In Memoriam: Andrew Breitbart, a Happy Warrior

From Big Hollywood

With a terrible feeling of pain and loss we announce the passing of Andrew Breitbart.

Andrew passed away unexpectedly from natural causes shortly after midnight this morning in Los Angeles.

We have lost a husband, a father, a son, a brother, a dear friend, a patriot and a happy warrior.

Andrew lived boldly, so that we more timid souls would dare to live freely and fully, and fight for the fragile liberty he showed us how to love.

Andrew recently wrote a new conclusion to his book, Righteous Indignation:

I love my job. I love fighting for what I believe in. I love having fun while doing it. I love reporting stories that the Complex refuses to report. I love fighting back, I love finding allies, and—famously—I enjoy making enemies.

Three years ago, I was mostly a behind-the-scenes guy who linked to stuff on a very popular website. I always wondered what it would be like to enter the public realm to fight for what I believe in. I’ve lost friends, perhaps dozens. But I’ve gained hundreds, thousands—who knows?—of allies. At the end of the day, I can look at myself in the mirror, and I sleep very well at night.

Andrew is at rest, yet the happy warrior lives on, in each of us.


  1. He enjoyed making enemies and speaking ill of the dead. I’ll leave it at that.

  2. Condolences to his wife and children. I admired his passion for standing up for what he believed. I can’t say I agree with his tactics to expose scandal. The conservatives have lost quite a character.

    Anna Rowe

  3. Carl Kraeff says

    Memory eternal.

  4. Breitbart dies at 43, while Turner continues to use his fortune and influence to support leftist causes at 73. It is a strange world.

  5. Lola J. Lee Beno says

    I’ll seriously miss him. I think he needed to use these tactics, because frankly, us conservatives just let other people shut us up and keep quiet and where has that gotten us?

    • Geo Michaloplulos says

      One of the things I admired about him was that he was one of the new breed of conservatives who didn’t feel that it was necessary to get the blessing of moderates or liberals. He gave no heed to the self-esteem that they feel that only they can bestow on those of us on the Right. You know, WFB was a “good conservative” but Rush is an “evil” one. Frankly, I came to the conclusion about 35 years ago that the Left doesn’t have any moral standing whatsoever. I imagine they lost it when JFK –a true patriot–died.

      Jane Fonda in NVA garb standing behind a howitzer did it for me. Ditto, when the students at Harvard booed Solzhenitsyn. Since then, the Left has never failed to disappoint me, as they are always picking up the standard of anti-Christianity, anti-Tradition, and anti-Americanism. Although their motives are clear, the fact remains that they’ve pretty much carried the day.

  6. cynthia curraWen says

    I heard he was good on the immirgation issue.

  7. Ashley Nevins says

    An interesting and NEW letter to the editor of The National Herald by Paul Cromidas can be found at

    The letter also speaks to a archdiocese committee investigation of the elder taking place in the GOA.

    There also is a subject related article on this site written by Richard Cimino and it articulates the issues around elder ephraim very well.

    The expose’ of elder ephraim continues and those in a position to expose him and who are not exposing him are being questioned as to why they are not exposing him. The expose’ of those who can expose’ and will not expose’ is fascinating to watch unfold. The NH editor being confronted last year asked the Archbishop soft ball questions on the elder and let him slide in all of his answers. Does the NH elude too or suggest and not come to bottom line confrontation of problem when the answer given to the questions asked is a complete con and spin in delusions? Any GOA reading this miss the archbishop answer to the question about homosexual bishops in that NH interview of him? Did you catch how the NH let his answer slide?

    The EO in America are fortunate to have It is doing the job the EO in America will not do for themselves. For sure it is exposing issues that the NH does not address or get to the bottom of by investigating reporting that has real TEETH. If Pokrov ever went away it would be left up to all of you to expose’ yourselves to yourselves over the sexual and cult corruptions in rule over your various jurisdictions. All of you would have to take personal responsibility for your church sexual health by way of enforcing Christian morality and ethics.

    Pokrov exists because there is no real and consistent enforcing of Christian morality and ethics or the church would not be found in a corrupt and failed state without solution to that state of church.

    Prokrov does the job your patriarch’s, archbishops, bishops and priests are supposed to be doing. You know, confronting corruption with zero tolerance, making the church transparent and accountable and by developing policy around corruption issues that is enforced.

