It’s Hammer Time!

So you want to “break it down,” George?!

The longer this goes on, the worse things get, the more desperate the Left is, the more convinced I am that the election was stolen.  Nobody will ever be able to convince me that that carbon-based, semi-sentient life form known as Joe Biden got more votes than Barack Obama.  Or Hillary Clinton.  Or Donald Trump.  Nobody.   

And I guaran-dang-tee you that nobody will cop to voting for this disaster now that he’s brought us to the edge of nuclear annihilation.  To say nothing of economic collapse. 

I’m more than ever convinced that the Establishment is positively terrified of The Golden Don.  Clearly, he is not terrified of them –and that’s a good thing.  

I encourage you to read President Trump’s memorandum to the “unSelect Committee” which is investigating the January 6th “insurrection.”  He spells it out chapter and verse.  One may not like his bumptious verbiage but one can also not argue with the facts he presents.    Geo

(And as usual, I thank Gailina for gathering this information.)

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  1. “…that carbon-based, semi-sentient life form known as Joe Biden…” Oh, Gail! I almost fell out of my chair laughing. (Pardon me, St. Basil.) Why don’t you tell us how you REALLY feel about the president of the United States?! May I borrow that phrase, or have you already copyrighted it?

    Seriously now, that begs the question: Who is the power behind the throne? Is it Barry Obama? Susan Rice? Ron Klain? Victoria Nuland? Jake Sullivan? Tony Blinken? Lloyd Austin? All of the above, or someone else? What unelected miscreant is pulling the brain-dead puppet’s strings? Who is destroying our country? Historians will want to know.

  2. Of course the election was stolen! The mail kiosk in my own neighbourhood was broken into late at night by two men during the election. It was all covered up. Long story. Vote? Yeah…zombie Americans shop at Lowes and Home Goods oblivious to what is happening. Hey, they accepted perverted sex taught in schools, etc.

    The Establishnent is not terrified enough to duke it out:
    I am talking about a Civil War. The door is closing now.

    Multipolar world vs. Unipolar world.
    31 trillion in debt.

    That’s where we are. ?

    • Deacon John says

      I just downloaded The true story of the Bildenburg group by Daniel estulin. So far it’s a very good audiobook. Stay close to Our Lord Jesus Christ and His Church. There are good bishops, priests and deacons out there. Don’t give up hope! These things must come to pass before Our Lord comes back! Look to Him in prayer and it’ll be alrightl

  3. Μολων Λαβε says

    Voting is an illusion to give people the impression that we have a choice of the lesser of two evils. When will you realize that all these politicians are cut from the same cloth ?
    All they care about is feathering their own nests and we merely facilitate their actions by believing and voting for those lies.
    A Republic can only work when the people place The Lord first, including the politicians.
    In my widdew pee pee bwain. I see where governments will dissolve and everything will be local where the people will manage their community business based on local needs and beliefs – as I believe The Lord intended.
    This may not happen for another generation or two. Consider our current situation and what can transpire until such time when the dust has settled, the majority of us are dead and then peace will happen because no one will be left to fight, no ICBMs will be left, no militaries and we will have to beat our swords into plowshares.
    I personally do not want to fight, especially for some mislaid ideology or threat, but I will fight to protect those I love and protect those in my church. My hand is being forced and I will fight to defend those I love, who love and worship Our Lord.

    • George Michalopulos says

      ML: It is my fervent opinion that democracy (strictly speaking, majority rule) can only work on the local, i.e. municipal level. Anything higher than that has to be republican and at the highest level, monorchial. 90% of things that directly impact people should be take place at the county level.

      • Isn’t that what The Founding Fathers envisioned? Independent States competing with each other and a very weak federal government whose function was only mutual defense and safeguarding the God-given rights of American citizens? I think America’s founders had a good idea that was destroyed by evil, power-hungry madmen. It is a shame. I hope y’all take back the reigns of government. The world is watching with bated breath.

  4. Yes, liberals will point out that all the court cases failed. Yet none of them that I am aware of, or at least the vast majority of them, including the suit filed by Texas on behalf of nineteen states, were heard on the merits but instead dismissed on procedural grounds (standing, etc,). The courts were resolute in not overturning an election after the fact, regardless of the degree of fraud and cheating. They made it clear that prevention is the key and they simply would not cure an accomplished coup d’etat.

