Is This Bat Sh&* Crazy or What?

When you Google, name your source if you can. The algorithms have been politicalized to bring up story after story from liberal news media like the New York Times, the Washington Post, MSNBC, ABC, etc.  You often have to scroll through several pages to find an objective voice, if that even exists anymore.  
As an example, do a search on Jade Helm 15. You’ll see page after page of stories peppered with inflammatory language like “conspiracy theorists” and “Russian bots” as a way of delegitimizing the fears, rather than just explaining what the event was, i.e. the largest such exercise like this undertaken by the U.S. military across 7 states, involving 1,200 personnel, from 4 of the 5 branches of the U.S. military.  

Because it was performed on domestic soil, there were concerns that the Obama Administration had plans to implement martial law on our own people.  

Yet, interestingly, here we are, where the Left is threatening to use our own military to help them unseat a duly elected president.  Even if he should win the next election, Hillary, et. al, are telling Joe Biden not to concede the election “under any circumstances,” giving the Left an opportunity to drag this out so they can assume control of the country in the interim.  

And then there is this: 

“. . . All Enemies, Foreign and Domestic”: An Open Letter to Gen. Milley

If the commander in chief attempts to ignore the election’s results, you will face a choice.


Dear General Milley: 

As chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, you are well aware of your duties in ordinary times: to serve as principal military advisor to the president of the United States, and to transmit the lawful orders of the president and Secretary of Defense to combatant commanders. In ordinary times, these duties are entirely consistent with your oath to “support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic…” 

We do not live in ordinary times. The president of the United States is actively subverting our electoral system, threatening to remain in office in defiance of our Constitution. In a few months’ time, you may have to choose between defying a lawless president or betraying your Constitutional oath. We write to assist you in thinking clearly about that choice. If Donald Trump refuses to leave office at the expiration of his constitutional term, the United States military must remove him by force, and you must give that order.  

Due to a dangerous confluence of circumstances, the once-unthinkable scenario of authoritarian rule in the United States is now a very real possibility. First, as Mr. Trump faces near certain electoral defeat, he is vigorously undermining public confidence in our elections. Second, Mr. Trump’s defeat would result in his facing not merely political ignominy, but also criminal charges. Third, Mr. Trump is assembling a private army capable of thwarting not only the will of the electorate but also the capacities of ordinary law enforcement. When these forces collide on January 20, 2021, the U.S. military will be the only institution capable of upholding our Constitutional order.  

There can be little doubt that Mr. Trump is facing electoral defeat. More than 160,000 Americans have died from COVID 19, and that toll is likely to rise to 300,000 by November. One in ten U.S. workers is unemployed, and the U.S. economy in the last quarter suffered the greatest contraction in its history. Nearly 70 percent of Americans believe the country is on the wrong track. The Economist estimates that Mr. Trump’s chances of losing the election stand at 91 percent.

Faced with these grim prospects, Mr. Trump has engaged in a systemic disinformation campaign to undermine public confidence in our elections. He has falsely claimed that mail-in voting is  “inaccurate and fraudulent.” He is actively sabotaging the U.S. Postal Service in an effort to delay and discredit mail-in votes. He has suggested delaying the 2020 election, despite lacking the authority to do so. 

The stakes of the 2020 election are especially high for Mr. Trump; in defeat, he will likely face criminal prosecution. The Manhattan District Attorney is investigating the Trump Organization for possible bank and insurance fraud related to the overvaluation of financial assets. New York’s Attorney General is conducting similar investigations, having successfully subpoenaed Trump’s financial records from Deutsche Bank. Mr. Trump allegedly pressured the U.S. ambassador to Great Britain to pressure the British Government to move the British Open golf tournament to Trump Turnberry Resort in Scotland. This incident is but one of many examples of self-dealing that may lead to federal criminal charges against the president.

Given this dizzying array of threats not merely to his political prospects, but also his liberty and wealth, Mr. Trump is following the playbook of dictators throughout history: he is building a private army answerable only to him. When Caesar faced the prospect of a trial in Rome, he did not return to face his day in court. He unleashed an army personally loyal to him alone on the Roman government. No student of history, Mr. Trump nevertheless appears to be following Caesar’s example. The president’s use of militarized Homeland Security agents against domestic political demonstrations constitutes the creation of a paramilitary force unaccountable to the public. The members of this private army, often lacking police insignia or other identification, exist not to enforce the law but to intimidate the president’s political opponents.

