ICD-10 R46.1

In case you haven’t been keeping up with the Pentagon recently, last April they began legitimizing a rash of military UFO signings.
If you Google it, you will see what I mean.
I’ve been told this could be another psyop designed to bring us back under the control of our (not so) trustworthy government; however, this time, by convincing us the sky is dripping with UFOs ready to pounce.
So, beginning in June, expect to see a lot of grainy photographs and blurry videos of drones, CGI, etc.  The purpose is to scare people so badly they will flock to (follow) the guy who raises his hand with the solution, i.e. Biden, I guess.
Kind of like with Fauci and Gates.  Their little arms shot up in the air even BEFORE “show and tell” when they first introduced the idea of COVID:   “Pick us. Pick us. We have the answer.  The answer is a V-A-C-C-I-N-E.  And we have just the one (the 4 or 6 or whatever).”
With this extraterrestrial thing, however, they’ve created an official medical code to cover injuries inflicted upon someone or something with a “bizarre personal appearance,” ICD-10 R46.1.
An ICD-10 is a diagnosis code used for reimbursement purposes.  Interestingly, this particular code excludes anyone with a mental illness which leaves out all our Walmart shoppers.
So, if you see some “little greys” running around or a tall Arian-looking guy who communicates telepathically and calls himself Alan, don’t worry. It’s probably not real.

(Actually, only ONE of them is real. Haha)  Mrs. M
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Another reflection that is undoubtedly more edifying:



  1. I read the included link and I’m humbled.
    I’m thankful that my first instinct was inline with your psyop theory. Because secular people like to use extraterrestrial life as proof that the Bible is nothing more than fairy tales. I know because I used to be one of these people. A government “transitioning” and “identifying” as socialist needs to be the sole attention of worship by the sheeple. And after reading about the demonic origins of lights in the sky masquerading as angels, contemporarily, even better serves the evil one’s plans.

  2. I think you mean ‘Aryan’;
    though doubtless some will be followers of Arius.

  3. George Michalopulos says

    Well, Mrs M, it looks like June 1 is a target date for something to come out officially.

  4. Antiochene Son says

    I don’t know what the UFOs are, but I am certain they are not extraterrestrial air/space craft.

    But I am certain they are being used to distract from the war crimes being committed against Palestinians. Twitter has UFO nonsense trending, but they’ve locked out anything about Israel from appearing there.

    • George Michalopulos says

      AS, I don’t disagree that the whole UFO nonsense will/can serve as a distraction. But it won’t be because of the Israel/Gaza conflict. If anything, it will be to distract from the BLM nonsense which is engulfing us in a civil war, or at least bringing us up to the precipice of one.

  5. We live in the kingdom of lies. You cant believe anything these people say or show you as “proof”. Aliens? Hah! Costumes or genetic mutants or geenscreen. Amazing craft in the sky? Projections and mass deception. Also never underestimate that scientists and engineers have built some amazing things. I should know, I work in the forefront of technology and have nothing but distain for popsci kinds of articles and pundits. The vast majority of people have no idea what is technologically possible. Oh, and ignore anyone who says “…defies the laws of physics…”. It’s just a lieing wonder.

    There is only Jesus Christ, the Truth.

  6. Gah, Fr. Seraphim Rose really was right on the point with a lot of his stuff. He (and probably other Orthodox fathers) have said that aliens are demonic allusions. I’m pretty convinced that more people will fall for the aliens than they did with covid.

    • Petros, like you, I do truly believe that ‘UFOs’ are truly demonic allusions. There can be no other rational explanation for these ‘craft’ to move at such blazing speeds. Seriously, for something to move that fast…they would have to have some kind of warp drive technology like on Star Trek. And, like hey…the 23rd century ain’t here yet!

      • anonsayswhat says

        It’s possible that the appearances of UFOs are demonic allusions, but it’s also possible that advanced technologies exist and hidden knowledge of advanced ancient cultures of the past are being kept hidden from the masses. Even St. Porphyrios revealed strange things of the ancient past. My understanding is that the descendants of Cain became so “civilized/advanced” in a pure material sense. They gave birth to giants, developed technologies, but suffered the wrath of God for their zero repentance.

        If it is real advanced technology, harnessing magnetism, its purpose is to deceive people, therefore demonic in nature. It may just be holographic as well. Who knows…

  7. Jane Tzilvelis says

    As our situation worsens, knowing what to assist, what to resist, and what to suffer could become paradoxically easier and harder— easier for the faithful because of the increasing contrast between good and evil, but harder for the faithless because the prince of this world has already set the “mark of the beast” on their foreheads, so to speak, by distorting their perception of reality and inclining them toward evil. Our challenge is to avoid being deceived by their perverse passions and panics by which they justify wars abroad and tyranny at home. To keep our own foreheads free of the mark, we will need to pay more attention to who says what about our world, seek other sources of information from among those who believe in Christ, and stop trusting people who do not believe in truth to tell us the truth. We will need to think more skeptically and critically about many issues and to teach our children to do so also, lest the world capture their imaginations with fantasies and lies to turn them into festal Christians but political Bolsheviks. And we will need to live up to our ordination as democratic citizens with civic rights and moral responsibilities not just to vote but to contribute to the policymaking process by speaking out publicly and privately against wickedness and tyranny. We have heard the prophecy and know what is coming. We need not wait for the signs to become clearer to make a stand against the Antichrist. The time to make our stand is now. . .