    Pokrov that is not a part of the church leadership authority structure does the job of the church leadership authority structure and it does it BETTER. They expose the incompetence of the leadership structure and system that calls itself Gods only alone right and one true authority structure and system. (You can tell that it is by how it operates like God operates with known corruption in the NT, right?)

    Pokrov is not just all about the exposing the sexually and cult corrupt Orthodox leaders. No, it is also all about exposing the sexually corrupt enabling and cult corrupt enabling of the laity that allows it all to go on.

    Do any OCA remember how they busted the laity over their objective, unbiased and not enabling support of the sexual abuse case involving a OCA Canadian bishop? They exposed how spiritually balanced, spiritually mature and spiritually wise those folks are, right? All jest and chide aside, they exposed a symptom pointing directly to a cause and it went right past the OCA laity and just like their corrupt bishops did for YEARS. They pointed the problem right at the LAITY. What they revealed and all of you can deny it if you like is IDOLATRY. The very issue I have been addressing with all of you for YEARS. Idolatry of church structure and system and hierarchy that are not God. What, OCA, you somehow missed that being revealed about all of you? God keeps exposing you to yourselves and all of you keep denying His expose’ of all of you and nothing changes.

    When ever you visit their website you are looking into the mirror and seeing your church in its true state that is both indefensible and undeniable. This website makes FOOLS out of any Orthodox who deny or defend the cult and sex corruptions taking place in the EOC. It makes FOOLS out of all Orthodox who do not work to stop such corruptions taking place right in front of their eyes. Talking about the problems is not the same as solving the problems and the Orthodox just love to talk, talk, talk and they seem to hate action, action, action.

    Suggestion: fall down on your knees and pray that never goes away.

    Ignoring it and not supporting Pokrov is telling it you want it to go away.

    Yes, GO, explain to us how your GOA is not a cadre of sexually corrupt bishops who are involved in the self protection of sexual sin? Give us the Christian moral and ethical answer as to why your hierarchy is found in this continual state. Show us how the NT makes the priesthood of the laity believer powerless wimps to stop such corruption of the church. Give us the NT justification to why your patriarch pedophile protected the Astoria NY monks. Explain to us why no bishop was removed from ministry over Katinas. Please inform us as to how all of you submit to the authority of Christ and the NT first and not the corrupt authority of the bishops who operate outside of Christ and the NT first.

    I see right through you and your corrupt church that is made up all of you who make it corrupt. The entire structure and system of the GOC is corrupt from the top down and from the inside out. It is easy to see why and how the cult priests of elder ephraim could walk right into carnal parishes and take over and when a homosexual bishop who is also cult corrupt allowed them in. Who allowed the sexually corrupt bishop to stay in rule over that diocese? Who allowed the guru cult leader elder into the GOA? After this length of time there is only one reason why the cult and sexual corruption are allowed to exist in the GOA and it goes directly to the laity who are themselves spiritually, sexually and cult corrupted. There can be no other explanation after this length of time.

    No more excuses. Ignorance or a lack of being informed is no laity excuse. Fear, coercion or intimidation is no laity excuse. Apathy and indifference is no laity excuse. The problems are so glaringly obvious only the spiritually carnal corrupt, spiritually delusional and spiritually dead could miss them or not deal with them and that is exactly what is going on. This is the true state of the GOA laity that is flat out of excuses.

    It is AMAZING to me that the problem and the solution can be pointed out to the EO before the problem manifests itself in a negatively impacting fashion and the Orthodox deny it, ignore it or avoid it. That is a serious spiritual immaturity and spiritual incompetency problem among all EO and that problem is SYSTEMIC. This particular problem has a CAUSE. Do the Orthodox know what that cause is? I am not an Orthodox and I know what the cause is. Telling that I can know and the Orthodox do not know.

    This is true of the EO. I promise that it is. All of my promises to the Orthodox come true. All of them.

    Ashley Nevins

    • jacksson says

      Have a blessed Lent, sounds like you need one.

      • Ashley Nevins says

        Is a blessed lent a corrupt, failed, irrelevant and dying GOA whose lent is a cult corrupt and sexually abusive corrupt church? Is GOA lent the self protection by the hierarchy of the sexually and cult corrupt? Is that the selfless sacrifice and broken humility in repentance of GOA lent? Is that the healing and restoration power of Christ in GOA lent?

