Is FOX News OK with Satanism?

It would seem so.  Given what Eric Boling just broke, it’s hard to believe otherwise.  (See the video below.)

Truth be told, I started having my doubts about FOX a few years ago.  For all the good that Tucker and Greg Gutfeld were doing, there was the news desk, which was decidedly anti-Trump.  Still, we put up with it simply because it was the only conservative news outlet out there.

Their production values were fantastic.  The news readers (both sexes) were attractive.  It was far glitzier and more professional than MSNBC which was a clown show from the get-go.  Things were worse for CNN, which tried to live off the journalistic excellence of Bernard Shaw, Sheryll Atkisson (and a few others from the early 80s), but given their unhinged  hatred of Trump, they could no longer pull that off.  Their ratings reflected that.  (As far as MSNBC, their ratings were fairly good but then again, they never pretended to be anything other than a clown show.) 

Anyway, as far as I was concerned, the mask of “We Report, You Decide” objectivity came off around on November 3rd, 2020, at a little after 7:05pm.  That was when the news desk called Arizona for Biden just five minutes after the polls in that state had closed.  And yet as late as 9ish, they were saying that “Texas was too close to call”.  

What a joke.

That’s when I knew that we’d been had.  It was obvious:  FOX had spent the better part of two decades herding all us  conservatives into a nice little corral where we could easily be  branded.  And then, at just the right moment, when we thought we could safely go to bed knowing that the Trumpster was going to serve another four years, they pulled the rug out from under us.

And then, during the transition period, when it was obvious that there was significant cheating going on, and the news desk was studiously looking the other way, I realized watching FOX news was no longer an option for us.  Within a few months, I convinced La Sheppard to cut the cable.  And so we did. 

Since then, it’s been all downhill for FOX.  The last straw was when they got rid of Tucker.  If there was any lingering doubt in my mind (there wasn’t), that sealed the deal.

If you wanted to see how much they’ve gone over the dark side, watch this little clip to see how far they rolled over for Sodomy Pride month,  They were positively ecstatic:  What’s ironic is that Ainslee Earhardt runs a woman’s Bible Study on FOXNation.  I guess she skipped over all those passages in Leviticus, Deuteronomy and the first chapter of Romans.

Now, it’s all out in the open.  FOX no longer pretends to be conservative.  They even made their peace with the satanic side as far as the culture wars are concerned. 

Don’t believe me?  Then please take the time to watch this following video.  (Do it before YouTube takes it down.)


  1. This is quite good on monarchy and the republic and goes a long way toward providing a background for the present abominations manifest in the West. Of course, all that may be possible at present is the adoption of a dominant party system to replace the present bipartisan one.

    Bear in mind that both Democrat and Republican elites are largely on the same team of Liberalism, Inc. The real distinction is the speed of progressive decay rather than the fact thereof. They all like the Old Establishment that ran the fixed, professional wrestling match that was partisan politics in the US. It slowly or quickly, depending on temporary management, moved America toward a progressive, liberal future. Americans taking refuge in “conservatism” had time to assimilate the changes of decades past as they stood in apparent opposition to the present “outrages”. But the past changes were outrages back then. Do not forget that.

    The question is trajectory. And the need is for a change in that. It is not enough for “conservatives” to stand on the train tracks of history and shout, “Stop!”, hoping to slow the locomotive down. It is necessary to sever the tracks and reroute the train in a new direction.

    Given that the train is currently in real “danger” of being rerouted, you can expect Establishment outlets to emit some very strange vibes in pursuit of the old status quo. They do not understand that they have been possessed by a diabolical spiritual perspective.

    • George Michalopulos says

      Very perceptive. At this point, even Evangelical Christian politicians go all weak in the knees when it comes to defending “gay marriage”. It’s only a matter of time before the Fordhamites write papers encouraging orgiastic rites while live babies are sacrificed to statues of Moloch.

  2. Deacon John says

    Read Revelations if you want to know how it all ends. As I look around, I see that everything foretold in Holy Scripture is happening before my eyes. I’m gonna hold on to my seat in the Ark of Salvation and pray.

    • Illumined says

      I’d suggest reading the Revelation series by Elder Athanasius Mitilinaios. It was very eye opening for me. It goes into not only how it relates to the modern world, but also how it relates to other parts of the Bible and even our church practices.

  3. Government itself is not reason; it is force. In all aspects of American life–military, media, education, corporate, government–people are being forced to undergo indoctrination. The Woke are imposing totalitarianism.

