It All Goes Back to “Project Plowshare”

I went on record saying the aftermath of the earthquake in Turkey didn’t look like what I would have expected to see based on my own experience with earthquakes but I recognize this doesn’t prove anything.   

You almost have to look at the surrounding events politically, scientifically, and historically to figure out if what happened in Turkey might be anything other than a natural event. 

Politically, Turkey was getting in the way of NATO.  In NATO, all members must agree to letting in a new nation.  NATO wanted to bring in Sweden and Finland and Turkey blocked their entry.  

The reason Turkey blocked Sweden was because it served as a sanctuary for a terrorist organization specifically hostile to Turkey.  As recently as two weeks ago, Erdogan repeated his demand that Stockholm extradite 120 people whom Turkey considers terrorists, which so far, they’re unwilling to do and probably never will.

In the case of Finland, Turkey objected to the military embargo on Ankara.  However in late January, Helsinki allowed the sale of specialized steel to Turkey’s defense industry, effectively eliminating Turkey’s reason for barring them.

Turkey’s biggest problem, however, was and is with the West. 

On February 3rd, Turkish ministers lashed out at the U. S. and several European countries amid a controversy over Western security alerts and the closure of diplomatic missions.

The threat involved a potential terrorist attack against Westerners in response to the Quran-burning protests in Europe.  European missions, foreign cultural centers and foreign schools were abruptly closed and NATO, Washington, and Europeans left Turkey in droves to avoid a jihadist attack.  Turkey was left completely in the dark.  Turkey Foreign Minister, Mevlut Cavusoglu, criticized the West for failing to share whatever credible information they had to eliminate the threat before it turned into an actual attack.   

Not really knowing what was behind the mass exodus or that they would soon be hit with probably the worst earthquake in human history, the Turkish Foreign Minister summoned ambassadors of the United States, Sweden, France, Britain, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland and the Netherlands and read them the riot act.  Here

Turkey’s Interior Minister Suleyman Soylu, accused the West of waging a “psychological war” in Ankara, and also singled out the United States:  

“Get your filthy hands off Turkey,” he said.  “We know very well what you have done … how you have attempted to stir up Turkey,”  Short video worth seeing

Was the earthquake a jihadist attack against Turkey orchestrated by the West?  The timing and the circumstances are suspicious.   

Senator Diana Lovanovici, a Romanian lawyer and right-wing politician, postulated this is exactly what happened in a speech she gave to the Romanian parliament, where she outright accused globalists of unleashing geological weapons in Turkey.  (Our friend, Margaret Karakas, provided us the following:  Here)

The challenge going forward is to determine if setting off massive earthquakes is even possible.  In other words, does the technology for tectonic weapons exist?   

A tectonic weapon is usually defined as a “hypothetical” device or system which could trigger an earthquake, volcanic eruption, or some other seismic event by interfering with the Earth’s natural geological processes.  

However, evidence exists that the ability to cause earthquakes moved out of “hypothetical” territory decades ago.

The former US Atomic Energy Commission (AEC) created a program called “Project Plowshare,” the stated purpose of which was to develop underground nuclear explosions for large-scale civil engineering projects involving massive earthmoving.

GNOME was the first nuclear test in the Plowshare Program. (Carlsbad, New Mexico 1961)  The Plowshare Program objectives were to determine how energy produced from nuclear explosions could be used for peaceful or civilian purposes. The Vela Uniform Program studied seismic detection, identification, and location of nuclear explosions. Studies were conducted underground with ground-based instruments for detecting explosions in outer space.   Although GNOME was a Plowshare test, the Vela Uniform objective was to determine how the signals and effects of a 3-kiloton device detonated underground in salt beds differed from the outputs of detonations of different yields in other geologic formations such as tuff and granite. Scientists also wanted to compare the seismic signals from underground tests with that of earthquakes. This video contains footage different from that shown in video number 0800028, and includes an introduction by Dr. Edward Teller, one of the few times he was captured on film. Several long-range and close-up views of surface effects from the detonation are shown as well as people reentering the detonation cavity approximately 6 months after the test when the underground cavity was opened to both official observers and members of the press. No other Operation Nougat footage is shown in this video.

Later, the AEC carried out an underground nuclear explosion at the Nevada Test Site – the Rainier event, of 1.7 kilotonc.

A 1960s analysis of local seismic recordings within a couple of miles of nuclear tests done at the Nevada Test Site demonstrated underground nuclear explosions do indeed cause tectonic stress.  

Another project called, Project Faultless, was the first calibration test intended to determine the geological impact of a high yield explosions, and used approximately 1.0 megatons; about 67 times the energy of the bomb that was dropped on Hiroshima, Japan.  

Project Faultless was detonated 3,200 feet underground on January 19, 1968 at 10:15am.

The results were devastating! The force of the explosion caused the ground in a radius of several miles to cave in and created several deep fault lines that despite some “restoration” efforts by the AEC, are still visible today. A vertical shaft had been drilled into the ground to place the explosive device. Its walls were reinforced by a 7.4 ft. diameter steel pipe. The top end of the pipe was level with the surrounding terrain before the test. After the explosion the top 9 feet of the pipe were exposed, due to the ground collapsing.

The blast also created a huge cylindrical underground cavity, a so-called nuclear rubble chimney. It is approximately 820 feet in diameter, and 2,460 feet in height. At its bottom lies over 500,000 metric tons of highly radioactive rubble, with radiation levels similar to the core of a nuclear reactor.

The completely unpredicted disastrous geological damage led to the cancellation of the entire project. The steel pipe was sealed with concrete and all other sites that were being prepared for more, even more powerful tests were abandoned. The excavations can still be seen nearby. A bronze plaque reminding of the test was affixed to the top of the steel pipe, which now serves as a memorial, marking Ground Zero of the Project Faultless test.

Project Faultless caused faults to slip up to 40 km away.  The United States Geological Survey stated that it produced a fresh fault rupture some 1,200 meters long. 

Other, more powerful tests were to follow.

In total, 27 PNE (peaceful nuclear explosion) tests consisting of 35 separate blasts were conducted between December 1961 and May 1973 as part of the program.

