Is Nothing Sacred?

Mr Potato-head? Really?

Folks, we have truly fallen into an abyss of insanity, a level which would shock the likes of St Anthony the Great. In his prediction of the last days, this venerable saint said that “the entire world will be mad and they will grab those who are not mad by the neck and say ‘why are you not mad like us?'”

We’re pretty much there. The emasculation of Mr Potato-head is surely signpost of insanity if there ever was one.

Now mind you, a lot of the humor that you get from me is gallows humor. But, it’s still humor. Therefore I’m not completely despondent. In fact, even in my rhetorical cell on death row, I can hear the gallows groaning under the weight of its many victims. Eventually it will collapse. So there is hope. (There is always hope.)

You see, I firmly believe that we can’t keep on going like this. Why? Because it’s impossible for any civilization to survive without any type of realism and humor. And I’d say we’ve reached peak unrealism and humorlessness. If the people who are the elite of such dystopias can’t come to grips with their collective insanity, then it will collapse fairly quickly. It will have to; there’s only so much dystopia people can take.

Even the denizens of the former communist regimes had a sense of humor and their leaders let them have their outlets. In the Soviet Union, one joke that people told among themselves was “They pretend to pay us, we pretend to work”. In North Vietnam, soldiers repeated this classic: “We need supplies and food. Please send”. The reply from Hanoi was “Tighten belts”, to which the soldiers in the field responded: “Send belts”.

Someday in the not-too-distant future, our descendants will laugh at us and wonder how we could have been so stupid as to believe that two men could marry, or how parents could give their children puberty-blocking hormones. Or how men are admitted to battered women’s shelters because they “identify” as women. It will be far different than those of us who scoffed at previous generations for their prejudices, things like thinking that women shouldn’t vote, or that blacks should be treated like chattel. Here’s the difference: women can think for themselves and blacks are human beings. No present cause du jour approaches anything remotely like logic, decency or prudence. Nor can their slogans sustain civilization.

Presently, words have to be tortured to sustain the new orthodoxies. So today, in the year of our Lord 2021, we are fast approaching a singularity of stupidity that will make parody impossible. “De-gendering” (in reality, castrating) Mr Potato-head is merely its apotheosis. Or darn close to it.

The other day in the United Kingdom, a liberal woman academic “of color” was fired from her position because she criticized a Jamaican author (also “of color”) who is conservative. She tweeted: “What does it feel like to be the House Negro?” Within a day she was shown the door, even though in insulting this man, she was upholding every tenet of cultural Marxism. A year ago she would have been lauded as a heroine, taking on an “Uncle Tom” and throwing him down the stairs. However, the Inner Party has so toxified words that no one is safe hurling an epithet. Not even a sincere leftist. Hence my belief that things are quickly spinning out of control.

Now, Hasbro (the maker of this beloved toy) has decided to pull back from the brink. There were perhaps many reasons as to why this was so. One was the hue and cry that arose from consumers. Another was mockery. (Liberals hate mockery, to them, it’s blasphemy. Always remember this.) The third reason may have been that not everybody who works at Hasbro has completely lost his mind.

In any event, Mr Potato-head’s gender identity is safe for now.

For now.


  1. What is to be done with a potato and a knife?
    Make chips [fries in USA].

  2. Austin Martin says

    You can’t argue with liberals, because they’re worldview is based on their own sense of superiority and not logic. All you can do is bully them and make them feel stupid. It’s a lot of fun in the workplace if you don’t care about your job.

  3. Jane Tzilvelis says

    “Pundits and observers-of-the-scene have warned us that all this artificially-generated turmoil over the sex-of-things is but one part of the prelude to a “Great Reset” in which people the world over are to be herded into corrals of ultra-regulated behavior. Of course, steers and cows are easier to push around than bulls, and the technology for transforming bulls into steers — or men in to eunuchs — is not that complex or nuanced. The question is: will enough American men submit to castration, either chemical, financial, political, or literal? Maybe not.”

    Party Like It’s 1994
    James Kunstler

  4. Jane Tzilvelis says
    • ari nikich says

      I can’t believe there’s another person out there that reads both monomakhos and Kunstler.

  5. cynthia curran says

    Some of the stuff is silly. I think anther period were things were rename was the 1970’s.

  6. Well, Toy Story was problematic.

  7. Michael Bauman says

    The only things that are sacred are the things of God. The male-female binary is one of the main points of sacred order. That being said the ideological politics surrounding it–not so much. Ideology has become a religion (not a faith). George’s comment that the gender-benders think opposition to them is blasphemy is indicative of that.
    As Orthodox Christians we must guard our hearts assiduously not to fall into the same sinfulness.

    My wife and I are fans of the Scottish detective show ‘Taggart’. We recently watched an episode from season 25, Episode 4: Crossing the Line. It dealt with the destruction of humanity due to the government-union battles of the 1980s around the coal strikes. Focused on the murder of a scab and his wife then and even more murder 20 years later when the couple’s bodies are discovered. It dramatized the human cost to people, families and communities-the degradation of sin. Lost lives and lost souls. Exceedingly well done. A subtle sub-plot was the cost of ‘progress’.

    Indeed the later seasons all seem to be a running commentary on the futility of seeking justice in the world. Great acting.

    • George Michalopulos says

      I’m fascinated. Gail dear, should we put this on our to-do list?

      • Gail Sheppard says

        The series is on Amazon Prime (link below), Netflix and Disney.

        • Maryhill CID where Taggart is based
          is twenty minutes walk from my house.

          • Michael Bauman says

            Brendan, the musically accented English the characters use as well as the slang is one of the reasons I like the show. Please tell me that is reasonably authentic.
            The show also showcases the natural beauty of Scotland.
            Only thing missing for me is some bagpipes every once in awhile.
            I personally prefer the later episodes where Alex Norton plays DCI Matt Burke (the last 8 series 2002-2010). The Jackie Reid character is my favorite played by Blythe Duff from 1990 to 2010.

            • George Michalopulos says

              Michael, one of the most emotional scenes in my own life was back in 2011, when my sons and I were in the UK. We were in Edinburgh by the Robert Burns monument and one man, on his own, took out his bagpipes and played “Scotland the Brave”. Hey, I’m Greek and I got choked up.

              • Wait, is that something that just happens there on a daily basis?

                • You will find all sorts wandering up the High Street
                  of Edinburgh in full Highland Dress, with bagpipes,
                  to extract cash from tourists. Some of them can even play.

                  • Fr. Seraphim Bell says

                    I used to live in Edinburgh, where I served as a Minister of the Church of Scotland (prior to that I had graduated from Aberdeen University with a Ph.D. and served as an Assistant Minister in St. Ninian’s parish in Banchory). Two years ago I took my two oldest grandchildren to Scotland to show them where their parents had been born and where we lived for some years. My how things had changed. Walking from our parked car toward the city center I was stunned to come upon a large new Mosque. Not far from there I was approached by a Buddhist who was “evangelizing” locals. He offered me one of his cards with with various slogans. Throughout the afternoon I kept running into him and he would once again offer me one of the cards. Along the Royal Mile my grandson spotted a man playing the bagpipes kitted out in full Highland dress. But suddenly the man was accosted by two policemen, told to stop playing, and led away for “disturbing the peace.” My, how things have changed.

                    • George Michalopulos says

                      What a sad difference ten years makes, Fr.

                      You know, I could blame this on “diversity” brought on by uncontrolled immigration, but in truth, I think the present iconoclasm is something that our elites have wanted to do for a long time. They just use the “diversity” and “inclusiveness” talk as an excuse for their Christ-hatred.

            • “…the musically accented English” is in fact Glasgow Dialect;
              which is a kind of overlay of Standard English on a bedrock of Scots,
              with chunks of Gaelic (from both the Western Isles and Ireland) thrown in for good measure – that’s where the ‘music’ comes from.

    • Season 25?! I think that we can regard that as a successful TV show.

      Brendan, please tell us that you have been an extra.

      • No, I wasn’t, but one of my drinking buddies
        played a spiv in one of the early stories.

  8. Anonymous II says

    Friends, the communists won. They did.

    Prayers for this family.

    A man has described how he was handcuffed, arrested and stripped in a police cell for the crime of not giving his name after being caught taking his family to their favourite Welsh beach during Covid recently:

    “My family has been on edge for sometime under lockdown. We have suffered sickness and death among our relatives back in Poland and my children – we have two boys – have been especially affected. So on Sunday, we took our older son, who is 17, for a short walk on his favourite beach, about twenty miles from where we live.

    After our walk we had an ice cream and in the car park we saw two police officers handing out tickets for breaking Covid legislation. I did not feel we had committed a crime. A female officer explained the rules on taking exercise too far from your home. I tried to explain to her that this break was essential for our mental health. But she didn’t seem very compassionate or understanding.

    I asked ‘Am I being detained? Because if not I would like to enjoy the rest of my afternoon and you are harassing me.’

    She asked me to give my name and when I refused – because I had committed no crime – she arrested me.

    I was handcuffed and taken to a police station in Wrexham. I was locked in an interrogation room. A police sergeant told me he could hold me for 24 hours if I refused to cooperate.

    I said: ‘I do not consent. I took my family for an ice cream.’

    At this point the police sergeant got really angry and frustrated and bullying. He shouted in my face: ‘I’m in charge and I give the orders.’ Then he told me I was going to be strip searched, which really shocked me.

    After about 45 minutes two different officers appeared. I said: ‘Please will you loosen my right handcuff because it’s really tight and stopping my circulation?’ They refused. Then I said: ‘I need to use the bathroom.’ They said: ‘Not until we are finished.’