        Just wondering.

        Ashley Nevins

        • Sounds like a lot of judgment is taking place. Let he/she who is without sin cast the first stone. Somehow, your term GOA must be an acronym for Greek Overseas Administrations, can’t be anything to do with America. Here on the West Coast of our fair nation, the priests that I know, and I know quite a few of them, are wonderful God-fearing men. I can’t say much about the Metropolitan having only been around him a few times and having been in a liturgy with him serving on those occasions; he appears to be a good man. And, having been in quite a few of the Greek parish churches in California, I can find no fault with them, and I am a convert.

          Your references to the hierarchy and priests of the GOA in this country seem to be directly cut and pasted from the pages of the Pokrov organization who also has nothing good to say about anyone at any level of the priesthood. From what I surmise from the various Pokrov postings via their camp followers, the only good Orthodox hierarch would be one of those ladies. No men need apply.

          Yes, there are problems, but God is capable of removing the cancers and will do so when His people humble themselves and PRAY.

          • …. the only good Orthodox hierarch would be one of those ladies. No men need apply.”

            Hammer, Nail, Head….. priceless.

          • Ashley Nevins says

            Congratulations! You said two of the three right words, humility and prayer. That is getting close to solution. However, you did not use the word ACT. God usually acts when we act upon God. You have your NT plan of action and so ACT on what God has already told you to ACT upon by His morality and ethics. So, what is holding you, a man of God, down and back from confronting the known corruption issues in the GOA hierarchy YOURSELF? Obviously, by your speaking of humility needed means you already have it and so ACT!

            Your church claims to be Gods only alone right and one true church, the ancient faith, Gods only true salvation, right worship and right belief and the authors of the NT. Then act upon who that you believe that you are and paradigm shift to holy relevancy and away from self defeating corrupt irrelevancy. Boy, with all of those things going for you how can you not ACT!?! That sounds like the set up for a church to experience exponential success in freedom of religion for it being superior to any other religion here. I mean who can compete against what your church claims to be if it really is what it claims to be?

            These problems are far more serious than most of you realize or can wrap your minds around. They are so overwhelmingly huge and daunting its just better to play it all safe and secure in the nice parish with your heads buried in the traditions. Rather than facing the truth of this failure and its ramifications it is just easier to ignore and deny by believing most of our priests are Godly good men than see the church in the state that it really is in.

            Its just easier to believe that one day the people will humble themselves and pray and then God will ACT to solve the problem than it is to face and call out and confront the problem in the PRESENT and so that you can have the potential of a relevancy future.

            You brought up the cancer problem. The thing about cancer is its ability to metastasize and become incurable by making you go terminal room temperature dead. Cancer can reach a point of no return. That is the systemic spread of cancer that kills a church dead. It spreads to every aspect of the structure and system and terminates them all dead. I have seen many die of cancer and in most cases the individual lapses into a coma in the end stage of their life. Is the GOA in a coma regarding its sexual and cult corruptions?

            Those wonderful God fearing priests are living sacrifices for Christ and who put it all on the risk line by confronting the obvious and known corruption or are they are in a systemic cancer spread coma? They are zero tolerance of leadership cult and sex corruption in the church? They are all organizing an internal effort to stop the corruption and reverse the metastasized cancer spread? They are putting their jobs on the line by trusting in Christ first and not in trusting in hierarchy fear, coercion and intimidation first, right? Silence, turning your head, toleration and enabling is their solution that confronts the cancer systemic spread?

            Today is the day to humble yourselves and pray and then ACT. All of you can humble yourselves in prayer all you want. In the end, God demands that you act on what you ALREADY KNOW are His morality and ethics. Yes, humble yourselves and pray to God as to what to do about the corrupt failure that has no solution and ignore the solution that God in the NT has already provided you with.

            What, Gods only alone right church does not have the alone right solution? The church that wrote the NT does not have the NT solution? The bishops who are the direct spiritual line of the disciples do not have the solution the NT disciples would have provided? Where is your Paul like GOA bishop who is zero tolerance of corruption and who confronts it right to its face without fear of repercussions?

            The GO are without excuse. Period. Pokrov is centered in exposing the excuses and so they are not liked by the corrupt for their expose’ of their excuses. The corrupt make excuses. The Godly take action. Period.