    But the statisticians said what is asserted is impossible and the number of affidavits from election worker whistle blowers was up in the thousands in the swing states.

    Obviously, counter to the all the assertions of liberals and the Democratic Propaganda Office (aka, the MSM), the election was stolen and the executive branch suffered a coup d’etat. And that is how the history will be written if MAGA is successful.

    The two advantages that MAGA has over the rest of the political spectrum is that a) they’re relatively honest, and b) they can coexist with Russia and China. The DC Establishment is corrupt and dishonest to the point they don’t even believe their own bs, much less anyone else – true Baghdad Bob territory. Moreover, they simply cannot coexist with Russia and China. They are making a show of driving that point home. But Russia and China are not going anywhere. They are immovable objects but the Swamp is not an unstoppable force.

  5. I don’t like the use of the title, “The Golden Don”. It implies that our former president is some sort of messianic figure who is to be admired by all, when I would absolutely not want my children to imitate him in any way. I’m no Democrat (I’m more of a monarchist than anything), and I’m certainly not happy with the state of our country today, but the sooner Donald Trump leaves the public arena and is no longer talked about, the better for all of us. In my opinion, he is exacerbating the problems of our days without solving any of them.

    As a side note, I can totally believe that Biden got more votes than Obama. Trump was and is an exceedingly polarizing figure, and most of the people I know that voted for Biden did so more as an anti-Trump vote than a pro-Biden vote.

    • The reason we have Biden now – is Trump. People would have voted for a monkey so long as it meant getting rid of the man. Not only was he a terrible model for children to emulate, as you said, but also a bad one for adults.

      • George Michalopulos says

        “Yeah” as we say, rummaging through a dumpster while we try to find food to eat: “but at least no mean tweets!”

        Seriously, Trump went from 63 million votes in 2016 to 74 million. No incumbent president has ever increased his total vote share.

        Needless to say, I heartily disagree with your assessment of Trump as being a “bad example” to children. Our nation voted twice for Bill Clinton and had to explain to our children what a “blow job” was.

        • Solidarity Priest says

          As opposed to a guy who sniffs women’s hair, allegedly showered with his daughter, and shakes hands with the Easter Bunny. Oh yeah, we’re better off.

        • Lina, I had to explain to my mother!

        • George,

          I was specifically pushing back on Gail’s use of the term “The Golden Don” and her assertion that nobody could ever convince her that Biden got more votes than Obama, Hillary Clinton, or Trump. Do I think that Bill Clinton is a good example for my children either? Certainly not, but it’s not like I have to pick between Trump and Clinton for a role model. Not sure why you brought Clinton in as an example.

          In general, I see a dangerous pattern forming on the political right of considering Trump to be beyond reproach in everything that he does, which reminds me of the political rhetoric of countries like North Korea.

          • Gail Sheppard says

            Actually, all that was George “breaking it down”. I just introduced him. – But I’m going to chime in anyway. I do think Trump’s a good father based on how his kids turned out. I saw Chelsey running around with an upside down cross. – No one sees Trump as perfect. It’s old enemy of my enemy is my friend thing and the fact that he can break through barriers and get things done.

            • George Michalopulos says

              Matt, “The Golden Don” is my locution!

              • I like the moniker “Golden Don”. Generally, in addition to his hair color, much that he touches turns to gold. Moreover, his name is Donald and he has a kind of “godfather” air to him. The opposite can be said of Biden. Even Obama remarked that Brandon could f up anything. He has the reverse Midas touch, like Zelensky.
                Biden is like the dull head of a crime family, post-stroke, puppeted by the real chief(s).

                “Don” is also appropriate if Trump leads us to a single dominant party arrangement. Kinda like “tsar”. Has a ring to it, especially given the realities of immigration.

            • Gail, since you use the word “I,” – where exactly did you personally see Chelsea Clinton “running around with an upside down cross?”
              I’m not a fan of anyone in e Clinton family. Didn’t vote for either of them. But, Chelsea has actually spoken about this upside down cross rumor on several occasions. She’s even provided journalists and photographers access to the exact necklace in question. It’s not an upside down cross.

              I don’t understand why both you, and occasionally George, undermine the points you are trying to make by mixing in false accusations and/or photoshopped images.

