “I don’t know how I got COVID, I’m fully vaccinated and boosted”…. well, let’s just say that I’d have a ton of nickels.

      It’s virtually always folks over 60 years old saying this… they’re the generation who still seems to find it hard to buy that their government could do something wicked or criminal to its own people. Fortunately, younger generations don’t have trouble believing this reality at all.

      All this being said, I firmly believe that we must have compassion on those who’ve been victimized by the terror/fear that the government/media/university/public institution complex unleashed about COVID, in an effort to get folks to buy into these ridiculous endless “vaccines/boosts.” We can’t shame those who perhaps made a decision that they now regret. How many times have we all done that….

      I don’t say it enough, but thank you George and Gail for your platform here, for providing a free exchange of ideas/thoughts and which provides critical support for we English-speaking Orthodox Christians who don’t trust the party line that our government/media/public institutions feeds us. May Our Holy Mother continue to keep and protect you for years to come.

      For full disclosure, I’m a physician in a very technical field and don’t treat COVID, though I do see and have seen a lot of COVID patients over the past 3 years. Thank God so much that I live and work in a state where these “vaccines/boosts” were never mandated for health care workers…. I opted out. Simply never saw any benefit to them for myself, and I don’t think I’m as susceptible to the fear propaganda as many of my colleagues. However, I do my best to not judge those who feel/felt that the vaccines/boosts are/were right for them…. I simply try to treat in the best manner possible whomever God brings before me. When I had COVID myself, one of the only things that helped mitigate the symptoms was ivermectin, which my wife and I got through a wonderful alternative medicine physician who was not afraid to prescribe it and who is legally permitted to do so in my state. I have compassion for those who are stuck in states where the laws are ridiculously extreme with respect to COVID treatment. The idea that the “vaccines/boosts” are sledgehammers to treat all things COVID-related is beyond insane. And, overall, my opinion of Fauci is that he is a narcissistic, sanctimonious boob.

      • Thank you, FTS, for all you contribute here and professionally. I thank God He has protected you and am heartsick at the deception and coercion those in healthcare (and many others—especially those in public service) have had to endure. I worry for my own mainstream doctors. I cannot say they should have know better when I’m sure in their position and with the same information (or lack thereof) I likely would done no better if not much worse. At the same time, it was because of some very courageous MDs who more than 20 years ago spoke the forbidden truth about the science (or lack thereof) about the safety & efficacy of the mandated schedule for children that I did know something nefarious was afoot with this “magic bullet” “solution” to the (likely) pre-planned and human-created global crisis.

        To Fraudci’s flaws I’m afraid we must likely add when all the data is known, criminally insane pre-meditated mass murderer and accessory to mass murder.

  2. Deacon John says

    Before I start with my comment, I would just like to say that I really like the blog. It’s better than Twitter or Facebook. It’s nice to reply to the comments from my brothers and sisters in Christ and I really enjoy it. With that being said I would like to reply to this most recent blog entry and if I offend anybody please forgive the ramblings of a crazy Deacon!

    About the vaccines I wholeheartedly agree. I’ve had the COVID vaccines and the booster but no more! Won’t take them I’ll go find me a rock at a monastery somewhere and live underneath it before I take another one!

    About Trump. I don’t trust him. Under his administration, Pompeo and our government was very much involved in the formation of the schismatic OCU. I will never support anything or anyone that tries to harm the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church. I would give my life for Christ and His Church. So I feel very strongly about this.

    About the country. I don’t think it can be saved but we can be thru Christ and His Church. In my opinion, this country was founded upon Protestant heretical ideas and thus its foundation is built upon sand.

    Again I hope I haven’t offended anyone with my ramblings and that everyone have a blessed Nativity!

    BTW….the blog is pretty awesome

    • Antiochene Son says

      Agree, Fr. For my part, I supported Trump wholeheartedly, and I even supported his triumphant holding of the Bible on the steps of St. John’s Church. But I ceased trusting Trump when he left the January 6 protestors out to dry. They showed up for him in a massive showing that he riled up and must have known would go the way it did, but he failed to grant a blanket pardon to those who did nothing wrong aside from taking a stroll through the so-called “people’s house”. (I know it has been said that he wanted to pardon the protestors and was talked out of it. Well, that’s Trump’s failure, and a pretty big one. A true leader would have let his innocent supporters go free and taken his lumps for it.)