    I was taken to a custody cell where there was an exposed toilet. I asked for some privacy and some toilet paper. The sergeant said: ‘No shit for him until we are finished.’

    They asked me what my clothes size was. I told them I was happy in my own clothes.

    Then they came in with a pair of scissors and said that if I didn’t cooperate they would cut my clothes and forcibly remove them from me.

    At which point I agreed to do what they said. I stood naked in front of them. Well, not totally naked: first I changed out of my top, then out of my bottoms. But I’d say that standing with your genitalia exposed while two men look at you counts as naked.

    It’s the sort of thing you might have expected in Nazi Germany – but not in a civilised modern democracy.

    After three hours I was released with no charges, and no penalty. It had all been for nothing.



    • In most parts of the UK,
      the police are seen as an army of occupation.

      • Michael Bauman says

        Brendan, like US cop shows I suspected Taggart presented an idealized view of police work but I love the acting and the accents. I especially like the work of Blythe Duff the only character to be in every season. It is too bad there is such a disconnect between the law and the populace. Here in Kansas it has not come to that yet.

        • Taggart is essentially an imitation of the McIlvanney style.
          William McIlvanney was an English teacher turned novelist and poet.
          He basically invented the Glasgow Noir crime school; now extended to Edinburgh with Ian Rankin’s Rebus. Rankin acknowledges his debt to Willie Mac, Scottish Television (Taggart) do not.

          McIlvanney’s Laidlaw is a Glasgow detective, the hero of three novels:
          Laidlaw, The Papers of Tony Veitch and Strange Loyalties.

          Laidlaw is basically a good but flawed man operating in a flawed city.
          The police/crime setup, while wholly convincing and exciting, is really
          incidental to McIlvanney’s purpose of giving voice to the people of the city.

          The language and rhythms of speech are true. As Willie Mac said:
          “Scots is English in its underwear. It has no pretensions”.

          It is not like the English of which George Bernard Shaw said:
          ‘English is a language in which no native speaker can utter two syllables
          without being despised by another native speaker.’

          “It was Glasgow on a Friday night, the city of the stare.”
          “Nearby a wino with a huge orange beard that suggested he was trying to grow his own bedclothes was engaged in a heated argument with a Guinness poster.”
          “From Simshill in Cathcart, where Laidlaw lived, to the Royal Infirmary in Cathedral Street was a short trip but a big distance. Fortunately the architecture changed in stages, like decompression chambers, so that you didn’t get the bends.”
          “Licensing laws can be fun. Without them the arcane joy of after-hours drinking would never have been known – that sense of membership of a very temporary club.”

          Willie Mac was a master of words and a sharp observer of life.
          I used to see the orange bearded wino heading over the river
          to his night shelter when I was a driver on the city buses.

          • Michael Bauman says

            Brendan, I have watched a few episodes of the TV series, Rebus. Noir Crime it is indeed.
            The context you give it is fascinating. The first seasons of Taggart with McManus as the title character had more of that style.

            • Rebus was played by both John Hannah and Ken Stott.
              Hannah is to Rebus as Roger Moore is to James Bond:
              too pretty and too lightweight;
              but Ken Stott is Rebus as Sean Connery is James Bond.

              “The first seasons of Taggart with McManus
              as the title character had more of that style.”

              Here is another opinion, comparing him with Jack Laidlaw:
              “So why the title, Laidlaw, for the first of the novels? Our gaze as readers is turned by this towards Jack Laidlaw, and we expect to see more than a dedicated investigator. The convention in the detective genre ever since Sherlock Holmes has been that there is as much interest in the detective (whether policeman or private eye) as in the process of detection of crime. Laidlaw fits into the convention – he is not an Identikit policeman. He has the intellectual streak of P.D.James’s Adam Dalgliesh or Michael Innes’s Appleby; the disaffection and insubordination of Kojak or many another TV cop; the anger against corruption and the injustice of Furillo: Policeman as an intellectual and epigrammatist; Policeman as rebel and outsider; Policeman as moralist and humanitarian; but also Policeman as hard drinker and adulterer; Policeman as aggressive sentimentalist. What Laidlaw is not is Policeman as cliche Glasgow boor, like Taggart, the unsubtle melodramatic travesty that found his way on to the small screen in default of a Laidlaw film or TV series.”

              I concur with that opinion – though later series did improve.
              But I always found it shallow in a way that Laidlaw is not and Rebus is not.

  9. George Michalopulos says
    • Gail Sheppard says







      • George Michalopulos says

        Very funny if I may say so, myself!

        And somewhat sad, at the same time. Ironic, isn’t it?

  10. George Michalopulos says

    And now, they’re going after “The Eyes of Texas”.

    Truly, nothing is sacred anymore. I’ve even heard they’re going to go after “Boomer Sooner”.

  11. Anonymous II says

    Okay George, this is serious…

    To me, this sounds like a eugenics program that has gotten out of hand…remember Cuomo’s nursing home deaths, remember the majority of deaths in Washington were in one nursing home…and now in Germany…what is your take?

    From the article:

    In this 40-minute video, Reiner Fuellmich and his associate Viviane Fischer, attorneys and founding members of the German Corona Investigative Committee, interview an unidentified whistleblower at a nursing home in Berlin, Germany.

    The whistleblower, a caregiver, describes what happened at the care facility during and after the rollout of COVID-19 vaccines. The whistleblower’s voice has been distorted to protect the individual’s identity, and is in German with English subtitles.

    The whistleblower describes how seven of 31 nursing home residents with dementia died after the first dose of the Pfizer vaccine, and an eighth was near death at the time the interview was recorded.

    After the second dose, 11 more residents became seriously ill and one more died.

    In other words, 25% of the residents died immediately, and 36% were severely injured within a short time

    The video contains de-identified footage from the nursing home, where a team of three or four people, including a soldier in uniform, vaccinate residents, in many cases using force. The footage is troubling as it shows some people resisting the shots, being being vaccinated nonetheless.

    Fischer has filed a complaint on behalf of the whistleblower with prosecutors and the police. They seek an investigation by law enforcement and publicity about this information to halt further deaths.

    An investigation into the deaths at this particular nursing home won’t be the first investigation into deaths among elderly in care facilities, after being vaccinated with a COVID vaccine — there have been many reports of elderly people dying after the vaccines.

    In January, officials in Norway and Germany said they were looking into deaths following the vaccine. Last month, in Spain, officials temporarily halted vaccines after 46 nursing home residents died after getting the vaccine.

    The Global Times reported last week that 16 elderly people in Switzerland died following COVID vaccinations.

    In the U.S., according to the latest available data from the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System, the average age of those who died following COVID vaccines is 77.8.

    Children’s Health Defense is working closely with Fuellmich and his associates at the German Corona Investigative Committee to seek information and justice regarding COVID-19.

    Watch here:

    • Gail Sheppard says
      • Gail, do you remember when either Elder Ephraim or maybe a Greek metropolitan (I can’t remember which one) said that all the hooplah around Covid would be over by May 2021, but, that something much worse would follow it?

        Do you think it is people dying from the vaccine?

        • Gail Sheppard says

          Yes, I do remember, Petros. Looking back on it (posted 11/19/2020), I completely misread it. I had no idea there would be a vaccine back then.

          I hope that’s not what he meant. Lord have mercy.

          It reads:

          Our beloved Orthodox Christians, evlogeite,

          We will soon be commemorating the one-year anniversary of the repose of our holy spiritual father, Geronda Ephraim of Arizona. A recent vision that a woman in Greece had of Geronda Ephraim has come to many people’s attention. The vision concerns the general state of the world, and how prayer and tears of repentance are so necessary today and yet lacking everywhere.

          We would like to confirm that the vision is from God, and that its message very much reflects the spirit of our Geronda’s teaching. This holy and spiritual message that is presented here in several languages for the benefit of the Church.

          We pray that through Geronda’s intercessions, we will all understand the significance of his powerful message and strive to implement it in our lives.

          Please feel free to share this message.
          In Christ,
          + Kathegoumenos Archimandrite Paisios,
          Saint Anthony’s Greek Orthodox Monastery
          Florence, Arizona


          “Repentance! Repentance! Christ is very angry. We people today should not be in the spiritual state in which we find ourselves. Great evils are coming—you cannot imagine how evil. Alas, what awaits you! Repent as long as there is time. Get on your knees and weep; shed tears of repentance so that perhaps Christ will soften. This also has to do with what is happening in America. Many people will depart through all that is coming, many people will depart [i.e., they will die]. You are not merciful toward one another, you do not have mercy. You are harsh. One person will devour the other. Tell these things to your spiritual father and to others.”

          • That’s the one. There is also this as well:


            “Very difficult moments for humanity are coming. It seems that these difficult moments are just starting now. When this virus will end in May, other grievances will come; far greater than this one.”
            – Metropolitan Neophytos of Morphou

            • Gail Sheppard says

              Frankly, we won’t even know it’s happening because they’ll ascribe the organ failure and death to a new strain of COVID. People REALLY need to strengthen their immune systems to fight this off.

              • The Metropolitan of Morphou is telling people to start reading the Psalter on a daily basis. God help me I need to start doing that. That is the vitamins we need.

              • George Michalopulos says

                It’s called moving the goalposts.

            • He said that last February, so maybe he meant last May? Things certainly loosened up a little around Pentecost time, but now we have the vaccine, anal swabs, COVID camps, and further draconian measures to deal with.

