I Wonder How the Libs Are Going to Pin this One on Putin?

@Sean Pitts

Several years ago, all of the enlightened people in the West were horrified when Russia’s president put a complete stop to Russian orphans being adopted by homosexuals.  You see, Putin was being “homophobic” and one of the unfortunate stereotypes of male homosexuals is that they molest children.  

Because they don’t. You could almost hear the screaming.  

The trouble was, Putin was right.  This all came to his attention when a bi-racial homosexual couple in Australia had adopted a Russian toddler and –instead of raising him in a wholesome way–made videos of him being molested.  Videos.  Of a little boy being molested.  

Well, I guess that’s one stereotype that’s not a “canard”. 

So Putin put the kibosh on homosexual adoption.  And he went right to being the number one turd on the West’s shit parade.  Because as everybody knows: homosexuals=good/Putin=bad.

Well, guess what?  The Supreme Court of the United States must have not gotten the memo because yesterday, SCOTUS ruled —in a unanimous decision no less–Catholic adoption agencies can deny homosexuals the right to adopt children because of their orientation.  


Yup, this is going to be very hard to pin on Good ole’ Volodya –or Catholic supermom and renaissance woman Amy Coney Barrett.  Because you see, there are three staunch, always-reliably-liberal votes on the Supreme Court:  Stephen Breyer, Sonya Sotomayor, and Elena Kagan.  (And as everybody knows, the never-married Kagan plays for the other team.)  And their votes made it unanimous.

Did I mention that the ruling was 9-0?  It wasn’t just Trump’s three justices who voted against this liberal wet dream but everybody.  This is the fifth unanimous ruling by SCOTUS against laws the proggys think are nothing less than holy.  If I had to guess, I’d say that somebody big on our side (basically the same people who got Trump to run in 2015) got a hold of the Chief Justice and told him that this is how the cow ate the cabbage.

It may also be an indication that SCOTUS is sending a clear signal to the political class in DC, particularly the liberals.  And that is:  don’t screw with SCOTUS.  And we’re not only talking about the number of justices on the bench.  Clarence Thomas, arguably the most conservative of the justices, sided with the Obamacare mandate.  (Yes, I know, a hideous law but bear with me.)  In siding with the majority in this 7-2 decision, he basically told the Congress to get their act together and not rely on the Supreme Court to undo their messes.  

That’s all inside baseball (and not a little speculation).  What’s not speculative is that this is a major victory for traditionalists, the First Amendment, and common sense.  It also puts the insane Left, back on their heels. 

Now don’t get me wrong. We’ve lost a lot, a hell of a lot, and the organs of the State are arrayed against us in massive fashion.  Think of the ragtag army standing outside the Gates of Mordor, trembling with fear as those gates slowly open and the hideous army of orcs and trolls slowly make their way out to fight them. 

But as at those Gates of Mordor, all is not lost.  It’s just one in a series of push-back against the demonic Left but it’s still a win for the good guys.  And the fact that one of the organs of the leviathan state (in a unanimous fashion no less) ruled for us is something to be applauded.

All is not lost.

Praise the Lord.  (And pass the ammunition:  it’s ain’t over yet.)  Meanwhile, Putin is smiling like the Cheshire Cat. 

And not just Putin…

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  1. Austin Martin says

    It’s a pyrrhic victory. As long as people think that their freedom and dignity comes from a court, then they will continue to lose all freedom and dignity. Freedom and dignity come from within. I’m certainly not waiting on the courts to fight our other battles.

    In my opinion, the court ruled the way they did because they are all Catholics and Jews, and they are aware of how the slippery slope of restricting religious freedom could come back onto their communities. Imagine a law banning circumcision based on health concerns.

    • George Michalopulos says

      I see your point, Austin. However we take our wins wherever we find them. And for whatever reason. Beggars can’t be choosers.

      • In a fallen world, freedom and dignity come from having the will to pick up a weapon and draw a line. “Honor is the gift a man giveth himself.”

      • Austin Martin says

        I don’t beg. I assert. Not taking the vaccine and not wearing a COVID mask is not contingent on what the government says.

        • George Michalopulos says

          Austin, you’ve got the right attitude. I’m thinking on a macro level however.

          • Austin Martin says

            I suppose, all things considered, that this is good news. There’s not really something to criticize.

            Frankly I am sick of the homosexuals. I go to the library today and sit in the teen section (it was empty, because kids are illiterate these days), and I noticed it was full of gay pride crap. If you’re a teenager who just wants a fun fantasy book, then you’ll have to search harder. The teen section exists to nudge kids further in any kind of sexual insecurity they have. It provides information on role models like pederast Harvey Milk.

            Ten years ago when I was 20, I was the kind of Christian who said, “Oh the poor gays. They just want to live in peace, and Christians are so mean to them.” Now I would support a law putting them in labor camps for subverting society.

            So yes, this ruling is a good thing, if for no other reason than that it will upset the gays. Anything that makes the gays feel unwelcome and unaccepted is good.

  2. Christopher McAvoy says

    I wish to have for your consideration these articles of information regarding some current events with the Russian geo-political sphere of the last two days:

    Anonymous email says BOMB planted in Moscow government building, demands end to ‘mandatory’ Covid-19 vaccinations, media reports


    Moscow orders mandatory vaccine jabs for many

    DOCTOR’S ORDERS Russian doctors ‘receiving cash for fake vaccine certificates with doses being thrown away’ after ‘Moscow’ variant fears


    “Despite all the accusations thrown at Putin, my assessment of world leaders is clear that he is the most intelligent of the entire lot” – Martin Armstrong


    from RT comments:

    “I highly suspect a false flag here. The secret service agencies in governments around the world plant these sort of things, false flags, for nefarious purposes.”

    “There will be places on the gallows for them to, no one is allowed to coerce/bribe/blackmail anyone to be a human lab rat.”

    Certainly this recent situation of events seems to prove that in Russia the government continues to harbor a lingering hostility toward the Orthodox Church, which at the end of 2019, quite ironically, had proclaimed the moral right of all people to not have forced vaccination, a right over life and death, coming from the Logos made flesh, God himself. Perhaps lately the state is encouraging some of the hiearchs to waver in their orthodoxy. In this sense the old calendarists have been more faithful. This is impossible to deny.


  3. This is good news and not to change the subject but what of the Jan 6 political prisoners. Is there no way to challenge the unconstitutional laws stripping them of their rights?

  4. Jane Tzilvelis says

    BRAVO! This is the best news I have heard in a long time!!
    ☘️?????✝️✝️✝️! Hope reigns!

  5. Jane Tzilvelis says

    ??????✝️✝️✝️ Bravo! Best news!

  6. Wasn’t sure where to leave this, so I’ll put it here:


    This is a music video from a popular Russian artist, Aigel, who is Tatar. There’s lots of Orthodox symbology in the clip. Thought it might be curious for Americans living in the Orthodox reservations of the OCA, GOA, etc to see this type of pop music clip from a majority Orthodox country.

    The underlying message of the clip, is a dig at Vladimir Putin, and his constant tinkering with the constitution to “reset” his term limits, after which he is “reborn”.

  7. Christine Fevronia says

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