It’s Always About Me

Bartholomew in his better days.

Or so Bartholomew thinks and he can barely contain himself.

In an interview with a Turkish television network (link below), Bartholomew said:  “We are entering a new period of the Cold War. . .” 

Someone needs to explain to him the difference between a cold war and one where bombs are going off.  

He goes on to say, “The distance between Russia and the Western world is getting wider. . . ” 

And this is a bad thing –for Russia?  –  But the obvious question coming from this side of the divide is this: from whom we will buy oil?  Oops, that could be a conundrum, as we have to get it from Russia or buy it somewhere else and pay what – $9, $10 a gallon?  Of course, if we had access to our own oil this wouldn’t be the case.  Sure glad I don’t have to commute 90 miles a day like I did in CA.     

“. . . the one who thinks and acts rationally, does not want this situation, this new period of Cold War.”   “. . . we have good relations with President Zelensky. He has come twice to the Patriarchate, and invited me to Ukraine, at the celebrations that took place last August for the 30 years of independence of Ukraine. I accepted his invitation and went, it was very nice”. 

I would argue that contrary to our hopes for Ukraine, they selected the worst possible example of “one who thinks and acts rationally.”  What in the world could Bartholomew have in common with this man?  (Other than the obvious, of course:  Neither thinks or acts rationally.) 

What did they do hanging out at Zelenski’s during the biggest Ukrainian celebration in 30 years?  The bubbly must have been flowing and, well, you know, lots of “celebrating”, Zelensky style.

Bartholomew said he saw “. . . a nation that is extremely pleased and proud of its independence. The fact that they were able to break away from the Soviet Union and found their own independent country is an honor for them.”  

He speaks as if Ukraine were successful in forming its own independent country.  I wish that were true but the reality is they were housing 11 (some say 30) U.S. biolabs over which they have no control, and are being forced to consider Poland’s offer of military hand-me-downs which NATO promised to replace.  They don’t seem to be operating from a position of power, here.

Do independent countries, populated with Orthodox Christians, typically launder money for globalist politicians and buy the Orthodox Church for their Neo-Natzi contingent?  Well, I guess some do.  I love that picture of Poroshenko carrying a tomos into a faux church with Bartholomew, don’t you?  For prosperity’s sake.  It serves as a cautionary tale.

With respect to Bartholomew, he will be remembered for cobbling together a small group of Neo-Nazis and charlatans, giving them permission to seize parishes, monasteries, and property from an existing canonical bishop.  There are canon(s) against this sort of thing but if you understand that Bartholomew has left the building, he wouldn’t be bound by them.

When are the Local Churches going to understand that Bartholomew is not part of the Orthodox Church?  He abandoned his conciliar role for something more akin to an Eastern pope.  Actually, I’m not sure that’s a fair comparison because even the Pope doesn’t act like that.    

He can’t resist patting himself on the back:  “. . .  under the current circumstances, we see that our Patriarchate acted very early and we did a very good job. We upset our Russian brothers, but that had to happen. Ukraine deserved it.” 

No country deserves the hell he’s brought upon the Ukrainian people.  He escalated the tensions in Ukraine 100% and they were barely getting by as it was.  Perhaps that’s why the people lined the streets when Bartholomew visited last summer with signs saying go home and get out of Ukraine.  

Bartholomew is always quick to repeat what has become his mantra:  “. . . the Ecumenical Patriarchate has the right to grant autocephaly, and did so with Ukraine.” 

Just because he keeps saying it doesn’t make it true.

“We now see that some Ukrainian clergymen do not want to commemorate Patriarch Kirill of Moscow.  They see him as the religious leader of the enemy country. They are gradually moving away from this Church and joining the new, Autocephalous Church.”

Notice how it’s out with the “old” and in with the “new”.  The “new” church lies, cheats, and steals, forgoing ordination in the process.  With respect to Ukrainian clergymen, we now know who the Ukrainians commemorate has nothing to do with malice on their part.  But that’s all Bartholomew knows so it’s little wonder he reached this conclusion.   

