Kanye, Candace & Starbucks: Is a Tectonic Shift Occurring in the Culture?

I ask this not merely in a rhetorical fashion. Something is amiss (in the right way) in the aether which I’ve picked up quite recently.

Politically, it appears that the vaunted Blue Wave has crashed upon the shoals of Texas and Arizona as a result of two very recent special elections. Even in last month’s special election in Pennsylvania, the wrong kind of Democrat was elected –and then only by a squeaker.

Equally as important in my opinion is the recent proclamation by Kanye West and the newly-famous Candace Moore. Both of these are African-Americans and I believe them to be canaries in the coal mine. They’ve recently uttered some heretical statements and as of now, they have not retracted them. Nor does it appear that they will do so in the future. These statements alone will have dire political consequences for the Progressive movement for the foreseeable future. (More of that and the Conor Lamb election to follow in the vlog below.)

While I don’t want to minimize the political implications, I am devoted to the late Andrew Breitbart’s observation that “politics is downstream of culture”. And it is in the cultural sphere that we are seeing the demise of the old liberal/secularist order.

Exhibit one as I see it is the absolute hilarity that happened to a Starbucks coffee shop in Philadelphia. As you probably know by now, two black men were loitering and using the restroom. They were asked to order something or leave. When they chose not to leave, the manager called the police who then handcuffed them and escorted them out.

Needless to say there was hell to pay.

Now of course, as a principled conservative I should come to the aid and comfort of Starbucks. After all, they were within their rights to ask for any and all customers to purchase their products. Loitering is against the law in most cities and towns that I know of.

Instead, I’m not going to come to their defense. Instead, I am asking all black men in America to go two-by-two to the Starbucks nearest them and make a nuisance of themselves. Please make up a coupon which demands a free cup and play the White GuiltTM card. May I suggest Reparations BlendTM or a dark roast 40 Acres and a MuleTM? Do this even if you’re white. Just pull out the old “One-drop Rule”: say that you are a quadroon or an octaroon. (Hey, it’s worked for Sen Pocahantas Warren, who claims she is 1/32nd Cherokee! She got a teaching gig at Harvard based on that bogus claim.)

I haven’t had this much fun in a long time. It couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of guys if you ask me. There is nothing I hate more than sanctimony and self-righteousness. That goes for virtue-signaling, Social Justice Warriors, you name it: I hate it all. And nobody does moral preening better than Starbucks.

[OK. Snark off.] Seriously, what we are witnessing here is nothing more than that stage in a revolution in which the revolutionaries eat their own. The Greeks have a word for it: autophagy (self-eating). I pray that this goes on indefinitely.

For my observations on this as well as Kanye West’s recent proclamation, please take the time to watch the vlog below.

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  1. Octoroon, not “octaroon”.

  2. Antiochene Son says

    Diamond and Silk testifying to Congress was also enjoyable. You have a black congressman (who makes $170K per year to do nothing, and then a lifetime pension and perks—welfare for elites) lecturing two black women about making a few hundred dollars monetizing their videos on Youtube.

    What we have seen in the last 10 years is the Left become the party of “no fun allowed”, old and bitter sticks-in-the-mud. It is no wonder Gen Z is markedly more conservative than Millennials and Gen X.

    The most delicious thing of all is how the “cuckservative”, never-Trump class of the Fake Right has completely imploded. The Overton Window has moved enough to make them into 1970s Democrats, and irrelevant in every way. If another Ryan-Romney-Bush type ever tries to run again, he will lose big-league.

    • George Michalopulos says

      I like your analysis.

    • cynthia curran says

      Where do you get Gen Z is conservative. The bunch against guns were Gen Z’s from Parkland. The only thing they seem to be more conservative on is sex but its not because they are christian as much as they seem to have less interest in that and more into Video games.

  3. George Michalopulos says

    A minor error: At approx19 minutes I stated that “the Democrat party”. I should have said “Republican”

  4. George Michalopulos says

    You see, this is what I mean by “the dam breaking”:


  5. Mirkos Peligrotsis says

    We are undergoing the biggest paradigm shift since the reformation, but you, not having undergone a glorious reformation, are going backwards.

    • Michael Bauman says

      Mr. Peligrotsis, between you and Michael Kinsey, I ‘ll take Mr. Kinsey for the ability to communicate his ideas with structure and clarity. Perhaps English is not your native language? Allow me to elucidate my reasons.

      A conspiracy is a secret plan by two or more people to do something unlawful or harmful. There are millions in the world at any one time. It is not irrational to posit a conspiracy at the base of almost anything in politics these days. Just one minor example: The Democrats conspired to keep Bernie Sanders from winning primaries.

      A public conspiracy is a cabal–there are most definitely many of those active in our society to do things that are harmful to our lives, our liberty and our virtue. At times it seems that the only rational way to make sense of the modern world in worldly terms is to see it as a bunch of interlinked conspiracies.

      Whether any one conspiracy is real or not is another issue but they cannot be dismissed out of hand in an ad hominum attack. So, it you have a credible argument to refute what Mr. Kinsey says, make it. If not…..ad hominum attacks mean that you have already lost the debate. Mr. Kinsey may be wrong, but he does not deserve such attacks and innuendos.

      We live in a nihilist culture whose father is the evil one and knows only rage, hatred and destruction. The evil one conspires with his demons constantly to take all of us down. Unfortunately most of us are unwitting co-conspirators including when we attack our fellows personally simply for their opinions.

      Of course the only real answer to such deadly vomitus is Jesus Christ and Him crucified. Most, including myself, are fine with that until the crucified part comes up because that means the Cross for us as well. Alas, the Cross is the Christian way. To live a life of repentance, thanksgiving and charity means embracing the Cross and living by God’s providence and mercy.

      “Lord save me whether I will or not…”

  6. I have to admit I had a few but really this did get me cackling, Wolf WHCD. Her jokes were nastiest with Republicans but really lots of funny Democrat stuff .

  7. cynthia curran says

    I’m not surprise about PA. It has in more recent elections gone democratic like a Dem governor. Arizona gets too many folks from California. Also, unlike 25 years ago when Megachurches were more popular with the upper-middle class, the upper-middle class is less religious particularly if they are employed in high tech.

  8. This is so utterly sick it is hilarious. You have to read the entire thing to appreciate the pathos. I figured it belonged here under culture. It is the tragic, sordid, pathetic tale of a Liberal Democrat prosecutor and his dyed in the wool feminist romantic on again, off again, love interest. ROTFLMAO, enjoy:


    The article keeps saying they repeatedly reconciled after these bouts of deranged behavior. Those are the junctures at which I found myself smiling and laughing out loud.