Is This the Near Death Experience They’ve Been Talking About?

Russian Sarmat Missiles

Trump and others have alluded to a possible “near death experience.”  Could this be it?  

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Russia State Media Talk About Nuclear Strike To Activate Yellowstone Volcano

MOSCOW – A media broadcast on Russian state-run Channel 1 discusses using a nuclear missile to activate a volcano located in Yellowstone National Park, within the United States in order to activate the fault-line located on the Pacific Ocean and “bring down the entire east coast of the United States”.

Russian state media VPK had also spoke of the possibility in 2015, saying that Russia could counter NATO by landing a nuclear weapon near the Yellowstone volcano, or the San Andreas fault in order to activate them.

A translation of the piece by the Syndey Morning Herald reported the statement as, “Geologists believe that the Yellowstone super-volcano could explode at  any moment. There are signs of growing activity there. Therefore it  suffices to push the relatively small, for example the impact of the  munition megaton class to initiate an eruption. The consequences will be  catastrophic for the United States—a country just disappears”.

Channel 1 Video Translation By @Gerashchenko_en

“The president said an interesting thing, he said that he signed a decree on the adoption of the new types of weapons. It’s quite possible, I assume it’s the Sarmat (ICBM). The Sarmat (ICBM) is a special weapon. It’s a weapon that can, first of all, in addition to delivering a large number of nuclear warheads to the target, it is also capable, with a small block warhead, of striking across the South Pole, a global missile.

It is impossible to build an all-looking missile defense system, which means that the United States is vulnerable, that is the first point.

And the second point is that the Sarmat poses a threat to the most feared facility on U.S. territory, the Yellowstone volcano.

And the fact that our president said that we’re ready to start testing, and he stressed, new warheads in case the Americans start testing theirs, then I can assume that we’re talking about multi-ton class warheads, that’s exactly what we’re talking about for the Sarmat.

“If you look at the data from open sources like the internet, for example, you can see that the Belgorod submarine is based in the Pacific Ocean, not the Atlantic, and this is very indicative, because it is not on the Atlantic, but on the east coast of the USA.

That is, the U.S. Pacific Coast, are the famous San Andreas, San Jacinto faults, and these faults, if activated, they can trigger the activation of the entire arc of fire in the Pacific Ocean, which includes these faults.

Then comes Yellowstone, then come the Aleutian Grid volcanoes, are naturally volcanoes in Kamchatka and then down to Japan.

First of all, these very rifts will blow, they will bring down the entire east coast of the United States, and then secondly it could blow up this volcano.”

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Article by Donald Standeford, Defcon & SSJ Founder/Publisher


  1. This is entirely possible. First, the Russians must be allowed into Yellowstone National Park, together with a few billion dollars worth of mining equipment. Then, they should be allowed at least twenty years or so to drill a shaft deep into the Earth’s crust, eventually reaching the magma chamber below. In the process they would be breaking world records they had established themselves with the Kola Superborehole. The final step would be to lower the entirety of Russia’s nuclear arsenal into the shaft and detonate it. A thousand megatons or so might induce some kind of cataclysm, of the level of magma in the chamber is at sufficiently high pressure.

    Shooting nukes from the sky at the Yellowstone Supervolcano is a bit like shooting BBs at a M1 Abrams, except 500x times less effective.

    • They’ve talked about doing this before (as far back as 2015) and if geologists could dismiss it, they probably wouldn’t be talking about it now. – A “near death experience” means it doesn’t happen, BTW.

    • Taki, are you sure about that? My understanding of the Yellowstone volcano is that it’s quite brittle and has been worrying to geologists for quite some time now.

      What I heard is that should it blow, it could be an extinction event for most of North America.

      • What I heard is that should it blow, it could be an extinction event for most of North America.

        It would not only be an extinction event for America, it would be an extinction event for half the world.

        A supervolcano the size of Yellowstone (like Krakatoa and others) would not only decimate the area it’s in but would lower the whole global temperature (look up the Year Without a Summer).

        It would be extremely unwise to mess with Yellowstone because in destroying America they will secondhandly destroying themselves.

  2. The Russian govt would not do it. It’s a bluster story, like creating a tidal wave to wipe out Britain. Both have too many uncontrollable variables to be at all practical. Russians are planned and practical down to the nth level.