“We are not very happy about this, because it is the result of war. We would like the Russian Church not to show such hostility towards me and to accept our canonical decision.”

Again, it’s always about him.  The Russian Orthodox Church has a lot more on its mind than the machinations of an arrogant, self-appointed, wanna-be.  No one was –or is–happy about his decision to bring schismatics into our Church; not even the people he corralled to support him.  But it’s over and so is he.   

“Unfortunately, however, they did not accept it. . . and I personally became their target.”

The thing about evil deeds is that they point out the evildoers.  Bartholomew is no target.  I believe the CIA would call him a “loose end.”  

Finally, Bartholomew concluded by saying that, “as a religious institution, the Ecumenical Patriarchate has always been in favor of peace and unity, and continues to do so.”  

He’s an “institution,” alright.  Too bad he can’t take it with him.  Sadly, he’s become irrelevant and no one is going to save him.  


Mrs. M


  1. The Russian win in Ukraine will spell the end for the OCU, and more than likely for Bartholomew. When the dust settles and life is brought back to normal and things are revealed it will be shown who the “leaders” of the OCU actually are, and they will not be able to function under a new Russia aligned Ukraine. This war for sure has a spiritual element. Russia is going to purge the country of any people it sees as hostile, with them probably flooding into Europe. Given that the OCU only accounts for ~20% of religious in Ukraine, and their “churches” always seem to be empty, I expect that number to fall further.

    If the West is to discontinue NATO expansion in the Russian sphere (which I think it will), then Russia will be the new dominant force economically and culturally. The EU has shot itself in the foot with a possible economic death blow and I expect the former CIS countries to start aligning themselves with Russia in order to survive.

    Bartholomew, like every other narcissist, is incapable of seeing their own fault. They have built a false reality and false truth around, and about, themselves and they survive in an echo chamber. It is beyond clear that Bartholomew is not going to reverse course or repent of his doings, this is now completely clear.

    How this all plays out over the coming months is unclear. Russia is seeking economic retaliation against the countries that have sanctioned him, I imagine this will have a religious aspect as well. Greece, Cyprus because of their sanction could have a Russian Exarchate set up there (which seems likely now). This, like Russia did with Alexandria, will give them a chance to repent. Lets hope Greece and Cyprus actually heed it unlike Alexandria.

    Interesting times ahead and hopefully this sorts out the ecclesiastical issues.

  2. Anonymous II says

    I would also call those associated with Bartholomew loose ends, but for another reason!

  3. It is time we start to look at the United States as an evil, rogue regime in need of regime change. It’s not just, as many have previously thought, that the US is schizophrenic; i.e., that it goes back and forth between periods of relative lucidity under Republican rule and relative foolishness under Democrat rule. It is consistently evil. This has been its history during the entire post-Cold War period, regardless of party in control.

    The RF has been much more reliable in terms of its official statements than the US has been during the Putin era. The US is still the home of the holocaust of the unborn (abortion on demand), the home of feminism and LGBT and the purveyor of obscene mischief at home and abroad. America is rotten to the core – period.

    Trump did not change this and it was only marginally better under his administration. All of the above tendencies were still in play and remain today. The American people are fools. Unless Trump or someone else actually succeeds at draining the swamp and displacing decisively the Uniparty Establishment, America will remain the focus of evil in the modern world, enthralled to the DNC.

    The defeat of the Uniparty is a tall order. It is possible, but I dare not say probable from our vantage here. Until then, it is on par with the Soviet Union, Nazi Germany and all the other rogue regimes of the recent century. It deserves no loyalty or pledges of allegiance – only contempt and revolution.

    • Gail Sheppard says

      We are no longer a two-party system and probably haven’t been since Bush. It’s going to change the way we look at elections.

    • Amen Misha!

    • It seems like it’s going to be a rough go of it here in the States for a while, best to hunker down I guess. Political commentators I’ve seen are optimistic about a “Red Tsunami” in the Fall midterms. I have no doubt the momentum is there and there are some new, or recently new, candidates that would be an excellent choice, but if election fraud isn’t handled then it means nothing. They stole a presidential election once, they’ll do it again. Should the Republicans (and I mean MAGA Republicans) gain a majority number of seats then they should go Blitzkrieg on impeachment, etc.