            Gee, if you are so not liking of Pokrov you should get a few more GOA men laity leaders of God together like you and put up an alternative website to theirs and that does a better and more Orthodox correct job of it. Certainly, the Orthodox spiritually correct men of God can expose the Orthodox better than housewives on a website. That is why the MEN OF GOD Orthodox men are confronting the sex corruption of the church with a issue specific website, right? Men of God take that lead in your church and not women, right?

            The GOA is having a laity men of God in parish and greater church leadership outcome, right? Little boys in skirts rule and lead your church. The feminized men follow the women who lead the church? Homosexuals who insert their penis into the mouth and rectum of other men to ejaculate and pedophile destroyers of children who ejaculate into children orifices and who are your leadership are protected by the men of God in your church and the solution is one day humility will turn this all around. The lay men leadership who all have PAIR confront the corrupt hierarchy and demand the corruption to stop? Talking like you are men of God and being men of God are two radically and diametrically different things and the outcome of your church is my proof. Talk is carnal. Action is spiritual maturity. Period.

            Yes, like you said wait around for the humility to happen and don’t act before then as a laity man of God. Trust in the ‘IF’ it happens and don’t make anything happen. The we will deal with it later solution is your only solution. Stand around and watch children destroyed and ignore the MILL STONE around your stiff and proud necks. Bitch, moan, whine and complain about the corruption, but as a man of God do nothing by action to stop it. Say the typical Orthodox when faced with sexual corruption, Lord have mercy. I see right through you.

            The solution you provided is nothing more than another excuse and defensive self protection mechanism and neither will bring your church to a point of humility in prayer that will cause them to move to act to stop the systemic cancer spread of sex and cult corruption of the church. The solution is not reactive self protection defense. The solution is to take action against church corruption immediately upon its discovery and you do that with consequences that have real teeth and that send the clear message the church is zero tolerance of corruption.

            The closed, isolated and subjective system of self protection defensive reaction cannot with objectivity stand outside of its reaction and provide practical solution by discussing practical solution. Instead, all it can talk is self protective defensive reaction. I am intentionally provoking that reaction and so you can see yourselves reacting and not acting. It is revealing to all of you why you will not hear God and change away from corruption. You don’t see it, but your reaction to me is the same or at least similar to how all of your really respond to God when confronted over your sexual and cult sins. Its all talk and when a solution is applied it fails for being the wrong solution. Nothing changes. I am child’s play in what and how I am confronting in comparison to the humility confrontation you speak too and that is necessary to reverse the GOA course.

            If you reacted to the corruption of your church like you do to me confronting your church corruption you might just find solution through Godly action that actually works. The solution is the issue and not me. Make it about me and you will never find solution. Make this about anything other than finding solution and you will not find solution.

            Pointing out your need to find solution without compromise and in a bottom line graphic fashion in how I tell you is against you and not for you, right?

            Ashley Nevins


      Salagadoola mechicka boola bibbidi-bobbidi-boo
      Put ’em together and what have you got

      Salagadoola mechicka boola bibbidi-bobbidi-boo
      It’ll do magic believe it or not

      Salagadoola means mechicka booleroo
      But the thingmabob that does the job is

      Salagadoola menchicka boola bibbidi-bobbidi-boo
      Put ’em together and what have you got
      bippity-boppity bippity-boppity bippity-boppity-boo

      • Ashley Nevins says

        The rationally coherent Orthodox vision, strategy, priorities, plan and goals to bring themselves into Gospel relevancy in our modernity generation is bippity-boppity bippity-boppity – boppity – boo. (Is that an Orthodox chant that brings you into a closer spiritual relationship with God?)

        Put’em together and the outcome of this vision is clearly seen in the real world by the church being corrupt, failed, irrelevant and dying a slow, ugly and tortured death.

        The laity solution matches the leadership solution and anyone with eyes can see that solution is denial of the cult corruption and sex corruption of the church.

        Ashley Nevins

      • even better!
        Pneumatic hammer, 1000 nail pack, go…..

        • jacksson says

          That would nail Julian to his chariot, all the better for St Mercurios to stick his spear in him. That is a good point regarding the need to PRAY, St Basil prayed for intervention to the Panaghia and she sent St Mercurios to take care of business (with his nail gun?).

  8. Out of pills again, Nevins?

    • Ashley Nevins says

      Out of solutions always, ahem?