              • Gail Sheppard says

                And what would you expect her to say?

                • I don’t expect anything in particular from Chelsea. I do expect due diligence and integrity from Monomakhos though. Have you examined the photos and reports of this upside down cross? Seen the up close photos? Seen it “in-person,” as implied? The interviews? Or, was your comment just posted as a off-the-cuff dig at the Clintons? I mean, I REALLY don’t care for the Clintons. So, I get wanting to drag them.
                  The purpose for your post matters though – a dig thrown out without much thought, or a serious accusation. I’m just wondering which it is?

              • Gail Sheppard says

                I saw a picture George gave me and have since seen others. Yes, when commenting, many of my responses are off the cuff. This was not a post, it was a sentence. I was making an observation; one that many have made. An observation is not an accusation.

          • Trump (through his judicial appointments)
            tries to keep many unborn Americans alive.

            Biden wants to have many of these killed,
            yet Matt thinks Trump sets the bad example…

            There’s nowt so queer as folk

      • Trump won.

        The reason we have Biden is that the DNC rigged the election and stole it from the man the people actually elected. Blame Tammany Hall for Biden. Trust me, everyone else is.

    • If not for Trump, the Deep State plus
      Hilary Clinton would be in total control.
      Would that make you feel better?
      As the nukes rained down?

  6. Top down government is the only sort that works and even those governments that masquerade as “democratic” practice top down government, all the while vehemently denying the same.

    That is the beauty of “sovereign democracy” or dominant party politics. A popular nationalist leader comes to power by whatever means and orchestrates both the legislative environment and the media/press environment so as to project a homogenous view of the national interest. It need not be completely censorious or totalitarian, but the media must be harnessed to maintain the popularity of the dominant party in power.with the “sheeple”. Dissent is fine, but the dominant view must “occupy the field”.

    This is actually what normally happens in the West when a liberal government is in power. The MSM simply reinforces the liberal narrative. The problem in the West is that liberalism has become so radical and nonsensical that even a tame press cannot convince the majority of people that liberalism is a good idea anymore. It is simply contrary to reason and experience. It is obvious that the emperor is buck naked.

    Moreover, thanks to Trump, now we all know that the game has been rigged for generations like professional wrestling where the Democrats were the sun party and the sole function of the Republicans was to provide a foil for the liberals, like the team that plays the Harlem Globetrotters. That was the function of William F. Buckley, George Will, etc.; i.e., the complicit pseudo-opposition.

    But America has rejected the corrupt Uniparty system decisively. The curtain has been pulled back and they are aware of the depth of the deception and corruption. Many will not vote at all for Establishment candidates. Not now, not ever.

    And so we are now experiencing regime change whereby “illiberal” right wing figures and parties are taking over due to the senseless foolishness of contemporary liberalism.

    And it’s long overdue.

    • George Michalopulos says

      Misha, I’ve been thinking a lot about the First Amendment. I don’t believe it gives a blanket indemnity to “journalists” to lie, obfuscate or otherwise push hoaxes.

      If they are indeed licensed professionals, then like all licensed professionals, they should abide by a code of ethics and be held accountable for peddling misinformation.

      If we ever get a chance to reboot the Republic, I’d make the 2nd Amendment the 1st Amendment and visa versa. Why the 2nd become the 1st? Because according to Aristotle the first of all virtues is courage. Without courage, no other virtue has a chance.

      • Agreed, George.

        NY Times v. Sullivan is the case that needs to be overturned. For public figures it made “actual malice” the standard for defamation suits. This was formerly called “scienter” in the law. In any case, what it means is that in order to recover for defamation, you have to prove through discovery of internal press documents that the press knew or had reason to know that the story was a lie. That is an unreasonably high burden of proof and has made the press almost immune.

        It was another terrible decision coming out of the Civil Rights movement and needs desperately to be overturned. That would rein in the press while preserving the first amendment.

        • George Michalopulos says


          Personally, as a licensed professional myself, I bitterly resent the fact that my own profession (as well as dozens of others: MD’s, DDS’s, RN’s, JD’s, MDiv’s, etc, have to abide by certain basic standards and have to report to state boards and/or synods but that “journalists” can print any damn thing they want even when they know it’s spurious.