    • Amen, couldn’t have said it better. It seems insurmountable, but even the Satanic leviathan that is the US Federal Government and its single-party plutocracy can fall.

      I never thought much of this country’s form of government to begin with, even when it works as intended, but the wisdom of Benjamin Franklin is hard to ignore when he famously said we’d need a revolution every 200 years. The US Republic is well past its expiration date and the rot can be seen and smelled everywhere.

    • Misha,

      Your thoughts represent a painful truth to me – I know that you are correct, but as a red-blooded American, it is still a difficult pill to swallow.

      Perhaps a different way to present it would be to acknowledge that there are probably 100-150 million Americans who would love to have friendly relations with our brothers in the Russian land. America and Russia were on friendly terms in the past, notably in the 1800s when President Lincoln and the Russian Tsar exchanged warm letters of peace and admiration with each other.

      Our country is now held captive by opportunistic, narcissistic secularists, who for more than 60 years now have been raping our country only to enrich themselves, all else be damned. Simply because they control the country for now doesn’t mean that they will control it forever.

      I view myself more as part of the “America in resistance,” much like there was a French resistance, a Greek resistance, a Russian resistance, etc.

      Our American government is corrupt beyond repair, and yes I believe it must collapse before it can begin to recover. It simply cannot be “fixed” in its present forms or institutions. But the millions of us patriotic Americans in resistance remain here. We are not going anywhere.

      The current American occupying regime has as its goal regime change in Russia, which is what they need to further their New World Order satanic objectives. But we patriotic Americans have as our goal regime change in America.

      • Well, I get on a rant from time to time like anyone else. It is hard to see from the present circumstances but things will look quite different after the midterms and probably very different indeed if a Republican is elected president in 2025. The bottom line is that we have to travel through a lot of “not good enough, but improving” to even begin to get close to acceptable in terms of our cultural situation.

    • “It is time we start to look at the United States as an evil, rogue regime in need of regime change.”

      Possible that USA is Mystery Babylon, in which case the USA gets nuked, soon, perhaps too fast for incapable Biden to even go through counter launch codes.

      However, I don’t think there are going to be any “good” countries. The war was used to pull Belarus, the most “Covid is a Hoax” country in the world, into Russia’s vax passport system:

      There aren’t going to be any “good” countries going forward, they will all go along with the Mark of the Beast system, even if they plot and even war against the Antichrist.

      The constellation alignment from Revelation 12:1–2 could’ve been 2017. First horseman who went out conquering the world, the Covid Hoax? Second horseman, war, has begun? Third saddling up?:

      Tford, 15 hours ago: “Another 1.5 million barrels off the market and 500k refined fuel off market along with 1mill diesel. Can’t make this amount up even if Iran and Venezuela send some”

      Meanwhile, the Biden regime think they can pull the same chemical weapons false flags, that they used on Assad in Syria, against Russia:

      Going to get us all killed, thinking they can treat Russia/China like Syria, Serbia, Iraq, Libya, etc, etc, etc.

  4. Joseph Lipper says

    It was encouraging to see, via livestream, the OCA’s Metropolitan Tikhon at today’s Intercessory Prayer Service for Ukraine in New York City:

    His presence not only was representative of the OCA, but I think it also was respresentative of his clear and unwavering support for Metropolitan Onuphry and the suffering Church of Ukraine. I think his presence added some needed balance.

    • Gail Sheppard says

      Met. Tikhon’s unwavering support is for the autocephaly of the OCA and I heard it from his own lips.

      We all support Met. Onuphry and the MP patriarchate, under whom Met. Onuphry has chosen to serve the Russian Orthodox population of Ukraine, who make up the greatest part of the population.

      When he worries that the Ukrainian people will suffer, I’m sure he is worried about his own flock which is always targeted in retaliation to any positive action in Ukraine.

      Constantinople has done nothing for Ukraine other than fan the flames of fire between the Russian Orthodox and the 10% to 20% of the population who are Neo-Nazis. At some point, when negotiations fail, you just have to take the bad people out. They don’t respect anything else.