These powerful crosscurrents—Mr. Trump’s electoral defeat, his assault on the integrity of our elections, his impending criminal prosecution, and his creation of a private army—will collide on January 20. Rather than accept the peaceful transfer of power that has been the hallmark of American democracy since its inception. Mr. Trump may refuse to leave office. He would likely offer as a fig leaf of legitimacy the shopworn lies about election fraud. Mr. Trump’s acolytes in right-wing media will certainly rush to repeat and amplify these lies, manufacturing sufficient evidence to provide a pretext of plausibility. America’s greatest Constitutional crisis since the Civil War will come about by a president who simply refuses to leave office. 

America’s political and legal institutions have so atrophied that they are ill-prepared for this moment. Senate Republicans, already reduced to supplicant status, will remain silent and inert, as much to obscure their complicity as to retain their majority. The Democrat-led House of Representatives will certify the Electoral College results, which Mr. Trump will dismiss as fake news. The courts, flooded with cases from both Democrats and Mr. Trump’s legal team, will take months working through the docket, producing reasoned rulings that Trump will alternately appeal and ignore.

Then the clock will strike 12:01 PM, January 20, 2021, and Donald Trump will be sitting in the Oval Office. The street protests will inevitably swell outside the White House, and the ranks of Trump’s private army will grow inside its grounds. The speaker of the House will declare the Trump presidency at an end, and direct the Secret Service and Federal Marshals to remove Trump from the premises. These agents will realize that they are outmanned and outgunned by Trump’s private army, and the moment of decision will arrive.

At this moment of Constitutional crisis, only two options remain. Under the first, U.S. military forces escort the former president from the White House grounds. Trump’s little green men, so intimidating to lightly armed federal law enforcement agents, step aside and fade away, realizing they would not constitute a good morning’s work for a brigade of the 82nd Airborne. Under the second, the U.S. military remains inert while the Constitution dies. The succession of government is determined by extralegal violence between Trump’s private army and street protesters; Black Lives Matter Plaza becomes Tahrir Square.

As the senior military officer of the United States, the choice between these two options lies with you. In the Constitutional crisis described above, your duty is to give unambiguous orders directing U.S. military forces to support the Constitutional transfer of power. Should you remain silent, you will be complicit in a coup d’état. You were rightly criticized for your prior active complicity in the president’s use of force against peaceful protesters in Lafayette Square. Your passive complicity in an extralegal seizure of political power would be far worse. 

For 240 years, the United States has been spared the horror of violent political succession. Imperfect though it may be, our Union has been moving toward greater perfection, from one peaceful transfer of power to the next. The rule of law created by our Constitution has made this miracle possible. However, our Constitutional order is not self-sustaining. Throughout our history, Americans have laid down their lives so that this form of government may endure. Continuing the unfinished work for which these heroes fell now falls to you. 

Lest you forget: 

“I, Mark A. Milley, do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter. So help me God.”

The fate of our Republic may well depend upon your adherence to this oath. 

Respectfully yours,

John Nagl and Paul Yingling

John Nagl, a retired Army officer and veteran of both Iraq wars, is Head of School at The Haverford School outside Philadelphia.

Paul Yingling, a retired U.S. Army lieutenant colonel, served three tours in Iraq, another in Bosnia, and a fifth in Operation Desert Storm.”


So is this what Nancy Pelosi was referring to when she said:  “It has nothing to do with the certain occupant of the White House doesn’t feel like moving and has to be fumigated out of there because the presidency is the presidency — it’s not geography or location, so, so much for him. I wouldn’t spend so much time on it.”  –  “. . . but the fact is whether he knows it yet or not he will be leaving. Just because he might not want to move out of the White House doesn’t mean we won’t have an inauguration ceremony to inaugurate a dually elected president of the United States.  And the — I just — I’m second in line to the presidency, and just last week I had my regular continuation of government briefing. This might interest you because it’s — I say to them this is never going to happen, God willing it never will. But there is a process.” 