This prompted a treaty between the U. S. and the Soviet Union on Underground Nuclear Explosions for Peaceful Purposes (the Peaceful Nuclear Explosions Treaty, PNET) which was a companion treaty to the Treaty on the Limitation of Underground Nuclear Weapon Tests, also known as the Threshold Test Ban Treaty (TTBT).

The TTBT was signed in 1974, but not ratified until after the PNET had been agreed to in 1976. Although the treaties did not enter into force until 1990, both parties agreed to observe the limit of 150 kilotons in 1976. Here

In the early 1960s, “massive earth moving” technology was obviously in it’s infancy.  However, being as unhindered and under reported as this program was, even after treaties were signed, it could have easily grown, exponentially, and been weaponized if that was the desired intent.  

Could what happened in Turkey be the result? 

Putin may think so.  Due to what he sited as bad faith on the part of Western leaders, Putin announced that Moscow was suspending its participation in the New START treaty, the last remaining nuclear arms control pact with the United States, a mere 2 weeks after the earthquake in Turkey.     

The question then becomes:  If Turkey’s devastating earthquakes were the result of underground nuclear explosions, how and why were these explosions executed? 

Some are speculating that they were set off in tunnels underneath Turkey which then triggered the massive earthquakes.  There are thousands of these underground tunnels all across Europe leading all the way down to the Mediterranean, dating as far back as the Stone Age. 

These tunnels are purportedly used for trafficking and hiding assets.  If there are unexpected fighting forces removing evil from these tunnels, it’s not all that hard to imagine that they might clash with possible jihadists and any black ops military they might encounter.   

To lend credence to this theory, researchers have reported that a picture is emerging that almost looks like an underground battle occurred where one side fires and the other responds.   The vast majority of the 31 quakes they tracked within a 36 hour period were exactly 10 kilometers deep.  The tunnel systems in this particular area are 10 to 15 kilometers deep.  The more shallow activity was punctuated by the larger quakes in the 7.8, 7.5 6.9 range, which appear to be singular events, occurring at significantly lower depths. 

They are also saying the reason some of the buildings went straight down, as a opposed to being shaken back and forth, is because demolition devices had been placed in them.  Days before, residents reported suspicious activity seeing “adults dressed in black” going in and out of their buildings.  Setting off demolition charges is a known CIA/Mossad tactic right out of the 9/11 playbook, and would explain why the ground didn’t appear to be shaking before the building in the video I posted, collapsed.  

Turkey is a drone superpower and knows exactly who the enemy is.  That they told the U.S. just days before the massive earthquakes to “take your dirty hands off of Turkey” is telling.  

I realize whether or not the use of tectonic weapons were used in underground tunnels contributing to the devastation in Turkey is not going to be settled here, or by me. 

I can only attest that there are known mechanisms that can cause significant earthquakes and it’s possible they were used in Turkey.  –  Maybe even likely, given all the surrounding circumstances.  You be the judge.


This is kind of an amusing article called,

‘The Ground Went Crazy’: Activists Remember Project Rulison 50 Years Later

It’s about a group of protesters in Colorado who wandered into a restricted area and ended up standing on top of an underground nuclear explosion in 1969 and lived to tell about it!  (Project Rulison was part of Operation Plowshare.)






  1. Good for you for having the courage to post this piece!

  2. The true meaning of truth today is lost, the truth could be true, but also could be false. Thats how bad its gotten. A monk once said, “don’t belive everthing you hear, and only half of what you see”.

    • I don’t believe practically anything anymore. It’s like one big circus.

      • Gail, my mom and I watched an interview recently after having a conversation about ChatGPT and all the AI programs becoming freely available via the internet, and I told her that from this point on, anything you don’t see with your own eyes is hearsay. Audio, video, high school graduation videos. I told her from now on it’s literally going to be no analyzing for the normal signs that a video has been messed with, etc., but just “is it helpful to believe this or not.” I hope how I said that makes sense.
        Truthfully this is probably how things have been all along, but now that I’ve seen the tech for fabricating these things for myself, I am disturbed and find myself wanting to retreat further back into lower level tech and away from digital tech. I’m typing this on a smartphone so obviously I haven’t made any huge commitments, but my intention is to move further away from frequent digital use, for my own spiritual health.

        • I’m glad to hear that, Sarah. More and more, I’m finding I have nothing in common with the media they’re putting out these days. I can’t remember when I’ve turned on the TV, listened to the radio, or done anything but research which isn’t easy to do as information is just being dropped. It’s gone! All that’s left is site after site of propaganda.

        • We’re living in a time where this is heightened, but the technologies to fabricate “information” have been available and widely used for millennia. An educator and writer who is a friend of mine, and who made a similar transition from Reformed Protestant to Orthodox, has written about how “hard evidence” from the ancient world (manuscripts, inscriptions, even three-dimensional objects that supposedly prove something) was and is especially subject to forgery. On the other hand, what you can really rely on is Tradition. For example, when a modern saint who is Russian says something on the authority of Church tradition, and another modern saint who is Greek agrees, you know you can count on it absolutely.

          • When I think of the Church, I think of a big tree trunk standing upright in the middle of a fast moving river. No one knows how the tree came to be there but it’s been there as long as time itself in people’s memories. It is tangible and one can hold onto it. It is more real than reality itself. And no one can change it, though many have tried. It has weathered every kind of storm. The world has tried to uproot it, dress it up with the baubles of the culture, and even cut it down, but it can’t be done because any act against it is washed away by the fast moving river that surrounds it. – What an incredible gift God has given us.

      • Yes, me too. Looking at just about any outlet, my initial attitude is now “horse boo-boo”. And usually it is. Empire of Lies.

        This is what the Fathers said happens to democracy/polyarchy. It degenerates into anarchy and atheism. We’ve had the atheism in the ruling class for generations now. The anarchy has finally arrived. It’s the wild west or, more accurately, a sort of post-apocalyptic dystopian wasteland, devoid of real authority, only various centers of power.

        However, in confusion there is profit. Try to poise yourself to take advantage of the situation, whatever it is. God will ultimately direct it wherever He wants it to go, though human free will may result in many twists and turns.