              • Anonymous II says

                This is great. China announced homosexuality is a mental disorder…while also announcing it will sodomize all foreingers coming into the country.

                No, really:


                • George Michalopulos says

                  We are truly in topsy-turvy world.

                  Seriously though, if what you write is true, that the Chinese believe that homosexuality is a mental disorder, how long do you think the love affair between our kakistocracy and the CCP will last? Seriously.

                  Here’s a thought experiment: if the CCP is not met with any pushback from the State Dept or other elite organs (i.e. Congress), then we will know that we are truly a vassal state of China.

                  • I’m sure the liberals will enjoy
                    the smack of firm government

                    • George Michalopulos says

                      History always teaches that it is usually the liberals who are the useful idiots of the Satanist/revolutionaries. And almost always the first to be lined up against the wall.

                  • Knowing our retarded government, if China does actually believe that then we will just bomb them into diversity.

                    You gotta give it to China. They have been around a lot longer than us, they know a civilization killer when they see one so their getting rid of it

                    • George Michalopulos says

                      But that’s the irony, isn’t it? They know that Creepy Joe and the Dem elites won’t do anything. It was Chuck Colson who said “Grab them by the balls and their hearts and minds will follow”.

                      And to your broader point, China is indeed an ancient civilization. They know a “civilization killer” when they see it. Oh, they’ll let us go along with the madness but not them. They’re way too smart for that.

                      P.S. Two weeks ago, I wrote in “The Trumpiad: Part II” that the sexual imbalance in China because of the one-child policy was 30 million excess men. I was wrong. It’s 70 million excess men. And I got to give the Chinese credit, they’ve recognized that this is a huge problem and they’re taking steps to address it. Whether they will succeed or not, I cannot say. At any rate, the fact that they recognize that it’s a problem is the first step in addressing it. Our elites will never publicly address the feminization of the American male.

                  • Anonymous II says

                    Yes, Chinese court rules homosexuality can be called a mental disorder, sparking commenters to ask if LeBron James will weigh in:

                    • George Michalopulos says

                      Curious minds want to know…

                    • George Michalopulos says

                      No, St LeBron is too busy counting his billions. A little brown-nosing is a little price to pay him and other elites, don’t you think?

                • What secular, Western leftists say to traditional Christian countries (Russia, Serbia, Hungary, Poland, etc.) who believe that God does not want men and women to have same-sex sexual relationships with each other:
                  “You are so backward and are oppressive to the LBGTQQZZY communities. Your archaic and irrelevant faith should be outlawed because it hurts people. The communists didn’t go far enough with you. We will.”

                  What secular, Western leftists say to China, India, Africa, Muslim countries, and pretty much all of the rest of the world who also believe that men and women should not have same-sex relationships with each other:
                  “We have to respect cultural differences. We shouldn’t assume that the Chinese (or Indians, or Saudis, or Indonesians, or whomever) should have the same worldview that we do.”

                  The secular leftists are bullies. They go after the Christian world because they know that God commands us to love our enemies. They use this fact to try to hurt us, which only ends up backfiring on them. They will soon realize that the rest of the world only uses the Western leftists, doesn’t love them, and that the Christians whom they persecuted mercilessly were their best friends.

                  Sleepy/forgetful Joe’s days are numbered. He cannot even muster a press conference by himself without his wife babysitting. No other Dem leader is remotely as “unifying a figure” as Biden (and he ain’t unifying at all). Once Kamala is in office, her divisiveness will cause the Dems, and probably the country, to fall apart.

                  Thank God Texas still has cojones – to boldly lead the way, in COVID policy and in everything else. Remember, Texas was an independent Republic prior to joining the United States. In the Texas constitution, it reserves the right to secede from the United States should circumstances ever require that. Which is why modern leftists hate Texas.

                • Mark E. Fisus says

                  If you don’t want an anal swab, then don’t go to China.

                  The swabs are probably made by Uyghur forced labor anyway. By avoiding Chinese anal swabs, you’d help that boycott.

    • Gail Sheppard says

      Before they started vaccinating people, they struggled with giving it to anyone in a nursing home. They said it was because people would confuse a normal death with a death from the vaccine and the optics wouldn’t look good. They KNEW it would kill a disproportionate number of the sick and elderly in nursing homes, and did it anyway.

      • Yep. Remember when they said “if people start dying from the vaccine dont be alarmed.”

        And people STILL got it

      • George Michalopulos says

        Before this is all over, some big people are going to have to ask Gail for apologies, all the way around.

        Seriously, I just read a report about the two-dose vaccine which has paralyzed some people on the Greek island of Corfu.

        Not good, people; not good.

        • This one?

          Aeolus bag opened: Lawsuit from Doctor
          for side effects from Pfizer vaccine in Corfu

          ‘ Complaint for the two cases of paralysis of the lower extremities that occurred in Corfu was filed by Doctor Dimitris Antoniou PhD FRCS, Surgeon.

          Specifically, the doctor filed a lawsuit against the Director of the General Hospital of Corfu Mr. Leonidas Roubatis of the Commander of the 6th RAE Mr. Giannis Karvelis of the Deputy Governors Mr. Panagiotis Malliou & Ioannis Nikopoulos and against the competent Doctors in charge of with the Comirnaty (Pfizer) vaccine.

          The lawsuit was filed for the causal connection of the above vaccine with the acute paralysis of the lower extremities (Guillain – Barré syndrome) (GBS) presented by two vaccinated, namely a 42-year-old nurse of the Corfu Hospital and the doctor Spyros Skiadopoulos immediately after the 2nd dose of the above vaccine. ‘

          Legal immunity is not necessarily total;
          at least, not for those administering the jags.

        • There is a Telegram group called Covid Vaccine Victims where you can keep abreast of the many, many horrible incidents that are not necessarily being reported beyond small town papers or family and friends of the victims. It is stunning.

      • George Michalopulos says

        They don’t call him Gov Granny-killer for nothing!

      • Anonymous II says

        Great apes at San Diego Zoo become first non-humans to receive COVID-19 vaccine…name of first ape to get experimental COVID shot?


        No joke!


    • George Michalopulos says

      AnonII, anything’s possible. Personally, I think that our kakistocrats like the feminization of the American male. Steers and eunuchs are very easy to control. The problem becomes acute however when the barbarians are at the gate.

      Then what?

      • God knows. What’s happening is a prolonged crisis in the West – a judgement.

        It may be that those of us repenting/struggling to repent will continue to see the Hand of God in everything and be covered, so to speak, by His grace.

        It’s imperative to remain connected to the monasteries and God-fearing clergy, and one another, and follow their wisdom with consolation.

        Remain in the Ark – mentally and spiritually. As the cultural tsunami continues sweeping through our neighborhoods and into our parishes, and darkens our minds, hold on with prayer. Find God’s will with the help of your spiritual father, be brave, and ‘come and see.’

  12. Investigation Links Fauci to Controversial Experiments
    That May Have Led to Pandemic

    ‘ “Fox News reporter Steve Hilton persuasively linked — for the first time on national TV — Dr. Anthony Fauci to the creation of COVID 19,” said Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., CHD chairman and chief legal counsel. “Hilton explains how Fauci — despite protests from leaders of the scientific community who warned that he was playing with fire — funded the specific gain-of-function study that almost certainly created the COVID-19 virus.”

    Kennedy added: “The irony of Fauci leading the global response to a pandemic that he may have created becomes starker by the day.” ‘

    • Gail Sheppard says

      And not just gain-of-function research (code name for making something more transmittable and virulent; think “bioweapon”). But the coronavirus, specifically. This is a good/short summary of how this unfolded. Where you see NIH, think Fauci.

      So to protect the United States from a potential pathogen created in a lab, they decided to do it in China because if the virus got out it would just impact China.

      That a country who is hostile to the United States might use this pathogen as a bioweapon against the United States never entered their stupid, short sighted, irresponsible, criminal minds. Just the dollar signs associated with a vaccine.

  13. Israeli Health Ministry: Pfizer Vaccine Killed ‘About 40 Times
    More Elderly Than the Disease Itself Would Have Killed’

    ‘New analysis from the Israeli Health Ministry concluded Pfizer’s COVID vaccine killed “about 40 times more (elderly) people than the disease itself would have killed” during a recent five-week vaccination period, and 260 times more younger people than would have died from the virus.’

    ‘ A re-analysis of published data from the Israeli Health Ministry by Dr. Hervé Seligmann, a member of the faculty of Medicine Emerging Infectious and Tropical Diseases at Aix-Marseille University, and engineer Haim Yativ reveal, in short, that the mRNA experimental vaccine from Pfizer killed “about 40 times more (elderly) people than the disease itself would have killed” during a recent five-week vaccination period. Among the younger class, these numbers are compounded to death rates at 260 times what the COVID-19 virus would have claimed in the given time frame.

    While the full mathematical analysis may be found in the article itself, the authors demonstrate how among “those vaccinated and above 65, 0.2% … died during the three-week period between doses, hence about 200 among 100,000 vaccinated. This is to be compared to the 4.91 dead among 100,000 dying from COVID-19 without vaccination.”

    “This scary picture also extends to those below 65,” the researchers continued. During the five-week vaccination process “0.05%, meaning 50 among 100,000, died. This is to be compared to the 0.19 per 100,000 dying from COVID-19 (who) are not vaccinated … Hence the death rate of this age group increased by 260 (times) during this five-week period of the vaccination process, as compared to their natural COVID-19 death rate.” …

    Yativ and Seligmann stipulate that even these “estimated numbers of deaths from the vaccine are probably much lower than actual numbers as it accounts only for those defined as COVID-19 deaths for that short time period and does not include AVC and cardiac (and other) events resulting from the inflammatory reactions.”