      My family watched “The Apprentice” religiously back in the early Aughts. What mattered to Trump more than anything was loyalty. Yet when people literally stuck their necks out for him, he showed no loyalty for his most devoted supporters. I was already basically off the Trump train at that point, but that was the last straw.

    • George Michalopulos says

      Rev Dn, we cannot thank you enough for your kind words about our blog.

  3. Michael Bauman says

    May our Lord and the Lady Theotokos comfort your heart.

    A couple of sites with lots of info

    Draconian enforcement is a bit less likely than a couple of months ago. Like SSA denying payment if one is not vaxxed, etc.

    I have not taken the seasonal flu shot in years but it has ceased being a personal medical decision and is moving into 666 territory. God forgive us.

    I have been told frequently recently, that if there is ANY situation that is sinful and I pray for hearts to change, I must, MUST, look to my own heart first and repent of any darkness I am shown before I call on others to repent especially where I appear to be in the right.

    I have spent more time on the Jesus Prayer because I know that my heart is not free of similar darkness and evil. There I find Joy and Peace not of my own making. Even genuine, spontaneous hearty laughter at times that is deeper and more spontaneous than before.

    Jesus is with us — not in some distant theoretical sense but personally, closer than hands and feet so I say with contrition, joy and faith. Lord Jesus, forgive me a sinner and please fill me with the Holy Spirit so the world, the flesh and the devil have no part in me.

    This is the day the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be gladness.

    • Father Alban says

      Amen. Thank you for these timely words, Michael.

      The battle between darkness and light, between good and evil, is indeed fought primarily in the heart of every human person. Our Lord tells us that from out of the human heart comes murder, slander, false testimony, sexual immorality, etc (Mt. 15:19).

      So it’s in our hearts, as you say, Michael, that the real war must be fought, because we are not foolish enough to believe that we are simply fighting against globalists, or errant, misguided clerics and their ideas. Rather, we know that it is against powers, principalities and the rulers of darkness that we struggle (Eph 6:12). And this struggle, this war with them has to be fought in a different way: prayer, fasting, forgiveness towards those who hate us: true repentance.

      What happens in the human heart, the human heart open to God’s grace and mercy, has the potential to banish the powers of darkness, and to heal and sanctify the fallen world and it’s sinful inhabitants more than we could ever possibly know. ‘Acquire the Holy Spirit’, Saint Seraphim said, ‘and thousands around you will be saved.’

      May God grant His grace and mercy to those of us who stand in most need of it.

      • Dear Father Scottish,

        Some decades ago, as a much younger man,
        I was full of hate. Oh, how I hated!
        I hated one who had done me wrong.
        As an atheist, I considered myself right to hate.
        Wrong had been done, which must be paid for,
        to the uttermost farthing – to restore justice.

        Then one day, while driving my bus,
        I found myself thinking on the Lord’s Prayer;
        specifically on the forgiveness petition:
        and forgive us our debts just as we have forgiven our debtors

        At that point I had the stunning revelation that
        I could have neither peace nor forgiveness unless
        I first forgave all those who had offended me.

        The shock of that insight was profound.
        I was still an atheist. I had yet to acknowledge,
        far less seek forgiveness for, my own sins.

        But I was on the road to recovery
        and rejoining the human race.

        And, thank God, I did not crash the bus!

        But I realised that the world cannot not be cured
        from the top down, but only from the bottom up;
        when each of us makes our corner of the world
        a little cleaner than it was before and (hopefully)
        inspires others to do likewise.

        Why else would Jesus Christ choose to be
        born in a stable rather than a palace?

        • Correction:
          and forgive us our debts just as we forgive our debtors

          I should always check my quotes!

        • Father Scottish (Alban) says

          Dear in Christ Brendan,

          Thank you for sharing your experience.

