Is Kiev Waking Up to NATO’s Abandonment?

It would seem so.

As usual, Larry Johnson gets right to the point:

Take a look at this cartoon which some Ukrainian critics have put out.  It’s quite humorous or should I say, it would be humorous if so many Ukrainian soldiers weren’t being killed.

As I said to a dear Ukrainian friend of mine several years ago:  “the US will fight for you to the last Ukrainian”.  When I spoke those words, our disgraceful retreat from Kabul was still ten years in the future.


  1. Yes, the carnage is horrific and vast. This was a grave miscalculation compounded by stubbornness on the Western side.

    At this point, many Ukrainians are still blaming the Russians. But when Kiev falls, that will change rapidly as the fear of the regime disappears and reality sinks in.

    It is really unforgivable that the US has staged this whole spectacle.

    • Illumined says

      In addition to being a tragedy for the Ukrainian people this is a strategic disaster for the US. Instead of having a large, resource rich partner with a massive nuclear arsenal we’ve made a friend into an enemy. Now said power is cozying up to another country with a massive population, huge manufacturing base. This won’t end well for us, especially as many nations (China, US, etc) are reaching the end of their debt fueled bubbles it makes the world far more dangerous.

    • It is a miscalculation to say “miscalculation” there is no miscalculation here, everything according to design and intention, fleecing US taxpayer, billions upon billions $$ for Northrup, Raytheon, Lockheed and plenty of others, this all played and continues to play out for them as planned and as a bonus, for them (NATO war industrial complex), masses of Slavic lives murdered, killed, that perhaps being what they like and favor the most, probably doesn’t even matter to them if it is Russian-Russian or Russian-Ukrainian (all Ukrainians are Russians “independent Ukrainian” is a false construct Ukraine always a historical part of Russian empire sine 988 what happened in 1917 and 1918 does not count Bolsheviks never were / or are legit).

      • I actually think they did miscalculate. However, as you point out, it’s nothing they can’t “roll with”. Originally, they thought Russia would have caved from sanctions, that Putin would have been overthrown and that they’d be divvying up the spoils of Russian resources by now.

        But there’s always a back end with American military adventures. Even if it takes a decade, the politicians and the MIC profit handsomely by design, as you point out.

      • (all Ukrainians are Russians “independent Ukrainian” is a false construct Ukraine always a historical part of Russian empire sine 988 what happened in 1917 and 1918 does not count Bolsheviks never were / or are legit)

        When I lived in Russia, I got to know a Russian lady who is married to an American. She was born in Russia not too far from the three-way border with Ukraine and Belarus, lived her whole life in Russia until later relocating to America, and unequivocally saw herself as Russian. Yet her native dialect of Russian blurred into standard “Ukrainian” in the pronunciation, the grammar, and even some of the vocabulary—her “Russian” words for “boy,” “beet,” the color red, etc., were what a Ukrainian would call them in Lviv, not what a Russian would call them in Moscow. It’s all one continuum.

        • There was a story in the satirical Krokodil Magazine
          in the 60s about an aged comrade who, after 40 years,
          finally got to the top of the list for a housing allocation.
          Before getting the flat, he had to answer a few questions:

          Q: Where were you born, Comrade?
          A: St Petersburg.
          Q: Where did you attend school?
          A: Petrograd.
          Q: Where do you live now?
          A: Leningrad.
          Q: Where would you like to live?
          A: St Petersburg.

          • What a hoot! On top of that, allow me to add a humorous twist. I don’t know whether it’s still true, but those who remember Florida of the 1960s will recall that St. Petersburg, Fla. used to be the “retirement capital” of the Gulf Coast. For a moment, I thought the comrade was perhaps referring to that St. Petersburg. After waiting for forty years for an apartment near the arctic circle, the old man might have been just as happy to move to balmy St. Pete, Fla..

          • Having lived in St. Petersburg myself for a time…

            That’s brilliant!!

            • Florida or Russia?

              • Russia. 2002-2003 (and as a non-denominational Protestant missionary, I attended the Pascha services at the St. Alexander Nevsky Lavra…and my days as a Protestant were numbered from that time on).

                I’ve never been to the one in Florida.