      There is post on the net by a man who is on med’s after leaving the monastery.

      Those who leave the guru cult leaders cult suffer from post cult trauma by way of spiritual abuse can need professional help and medication.

      ahem, please list for all looking in what the problems are created for the person who leaves a cult.

      ahem, please tell us what is necessary for post cult recovery.

      ahem, please inform us how cult mind control damages those under that cult mind control.

      Denial of cult abuse and the emotional and spiritual trauma it causes and an apathetic and indifferent attitude towards victims of EOC cult abuse is a organizational pathology that is based in toxic faith that creates and then supports and enables the toxic cult environment inside the church.

      In the GOA that same apathetic and indifferent attitude is applied to the sex abuse of children. Sex abuse and cult abuse are tolerated and enabled by the carnal corrupt church that is dying by the alienating youth and by an inability to attract youth.

      They will know we are Orthodox by our love that is Christian relevant to youth inside and outside of the GOA?

      ahem, conduct a Google search on toxic faith, spiritual abuse, sex abuse and cult mind control and then explain to us all how those things are not the state of the GOA.

      Ashley Nevins

      • Ashley Nevins says

        Relevancy Christianity that exists in our modernity generation exposes cults and the cult apologist who defend them:

        Relevancy centered Christians participate in this organizations conferences:

        (I have attended their conferences and all Christian faith systems were present except Gods only alone right and one true church)

        Counter cult experts like Rick Ross have exposed the elder and you can see the ephraimite response to his expose on his Wall of Flames section on his website:

        Orthodox, please show me the modern and dedicated anti cult EO website on the net. I can’t seem to find one.

        Ashley Nevins

      • jacksson says

        He was probably on or needed to be on meds before going to the monastery. Monasteries are spiritual hospitals, but the patient has to be willing to work hard at achieving the desired healing. The work starts with absolute, total, repentance and obedience. The result of proper application of the medicine, humility is the result and as Satan stated to St Anthony one time, “only your humility had defeated me” as he disappeared in a cloud of smoke. A lot of the wanna-be monks have a long way to go even after years in the monastery. Your guru, Rick Ross, is totally out to lunch regarding the faith and tradition of the true church; Protestants do not have a clue and they, to a large degree, formed the American mindset that we are surrounded with today, a culture of me me me. If you use the obvious standards of wanna-be experts such as Rick Ross, then most of the saints of the Orthodox Church would be considered cult leaders. The elder is a very holy man and attacks made on him, by such as we hear from Madam Ashley and the ilk of Rick Ross, are to be expected; the attacks are part and parcel of following Christ according to the Scriptures. Christ promised crosses, death, etc. to His followers.

        • Ashley Nevins says

          Spoken exactly like a cult enabling and supporting cult follower who refuses to face and deal with cult criterion and expertise that exposes the cult.

          No one is right enough to good enough to expose the cult. The cult is the expert and no one else can come close to its expertise. The cult is above critique or reproach. It is above being held transparent and accountable. It is God.

          Blame and shame the victim on med’s due to what the cult did to his head. The cult is not wrong. Those cult abused are wrong. What’s next, the victims of EO clergy sex abuse were asking for it? Their need for medication after the sex abuse was really them needing to be on the medication before the abuse?

          This is cold, apathetic and indifferent mind set the cultist has to the victims of his cultism. It is highly similar to the mind set the sex abuser has. The person is objectified and not seen as a human being created in the image of God and with worth and value to God.

          The perfect cult apologist self protective and spiritually abusive response and it is exactly what the cult experts speak too. This is the response I knew I would get.

          The cult apologist is so deceived and delusional he thinks the spiritual abuse of a cult is the monastery cult being a hospital and anyone who did not come out of the hospital well is the problem. The problem is those who expose the problem.

          Orthodox, the evidence I speak to regarding the cult mind set is now staring all of you right in your Orthodox faces.

          Ashley Nevins

        • You forgot to write, “All of my promises to the Orthodox come true. All of them.”

          I LOVE when you say that! It’s stirring!

          • Ashley Nevins says

            LOL, good one, Spasi.

            I promise that is a good one and all of my promises to the Orthodox come true. All of them.

            Now, remember, you are not supposed to be encouraging me. It might cause me to make other promises that will come true. From what I have spoken too none of you about no one in their right mind would want the promises to come true.

