Israeli Attack – False Flag???

Worth a two-minute look.


  1. Anonymous II says

    Anyone remember the outtakes and bloopers from CNN’s coverage of the first Iraq war? Used to be available (still is?) on Youtube, replete with fake palm trees and anchors laughing about fake gas attacks.

    Remember, decades later, the fake Bin Laden tapes where different actors portray Bin Laden, ‘discovered’ by an Israeli firm, I believe?

    Also remember the unconvincing ISIS videos, where “Jihadi John” using 90s editing software to pretend he’s lighting people on fire while chopping their heads off with a kitchen knife?

    Remember January 6th?

    Covid? Biden on a literal green screen getting a fake shot?

    This all sounds nuts, but this is our reality.

    Remember, “they” basically run Hollywood and Big Tech. And at the end of the day, the technology, and motive, to deceive us exists.

  2. I’m still trying to discern whether or not this is a false flag. I think it would go either way.

    What makes me think it is a false flag is Jake Sullivan talking about how quiet the Middle East is and also the Israeli Intelligence having no clue this was coming. The latter is a massive red flag and they have some of the best intelligence in the world and Israeli society is very prepared for this sort of event. So it’s hard to believe they didn’t know.

    But to what end? Total Israeli takeover of Gaza/Palestine? Drawing Iran into a war? Distraction from the loss in Ukraine? All of the above? As we saw in Ukraine the only language the West speaks in “Escalation.” They are fluent in it.

    What is the difference between now and 2022? Weapons. Given how depleted in ammo the West, including the U.S, is it’s hard to see how they will be able to support Israel in the same way that they did in Ukraine. Israel is also wholly surrounded by countries that despise it (minus its Mediterranean coast). It’s within striking distance of Iranian weapons. One thing to consider is the size of just the Iranian army. They outnumber the Israeli army by a large margin.

    Throw in the Egyptian, Jordanian, Lebanese, Syrian, etc., armies then it’s lights our Irene for Israel.

    What’s stopping Erdogan from doing the same thing to Greece?

    We need to be praying for everyone, but especially the Orthodox Christians living in the Holy Land, for the Patriarch of Jerusalem and for the Holy Sepulcher.

    There have been prophecies from Orthodox saints that state that WW3 will begin in Ukraine and spread from there. We should be watching Turkey and what happens there. There have also been prophecies that state that after WW3 there will be a great Orthodox council.

    Are we seeing this play out?

    Much like WW1 led to the end of a political order, WW2 was the beginning of a political order, I guess we are seeing WW3 play out as globalism dies.

  3. Zelon Cafitas says

    Jerusalem Patriarch lived in Constantinople until Nesselrode sent Uspensky to de-Hellenize Antiochians and almost
    Jerusalem, eventually leading Michel Aflaq to found Assad-Saddam Ba’ath party. Nazi Balkan butcher Alois Bruner died as
    houseguest of Assads. Same Porphyry Uspensky who exposed Holy Fire Sulphur Fraud. Same Nesselrode who beat Capo d’Istria.
    Uspensky and Kapustin bought Jerusalem properties now under ROCOR to prevent Moses Montefiore (Jewish Tositsas) for
    British. (Theofanis Stavrou, Middle East J, 1963, pp. 91-103; Lucien Fray; Derek Hopwood 1969) In February 8, 1993, the
    other patriarchs decided to temporarily suspend relations with Jerusalem Patriarch and dismiss two of his bishops and
    defrock five priests for challenging Ecumenical Patriarch. Yet in April, 1990 Diodoros swindled Russian Jewish settlers by
    having Mardos Matossian sell them lands not allowed to sell and then denying their claim.
    Irineos wrote Arafat on July 17, 2001, “You are aware of the sentiments of disgust and disrespect that all the Holy
    Sepulchre fathers are feeling for the descendants of the crucifiers of our Lord: actual crucifiers of your people,
    Sionists Jewish conquerors of the Holy Land of Palestine.” Theofrictos (Attalah Hanna) said Christian Zionists aren’t
    Christian. Constantine the Great was a Christian Zionist when he recognized Gemaliel IV as Partiarch of Israel. The
    Aramaic canard is due to the monophysites who ibn Warraq exposes as protomuslims, and is debunked by the Talmudist
    Patriarch Yehuda “Why use Syriac in Eretz Israel? Speak either Hebrew or Greek!” (Bava Kama 82b-83a) Mennonite Catherine
    the Great was a Christian Zionist and Hellenist when she invited Greeks and Jews to plot their national regeneration from
    newly liberated Odessa. America’s founders were both Christian Zionist and Christian Hellenists, but Greeks lost their
    suppport when they Arabated into anti-Semites. Damick divorces Passover from Easter despite Schmemmann (HR p83).
    Mitrokin and Andropov archives reveal Orthodox Christian George Wadie Abu Hani Haddad established PLO as soviet front,
    forewarning them of September 1970 hijackings. Russians and Armenians use their ill gotten Jerusalem properties against
    Lord’s People on behalf of their phoney “Palestinians”. Why shouldn’t these Kevorkians be treated exactly how Metaxas
    treated Jews of Thessalonia after the fire? Columbus set sail with shiploads of Jews day after Spanish Inquisition
    expelled Jews. Plymouth Pilgrims were followers of Cromwell who brought Jews back to England. American Democracy (1 Sam
    8, L A Times Jan 27 1918 Rev Herbert Booth Smith, p.III-20) and Capitalism (Gen 2:12) is from the Jews. Orthodox faith
    imparts Aspergian masochism that leaves its leaders beyond reason. Castlereagh and Wellington were appalled how
    unrealistic Czar was in trying to forge a Holy Alliance in 1815 just as Merkel felt Putin was out of touch with reality in
    2014. Brenda Connors of the US Naval War College concluded in 2008 and 2011 that Putin has Aspergers. USAF General Tatsios
    wrote same about Greek leaders of 1866-97 (p. 146, Columbia, 1984). This is a natural consequence of the slave soul of
    Orthodoxy described by Rancour-Laferriere (NYU, 1995). Old calendar czar freaks of ROCOR were spawned by triple agent
    soviet provocateur “Prince” Turkul (Unholy Trinity 1998 p.152) to make them look foolish.

  4. Try this on for size. It’s a doozie and it’s extremely cynical, but that is just par for the course for the perps involved.

    I’m starting to believe that this was the neo-cons/neo-libs in the State Department (the Victoria Nuland crowd) in concert with the Mossad and possibly the CIA (but I would have thought the latter too smart for this). State convinced the Mossad to allow the attack “undetected” in order to prepare the ground for a war with Iran. Think of it as similar to the other false flags in the Ukraine designed to produce direct US involvement. State are just the loose cannons with the clout in Israel to make it happen.

    The Mossad does not like Bibi and it could kill two birds with one stone. The intelligence “failure” might get rid of Bibi and draw the US into a war with Iran. Mossad does not want Iran with nukes.

    It probably got shut down almost as quickly as it started. CIA or elements of it and/or the NSA and other intelligence services probably went to whomever is ruling us at the moment and said, “Whoa, whoa, whoa!!!”. The reason is that they do not want a shooting war with Iran (due to its latent nuclear capacity). Thus, the Israelis “found” no evidence of Iranian involvement. I mean, everyone knows it had to have been orchestrated by some intelligence service and bankrolled by someone. Run of the mill terrorists do not run operations as sophisticated as this. Hezbollah (Iranian backed) was at attention in the north, firing some rockets and rattling sabers. Who else? The Mossad itself? Of course it was Iran.

    Iran is not in a fundamentally different position than North Korea at this juncture. Though they have not tested a nuclear device, they have the technology, including delivery systems. Also, they have enough uranium enriched to a high level to produce 5-10 bombs on demand. All the Iranian rulers need to do is pick up the phone.

    In fact, it is likely they have already produced missiles in secret (with untested warheads) and that the Five Eyes, or parts thereof, know it. Iran would likely prefer to avoid further proliferation in order to maintain their relative edge over most countries in the region, that is why they conceal it at present. Israel is known to possess nukes. Pakistan does as well.

    This may have emboldened the Iranians to inspire or approve the Hamas attack, in fact. That together with the feckless leadership of the US at present and the emerging debacle in the Ukraine might have signaled to them that the time is ripe.

    If this is correct, and it is just a theory, I’m not running with it yet, but if it is correct then it bodes ill for Israel. Iran was bold enough to green light this. They do not feel vulnerable with their potential nuclear capacity and immanent membership in BRICS+. Thus, they will likely support continued operations within Israel and from the north.

    Why not?

    Of course, if it is true neither our government nor that of Israel will ever, ever admit it. But it explains a lot.

    • George Michalopulos says

      Misha, you may be on to something. The more I delve into this, the more I believe that there is something “false-flaggy” about it. Gail and I have been having a back-and-forth, with me thinking this is Iran ginning up something to sabotage the nascent Saudi-Israeli peace deal while she says it’s designed so that Israel can finally take out the Gaza once and for all.