  2. Illumined says

    This whole situation reminds me of an old episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation, Yesterday’s Enterprise. An event 20 years in the past causes a timeline change, leading to a long, bloody, and pointless war. Instead of being a ship of peaceful exploration the Enterprise is a mighty warship. Unfortunately unlike in a sci-fi TV episode there’s no going back through time to correct this, and I suspect we haven’t yet seen the full fruits of this debacle.

    It’s worth watching that episode just on it’s own merits, even to this day it’s widely considered to be one of the best Treks ever made.

  3. On a similar note, it looks like that the coup in Niger is finally getting off the ground. The West has been pillaging their resources for decades. They even have a pipeline going through Niger all the way through Europe. Question: why only now is the CIA raising a stink about it?

    From Larry Johnson (

    “Did France and America really wait over three months to raise a stink about the coup in Niger or is the CIA completely incompetent? If the coup really started in April, why was it not reported then? We know that there were no threats to cut off aid or send a military rescue force in May, June or July. Nope. Washington and Paris waited till the first of August to grab the fainting couch and start issuing belligerent threats against Niger’s new military leaders.”

    • George,

      This from RT is interesting. I was trying to get a better bead on the narrative coming from the junta side and looked at Steve Turley as well as this in the process.

      Now, normally, Americans and those with democratic proclivities tend to oppose coups. And Russia itself has signaled its official disapproval of the coup in Niger. However, that is likely a facade. Not having a democratic bone in my body, I’m untroubled by it. The thing I did not like about the Ukrainian coup was that it was pro-Borg, not that it was a coup. Western globalist-colonialist oriented governments deserve to be overthrown, whether at the ballot box or by any other means necessary. Niger has been exploited by France for generations. Even Meloni has called out the French on their treatment of Africa.

      Now, evidently one may technically oppose the Nigerien coup at the same time as opposing any military effort to overturn it. At least that is the Russian position if Wagner’s offer of defense assistance is any indication. Vicky Nuland (aka “Regime Change Karen”) was deployed to warn the Nigerien powers that be to stand down and restore the ousted president or else. She was sharply rebuffed.

      The last paragraph of the above linked article is telling:

      “If Nuland and her colleagues have any potential at all for introspection amid this fallout in Niger, they might want to start considering what could happen if the Western-backed Azov neo-Nazis also decide someday to betray the interests of their benefactors in favor of defending their own – with all their generously donated firepower courtesy of Western taxpayers. In which case, good luck trying to get your money back or finding the manager. He probably wouldn’t be sporting a name tag – maybe just a Nazi tattoo.”

      This seems to be the angle with Russia’s direct or indirect support for anti-colonial efforts. In doing so, they encourage not only those who suffer from colonialism to become their allies, but also may lead current enemies to wake up and switch sides just as the Chechens did, ending the Second Chechen War.

      And democracy is a rigged illusion anyway.

      • I had only seen Ben Norton in passing months ago, but he is very good on this issue. This program on Danny Haiphong is excellent if you’re wondering about the underlying facts in the Niger matter.

    • Matthew E Panchisin says

      Dear George,

      “The West has been pillaging their resources for decades.”

      What’s the difference in spirit? I’ve read that the term slave
      has its origins in the word slav, so pillaging Ukraine of it’s
      resources by any means is part of a tradition. They would like to do that and worse to Russia, but that can’t happen.

      • “I’ve read that the term slave
        has its origins in the word slav”

        The Online Etymological Dictionary describes these two terms thus:

        (1) slave (n.)
        Origin and meaning of slave

        c. 1300, sclave, esclave, “person who is the chattel or property of another,” from Old French esclave (13c.) and directly from Medieval Latin Sclavus “slave” (source also of Italian schiavo, French esclave, Spanish esclavo), originally “Slav” (see Slav); so used in this secondary sense because of the many Slavs sold into slavery by conquering peoples.

        The oldest written history of the Slavs can be shortly summarised–myriads of slave hunts and the enthralment of entire peoples. The Slav was the most prized of human goods. With increased strength outside his marshy land of origin, hardened to the utmost against all privation, industrious, content with little, good-humoured, and cheerful, he filled the slave markets of Europe, Asia, and Africa. It must be remembered that for every Slavonic slave who reached his destination, at least ten succumbed to inhuman treatment during transport and to the heat of the climate. Indeed Ibrāhīm (tenth century), himself in all probability a slave dealer, says: “And the Slavs cannot travel to Lombardy on account of the heat which is fatal to them.” Hence their high price.