          And then when they get caught they scream “First Amendment!”

          • Yet George,
            Alex Jones was sued and just lost in a lawsuit. He has been ordered to pay nearly one billion dollars. Yes one billion!
            Of course he does not belong to the un-touchable party of jackasses, only the party of Dumbos go to jail and get sued. Lest we forget the FBI public media arrests, all to scare, and keep us in line. Hard to tell who are the good guys are anymore.

        • George Michalopulos says

          BTW. you all gotta listen to The Duran today. Robert Barnes is on. Totally has the inside skinny on American political culture.

          • I listened to it today, it’s always great when they have Barnes on.

            I’m a little bit more optimistic about the Midterms after hearing him.

  7. “…explain to our children what a …job is”

    No need any longer to ask mom and dad. Now such things are prescribed curriculum in many schools with the full support of men like Biden.

    I happen to agree with Matt and Dan in the sense that I do/did wish Trump had more dignity. Nevertheless, it astounds me that so many Christians were, and continue to be, duped into allowing their “morality” to be used against them.

    Yes, we can acknowledge that Trump was crass and certainly no model for our children. But how this became an excuse to vote for a man who openly told us that he and his party would not only celebrate immorality, but make it policy with force of law is completely beyond me.

    Such people claim to have made a “moral” choice? For the sake of their children? Based upon what exactly? And how’s that choice serving for your desire to promote morality among children and adults?

    Can’t you see that you’re being played? Can’t you see that using your morality to convince you to strain out a gnat and swallow a camel is straight from Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals 101?

    “We believe in unfettered child killing. We believe that a person has an absolute right to have sex with anyone they choose, the right to use the bathroom facilities they ‘identify’ with (your children’s comfort and safety be damned), the right to teach your children the singular righteousness of our morality, and on and on it goes…”

    Yeah, by all means bask in the self-righteousness glow of having made the “moral” choice between the two offered to you. You must be feeling very satisfied about what you have done…well you know…for the children.

  8. Anonymous II says

    Ever since this latest thing with Kanye West happened, all I can think is “soon enough even the stones will cry out with the truth”…

    I think some of the posters here don’t realize just how big of a deal this really is. Yeah some of us have known about the deep state and who many of them are for many years. Some of us listen to podcasts where the hosts discuss the issue at length, and are acutely aware of what’s going on. The internet has allowed some of us to obtain more knowledge of this issue that no “peasant” would ever have the right to, yet effectively communicating these truths to the heavily brainwashed masses is another thing altogether.

    I find myself frequently feeling pity or some combination of pity and contempt for extremely wealthy, famous, powerful men who’ve lost their families and children through divorce. Michael Jordan, Kanye, Jeff Bezos, Elon, Brad Pitt, men like that. For the most part they just seem miserable and if I had the chance to trade places with any of them, I wouldn’t dream of it. My life in my modest little house with my wife and children and just a few months emergency funds in savings seems so much better than what any of them have.

    I don’t know a lot about Kayne but he seems like a basically decent person who made one of the worst mistakes a man can make: he chose the mother of his children poorly.

    And now, along comes some random rapper/celebrity who feels he has been wronged by this group of people, and actually has the courage to share his experience with the public. Kanye has tens of millions of young fans. He reached more people than everyone on this board put together could ever hope to reach in one hundred lifetimes, within the span of a few days.

    Ultimately, the truth will prove to be more powerful than their (waning) control over the flow of information, and their threats of life ruination for speaking these said truths.

    We will see more instances such as this, coming from people whom we least expect.

    It is quite hilarious to me seeing news anchors try to respond to Kanye’s comments. They can’t, because they’re true. They told him to go visit a holocaust “museum” and he told them to visit HIS holocaust museum, called Planned Parenthood.

    Henry Ford wrote about this phenomenon a century ago when journalists would try to silence him. They can deflect, and when that doesn’t work, they just insult you. They never had any real counterpoints because the fact of the matter is that these folks belong to a particular culture that nevertheless owns a degree of wealth/influence/success around the world that does not correspond to merit, and their goals are never in line with the native populations of whatever land they reside in. Those are facts, they put their group first, nothing wrong with that, but they are also not Christian and do not share our morals, which is why Emperor St. Justinian prohibited them from working in certain fields, like education.