    Nor do these numbers “account for long-term complications,” they write.

    In addition, within several months they expect “mid- and long-term adverse effects of the vaccination as ADE (Antibody-dependent Enhancement)” begins to become manifest in those who have received the experimental Pfizer vaccine. …

    Given these death rates, Yativ and Seligmann also have harsh criticism for the severe pressure being imposed upon the population by Israeli authorities to receive these shots. According to INN, the researchers call these draconian efforts “a new Holocaust.” …

    Meanwhile, Dr. Anthony Fauci, chief medical adviser to President Joe Biden, has styled Israel’s vaccination response as “extraordinarily good.”

    Given these death rates and their continued insistence on using this vaccine,
    the Israeli Health Ministry might be accused of anti-Semitism.
    Well, they awarded Fauci a million dollar prize for being a “consummate model of leadership and impact in public health.”

    As Winston S Churchill might have said:
    “Some leadership. Some impact.

    • Health Emergency: I have just sent the above post
      to the Scottish Health Minister, copied to the First Minister
      and a whole raft of opposition politicians and newspapers.
      I included the following message:

      “I think the following disturbing reports from Israel require an immediate moratorium on use of the Pfizer Covid vaccine while a proper investigation is carried out into comparable death rates in similar age cohorts in Scotland (and elsewhere).

      While immunity from liability for damages caused by the vaccines has been extended to the vaccine manufacturers, I am not sure such applies to Ministers and Public Health officials and doctors who push vaccines known to be dangerous.”

      If everyone was to do the same to their relevant State and Federal officials in their own area, who knows? Something may come of it. If nobody does anything, nothing will come of it. And who can we blame for that?

  14. Nicholas of New York says

    It’s absolutely disgusting and unconscionable that Winnie the Pooh, Donald Duck and Peter Rabbit prance around without any pants!!!
    They should all be apprehended, and arrested for public lewdness and endangering the welfare of children. They should be appropriately sentenced, and have proper counseling, and perform community service.
    Watch out Porky Pig!
    Daba daba daba
    “That’s all Folks!:

    • Gail Sheppard says

      Don’t get me started. Pepé Le Pew is a black cat molester who is responsible for the birth of the BLM #MeToo cat movement.

      • The Wabbit with the cawwot…???

      • George Michalopulos says

        And Porky Pig! As a lifelong stutterer, I am offended by this caricature.

        If I may add another things about Pepe Le Pew: he’s too heteronormative.

      • I think the liberals are reading Monomakhos for ideas now. Either that or Gail is a prophet:

      • Gail Sheppard says

        Seriously? I make one stupid comment and it’s “bye-bye” Pepé Le Pew.

        “The Pepe Le Pew character will likely be a thing of the past across all media. . .”

        • Now Gail, if you can think up some bs against Kamala . . .

          But seriously, I saw this and was impressed enough to post it inasmuch as we’re getting to the nitty gritty in terms of political instability. Red states are beginning to organize to collectively nullify federal activity on certain matters on their territory. You are beginning to hear of Second Amendment sanctuaries, states that are throwing off Covid restrictions and even states that are moving to enable invalidation of executive orders they find unconstitutional (nullification).

          I agree with him to a large extent but with the caveat that if and when they come for the guns, all bets are off. Here’s more of his stuff:

          The last one about Thermopylae contains a blueprint for resistance and is a bit chilling. Yet we are where we are. When trusted sources say in chorus “The domestic terrorist they’re coming for is you.” I start to pay attention.

          I’m hopeful for the return of the Golden Don and victory in the midterms and 2024. Yet the Borg has a lot of time to defend and entrench itself. They have the intelligence services. If patriots do not develop a political war mentality now, there will not be room for effective resistance and we will be engaged in the long, painful wait for the regime to collapse as the Russians had to endure under the Soviets.

          I prefer an Orthodox monarchy. HOWEVER, if we are going to have a republic, then my inclinations are libertarian on any number of issues due to the fact that any regime we end up with will not be legitimate in any case and so starving it of power is generally a good thing in order to avoid government by Central Committee and Politburo.

          • George Michalopulos says

            Misha, thank you for those essays by Lt Col Morton.

            The day is short and the imbalance between the rulers and the ruled is stark. I cannot deny that. As each day goes by, we see yet more examples of how truly unhinged they are, despite all their power.

            I view the kakistocracy as a giant, lumbering dinosaur, not yet on its last legs but getting there. And when it dies, it will do much damage before it goes down.

            Why do I say this? Mainly because I don’t know how much stupidity and unreality a nation can withstand. Seriously, we are approaching peak stupidity. Morton himself states this when he says that “The Biden regime is not a sustainable political entity. It cannot continue to exist in its present state because it will collapse under the weight of its own spectacle.”

          • George Michalopulos says

            Misha, I would add also this: that we cannot despair of the possibility that Divine Providence can disrupt the plans of the elites.

            Permit me a little digression. I’ve had an insight now for almost a year, about the corona virus (Gail can back me up); and it’s this: that it was indeed a bioweapon, specifically engineered as such. And that it was far more lethal than was initially thought. My insight is the the Lord attenuated its lethality. Yes, a few million people have died this past year, but that is nothing in comparison to the Black Death, the Spanish Flu, or the Hong Kong Flue.

            Or it’s possible that it was a “beta test”, a dry-run so to speak. To see how far the elites could go in restricting our liberties and how much economic pain they could inflict on us before the populace rose up.

          • Michael Bauman says


            Again, I refer you to several articles on the definition, process and Constitutional basis for Nullification. Some of the Founders saw it as rhe last recourse against an over-reaching federal government.

        • George Michalopulos says

          Thank you mon cherie! I hope you’re proud of yourself. What next? Speedy Gonzalez?

  15. Two workers in a nursing home in Ilia were fired because
    they did not want to get the coronavirus vaccine

    ‘ By order of the Metropolitan of Ilia and Olenis Germanou, two employees who did not accept to be vaccinated against the coronavirus were fired from the “Panagia Katholiki” Nursing Home of the Holy Monastery of Ilia in Gastouni.

    He himself stated in the newspaper “Patris”: “I was one of the first to make an appointment at the Hospital of Pyrgos without drumbeats and I was vaccinated. I am 89 years old and I have done both doses. I have to praise the commander of the Hospital because in Pyrgos there is a vaccination center that works perfectly “.

    According to the source, the Metropolitan justified his decision, emphasizing that the decision was made to protect the elderly living in the nursing home.

    It should be noted, however, that when these workers were hired, there was no law requiring them to be vaccinated, nor did they sign any relevant contract, while even today, coronavirus vaccination is not mandatory. ‘

    “Who [are these men]? … Take [them] out and
    shoot [them],” General Dreedle demanded.

    “I don’t think you can shoot [them].”
    “Who the hell says I can’t? … Why the hell can’t I?
    You mean I can’t shoot anyone I want to? Is that a fact?”

    “…I’m afraid it is.”
    “I guess you think you’re pretty g*dd*mn smart, don’t you?”

    [Apologies to Joseph Heller: Catch 22]

  16. Fauci, he say: No symptoms? No test.

  17. COVID Kids: Protocol demands TWO WEEKS
    with no parental contact

    ‘ The Ezra Levant show reveals how children in Toronto, Candada who are banned from school with ‘asymptomatic’ COVID19 are being required to quarantine alone in their bedroom and have no access to their parents or siblings. ‘Solitary confinement’ for two weeks for having NO SYMPTOMS.

    Moreover, all the other children in the family home are likewise forced to quarantine in the family home, no access to school or outsiders. ‘

    This is insanity, evil insanity.

  18. The creeping Police State in Scotland
    Police ‘expected to enforce guidance’
    as laws don’t go far enough

    ‘ POLICE officers have been expected to enforce the Scottish Government’s guidance rather than the emergency laws amid concerns a growing number of people have been cha[r]ged under common law for their behaviour during the pandemic.
    The Scottish Police Federation (SPF), the union representing rank and file officers, has warned that the use of culpable and reckless conduct cha[r]ges under common law has “increased exponentially” for those “considered to be participating in the most egregious breaches of the coronavirus regulations” – with the emergency laws not going far enough in covering expectations from ministers. …

    “There are examples, which I cannot specifically go into, where it appears individuals have not contravened the coronavirus regulations in any way, shape or form, but have found themselves liable under common law charges…“

    “Frequently, at the very beginning of the crisis, we were told that you could go out to exercise for an hour or two hours but of course, when one looked at the coronavirus legislation, there was no such limitation of time in the actual legislation.“

    [However, there is hope:]
    “There is an increase in general non-compliance with those specific restrictions.
    Those examples of non-compliance are increasing among a relatively small proportion of the population who have just decided that they’ve had enough and they no longer intend to play by the rules.” ‘

    Scotland becomes a state ruled, not by law,
    but by Political and Police diktat.

  19. Facemasks in the COVID-19 era: A health hypothesis


    ‘ Many countries across the globe utilized medical and non-medical facemasks as non-pharmaceutical intervention for reducing the transmission and infectivity of coronavirus disease-2019 (COVID-19).
    Although, scientific evidence supporting facemasks’ efficacy is lacking, adverse physiological, psychological and health effects are established.
    It has been hypothesized that facemasks have compromised safety and efficacy profile and should be avoided from use.
    The current article comprehensively summarizes scientific evidences with respect to wearing facemasks in the COVID-19 era, providing prosper information for public health and decisions making. ‘

    Mesotheliema rates will rise. What is mesotheliema?
    Think: cancer caused by asbestosis.