        The Arabian geographer of the ninth century tells us how the Magyars in the Pontus steppe dominated all the Slavs dwelling near them. The Magyars made raids upon the Slavs and took their prisoners along the coast to Kerkh where the Byzantines came to meet them and gave Greek brocades and such wares in exchange for the prisoners. [“The Cambridge Medieval History,” Vol. II, 1913]

        (2) Slav (n.)

        “one of the people who inhabit most of Eastern Europe,” late 14c., Sclave, from Medieval Latin Sclavus (c. 800), from Byzantine Greek Sklabos (c. 580), from a shortening of Proto-Slavic *sloveninu “a Slav,” which is probably related to *slovo “word, speech,” which suggests the name originally identified a member of a speech community (compare Old Church Slavonic Nemici “Germans,” related to nemu “dumb;” Greek heterophonos “foreign,” literally “of different voice;” and Old English þeode, which meant both “race” and “language”).

        Max Vasmer, the authority for Slavic etymologies, rejects a connection to *slava “glory, fame,” which, however, influenced Slav via folk etymology. This word is the -slav in personal names (such as Russian Miroslav, literally “peaceful fame;” Mstislav “vengeful fame;” Jaroslav “famed for fury;” Czech Bohuslav “God’s glory;” Latinized Wenceslas “having greater glory”), and is perhaps from PIE root *kleu- “to hear.”

        It seems the reading of slave as owned property
        is perhaps purely the result of historical mischance.

        • My Russian friend Slava (now deceased—may God have mercy on him), a professed atheist (and anti-Communist) although he was the grandson of a priest and a relative of St. Sergius Srebriansky, told me that the earliest recorded reference to the Slavs is in the Greek geographer Strabo (died AD 24)—who wrote that they are “a people who live in filth and hate one another.” My Slavic friend ruefully commented that that hasn’t changed much since Strabo’s time…

  4. Your logic is faulty. How can a non-NATO member country feel abandonment from NATO when they are not even a participating member of NATO themselves? Oh, that’s right, they can’t! Your clickbait opinions become moot all by themselves and it’s time for you to wake up to realty that you don’t deserve to live in America. It’s time for you to pack your things and go live in Russia.

    • George, I believe you’re missing the point. While it is true that the Ukraine is not a member of NATO, from 2014 on, it was certainly groomed to become a member, sooner or later. There is still irresponsible talk about it “eventually” joining NATO.

      At any rate, for a country that is not a part of NATO, it has been given tremendous assets by the West to fight the West’s proxy war against Russia. It’s ironic –and sad–that what was built up to be a mighty battering ram against Russia has now turned out to be a sacrificial lamb.

      • Why “-and sad-” ? I think and believe the only fortuitous part in this whole entire miserable debacle is the the utter failure and bankruptcy of NATO/Puppet State Ukraine. We do not need more “Gates-Fauci”bio-labs in Ukraine, more organ harvesting of babies besides children and adults, more “krokodil” which happens to be uniquely of “Ukrainian” origin and brand. More human sex slavery child slavery trafficking etc. More, more, more, stuff like this that is what “NATO/Ukraine”war success would entail and also the last and final encroachment upon Russian territory before the drag queens can make their march straight direct into Moscow. “NATO/Ukraine war success” would also block most of Russia’a access to the Black Sea effectively leaving Russia with only a couple options not much more than that, that of surrender to NATO-Ukraine or just firing the missiles, the big ones, all-out. “Battering ram” failure of the West only thing of positive note as far as this whole thing goes by my estimation.

    • Your memory is faulty.
      NATO has repeatedly told Ukraine that,
      if they did not make a peace deal with Russia,
      NATO would support them for ‘as long as it takes’.

      Therefore Ukraine did not make a peace deal;
      and has since seen its soldiers slaughtered,
      its economy wrecked and people dispersed
      while NATO prepares to turn its collective back.

      It’s only hope now lies in total defeat by Russia
      followed by expulsion of the vulture capitalists;
      who will otherwise end up owning what is left,
      while the people are reduced to squatting serfs.