By “process”, does she think she’s going to lead the House to certify the Electoral College results in Biden’s favor if Trump wins?  He would have no choice but to object.  It looks like she is assuming she can fill in as president in an election delay but her term would end at noon on Jan. 3????  At that point, it would get dicey.  How many blue governors would we have at that point?  

If this is the plan, someone needs to call in a 5150 on these people. 

Mrs. Monomakhos


  1. I have to believe that Trump knows what is going to happen. He’s a smart man and has been playing battleships with these loons for the last 4 years. If it’s obvious to us then I’m sure it’s obvious to him. The question is, what is Trump doing to prevent it. 
    It sounds like there will be a coup, or attempted coup, either way no matter who wins. One side is not going to recognize the validity of the other side and I’m sure the purpose is to set up official dual presidencies in the U.S. 

    • Gail Sheppard says

      I’m guessing Trump has got this covered. It will be a rough few weeks. He may have to put Pelosi, et. al, in jail for sedition so they can’t take over in the interim and do something really stupid.

  2. Interesting  how some tech elements of a website such as Disqus may also override even the website’s priorities.  Recently a comment of mine on The American Conservative was marked as spam and not published.  The author Robert Merry was classifying Trump voters as uneducated blue collar males workers who are against immigration, etc.   I don’t believe the words “Christian” or “freedom of religion” or “freedom of speech” or “pro-life” or “against abortion”  were mentioned at all as important reasons many have for supporting him.  So I used all those words and truly wonder if that is why Disqus banned it.  I wrote TAC as a female Christian and educated professional for Trump to ask whether they approved this action and never heard back.  Hopefully they themselves do not endorse such.  I wondered what other Christians or pro-lifers, etc. might have tried to enlighten the author based in DC and been Disqcounted!  

    • cynthia curran says

      What a stereotype. Trump beat Clinton with incomes above 100.000. He won with people with high income that may not have college. In fact the Dems have more blue collar or working poor if you include blacks and hispanics that tend to vote for them more than whites do. A friend of mine says Newport Beach favors Trump and its median income is 122,000.

      • Great point Cynthia…and wondering if many blue collar workers are also Christian and voting on that basis?  I grew up half in the city and half in the countryside on a working farm.  The farm manager was a graduate of Texas A&M and devout Czech Roman Catholic and he and my Dad respected each other enormously.   Both lived out their beliefs.   My Dad took lots of financial losses for principle and voted for same.   It seems DC Democratic politicians and MSM do not  understand the primacy of Christianity over greed in the lives of the devout.   Perhaps that will help our values prevail in November, which really would benefit all citizens and all religions!  

    • LOL Nicole….I tried to warn you about The American “Conservative” a month or two back. 

      • George Michalopulos says

        It’s amazing, The American Conservatives was founded by two paleo-conservatives (Pat Buchanan and Taki Theodoracopoulos) but it went “principled” conservative in less than five years. Compare that with The National Review, which took about 30 years to become neocon. (The Weekly Standard never pretended to be anything but neoconservative but blessedly, it died a much-needed death a few years ago.)

        The moral? All good magazines (even Time) inevitably drift to the Left.

    • Nicole,
      The problem appears to be “Disqus.”  I have seen instances where Rod Dreher himself has replied to what he clearly thought were thoughtful and appropriate comments, and yet the comment to which Dreher was replying was marked as spam.  Both in the comment section itself as well as in private e-mail correspondence Dreher has complained about the way Disqus operates but, apparently, he and other TAC writers are stuck with it. 
      While I think it was unfortunate that you did not receive a reply to your letter, whatever you may think about TAC’s editorial policies or points of view (there is more than one point of view expressed on TAC), you should not assume that the deletion or rejection of your comment was intentional.  It was most likely “Disqus.”