      Constinolple has lost its seat at the table both in the Church and Ukraine. No point talking about it.

  5. “Schism” is a good word to describe the present phenomenon: two sides that can no longer stand each other and intend to disengage. Apart from our internal politics in America, we have seen a breaking away of the Phanar and some other Greek local churches (all modernist, of course) from Orthodoxy toward papism and Rome. One can view the entire Western project as a sort of degeneration of Roman Catholicism – Protestantism and the neo-ideologies simply being sects of the Latin heresy.

    Up until now, the movement has been on the part of the Phanar and the West away from and in opposition to the cultural consensus of the Orthodox East. Now however, Russia itself is pivoting East. This is an active turning away from and rejection of the West in all its ugliness. Russia is gathering its marbles in the Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan, etc. and going home to Eurasia. That entails a decoupling (even a dis-integration) from the West and an integration with China, India and East Asia.

    Avoiding what is happening now has been a major focus of American foreign policy since Nixon. But a lot has changed in the interim. It is difficult to know how strong China could have become on its own. People were already talking about the Asian century and the Chinese century. Russia has long coveted the respect of the West and I think would have preferred a Western alliance to what is currently transpiring. I’m not sure that that has been wise and my sympathies are distinctly Slavophile.

    But this alliance “without limits” between Russia and China makes a Eurasian Century probable. And it may very well hasten the decline of the West.

    • George Michalopulos says

      Misha, IMHO, what “will hasten the decline of the West” is our degeneracy. Otherwise, your points are well-taken.

      • Our degeneracy is bad enough, granted. However, we are making enemies out of our hubris. Recall the contempt with which Chinese diplomats treated ours early in the Biden regime. China is backing Russia in the Ukraine affair with an eye to Taiwan. India too supports Russia in this. And it is no coincidence that neither the head of Saudi Arabia nor the UAE will answer Biden’s calls. You are seeing a block of contempt emerging against America and the West in what was formerly considered the Third World. And this is largely uniform and partially a function of racial and ethnic resentment.

        And then you had this:

        An Indian tv host shouted down a Ukrainian representative, getting his name wrong and mixed up with his American counterpart (ala “you all look the same to me”). This was in reaction to them lecturing India about not sanctioning Russia.

        And this from the Saudi leader, saying he “doesn’t care” what Biden thinks about him or if he misunderstands him.

        These are not a series of coincidences. Now Biden is turning to Venezuela and Iran, but they are already under sanctions and will be of little help. Mexico, Brazil, Dubai, Malasia, Hungary, et al. all refusing to sanction Russia – to say nothing of Russia’s immediate neighbors, the stans, China and most of East Asia outside of Japan.

  6. George Michalopulos says

    In the meantime, this is a major rebuke to Patriarch Bartholomew and his “New Rome” pretensions (from a Catholic archbishop no less):

    “The world crisis with which the dissolution of traditional society is being prepared has also involved the Catholic Church, whose hierarchy is held hostage by apostates who are courtiers of power.[4] There was a time in which popes and prelates confronted kings without concern for human respect, because they knew they spoke with the voice of Jesus Christ, the King of kings. The Rome of the Caesars and popes is now deserted and silent, just as for centuries the Second Rome of Constantinople has also been silent. Perhaps Providence has ordained that Moscow, the Third Rome, will today in the sight of the world take on the role of κατέχον (2 Thess 2:6-7), of eschatological obstacle to the Antichrist. If the errors of Communism were spread by the Soviet Union, even to the point of imposing themselves within the Church, Russia and Ukraine can today have an epochal role in the restoration of Christian civilization, contributing to bringing the world a period of peace from which the Church too will rise again purified and renewed in her ministers.”

    What Vigano says is explosive: “perhaps Moscow, being the Third Rome,” is the katehon, that which “restrains” the anti-Christ. The fact that he says it should give all Christian critics of Russia –especially Orthodox Christians–some pause and reconsider their criticisms.

    To emphasize this point, this paragraph was in his recent piece under the headline “An Appeal to the Third Rome.”