  5. Folks, if you don’t have bookmarked, do so. Here is the Grand Unified Field Theory about why the US/NATO is losing in the Ukraine:

  6. I forgot to mention this last week, but Metropolitan Pavel, the Abbot of the Kiev Caves, was released from jail when the Ukrainian faithful came up with the $900,000 bail that was demanded for his release.

  7. Anonymous II says

    Just a few thoughts here around the election as all of this stuff seems deeply entwined.
    It seems the Deep State playbook is to keep Trump mired in legal trouble all through the primary, which serves the dual purpose of sapping his energy and resources while simultaneously painting him as a persecuted martyr, which will cause Republicans to rally to his defense and hand him the nomination. Once Trump has the nomination wrapped up, the convictions will come through, which Dems will claim makes Trump a convicted “insurrectionist” and thus ineligible to run for President. They will attempt to have him removed from the ballot in as many swing states as possible, but they don’t need to succeed everywhere. If they can simply have Trump removed in Pennsylvania and Wisconsin (two corrupt, Dem-controlled states) and then Biden (or Newsom or whoever they run) has a guaranteed path to 270 electoral votes with those two states plus the traditional Democratic strongholds. This would save them the trouble of having to rig the election again.

    The only question is what happens when they try to pull this egregiously corrupt stunt. My guess: absolutely nothing. The Republicans are spineless – controlled also by the globalists – and Trump himself has demonstrated no killer instinct when the stakes are this high. I suspect he’ll roll over and take it again, then spend the rest of his life whining about it and grifting off his MAGA diehards, assuming he manages to stay alive/out of prison.

    We are currently living through a slow societal collapse/cold civil war. But in regards to anything worthwhile, I don’t think the Republican party and the tens of millions of disenfranchised GOP voters will do anything about it. They didn’t in 2020 – which was blatantly stolen – and after the Dems succeeded in jailing tons of people in the wake of the false flag of Jan 6th and have a decent chance of jailing Trump himself, I doubt anyone on the right has the stomach for a real fight about whatever shenanigans they pull in 2024. I hope I’m wrong, but I doubt it.

    • AnonII, this is a brilliant analysis. The only problem with that is that this will not convince the MAGA wing of getting behind anybody else to be the GOP standard-bearer. There simply isn’t anybody.

      Let me explain how bad it is for the GOP: DeSantis, the Great Right Hope has proven to be an inauthentic, controlled-op shill with a wooden campaign style. Vivek Ramaswamy says all the right words in a charismatic fashion but his recent past shows him to be a Deep-Stater as well. As for Asa!, Judas Pence, Chris Crisco, Nikky Neocon, they are all in the less-than 3% polling range.

      In other words, there is nobody else in the GOP who has a snow-ball’s chance in hell of making it to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Yes, this means that we are probably destined for one-party rule by the Dems for the foreseeable future, probably a generation. Of course, this means that the glory days for the Republic are over. This also means that the Union will necessarily fracture just have some states try and keep a legal regime/civilization. The silver lining will be that the US won’t be able to sustain its oversees empire. (You’ll know this is the case when you see the neocons start to migrate to another nuclear-armed country.)

      Regardless of all of the above: the GOP has two options: go all in for Trump or risk going the way of the Whigs. I’m happy either way.

      I think the Deep State understands this; they are hopeful that they can pull some populist Republican out of the hat, to take up/co-opt MAGA-style populism, but I don’t see who that could be at this point.

      So, is all lost? Not necessarily. I just heard today that Sen Joe Manchin III is going to leave the Dem Party. Word on the street is that he’s going to mount a third-party presidential bid. It’s possible that RFK, Jr has some “interesting” ideas as well. Both of these men, I believe, are being surreptitiously groomed by sane Deep-Staters who see that another four years of inept Democrat rule will destroy both America’s economy and its standing in the world. Let’s face it: there is no Western nuclear power that can take over for the US or is capable of having an overseas empire. Britain and France are yesterday’s news. India is too far from the main theater of operations.

      In other words, the neocons are stuck with the US for the foreseeable future. That means that they are going to have to find a way to stop the continuing degradation of the US.

      In my opinion, this can only happen with the election of a disruptor. There are only two men who fit this bill: Trump and RFK, Jr.