        • At this point Misha, I hate to say this but I think there are only two options for government this side of the Eschaton: monarchy or oligarchy.

          • Once the parties became capable of manipulating the public conscience thru media control, it was over. Now it’s all controlled. As you say, it will either be an oligarchy which is an amalgamation of private interests, unconcerned with the fate of nation states, or it will be a monarchy acting on behalf of the interests of nation state, at least to the extent it’s not corrupt.

            Rough choices, but there you go.

            That’s what they faced in Russia. That’s what we face in the US today. Dominant party rule in either country could substitute for monarchy. After all, who is more powerful in his realm, King Charles or Vladimir Putin?

  3. I have been following Plowshare also. I agree with your suppositions

  4. The tunnel systems in this particular area are 10 to 15 kilometers deep.

    Ok, this is again too much. The Russians are known for having drilled the deepest hole ever, called the Kola Superdeep Borehole. Then, they reached a depth of 12KM. It took them hundreds of millions, and many failed attempts lasting more than a decade. This hole was just a few inches in diameter. The temperatures encountered at that depth were around 360 degrees Fahrenheit, and the rock behaved like plastic.

    You expect me, then, to believe that ancient people managed to tunnel at that depth, and even greater, across an entire continent? This is more fantastical than Martians arriving with a visit to Earth.

    • Apparently, there are 18 levels to these tunnels.

      I said the tunnels went from Europe to the Mediterranean. I did not say ancient people managed to dig 10km to 15km deep across an entire continent. There are tunnels human beings can barely fit through.

      The Stone Age started 4.5 million years ago so if people started to dig back then, I imagine it’s exceedingly possible that by the Fourth Industrial Revolution those tunnels could be substantially deeper due to the use of modern technology. Not drills. Nuclear explosions. Like I said, we’ve had these “earth movers” since the mid-50s.

      The point wasn’t really about the specific depth, although I’m happy to change the record if you can show me the documentation.

      The point was that out of 31 explosions within a 36 hour period, the vast majority seemed to be coming from tunnels at the same depth of the tunnel.

      I’m happy to correct the record if what I’m quoting is wrong. Just show me the documentation.

    • Some tunnels are also naturally occurring.

    • Not really, Taki. Scientific leaps have grown significantly since then.

  5. Documentation proving that people cannot survive at 360 degrees Fahrenheit, or that the technology to dig to 15KM does not yet exist (let alone in antiquity)? I feel that it’s easier for you to prove that people have indeed managed to reach that depth (a single example would be nice), than for me to provide an entire education re: material science, geology, mining, etc just to prove that what’s written is not possible.

    Also, I already had mentioned the Kola Superdeep Borehole. Reading about that experiment should give you an idea of just how crazy it is to discuss manmade tunnels 10-15KM underground. Linking the relevant Wikipedia article below:

    • I never said anything about people being in these deep tunnels! I talked about explosions that can be detonated from anywhere.

      Let’s say there really are “good guys” and they want to take out sections of the old tunneling system purportedly used by traffickers. Setting off underground nuclear explosions would be the way to do it.

      I’m sure the “bad guys” use explosions, too. They may want to take out the tunnels the “good guys” use to ferret out victims. Who knows???

      I didn’t talk about any of this.

      Nor did I suggest anybody was in 365 degree heat so I’m not sure what the hole the Russian’s drilled has anything to do with anything. You do realize that this hole was created in 1970, right?

      I grew up in the southwest where there are caves everywhere, some quite deep. The deeper you go does not matter in terms of temperature. Like caves, tunnels where people lived at one time or tunnels where people are now kept would have to be very well insulated with constant temperatures probably reflecting the average temperature of the region.

      But I never talked about any of this because it has nothing to do with what I wrote. That underground explosions are a reality is a given, whether or not it make sense to you. They are not drilled.

      I only suggested there may have been a clash of explosions that set off the earthquakes. – The Wikipedia article has nothing to do with underground explosions or the earthquake in Turkey.

      It appears you have a problem with 3 to 6 characters in all the words I wrote. This is a BLOG, not a Science Journal. I am reporting what I heard. If it makes you feel better, please, just discount 100% of what I said. But this is the last of this conversation because I have nothing more to add or explain.

    • Taki, being scientifically minded myself, I always look to Occam’s Razor. Having said that, we have found out fairly recently how much of science is being manipulated to serve certain nefarious agendas.

      Actually, we’ve known this for going on two generations now. I remember how in my sociology classes (among others) how the Alfred Kinsey research of the late 40s “proved” that 10% of all men were homosexual. I was force-fed this nonsense in the late 70s/early 80s. We now know that Kinsey’s research was hopelessly flawed and misleading.

      Same thing with evolutionary biology. The “peppered moths” experience due to supposed industrialization.

      Bottom line? I can’t believe anything I read anymore in the popular scientific press, especially post-COVID. From March 1 to May 25, 2020, we were told to confine ourselves to our houses but after St George Floyd met his martyrdom, then it was riot city in every major city of America. When antifa/BLM weren’t rioting, they were staging massive demonstration but St Fauci told us that “it’s OK.”

      When it came to the vaccines, in Oct of 2021, Resident Bident told the Federal workforce that every last one of them would have to take the jab. The very next day, the Federal Postal Worker’s Union said “no way.” And Creepy Joe backed down faster than you could say Jackie Robinson.

      I hate to be inflammatory about our “betters” but we’ve been actively lied to about so many things. As I’ve never seen the tunnels in question, I am of the opinion that they do exist. Truth be told, I had never heard of them but when Gail brought them to my attention, I thought about it, read her research and said “go for it!”

      I really think she’s on to something, otherwise I wouldn’t have been supportive in the first place.

      • If someone asks me to be a sounding board, and I’m seeking Occam’s Razor, these would be some of my starting questions:

        1. What is the deepest known cave system on Earth? How far below sea level is it?

        2. What is the deepest mine shaft in existence?

        3. What is the ambient air temperature going to be at 10km below the surface due to adiabatic warming?

        4. What is the largest detonation yield that might evade notice by a global system designed specifically to detect nuclear explosions?