      I think she’s on to something.

      • I don’t think the two ideas are mutually exclusive, George.

        It is no secret that Iran wants to attack Israel and work for its destruction. I have no doubt that Iran was behind the Hamas attacks in some form or fashion. The neo-cons are right about that. “Even a broken clock . . .” However, cooler heads will bury the fact due to the risk of escalation. But they dared to do it. And what I’m guessing is that this will change the tide against Israel.

        I mean, there is no doubt that both sides are working against each other. We need not disagree about that. Israel had been holding off any such attack until . . . well . . . Saturday. There is a reason that it succeeded. But I have no doubt Iran was behind it and part of their strategy was to throw a wrench in the Saudi-Israeli Kumbaya fest.

        That being said, I simply don’t believe that the Israeli military intelligence and Mossad were unaware that this was going to happen. Now, my guess is that no one planned on Hamas committing the atrocities they seem to have committed. That is a function of being locked in a pressure cooker on the Gaza Strip for years without hope. That’s how monsters are made.

        What is beyond doubt is that Israel screwed the pooch. Either it was an unforgiveable intelligence failure or it was a “baited” attack allowed to proceed but which “got out of hand” by crossing all lines of human decency.

        • And now we’re in it. (That didn’t take long, did it?)

          Delivery Of “Advanced Weaponry” From US To Israel. Israeli Defense Minister Visits Israel-Gaza Border
          An hour ago

          JERUSALEM – The Israeli Ministry of Defense has posted a video showing the delivery of “advanced weaponry” from the United States to Israel using a cargo plane.

          Israeli Ministry of Defense: “An Israeli cargo plane lands, delivering an initial shipment of advanced weaponry from the United States to Israel.

          • Galya,

            What is amazing to me is that everyone does not get what we Monomakhites seem to viscerally sense, despite differing in the details:

            A. Hamas is despicable for what they have done, though we don’t actually know the whole truth of the details due to the fog of propaganda. They deserve whatever comes to them in particular despite having been tormented into monsters.

            B. HOWEVER, Hamas is to be distinguished from Palestinian Arabs in general, Muslim or Christian, who do not deserve “collective punishment”.

            C. Israel created the conditions for all of this to transpire by oppression of the Arabs under its control in inhumane conditions, though there is no justification for what Hamas did. And Israel is backed by the United States. Therefore, operations against Gaza should avoid “collateral damage” and never target civilians, which is a war crime, just like Hamas committed. A dead child is a dead child.

            Is any of that so difficult to understand? Seeing all the Israeli and Palestinian flags displayed on the net and in real life, and the demonstrations, I suppose it is. But that is all pure emotion devoid of reason. Reason is what is listed above and should be the basis for moving toward a two-state solution.

            • As a Palestinian, you’ve summed up my perspective well, Misha.

              One other thing…

              Finally, when the UOC sees some light at the end of the tunnel (via a canonical metropolitan granted protection and an audience through the UN), a day or two later… this whole event happens. The UOC’s persecution was about to be made more mainstream (so to speak), and what do you know – another war starts somewhere else where other Orthodox Christians have deep roots & being collectively viewed as part of the “Palestinian scum” to be wiped out.

              Militant Islam and Zionism are both Antichrist.

              Lord have mercy!

            • George Michalopulos says


              good points.

              Here’s my take (caveat: hindsight is 20/20):

              1. The Israelis should have seriously considered the two-state solution long ago,

              2. They did not, thinking that they could outlast the Palestinians, and so, hoping to kick the can down the road (which never works),

              3. They treated them inhumanely (hoping that in doing so, they’d drive them out of their ancestral lands), and finally

              4. They should have made a formal peace treaty with Iran. Instead, Netanyahu (a supremacist if there ever was one), kept on doing his dog-and-pony show at the UN about how terrible the Iranians were, thinking that eventually he’d get his way eventually.

              Anyway, I’m riffing off the top of my head.

              BTW, I just saw Gail’s reply. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if the 1.5 million Arabs in the Gaza are evacuated/ethnically cleansed/compressed into an even smaller enclave, leaving a lot of beautiful, ocean-front property for the Ukrainian oligarchs.

              • Yes, we substantially agree. I would only add that my take, being a man of the hard right, is a bit different than that of Ritter when it comes to Netanyahu and the observant Jews. Let me explain:

                Faith speaks to faith, so pious Orthodox Christians and Orthodox Jews can understand each other better than others. This goes for observant Muslims as well. We think differently from secular people because we rely on God and don’t try to micromanage His creation, as well as for other reasons.

                Only Nixon could go to China, and only an Orthodox Jew or Haredi will be able to make peace with the Arabs in Israel and those that surround it. This is because any arrangement or treaty will have to be accepted by the traditionalist Jews if it is not to be overturned by a successive government. And the traditionalists are taking over demographically.

                Moreover, a double minded man is unstable in all his ways. That is the fate of the liberal, secular Jews up til now. They have been hand-wringing fools, not knowing how to deal with focused, adamant adversaries who are not “double-minded”. Reality will bite the traditionalists hard enough that they will cease to be concerned with Erets Israel, at least in the medium term, and they will create a Palestinian State out of sheer necessity to get rid of the Arabs under their rule. It will become a no brainer when it becomes clear they have to either separate from them or kill them all.

                • I must disagree with you,

                  Do not be unequally yoked together with unbelievers. For what fellowship has righteousness with lawlessness? And what communion has light with darkness?† 2 Corinthians 6:14

                  Who is a liar but he who denies that Jesus is the Christ? He is antichrist who denies the Father and the Son.†
                  1John 2:22

                  I can never understand those who reject the Truth. Those who deny Christ, deny God. How can I find common ground with those who serve demons? All I can do is love, forgive and pray for those in error. Those who deny Christ are neither pious nor righteous.
                  Only Christ can bring peace but it can’t happen as long as those who deny Him continue in their error.

                  • Fr. John,

                    Of course, you are free to disagree with me. If you are interested in not being yoked with unbelievers, then do not ever visit their temples. If you wish to be pragmatic in getting along in the world, then follow the example of St. Alexander Nevsky who treated with the Mongols in order to resist the Teutonic Knights.

                    • St Alexander Nevsky, mongols and the Teutonic Knights. Sounds like a new research topic for me. Thanks!

                      I still don’t think there can be a lasting peace between peoples who reject Christ

                    • The Mongols did not want to end Orthodoxy
                      They just wanted loot, then tribute.

                      The Latins, however, did intend to end Orthodoxy.
                      The Russians did not have the strength to fight both,
                      so they treated with the Mongols and fought the Latins.

                      There are some similarities with the situation
                      facing the Jews in pre-Christian Judea.

                      The Romans did not want to end Judaism
                      First they wanted loot, then the tribute.

                      But Antiochus Epiphanes had other ideas.
                      He wanted to turn Jews into Greeks.

                      As St Alexander Nevsky repelled the Latins,
                      the Maccabees repelled Antiochus Epiphanes.

                      History may not exactly repeat itself,
                      but it often does seem to rhyme.

                    • Well, there’s that. . . (But you, my friend, can make anything rhyme.)

                    • Well, my point was that the Rus’ accepted the Mongol yoke rather than be conquered by their fellow (heterodox) Christians.

                      Now, in the long run, I agree with you Fr., without Christ there can be no lasting peace. This is because the soul yearns for what the God-man offers – illumination. Nothing short of that can satisfy it.

                  • This is evidence that Rabbinical Zionist Jews and Orthodox Christians have a completely different theology, and they worship a different understanding of the God from the bible.

                    And to this day the IDF denies bombing a Greek Orthodox Church in Gaza, murdering Palestinian Christian families.

                    Agree or Disagree?

                    CLAIM: The Zionists have so much power THEY can get away with destroying the lives of non Jews all over the world!

                    We need a massive Global Cult Deprogramming on the masses from Zionist propaganda.

                    “When you will hear that Christ has appeared on earth, know then that this is the Antichrist.” This answer is most precise. “The world or mankind will not recognize the Antichrist, it will recognize him as Christ, it will proclaim him Christ…the Antichrist will be of Jewish ancestry, from the tribe of Dan. Born in Babylon, (A Jew from Iraq, Iran, Syria) raised as a Jew, and most likely a circumcised male.

          • Whether it was a false flag or not, I’m starting to believe that the West is using this as their off-ramp for Ukraine. Russia is moving towards Odesa and there’s nothing the Ukrainians or the west can do to stop them.

            Biden can’t have yet another public humiliation, right before an election cycle, like Ukraine to go along with Afghanistan, so why not divert attention away from Ukraine by another conflict in Israel. Problem is, Biden is now 0-2 in conflicts, the whole West is out of weapons, and if the neighboring countries are drawn into this conflict then Israel, and the West again, is in serious trouble.

            Most of the world now realizes the US/West/NATO is a paper tiger so what’s stopping China from taking Taiwan, Turkey from attacking Greece, etc.