    Who controls the media? Who controls the government? Did you hear today that Putin signed a law to introduce the digital ruble? Soon, it will happen here. Who controls the money? Who controls all scripts? We are bombarded daily with dark news. About 10 days ago, the news was rife with the protests in France. Why they just seemed to have disappeared. Why would Glen Beck need to discuss Satanism? Because he was told to. The last time I read; Beck makes about $50 million per year.

    They are bloodthirsty wolves talking in the tongue of harmless sheep. They are deceivers; they are despots…those that pull the strings of their puppets that distract us from God. They will fail. Did we ever think they were so evil? We were so naive’. Now we know.

  4. Christine says

    I love Glenn Beck. His radio show is awesome, and The Blaze really is spot-on with news angles. Thanks for posting.

    • Antiochene Son says

      He was a lot better in the early aughts. He was actually quite entertaining. Sometime around 2006 he started talking himself way too seriously.

  5. “You will become clowns for demons” – Father Felipe Balingit ☦️

    You Want To Fight Heresy? This is What You Do – YouTube

  6. Fr. Thomas says

    Many current “monarchs” are in fact satanists, and we would be worse off giving them absolute power. Remember that the Israelites demanded a king and were warned against it.

    • Yes, Father,

      But context is everything. The Israelites lived under the Judges at that point. They were chieftan princes, mini monarchs, over each tribe. This was basically a decentralized theocracy. The king Israel was granted was himself to be a problem, subject to all the problems they found with the judges. That king was Saul. And he came up short in doing the divine will.

      And then along came David. Though David had his faults, he was remembered as a great success and kingdom was the only show in town from that time through Orthodox history up to the fairly recent past. The Fathers were certainly monarchists who disfavored what they called “polyarchy”, or government of the many, as leading to anarchy, which should be self evident at this point.

      Using the story of Saul as evidence against monarchy is more of a Protestant meme – like “rendering unto Caesar” as evidence for separation of church and state.

    • I still think monarchy is the way to go for the best form of Christian government.

      In democracies, you’ll always have people competing for power simply to meet base desires or for greed. As America’s founders clearly said, democracy does not work unless you have a noble/honorable/Godly people. That prerequisite hardly ever is met, and we certainly don’t have that prerequisite today.

      With monarchy, yes there may occasionally be a bad king/queen, but you will also have good ones. Monarchs own and love their country – it’s their family – and we all know that people who own property take way better care of it than renters.

      Democratic governments are often simply renters, competing for power to rape the country for what they can get out of it. Then after raping it, they build up their private fortunes and fortresses. Then the next renter is elected in place to rape it. Rinse and repeat.

      With democracy, you’re guaranteed to have corruption and a competitive pursuit to satisfy the base desires and greed of the most powerful.

      Monarchy is the only way to govern a state by love.

  7. Illumined says

    Monarchs have played a key role in getting us to where we are today. It was the Frankish kings that corrupted the Papacy in the first place, and you can draw a straight line from that to the Sparkle Creed today.

    2The kings of the earth take their stand

    and the rulers gather together,

    against the LORD

    and against His Anointed One:

    Do not put your trust in Earthly saviors, for there are none. There is not going to be some God fearing monarch riding in on a white horse to set everything straight. The new king of England, having gone full woke and onboard with the WEF, should be proof of this. Eventually you will get your Earthly “savior”, but you will be damned if you accept him.

  8. Yeah, it’s pretty bad, I’d say, when the entirety of the MSM, including Fox, has been taken over by the American intelligence services. The only place you can find the truth in the whole country is in alternative media.

    I’d say that qualifies as at least a nascent police state.

  9. Christine says

    We are already a country given over to Satanism. The only institution that does not engage in some form of it is the Orthodox Church. While some huge, powerful organizations like Fox News may shamelessly and unapologetically fund the Satanic Temple, the actions of “normal” everyday people at every level of healthcare, education, politics, journalism and the arts–they are doing the Orc army work of Satan day in and day out. It is so engrained in the American psyche through multiple brainwashed and poisoned generations that evil has become second nature. I mean, check out this appalling story. It’s just one of a gazillion examples of pure evil–not sponsored by the Satanic Temple itself, but still Satanic evil foisted upon the innocent in the name of Feminism.

    Maybe I’m growing more and more pessimistic, but it seems even the level of comfortability with engagement in “righteous anger” for godly ethics and moral causes has been reduced to clicking on a pro-gun country western song video as a way to show support, or paying to see an anti-trafficking movie. Thank God we have the Church, who is the only harbor in this god-forsaken land filled with the lies and the deceptions and the influence of Satan.