    • George Michalopulos says

      It’s going to get harder to censor now that Kanye has bought Parler & Musk’s acquisition of Twitter just went through.

    • Ye mentioned them. It’s a game changer. The cat is not going back into the bag.

      • George Michalopulos says

        He paints with too broad a brush if you ask me.

        • I don’t know… they kind of proved his point when the media and financial services blackballed him.

          I could bring up all the statistics about over-representation, admissions of guilt in the ‘controlling everything’ sphere, a whole list of ‘every damn times,’ etc., but I’ve done it before and there’s no convincing some people.

          • To know who rules over you, find out who you cannot criticize.

            • Gail Sheppard says

              I like the Anon3 in glasses!

            • “Jewkrainian” does not seem to be patently offensive since you will find it self applied by some. You have to notice Zelensky, Nuland (Nudelman), Anthony Blinken, Alexander Vindman, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz (?) and a plethora of others including:

              Sheldon Adelson
              Ed Asner
              Ben Bernanke
              Boris Bershteyn
              Ruth Bader Ginsburg
              Charles Krauthammer
              Paul Krugman
              The Pritzker Family (Hyatt hotels, etc.)
              Valerie Plame
              Robert Novak
              Leonard Nimoy
              Jay Sekulow
              Amy Schumer
              Steven Spielberg
              Arlen Specter

              and Abraham Zapruder

              This is just a cross section of the names that jumped out to me. –

              So, given that the Biden crime family and the Democratic Party have been laundering money out of the Ukraine since the fall of the Soviet Union, now we know why Ukraine is such a big deal. Most all of these people likely have/had deep ethnic, historical hostility toward Russia.

              • As an American of Ukrainian Jewish descent myself, this is fascinating to me. I served as a Protestant missionary in Ukraine in 2000 and in Russia in 2002-04 (my dad converted to Christianity just before I was born, and I was raised Protestant). As it relates to this discussion, my main takeaway from those years is that most Ukrainians and Russians passively bear what their respective governments do—never imagining that they could really do anything to effect political change one way or another.

                I also noticed at that time that my Russian Protestant (Evangelical/Baptist) friends tended to be consistently hostile toward Putin. My Russian friends of other persuasions (Orthodox, Catholic, atheist) were pretty neutral toward him across the board—not Putin devotees, but also not seeing him as a quasi-Antichrist like most of my Protestant friends did.

                I became an Orthodox Christian in 2020 (I’m at an Antiochian mission).

                Jeff Moss (Moskowitz)

                • Gail Sheppard says

                  I suspect Russian Protestants (Evangelical/Baptist) may not have the same affinity for Putin as would those who identify as Orthodox whether or not they go to Church.

                  This article says almost 70% of Russians identify as Orthodox Christians. Being Orthodox is more than a religion for many of them.

                  Putin’s ratings seem to be pretty high now. But that may be because of the biolabs that were discovered in Ukraine. And I can’t imagine they would feel safe knowing we put them there or that the ultimate goal was to move NATO there. I think much of the world see us as imperialist bullies.

                  When you were there: “Putin’s popularity rose from 31% in August 1999 to 80% in November 1999, never dropping below 65% during his first presidency.”

                  • Yes, being Orthodox is more than a religion for Russians, it’s a whole cultural thing…

                    One 20-something friend told me, in the course of a single conversation, that he was an atheist *and* that he was Orthodox.

              • George Michalopulos says

                “Jewkrainian” would be funny in another context, say a Seinfeldesque comedy dialogue.

                I’d rather we didn’t view this whole Ukrainian/Russian war in a Jewish context. Unfortunately, we Greek-Americans bear a share of the blame, in that the GOA/EP has provided theological cover for this tragedy.

                • It is only the Khazarian context that explains
                  both the Nuland/Kagan clan’s hatred of Russia
                  and the delight with which they are burying Germany.

        • Anonymous II says

          Every last thing Kanye said, if he had said “white people” instead of “Jews,” or better yet “white men,” or better yet “straight white men,” he would be getting applauded and cheered on instead of cancelled left and right.

          You can take any sentence spoken by any alleged anti-Semite and replace the word “Jew” with the word “white man” and the very same people shrieking in rage would be smiling, nodding and clapping.