      • Hamas Commander: “We will make a surprise attack
        by flying motorised hang gliders in broad daylight.”

        Hamas Squaddie: “But won’t the IDF
        just shoot us down like ducks in a row?”

        Hamas Commander: “No, for we will be invisible.”

        Hamas Squaddie: “You mean our gliders are magic?”

        Hamas Commander: “No. The IDF have orders
        not to be there to see our hang gliders flying in.”

      • Given the report that Israel was warned a couple weeks ago and the mysterious failure of an intelligence apparatus notorious for being two steps ahead. I think this was allowed to happen to unify an increasingly fracticious political situation. However, what no one realized was just how barbaric Hamas has become. I think they were thinking it would be the usual uprising show. What they did not count on was how hard Iran is working to undermine Israel. A minor crisis would still have achieved the neocon’s goals with very little risk exposure and a nice easy off ramp from Ukraine. Now there is major risk of the Middleeast turning into an uncontrolled war zone.

  5. George Michalopulos says

    Here’s a comment from worthy of considerations:

    “Simplicius yesterday makes some good points on this Hamas-Israel escalation, he thinks it is likely a great power play by either (off the top of my head) .. 1) US/Israel, providing a Ukraine off ramp ahead of US election, funding & ammo redirection to Israel, an excuse to attack Iran while it still can, and a war boost for otherwise unpopular Netanyahu … or 2) Russia/China/Iran, stretching the US beyond its limits, Russia finish SMO, China freed to sort Taiwan, Iran opportunity to prevent the attack the neocons want etc.
    Probably all will be revealed soon.”


  6. Anonymous II says

    Breaking: Syria Launches Missiles On Golan Heights As US To Being ‘Surging’ Defense Aid To Israel

    As always, Israel acts as if these attacks aren’t provoked. I’m certainly not condoning violence in any way, but days ago the West (with Israel being a key player) allegedly droned Syria, and has been attempting to destabilize Syria for quite awhile. And destabilizing Egypt, Libya, and Iraq, and Afghanistan, and Ukraine, and…well, you know. Chickens coming home to roost.

  7. I don’t know about this being false flags or anything. But a popular stock market YouTube commentator I listen to thinks many people knew this black swan event was going to happen.
    Reason why was stock market was falling interest rates rising. On Friday the market looked like it was about to fall off the cliff and without any news a dramatic reversal into the close. Pull up a 5 day chart of any or all three indices and you will see this unusual abrupt reversal to the upside going into a weekend without any real news

    . This catastrophe is stock market positive and many traders seemed to have poured into the market on a quiet Friday going into the weekend . Makes you go hmmm.

  8. Can the US Support Two Wars? w/Col Doug Macgregor

    Col Macgregor gives his usual sound analysis of events.
    There is also a highly entertaining video clip in which
    The Hero Of Our Time Zelensky blames the Russians.

  9. Years ago I read the autobiography of Golda Meir and learned that the present Israel was founded as a secular state. If I remember correctly she didn’t want anything to do with God. So it seems to me that the present enterprise is using the trademark Israel as a cover for other purposes.

    And. None of the comments factor in the sovereignty of God.

    Any thoughts?

  10. Today (for those on the New Calendar) we’re celebrating St. Philip the Apostle of the Seventy. Acts 8:26-27, 40…

    Now an angel of the Lord spoke to Philip, saying, “Arise and go toward the south along the road which goes down from Jerusalem to Gaza.” This is desert. So he arose and went….

    But Philip was found at Azotus. And passing through, he preached in all the cities till he came to Caesarea.

    Let’s pray to St. Philip for the preservation of lives in the places where he carried out his early evangelistic ministry!

  11. Watching the coverage of the MSM and alternative media regarding Hamas/Israel after over a year of the Ukraine war, I get the overwhelming feeling of witnessing a great power in decline with the “barbarians” being at the gates, though that is not exactly the correct metaphor. Hamas are barbarians to be sure, not so much the Russians and Chinese.

    This is because it all fits the general narrative that civilizational cultures are rejecting and overtaking globalist, liberal/universal hegemony and ending it sooner rather than later. In fact, the Hamas attacks, due not to their savagery but to their expertise in execution and their unprecedented success, make the End of Empire narrative almost accelerate toward a precipitous pace. The reaction of the West to these unfolding events is also another indicator that we are witnessing the end of an era.

    Consider the inability of the West to process what is going on given its current political organization. You had support for the Ukraine effort eroding ever more rapidly after it became clear that the Ukrainian counteroffensive had failed. Stockpiles and patience had been exhausted. There was a split in the Republican Party between the Establishment Republicans and the MAGA/Patriot/Nationalist types. Now you have a split in the Democratic Party over the Hamas/Israel conflict with the more progressive voices unapologetically critical of Israel and supportive of Hamas while the more Establishment Democratic voices cautiously support Israel.

    But both events are direct, frontal attacks on Western hegemony. Yet they are unraveling the Western political consensus regarding international affairs. Add China/Taiwan with its economic implications for trade vis a vis Europe and the US and you have a recipe for the bottom falling out. The backfire of the Russia sanctions was bad enough. China is deeply intertwined with Western economies. That’s not even factoring in the Taiwanese chip issue.

    I get the feeling that the US elite of both parties and even the MAGA leadership really does not appreciate what is actually happening. It’s a fog of hubris. If it gets worse in Israel, it may gradually sink in to them. They consider Israel to be invincible. That may no longer be the case. And that would be difficult to ignore as a sure sign of rollback of Liberal, Inc.

  12. Benjamin #Netanyahu : Opinion by Scott Ritter

    [Video – 01:36]

    ” And now he’s the war criminal prime minister of Israel. He’s responsible for all this violence. He’s the man who empowered Hamas to take over in Gaza in 2006.
    He did it. He’s the one. So let’s just remember who the ultimate criminal is in all of this. And his name is Benjamin Netanyahu.”

    • I suspect this is all true. His people hate him.

      • George Michalopulos says

        FWIW, Hamas was created by the Israelis way back when, as a counterweight to the PLO.

        • And we created ISIS for a similar reason. And many of us can recall the glorification of the “mujahedeen” when they were fighting the Soviets in Afghanistan. Remember Rambo III?

          Long ago, I used to be a fan of Bibi. That is no longer the case, but I understand him and people like Ariel Sharon and Moshe Dayan. And they should not be dismissed or scapegoated IMHO regarding the present mess. It was the Israelis in general who created the present situation. And they have been dominated up until recently by secularists. In fact, that is what the kerfuffle over their Supreme Court is all about. All but one of their justices are Ashkenazis while the majority of Israelis (an exponentially growing majority) are Mizrachi/Sephardi and much more conservative and religious.

          So, like him or not, Bibi will be the type of person representing Israel for the foreseeable future, but with secularist anomalies as the secularists decline.

  13. It’s “Wag the Dog” all over again [or Argo]
    Remember the De Niro movie? “Shortly before an election, a spin-doctor and a Hollywood producer join efforts to fabricate a war in order to cover up a Presidential sex scandal.”
    ‘lies,lies,lies’ Thompson twins
    Doxa to Theo, John D

  14. George Michalopulos says

    It seems like the Oligarchy is allowing Elon Musk to speak some unpalatable truths (courtesy of Andrei Martyanov’s Reminiscence of the Future blog):

    “… there is absolutely no ‘If’, only when.

    “Entrepreneur Elon Musk has suggested that the European Union may face the prospect of civil war due to its immigrant-welcoming policies. Two weeks ago, he visited the US southern border, wading into the bitter debate over immigration in his adopted home country. ‘If current trends continue, civil war in Europe is inevitable,’ he claimed in a post on X (formerly Twitter) on Wednesday. Musk was responding to a thread by Moscow-born British satirist and political commentator Konstantin Kisin. He denounced what he called ‘people celebrating rape and murder by a proscribed terrorist organisation as the police stand and watch in major European cities’.”

    I imagine that Greenblatt, that fellow who runs the ADL, is going to let up on Musk for the time being.

  15. When watching this, remember that Pentagon spokesthing Kirby is a retired Rear Admiral:

    And then ask yourself, could you even imagine in a million years Bull Halsey or Chester Nimitz acting this way?

    Rhetorical question: no you cant.

    If this is the type of stuff that our Service Academies are putting out, then we better hope to never engage Russia in a real war.

    • “the Joint Chiefs of Staff drew up and approved plans for what may
      be the most corrupt plan ever created by the U.S. government,”

      until 9/11, perhaps…

      Ecclesiastes 1:9
      The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be;
      and that which is done is that which shall be done:
      and there is no new thing under the sun.

  16. George Michalopulos says

    FWIW, Nicole Zedek, the Israeli reporter who broke the baby-beheading story is not willing to provide any verification.

    Mind you, it’s not that I don’t believe its possibility but after the Ghost of Kiev/Snakes Island nonsense, I fall into the “fool me once, shame on you/fool me twice, shame on me” category.