    Makes for good drama though.

    • I don’t think Russia would do it either. It’s a way of waking people up so they start paying attention to the fact that if they allow the West to keep acting aggressively toward Russia, Russia could do it. – Someone said they couldn’t hit a target that far away. This is ridiculous. They’ve put people in space “hitting the target” and brought them back again, “hitting the target.”

    • Agreed.

  3. This proves the Turkey quake was engineered by Russia to open a channel to the sea

  4. As time goes by, the more I’m convinced that the only way that the Ukraine war ends is with the abject humiliation of the US and NATO. They will not be dissuaded by anything less. Hopefully, that is what Russia is planning with their “half a million plus” additional forces assembling in Belarus and along the Ukrainian-Russian border.

    They’re going to have to make an example in order to shock the DS types back to reality.

    • Misha, do you think China will supply weapons to Russia?

      On the surface I have my doubts given their peace plan. But, Biden is sending more troops to Taiwan and I could see China doing a tit-for-tat and sending weapons to Russia

      • Petros,

        Honestly, I don’t see why they would do so. The accusation of the US concerning Chinese military aid to Russia is based on a subset of lies that it is projecting. Actually, it sounds paranoid. However, I take it as a political posture.

        The US spends a lot of time belittling Russia and building up China as a global challenge. The fact is, Russia is winning, has not even committed the majority of its assembled forces to the conflict, has occupied about 20% of the Ukraine and the sky’s the limit. I don’t see what the Chinese could supply that the Russians need – they are not behaving as though they need any help at all. But if you read Western, CIA generated headlines, you would think that the Ukrainians were in danger of taking Moscow. It is only in this environment of delusion that Chinese aid even makes sense.

        On the other hand, China could do some token contribution to place a thumb in the eye of the West. They don’t like being dictated to by Washington. I know the Russians fairly well; the Chinese less so. China is more easily intimidated than Russia under its current management. Weak red lines are the pattern from the Chinese – bluster without bite. But the last set of papers coming out of China indicate an adversarial relationship with dying Western hegemony. They know that they, along with the Russians, are the new consuls of the emerging empire.

        • ” Weak red lines are the pattern from the Chinese – bluster without bite”

          Like during the Korean War. Chinese issued several warnings against Western troops approaching Yalu River too close. They were dismissed as a bluff and Chinese got silent. This is clearly a pattern.

          • That, of course, was in the 1950’s. More recently, China issues regular threats regarding interference in its internal politics, even drawing alleged “red lines”, but not biting to match the bark. For instance, Pelosi visited Taiwan in direct defiance of the PRC government which, at least officially, everyone agrees is sovereign over Taiwan. The Chinese bitched but did nothing.

            In contrast, America staged a coup d’etat in the Ukraine, Russia took Crimea and supported forces in Eastern Ukraine until the Minsk Accords. Thereafter, Russia has engaged in an arms buildup anticipating the collapse of Minsk which the West was unwilling to enforce. Provoked again in February, 2022, by an immanent massive Ukrainian assault in the Donbas, by the West’s rejection of its European Security proposals and by Zelensky’s threat to withdraw from the Budapest Convention which prevents Ukraine from acquiring nukes, the Russians enforced their red line – much the way they did in Georgia in 2008.

            • Misha, I totally see your point. But I believe that the Chinese “bite” will come in due time.

              Consider: in not rising to Pelosi’s bait, the Chinese have gained more time to arm themselves. Second, they’ve drawn out the Pentagon to announce their bellicosity (when Gen Minihan announced that we’ll be at war with China in 2025). Now nobody in China believes that the US is worthy of negotiating peace. In other words, like the Russians, they’ve learned the Ukrainian lesson, that America is “agreement incapable”.

              Isn’t it a Chinese saying that “revenge is a dish best served cold”?

              I hate to say this but I don’t see a way for America to go to war with China. For one thing, there is no land base from which we could launch a land war. Second, as far as our Navy is concerned, our aircraft carriers are sitting ducks. Third, I find it unlikely that we would have allies from the Pacific theater. The only significant one is Japan and the Russians are constantly putting out their own bait in the form of the Kurile Islands (which Japan still claims).