    • A2,

      Some of what you are suggesting may very well come to pass. However, I’m not sure the MAGA reaction will be to roll over, only Establishment Republicans.

      It will be practically impossible to incarcerate Trump even if he is convicted and sentenced. He is entitled to Secret Service protection and home incarceration would be the most likely event.

      I’m confident the Supreme Court, his best investment, will overturn any convictions by a DC jury or any other ones that are questionable, which they all will be since he did absolutely nothing wrong.

      I do not see how they could remove him from any ballots unless he is explicitly convicted of “insurrection”, as in “attempting to overthrow the government of the United States”, and even then they may have to get it past SCOTUS. And I don’t think they can get such a conviction. Therefore, there would be no grounds to remove him from the ballot.

      All of that notwithstanding, I share your pessimism regarding the activity or inactivity of the Republican Establishment. The conflict is not between Democrats and Republicans. The conflict is between nationalists and the globalist Borg which controls both parties. As such, it is in microcosm the same conflict as is emerging in geopolitics. Trump is really the only viable example of a nationalist in the US. Matt Gaetz has strong potential to become such a force. But it takes courage and financial independence, which are rare these days.

      What gives me hope is that, regardless of Trump’s destiny, the world is shifting and, globally, the nationalists are clearly winning. Even Western financial publications are making peace with the idea of “multipolarism” since in dealing with peoples’ money they must have some sense of pragmatism.

      George might want to do an article on the phenomenon of “multipolarism” and its medium and longer term meaning and potential outcomes in light of the world Orthodox polity. I would be greatly interested in his insights on the subject.

      Personally, I tend to see the situation in broad, simple strokes. America has attempted to impose a global empire on the world. It has failed due to three factors: 1) its moral social imperialism (feminism and LGBT+), and 2) its financial exploitation, together with Western Europe’s, of the rest of the world which is universally resented, and 3) its limitations in light of its impending bankruptcy, especially military limitations. It simply cannot produce the weapons necessary to prevail.

      Americans in the United States, namely MAGA, have similar grievances. Their society has been ruined by unnatural social policies and their finances have been drained by globalist economics. America is entering a recession and its financial prognosis is grim.

      Really, it’s all the same. This is why the wind is at MAGA’s back regardless of what happens with Trump. The writing is on the wall.

  8. It’s little things like this which tells me that, despite the Dems controlling the Fed govt, that they are losing control of the situation:

    • The reason that a growing number of state Dems are switching to the GOP is because the GOP has super-majorities/veto-proof majorities in both houses of the state legislatures. In other words, there’s no benefit to being in the minority.

      According to Steve Turley, this makes the Red States redder and the Blue States bluer. In my opinion, this will cause a fracturing of the Union, not based on politics but on culture as well. It’s also a way of the Red States preserving their independence from DC.

      Mind you, this is in spite of the national GOP, not because of it. As I see it, the average Red-State Republican knows that the national leadership are country-clubbing RINOs and have given up on saving Union by giving money to the national party.

      Af this point, it’s just an inchoate feeling that flyovers have that it’s too late to start another populist party, just hold your tongue and become Republican actively but only on the local level.

      • Yes, George, the whole red state supermajority phenomenon is encouraging. I believe that here and in Europe we are seeing a political “changing of the guard”. I don’t have another term to put on it that seems more accurate. As Dylan wrote, “. . . the order is rapidly fading . . .”. But, of course, he meant in the opposite direction of the current trajectory. It seems that Western, secular liberalism is dying slowly en masse, both literally (demographically) and figuratively (waning political power).

        The spectacle of Republican supermajorities in twenty red states, some threatening to eliminate the Democratic Party altogether in the state, the movement of a number of European countries hard to the right, the orientation of the vast majority of the grass roots of the Republican Party and independents away from the Uniparty Establishment, and the concurrent rise of nationalism throughout the other 85 percent of the world – this is not a coincidence. In particular, we have only recently begun to see the rejection by the Republican grass roots of otherwise stalwart conservative politicians whose only offense was to reject “populism” (ex. Mitch McConnell). That is ominous.

        Liberalism is holding out mostly only in the northern urban centers and a handful of major cities in the South. Why urbanites are so out of touch is a story as old as human civilization itself. It’s a manifestation of arrogant groupthink. They are, traditionally, the last to get the memo and are often the first victims of the “peasants with pitchforks”.