  17. Couple of things:

    The Biden Regime is trying to make the case that Iran had nothing to do with the Hamas attacks, contrary to the WSJ story asserting the opposite. Why not just trot out 51 intelligence experts to testify that allegations of Iranian involvement are classic Russian disinformation? Wait for it.

    It serves two purposes. It insulates Biden from the charge of funding Iran which funds Hamas. And it helps to contain the conflict, which is actually wise. But do we really need to see a picture of Iranian and Hamas generals gathered around a table over a blueprint with the title “Operation Al-Aqsa Flood” in Arabic and Farsi to know that Hamas’ primary sponsor had a hand in training and planning an operation which demonstrates that Hamas has made dramatic strides in the sophistication of its strategic and logistical operations?

    Well, duh.

    They take us for idiots.

    Secondly, it is important to bear in mind that governments are not monolithic entities to which we can actually attribute the motives and strategic thinking demonstrated by the state’s actions. Governments are associations of various factions/gangs with interests which often contradict one another. We saw this in the Trump Administration when it was obvious that much of the executive branch was working against the Golden Don.

    This is also true in Israel. The Mossad does not like Bibi at all. It is likely that some measure of his legal troubles arise out of the hostility of the ruling, secular, Ashkenazi minority which dominates Shin Bet and the Mossad. It is no use to speak of a single Roman policy if Brutus is plotting to stab Caesar in the back. It is entirely possible that Mossad wants to sink Bibi at the same time as eradicate Hamas.

    It is also possible, though much less likely, that Neo-Con/Neo-Lib Inc. or some part of it, assisted in this endeavor to drag Iran into the conflict inasmuch is Hamas is Iran’s homeboy.

    I’m not convinced of the latter theory. But I’m largely convinced of the former, regarding the Mossad. It best explains the “intelligence failure” and it will be interesting to see if Bibi can weasel out of the trap they’ve set for him. Consider what Golda Meir said regarding refusing to launch a pre-emptive strike to prevent the Arab attack that started the Yom Kippur War of 1973:

    * * *

    She explained her thinking on the matter in her testimony to the Agranat Commission, the transcript of which was declassified in 2013.

    Her “heart was drawn” to the idea of preemption, she told the Commission, but her mind counseled against it. “I was afraid,” she said. Her fears centered not on how the Egyptians and Syrians might respond, but, like Dayan’s, on the reaction of the Americans. She understood that a major war would likely require the delivery of emergency supplies from the U.S. military. If the Nixon administration were to conclude that Israel had started the war, the Americans might refuse the equipment, or slow down its transfer. “I can say with almost full confidence that if we launched a preemptive strike the American airlift wouldn’t come through,” the prime minister explained.

    By waiting to absorb the Egyptian attack, she added, there could be no “accusation that we started the war.” She went on: “I don’t know if you know this, but the airlift didn’t go so smoothly.” She was probably indicating that, even though the Israelis clearly had not started the war, there were still those in the American system who were unsympathetic, and who could be reliably counted upon to find any excuse not to help.

    Meir further testified that, in the hours before the war started, she explained to the ministers in her government that, “1973 is not 1967, and we won’t be forgiven this time.” Yes, some Israeli soldiers would certainly die due to the failure to launch a preemptive strike, but, Meir said, “I don’t know how many more others would die due to lack of equipment.” –

    * * *

    As to the Neo’s involvement, even if they had nothing to do with it, they have been pressing to drag Iran into it in any case.

    • George Michalopulos says

      Brilliant exegesis. Re the1973 Yom Kippur War, I understand why Meir was willing to not pre-empt (as they did in 1967, especially with their intentional bombing of the USS Liberty).

      Also, you are correct about the Ashkenazi (European elite) which runs the Mossad and Shin Beit: they hate Netanyahu, who, although is an Ashkenazi, is playing to the growing Mizrahi/Sephardi demographic which is on its way to overwhelming the founding Ashkenazi population of Israel.

      We cannot discount the fact that there is another element involved here, and that is the desire for the Collective West to find an off-ramp from the Ukraine.

      • George,

        Thank you. And you’re right, Это не случайно. (“This is no coincidence”), as the saying goes. They would want to bury the Ukraine War like a cat buries its boo-boo. This is just the thing to do the trick.

      • This plays into the inevitable demographics of Israel (and diaspora Judaism in general)

        The Ashkenazi population in Israel and the US is dwindling and is largely, Reformed, non-religious/atheist and has a low birth rate.

        The Sephardi/Mizrahi who tend to be Orthodox Jews have a higher birth rate and will eventually be the doming group in Israel (and the US).

        This form of Judaism is more militant than its Reformed counterpart. Just look how Hasidic groups treat Christians in the Holy Land.

        This might be the last gasp of Ashkenazi power in Israel.

  18. Phil Giraldi, ex-CIA, has a similar take to ours.

  19. I wonder: “How many more children
    will die on the golden altar?”

    Israeli boy featured in COVID vaccine campaign
    dies of heart attack at age 8

    After a distinguished physician’s grandson who appeared in vaccine promotions tragically passed away, one commentator asked, ‘How many more children will die on the golden altar?’

    JERUSALEM, Israel (LifeSiteNews) – An Israeli boy featured in a video used to push COVID vaccines on children in a nationwide campaign died tragically from a sudden heart attack in late September. The boy was only 8 years old.

    According to reports, Yonatan Moshe Erlichman, grandson of a distinguished physician in Beit El, Dr. Mati Erlichman, “died unexpectedly of cardiac arrest while taking a bath.”

    The 8-year-old boy is said to have “slipped under the water after his heart suddenly stopped beating, causing him to drown.” After being rushed to Hadassah Hospital on Mount Scopus, Yonatan died a few days later on Sept. 28.

    In 2020, at the age of 5, the child had appeared in a video produced by the regional council of Mateh Binyamin. The video was part of a government program aimed at pushing COVID vaccines on children, despite the nearly universal immunity of children to COVID-19.

    The video made Yonatan a “poster child” for the vaccine campaign in Israel, which became one of the most draconian nations in the world for vaccine measures. The video aired just before the nationwide vaccine campaign began.

    After the boy’s tragic death, the Erlichman family issued the following statement:

    Our Yonatan Moshe passed away recently. On the eve of Yom Kippur, Yonatan suffered a cardiac arrest in our home, and since then we have fought by his side after he collapsed. With love we thank all those who are dear to us and who were by our side in the last days of his life.

    Lamenting the tragedy, one Israeli commentator on social media asked indignantly, “Where are the headlines? The investigations? How many more children will die on the golden altar? In particular, there are already two controlled studies indicating that mRNA vaccines cause heart problems … Remember that at any given moment this can happen to your beloved children and grandchildren.”

    Last year, an Argentine boy who had similarly served as a national poster child in an ad pushing Covid vaccination for children died suddenly at age 4. According to reports, Santino Godoy Blanco was rushed to the hospital because of a fever and vomiting and died of “bilateral pneumonia.”

    “Before passing his mom says he took off his mask and gave her little kisses because he couldn’t talk anymore,” one post on X stated.

    The tragedy of the boy’s death is underscored by the fact that the Argentine government uses his photo on their website to still push the vaccination of children. The boy is pictured holding up his fist, with a slogan stating, “Vaccines protect us.”

    Dr. Robert Malone, inventor of the mRNA technology employed by the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines, has said that inoculating 28 million children 5 to 11 years old could lead to “1,000 or more excess deaths” while the risk from COVID-19 for healthy children is “about zero” and appears to be lower than the seasonal flu.

    Dr. Peter McCullough, MD, professor of medicine at Texas A&M University Health Sciences Center, called for an “unbreakable resistance” against children receiving the jab. In a 2021 lecture, McCullough cited numerous studies while arguing that “the chance of myocarditis, and hospitalization with myocarditis, for one of these children who is going to be forced into vaccination … is greater than being hospitalized for COVID-19.”

    In an October 2021 article for the Brownstone Institute, Dr. Paul Elias Alexander, who served in the Department of Health and Human Services during the COVID-19 pandemic under the Trump administration, called the push to vaccinate young children “dangerous” and “absolutely reckless.”

    “The risk-benefit discussion for children with these Covid-19 injections is a very different one than that for adults,” Dr. Alexander said. “The fact is that this is a completely novel and experimental injection therapy with no medium or long-term safety data (or even definitive effectiveness data). If we move forward with the vaccination of our children without the proper safety testing, then we will present them with potentially catastrophic risk, including deaths in some.”

  20. The problem in the Israel/Gaza conflict is that both sides are pathological liars and fabricators. Thus, it is very difficult to verify information coming out.

    In the Russia/Ukraine conflict – and I know there are those who will take issue with this – for the most part, you could assume that much of what was coming from the Russian government and Russian sources was likely accurate. There were exaggerations and premature reports of victory from various actors, but for the most part they just relayed the facts, which were usually favorable to them, and which could be verified elsewhere.

    Of course, the Ukrainians and Americans lied pathologically like it was free under the rubric that war propaganda is necessary to maintain morale. America simply repeated the often demonstrably false lies of the Kiev regime.