      • Good to know Blimbax!  I don’t read the comments or articles enough to generalize so appreciate your info.
        Daniel F, perhaps because his wife is my Godsister and they are definitely wonderful Orthodox people, I know how well-intentioned Rod is and how hard he works to promote Orthodox values.    Although I agree to disagree with him about Trump (he seems personally repelled and won’t vote for him while I don’t like some of Trump’s style but will vote for his very good policies), I know how much Rod supports Orthodox values, so that’s plenty of reason for me to read his column and subscribe to TAC.  You are so right about the lack of strict conservatism on TAC itself.  As George says, publications tend to “go left” perhaps especially in response to financial pressures whether consciously or unconsciously.  But Rod’s a great person to agree with or to agree to disagree with IMHO.
          ? Nicole

        • Nicole, thank you for your response but there is one thing I need to respond to.  You wrote, “You are so right about the lack of strict conservatism on TAC itself.”  I made no such comment.  I did state that there is more than one point of view expressed on TAC, but that is not to say that TAC lacks “strict conservatism.”
          The way I understand it, “conservatism” is not, in its pure form, an ideology, which is one of the ways it differs, say, from “neoconservatism,” whose ranks are populated with the descendants of Troskyites among others.

          • Oh that paragraph was for Daniel F, Blimbax, sorry to be confusing ~  I was in a hurry and replied to your comment, then Daniel F’s  then George’s in sequence!  Meant to be separate paragraphs but now see, there was no separation…   

          • Dear Blimbax:  
            Sorry for the confusion due to my haste.  First sentence of thanks for the info was to you.  Then I meant to reply to Daniel F and then to George in sequence.
             Should have clearly identified in separate paragraphs!  

            • Nicole, I didn’t read your earlier response carefully enough.  One problem with this site is that paragraphs are not separated enough.  For that reason, I hit the “return” key twice between paragraphs.
              With regard to TAC’s comment issues, I just saw this by Dreher himself in the comment section on one of his articles.  I wanted to share it with you to reinforce what I had written about the problems with Disqus:
              I approved your comment when it first appeared — the stupid Disqus system must have removed it. It is a TERRIBLE commenting system. I will go into the spam folder and free it. This happens all the time, for reasons that I cannot figure out.

              • Gail Sheppard says

                I’ll see if I can fix this.

              • Oh thank you Blimbax, I will use that technique for paragraphs hereafter  (no worries Gail) and good to see how vehemently Rod wishes Disqus were different!  

              • ‘I hit the “return” key twice between paragraphs.’
                It’s just like the Microsoft ‘double-click’,
                that Linux freed me from years ago.

      • Nicole, blimbax et al,
        BTW it appears that a number of “useful” tools/apps have evolved on the internet which make our life easier PROVIDED we do not act against B. Brother’s political correctness. Otherwise, these tools/apps are “intelligent” enough to drop our messages and other submitted work. These tools include Google/YouTube, FB, Disqus, etc.  Wikipedia also prefers the promotion of non-Orthodox teachings rather than Orthodox. These thoughts are not C. Theories but bitter conclusions from actual observations in the recent years.

        Many thanks to Mr/Mrs Monomakhos for NOT using Disqus in this forum.

  3. Antiochene Son says

    Trump needed to do an Operation Hummingbird 3 1/2 years ago. That’s why I voted for him, but he’s done deals with the enemy ever since, as if they would deal in kind. It was a wasted opportunity.

    Basically, I wish all the worst fears and bluster of Pelosi, Nagl, Yingling, and the rest were actually true.

    All these anti-American judges, DAs, and military brass need to be disappeared off to Gitmo. They’ve all shown themselves time and again; they are fearless because they know he’s a paper tiger. Trump’s inaugural address was the high point of his presidency because it made them truly afraid. Sad no action came after it.

    • Johann Sebastian says

      “Trump needed to do an Operation Hummingbird 3 1/2 years ago. That’s why I voted for him, but he’s done deals with the enemy ever since, as if they would deal in kind. It was a wasted opportunity.”
      This. 100%.

    • George Michalopulos says

      AS, the problem with the Deep State is that its deep. It’ll take years to eradicate them. And that’s only if Trump wins reelection. Otherwise, it’s Banana Republic city for about a decade or however long it takes for the US to degenerate into a second-rate Third-world kakistocracy.

  4. Antiochene Son says

    But to the conclusion, there is no way for Pelosi to do this. The electors present their votes, they are tallied, and it’s done. There’s no liberty for choice unless there is a tie, which is exceedingly unlikely.
    This is just Finkel-think, the brainchild of political operative Arthur Finkelstein. Basically it pushes people to focus on personalities and childish nonsense battles, rather than policy, while the Uniparty does what it wants under the cover of meaningless conflict.
    We can’t fall for it. 