        But, so be it. Each must lie in the bed which he has made.

        • In Scotland, the electorally dominant Scottish National Party,
          chose to set out its stall for Wokeism rather than Freedom.
          It is likely the electorate will punish them heavily for it.
          However, all significant alternatives are equally woke.

          Pat Buchanan observed decades ago that
          Scotland is becoming a very dark place.

  9. Meanwhile, Zelenskyy has fired all of his regional military recruitment chiefs in the face of a widespread bribery scandal.

    There are 112 criminal proceedings ongoing against officials of military enlistment offices. Zelenskiy said that there was evidence that “some took cash, some took cryptocurrency”.

    “The cynicism is the same everywhere,” he said. “Illicit enrichment, legalisation of illegally obtained funds, unlawful benefit, illegal transfer of persons liable for military service across the border.”

  10. Nate Trost says

    The next six weeks should be interesting, one way or the other. It’s looking like Ukraine is deploying brigades previously held back to support pushes along Robotyne and Staromaiorske. Whether they can make any significant advances will depend on just how effective the attrition campaign has been. Russia committed reserves to Urozhayne to no avail that might end up being needed more elsewhere. Meanwhile the wildcard is whatever is going on the outskirts of Kozachi Laheri. I don’t expect Ukraine to get mechanized units across, but if they do manage it, it’ll be a big problem for Russia.

    Larry Johnson did amuse me by handwaving away the strategic significance of Ukraine succesfully deploying naval drone attacks outside Novorossiysk. I’m unsure if he is actually serious in thinking Russia might kick off a wider war by shooting down NATO ISR flights over the Black Sea. Him dropping in on Vladimir’s show kind of gives the game away though.

  11. The Ukrainians never had a chance from the moment the Russians crossed the Ukrainian border. It’s just a cat playing with the mouse he has caught.

  12. George Michalopulos says
    • I’m getting ready to spend all of September backpacking across Europe, with Germany being one of those stops. I’m really curious to gauge the mood of the people in the various countries. From what I’ve gathered from The Duran and family who live there, Germany is having a rough time right now, as is most of western Europe.

      • Petros, may I recommend including Scotland in your adventure? We spent the month of June there, and it is the absolute most amazing place we’ve ever traveled. We met many people who were backpacking, walking, or bicycling their way across that country. It is just heavenly.

    • Stephen Blank PhD: “German appeasement of Russia will only weaken
      its economic and political standing in Europe by proving that
      Germany’s government cannot assume the role called for
      by virtue of its economic power and capacities. … ”

      Germany’s economic power and capacities have been weakened
      by the destruction of the Nord Stream pipelines by its US ‘ally’.
      Its political standing is being destroyed by its craven refusal
      to attribute the blame for this disaster to where it belongs.

  13. George Michalopulos says

    In the meantime, according to Jacob Dreizin (warning: not family friendly), now that the Russian offensive is going into high gear, the Russians have retrieved Obama’s and Miss Lindsey stash of gay porn:

  14. George Michalopulos says

    Looks like the hopium that Langley has been ingesting for 18 months now is in short supply (courtesy of Larry Johnson at

    “After 18 months of endless cheerleading and gobs of hopium, the Western powers are now struggling to deal with the reality that they are losing their ass in Ukraine. The clearest sign is that has been removed from the internet. So much for freedom of speech. You can continue to follow Southfront on Telegram here. Southfront is a legit news outlet. The only problem is that it does not consent to kiss the ass of the Western lies.

    “Another canary in the mineshaft sending out signals that oxygen is in short supply is this article from Friday’s Washington Post, U.S. intelligence says Ukraine will fail to meet offensive’s key goal. The article is a stunner. Here are some highlights:

    The U.S. intelligence community assesses that Ukraine’s counteroffensive will fail to reach the key southeastern city of Melitopol, people familiar with the classified forecast told The Washington Post, a finding that, should it prove correct, would mean Kyiv won’t fulfill its principal objective of severing Russia’s land bridge to Crimea in this year’s push.

    “The grim assessment is based on Russia’s brutal proficiency in defending occupied territory through a phalanx of minefields and trenches, and is likely to prompt finger pointing inside Kyiv and Western capitals about why a counteroffensive that saw tens of billions of dollars of Western weapons and military equipment fell short of its goals.”