    In the Holy Land, it is different. Unless you see it, you probably should not believe it. And that goes for both sides.

  21. Whatever its origin, the Hamas attack and the Israeli response are working in favor of the new, New World Order; i.e., the Eurasian Alliance.

    The immediate effects of The War on Gaza are that the Saudi-Israeli rapprochement is being shelved and that the Muslim world and much of the Third World are being driven to solidarity – including Iran and Saudi Arabia, the most recent admittees to BRICS+. At the same time, the Western world is being divided between Jews and neo-cons on the one hand and progressives/minorities (who identify with the Palestinians) on the other. Europe has massive pro-Palestinian demonstrations and some countries are attempting to ban Palestinian flags, in futility. “Who’s the real victim?” is all the rage.

    Or, to put it slightly differently, this is dividing the West and uniting the Rest. And we all know about “a house divided”.

    Moreover, the same thing goes internally in the US domestic political situation. This fissure runs right down the center of the Democratic Party. Republicans are largely united on the side of Israel, but that may not matter since MAGA and the head of the Republican Party are against foreign wars.

    • ” Europe has massive pro-Palestinian demonstrations
      and some countries are attempting to ban Palestinian flags,
      in futility. “Who’s the real victim?” is all the rage.”

      The English Home Secretary has stated that flying Palestinian flags
      in England and Wales may be considered to be a criminal offence.

      Meanwhile in Glasgow, a group of Celtic Football Club supporters
      (known as the Green Brigade) frequently fly Palestinian flags.
      Their reasoning is that Celtic Football Club was founded as a charity
      to provide help to poor Catholic children in the East End of Glasgow.
      Their ancestors largely came from Northern Ireland where they were
      displaced by Protestant settlers during the Plantation of Ulster.
      They see themselves as showing solidarity with another people
      who were shoved off their land by incoming colonial settlers.
      It will be interesting to see how the Scottish Police Force,
      (well known for Protestant, Unionist and Masonic sympathies)
      handles this one – for the Green Brigade will fly the flags;
      of that I am in no doubt.

      • As predicted above…

        Green Brigade in scathing statement to Celtic board over bans

        ‘ A scathing Green Brigade statement has slammed the Celtic board over “disingenuous claims” leading to away match bans for supporters amid the row over displays of support for Palestine.
        Supporters previously showed support for Palestine amid the ongoing conflict with Israel, however, a Celtic statement distanced the club from the display and condemned messages of that nature being displayed at Parkhead.
        The supporter group then blasted the statement before members of the Green Brigade were banned from attending away matches due to “very clear and extremely unsafe and unacceptable behaviour”.
        Affected supporters were unable to attend the match away to Hearts at the weekend with the Green Brigade suggesting the row over Palestine displays played a part in the banning order. …

        “Today, we are in familiar territory and already being sanctioned by the Board. Currently, hundreds of fans are suspended from away matches due to an association with the Green Brigade; despite receiving no correspondence, no allegations, nor any detail regarding any investigatory process.

        “The suspension was communicated to the Green Brigade on Friday (27/10) afternoon ahead of the Hearts match on Sunday afternoon (29/10) despite alleged concerns dating back four weeks. [The dates are wrong.] …

        The group then called on supporters to join a display of support for Palestine during the Champions League clash against Atletico Madrid.
        Green Brigade members intend to distribute flags for use inside the stadium from outside the ground ahead of the match for the ‘Fly the Flag’ display.
        The statement added: “In spite of this, and any further obstruction, we once again encourage fans to courageously fly the flag for Palestine. For those unable to obtain a flag, the Green Brigade will distribute thousands of flags outside the stadium. While it would be easier to distribute flags inside, we are prohibited from bringing the flags into the stadium.
        “We respect the right of all fans who wish not to participate in such an action, however equally we ask that the same respect and freedom is afforded to all fans who do.” … ‘

        I shudder to think what might happen
        when Israel invades Gaza…

  22. Israel is being baited into a trap in Gaza and they must be aware of it. What was the purpose of the Hamas raid? To get Israel to invade Gaza. Israel has wanted an excuse to clear out Gaza and Hamas has had time to prepare for their arrival.

    Now, the Israelis have prepared to go into Gaza, having bombed parts of it into a lookalike of Dresden during WWII, killing countless civilians indiscriminately. The actual invasion seems to be on hold for the moment. Weather is the excuse but I’m not sure that’s the reason. They may be thinking twice and taking a deep breath before they go in there because a lot of them are not going to come out alive.

    Likely they are revising their appetite for destruction. Initially, I believe they intended to drive the Palestinians out of Gaza into Egypt. Also, they were talking about killing every last Hamas soldier. These are, to say the least, maximalist goals. The latest word from Israeli generals, however, is that they may have scaled back to only targeting the upper crust of Hamas political and military leadership. Otherwise, you’re committed to killing everyone with a weapon as long as it takes. With a scaled back goal, you have some control over your exit strategy. Also, you have US Special Forces already in Gaza so that is another wild card they must consider.

    Meanwhile, Russia has proposed a ceasefire resolution to the UN Security Council as well as mediation and both Russia and China have warned Israel against further killing of civilians (which already exceed the total of Israelis murdered by Hamas). BRICS will be onboard supporting some type of negotiated settlement.

    Moreover, Iran passed a note to the UN through Qatar saying they would intervene if Israel invades Gaza. That may be the silver bullet causing the delay and possibly cancelling the invasion. Iran is taken very seriously. As a practical matter, as I have mentioned, they have a nuclear capacity. This creates a practical deterrence to everyone except the craziest of neo-cons who will not be satisfied until the Iranians test a nuclear device. Moreover, Iran is joining BRICS and can bankroll more Hamas operations, funneling in more weapons. They believe they have a measure of impunity.

    So, other than that, how was the play, Mrs. Lincoln?

    • Perhaps Israel chose to proffer its own bait.
      No one in that country now protests about
      the composition of the Supreme Court.
      They have other things to think about.

    • Antiochene Son says

      Israel has air superiority, but that’s about it. Their military age population is in as bad of shape as ours is. They called up 300K reservists but how many of them want to go into that meat grinder?

      Maybe they’ll do it like D-Day and station MPs behind the troops to shoot any that don’t go willingly to their deaths.

      • This could end Israel, at least theoretically. Take a look at the nations to their north and northeast. You have Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and Iran. All Shiite or Shiite rich environments (Lebanon is about 30% each Sunni/Shia; Alawis [Shia sect] run Syria, Iraq is over 60% Shia). Saudi probably is grateful for the excuse to axe the prospective accords they were working on with Israel. Now they’re cozying up to Iran as well as Syria again. The Muslim world was already uniting due to BRICS and a general intra-Muslim thaw brokered by China. This conflict will increase that dynamic.

        Biden has managed to drive Russia and China into each other’s arms as well as Iran and Saudi the same way.

        If something takes Israel out, it will be Iran, directly or indirectly. Iran can stand back and funnel weapons into Gaza indirectly through Qatar and Turkey as well as directly to Hezbollah in the north. They are somewhat protected by their nuclear potential, their own military and the presence of the Russians in Syria, who may very well have to also defend Assad a second time. If Hezbollah intervenes, the Israelis have let the right people know that the Americans will attack Damascus.

        That’s not even discussing potential trouble in the West Bank.

        It’s far, far too early to tell, but rather than seeing the Israelis “driven into the sea” you could see them driven onto El Al flights back to the diaspora.

        • I don’t know that Israel is going to go away. Frankly, I think all this mayhem is contrived to give the “white hats” the cover they need to take out Netanyahu, his supporters, and the families who control them. – While we’re looking at Gaza, Israel is being liberated. Look for a “new and improved” Netanyahu if they haven’t already swapped him out. (I’m telling you this mask/plastic surgery thing is real. We’re on our 3rd Biden.)

          There is also a BRICS component. The Abraham Accords only go so far. BRICS thinks they can broker something with the Palestinians if Washington and Israel stay out of it. A war is an effective way to keep them busy.

          Plus, as everyone has noted, it would be extremely unlikely for Israel to have been surprised. And they’re using the same playbook as was used years ago with the beheadings, etc. Remember Shobat? It’s not what it appears. I have personally seen 5 separate instances of crisis actors being used.

          My prediction: the landscape won’t change. The Palestinians may be more amenable to a peace agreement.

          • Anonymous II says

            “I’m telling you this mask/plastic surgery thing is real. We’re on our 3rd Biden.”


            • Galinushka gets excited sometimes. Just roll with it.

              • That may be true but I’m right!

                • …and modest with it too!

                  • I would say we can all learn from the past but don’t seem to. As an example, we know we can’t trust the media, but we do. They say a hospital was hit and 500 died. We don’t know that’s true. Remember this? (See below) All fake, just as this probably is but is anyone saying that?