              Finally, the economies of the West suck. We all know that we’ve already been in a recession last year. We know because Biden’s Press Secy, Sideshow Bob Terwilliger, went out of her way to redefine what the word meant. (That the MSM let her get away with it shows how much in the tank they are for the DS.) Regardless, even the legacy media is admitting that we are really going to go into a recession this year.

              Yikes. If that’s so, we’re really looking at a depression.

              • The Chinese will likely harden their spine in reaction to the Russian example. The Russians have demonstrated that the emperor has no clothes, so to speak. People fear what they don’t know and project worse case scenarios. After the Russian experience with sanctions and handling NATO, the Chinese have doubtlessly reassessed their worst case scenarios and may behave accordingly when we force a war over Taiwan, which is likely, regardless of our chances.

                Desperate hawks are looking at the end of empire outside of the Americas unless they “reestablish order”. They will initiate thru policy what the Pentagon would never dare initiate thru aggression.

                It will be constant war unless and until Trump is reelected. Biden is the perfect president to oversee the defeat and decline of American hegemony. I believe that is why God allowed him to usurp the throne. God is with Russia and against the US now. Bad position to be in.

      • I don’t think Russia needs Chinese weapons
        to beat the Ukraine + Nato + the USA;
        but Russia might be sending some carrier-busting missiles to China.

        • Yes, this whole “China better watch out and not send armaments to Russia” thing is just a distraction. If I were the US Pacific commander I’d be more worried about those Russian missiles that China will get.

  5. Anonymous II says

    Let’s imagine what you could change in 1 day:

    – Direct capital punishment for drug dealers, rapists and murderers now sitting in expensive re-education facilities for 30 years
    – Criminal punishment of drug felonies from 12+ years old

    – Back to the gold standard, new currency which can be exchanged for physical Gold
    – Kick out all international investors who just brought paper money. These debts are erased.

    – No more “refugees”, all current facilities are closed with 30 days and people need to move away
    – Make a deal with the ruler of Burundi in Africa they will take up the “refugees” in exchange for physical gold
    – Allowing 1 passport, no more dual passport citizens

    – No more education of foreigners in universities. They have 30 days to move away. (here 50% of total)
    – Small scale local schools, teaching maths, reading, writing, bible study and philosophy. (yes for kids)
    – Highs schools transformed to learn skills; build walls, cooking, woodwork, iron work, morality.
    – Separate education for boys and girls from 12 years old in high school to grow in masculinity and femininity.

    – Christian state religion (freedom to choose your denomination)
    – Mosques and Synagogues are broken down, people that don’t like the new rule can go to Burundi.

    – Strong censorship (No perversity, no blaspheming)
    – No foreign ownership of media
    – State funds to make wholesome Christian movies
    – Find a new ownership structure, should be impossible that 3 billionaire families own the full media.

    – Power control; no ownership of media, no funding of politicians, no funding of local organisation.

    – Made illegal, no foreign organisations can be active, no Greenpeace, no amnesty, no ADL
    – Local organisations are are allowed and stimulated: housewives, factory workers.

    – International patent laws are not effective anymore.
    – EU/International law is not accepted anymore. No more seat in UN or EU.
    – Strong embassy network is promoted, 1:1 relations
    – No more female judges, lawyers and prosecutors
    – Return to equal factual law, it doesn’t matter what is your history or psychological condition, it matters what you did and you are punished for that, whatever motivation / race / gender / upbringing you have

    – All windmills are broken down within 90 days.
    – Nuclear facilities are built and relations with Kazachstan intensified as main supplier of Uranium.

    – Roads, rails are improved funded by the state. All speedbumps, perverted art, and or other obstacles are removed.

    – Stop representative democracy
    – After a year consulting of the people, the people can give their voice on important issues to be decided every 2 weeks, this will be made public, which makes clear where the rule differs from the new rule.

    – No condoms to be sold or any form of anti-conception
    – No killing of babies in the womb, this is considered murder.
    – This means capital punishment on proven rape, as the woman is defiled for her life.

    – Not done by the state, this is shifted to the Churches, you either get to work or ask the people you sit with in church for help
    – The same for elder care
    – It is promoted that you give 10% of your income to your church

    – No more CO2/nitrogen emission restrictions
    – Environmental restrictions are based on what we see and hear (smell and sound)

    – Healthcare is a shared function of state and church (doctors are paid by state/churches)
    – No insurances, state / church provided
    – No more state funded psychologists

    – Focused on rolling up the big drug networks and confiscating criminal property

    – All modern art in museums is sold or given to Burundi

    Feast days
    – The Christian feast days are restored in it’s glory. No more bunnies at easter. No more devilish carnival. No more pagan santa.