    • Gail Sheppard says

      RE: “But to the conclusion, there is no way for Pelosi to do this. The electors present their votes, they are tallied, and it’s done. There’s no liberty for choice unless there is a tie, which is exceedingly unlikely.”

      One would think.

      I live here in Tulsa, relocating from AZ. I have been unable to get an OK drivers licence because I have to make an appointment to have my records reviewed to ensure I am who I say I am. Most states will accept your current driver’s license as “proof” but not OK. Because of COVID, the staffing is not available at the county clerk’s offices to create original copies of everything they’ve requested so I have to wait.

      I called AZ and told them I was in OK and wanted an absentee ballot. They said the state decided not to give out absentee ballots anymore so I had to request a mail-in ballot.

      Some states have decided to encourage ALL their residents to vote with a mail-in ballot rather than go to the polls due to COVID. So AZ sent all their registered voters mail-in ballots. Mine went to a hotel where I was staying when I was selling my parent’s house. The hotel returned the ballot but someone staying in that room could have just as easily sent it in as if they were me.

      The post office is now saying they cannot guarantee all ballots cast by mail for the November election will arrive in time to be counted. I have to wait over a month to get my ballot forwarded to me and it will arrive only days before the election.

      So you can see why Trump doesn’t want to hold up things to count all of these ballets, as Biden has been encouraged not to concede until they are. If fewer people go to the polls, it’s likely to take a longer period of time.

      More than 18,000 Floridians who voted by mail in March’s presidential primary did not have their votes even counted. This number of votes could prove crucial come November in a state known for razor-thin margins and at a time when voters are migrating in greater numbers to mail ballots amid the coronavirus pandemic.

      It was said that Bush counties were four times as likely as Gore counties to even count ballots and we know the outcome of that. Bush won by 537 votes in 2000.

      Whoever loses this election is likely to contest it until everything is counted and it could take awhile because there could be so many.

  5. Besides the fact that the authors of the above article are telling Gen. Milley that they know for sure that Biden/Harris will win the election—how could it be any other way? (Which is definitely fortune telling, right?!) I’m trying to figure out who this ‘private’ army is that Trump has waiting in the wings to usurp the Constitution and install himself as a dictator? Did the A-Team come out of retirement?! Like, I know that those guys were highly skilled soldiers, but…come on! 😉

    • Gail Sheppard says

      Crazy, isn’t it?

      • Yes, ma’am, it is crazy!

        • George Michalopulos says

          The reason these neocons/neolibs/Establishment types want Trump out of office?

          Answer: he’s not a war-monger.

          But wait! Don’t all people want peace?

          Answer: no. Not those in the Pentagon. Rises in ranks (and therefore pay and pensions) in the Pentagon are predicated on actual combat experience. That means frequent brush-fire wars. Whether they’re winnable or not is immaterial.

          Also, the Establishment mandarins (i.e. John Kerry, John Bolton, et al) need incessant wars as they are invested in armaments and/or will get cushy jobs sitting on the board of directors of Raytheon, General Electric, Martin-Marrietta, etc. (Retired generals and admirals do so as well.)

          So yes, the Military-Industrial-Complex will keep on taking us to war for the foreseeable future.

          They’ve pretty much run out of excuses (“Make the world safe for democracy”, “War on Terror”, etc.) but should Trump lose, they’ll craft a narrative that “proves” he was “evil/incompetent/etc.” therefore since he tried to keep us out of war, we must do the exact opposite. Because he was evil.

  6. cynthia curran says

    This is true that articles will come up on the website that has liberal views.

  7. Michael Bauman says

    I saw a statement by Gen Milley recently. He said the military would play NO role in deciding the election.  I wondered why he would make such a statement proactively.  