  9. Annotationsfra says

    Since the era of Charlemagne

  10. Thar she blows…

    Liz Truss resigns as Prime Minister after 44 days

    ‘ LIZ Truss has announced her resignation after just 44 days as Prime Minister.

    In a statement in Downing Street, she said she had spoken to King Charles and would remain as Prime Minister until a successor was chosen within a week.

    She admitted she was unable to deliver the mandate she came into office to deliver.

    She becomes the shortest-serving prime minister in British history.

    The pound rose on the back of the announcement.

    Opposition parties demanded a general election, saying the Tories cannot have their third Prime Minister this year without the public voting.

    Ms Truss emerged from Number 10 after a crisis meeting with Sir Graham Brady, the chair of the 1922 Committee of backbench Tory MPs, who is best placed to know whether a Tory leader has lost the confidence of their parliamentary party.

    It came just a day after she insisted in the House of Commons that she would carry on, telling MPs: “I am a fighter and not a quitter.”

    Accompanied by her husband Hugh O’Leary, she said today: “I came into office at a time of great economic and international instability.

    “Families and businesses were worried about how to pay their bills.

    “Vladimir Putin’s illegal war in Ukraine threatens the security of our whole continent.

    “And our country has been held back for too long by low economic growth.

    “I was elected by the Conservative party with a mandate to change this.

    “We delivered on energy bills along cutting national insurance.

    “And we set out a vision for a low tax high growth that would take advantage of the freedoms of Brexit.

    “I recognise though, given the situation, I cannot deliver the mandate on which I was elected by the Conservative Party.

    “I have therefore spoken to His Majesty the King to notify him that I am resigning as leader of the Conservative Party this morning I met the chairman of the 1922 committee, Sir Graham Brady.

    “We agreed that there will be a leadership election to be completed within the next week.

    “This will ensure that we remain on a path to deliver our fiscal plans and maintain our country’s economic stability and national security.

    “I will remain as Prime Minister until a successor has been chosen. Thank you.”

    The timing of the contest to find Ms Truss’s replacement implies the person will be chosen by a conclave of Tory MPs, as there is too little time to involve the party membership.

    Allies of Chancellor Jeremy Hunt said he would not stand for the leadership.

    The favourite to take over is former chancellor Rishi Sunak, who lost the summer-long Tory leadership to Ms Truss after being backed by most MPs but rejected by the wider Tory party membership.

    His predictions about the market turmoil which would be unleashed by Ms Truss’s unfunded tax-cutting plans have proven uncannily accurate.

    Ms Truss had been Prime Minister since September 6.

    She replaced Boris Johnson, who resigned as Prime Minister in July after a rebellion by his MPs over a series of scandals and byelection losses.

    Ms Truss’s premiership has been plagued by U-turns on the economy and tax, a loss of authority and a breakdown in party discipline.

    She sacked Kwasi Kwarteng as Chancellor last Friday, while Suella Braverman resigned as Home Secretary yesterday with a scathing attack on the PM’s record and broken promises. ‘

    • George Michalopulos says

      The Curse of Zelensky strikes again!

      • And the dominoes will keep falling as long as they continue the sanctions.

        • George Michalopulos says

          According to the Duran boys, Liz Truss did something unprecedented: “She buried the Queen, the Pound and the Tories in one fell swoop.”

          • You really have to have a sense of humor at this point. They’re all in desperate, delusional denial re the loss of global hegemony to the Troika leading the 80%. The media here just constantly emits a vomit of lies only a child would believe hoping that somehow they can follow the Slick Willie playbook and just talk it all away.

            No chance.

            On top of that, the red wave looks to be quite strong, contrary to the wishful thinking over the summer. Things don’t look too cozy for the Empire of Lies: US in recession; Dems imploding; Establishment Republicans losing control of their party; Western Europe entering a cold, dark, hungry depression; the Ukraine about to be decisively conquered . . .

            Yes, Virginia, there is a God. Pinch me, I’m dreaming.

      • She never got to visit him as PM,
        She didn’t keep the job for long enough.

        • is old BoJo getting his throne back?

          When are you Scots going to vote your way out of this madhouse?