                    I actually look for things like this: This reeks of planning. Everyone is constantly pointing out the fact that the U.S. gave Iran 6B (same amount allocated to Ukraine that went missing.) But they fail to mention the 158B we gave Israel a few months ago. – Again, reeks of planning.

                    I also know Hamas is very connected to the Palestinians. Not just Iran. Charity (money) that goes to the Palestinians goes to Hamas first. They take their cut off the top and give the rest to the people. (If you’re an Antiochian any length of time, you’ll know this.) I also know Hezbollah provides similar service for Lebanon. If they’re lining up on the border, it’s to keep Israel out, not come in.

                    I know that there is always a fake “blood and guts” component to Middle Eastern wars. This one’s no different. Even the picture showing the landscape of Gaza all aflame was actually a celebration from a championship football game. I do Google searches so I can find the original picture.

                    Finally, I know something about BRICS and their objectives. I think the 4 years of foreign relations I had in college has helped me a little and my extensive experience working with different people who almost exclusively come from the Middle East in technology, makes me a little more confident I know what’s going on.

                    I also know who to listen to. McGregor. Ritter. I had Jim Jatras at my kitchen table for hours this weekend. I have access to excellent information.

                    When I say things, I have to be more right than wrong. Do you see people mocking you or Misha? I’m not trying to be immodest but neither should I have to be silent when I’ve been proven to be right over and over again. Or be called “excited.”

                    • There I go again, getting myself into trouble for forgetting
                      Churchill’s dictum that the Brits and the Americans
                      are two peoples divided by the same language.

                      I apologise for offending you.
                      I did not mean to.

                    • I know. 😉

                    • Hi Gail,

                      I totally agree about being cautious in believing what the mainstream media is saying especially after seeing the twistings of Ukraine… but I do find it harder to believe that the Orthodox clergy in the area are lying about the hospital bombing…


                    • Hi, Leo.

                      I don’t think I said anything about Orthodox clergy.

                      I used to work over by the Queen Mary in Long Beach, CA and in downtown LA. These places are meccas for filmmaking. Once I couldn’t find my train, because they swapped out all the signs with ones in French. They were making a French movie. Another time, there was a old fashioned border station erected overnight on the street into my building. It looked so realistic, I wondered if it was some toll booth we had to go through to get to work. Another time, some man behind me lifted me up back onto a curb from the street. He said, “I didn’t want you to get hit by that motorcycle.” I said, “What monocycle?” Just then a motorcycle came hauling #$$ around the corner. He said, “That motorcycle.” I asked him how he knew. He said, “Lady, we’re shooting a movie and you just walked onto our set.” So, if you see a woman being lifted off her feet to avoid and on-coming motorcycle, that would be me.

                      My point?

                      You can’t tell what’s real anymore even if it’s right in front of your face. They are that good.

                      I also have to say that because the Orthodox Christians are in the minority, they don’t have a lot of flexibility. They are required to repeat the party line. I’ve heard clergy say things (mostly in Syria) that are absolutely not true. It’s called s-u-r-v-i-v-a-l.

                      Blowing up a hospital has been used by propogandists in the past to provoke strong emotions. No one knew the maternity center bombing in Ukraine wasn’t real until the woman appeared in the same clothes in another scene. The same thing happened with the “white helmets” in Syria years ago. They used the same children in multiple rescue shots. One was a little boy about 5 was photographed sleeping on top his parent’s graves because he had nowhere else to go. That little boy’s father finally came forward and admitted it was staged.

                      People are definitely getting hurt. No one is disputing that. But:

                      Next time you see a picture, right click on it and then click SEARCH IMAGE WITH GOOGLE. It will bring up similar images and then you can sometimes tell if they were of other things or if the people are in other similar scenes.


                      Speaking of clergy/hospital, this just came in. Several sites are reporting it. I think Alex Jones is one of them.

                      21h ago / 7:07 AM CDT

                      Diocese in charge of al-Ahli Hospital says the building was a ‘sanctuary’ during strikes
                      Doha Madani

                      Before the blast at al-Ahli, Palestinians across Gaza were using the hospital as a sanctuary from the constant barrage of strikes, according to Archbishop Hosam Naoum.

                      Naoum, who is part of the Diocese of Jerusalem that runs the hospital, said al-Ahli is a complex of seven buildings with a courtyard and church in the center. It was the parking lot that took the brunt of the damage, the archbishop confirmed.

                      Naoum told a news conference in Jerusalem today that two employees were injured but the rest were busy with patients.

                      “There were operations taking place while the blast took place,” Naoum said. “So they were in surgeries, and then we had to evacuate all our patients to neighboring hospitals.”

                      Naoum said that the hospital was hit three days prior in an Israeli airstrikes and the hospital received multiple evacuation notices afterward, but he did not consider the two issues connected. The church administrators could not determine the cause of the blast, Naoum said, noting that the clergymen were not military experts.

                      The hospital has solar power capabilities, as well as a reserve of fuel and supplies, but Naoum said it was just a matter of days until those supplies are gone.


                    • You’re doing a wonderful job, Galya.

                      Now, nothing I have seen so far contradicts the fact that the Israelis bombed the hospital, notwithstanding fake audios obviously manufactured and videos from years earlier. The exact extent of the carnage and damage may be an issue, but I’m sure it was extensive. The fact that the bomb may have landed in the parking lot does not bear on the number of people killed and injured since it was a place of refuge and was surely packed on and around its grounds when struck. It was struck less seriously by Israeli attacks twice in the days immediately prior to the big one and was repeatedly ordered to evacuate as it was in danger of being bombed, allegedly due to it being a Hamas staging ground.

                      First, they claimed responsibility. Then they denied responsibility and blamed it on Islamic Jihad with an obviously fake audio. Then they blamed it on the Palestinians with a video from 2022. Now they are disputing that the hospital was even seriously damaged.

                      Pathological liars. They believe it is justified in wartime and just in general against their enemies.

                      Now, I’m not saying the Palestinian Arabs don’t lie as well. Beware bs from both sides. But the Arabs and Muslims are justified in their outrage about this. And it’s only one incident. The Israelis admitted that they dropped over 6,000 bombs on Gaza in six days. That is, by definition, indiscriminate bombing and this incident only scratches the surface.

                    • Not only did they NOT bomb a hospital, there was no hospital bombed. It was a parking lot. Two were injured, not 500 killed. This has all the earmarks of a misfire and one side trying to use it as an excuse to blame the other side. No one tries to bomb a parking lot.

                      Remember when everyone thought the Russian Federation bombed Poland?

                    • Well, we’ll have to agree to disagree on this one.

                    • You’re not disagreeing with me. You’re disagreeing with the picture of the parking lot, Orthodox clergy who work in the hospital, two Hamas operatives speaking about what happened, and seeing the inside of the hospital yourself.

                    • All I know is that it was probably a JDAM judging by the size of the explosion and they explode a couple of hundred feet in the air, I assume over the parking lot. That means IDF. But I don’t know how many were killed. If you watch all the stuff I’ve posted, especially Berletic, it makes sense. But, really, who cares? Hundreds are being killed by the Israeli bombing anyway and the Arab and Muslim world has already decided. America doesn’t care if Israel targets civilians at this point anyway.

                    • Yeah, but I think what I posted is more compelling, as there are pictures and eye witness accounts.

              • IT adds a whole new level of meaning
                to the morning ablutions when she says:
                “I need to put my face on
                before I face the world…”

            • When you don’t have the $$$ for good fakes, you have to make do. Remember when the original actor playing George Michalopulos unexpectedly passed away in 2019 and after a hiatus they ended up with a replacement that didn’t look very close? You could tell it’s why they gave up on the YouTube. The writers concocting a stunt wedding to a frequent blog commentator was a pretty transparent distraction.

              Not a surprise though, the Knights Templar have always been cheap.

              • Mitch, hate to break it to you, the beautiful woman you saw was none other than the Fair Gailina. As for myself, Al Pacino was able to substitute for me at the last minute.

                As for the military order, ever since I found out that I was descended from an Italian baroness (great-great-grandmother) I have submitted a request to join the Knights of Malta.

                • Some of the children who used to play here are still angry. They imagined their keyboards were fiery swords and loved playing swashbuckler. Unfortunately, we asked them to grow up and they don’t want to. This poor guy was trying to use his keyboard one more time to cut off our heads. Surprised you published it, George. This Mitch character (guarantee this is not his name) will assume you are welcoming him back. They don’t need much encouragement, as you know.

        • “This could end Israel, at least theoretically.”

          Yes I also see how this could play out that way.

          A huge change over the past few decades is that Western collective memory of WW2 has faded fast. It has now been almost 80 years since the end of WW2. The prime impetus for the creation of the state of Israel was the ghastly Holocaust during WW2 and the Western desire to compensate for what was done to the Jewish people. I’m a Gen X-er, and when I was in school, this reality was ingrained into us both explicitly and implicitly…. the state of Israel existed because of what happened to the Jewish people in WW2. One did not argue with this fact.