  20. Why the WHO faked a pandemic – Forbes 2010

    Note: This article, published on 5 February 2010, originally appeared in Forbes. It was removed sometime in mid October 2020 with no explanation.

    ‘ The World Health Organization has suddenly gone from crying “The sky is falling!” like a cackling Chicken Little to squealing like a stuck pig. The reason: charges that the agency deliberately fomented swine flu hysteria. “The world is going through a real pandemic. The description of it as a fake is wrong and irresponsible,” the agency claims on its Web site. A WHO spokesman declined to specify who or what gave this “description,” but the primary accuser is hard to ignore.

    The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE), a human rights watchdog, is publicly investigating the WHO’s motives in declaring a pandemic. Indeed, the chairman of its influential health committee, epidemiologist Wolfgang Wodarg, has declared that the “false pandemic” is “one of the greatest medicine scandals of the century.”

    Even within the agency, the director of the WHO Collaborating Center for Epidemiology in Munster, Germany, Dr. Ulrich Kiel, has essentially labeled the pandemic a hoax. “We are witnessing a gigantic misallocation of resources [$18 billion so far] in terms of public health,” he said.

    They’re right. This wasn’t merely overcautiousness or simple misjudgment. The pandemic declaration and all the Klaxon-ringing since reflect sheer dishonesty motivated not by medical concerns but political ones.

    Unquestionably, swine flu has proved to be vastly milder than ordinary seasonal flu. It kills at a third to a tenth the rate, according to U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates. Data from other countries like France and Japan indicate it’s far tamer than that.

    Indeed, judging by what we’ve seen in New Zealand and Australia (where the epidemics have ended), and by what we’re seeing elsewhere in the world, we’ll have considerably fewer flu deaths this season than normal. That’s because swine flu muscles aside seasonal flu, acting as a sort of inoculation against the far deadlier strain.

    Did the WHO have any indicators of this mildness when it declared the pandemic in June?

    Absolutely, as I wrote at the time. We were then fully 11 weeks into the outbreak and swine flu had only killed 144 people worldwide–the same number who die of seasonal flu worldwide every few hours. (An estimated 250,000 to 500,000 per year by the WHO’s own numbers.) The mildest pandemics of the 20th century killed at least a million people.

    But how could the organization declare a pandemic when its own official definition required “simultaneous epidemics worldwide with enormous numbers of deaths and illness.” Severity–that is, the number of deaths–is crucial, because every year flu causes “a global spread of disease.”

    Easy. In May, in what it admitted was a direct response to the outbreak of swine flu the month before, WHO promulgated a new definition matched to swine flu that simply eliminated severity as a factor. You could now have a pandemic with zero deaths.

    Under fire, the organization is boldly lying about the change, to which anybody with an Internet connection can attest. In a mid-January virtual conference WHO swine flu chief Keiji Fukuda stated: “Did WHO change its definition of a pandemic? The answer is no: WHO did not change its definition.” Two weeks later at a PACE conference he insisted: “Having severe deaths has never been part of the WHO definition.”

    They did it; but why?

    In part, it was CYA for the WHO. The agency was losing credibility over the refusal of avian flu H5N1 to go pandemic and kill as many as 150 million people worldwide, as its “flu czar” had predicted in 2005.

    Around the world nations heeded the warnings and spent vast sums developing vaccines and making other preparations. So when swine flu conveniently trotted in, the WHO essentially crossed out “avian,” inserted “swine,” and WHO Director-General Margaret Chan arrogantly boasted, “The world can now reap the benefits of investments over the last five years in pandemic preparedness.”

    But there’s more than bureaucratic self-interest at work here. Bizarrely enough, the WHO has also exploited its phony pandemic to push a hard left political agenda.

    In a September speech WHO Director-General Chan said “ministers of health” should take advantage of the “devastating impact” swine flu will have on poorer nations to get out the message that “changes in the functioning of the global economy” are needed to “distribute wealth on the basis of” values “like community, solidarity, equity and social justice.” She further declared it should be used as a weapon against “international policies and systems that govern financial markets, economies, commerce, trade and foreign affairs.”

    Chan’s dream now lies in tatters. All the WHO has done, says PACE’s Wodar[g], is to destroy “much of the credibility that they should have, which is invaluable to us if there’s a future scare that might turn out to be a killer on a large scale.” ‘

    Michael Fumento is director of the nonprofit Independent Journalism Project, where he specializes in health and science issues.

    While you can find a capture at, we have saved a copy here to protect against censorship and for easy sharing.

    See more here – ‘

    Obviously, the WHO has form…

  21. Anonymous II says

    For communists – for globalists – the ends ALWAYS justify the means. They’ll sell totalitarianism any and every way: environmentalism, health, safety, civil rights, civic duty, patriotism – they’re even PAYING people in Washington state to get ‘vaccines’ that, by their own admission, haven’t been proven to stop transmission or prevent receiving this flu.

    According to an article we found this morning, carbon dioxide emissions need to fall by the equivalent of a lockdown every two years to save the planet, climate scientists have claimed.

    The claim derives from a paper in the journal Nature Climate Change titled ‘Fossil CO2 emissions in the post-COVID-19 era’.

    According to the abstract:

    Five years after the adoption of the Paris Climate Agreement, growth in global CO2emissions has begun to falter. The pervasive disruptions from the COVID-19 pandemic have radically altered the trajectory of global CO2 emissions. Contradictory effects of the post-COVID-19 investments in fossil fuel-based infrastructure and the recent strengthening of climate targets must be addressed with new policy choices to sustain a decline in global emissions in the post-COVID-19 era.

    In short, the nations of the world will need to do much, much more if they are to meet the CO2emissions reduction targets set out by the Paris Climate Agreement. This is predicated on the idea that by keeping global industrial CO2emissions below a certain level, mankind will somehow tweak the global temperature control knob to such effect that planetary warming will be kept within a supposedly safe range of “1.5 °C to well below 2 °C.”

    And in order to achieve this, the report’s lead author Corinne Le Quéré says, there must be the equivalent of a global lockdown every two years.

    She told the Guardian:

    We need a cut in emissions of about the size of the fall [from the lockdowns] every two years, but by completely different methods.

    The lockdown has caused massive disruption to the global economy. According to Bloomberg:

    Emissions from energy fell by about 2 billion metric tons, or 5.8 per cent in 2020, from the prior year. Such a plunge “is without precedent in human history — broadly speaking, this is the equivalent of removing all of the European Union’s emissions from the global total,” the authors wrote.

    This was achieved, inter alia, by a huge drop in the air travel which up until 2020 most people had accepted as one of the many perks of Western civilization. According to the same Bloomberg article, 35 per cent of that drop in energy emissions came from the grounding of most of the world’s aircraft.

    Perhaps this is why Le Quéré is vague about describing what “completely different methods” might achieve the same effect as lockdown. Whatever they are, they will need to be pretty dramatic — and almost certainly unpopular with people who quite enjoy the trappings of 21st-century life and would rather not be compelled to go back to the Dark Ages.

    Been saying this a long time. The lockdowns, Great Reset, vaccines, 5G Towers, masks, passports, etc have little or NOTHING to do with genuine concern around a virus with 99.99% survivability.


  22. LonelyDn says

    Putin nails it, again: Vladimir Putin Lumps Anti-Govt Protesters (globalist proxy-warriors) with Child Sex Traffickers:

    Russian President Vladimir Putin railed against anti-government protesters in a speech Thursday comparing them to child sex traffickers and suicide cultists because they supposedly use the Internet to exploit young people.

    Putin was addressing We Are Together, one of several nationwide volunteer groups launched in the spring of 2020 which aimed to help Russians struggling to deal with the coronavirus pandemic and its restrictions.

    “I would like to congratulate you on a whole year of your joint work in this wonderful, noble, and highly appreciated field of supporting those who badly need a helping hand. It is especially gratifying that someone has been doing this during the most difficult time in recent years, one of the most challenging periods of our time, during the pandemic,” Putin told volunteers.

    After reviewing the achievements of the group and expressing appreciation for its individual and corporate sponsors – “as many as 10,000 companies and five million people,” according to Putin – the Russian president regaled the crowd with political musings. In a bizarre shift in tone, Putin hammered the importance of controlling the Internet and forcing it to comply with “the moral laws of our society.”

    Putin identified the great moral menaces of the Internet as child pornography, child prostitution, drug abuse, suicide bullies, and people who hold “unauthorized rallies” to harass him for such acts as using chemical weapons to murder political opponents:

    Unfortunately, we have to deal with more than just calls to take part in unauthorized rallies. We are all adults here, and we are aware of it, why not face it? What can be found in cyberspace is child pornography, child prostitution, and the promotion and distribution of drugs among children and adolescents. They are encouraged to take to the streets and brawl with the police, and then hide behind children thus putting them on the spot.

    What does it mean? It means using children as an object, it means using children as a tool for achieving someone’s selfish objectives, and it is always a source for using children to earn profit. Strange as it is, including by urging a minor to commit suicide. And there they find a way to profit off it too. It is amazing. I see that my colleague opened his eyes in surprise and made an understandable gesture with his hands. These were exactly my feelings when I learnt about it.