  8. Gail,
    The two retired officers are very loose canons.  The military has made it clear it will not intervene:
    I mentioned it in another post but there is a process for electing a president which provides for a succession of scenarios, none of them involving the military.  If a Speaker as an acting president by some series of events assumes office on January 20th, it would only be until the House can move to elect a president by a majority, one vote per state.  Even in a scenario where no one in Congress can gather to vote, the presidency falls to the Senate Majority Leader (president pro tem).  There is no contingency where it would be constitutional for the military to intervene.  
    Now, that said, if a nuclear device went off in DC while the entire government was present then, yeah, it would be natural for the military to play some part.  But it would likely be the state governors who took the reins in that event.
    The military has a serious interest in staying out of the electoral process and has never been involved in it in our history.  The deterrent is that if you choose a winner, you have to make it stick.  I.e., the military would have to put down a massive insurrection in a country with considerably more firearms than people and a host of well trained ex-military and ex-intelligence personnel at large.  
    They do not want to go down that road.  The South, the Mountain States and Texas would be a nightmare for them.  

    I too assume Trump has thought this through. You’re talking about a change in the ruling clique when you consider the Trump revolution. That clique will fight with all they have to retain power. What do they have to lose? They can’t survive another Trump term with a Republican Congress while retaining their control over the Administrative and Deep State. It’s now or never.

    It is safe to say they will attempt another coup but if they were that smart and efficient to begin with they would have succeeded already. Words can only take you so far and they’re not good with weapons.

    • Gail Sheppard says

      This is interesting. It’s about the “Transition Integrity Project”

      • Yeah, I saw that piece either yesterday or this morning.  But I’d heard about the TIP project from before and Podesta’s role.  My take on it was that Podesta and Co. are telegraphing to the opposition that this is coming because they can’t control their people anymore and they will be pushed to refuse any recognition of a Trump re-election and “go to the matresses” so to speak.  
        We’ll see.
        America is a pampered country and its Left is composed mostly of snowflakes.  Notice that in the end they are relying on the military to somehow come in and save their bacon.  If they were true radicals, they would not be counting on such a thing.  They would be counting on the planned “Siege of the White House” beginning on the 17th to storm the place.
        At this point, my guess is that those near the top of the Dems in the know are just playing this out trying to act their parts but know they are not going to win.  You may be witnessing the beginning of the end of an entire ideology.  That is a very traumatic event for the true believers.  They are truly convinced, somehow, that their ideas are better and that they are the “end of history”.  
        They are not going to take the self destruction of that Glorious Vision without much weeping and gnashing of teeth and they will likely have to be dragged, kicking and scratching, into the light.

        • Gail Sheppard says

          You may be right. That may explain why Biden and Kamala aren’t even giving it the “old college try.” They know it’s over.

          • Gail, this is the part most puzzling to me. Why did the Dems nominate a literally senile old guy who barely even bothers to campaign?? I’m not trying to slam Biden with these remarks. I’m honestly wondering what on Earth is going on. It makes me thing they must have something up their sleeve. 

            • Gail Sheppard says

              It’s possible they’re just riding this out with what they have until it’s over. They would have to sink a lot of money into this to run an aggressive campaign and who do they have to run?

              So perhaps they’re trying to save face with all the bluster they can muster. For some of them, this may be the end of the road. Trump is a street fighter from Queens. He may have told them the gig is up after the election. – But first he wants to win.

              It’s his nature. He likes being a “winner” and his entire legacy is based on being able to put this country back on top. Nothing he has done before is enough. He has something to prove. Maybe to his father who said he’d fall flat on his face if he went to Manhattan. I don’t know. But I know the type and they generally come out on top.

              The reality is, like him or hate him, he is the ONLY one with the skills to get us out of this sinkhole due to COVID. We’ve seen him do it before. He is used to starting over “with worn out tools.” It’s his nature.

              Of course, this is all speculation on my part. But when Misha said it, it fit. The more I think about it, the more nothing else makes sense. They’ve thrown in the towel.

            • Odds are Kamala is their big bet to be the power behind the throne if Biden loses capacity so to speak and to take over as needed officially as well.  Other than Michelle Obama, can’t think of anyone more primed to forward the progressive agenda with both the vaunted style, smarts and desired gender and ethnicity.  

        • I don’t think I agree that the Biden campaign doing more limited in-person events due to the pandemic constitutes ‘throwing in the towel’.