          That collective memory, though, is fading – the cultural clout of Americans and Westerners who believe that the West must “support Israel at all costs” is not nearly what it was 30 years ago.

          I don’t see how Israel can continue to exist – even with an intelligence service as ruthless as the Mossad – without Western support. And Western culture is collapsing as we see around us every day, so pretty soon “Western support” may not mean much at all.

          I can totally envision a time when Israel as a country does not exist and the Jewish people go back to living as distinct communities in most countries throughout the world, as they did for centuries prior to the creation of Israel in 1948.

          • “The prime impetus for the creation of the state of Israel was…”
            the Balfour Declaration of 1917, in which the British Government
            promised to support the establishment of a Jewish National Home
            in Palestine (note the name) as a quid pro quo for Zionist support
            in WWI against the Ottoman Empire which then held the Levant.

            Two years before, in 1915, the British had promised Hussein bin Ali,
            the Sharif of Mecca, to recognise Arab independence in these lands
            in return for an Arab Revolt against the same Ottoman Empire.

            In between these dates, in 1916, l’Albion Perfide (Perfidious Albion)
            signed the Sykes-Picot Pact with France; under the terms of which
            France would get Syria and the Brits would get Palestine and Iraq,
            once the war was won and the Ottoman Empire was carved up.

          • Anonymous II says

            “I can totally envision a time when Israel as a country does not exist and the Jewish people go back to living as distinct communities in most countries throughout the world, as they did for centuries prior to the creation of Israel in 1948.”

            God forbid!

        • Antiochene Son says

          I agree Misha. I’m thinking less that this was a false flag on Israel’s part. They’re not masterminds, they were lulled into a false sense of security and Hamas brilliantly created a catalyst to unite the entire Arab world around them.

          Why is the Israeli invasion of Gaza delayed? The IDF can’t handle some drizzle? No, I think if they go in, it will be the end of Israel. Iran and company have been hesitant to pull the trigger, but I think it’s now coming to a head and they’re deciding it’s a problem they have to deal with sooner or later, and if they invade Gaza it might be the last straw.

          The world sees that Israel’s command to the Gazans to leave is like telling fish in a barrel to get out of the way. The Israeli bloodlust has gone too far with this threat, and their hesitation very well may mean they won’t do it. But if they do, it’s over.

          • AS,

            I still entertain the possibility that Mossad looked the other way regarding a Hamas build up for action in order to tank Bibi. But a false flag? No, I agree with you there. This was all Hamas. I simply think that even though they may have “stood down” early when it went down, that Mossad simply did not realize the scope of what Hamas was doing. Otherwise, they never would have let it go, if they did. It is unclear to what extent they could have stopped it even if they had tried, actually. Probably would have mitigated much of it if they had been vigilant. But Hamas’ intelligence is excellent. They knew exactly when the guard was down and to what extent.

            I agree with your conclusion as well. If the Israelis go into Gaza and get bogged down and another front opens up, that could be it. It could trigger a wider war and they could find themselves losing parts of northern Israel and getting slaughtered in Gaza. If Iran stepped in more strongly, I don’t think the US could do much about it.

            Throw in a major uprising on the West Bank and even the sabras would start booking flights.

  23. Meanwhile, back at the ranch,
    the real war continues…

    80k employees of Biden’s HHS are now forced to use transgender pronouns

    ‘ Timed to coincide with “National Coming Out Day,” the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has imposed a transgender pronoun mandate on its 80,000 employees, requiring each to affirm transgender and non-binary coworkers’ self-proclaimed “identity,” no matter what his or her conscience might dictate.

    “HHS today imposed a transgender pronoun mandate on its employees who will now be forced to deny biological realities with their own words or face firing,” explained Roger Severino, the director of the HHS Office for Civil Rights during the Trump Administration, on social media. …

    Severino contrasted the disparate messages that HHS was sending out to its small minority of gender non-conforming employees with that delivered to the vast majority of its employees who now must bend their knees to transgender ideology, even if they find it abhorrent:

    “HHS to people who identify as the sex they are not:
    who you know yourself to be is valid.’”

    “HHS to its workforce: All must publicly announce acceptance of this ideological view by using pronouns contrary to biological realities. Resisters will be fired for making HHS ‘unsafe.’” … ‘

    Of course, this war is only half-won.
    These rules deal with generic identity
    but not specific identity identification.

    What of those who identify as Napoleon?
    (Vive l’Empereur!) Or Tiny Mustache Man?
    Or (God forbid!) Admiral Rachel Levine?

    • They should come up with one pronoun for everyone. “It” works for me. As in, “It” called a meeting. Or “It is taking time off to marry it’s longtime girlfriend.” Much simpler. One pronoun for everybody.

      • Too specific.
        “It’s taking time off
        to marry its longtime friend.”

      • “It” won’t work because it (woops, there I go) might be offensive to a certain cousin by the name of Adams…in which case it is both offended and offensive.

        On the other hand, this very quality might make it the perfect microaggressive provacation for our time.

  24. Patriarch of Jerusalem has called for tomorrow to be a day of prayer for peace in the Holy Land.

  25. Watching Scott Ritter on this conflict, you get the feeling that he is adamantly anti-Israel because he feels what they are doing to be evil, criminal and overwhelmingly unjust. In a sense, it is just as myopic as the virtue signaling of Israel-olatry we see in certain quarters. That is an understandable reaction, but it fails to account for the following.

    This is something that can puzzle people formed in the Western bubble and used to seeing black hats and white hats everywhere. I broke out of this bubble and generally find that Eastern Christians over a certain age raised in the East do not suffer from this delusion so much as Westerners. But it is so common in the West that it’s worth a word.

    There is a reason the story of the Fall comes first in the Bible. It is the key to understanding our reality. It is a “facts of life” story. Man is perishable. He lives but also suffers, ages and dies. Moreover, he lives in a world that is dangerous and where resources are limited. It is a jungle or wilderness. As I’ve said from time to time, “Life is five wolves in a pit fighting over a piece of meat, and you’re one of the wolves.”

    This is a consequence of the Fall and will remain the case until the Second Coming. Yet, we can escape the spiritual consequences of this fallen world through Christ. But not the physical ones, not until the eschaton. Within our community, love should rule and that should be our general attitude toward the outside as well. But not in naivete. There are times when “A soft answer turneth away wrath”, to be sure. And there is also “a time for war” and “a time to kill”. Christ brought the sword of cooperation to the Judeans in order to spiritually conquer the Romans when physical liberation was impossible. And this should be a lesson for Palestinian Arabs, Muslim and Christian, as well as for the rest of us in similar circumstances.

    But the hard, cold fact of the matter is that in order to possess the promised land, the Hebrews had to ethnically cleanse the Canaanites. Later, they had to do the same thing with Amalek and Moab. States are often formed on gratuitous violence and the State of Israel, founded on “ethnic cleansing” is no different. “The State of Palestine”, if it materializes, will turn out to be the same.

    Fierce, violent, dangerous world – limited resources. Wolves in a pit.

    I am not a cherry. I do not encourage Christians to be cherries. St. Sergius of Radonezh was no cherry when he blessed St. Dmitri Donskoy. As the late St. Tom (called “the Petty”) wrote, “Everybody’s had to fight to be free, but you don’t have to live like a refugee.”

    It takes a certain kind of chivalry, of manly courage – a recognition and acceptance at a very high level of the common plight of man.

    Otherwise good people are going to do hairy things for tribal survival. It’s just baked in the cake. That is a consequence of the Fall. So, on a certain level, I don’t fault the Israelis or the Arabs for their actions in this conflict. None of us asked to be born and to be thrown into this meat grinder. God is a mystery, but remains the Good One. I blame it all on the sins of fallen angels and men. The question is how to proceed in the future.

    Israel exists. Perhaps the Jews will pack up and leave. I doubt it, but it’s possible. That is the source of the current conflict. But I’m not on a tear against Israel or the Jews. And I’m certainly not on a tear against the Arabs. I understand the passion. But you can rise above it, or wallow in it. For some time, the natural reaction is to wallow in it. It feels good and mitigates the pain. But sooner or later, cooler heads must prevail in order to avoid perpetual conflict.

    Generally, minimizing the body count of civilians is a good thing. Israel has already slaughtered more innocent Palestinian civilians than Israeli Jews that were killed in the Hamas raid.

    Enough is enough.

    But, likely, it will take a quagmire, significant losses on both sides, further civilian casualties and international intervention to de-escalate this bad boy. But it will end. And we will all go on and resume interaction.

    • George Michalopulos says

      Very well said, Misha.

      As for myself, I am flabbergasted by the fact that Providence placed us on an island surrounded by two great oceans, making us impervious to invasion. Why did we not listen to President Washington, who in his Farewell Address exhorted us to remain neutral as to the Old World? Again, because we are fallen men who in our arrogance, feel the need to intervene in the affairs of others.

