Is Paris Burning?

Is Paris Burning? was the first thing that popped into my head when I saw the devastation that had befallen France over the past few days.  When the Wehrmacht was ordered to abandon France, Hitler ordered that Paris be put to the torch, hence his question.  

But I could have titled this movie, The Curse of Zelensky, Part XI.  Why?  Because what we are seeing is yet another corrupt European leader watch his country go up in smoke under the spell of the Green T-Shirt Man.

The list is a long and growing one.

Italy, Bulgaria, Finland, and Sweden have seen ruling governments fall ever since President Penis-Piano Player went on his begging tour.  Italy’s firebrand PM, Giorgia Meloni, increased her conservative tone replacing the “pride” agenda with “family pride month” in an effort to stave off the inevitable. 

England has had two governments fall within a year; three prime ministers within one year –a record.

Greece’s leftist and centrist parties have collapsed, only to be replaced by three ultra-right parties.  The ruling ND party, center-right, is still in power, but the growing rightist sentiment among the electorate is pushing to take on more nationalist policies.

Germany’s sanctions to cripple Russia are instead crippling its own manufacturing sector.  Lest we forget, Germany is (or was) the economic powerhouse of Europe.

And in the Netherlands, elitists are driving small farmers out of business; a bone-headed move which resulted in a rightist electoral revolt.  

Countries sympathetic to Russia, i.e. Hungary and Turkey, were able to withstand CIA-financed electoral challenges. . . for now.   

But it is France, a nuclear power and the 4th wealthiest country in the world, that is capturing the headlines today.

What we are seeing (or more accurately being allowed to see) is a group of black-clad individuals building barricades, preparing firebombs, and proceeding to burn down their city; all reminiscent of own race wars when George Floyd and Antifa shared the spotlight.  Only worse.  Much, much worse. 

Ben Fulford 6/30/23

The predicate in this case was the killing of an Algerian/Moroccan youth at a traffic stop.  (Sound familiar?)  The boy, already with a long criminal record, took off in his car in an effort to avoid the police.  (Some reports say the car trapped one of the officers who was dragged several blocks but, thankfully, that does not appear to be the case.)

Now imagine the wall-to-wall orgasms that would be taking place if it was Russia that was burning to the ground!   

Actually, you wouldn’t have to.  We know what would happen, because for about eight or so hours on June 24th, everybody and their uncle on the cable news networks were excitedly predicting when President Putin would be dragged into the streets by the Wagner group and given the Mussolini necktie.  

And when it fizzled, the depression on their faces was equally plain to see.

With France, however, it’s “nothing to see here, move along.” 

For those of us who don’t believe in liberalism, it was only a matter of time before a country like France would explode into a full-blown civil war.  That’s because diversity is not necessarily a strength, especially when one of those diverse peoples is not on board with liberalism.

For what it’s worth, I have a good friend who lived in Marseilles in the mid-90s.  He told me that even back then it was under unofficial Sharia law.  Since then, it’s gotten worse.  And this in a country that prides itself on egalitarianism. 

In neoliberal economics, that is to say policies that are built on finance capitalism rather than manufacturing and agriculturalism, the divide between the wealthy and the rest becomes untenable.  In America we call this phenomenon, “Wall Street vs Main Street,” but whatever you want to call it, it’s the same elite vs people (or cosmopolite vs nationalist) divergence placing unbearable stresses on the middle and working classes.

So, yes, Paris is burning and soon you will see London and Berlin burning, as well.

For the same reasons.

The damages in France are estimated to be in the billions.  A few billion could have been used to subsidize small farmers.  Regulations could have been cut in order to make it easier for small businesses to survive.  

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again until I’m blue in the face:  It didn’t have to be this way.   –  But sadly, it is.  


  1. Let’s not forget who by Macron works for.

  2. Will we see Washington, New York, and LA burn?

    • If we’re lucky. Kidding!

    • Oh, eventually it’s all coming down. Summer of 2024 may make 2020 look like a walk in the park. If Trump is leading in the polls, it may be a real witches’ sabbath.

      • George Michalopulos says

        Constantine, you are possibly right.

        While the Summer of Floyd was oringinally orchestrated by the Deep State, it got out of hand. As Biden continues to swirl down the electoral toilet, look for more such episodes plus the calling off of elections. I can’t believe that Col MacGregor said it but he put it out there. He is on to something.

        In the meantime, a vial of cocaine was planted at the White House. At first, I thought it was to implicate Hunter but based on where it was found (in the Veep’s office vicinity), I think it was done so to get rid of Kamasutra Harris. The better to make way for Michelle Obama or Gavin Newsom.

        You read it here first, folks.

        • I think MacGregor said he didn’t think we couldn’t make it to the elections because we were about to implode. The House was set up with this in mind. They can remove the speaker with one vote to put Trump in. Biden will be jailed/impeached and Kamala will resign with a nice severance package for her trouble. Trump will announce that because we’re an “occupied nation” he never stopped being Commander in Chief. – They’ll have some false flag event to distract us. Troops are already coming into to various cities (in 28 states, according to eye witness reports) to keep civil unrest at bay.

          • Gail, if Trump never stopped being C-in-C
            his second term will end in Jan 2025…

            What happens then?

            • Well, according to our laws, he will remain C-in-C until our country is no longer occupied and then I think I’ll let him retire. 🙂

  3. I must admit to schadenfreude at the sights we are witnessing. Multikulti proved itself untenable to me during the riots of 2020. I suspected as much due to Democrat demagogery and black gangsta culture. But the riots just solidified the conviction.

    Europe is worse in a way. They have stupidly invited the Ummah to set up shop in Europe, as if it did not hate them already as infidels and imperialists, as well as for racial reasons. Many, many murders by Muslims later, we see the whole haystack igniting. Talk about chickens coming home to roost.

    They deserve it. They were warned. And I hope it breaks them.

    • There are no multi-cultural nations.
      A nation must have a dominant culture.
      That culture may have many strands,
      but they must be woven into the culture;
      otherwise they are not of the nation.

    • George Michalopulos says

      Misha, believe it or not, I don’t think that the present scenario that we are seeing in Western Europe is our fate. And that’s mainly because unlike the Europeans, we have not invited in millions of Muslims (yet). Make no mistake, it is the Muslims who are driving the current civil war in France. From what I am hearing, they are fighting in military formation, taking ground and solidifying it.

      That doesn’t mean that we are out of the woods. The wholesale destruction of American heritage is almost complete. I don’t mean just statuary but popular culture, academia, the whole rot. Since the immigrant/proto-militia groups coming into America have no unifying ideology (as do the Maghrebis in France), they cannot overwhelm the white majority. Therefore, in order for our Elites to further their battle against us, we will continue to see the further denigration of Western Civilization, culture, and American heritage instead. This will also include continued assaults against Christians and Christianity.

      That said, you are correct, we are seeing the destruction of the whole multikulti enterprise. Soon to be followed by the collapse of neoliberalism and then finally, neoconservatism.

      • Anonymous II says

        109 countries

      • We don’t need Muslims, we have militant blacks and commies, BLM and Antifa. One hundred twenty days of riots. It happened here first. And it’s not over. Next year will be a doozie.