          Easy to construct a narrative out of whatever you want though. Take this, look at the contrast in TV spend in battleground states (August 10 through September 7):
          Florida: Biden $20.5 million; Trump $7.8 million
          Michigan: Biden,$9.3 million; Trump $560,000

          Clearly the Trump campaign is going through the motions, having thrown in the towel.

          We go now live to ‘the basement’:

          • George Michalopulos says

            I don’t dispute those numbers Flavius, however Trump (being part-Scottish) spends his money wisely. Already he is tied in Minnesota and Wisconsin, has pulled slightly ahead in Florida (while winning the Latino vote in that state).

            You forget that he has continued his rallies which are tremendously popular. Some are in arenas, others are at airports where Air Force One serves as a backdrop. These appearances are force-multipliers as far as campaign contributions are concerned.

            • I look at the polls a couple times a week. You are correct that there are a couple polls that put Trump at even or plus one in Florida, although he is not yet ahead in the averages. But he is clearly down in Michigan and as of right now Minnesota does not look competitive for him. You are also correct that so far Trump is polling better than he did in 2016 with latinos in Florida. However, he has been bleeding support from white seniors in the state, on account of covid.

              It remains to be seen whether resuming in-person rallies like the one he held last night involve significant negative outcomes in the coming weeks. Even outdoors, that was a lot of maskless people in close proximity.

            • Candidates have to either spend it, bank it for future campaigns or farm it out legally to other candidates once the race is over.  They’re not allowed to pocket it.
              It takes little effort to spend money and keeps the illusion alive.  Doing a bus tour through the Rust Belt, on the other hand, would indicate commitment.  Trump’s gearing up rallies as fast as he can given Covid contingencies.

  9. Archpriest Alexander F. C. Webster says

    Gail, the headline for this post should be eschatological instead of scatalogical.

    • George Michalopulos says

      Fr, why can’t it be both?
      Seriously, Gail and I listen to a lot of podcasters and the language has fallen precipitously in our culture.  It’s sad but we live in debased times.  While neither Gail nor I will use such language in our upcoming podcasts nor in our posts, sometimes a certain word (in this case “bat-shit”) is necessary to wake up our readers as to the dire nature of the times we are living in.
      I hope this explains why sometimes it is necessary to do so.  (Kind of like Isaiah walking naked in the streets of Jerusalem or St Basil the Blessed doing so in Medieval Moscow. )

    • Michael Bauman says

      How about “Will we be seeing Nurse Rached Soon?  

      • Archpriest Alexander F. C. Webster says

        Good one, Michael.

        [Personal note: I cannot locate your telephone number nor can GM locate our posts here about Eighth Day Books under the new convoluted right hand column line-up of Recent Posts. Please call my cell later this afternoon.}

    • Oh it already is, Father! Love the humorous “Coronavirus“ reference and as others have likely already said, please see Fr Seraphim Rose’s highly supportive video for this moment in history from his 1981 audio on The End of the World.  Totally nails our time and lays out Orthodoxy and  our history specifically vis a vis Chiliasm and Communism in light of the present “mystery of lawlessness” seemingly overtaking us here.  Love hearing his voice rather than computervoice!  And  Alexander Solzhenitsyn’s critique of the US and prophecy now unfolding!  May we Christians all repent enough so God may grant us mercy and grant enlightenment to those trapped in the ignorant pipe-dreaming secular western understanding of the universe deluding so many of our well-intentioned beloved nonOrthodox, and a reprieve from a tragic repeat of the totalitarian destruction inherent in the Democratic platform. See The End of the World at Glory to God for Fr Seraphim Rose and thank you Lord for allowing me to find Orthodoxy!!!

  10. Well, it’s not over til it’s over.  All I’m saying is they are behaving as if they think it’s over.  In all things I try to be grateful and unpresumptuous.  We are not to say, “I will do a thing . . .”, but rather, “If the Lord wills it.”
    But it is encouraging that the other side seems to have lost heart.

  11. George Michalopulos says

    Well, alrighty then:

    Look folks, Trump ain’t perfect. (No one is.) Obama’s administration was no walk in the park. But seriously? What is it about Trump that makes “normal” people go crazy? And now Satanism? Really?