      As to Israel/Palestine, I can be (and am) more sympathetic to the Israelis but that doesn’t mean we need to be involved in that unholy and intractable mess. I also believe that the Palestinians are suffering horribly. We should disengage from all foreign conflicts and also forego sending any “foreign aid” to any nation. We have more than enough problems here.

      Even here in Oklahoma (which has the lowest unemployment rate in the US), I see more homeless people in one day than I ever saw previous to –say–10 years ago. I dare say, more than were ever seen during the Great Depression.

      • Israel, after the hospital attack (and I believe the Israelis did it but it may not matter), is starting to look, internationally, like Rhodesia/Zimbabwe and South Africa. The anti-colonial wave is too strong and the Jews have squandered any “victim status” they had due to the Holocaust. They’re lying like it was free, as are the Americans, and no one outside their bubble is listening to them, much less believing them.

        This is all starting to have a Battle for the Planet of the Apes feel to it.

        I suspect Israel is going to lose this conflict. It may not disappear immediately, but its future is quite murky.

        • I think you have the rights of it.
          Another Jewish candle sputters and dims.
          So much for their light of revelation to the Gentiles.
          They can’t even be nice to their neighbours

    • “Life is five wolves in a pit fighting over a piece of meat,
      and you’re one of the wolves.”

      Sometimes, like Ragnar Lothbrok,
      you might be the piece of meat…
      [Video – 01:42]

      • Yes, I never said there was anything in the pit besides the wolves. A piece of meat is a dead animal. Maybe it’s dead when it’s thrown in, maybe it’s a fellow wolf. Same difference if you’re hungry.

        Another snarky little saying is, “Democracy is two wolves and a sheep voting on what’s for dinner.” Israel should remember that when they oppose a two state solution in favor of a “single democracy”.

  26. Alice: Curiouser and curiouser

    Bombshell Report! Israel Ordered Military
    to Stand Down During Hamas Assault

    Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ordered Israel’s military to stand down for 7 hours during Hamas’ assault on the Jewish nation last week, according to reports.

    Jewish Pro-Life Foundation leader Cecily Routman, citing government sources, claimed Netanyahu ordered the stand down to allow Hamas to launch its attack in order to justify Israeli retaliation against Gaza meant to ultimately wipe the Palestinian enclave off the map.

    “Israel as the most sophisticated intelligence in the world. There is no way the government didn’t know that that was going to happen,” Routman told conservative activist Lauren Witzke in an interview released Saturday.
    [Video – 01:32]

    Routman explained that Rabbi Chananya Weissman, who’s connected with top officials in the Israeli government, “sent out a missive that, indeed, the IDF was given stand down orders – both the army and the air force – seven hours to stand down while those attacks took place.”

    “And this allowed the terrorists to come in and begin slaughtering and torturing the citizens,” she said.

    “Personally, I think that this situation is akin to a family keeping a rabid dog in their home and then blaming the dog when their baby gets bitten.”

    “I look at the government of Israel and they really needed to make sure these people did not proliferate on their borders. And so they are held partially accountable for having to kill God’s creations in order to secure their border. This should never have happened,” Routman added.

    Her claims corroborate reports from Oct. 7, in the first hours of Hamas’ attack on Israel, that the Israeli military was largely absent as Hamas invaded the border.

    Efrat Fenigson@efenigson
    🇮🇱 ‘ Israeli citizens in Israeli towns near Gaza Strip begging for help from Israeli Police or Army, and they’re NOT there!
    6 hours after this nightmare started.
    What happened to the “strongest army in the world”?
    How come border crossings were wide open??
    Something is VERY WRONG HERE. ‘

    However, ABC News reported that Israel’s air force began shelling Gaza about 4 hours after Hamas began its assault, and its government activated its reserves about two hours after the attack began.

    But that doesn’t adequately explain Israel’s inexplicable intelligence failure that gave Hamas the opportunity to launch its attack in the first place.

    Perhaps Hamas’ terror attack really was Israel’s 9/11 — another inside job to justify full-scale war, that is.

  27. BREAKING! U.S. pushing for war against Iran using
    Israel as bait | Redacted with Clayton Morris

    [Video Timeslot – from 49:00-59:00 mins]

    Israeli National Security Minister who heads the Police arms
    Kahanist militias. Is Israel heading for a Jew-on-Jew civil war?

    • “Never let a good crisis go to waste.”

      Israel/Gaza/Iran provides a nice clean/fast break and off ramp form the Ukrainian war. It also provides an opportunity for a pyric “victory” right ahead of election time.

      Problem is, they lost in Afghanistan, they lost in Ukraine…and they will lose against Iran and it’s allies and then when that fails they will lose against China.

      They’re going for broke, but the problem is, they are already broke.

      The entire West (the main ally of Israel) is completely out of weapons, at least in any meaningful sense. If Israel decides to go to all-out war with it’s neighbors it wont last a month without U.S/West intervention. But even then, it wont last a year bc what exactly does the West/NATO have left to give them?

      Here domestically in the U.S, besides our terrible economic situation, it’s not hard to fathom how many Hamas, Hezbollah, and God knows who else has been allowed to cross our border. It doesn’t take much imagination to know what can/will happen when that comes to a head. The U.S escaped outright confrontation on American soil in WW1, other than Pearl Harbor we faired the same in WW2. I don’t think we are going to be so lucky in WW3…

      • The modern West reminds me less of Pyrrhos of Epiros
        than of Archibald, 4th Earl of Douglas and Duc de Touraine
        (the great Black Douglas ogre of Shakespeare’s Henry IV Part 1),
        the greatest warrior of the day; of whom it was once memorably said
        that he ‘clattered through history from defeat to defeat’,
        losing battles, armies and bits of himself in the bygoing.

        At Homildon Hill in 1402 he lost the battle, his army and an eye.
        At Shrewsbury in 1403 he lost the battle, his army and a testicle.
        and at Verneuil in 1424 he lost the battle, his army and his life.

        (I sometimes wonder if he did not provide the original inspiration
        for the Black Knight in the film Monty Python and the Holy Grail)

        At any rate, however great his personal prowess,
        the Scots people remember him as The Tineman
        for he tint (lost) all his major battles.

        The West seems to be following a similar trajectory.

  28. Now the Israelis are saying they “intercepted a communication” that shows Hamas or Islamic Jihad fired the rocket that hit the hospital. It’s silly, as Ritter describes toward the end of this discussion with G. Nixon.

    Beware bs from either side.

  29. Oh, sh!t,
    It just hit me as I was starting to fall asleep. It’s revenge. Buckle up, it’s going to get rough.

    Russia’s going to ruin Israel in revenge for the American involvement in Ukraine. Amir Weissman was on RT making threats against Russia. I wondered why. Putin just asked for Israel to prove it didn’t hit the hospital by showing satellite images. That’s annoying but no cause for the outburst he made.

    They know it’s coming.

    Why admit Saudi, Iran and Egypt to BRICS all at the same time? Russia is already in Syria and wishes to oust America from the Middle East. Putin’s remarks about this conflict place the blame squarely on America.

    How do you hurt America and oust it from the Middle East? You have to sink Israel.

    • Misha,

      The West cares about Israel. And the people the West cares about in Israel are the same people they care about in America. The elite.

      Russia knows who hit the hospital. It’s all over the news.

      Russia also knows there are some very bad people in Israel that financed Ukraine. These people are the people on Russia’s hit list; not the country of Israel.

      The elites are scared. They’re out of money. No one will lend them more. Alex Soros just sold off 40% of his dad’s enterprise. The Rothchild’s are also holding a fire sale. It’s “come to Jesus meeting” time for them. They’re going down. (Not Israel. Israel is as much a captured nation as we are.)

      They admitted Saudi, Iran, and Egypt into BRICS because they want the Middle East to form a bloc to keep neighboring nations from fighting each other. America shouldn’t be in the Middle East. When Biden is out, we’ll be out.

      Russia doesn’t care about our sorry little behinds in America. NATO is depleted and we’re down for the count. We’re not a threat to anyone like this.

      However, Putin sees Trump as an asset. So when we get Trump back in the White House, we’ll find an ally in Putin.


      You’re playing an old video game, Misha. There’s a new video game now. Everything has changed.

  30. Sorry, his name is Amir Weitmann.

    • I think something I posted last night didn’t make it through. It was the first part of the Weitmann comment. But that’s fine. Google the name and you may be able to do the math.

      Russia may be able to “contain” Israel in the future. It can neutralize the US carriers if need be with Mig-31’s armed with Kinzhal hypersonic missiles. Putin implied this in comments the other day. All Russia needs to do is throw a wrench in Israel’s role as a big Jewish military base for the US in the region in order to effectively, militarily drive the US out of the region.

      Putin may be intending to give the Israeli’s an offer they can’t refuse, “Take the two state deal or face Arab wrath.” If so, in thirty years you may see his icon in Antiochian and Jerusalemite churches.

  31. Here’s another Israeli attack which, I suspect,
    was intended as a false flag attack on the USA.

    USS Liberty Treason

    [Video – 15:49]

    Choose your friends carefully…