            I do not want the promises to come true. However, most of them have already come true. Only the EO decide if they come true. I promise the GOA can reverse its course if it does not make the promises come true. That’s a promise.

            Ashley Nevins

            • jacksson says

              A definition of a cult: A system of religious beliefs and rituals

              I guess that we all are cultic. Yes, I belong to a cult, the cult of the Lord Jesus Christ. I definitely have religious beliefs and certainly, to the best of my ability, follow rituals.

              You to, Ashley, are a member of a cult.

              • Ashley Nevins says

                Ephraimite, I see right through this. You know that is not at all what I am talking about and it is not what is being discussed about the guru cult leader and his cult.

                You are being intellectually dishonest, you are in avoidance denial and you refuse to face the facts about the guru cult leader elder. Your response is a transparent and weak attempt to change the subject, dilute the subject and rationalize the subject.

                If you can make me or anyone else in a cult that makes it OK that the elder really is a guru cult leader of a cult. Why, if you can make Christ a cult leader all the better for you, right? No one here reading this can tell the difference between Christ as God and a corrupt guru cult leader inside of a sexually corrupt church ruled over by a corrupt hierarchy, right?

                Your response was circular without solution. Think it through for yourself and without the cult thinking for you to understand why I said that.

                If you want to understand the definition of a cult just look at your prior post that spiritually abused the man taking med’s after leaving the guru cult leader elder. Your post was the poster child definition of a cult and cult follower.

                Jesus Christ did not have the spiritually abusive cult character of the guru cult leader elder and He did not have the sexually corrupt character of the GOA hierarchy that is a cult of sexual corruption. I promise and all of my promises to the Orthodox come true. All of them.

                Ephraimite, do you know what my next response to you will be?


                Ashley Nevins

                • Heracleides says

                  Where exactly do you live Ashley?

                  I frequent St. Anthony’s several times a year. The next time I visit I will make a point of petitioning the Elder to construct a new monastery adjacent to your domicile.

                  It should give rise to a win-win situation I would think: your demonic howling will doubtless compel them to pray ever louder and more fervently for your salvation until you either flee or are at peace, thus benefiting both you, the brotherhood, and blogdom in the long run.

                  • Heracleides, can we start a collection to speed up the construction of the monastery?

                    May I suggest, to make it more Anglican than Greek sounding and thus make AN’s life a little more bearable, to call it St. Niffins on the Pill

                • StephenD says

                  Ephraimite is now a pejorative term? What the hell is going on?

                  • The only thing that I can figure out is that Nevins is on a personal “anti-cult” revenge crusade against Fr. Ephraim, his monasteries (principally St. Antony’s in AZ), and, as guilty by association (hence the label “Ephraimites”), the GOA and all Orthodox christians in the US (maybe even the whole world). He probably can’t find any other place to get his war aired, publicized and editorialized other than here on Monomakhos blogsite. I notice that he has been posting comments here about twice a day for nearly a year and a half, basically regurgitating the same diatribe over and over again, and it is that behavior that I find extremely abnormal. The “church” he belongs to is a product of his own delusional thinking, and he has elected himself as its “Pope” who speaks “ex cathedra.” When he will give up trying to convince us of his noble cause and superior intelligence and enlightenment I think is anybody’s guess. Maybe he even believes that he can eventually convert some of us and enlist us in his crusade without realizing how absurd that is. But then absurdity seems to characterize Ashley Nevins in a nutshell.

                    • All of his promises to the Orthodox come true. All of them. (Except the one that says, “this is my final post”.)

                    • He can’t stop, even if he wants too; it is a pathological obsession with him.
                      Lord, have mercy!

          • Ashley Nevins says

            My dyslexic mistake. Grammatical error that needs to be restated: From what I have spoken too no one in their right mind would want the promises to come true.

            Ashley Nevins

      • If you have an agenda, Ashley, start a blog of your own; you can freely write for hour upon hour about the concerns shared by you and the two or three others that agree with you. Little do you realize, apparently, how boorish your behavior is; it’s like dominating the conversation at a party. I suspect you don’t get invited to too many parties. Were you a guest at my house, I would have shown you the door long ago. Clearly, you are a monomaniac motivated by hostility, who is not receiving enough medication—that, or you are a Turing test. Whatever—you’re a bore.