    And when the police catch up to these monsters, can you imagine, they turn into totally different people. They surf the internet, pretending to be tough like Rambo, and urge a girl or a boy to jump off a roof – and they concoct a whole story to entice him or her to do it. But as soon as the police arrive, they literally crap their pants. Such bastards sitting there, you know. Like an insect no one feels sorry about crushing. They urge girls and boys to commit suicide. And in doing all this they also earn money by posting ads and doing other things.

    “When we are talking about children, of course to some they are an object for exploitation, to some they are a tool for achieving selfish goals, to some they are a source of earning money and making profit, but to us they are an absolute treasure. That is the truth,” Putin concluded.

  23. Neil Ferguson Has NO QUALIFICATIONS in Biological Sciences!

    ‘ In an article published by Lockdown Skeptics by Derek Winton entitled, The Imperial Model and its Role in the UK’s Pandemic Response,
    the author rightly calls into question[ the] relevant scientific experience of who is arguably the UK government’s most consequential science advisor of the COVID crisis – the notorious Neil Ferguson from Imperial College. …

    Indeed, it was Ferguson who created the original fictional scenario which was used to convince the government and mainstream media that COVID would somehow cause over 500,000 deaths in Britain unless the government ‘acted swiftly’ to institute harsh ‘mitigation’ measures such as lockdowns, or as Freddie Sayers of UnHerd describes, a “forecast that in a scenario without interventions, 81% of the UK population would become infected, and that 0.9% of them would die, ie 510,000 fatalities. That, famously, was the scenario that bounced the UK government into changing its approach.” …

    Like with previous pandemic scares, Ferguson was not even close, and yet here we are again. The lockdowns that followed last March have decimated the British economy and society, and in only 12 months has nearly destroyed the country’s education system. It has led to one totalitarian policy after another, and with no end in sight – even though the alleged ‘novel’ coronavirus in question was only a seasonal respiratory virus, and as proven statistically now – this coronavirus not at all lethal or a danger to the general population, as it only seemed to adversely affect the elderly with multiple chronic health conditions. …

    As it turns out, Ferguson hold no formal qualifications at all in the biological sciences – not as a microbiologist, a virologist, nor as an epidemiologist or biological statistician. Instead he received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Physics (1990) from Lady Margaret Hall in Oxford, followed by his Doctorate of Philosophy in theoretical physics (1994) form Linacre College, in Oxford. So claims in the media which repeated describe Ferguson as ‘one of the country’s top epidemiologists’ – are quite misleading. While Ferguson has worked on lots of computer modelling and abstract simulations for various epidemics (and wildly inaccurate on many of them), he is not at all qualified to warrant any authoritative caché in field of biological science. He shouldn’t be anyway, and yet he is. It’s a strange situation to say the least.

    As with so many thing in media and government,
    it seems nobody bothered to check.

    Winton reveals, “In an interview on the BBC’s Life Scientific, Ferguson conceded to not having an A-level in Biology. As far as publicly available information is accurate, he appears to have no formal training in computer modelling, medicine or epidemiology either.”

    But it’s actually much worse than that. Many recoiled in horror after another Times in December 2020 when Ferguson openly admitted that he was guided (inspired?) by the unprecedented actions of the Chinese Communist Party who invented the brutal ‘lockdown’ method of social control to supposedly contain COVID in Wuhan province in early 2020.

    “I think people’s sense of what is possible in terms of control changed
    quite dramatically between January and March,” he said.

    According to Ferguson, both he and and the UK government’s increasingly shaky SAGE science committee regarded China experimental totalitarian lockdown policy as “innovative intervention”:

    “It’s a communist one party state, we said. We couldn’t get away with it in Europe, we thought… and then Italy did it. And we realised we could.”

    “If China had not done it,” he said, “the year would have been very different.”

    This proves beyond any doubt that this science team entrusted by the UK government actually had no idea what they were doing at the time, and that there was no scientific basis at all for instituting draconian lockdown measures. It was all guesswork policy, and highly destructive at that. Policy which remains in place to this day. ‘

    Couldn’t cut the mustard as a physicist. Never grasped the Key to Science:
    So he became a bad witch-doctor.

  24. A Different Take On Our State Of Emergency:
    with Dr. David Martin

    What’s your take on what’s happening with the virus right now?

    … I think this is a very significant criminal operation, which is an act of terrorism. I think that’s what this is. The reason why I think that is because I’ve been monitoring since 1999. In 1999, we noticed that for the first time, the United States officially started funding work to what effectively was amplified biological toxins. They used the Coronavirus model as a way to do that. From 1999 to 2002, there was an explicit program to figure out how to get the coronavirus, which historically has been a nuisance to humans but not a big problem. It’s been a big problem to animals.

    In fact, the fundamental research for a decade before the ‘90s was in cardiac myopathy in rabbits, not in people. The guy who was leading this program under the funding of NIAID with Anthony Fauci had gotten money to amplify the pathogenicity of a part of Coronavirus. He made it more toxic. Not surprisingly, the places where he was researching and the places where he was collaborating are where the Coronavirus outbreak allegedly started with the SARS outbreak in 2002 going into 2003. I have always said, I find it interesting that the official story we’re supposed to believe is that somehow or another, this mysteriously came out of the blue and it happened to come out of the blue where biological weapons labs were also happening.

    It’s amazing how nature backed into the, “There’s a weapons lab. Why don’t we go ahead and have an outbreak there?” The fact of the matter is we, as humans, manipulated Coronavirus and then we had SARS. Here’s the funny thing. After 2003, the problem was Coronavirus resolved itself. It went through the population, had an effect and it resolved itself. Rather than celebrating, “We survived this thing,” some people got sick, some people died, that’s a tragedy but it was not the pandemic everybody thought it was going to be.

    We survived it without a vaccine.

    No vaccine, no intervention at all and they seriously publicly lamented the fact that it wasn’t virulent enough. Starting in 2005, there was an active program with the DARPA and with NIAID to begin work on figuring out ways to amplify the pathogenicity of this biological substance. They specifically focused on two pieces. One was the S1 spike protein and one was the ACE2 receptor. The ACE2 receptor is important because it’s the thing that makes lung tissue sensitive to this. That was the mysterious piece because it didn’t used to be a lung problem. It used to be a vascular problem but they amplified the ACE2 receptor component and they amplified the S1 spike protein, which is a very toxic component.

    Those two amplifications started being amplified and funded through NIAID in 2005. In 2012 going into 2013, when we had the MERS outbreak in the Middle East, the National Science Foundation, National Academy of Science, NIAID and others started going, “Maybe we’re doing something we shouldn’t be doing.” There was a question of the ethics and the morals of doing this Gain-of-Function research leading to the 2013, 2014 decision to stop Gain-of-Function research is what the public was told. What the public wasn’t told was the people who were involved in the BSL-4 defense labs were allowed to keep amplifying this viral pathogen.

    Let me interrupt you to ask a question. What was the justification they were giving for amplifying this virus?

    The cover story is this. Biological weapons could be developed by some rogue nation or by some bad actors. If that happened, we should be prepared to develop vaccines. That’s what we were told. As early as March of 2005, I wrote in a public briefing to law enforcement intelligence agencies that this was not a just in case problem. It was, in fact, a program that included the dispersion of explosive biological material, such that you could put toxins into rocket-propelled grenades. I don’t know about you, but when I hear that, it doesn’t sound like a public health program to me. I published this book in March of 2005.

    It doesn’t sound defensive. It sounds offensive.

    When people tell me, “It’s all in the interest of public health. It was all about making sure we were safe from potentially rogue actor states.” I’m sitting there going, “That smells like BS,” because it is. We have the evidence that in fact these programs were dual-use programs. These were programs that in fact did have a public health vaccine development treatment program. That’s true but they also had an offensive military application as well. We’re tracking all this stuff and we’ve been tracking it since 1999. Lo and behold, we started looking at the fact that coming into the spring of 2019.

    This is nine months before they’re supposed to be a thing, we start seeing a lot of documents start showing up with the language about an accidental or intentional release of a respiratory pathogen. If that came out in one document and we go, “Somebody was concerned about that,” when it starts showing up in a bunch of documents, it shows up in March 2019, it shows up again in May 2019, it shows up again in September 2019 in the World Health Organization Global Preparedness Monitoring Board Program, you start going, “Hold on a minute, we’re being told something’s happening.”

    It’s like they were hinting somehow.

    Except they are not very much hinting. They are going, “You keep saying an accidental or intentional release of respiratory pathogen.” We were not surprised when we expected to see something happen in Wuhan or in Italy or in North Carolina or in any of the places where we know the BSL labs were manipulating the Coronavirus. For me, the whole idea that this was somehow an accidental thing fails on its face because you can’t get an accident with premeditated planning and then have nature come along and go, “By the way, humans are talking about doing something. Why don’t I fly a bat over a wet food market in Wuhan and somehow make this mysteriously happen?” The amount of improbabilities to land an accident of nature in a place where you also have a biological weapons lab is zero. … ‘

    The above are extracts from full the transcript of a 30 minute interview.
    Both are available at the link at the head of this post.