    – Return of strong industrial policy to get back as quickly as possible to independence.

    – Any in public function need to swear on the bible for God to guide their actions.

    That would be the core of the state program we could propose.

    This is far from impossible, it’s just decisions. It won’t be heaven, but it will be a LOT better. Under the current globalist rule however this country of course will be fully sanctioned like Iran/Russia

    • Lots to chew on here, Alex.

      As far as crime and punishment, I have an idea: since we don’t know what a “woman” is, why don’t we just tear down all women’s prisons and put them in one facility?

  6. Anonymous II: “Any in public function need to swear
    on the bible for God to guide their actions.”

    Matthew 5 [KJV]:
    33 Again, ye have heard that it hath been said by them of old time,
    Thou shalt not forswear thyself, but shalt perform unto the Lord thine oaths:

    34 But I say unto you, Swear not at all; neither by heaven; for it is God’s throne:

    35 Nor by the earth; for it is his footstool:
    neither by Jerusalem; for it is the city of the great King.

    36 Neither shalt thou swear by thy head,
    because thou canst not make one hair white or black.

    37 But let your communication be, Yea, yea; Nay, nay:
    for whatsoever is more than these cometh of evil.

    • George Michalopulos says

      I see your point Brendan, but how else could we expect complainants and/or accused criminals to not commit perjury?

      I don’t see a way out of not having a public display of honesty in a public forum.

      • George Michalopulos says

        Now that I think about it, Jesus was speaking about His followers, not some random person who can’t be trusted to tell the truth.

        My opinion.

      • One can “affirm” rather than “swear” if there’s a religious objection or if the person is an atheist. In fact, in some jurisdictions, the oath is administered as, “Do you swear or affirm . . .” in order to save time.

      • Expect? We must expect liars to lie
        and honest men to tell the truth;
        and waverers to waver with the wind.

        Evidence may still be sifted for truth
        and false witness punished just the same.

  7. So if its a near death experience, are you saying that the Russians would do this, and we’ll all almost die, but not die?

    • No, the Russians will not be doing this. If they attack us, within 5 minutes our weapons would be unleashed on them. It’s a lose/lose proposition. There is no upside for Russia.

      Our biggest threat are the people who want the Great Reset. I said a long time ago, COVID and the “vaccines” were meant to be an extinction event. Excess mortality went up slightly in 2020 and then jumped to 40% in 2021. And this is coming from the insurance industry based on their life insurance payouts. Even going up 10% is a once in a 200 year event. 2021 was unprecedented.

      Older people (much older people) took the heaviest hit (from COVID) in 2020. But working adults, the healthiest among us, took the heaviest hit in 2021. Why? Possibly because many companies who offer life insurance mandated the vaccines.

      I think we’re going to think we’re under a nuclear attack but it won’t be the case. Example:

  8. Zosimos Kalazetakis says

    Quite the contrary. 1979 NSC study by Huntington (who was Brzezinski’s closest friend and grew up in Astoria’s Ravenswood houses, from where RA telephone neumbers came from ) that determined that in a hypothetical all-out 1978 nuclear war 80-90% of soviet land as opposed to 35-65% of USA would survive [Civil Defense, Sen. Bnkg. Comte.,08JAN79, p.30]. As well as a paper by Pipes showing the soviets believed they could win a nuclear war. Fujii, Yoshiaki J Atm & Solar-Terrestrial Physics. April 2011, Vol. 73 Issue 5/6, p643-652 This study suggests that the cause of the stagnation in global warming in the mid 20th century was the atmospheric nuclear explosions detonated between 1945 and 1980. Small Nuclear War Could Reverse Global Warming for Years National Geographic Feb 23, 2011 . Global Warming Gives Science Behind Nuclear Winter a New Purpose N Y Times CLYDE HABERMAN APRIL 3, 2016 . NASA Says Nuclear Warfare Could Reverse Global Warming Casey Chan 2/26/11 SCIENCE

  9. Myrkos Bafitas says