          It got me to thinking

          As Orthodox Christians, there is no getting away from the Gospel commandments: we are to love our enemies, pray for those who persecute us; and if we want God to forgive our sins, then we must forgive those who sin against us. Not only the little sins against us, but the big sins, and the really, really big sins as well.

          Orthodox Christianity is not an easy faith to live: actually it’s impossible, humanly speaking, to live out these Gospel commandments – especially in a world marred by the genocidal madness of the spiritually deluded rich and powerful.

          And that’s the point. If we are to live our calling to follow Christ in the face of the current dark madness, we can do so only by faith and grace. With Saint Paul we must be able to say, ‘It is no longer I who live, but Christ who lives in me’ (Gal. 2.20).

          But if we are to have His life in us, then we must, like Saint Paul, have already been crucified with Christ. We are already dead to this fallen world, and all its false temptations, including the one that suggests that we must become like our enemies to beat our enemies. Christ is born, He is crucified and risen: self-emptying has become the precondition for being filled with the Holy Spirit, suffering has become the path to healing, death the door to eternal life. God has chosen the weak and foolish things of this world (poverty, littleness, obedience, service, humility, total submission to the will of His Father) to confound the powerful and worldly wise. These are the weapons He gives us to defeat our spiritual enemies, and share in His mission to sanctify the world.

          One wee hurdle to the graced life of repentance is believing that our anger or resentment is ‘righteous anger’, or ‘justified resentment’. This slippery slope can lead us to disregard or rationalise away our Lord’s call for us to forgive our enemies and pray for them, and gently ensconce us in ‘comfortable’ hatred of the other. We may even start to enjoy the prospect that our enemies will end up in hell for their actions (or failure to act). From my perspective as a priest, there is nothing more terrifying than hearing Orthodox Christians wishing hell on their enemies.

          On a purely human level (in our fallen human state), anger can be righteous, resentment justified, and hatred comfortable. But how can we Orthodox Christians entertain any of these when our Lord and Master forgave His enemies (including all who have sinned) from the Cross, while they were mocking Him and relishing His punishment? No slave is greater than his/her Master. We do as He did, because it is Him Who lives in us, and loves in us, and forgives our enemies through us.

          And just in case anyone thinks I am setting out to stifle people’s political discussion on this blog, or dissuade others from taking political action: nothing can be further from the truth. Sometimes we need a safe space, and the company of others that we trust, in order to talk things through, to vent our frustrations, and to have our sanity validated, and decide what course of action we must take. That’s why I come back to George and Gail’s excellent blog daily (several times a day, actually). It’s why I enjoy following the comments of those who post on here.

          But when all is said and done, no matter what social or political action we take, it will be pointless without the life of grace and faith manifested in personal repentance.

          Anyway, Brendan, George, Gail and all the blog’s supporters- May God bless and protect you all in the new year ahead.

          Christ is born!

  4. The song title gives me “nostalgia sickness”, those were the days, the “good ole days”, when life was enjoyable.

  5. Solidarity Priest says

    Beautiful words, Brendan! I came to the Orthodox faith in my late teens. I came to believe in God. As to repentance, I am still working on that. I’ve only just come to realize that after all the years of reciting the prayer of St. Ephrem the Syrian during the great fast, that it is time to put the words to practice.
    Recently I came across something written by St. Nicholai of Žica. The saint wrote that if you hate the sinner, if you hate your enemy, then you only add more evil to the world.
    I can’t locate this right at the moment, but it is said that St. Nicholai once told his Serbian flock that maybe it was a good thing that Tito’s communists gained control of Yugoslavia after WWII. Shocked, the Serbs said,” Vladiko, how can you possibly say such a thing?” The Saint went on to say that, inasmuch as the Croatian fascists had slaughtered so many Orthodox Serbs during the war, many Serbs would have responded in kind, given the chance. They might have engaged in a bloodbath which would have disgraced the name of Serbia for generations to come. So, as evil as Tito’s communists may have been, they might have inadvertently saved the Serbs from this disgrace.

  6. As the Old Year winds itself down,
    here is the traditional Scots valedictory:

    And a Happy New Year when it comes
    to one and all!