    Parish Life, July 2020

  8. If it comes from a government dominated by the Left, especially in times of political instability, you can bet it is just more bs engineered to further their agenda either by distracting from current debacles or instilling fear in the sheep.

    Let us recall past efforts:

    1. “The Russkies are coming!”, “Trump is a Manchurian Candidate”.
    2. “The White Supremacists are coming!”
    3. “The Kungflu is going to kill us all!”
    4. “Climate Change! (aka, “the sky is falling:”)
    5. “The police are a terrorist organization!”
    6. “Nazis attacked the Capitol!”
    7. “Putin is the Antichrist!”

    This is just par for the course and the next logical step. As I observed last year sometime, expect flying monkeys, pestilence, killer bees, yetis, little green men, dragons, transgender Smurfx (now capitalized in atonement for past oppression), . . . you name it.

  9. Helen T. says

    Immensely helpful, George for posting this and for the link at the end. I’m around more and more conversations about this these days.

  10. This code is for people who present with a bizarre personal appearance, who do not have schizophrenia or a schizoid-type illness. They could still have a number of other mental illnesses or dementia type conditions or a physical illness like encephalitis that causes deranged behavior. It’s a code for a symptom the patient presents with, for instance a nursing home patient who shows up wearing underpants on his head and he’d been normal before- obviously time to investigate why he’s doing that all of a sudden.

    Not sure how much joking you’re doing here but I can’t see the connection with little green men at all.

  11. “Interestingly, this particular code excludes anyone with a mental illness which leaves out all our Walmart shoppers.”

    Haha, what’s this about?! I love Walmart. Where else can one buy groceries, ammunition, fishing tackle, and pick up your prescriptions – all while having your flat tire replaced?

    If I’m being serious – as an Orthodox Christian – our framework clearly cannot allow for the existence of sentient beings elsewhere in the Universe. The mathematician and amateur astronomer in me, however, tells me that there is NO WAY that we could be special and unique. Quite the problem!

    • CS Louis says

      Isn’t it true that some people open themselves up to demonic visitations? So, if the UFOs have a demonic origin, wouldn’t it be true that people who already believe in UFOs are more likely to find them?

      A few years ago, I was driving home after a vigil, and spotted a flying object making really sharp, quick, impossible maneuvers. Not sure what it was, I made the sign of the Cross in the air and whatever it was immediately disappeared.

    • George Michalopulos says

      My problem with Wal-Mart is that it’s a mega-corporation. I had issues with it going back 30 years: wherever it opened up in small-town Oklahoma (KS, TX, wherever), it pretty much demolished Main Street, USA.

      Although Sam Moore Walton (an Sooner btw) was a conservative who believed in “buying American” his children have become full-bore globalists. Wal-Mart today is totally on board with all the BLM/SJW nonsense. (Among other things). They also have made China incredibly rich when they started buying their mdse from them.

    • I don’t know that our religious framework wouldnt allow for other sentient beings. I’ve heard a bishop mention where Jesus says that he has other sheep that are not of this fold and how there are several ways you could interpret that. I think the bottom line is that as long as God isn’t working against His own nature, He can create however He wants to 🙂 we as humans on Earth can be special without being “only.” I dont believe or disbelieve in such things. I’d be interested in hearing your reasoning for our theology not allowing for it though.

    • Gail Sheppard says

      Alan (pronounced “a-lawn”)

  12. Anonymous II says

    EU Parliament report says regime change needed in Russia:

    Not content with months of worsening relations and the potential for military escalation, the European Parliament has now put forward a draft report insisting the EU needs to be more confrontational in its approach to Moscow.

    A draft report published online by the assembly’s Committee on Foreign Affairs caused consternation in Russian media on Monday, after statements came to light that argued the bloc “should establish with the US a transatlantic alliance to defend democracy globally” and “deter Russia” from supposed aggression in Eastern Europe.

    As part of its “vision” for future ties with Moscow, the paper concludes that the EU should put forward a number of incentives designed to persuade Russians that a turn to the West would be beneficial, including visa liberalization and “free trade investment.”

    It adds that the bloc “should also convey the potential benefits that it is willing to offer in return for a democratic transformation of Russia,” effectively committing it to a strategy of regime change, without commenting on the popularity of its current government or the preferences of voters.

    The document, on which MEPs had an opportunity to offer suggestions earlier this month, claimed that “the situation in Russia is deteriorating dreadfully because of President Putin’s systemic repression of democratic forces,” citing a large number of arrests at unauthorized protests held in January. It also explosively alleged that, in the lead up to parliamentary elections later this year, Putin is “waging a war against the people of Russia” that could worsen as the results come in.