          • Re: BoJo, who knows?
            The Deep State’s real aim is to have a General Election
            which will be won by Labour with Keir Starmer in charge.
            The trouble is, Keir Starmer is Tony Blair 2.0
            but without the charisma.

            As for the Scots, Nikki Sturgeon has such a tight grip
            on the Progressive, pro Vaccine, pro LGBTQ ++ etc,
            pro abortion, pro European Union diktat, pro Ukraine,
            anti-Russia, anti-fossil fuel, multi-cultural mishmash
            that these days passes for political thinking in the SNP,
            that an independent country under her is no prize
            that any thoughtful Scot should really want.

            In the last General Election, I voted for the Scottish Family Party.
            They are a tiny party with no traction as yet.
            They are agnostic as to whether Scotland should remain
            in the United Kingdom, re-join the EU, or be totally independent.
            But what they absolutely insist upon is that the priority
            of the State must be to support families (as Viktor Orban is doing).
            This means no sex grooming in our schools – grooming like this:

            We are at a very low ebb. We desperately need to change course,
            but the necessary change is not going to come from the politicians;
            so it must come from the people

            The Scottish Family Party is a small start, to be sure.
            But it is a start.

  11. Mark Vedmid says

    Ukraine belongs to the Cossacks who are seeking liberation from Russian Colonialists.

    • No, the Ukrainians are a community within Rus’. They are Eastern Slavs like the Great Russians and White Russians (Belorussians). It’s all one ethnic group, one people. It has nothing to do with colonialism. Kievan Rus’ was the source of the Russian state and eventual Empire. Khruschchev and Chernenko were Ukrainians. It’s all one thing, or at least it was until the West stuck its imperialist nose into it and tried to make the Ukraine a Western colony through westward Nato expansion and the coup d’erat that overthrew the democratically elected government of Yanukovich, the last legitimate Ukrainian president.

      The New Yorker is just an outlet for State Department/CIA/Deep State propaganda. The idiots have sensed that Russia is playing the anti-colonial card with the 80% who have clear negative memories of Western colonialism. This is just a feeble attempt to turn the tables and use the same label for Russia.

      The article gets quite a bit wrong. First of all, the Mongols sacked and burned Kiev and the original Rus’ were driven northeast and the country was repopulated eventually with other Eastern Slavs. So the communal history of the Rus’ began in Novgorod and Kiev but it is one continuous saga.

      Secondly, regarding linguistics and pronunciation, the author makes other silly claims. “The Ukraine” is a reflection of the fact that the area has never really been a state before the end of the Soviet Union and according to Russian grammar is referred to with the preposition “na” which literally means “on”; i.e., “on the Frontier”. That is simply grammar which all agreed on until infantile nationalism poisoned the water.

      Also, regarding the name of the capital, “Kiev”. The traditional American English pronunciation is based on a transliteration of the Russian name for the city. However, in both Ukrainian and Russian, the city is pronounced “Kiyif”, accent on the first syllable. Ukrainians spell it “Kiyiv” (which autocorrect keeps trying to change to “Kiev”!, perhaps it is colonialist too) but it is pronounced the same in both languages and the American pronunciation reflects neither but is simply the result of historical grammar. Both “Vladimir” and “Rossiya” (i.e., Russia ) are accented on the next to last syllable in Russian. English pronunciation of Russian names and place names often does not reflect the sound of the original faithfully.

      There are other problems with the article but essentially it begs the question, marshaling some accurate facts and some inaccurate attempting to draw persuasive power from verbosity.

    • Timothy Snyder is…selective in his interpretations.

    • I’d say the author of this “scholarly” tale gets his funding from Langley. He begins with blatant lies and sprinkles them throughout, as he claims to tell us the history of Ukraine and its very real suffering while never even mentioning the enormous role of the United States in causing and exacerbating its more recent troubles.

      I say this as one who believes it is not entirely unreasonable to have a low view of Putin’s role in this war. What is absolutely unreasonable (and is, in fact. an intentional distortion of history) is to blame Putin alone and paint him as a monster. Putin is in fact the only party to this conflict that has demonstrated any concern for the lives of real people who live there.

      This author of this piece is an obvious fraud.

  12. Anonymous II says

    Latest fantastic analysis from the Duran:

  13. Anonymous II says

    It’s quite staggering when you do the math concerning this war.