        • All good questions Nate. Unfortunately, the deceptions we’re force-fed on a constant basis makes it hard to verify things.

          I suppose you saw where The Wall Street Journal now acknowledges that it was a “lab leak” which released COVID onto the world.

          I’ve seen this meme: “What’s the difference between a Conspiracy Theorist and a Historian? Six months.”

        • You might want to Goggle this, Nate.

        • I know there is a mine shaft in Arizona dug to a depth of 1 mile (1.6 km). At some point during the descent, the moisture from the bottom collects, changes from gas to liquid, and begins to rain. The bottom of the hole is around 120°, so miners, required to wear heavy duty protective gear, cannot stay down there for more than 20 minutes or so. While this doesn’t tell what it is like in the deepest mine shaft on earth, it does suggest a serious limitation on humans descending much rather and setting charges with their own hands much deeper than that.

  6. Just 5 months ago, the railways sent an out-of-court notice
    to the Ministry of Transport! – “The network is down”

    GSEE: “GPS systems have been purchased since 2000 and not installed”

    ‘ Just five months ago, in October 2022, the Panhellenic Union of Traction Staff had sent a letter to OSE, the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, Hellenic Train and the Railway Regulatory Authority, complaining about the poor state of the railway network, the lack of maintenance and the traffic lights that don’t work but it seems that the exodus ended up in the drawers or even worse in the wastebasket.

    In fact, they requested that the extrajudicial be answered in writing and to the ministry… they answered using their… invisible typewriter, that is, they never answered.

    It is worth noting that 5 billion have been spent in France and in the last 20 years THEY HAVE A RAILWAY while in Greece over 15 billion have been spent and the railway is a JOKE.

    We should also note that in every possible way, the Unions of Engine Drivers had also warned about the need for immediate interventions in the dissolved railway network of the OSE. In addition to the public interventions of Union members, there have also been resignations and the sending of an extrajudicial order, so as to disturb both the Organization and the Mitsotakis government.

    The Panhellenic Union of Traction Personnel had even highlighted the three derailments that had taken place during that time, in Tithorea on August 1st, in Lianokladi on October 10th and in Tithorea again on the 21st of the same month.

    The trial court states the following:

    EXODIKO TO OSE, Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, RAS and Hellenic Train.

    It is with regret/concern that we inform you, that despite our constant remarks, our protests and above all our constant calls for the restoration of intensifying problems of the railway network, that -unfortunately- the fears of injuries that we had expressed to you have been confirmed.

    We constantly observe the poor condition of the railway infrastructure, its lack of maintenance (which is evidenced by the laziness that is given to train drivers every day), the non-functioning of traffic lights and remote control for many years, the non-functioning of the ETCS (European Traffic Control System whose commissioning protects against human error) which never worked despite being installed on the machines!.

    We also note the following:

    The non-functioning of telematics at the stations, as a result of which there is no information to the passenger public about delays and changes in routes and passengers get angry and attack the train drivers!.

    We also see the closure of stations in regional cities due to a lack of stationmasters, which creates problems for trains and the density of routes.

    The incomplete fencing of the infrastructure, resulting in easy access to pedestrians in many places, as a result of which there is a constant loss of human life .

    The dense vegetation near the infrastructure that limits visibility and even covers line signals, the non-functioning of safety and lighting systems inside the tunnels in the Athens Suburban (Megara) for 15 years (!) and also the inability to communicate when a train is in them!

    The non-maintenance of the electrification network which results in delays in the routes, while on October 25, 2022, our train driver was injured and hospitalized (he even received a 7-day sick leave from the above-mentioned work accident), as the Suburban Athens train (number . 1534) ran into hanging live power lines!.

    Proof of the above and the poor condition of the infrastructure are the 3 derailments in the space of 2 months!!

    A) August 1, 2022 derailment of 1521 in Tithorea,
    B) October 10, 2022 derailment of a suburban train in Lianokladi,
    C) October 21, 2022 derailment of 882 in the area of ​​Tithorea.

    The result of all this is that the railway is discredited, despite the anxious efforts of the train drivers, but also of the company HellenicTrain which runs buses to serve the passenger public after each incident.

    Following the above, given that the limits of tolerance of working train drivers have been exhausted, we hereby express our strong protest and opposition to the problems that have already been identified, and we invite you to immediately carry out the restoration of the aforementioned problems in the railway infrastructure.

    We strongly protest the threatened disruption to our health and safety due to the network problems and urge you to take all necessary steps to ensure our health and safety.

    We also invite you to explain to us in writing, within 15 days of notification of this, the measures you intend to take. We inform you that we intend to mobilize from the notification of the present all the above reasons.

    Competent Judicial Bailiff is ordered to deliver this to those to whom it is addressed.

    Athens, October 31, 2022″

    The lack of modern GPS systems from the railway that would show exactly where each train is was revealed on OPEN TV by the secretary of GSEE, Nikos Kioutsoukis.

    ” The crime with the railway projects is a timeless one ” said the secretary of the GSEE and added ” let me remind you that since 1975 our country has been fighting to reach a high-speed network, up to 200 km, when in other countries they are fighting for 500. With a double line , PATHE axis, where it has not been completed for years, while the modern GPS systems have not been installed yet, they do not work” . In fact, as he revealed, ” some have been bought long ago, since 2000″.

    The GSEE secretary further stated that “I cannot fathom that we have the only railway transport company privatised, the only railway repair company privatised, and that OSE does not have the money required to maintain its network. It is not a current phenomenon, it is eternal and the responsibility of all governments was this”. ‘

  7. Looks like the US is admitting that COVID was manufactured in the Wuhan biolab:

    Now I realize that in doing so, they’re not only owning up to the truth but the Deep State may be using this as an excuse to whip up war hysteria against China, think of it as another Yellow Peril.

    In any event, all the deniers out there own Tucker Carlson (and the lovely Gailina) an immense apology. They were right all along.

    Sidebar: this also exonerates the Russians to a great degree, after all, the West had over 30 biowarfare labs in the Ukraine, no doubt manufacturing a biological weapon that was targeted to the East Slavic genome.