  25. Oz Health Minister in ‘Critical Condition’
    After COVID Vaccine Jab

    ‘ Australia’s Health Minister Greg Hunt has been admitted to hospital
    and is said to be in a serious condition just one day after receiving a dose of the Oxford / Astrazeneca Covid vaccine. …

    Whether his condition is a result of receiving the vaccine or not
    we are sure we will never know, but it is extremely coincidental for him to suddenly
    suffer an “infection” when he has been an otherwise fit and healthy man. … ‘

    How very unfortunate…


    [5 min video]

    Dr Jensen speaks truth…

  27. Pause: AstraZeneca vaccine is being tested
    for several severe blood clots

    ‘ All vaccination against coronavirus with AstraZenea is discontinued in Denmark and six other European countries. This is due to reports of blood clots in people who have been vaccinated with the vaccine. …

    It is not only in Denmark that the vaccine has been paused. Several other European countries have currently suspended the use of the AstraZeneca vaccine while investigations are ongoing. These countries are: Estonia, Austria, Lithuania, Luxembourg and Latvia… ‘

    Another one to watch…

  28. Tony Fauci and the Swine Flu hoax; betrayal of trust

    Jon Rapoport: ‘ In my current series of articles, I’ve taken apart the Ebola and Zika hoaxes. Now I take you back to the summer of 2009, when the CDC and the World Health Organization were hyping the “deadly H1N1 Swine Flu pandemic.” They were, of course, also urging people to take the new Swine Flu vaccine.

    On that subject, here is an excerpt from Robert Kennedy Jr.’s Children’s Health Defense (3/27/20):

    “For example, [Dr. Anthony] Fauci once shilled for the fast-tracked H1N1 influenza (‘swine flu’) vaccine on YouTube, reassuring viewers in 2009 that serious adverse events were ‘very, very, very rare.’ Shortly thereafter, the vaccine went on to wreak havoc in multiple countries, increasing miscarriage risks in pregnant women in the U.S., provoking a spike in adolescent narcolepsy in Scandinavia and causing febrile convulsions in one in every 110 vaccinated children in Australia—prompting the latter to suspend its influenza vaccination program in under-fives.”

    However, that is only half the Swine Flu story. The other half—which involves an astounding hoax—was surely something Fauci was aware of at the time.

    Fauci was, in fact, recommending a highly dangerous vaccine for protection against AN EPIDEMIC THAT DIDN’T EXIST AT ALL.

    His friends and professional colleagues at the CDC were creating the hoax.

    Let me run it down for you.

    In the summer of 2009, the CDC was claiming there were thousands of Swine Flu cases in the US. But behind these statistics lay an unnerving secret. A major crime, considering the CDC’s mandate to report the truth to the American people:

    Secretly, the CDC had stopped counting cases of Swine Flu.

    What? Why?

    CBS investigative reporter, Sharyl Attkisson, discovered the CDC secret; and she found out why.

    The routine lab testing of tissue samples from the most likely Swine Flu patients was coming back, in the overwhelming percentage of cases, with: NO SIGN OF SWINE FLU OR ANY OTHER KIND OF FLU.

    Attkisson wrote an article about this scandal, and it was published on the CBS News website. However, the next, bigger step—putting out the story on CBS television news—was waylaid. No deal. And CBS shut down any future investigation on the subject. Attkisson’s article died on the vine. No other major news outlet in the world picked up her article and ran with it deeper into the rabbit hole.

    Here is what Attkisson told me when I interviewed her:

    Rappoport: In 2009, you spearheaded coverage of the so-called Swine Flu pandemic. You discovered that, in the summer of 2009, the Centers for Disease Control, ignoring their federal mandate, [secretly] stopped counting Swine Flu cases in America. Yet they continued to stir up fear about the “pandemic,” without having any real measure of its impact. Wasn’t that another investigation of yours that was shut down? Wasn’t there more to find out?

    Attkisson: The implications of the story were even worse than that. We discovered through our FOI efforts that before the CDC mysteriously stopped counting Swine Flu cases, they had learned that almost none of the cases they had counted as Swine Flu was, in fact, Swine Flu or any sort of flu at all! The interest in the story from one [CBS] executive was very enthusiastic. He said it was “the most original story” he’d seen on the whole Swine Flu epidemic. But others pushed to stop it [after it was published on the CBS News website] and, in the end, no [CBS television news] broadcast wanted to touch it. We aired numerous stories pumping up the idea of an epidemic, but not the one that would shed original, new light on all the hype. It was fair, accurate, legally approved and a heck of a story. With the CDC keeping the true Swine Flu stats secret, it meant that many in the public took and gave their children an experimental vaccine that may not have been necessary.

    —end of interview excerpt—

    So…fake pandemic, CDC crimes, and a damaging vaccine.

    But that wasn’t end of it. The CDC wanted to commit another crime. About three weeks after Attkisson’s findings were published on the CBS News website, the CDC, obviously in a panic, decided to double down. If one lie is exposed, tell an even bigger one. A much bigger one.

    Here, from a November 12, 2009, WebMD article is the CDC’s response: “Shockingly, 14 million to 34 million U.S. residents — the CDC’s best guess is 22 million — came down with H1N1 swine flu by Oct. 17 [2009].” (“22 million cases of Swine Flu in US,” by Daniel J. DeNoon).

    Are your eyeballs popping? They should be.

    Fast forward to 2020. Who in his right mind, armed with a little history, would believe anything the CDC is saying about COVID-19? The discovery of a new coronavirus. The case and death numbers, the accuracy of the diagnostic tests, the need for lockdowns and economic devastation, the safety and importance of a vaccine, the fear porn? Who would believe any of it?

    And who would believe anything coming out of the mouth of Dr. Anthony Fauci?

    Only a fool. ‘













    See more here:

    Is there no beginning to Fauci’s integrity?

    • Gail Sheppard says

      No beginning and no end to Fauci’s lack of integrity and recklessness.

      • George Michalopulos says

        Fauci has a lot to answer for. In time, he will be viewed as the Trofim Lysenko of America. He got an early start back in the late 80s, when he championed the cause of heterosexual AIDS.

        Actually, I may be unfair to Lysenko: I think that that buffoon actually believed his nonsense. Fauci never did.

  29. Mass Vaccination will Breed Dangerous Variants &
    Destroy Our Immunity — Geert Vanden Bossche, PhD

    [39 min video]

    “What we are now doing is that we are really chasing this virus and it becomes all, you know, increasingly infectious. And I mean, this is just a situation that is completely, completely completely out of control.”
    – Geert Vanden Bossch (Vaccine Research Expert)

    Full transcript and links for this show:

    As always, government makes it worse…

  30. Have You Actually Read a COVID19
    Vaccine Consent Form Yet?

    ‘ Very few of us take the time to read the small print when we buy many products and services. It’s the same with our vaccine shots. Otherwise, if we did take a couple of minutes to diligently read what vaccine companies admit they are doing to our bodies, fewer of us would permit ourselves to endure this insanity.

    Below is a sample vaccine consent form from INOVA. Inova Health System is a non-profit health organization based in Falls Church, Virginia, near Washington, D.C. The system is a network of hospitals, outpatient services, assisted living and long-term care facilities, and healthcare centers.

    Typical of most organizations that provide COVID19 vaccines, here is what they say in their vaccine consent form:

    “I declare that I or my child is 16 years of age or older. I further declare that I or my child:

    Have not experienced anaphylaxis (difficulty breathing) or severe allergic reactions from
    previous vaccination or an injectable medication.
    Have not had any other vaccinations in the previous 14 days (e.g. MMR, Shingrix, Varicella, or a TB skin test).
    Is not currently sick with a fever, active respiratory infection or other moderate/severe illness.
    Has have not received monoclonal antibodies or convalescent plasma for treatment of COVID-19 within the past ninety (90) days.
    Is not allergic to the following ingredients in the COVID-19 vaccine: mRNA, lipids((4-hydroxybutyl)azanediyl)bis(hexane-6, 1-diyl)bis(2-hexyldecanoate), 2[(polyethylene glycol)-2000]-N, N-ditetradecylacetamide, 1, 2-Distearoyl-sn-glycero-3-phosphocholine, and cholesterol), potassium chloride, monobasic potassium phosphate, sodium chloride, dibasic sodium phosphate dihydrate and sucrose.

    I understand that if I or my child have any of the above conditions, I or my child could be at increased risk of having a negative reaction or problem from the vaccine.

    I further declare that if I or my child have any of the following conditions, I have had the opportunity to speak with my or my child’s primary care provider and am making an informed decision to receive the vaccine or to have my child receive the vaccine:

    Pregnant, attempting to become pregnant or breastfeeding;
    Have a bleeding disorder or are on a blood thinner;
    Are immunocompromised or are taking a medication that affects the immune system (such as cortisone, prednisone, other steroids, or anticancer drugs; drugs for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis, Crohn’s disease or psoriasis; HIV/AIDS, cancer, leukemia, ankylosing spondylitis or radiation treatments).

    I agree to WAIT near the clinic location for 15 minutes after receiving the vaccine. If I or my child have previously had a severe allergic reaction to a vaccine or injectable medication, I agree to WAIT near the clinic location for 30 minutes after receiving the vaccine.

    I understand that the COVID-19 vaccine is a two-part vaccine series. By signing this consent, I am agreeing that I or my child will receive the first and second part of the vaccine series.

    I understand that the common risks associated with the COVID-19 vaccine include but are not limited to pain, redness or swelling at the site of injection, tiredness, headache, muscle pain, chills, joint pain, fever, nausea, feeling unwell or swollen lymph nodes (lymphadenopathy). I understand that the vaccine may cause a severe allergic reaction which can include anaphylaxis (difficulty breathing, swelling of the face and throat, a fast heartbeat, a rash all over the body, dizziness and/or weakness).

    I understand that these may not be all the side effects of the COVID-19 vaccine as the vaccine is still being studied in clinical trials. I also understand that it is not possible to predict all possible side effects or complications which could be associated with the vaccine. I understand that the long-term side effects or complications of this vaccine are not known at this time.