    All the tech in the world doesn’t match simple and effective use of lawmower powered drones.

    That’s the juxtaposition of this war:

    You can’t spend your way out of a knock down, drag out bar fight when all your friends are frat boys and you’re fighting angry bikers after picking an unnecessary fight.

    In this case Ukraine is like a former biker who’s been hanging out with frat boys at a seedy establishment and invited them in after several of them kept asking to check out the watering hole.

    A fight breaks out when the former biker (Ukraine) beating up on one of the weaker other former bikers (LPR/Crimea ECT…) And calls in their old Biker friends (Russia) and wants to rejoin the club.

    What’s inherently terrible is that the belligerents from Ukraine (the biggest of the former bikers) really do believe in what they are fighting for, erst while they are being championed to fight the bikers (Russia) by the frat boys (NATO) who are only throwing money at the problem for their own entertainment after having gone outside and tipped over the bikers choppers.

    Mean while the frat boys have blown their inheritance at the bar, which they knew was a biker bar and are having less and less to show for it on Monday when the credit card bills hit their bank accounts.

    Sure, it’s not a perfect analogy, but it’s not too far off at this point.

  14. Anonymous II says

    Additionally, not sure if anyone noticed, Russia is about to restrict access to LGBT propaganda even more, basically it’s now illegal in every context, even for adults.

    Fine for LGBT propaganda among adults will be up to 4 million rubles, among minors – up to 5 million.
    ▪️Foreigners will be expelled from Russia for promoting LGBT and pedophilia.
    ▪️For the promotion of gender reassignment among children online, a fine of up to 4 million rubles is provided. It is also possible punishment in the form of arrest for up to 15 days.
    ▪️The largest fine – up to 10 million rubles – threatens to promote pedophilia on the Internet.
    ▪️On paid services, restrictions on access to LGBT information for children will be introduced.
    ▪️It is forbidden to issue a rental certificate for films containing LGBT propaganda.
    ▪️It is proposed to introduce a ban on LGBT propaganda in the media and advertising.

    I would say almost all new films coming out of the US could be considered to contain gay propaganda. Anytime an LBTQ character is present, unless they are clearly portrayed negatively, it is real intended to promote gayness to normies.

    • George Michalopulos says

      Be still! My heart!

    • Oh my! Filth is about to be criminalized in Russia? Why, this is another red line that must be worth at least another $50 billion US in US aid to Ukraine and another 100,000 Ukrainian conscript lives.

      Up next…
      Archbishop Elpidophoros calls on the Voice of America broadcast to “transition” its format to all LGBTQ content to free the Russian people from oppression.

      • George Michalopulos says

        Brendan, how will they ever survive without McDonalds and YouPorn?

        • Don’t ask me.
          Ask Brian… 🙂

        • One can reasonably assume Russians will fare far better without such “necessities” than Europeans will in the absence of 40% of the cheap natural gas they used to purchase from Russia.

          “I’ll have a quarter pounder with cheese and a large fry. ”

          “Would you like that frozen or thawed?”

          “Cooked normally, please.”

          “That will 97 Euro. Please proceed to the window.”

  15. The Federalist had a nice little piece on Liz Cheney.

    The realization many of us came to during Trump’s presidency or after Jan 6th is that even ostensibly conservative Republicans like Cheney, McConnell, as well as all the NeverTrumpers (George Will, Bill Kristol, etc.), were never sincere in their politics from the get go. They were all simply enablers for the House that FDR built – the pro-wrestling match of sun-moon parties that is the Uniparty Establishment. The fact that conservatives never decisively won was a feature of the play. It enabled liberals to win without too much public resistance.

    But Trump is a winner by nature. He wasn’t interested in being an enabler. And he saw what the Uniparty had done to the US. The notion that W was any better than Bill Clinton, fundamentally, is pure fiction. MAGA is the only sincere show in town. I do not consider myself MAGA, but I admire them as the only semblance of a chance that America has at self correction.

    However, though it pains me to say so, not the least because I live here, America really does deserve a “hard landing” given its indulgence of the forces of evil over the last 70 years or so. I pray only that the South will be spared, at least to some extent.

  16. Federal Judge Orders Fauci, White House
    to Testify on COVID-19 Big Tech Collusion

    …and the Judge was appointed by Trump.