  8. This is one major reason why we have to be wary of what we are being told by the Corporate Media:

    BTW, Gail has been all over this for several years now. At first, I found it hard to believe but (God bless her) she persisted.

  9. Good article about other things that could have impacted the earthquake in Turkey.

    Other News: Putin finally did suspend the New START treaty.

  10. Antiochene Son says

    Interesting that the Greek Transport Minister has resigned after the horrible train accident, but Pete Buttjudge is still in office after the train explosion and the entire administration is defending itself. This is a clown country.

    • It is, AS. I’ve been exceptionally hard on the Greek (and the EU) administrations for quite awhile. But you got to give credit where credit is due and the Greek minister in charge of transportation did the honorable thing. Meanwhile Mary Pete Buttjudge is still in power.

  11. I guess the Wall Street Journal is now full of reporters who are “white supremacists” and/or “conspiracy theorists”:

    • I don’t think it has fallen yet.
      It’s in a cauldron and will fall,
      but they are still fighting.

      • George Michalopulos says

        You are correct. The handwriting is on the wall, regardless.

        Word on the street is that Kiev is going to send even more men to try and break through the cauldron. Either to open a wedge in which the 10,000 Ukrainian soldiers trapped within the cauldron can escape or actually try and retake the city. In any event, the Ukies have fallen into the Russian trap and sending more of their army to into the meat grinder.

        My prediction? Look for the Russians to open another front. Possibly Nikolaev. If so, this will completely encircle Odessa, thereby making it ripe for an amphibious invasion. Once this is completed, the Ukraine will be a completely land-locked nation with no need for a navy and completely dependent upon surrounding nations for its trade.

        I fervently believe that there are back-channels open between the Russians and the Ukrainian military offering a carrot-and-stick: if some Ukie general overthrows Zelensky then the Russians will not take Odessa, thereby giving the Ukraine an economic lifeline.

        At the end of the day, if Kiev still has a standing army, then they can sue for peace. However, by doubling and tripling down on Bakhmut, that prospect grows dimmer by the day.

        It’s almost as if somebody pulling Zelensky’s strings wants the Ukrainian army to be destroyed.

        • RE: “It’s almost as if somebody pulling Zelensky’s strings wants the Ukrainian army to be destroyed.”

          That’s the $64,000 question: Who is Zelensky working for? I think it’s the Russians and the Alliance.

          • Perhaps he sees himself as an actor,
            a tragic actor, in the greatest role of his life…?

            • He’s been relatively successful. Before entering politics, he was a comedian, actor, screenwriter, film producer, and director. He has a law degree and created a production company, Kvartal 95, which produces films, cartoons, and TV comedy shows, including Servant of the People (2015), which is quite good. – Definitely the greatest role of his life was his “real” life as president of a small, awkwardly placed country that kind of got caught up in the geo-political landscape.

              But he delivered. Not Ukraine, of course.

              Intentionally or unintentionally, he prevented Ukraine from becoming the epicenter for WWIII. So far. Who knows what they’re going to do next? They’re getting scared and scared people do stupid things. They will fight to the death.

              The COVID thing was supposed to be the end game, but they sped it up. I have read that Western delegations are out there threating countries to separate from Russia and give them their gold and other assets or they’ll set off more earthquakes!!! Good grief. – Apologies were made for the Globalist Mafia and it’s all been scrubbed from the Internet. It was originally reported by Tass.

              They’re doing other stupid things, too. Like walking out of summits and meetings. 100+ diplomats walk out on Lavrov when he was giving a speech to the UN human rights forum. The OSCE did the same thing when Russian lawmakers arrived for one of their meetings.

              And they credit themselves with negotiating agreements between nations!

              Such antics from people who should know that’s not how you “win friends and influence people.” It’s juvenile. I wonder what they’re going to do when they find out WE’VE walked out on THEM. Because that’s coming, my friend. That’s coming.

              • When Prince Volod falls
                Falls the curtain too – and then
                Sap won’t rise again

        • George,

          The Neo-libs found their patsy in Biden. This is all about them. Let us not underestimate the level of stupidity to which their ideological convictions compel them. These elites are much more emotional and much less intelligent than we give them credit for. Yes, they can be that foolish.

          Now, that also plays right into Russia’s hands. The RF does not suffer so much from the Peter Principle anymore – more merit based. When it appears that DC is being played like a fiddle by the RF, it is not an indication that that is Washington’s or Kiev’s plan. It just means that they are behaving foolishly. History is littered with such episodes.

          It just so happens that the destruction of the Ukraine feeds both the Russian security concerns and the American war machine coffers. This is the practical working out of the equation of what happens when small country A in close proximity to superpower B decides to side with distant superpower C against B. Country A gets handed its head. Same thing is likely in Taiwan. The fault lies with the fools in small country A who dared to poke the bear (or the dragon), and ultimately the wicked lords in Superpower C who inspired them.

          It’s all painfully obvious if you remove the idealistic, ideological blinders from the whole scenario. That is the danger of ideology (in this case, Liberalism). It can make you a fool.

        • George, you have an interesting theory about all of this—Zelensky and everything. Very compelling. Though, I also have a theory: Zelensky is just in over his head—as in very incompetent. The Ukrainian military is also either incompetent, or is just being forcibly pushed into the meat grinder by the West. Whatever the case, a sad situation in that so many lives are being lost in what could have been avoided, a very long time ago.

          • Actually, he has been VERY competent in rallying people behind Ukraine, with help from the West, of course. Look at this guy!!!


            If that’s not success I don’t know what you’d call it. But the twist is this: he doesn’t work for them!. He took everything they had in their arsenal with nothing to show for it. No return on their investment. How? He convinced THEM that Ukraine could win. Now that’s power.

          • Zelensky is being played, no doubt. At this point, his puppet-masters have to decide whether he can be yanked out just in time. They’ve invested too much time and energy in creating a pseudo-messianic persona for him.