    A poll published on Tuesday found that the Russian leader has the support of around 56% of voters, while each of the potential opposition candidates polled in single figures.

    One tool in the EU’s arsenal to target “Russian propaganda” and bring about the transition it wants to see would be, according to the report, “the establishment of a Free Russia Television with 24/7 airtime.” With declining audience figures for traditional media, quite why a conventional TV channel pushing out the EU’s talking points would change the landscape in Russia is unclear, given that other state-run broadcasters like America’s RFERL and Britain’s BBC offer similar services already. Furthermore, the presence of a large number of Russian-language news sites and YouTube channels that take a critical stance of the government means that there is no shortage of access to opposition-leaning coverage.

    At the same time, the committee puts forward a number of extreme steps that it says the bloc should take. It insists that Brussels “must be prepared not to recognize the parliament of Russia and to ask for Russia’s suspension from international organizations with parliamentary assemblies if the 2021 parliamentary elections in Russia are recognized as fraudulent.”

    America and the EU speak about Russian propaganda but never give any examples of Russian propaganda. It is easy to make a long list of EU and American propaganda, but almost impossible to find a Russian version. I also wonder if the EU and America understand that forced regime change is foreign interference in sovereign nations domestic affairs…

    • George Michalopulos says

      AnonII, I have grown so weary of claims of “Russian propaganda”. Or Putin “murdering” his opponents. (Epstein anyone? Or the journalist Michael Hastings? Or all the people who have committed Arkancide?)

  13. Something is being missed by too many because we are so used to the two party system, the craziness of the Dems, and the back and forth of Left and Right. It is something RINO’s are missing because they still cling to the fiction that some status quo ante may be re-imposed:


    also, see:


    A longtime Post subscriber in Virginia, one of my regular correspondents, had something to say about that in a recent email about the appointment: “Does she understand — really understand — that . . . the United States is on track to become functionally an authoritarian White Christian nationalist state in the very near future? And if the answer is ‘Yes,’ what is she prepared to do about it?” – https://www.washingtonpost.com/lifestyle/media/sally-buzbee-editor-woman/2021/05/14/c982bece-b44d-11eb-a980-a60af976ed44_story.html


    Neither side can afford any longer to trust the other with the reins of government. This realization should give you a morbid feeling in your stomach if you truly understand its significance. HR1 essentially codifies The Steal mechanisms as the law of the land:


    If it is in their power, the Dems have no intentions of letting Republicans control any branch of the government for any period of time moving forward. They feel they have to in order to stop MAGA from destroying “our democracy”; i.e., the Liberal Establishment’s hold on power.

    It only takes one side to dissolve a partnership. Democrats want a divorce, the house and custody. What this means, tragically, is that if MAGAns want to have any say in government in the future, they must not only defeat Democrats in order to regain the Congress and presidency, but they must also prevent Democrats from ever rising to this capability again.

    This is the inevitable truth I tried to awaken everyone to leading up the the 2020 election. The two party system has already self destructed. It can’t be salvaged. There’s no going back. That is why there was such despair after the events of January 6th. It seemed as though the Dems had won not only the battle but the war itself.

    This war is zero sum. We can’t afford to lose it. I hope that has been clearly impressed upon the MAGA electorate at this point. But this has ramifications beyond the obvious. The game has fundamentally changed. We are no longer playing ball against fellow Americans. We are warring against domestic enemies.

    I once quipped that the real effect of the dissolution of the Soviet Union is that the “focus of evil in the modern world” as Reagan so aptly described it, moved to the DNC in Washington, DC. Not to China, North Korea, Iran, etc. The Democratic Party. This is so because it is the last best hope of totalitarian lefties. For the sake of argument, you could lump the Dems in with the ChiComs into one big Borg – same difference.

    We used to understand that the Communist Party of the USA was an existential threat to our way of life. Given “McCarthyism” and the “Red Scare”, it is difficult to revive the specter. However, it is appropriate. The Dems have become the American Communist Party (ACP), analogous to the CCP. They can no longer be allowed to compete for majorities at the national level or for the presidency. It is for the same reason that we opposed the election of communist governments in Africa and Latin America. Their election will be the last free election. They have disqualified themselves.

    We caught a break with 2020. They are not yet strong enough to make it stick. They played their hand too soon. They are not unified within their own party. The Republicans are finally becoming unified. And the red states still have the ability to resist and nullify. They have not been able to shut down opposition media either. But they are working night and day on their nefarious designs.

    Now, how you get rid of them while preserving the Constitution is a sticky wicket. Can it be done? Answer: It must be done. It must be done because that, in itself, is the only way to preserve the Constitution if that is still possible. And if it is not, so be it. The Constitution is not a suicide pact. We cannot rely on the Constitution to preserve Christian values. The Church must preserve Christian values.

    I suspect we shall have to adopt some form of “sovereign democracy” as our system moving forward. This is the Dominant Party model instead of the Two Party model. No other party could take the place of the Dems. They are barely holding their coalition together as it is. It is the perpetual war between hierarchy and anarchy.

    The New Cold War is right under our noses.