        = George, he’s killing your blog. =

  9. Ashley Nevins says

    My mistake. The link should be:

    Ashley Nevins

  10. George,

    I truly appreciate your openness and your desire to hear from all points of view, but with regards to Ashley, please consider that he keeps saying the same thing over and over again. Maybe in different ways, but it all comes back to the same bottom line for him. May I suggest that he be put on moderation. You can review what he has to offer and if it is new and worth posting, then by all means. But if it is just the same ol same ol, spare us, please. I think it is having an adverse effect on the website.

    My 2 kopecks.

    • Patrick Henry Reardon says

      George, I have complained about this sort of thing before: You give allowance to correspondents who have in mind only to play their own instrument and their own tune, over and over, no matter what the original theme of the thread.

      We were supposed to be considering the death of Andrew Breitbart, weren’t we?

      It is easy to become discouraged with a blog site on which there is rarely any exercise of discipline.

      • Maybe a thread just for Ashley would go a long way to solving that problem, providing, of cource, that he himself would stop posting his comments in any thread he so inclines.

      • George, I second Fr. Patrick’s opinion. Some of these threads are out of control and eroding the quality of your work. Lets face it, right now monomakhos and aoi are the two leaders in Orthodox opinion but if you let people grandstand left and right here all your work will be for nothing.

        Lets get some quality control here for the good of your fine product.

      • Jane Rachel says

        “George, I have complained about this sort of thing before: You give allowance to correspondents who have in mind only to play their own instrument and their own tune, over and over, no matter what the original theme of the thread.”


        “During our whole time in Syria, I saw not a single armed policeman, nor—except for that guard at the Defense Ministry—a single soldier. I saw only one military vehicle, and that was near the Defense Ministry.”

        “I confess that our experience of the previous few days disposed us to think favorably of President Assad, right from the start. For example, the abbess at the Shrine of St. Thecla in Maalula, described his visit there this past Pascha. According to her, Dr. Assad drove his car, accompanied only by his wife—with no one else in attendance, neither security personnel nor press. They dined with the orphans who live near the shrine and are cared for by the nuns.The couple spent the rest of the day with the orphans, who—the abbess said—look upon the President as a father. I think I speak for our whole delegation in remarking that the testimony of the abbess seemed very sincere and was most convincing. An identical impression was also conveyed to us, when we met with two Antiochian bishops at the Patriarchate the next day.
        Such impressions were difficult to reconcile with the usual image of President Assad on American TV, where he is referred to as a murderer and “butcher.””

  11. StephenD says

    Would ignoring him work?

    • No…!

      He will continue spamming and hi-jacking any thread until George stops him.

      I fully support Fr. Henry, Jacob, PdnNJ and Andrew’s sentiments….

      Ashley N, if not stopped, WILL destroy this excellent forum by turning all the many quiet readers as well as the active poster away and off …

      • I, too, agree. This person needs to be banned from the blog – not for cranky opinions (which most of us have, at least on some subjects), but for abusive, anti-social behavior.

  12. Diogenes says

    Yes, CRUCIFY NEVINS! CRUCIFY HIM! He is a blasphemer! CRUCIFY HIM!

    • That’s nice, Diogenes, comparing Our Lord to a bitter, angry internet troll.

      • Ashley Nevins says

        Yeah, Diogenes, how could you compare John 19:1-6 to this troll? You couldn’t come up with anything better than that, like calling him a troll? At the same time don’t let Helga discourage you. The best she can come up with is troll. You have far better potential.

        Diogenes, here is how you might consider coming at it next time, Ashley Nevins is a heretic blasphemer and diabolical instrument of the green oozing puss evil one and therefore deserves to be crucified in the parking lot of my local parish. Or, something close to that.

        Don’t forget an alternate plan of action to cover your bases. Plan B: stoning. Plan C: Roman wip. It’s always good to think ahead. A full tool box is good when it comes to murder.

        You got to get into that ephraimite groove of response to really say it well. You might consider consulting with those who follow the Abbott at the cult center in Az. Frankly, I believe he would be disappointed in how tepid your response to me is. I find it sub par as far as those kinds of responses go.

        I give you a C grade on the post and I know you are capable of an A. Practice will make you perfect at it. I promise and all of my promises to the ephraimites come true. All of them.