            I just saw in The New York Times, page 1, above the fold, their first mention of the NS 2 pipeline explosions. They are placing the blame on rogue “Ukrainian nationals” for this explosion. “Anonymous sources” are blaming the Ukies for “not taking Western advice” and by extension, Zelensky, for not having solid control over his regime.

            Now this is beyond laughable. There’s no one in the world who could have pulled off the NS pipeline explosion other than the US Navy. So looks like the Ukraine is getting “underbussed.”

            Sounds like

            • I agree. Those nationalists would not have the where-with-all to do something like that.

            • Yes, the NYT piece is good for a laugh but it does set up the dynamic of “Ukies off the chain” being responsible for all the bad juju that’s transpired. Artyomovsk/Bakhmut may be the straw that breaks them and everybody may be looking for their off ramps.

              You can hear the little child get bored, “I’m tired of this game. It’s no fun anymore. Let’s play something else! How bout Taiwan?”

              • Seriously, I was listening to The Duran yesterday, with guests Brian Berletic and Gonzalo Lira, and they couldn’t contain their laughter as this story popped on their screens and they read it.

                The Oligarchy thinks we’re all stupid.

              • Yes, the NYT piece is good for a laugh but it does set up the dynamic of “Ukies off the chain” being responsible for all the bad juju that’s transpired.

                The atmosphere surrounding Zelensky is beginning to sound like echoes of our ‘treatment’ of President Diem. First hero; then corrupt, incompetent villain. Who will despise him more in the end – his erstwhile ‘allies’ or the enemies of the same?

            • Joseph Lipper says

              The Nordstream Pipeline explosions were an act of terrorism against Germany and the EU. If Ukraine is “harboring” such terrorists, or is simply unable to control them, then perhaps Germany will have to invade Ukraine.

              It sounds like an argument for casus belli is being developed here.

              • Alternatively:

                (1) The Nordstream Pipeline explosions were an act of terrorism against Germany and [Russia]. If [the USA] is “harboring” such terrorists, or is simply unable to control them, then perhaps Germany will have to invade [the USA].

                (2) The Nordstream Pipeline explosions were an act of terrorism against Germany and [Russia]. If [the USA] is “harboring” such terrorists, or is simply unable to control them, then perhaps [Russia] will have to invade [the USA].

                It sounds like [2] argument[s] for casus belli could be developed here.

                • Yes, except the US and Russia are already at war and Germany is no more than an American vassal, hence the acquiescence to the destruction of their pipeline. Scholz probably told Biden he needs political cover from the Hersh story and, voila, the NYT story appears. NYT is an outlet for the State Department. WaPo is a front for CIA. If you were the Biden Regime, the quickest way to get it out would be thru State. Either that or State is turning on Biden. But I doubt that.

                • Joseph Lipper says

                  Brendan, a new narrative is being developed here, and it probably serves a well calculated agenda somehow. The EU is amassing weapons at the Polish-Ukrainian border, knowing full well that Ukraine can’t win this war. So perhaps the next move is an EU invasion of Ukraine. The new narrative serves that agenda.

                  • The EU is not (as yet) a military power.
                    It has neither weapons to amass
                    nor armies to march…

                    “Under the current arrangement, there is no EU army
                    and defence is reserved for the member states.”

                  • The EU* has its own weapons and army, Joseph? And, if so…what would their goals be? Fight Russia? Or just conquer the areas that haven’t been taken by Russia already for themselves?

                    *Something on a similar scope as NATO.

                    • Zosimos Kalazetakis says

                      The main objective of the WEU is to remove heads from.. well, you know where

              • George Michalopulos says

                I see your point, Joseph. Trouble is the Germans are completely cucked. We’ve put too much soy in the diet.

                • Joseph Lipper says

                  George, we all know that Ukraine can’t win this war. Perhaps what we are witnessing now is just the equivalent of the ‘ol Polish Lithuanian Commonwealth setting it’s sights again on territory in Ukraine. Of course today’s commonwealth is the EU, and Germany has the most economic bearing among it’s members.

                  Germany is now shifting gears to become a major military power again:

                  “On Feb. 27, Scholz made an even more stunning declaration. After having already decided to send heavy weaponry to Ukraine, Germany would vastly increase its defense spending — making it, by one estimate, the third-largest military spender in the world, after the U.S. and China — and shift its entire posture toward military engagement. ‘President Putin created a new reality with his invasion of Ukraine,’ Scholz said. ‘This new reality requires a clear response. We have given it.’

                  “The following day, Finance Minister Christian Lindner told the broadcaster ARD that Germany would now ‘get one of the most capable, most powerful armies in Europe, one of the best-equipped armies in Europe in the course of this decade.’”


                  • No doubt about it Joseph. The problem is how the Germans are going to expand their military budget given the fact that

                    1. The EU is going into a recession,
                    2. They’re losing their industrial base to the US, and
                    3. They’ve given (or promised to give) all their Leopard II tanks to the Ukraine.

                    Mind you, it’s not impossible but they’d be starting with unnecessary obstacles.

                    Tangent: Nick Stamatakis broke the story that the Greeks are not going to send their Leopard II’s to the Ukraine. The Greeks have around 1500 of them, more than any other country.

                    Question: why won’t the Greeks send them? Because they’ve decided that they like Putin after all? Or is it because they are starting to hear faint war drums coming from a certain country to their East?

                    • Looks like the US is trying to start another color revolution George, this time in Georgia.
                      Guess they know Ukraine is a loss and trying to open up a second front.

                      Belarus failed
                      Kazakhstan failed
                      Let’s hope that Georgia fails too

                    • This is about as honest an assessment as you will get on the unfolding drama from the enemy:


                      We are looking at a remaking of the world order in a way that has not occurred since the ascent of Europe to world dominance. That seems like a grandiose statement to some and the West will never admit it. The Brits, after all, still refer to us as “the colonies” despite the reverse dynamic having taken hold long ago.

                    • BTW, I recommend Frankopan’s The First Crusade: The Call from the East. It sheds a whole new light on the First (and therefore subsequent) Crusade.

                    • @Petros

                      They have had a Rose Revolution
                      and they have had an Orange Revolution
                      Will they go for a Pink Revolution?