    • George Michalopulos says
      • There is much to like in what he writes. Here, alas, is where he goes astray:

        “An appeal to the Third Rome
        For Russia too, this conflict is a trap. This is because it would fulfill the dream of the American deep state to definitively oust Russia from the European context in its commercial and cultural relations, pushing it into the arms of China, perhaps with the hope that the dictatorship in Beijing can persuade the Russians to accept the system of social credit and other aspects of the Great Reset that thus far Russia has been able to avoid, at least in part.

        It is a trap, not because Russia is wrong in wanting to “denazify” Ukraine of its extremist groups and guarantee protection to Russian-speaking Ukrainians, but because it is precisely these reasons – theoretically tenable – that were created specifically to provoke it and induce it to invade Ukraine, in such a way as to provoke the NATO reaction that has been prepared for some time by the deep state and the globalist elite. The casus belli was deliberately planned by the real perpetrators of the conflict, knowing that it would obtain exactly that response from Putin. And it is up to Putin, regardless of whether he is right, not to fall into the trap, and to instead turn the tables, offering Ukraine the conditions of an honorable peace without continuing the conflict. Indeed, the more Putin believes he is right, the more he needs to demonstrate the greatness of his nation and his love for his people by not giving into provocations.”

        He is too clever by half. Putin did not fall into a trap. Putin realized that there can be no “honorable peace” with the West since it is hellbent on regime change in Russia and its destruction. Orthodox Russia cannot save the West by reconciling with it. This will only destroy Orthodox Russia. This is because the West is evil and has forsaken even its corrupted facade of Christianity. Vigano’s own house is so poisonous that decent people flee it. He faces a lot of the truth, but the truth he cannot face is the depth of the rot of the Western heresies. And if he truly believes that Moscow is the Third Rome, and that that is not disingenuous flattery, he should abandon the devil, join us and let the dead bury their dead.

      • Although Abp. Vigano is a hierarch who abides outside the organizational borders of Orthodoxy, I believe he is one of the few elder statesmen whom the Lord has provided for the Church and the world for this perilous time in history. He does not mince words in his long indictment of the agents of Western states and rabid philanthropists. He must know that he has enemies in high places, and yet he does not remain silent. The good archbishop may be celibate, but he demonstrates quite convincingly that he has a pair. Of such invincible character martyrs are made.

        • Gail Sheppard says


          George asked, “Why can’t this man be Pope?” Answer: “Because we’d all become Catholic!” We are lucky in our present circumstances to have him at all. God is good.

          • Vigano is great and speaks the truth, but even if he was pope I still wouldn’t be RC…I’ve been down that road, not again lol

          • “Why can’t this man be Pope?”
            “Because then modern Catholics would have to become Catholic!”

            Try getting that past Francis’ Jesuit-stacked College of Cardinals. 🙂

        • Sorry to be the Debbie Downer, but, despite Vigano’s excellent anti-NWO credentials, he is most definitely not a man that the Lord has provided for the Church. He’s certainly someone whose input we can appreciate, but his input is helpful because he is a traditionalist Roman Catholic and his worldview is therefore formed by that traditionalism. Of course, being a traditional Roman Catholic means that he holds to those doctrines which we find heretical even more strongly than the liberal Vatican II bishops. At best he is schismatic, at worst a heretic, albeit one whose outlook on world affairs is solid.

          Excellent statement, yes. Man of the Church, no. Let’s not allow our geopolitical agreements dilute our ecclesiology, lest we declare Alex Jones a saint next.

    • Joseph Lipper says

      Notice how Vigano doesn’t use the term “New Rome”, but instead refers to Constantinople as “Second Rome”, and Moscow as “Third Rome”. In other words, Constantinople is secondary, and Moscow is tertiary, but the primacy, he falsely suggests, is still at the “First Rome”, at the Vatican. It basically amounts to rhetorical trickery.

      • Gail Sheppard says

        The “New Rome” is a term commonly used by Constantinople. If there is any “rhetorical trickery” going on, it’s not on the part of Archbishop Vigano.