  15. “Russia’s … proficiency in defending occupied territory”
    is (politics aside) an accurate description.

    “Russia’s brutal proficiency in defending occupied territory”
    is political propaganda.

    Elmer J. Fudd: “Ooh! Those bwutal Wussians!”

  16. George Michalopulos says

    One of the best, most succinct distillation of the idiocy of NATO:

    “I have learned in life to never try to anticipate where stupidity will go next. What we are seeing, whether in Ukraine, or in the broader picture including the economy, is just plain stupid. Stupid can’t be fixed, because it is too stupid to know it’s stupid. Even worse, whether NATO or the WEF types, they all think of themselves a geniuses, the smartest guys in the room.

    “Some seem to want an exit before their impotence is out in the open, not knowing it’s too late for that. Generally, whatever a stupid person does next is stupid too. We can count on that, and are seeing it with more money we don’t have pumped into that black hole. It won’t end until NATO gets whipped thoroughly into submission. Putin seems to know that. The powers that be over here don’t see it, at least not yet. We are seeing fear showing here from some corners as they know they are being exposed as paper tigers, and that the MIC doesn’t supply much in the way of useful arms, just expensive ones. If our nukes aren’t any better as compared to Russia’s, we better not even think of trying that avenue.

    “They say you become what you hate, and we have become the Soviets, destroying freedom, the economy, and it building a military with sketchy arms. Meanwhile they have become more like what we claimed to be, but weren’t.”

    • Very great summation. To quote good ole Forrest Gump: “Stupid is as a stupid does”

      “They say you become what you hate, and we have become the Soviets…”

      Look what is currently happening to Trump, we might as well be the Soviet Union or some third world banana republic. We are seeing in real time what is going to happen to any future candidate who decides to contest the uniparty apparatus. Is this tied to NATO/Ukraine? Absolutely. Trump is one of the only individuals that is contesting the Ukraine narrative.

      Generally, whatever a stupid person does next is stupid too

      This is one of the scarier prospects. When you corner a wild animal they will fight tooth & nail to survive. What do we think America/West/NATO is willing to do to hold onto total hegemony?

      Stupid can’t be fixed, because it is too stupid to know it’s stupid. Even worse, whether NATO or the WEF types, they all think of themselves a geniuses, the smartest guys in the room.

      This almost exactly describes the Ecumenical Patriarchate to a “T.”

      • “Trump … is contesting the Ukraine narrative”

        as is RFK Jnr.

        • He is indeed, and I respect him, but, at the end of the day he’s still more or less a liberal Democrat who is pro choice, etc. He’s just a populist liberal.

          • I wanted to make sure we were all on the same page with the statement, “Trump is contesting the Ukraine narrative.”

            Trump’s position on Ukraine is that this war should have never happened. He has said he could make this war go away in 24 hours.

            Trump is anti-war, which explains why he never dragged us into one.

            He’s a “carry a big stick” kind of guy, rather than a weak moron who carries a big stick with him everywhere “just because.” Some men think this makes them look manly. Women, however, think it’s stupid. – Stopping a war? Now that is manly.

            Biden is bringing us to the brink of nuclear war at every opportunity. How else would you explain the resources he has thrown at Ukraine, in spite of the fact that we are well on our way to bankruptcy. Under his leadership, Fich has downgraded our credit rating from AAA to AA+ and I understand it’s going to be downgraded again this week. I’m not a financial person, but this, coupled with a BRICS’ decision to open up the door for a hundred or so other countries lining up to join them, would make it pretty hard on the U.S. doing business just about anywhere. No one is going to continue to trade with petroleum backed dollars.

            Trump says he can turn our financial problems around, too, like he did when he was in office. Unfortunately, he’s slated to go to be booked on MORE charges on Thursday. They sound like the same charges. This 98-page indictment, unsealed on Monday, claims that Trump “unlawfully conspired” to change the election outcome while participating in a “criminal enterprise”. Other charges include false claims of election fraud and solicitation of violation of oath.

            You know, it’s all fine and dandy with me because when all is said and done, it will be their turn.

    • Anonymous II says

      Well, that’s honest and accurate.