                      Let us hope not!

                  • “Finance Minister Christian Lindner…[said] that
                    Germany would now ‘get one of the most capable,
                    most powerful armies in Europe, one of the best-equipped
                    …in the course of this decade.’”

                    Lindner is an economic illiterate.
                    To make guns, tanks, missiles etc you need steel.
                    To make steel you need fuel for your furnaces.
                    Where will Germany obtain the necessary fuel,
                    now that their ‘allies’ have wrecked their gas supply?
                    Will they turn trees into charcoal?
                    Have they got enough trees?
                    Must they acquire Polish forests?
                    Will Poland be happy to provide them?
                    Will Russia take a decade to defeat Ukraine?

                    I don’t think so…

                    • People say and do all sorts of childish acting out when they’re bested in order to save face. That’s how I see German/EU “rearmament”. The new narrative is that this has changed Germany/Europe forever and it’s Russia’s fault. BS. US/NATO led them to ruin.

                      First, they won’t waste the resources. They’d have to sacrifice social welfare spending. Second, they don’t have the balls to challenge Russia without Big Brother beside them. Now that Big Brother has proven impotent, the sky is falling on the best laid plans of mice and Eurocrats to the degree they can see themselves voted out of office over the whole debacle.

                      They’re all in panic mode. They see power slipping away to the East and there’s nothing they can do but rearrange the deck chairs on the Titanic.

                      Slava Rossiyi!

                    • Jeff Moss says

                      @Misha: Or rather, “Slava Bogu!” Glory to God.

                      When my friend Bill went on a Protestant short-term mission trip to Donetsk in the 90’s, he was moved by the contrast between the songs and sermons his group was offering to glorify Jesus Christ…and, on the other hand, the huge banner over their heads in the old Soviet theater where they were appearing. The banner read: “Glory to the workers, glory to their labor!”

                      And when I spent a year (2003-04) in the Far East of Russia—known even at that time as Russia’s “Red Belt”—plenty of multi-storey buildings where people lived and worked still proclaimed from the brickwork, “Slava KPSS!” Glory to the Communist Party of the Soviet Union!

                      I’m plenty Russophile myself and have even taught Russian at the university level (I wonder what things are like for professors of Russian currently!…). But I don’t particularly want to hear “Slava KPSS!” or “Slava Ukrayini!” or even “Slava Rossiyi!” All of these are human creations and will necessarily fall—even “Rossiya,” which was invented by Peter the Great to replace Holy Rus…just as the Soviet Union was later cobbled together to replace Rossiya.

                      Слава Святей, Единосущной и Животворящей, и Нераздельней Троице!
                      Glory to the Holy, Consubstantial and Life-creating, and Undivided Trinity!

                      Ah, that’s better.

                    • Personally, I would love to see a “Holy Rus'” myself; I too, have my doubts about Peter I. Partly because I’m more a medievalist than a modernist. (Anything after 1500 is the Modern Ages.)

                    • Jeff,

                      Point noted. However, there is a certain glory associated with the revival of Orthodoxy in Russia. That is what the West is trying to destroy by this war. And they will fail. I would never glorify an atheistic Russia. What is our Church called? “Right glory”, Orthodoxy.

                      It is too tempting for me not to answer the Ukrofascists in kind.

                      Remember, the only thing in the middle of the road is a dead dog and a yellow streak.

                    • Zosimos Kalazetakis says

                      Why not a Brown Revolution, with Horned Hats instead of Pussy Hats? tells how t do it.

                • The Germans can bluster all they want. Their economy is in tatters. If they want to waste money defending against a phantom menace, by all means proceed. However, Russia will not allow them to become a nuclear power nor to expand an inch eastward and will use all means to prevent either development for obvious historical reasons.

                  The Germans know this. Their leadership is trying to survive what the US has handed it.

                  • Joseph Lipper says

                    Germany has an ongoing dialogue with Turkey about accession to the EU though. Perhaps any Turkish accession would mean a two-speed Europe with a separate “Schengen” area, perhaps involving Greece, Cyprus and Turkey.

                    I think Germany has eyes on the usefulness of the Turkish military for the EU.

                    • “…a separate “Schengen” area, perhaps
                      involving Greece, Cyprus and Turkey.”


                    • Zosimos Kalazetakis says

                      Tuerkiehas been a German client for at least two centuries. Both Moeltkes (world war staff chiefs) trained with the Ottomans, as Churchill would say, their fellow Huns. However, it behoves Greece to let Turkey in. Greeks didn’t conquesr Byzantium, they overtook it from within. Take a 5pm Friday fight from Brussels or Geneva to Athens and you will appreciate how much of the EU administration is in Greek hands. Turkey in Europe will eventually mean the Greeks control Turkey.

                  • “The German…economy is in tatters”

                    …but not like the Russian tatters. 🙂

                  • George Michalopulos says

                    You know, I can actually envision a scenario in which the Russians turn a blind eye to a German incursion into Poland.

                    • Geras Bardimitratos says

                      Checkov debunked the myth of Russian piety showing them to instead be wife beating drunkards unable to understand their faith and yet insisting on superstitious pagan rituals, further deluded by cooking primarily with hempseed oil (pace Brittany Griner). In he 1700s, tavern drunkard husbands were so loud that the ladies in church had their taverns shut during liturgy,

                    • Geras, all stereotypes are based on truth, this one as well. However it’s wrongheaded to take several anecdotes and then expand them into a gross generalization. If we did that then people in the Global South would say that all Americans are perverts.

                    • Geras Bardimitratos says

                      One suspects Obsama Zig Biden are deliberately out to cripple the international order, because never before has any country, not even Hitler, been denied access to the international money system. This has provoked China and Russia to organize an alternative payments system.

                    • Geras, agreed on both your comments. I don’t even believe that the Bolsheviks tried to deny anybody access to the international monetary system either.

                    • Geras Bardimitratos says

                      It would be better to allow Poland to retake Lviv, then it would not meddle in Ukraine. Stalin was the big culprit by putting Polish Lviv in Ukraine.