        Diogenes, you must feel very insecure and threatened like the Sanhedrin who were based in dead religious tradition by legalism, works and performance as their salvation. How very ROMAN STATE DICTATORSHIP of you to want crucifixion. Is that a Roman church/state tradition? Just wondering.

        Well, at least we all now know what the ephraimite mind set and the Sanhedrin mind set both have in common. Anyone not in religious denial can see it.

        Helga, the ephraimites have called me spawn of Satan. Troll is passive in comparison, but it’s a very good start. Consider expanding your vocabulary for more dramatic impact. A dictionary would help. Use bold, capitals, underline and more exclamation points!!!

        Ad hominem is a transparent inability to do what? Does it show intelligence? Does it show sound thinking in case made by contrarian opinion or objecting response? Is it able to provide solution to the corrupt and failed church? Is it a knee jerk reactionary denial or is it a well thought through and focused on solution response?

        Ashley Nevins

    • Diogenes,

      I think you barrel is leaking…

      Wiky: “…when Diogenes took to “defacement of the currency”, he was banished from the city.” Mmmh, still at it?

    • Ashley Nevins says

      Crucify him!

      Just another Sanhedrin like church proof. If you call corrupt failure into question that question must be killed.

      That is exactly what the EPRAIMITE cult mentality is all about and it is dangerous to anyone who follows it and it makes anyone who practices it dangerous to all within their realm of influence.

      If someone would start talking practical solution maybe the conversation find solution. The conversation would move away from killing the messenger to finding solution in the message brought forward.

      The only real blaspheming that I see is a corrupt, failed, irrelevant and dying church that is in denial of the cause of this state of church. So, don’t talk solution. React to this confronted fact and go circular without solution.

      Yes, stop Ashley from confronting and exposing what is destroying the EOC and because it might destroy this blog. The closed system must close off solution talk to remain a closed system and no one in the closed system can see how the closed system wants to close out solution. Then when the corrupt failure puts itself right in your faces everyone stands around and makes whining, complaining and moaning about it. Everyone wonders why it goes on and why it will not stop.

      Who crucified Christ in the EOC by the corrupt, failed, irrelevant and demising state of the EOC? The more the EOC dies the more it dies by murdering Christ. Yes, you need to remove me for telling all of you such things.

      Ashley Nevins

      • Ashley Nivens, …”you must state which denomination (i.e. “true Church of Christ”) you attend,”

        • Ashley Nevins says

          Gods true church. The church of Jesus Christ salvation. It is different than Gods only alone right and one true church. It is inclusive, open system, bottom up, dynamic, growing and alive. You can tell the difference between them. The church speak of this church is Christ and salvation. The church speak of the EOC is tradition and hierarchy. There are other ways to tell them apart.

          Ashley Nevins

          • Heracleides says

            “God’s True Church: The Church of Jesus Christ Salvation”
            Number of adherants: One (A. Nevins).

          • Monk James says

            Ashley Nevins says:
            March 8, 2012 at 6:04 pm

            ‘Gods true church. The church of Jesus Christ salvation. It is different than Gods only alone right and one true church. It is inclusive, open system, bottom up, dynamic, growing and alive. You can tell the difference between them. The church speak of this church is Christ and salvation. The church speak of the EOC is tradition and hierarchy. There are other ways to tell them apart.’


            This is opaque and unhelpful to the point of deliberate deception. Or maybe delusion.

            If Ashley Nevins really thinks that there is a ‘church’ which is more likely than orthodox Christianity to be the place where we can ‘work out our salvation in fear and trembling’, he ought to identify it by name.

            Might it be baptist or presbyterian (he can take his pick of the many flavors of those) or ????

            I’m not optimistic, though, that he will — or even can — describe his religious affiliation in christian terms, since ‘tradition and hierarchy’ are identified by St Paul as being characteristics of The Church.

            If AN rejects these characteristics of The Church, and hence rejects the New Testament, I suspect that he’s not a Christian at all, and should not be taken seriously.

  13. cynthia curraWen says

    Jacksson if the US is so bad why don’t you go to Greece or Russia. A lot of Orthodox complain about protestants and Catholics but if you study orthodox history the Byzantine emperors were really into me me and me since they killed arrivals and live as billionaires in their day. I don’t always agree with Ashely but Orthodox always blame the West and the east which had bad rulers and bad people, think the sex trade out of Russia are Russians selling girls abroad to foreigners.