        I can’t believe you would accuse him of such a thing! He speaks the truth where the use of trickery has no place.

        The “Third Rome” has long been associated with the linage of Sophia Paleologos. The Archbishop didn’t make it up.

      • It’s pretty intertwining that heretics don’t even recognize Bartholomew

        • Joseph Lipper says

          Yet every single autocephalous Orthodox Church recognizes him as “Archbishop of Constantinople, New Rome, and Ecumenical Patriarch.”

          I believe even Russia recognizes him as thus, even though they have unilaterally ceased to commemorate him.

          • Gail Sheppard says

            Yes, Joseph, and we know what happened to the first Rome.

            Frankly, Russia doesn’t recognize him at all.

            Time to retire the fancy title and all the fancy metropolitans over places that no longer exist. They don’t have enough Orthodox Christians between them to say they lead even the smallest portion of the Church. No one man should be able to cause this much havoc.

            The problem with Bartholomew is he won’t listen to anyone. That is a HUGE problem in a conciliar Church. God willing the Church will reunite and Bartholomew will go be green somewhere else.

          • “New Rome” hasn’t existed for ~600 years, it was conquered by the Muslims and is a Muslim city in a Muslim country. And we all know how Old Rome went. That might be his title, but it’s not reality.

            Over the years Moscow has repeatedly refuted that she sees herself as Third Rome, but, that title may be thrusted upon them ironically due to the actions of second Rome. I’m not necessarily a Russophile but logistically, politically and financially the Moscow Patriarchate is the only Church that is in a position to help the Orthodox world and Russia is the only country that resembles an Orthodox empire in the current era (yea I am aware of the massive problems in Russia).

            Contrast that to what Patriarch Bartholomew and Co., have to offer.

            • Gail Sheppard says

              Interestingly, I’ve never seen or heard Russia talk about itself in this context; however, there are the prophecies that speak of this and Russian history, of course. Bartholomew was obsessed by the fear of the Russians taking “his throne” if Wikileaks is to be believed. That and reopening Halki.

            • Joseph Lipper says

              Happy Sunday of Orthodoxy! Yes, New Rome still very much lives through the order of the Orthodox Church, through the Ecumenical Councils, and the Church of Russia is part of that. Even though the Russian lands never belonged to the Roman Empire, Russia became connected to New Rome through the Ecumenical Patriarch, both at it’s very founding as a Christian nation, and also as an autocephalous church. Even with Russia’s currently invoked schism, the Church of Russia is still part of New Rome, because Patriarch Bartholomew still commemorates the Patriarch of Russia.

              The notion of a “Second Rome” was born in 800 by Pope Leo III’s utilitarian rejection of the Emperor of Constantinople. This eventually resulted in the East-West schism of 1054.

              Is it any wonder that the utilitarian notion of “Third Rome” is now coming to fruition with Russia’s rejection of the Ecumenical Patriarch?

      • When there was one Rome, it was just called ‘Rome.’
        When another was built, the two were called ‘Old Rome’ and ‘New Rome’.
        Should a third be counted, a new system of designation would be required.
        ‘First Rome’, ‘Second Rome’ and ‘Third Rome’ satisfy the need admirably –
        without confusion.

        • Joseph Lipper says

          Does the First Bulgarian Empire then count as a “Third Rome”? What about the Second Bulgarian Empire and the Serbian Empire?

          It sounds to me that being “Third Rome” in Vigano’s context just means being aligned with the Vatican’s assertion of primacy and of it being “First Rome”. While I don’t think Russia has any interest in being subject to the Vatican, Russia still seems willing to play along with this idea as long as it’s useful. That is, as long as this gets the Vatican’s global recognition of Moscow as leader of the Orthodox Churches.

          • re: “Does the First Bulgarian Empire then count as a “Third Rome”? What about the Second Bulgarian Empire and the Serbian Empire?”

            Both of those fell over a century before what was left of the actual Roman Empire was conquered by the Turks, so no. There was neither a need nor call for a third Rome, nor would they have had legitimacy had they made such a claim while House Palaiologos still ruled in Constantinople.