                    • Zosimos Kalazetakis says

                      Read Shevchenko, Breaking with Moscow: Gromyko complained the honey at the NY embassy betrayed the collapse of decadent capitalism, but poor Arkady, chum of Gromyko’s son, told him it was because the staff had no budget and bought the cheapest kind.

                    • Lynn Credwirth says

                      The point is debunking the myth of Russian piety which the Russians make a big thing of and lord over on us. Whenever someone claims to be so holy, you know it’s fake. The bowhards in my parish and home town are almost all domestic abusive drunkards and druggards. Folks all over know that. Irish in America are just the same.

                    • “Folks all over know that?” I must have missed the memo. (And glad I did.)

      • It’s in a closed cauldron, which leads to all sorts of interesting possibilities. Not only does it trap the 10,000 or so Ukrainian forces in and around Artyomovsk (formerly known as Bakhmut), but it opens up the “wicked sniper” dynamic. Sometimes in wartime, a sniper will wound an enemy soldier bad enough to immobilize them but not to kill them. Then, they will use that soldier as bait to lure other would be rescuers to his aid and into the sniper’s sights.

        This can also be done with a cauldron. Russian forces are probably now being positioned to chew up any attempt to break into the cauldron and aid the trapped forces.

  12. I’m not sure Zelensky has any agency at all or deserves any credit. He’s an actor playing his part. Without the State Department he wouldn’t know what to say or to do and without the American and Western press cheering him on he would never have accomplished anything other than the series, which was sponsored by a rich Jewish oligarch (Kolomoisky) who had him pegged to be president.

    All he has to do is read his lines and fake enough bravery through the haze of coke and vodka to keep his own people from cutting his throat. Nuland and Co. with their press acolytes will take care of the rest.

    • He’s good at one thing and that’s sticking to the script. Let’s give credit where credit due! He’s a performer!!!

      • Agreed.

        I don’t like the little bastard, but he’s playing his part to a “t”. I won’t allow myself to feel sorry for him though I’m sure the stress is unimaginable, hence the cocaine and vodka. Probably can’t function without it at this point. Could be a Scarface ending on deck, hard to say.

        He’s playing a very dangerous game with the worst set of people to play it with. He’s got the US State Dept. and CIA behind him (with friends like those, who needs enemies?), Ukrainian neo NZs all around him (and he’s a Jew, no less) and he’s fighting the Russians, the baddest mothers in the valley.

        • I don’t feel sorry for him either. He signed up for this. It’s really too bad because he is honestly a pretty good actor. Good enough to fool the world! If you can, catch the first few episodes of The Servant of the People. It is almost uncomfortable to watch because you’ve got to wonder if that’s what really happened.

          • He will need to seek new accommodations in the near future:


            So Ritter explained how he thinks the Russians will conduct de-nazification once the war is concluded. I have always wondered how they were going to accomplish this great feat and his answer makes more than a particle of sense.

            He sees post-war Ukraine as divided into two parts: One is what has been and will be absorbed into the Russian Federation. That probably includes all presently claimed territory as well as a buffer of about 150-200 miles beyond the annexed provinces. This would include Odesa and Kharkov and expand Novorossiya to link with Transnistria. The rest of the Ukraine would remain a distinct state but under military governance and occupation for several years. During that period it will be de-nazified.

            Through their intelligence services and other sources, the Russians probably have a very accurate picture of the nationalist presence in the Ukraine right down to files on individuals. These people will have to either flee before the end of the conflict or be imprisoned or die resisting arrest. Their sentences will effectively be life terms in many cases and those of lesser concern will be re-educated and closely monitored if they escape incarceration or are released at some point. Ritter goes on to recount the mistakes made in dealing with the Banderists under Khrushchev and how this contributed to the not Z problem in the Ukraine today. The Russians do not want yet another replay of this tragic drama.

            If this is indeed the plan, then Russia is probably simply at present trying to achieve the collapse of the Ukrainian armed forces through attrition. Once that has been accomplished, they can easily move directly on Kiev and the other remaining centers and establish a military government. At that point, the rest of the military effort will be putting out the remaining fires here and there.

            The Russians have always denied any intention of occupying the whole of the Ukraine. It may look like an occupation, however, if there is no longer a Ukrainian army and major population centers are under Russian control. But that type of control, short of complete occupation, is probably necessary in order to denazify.

            • I think this assessment is “right on,” as we used to say.

            • Actually, I meant to write “150-200 kilometers”. But the rest is sound.

            • Lets hope this de-nazification includes ridding Ukraine of the OCU, Im sure it will.
              Also, given the subversive nature of the UGCC I have to wonder if they will be pushed out of this new Ukraine with its militarized government.

              Of more upcoming interest are the Turkish elections that are scheduled to take place in June. There seems to be growing opposition to Erdogan. This has some esoteric overtones to it based off of the words of Met. Neophytos and highlighted in a recent episode of World War Now:


              I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see the U.S meddle in the elections in Turkey to get “their guy” Kılıçdaroğlu in.

              Given that Bart is a U.S asset I can imagine he will be doing scheming behind the scenes.

              • Petros, didn’t the U.S. try and ‘meddle’ during the coup that tried to overthrow Erdogan a few years back? If they weren’t covertly directly involved, then they most certainly withheld crucial information to Erdogan about the coup that was coming. I think that’s one of the reasons Erdogan has an ambivalent attitude toward the U.S.

              • If you read this NYT article carefully, you will appreciate that it is a non-denial/denial regarding CIA involvement.

                The godfather of the group that attempted the coup (Gulen) resides in the US and was admitted through the CIA. My attitude toward the CIA is guilty until proven innocent given their history and present adventures.

                Regardless, it is conventional wisdom among all political groups other than US puppets (and even including some of them) that it was a US operation gone bad. These cowboys sometimes succeed and sometimes it falls apart. They’re willing to dare on the ragged edge of tactical probability. If it fails, it’s blamed on others. If it succeeds, it’s blamed on others. This makes them more open to risk.

                • Yeah, and it was Russian Intel which pulled Erdogan’s chestnuts out of the fire. They had serious Sigint that instantly convinced Erdogan that he could trust the Russians.