    I understand that the vaccination is being given by Inova Health System Foundation and its affiliates (collectively Inova). The owner and/or operator of this site, their affiliates, officers, directors, employees and agents expressly disclaim any responsibility for the vaccination.

    My consent is given in light of this knowledge, and in consideration of Inova giving the COVID-19 vaccine. I, for myself and my heirs, administrators, trustees, executors, assigns and successors in interest do hereby agree to release and hold harmless Inova, its subsidiaries, divisions, affiliates, successors, assigns, officers, trustees, employees, volunteers and agents from and against any and all demands, damages, losses, costs, expenses, obligations, liabilities, claims, actions and cause of action (whether any of which is groundless or otherwise) of any nature whatsoever (including, without limitation, reasonable attorney’s fees and court costs) by reason of or resulting, in any way, from any and all acts, accidents, events, occurrences, omissions and the like related to, or arising out of, directly or indirectly, my receipt of this COVID-19 vaccine.

    Inova makes no warranties, express or implied, including but not limited to, implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose regarding the vaccine or its effectiveness.

    I acknowledge receipt of Inova’s Notice of Privacy Practices.

    Medicare Part B Recipients: I understand Inova will process Medicare Part B claims on my behalf and accepts Medicare payment in full. I understand I must present my Medicare card prior to receiving the vaccine. I understand that if I have assigned my Medicare benefits to a Medicare Advantage Plan (like an HMO or PPO), I must receive my COVID-19 vaccine shot from my HMO/managed care provider or pay the Inova charge.

    Private Insurance Participants: If I have private insurance, I understand that Inova will not bill my insurance carrier on my behalf, and that I am responsible for paying the required fee for this vaccine to Inova and for pursuing reimbursement from my health insurance carrier. Inova cannot guarantee that this service will be reimbursable by insurance.

    I have read and understood “What To Do If You Have A Reaction To The COVID-19 Vaccination” and the “Fact Sheet” by the FDA regarding the COVID-19 Vaccination. I further understand and agree that Inova is required to submit COVID-19 vaccine administration data to the Virginia Immunization Information System (VIIS), and report moderate and severe adverse events following vaccination to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS).

    I understand and agree to all of the above and I hereby give my consent to the staff of Inova to give me or my child a COVID-19 vaccine.”

    Read the full INOVA document here:

    Interestingly, the word ‘Death’ does not appear in this document,
    not even as a possible result of anaphylaxis.
    This is the ultimate vaccine Get Out Of Jail Free Card.

  31. Canadian Doctors Speak Out Against Media COVID Hysteria

    Sound common sense, + 18 min video at:

  32. Now France, Germany & Italy suspend
    AstraZeneca COVID vaccine!

    ‘ As the large number of adverse reactions to the jab is too much for even the biased Beeb to ignore, BBC news reports that Germany, France and Italy have now halted their nation’s rollout of the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine, after a series of incidents in Europe involving blood clots. …

    The crestfallen BBC, who have spent many months dismissing as ‘conspiracy theories’ that the vaccines were rushed through and potentially dangerous gave a stiff-lipped roll call of other countries deciding the conspiracy theorists had a good point. The story continues:

    “The suspensions came less than a day after the Netherlands did the same. It said its suspension – which will last until at least 29 March – was a precaution.

    The Irish Republic, Denmark, Norway, Bulgaria and Iceland have also temporarily halted inoculations with the vaccine, while the Democratic Republic of Congo and Indonesia have postponed the launch of their rollouts. Several European countries, including Austria, have suspended the use of certain batches of the drug as a precautionary measure.

    Thailand announced that it would start using the vaccine on Tuesday, following a brief delay to the rollout over safety concerns. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said health experts had assured him all vaccines being administered in the country, including AstraZeneca’s, were safe.” ‘

    I expect Bill and Melinda told Justin not to worry…

  33. The Covid Scandal

    ‘An African Proverb says:
    The sheep lives its life in fear of the wolf only to be eaten by the shepherd.’

    ‘ … Covid-19 is an auto-immune disease triggered by the Corona virus

    As early as April 2020, warnings were out that Covid-19 is an autoimmune disease, triggered by the Corona virus. The virus appears to cause a cytokine storm of inflammation in people with a compromised immune system caused by a vitamin D deficiency.(2)

    Rather than being advised to rely solely on the novel vaccines to beat Covid-19, governments should have been advised by medicines regulators to take immediate precautionary measures, prior to arrival of the vaccines, to encourage everyone to take vitamin D and other essential nutrients to optimise their immune system function, especially in the winter months.

    Researchers said: “In summary, it is difficult to see how safe Covid-19 vaccines can be developed and fully tested for safety on development time scales of one or two years, as proposed presently. The only real protection against a future Covid-19 pandemic or any other viral pandemic/outbreak is the one that was demonstrated to work in the SARS, MERS, and Covid-19 pandemics/outbreaks, and in the annual influenza pandemics/outbreaks: a healthy immune system capable of neutralizing incoming viruses as nature intended.” … ‘

    The full article has a wealth of information – all you need to know
    to stop worrying about COVID 19 and untested/unsafe ‘vaccines’.

    • George Michalopulos says

      BTW, exceedingly wise proverb.

      • A Middle Scots parallel reads:

        Quhan schiphirdis scheip keipis, thai’se nocht gae tuim!

        [tuim = empty]

        • Archpriest Alexander F. C. Webster says

          As my Scottish grandfather and grandmother used to say, “Agus a braw, bricht, muinlicht nicht dhutse!”

  34. Israeli government in The Hague court over vaccinations:
    Accused of ‘medical experiments’

    ‘ A group of Israelis has filed a lawsuit against the Israeli government over its mass vaccinations.

    Critics of the mass vaccinations, who have formed a group called the Anshei Emet (People of Truth), have filed a lawsuit at the International Criminal Court in The Hague.

    According to RT , lawyers Ruth Makhacholovsky and Aryeh Suchowolski accuse the Israeli government of committing “crimes against humanity” with the COVID-19 vaccination campaign and of violating the Nuremberg Code. They demand that the vaccinations be stopped immediately.

    The Nuremberg Code is a set of research principles on ethical issues that address the issue of scientific experiments on the human species. It was created as a result of the Nuremberg Trials after the end of World War II.

    The lawyers state in their lawsuit:

    “Our intention is to explain in detail how the Israeli government, with its ministers and members of the Knesset, mayors and other high-ranking officials, is illegally violating the Nuremberg Code in the state of Israel.”

    As they emphasize, the Israeli people have not been informed that they are participating in a “medical experiment”. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had also struck deals with US pharmaceutical company Pfizer to obtain large quantities of vaccines, using Israelis as “experimenters,” they continue. Anshei Emet also claims that there are no alternatives to treating COVID-19 and that information about vaccines is “hidden”.

    Commenting on the move, the French newspaper Le Monde states that the text lacks a full legal basis and is made for communication reasons. The other view is that this move is substantial, as vaccines have not been adequately tested for possible side effects and that there are indeed alternative therapies, such as monoclonal antibodies with the highest cure rates.

    It is noted that Israel is the country with the most coronavirus vaccinations, with the cases, however, remaining at high levels . In addition, citizens accuse the Jewish state of beginning to differentiate between the vaccinated and the unvaccinated, giving privileges to the former. ‘

    There will be those who are tattooed and those who are not;
    the aim being to turn the latter into the former

  35. Here is a video of Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk
    getting vaccinated against COVID 19,
    pour encourager les autres…

    “I didn’t feel a thing” she burbles.

    However the cap is still on the needle…

  36. Michael Bauman says

    Bill Maher strikes again. That he is making sense shows how crazy life has become

    • George Michalopulos says

      I’d say the walls are closing in on honest liberals. The jacobins are running amok

  37. Michael Bauman says

    Next thing you know there will be Seppuku on live TV because whomever can no longer bear the shame.
    Fear and shame are being propagated.

    The only antidote is The Cross, the Grave and the Glorious Ressurection. We participate in that by confession, forgiveness and the Eucharist.

    God forgive us.

  38. The ultimate COVID STUPID: “Nose masks”

    [34 sec video]

    HL Mencken:
    “No one in this world, so far as I know – and I have searched the records for years,
    and employed agents to help me – has ever lost money by underestimating the intelligence of the great masses of the plain people.”

  39. Here is a very disturbing story:

    “In a Twist, Scientists Find Cancer Drivers Hiding in RNA, Not DNA”
    By Matthew Tontonoz Monday, August 27, 2018


    Researchers at the Sloan Kettering Institute have found that changes in an information-carrying molecule called messenger RNA can inactivate tumor-suppressing proteins and thereby promote cancer. The findings pinpoint previously unknown drivers of the disease… ‘

    Note the date of this piece – over a year before the Covid-19 ‘pandemic’ began.
    Is it likely that the mRNA vaccine creators Moderna and Pfizer (or the Gates Foundation) were unaware of this for two full years until they got Emergency Use Authorisation – and thereafter?

    The summary has since been altered with the following (undated) addition:

    “It’s important to note that mRNAs are a normal component of all cells and the specific ones discussed here are not involved in mRNA-based vaccines, like the one developed against SARS-CoV-2. “

    Indeed. But, have the artificial mRNAs in the new COVID ‘vaccines’ been tested to see if they also possess the ability to suppress tumor-inactivation proteins?
    If not, why not?
    And if not, were the recipients made aware of this possibility before injection?
    Again: If not, why not?