            The idea came along after Constantinople was lost and the last Roman princess married into House Rurik, effectively making the descendents of Rurik and cadet branch Romanov Roman Emperors, and thus Moscow the Third Rome. It came out of Orthodoxy, not the Vatican, which was still located in the first Rome and not keen on competition from a second or third or any other kind of alternative Rome.

          • George Michalopulos says

            No, because “Rome” (i.e. Byzantium) still stood until it finally fell.

            • I like the term “Third Rome” mainly for its descriptive value in the Orthodox political context but I don’t pretend it has any theological or ecclesiological substance. That is not to say that I’m not in favor of Orthodox empire. Nothing could be further from the truth. Symphonia is our ideal in church state relations. There is an icon for “Third Rome” which I sometimes use on some of my homepages, but it mostly has significance in certain Russophile and Slavophile circles rather than wider Orthodoxy.

              The current theory of a geopolitical space put forward by both Moscow and the MP is “Russkiy Mir”. The state emphasizes the propagation and defense of Russian culture, language and worldview whereas the Church means it more or less as a synonym for “Holy Rus'” and the providential, spiritual mission of the Eastern Slavs. These two visions of “Russkiy Mir” are mutually complementary.

              Now, on the other hand, if the diptychs were reorganized along the lines of the priorities considered when they were originally established (imperial power being the foremost), Moscow would rise to the top of the heap. But I have not heard any voices from either the Russian Church or State calling for any such reorganization.

              • Also, and the guys at the Duran broached this subject today, what the West is evincing toward Russia is actually practically indistinguishable from racism. It is unfortunate that we lack any strong pejorative term to describe ethnic hatred other than “racism” which mostly refers to broad categories of black, white, Asian, etc. “Ethnic hatred” is perhaps accurate. And that is what we are seeing from Western elites and bleeding down into the general populace.

                It is ironic that this is being spearheaded by neo-liberals for whom we had been lectured the worst sin was racism. Ironic indeed.

                • Perhaps the chief cause of the trouble
                  (though most of the Western footsoldiers are unaware of it)
                  is a hatred of Orthodoxy. The West is on another crusade…

  7. Regardless of his confession, Vigano is deeply insightful and challenging to the DS Establishment. It will be interesting to see how the OCU pans out in the new Ukraine. They may end up being relegated to a Western Ukrainian minor sect, if they survive institutionally.

  8. George Michalopulos says

    If I were Bartholomew, I’d be getting nervous right about now:

    • With a bit of luck, maybe Putin’s influence over Turkey will increase after his victory in Ukraine and he can recommend that Bartholemew become Patriarch of Sinop Prison and All Cell Block C while he rethinks his uncanonical actions of recent years. 🙂

    • George, the video is “unavailable”. Chip

      • It’s likely it got caught by YouTube’s new algorithm. They’ve never been much for free speech, but now they’re officially in full-blown censorship mode against anything they perceive as being pro-Russia.

        • George Michalopulos says

          Yeah, and now DuckDuckGo has gotten on the censorship bandwagon.

          Idle question: what are these people afraid of?

          • Two questions: (1) Can you be more specific about the video that you linked to above? (2) In what way has DuckDuckGo gotten on the censorship bandwagon. I’d like to know because I generally search using DuckDuckGo. If it is engaging in censorship, I want to reassess my options.

          • I saw that, too. Very disappointed in DuckDuckGo. Time to switch over to Brave, which as far as I know doesn’t manipulate results at all.

            If Western governments had nothing to hide, like biolabs or a pivotal role in starting the war, or if Russia’s “war atrocities” were really as bad as they’re claiming, they wouldn’t need to censor anything. This kind of gaslighting must work on enough people to make it worth their while, but it’s hard to imagine. The first thing I want to do if I see they’ve blocked something on a political topic is go out of my way to find and view it elsewhere, and am likely to give it more weight than I would have had it been uncensored to begin with.

  9. Okay, I found out about DuckDuckGo. What a disappointment. Is there anyone who won’t engage in virtue signaling?

    I’m still interested in what that video was all about. I followed the link, and even with a VPN I couldn’t get to it.