“I speak for the trees, for the trees have no tongues.”

America’s National Christmas Tree is no more.  A gust of wind brought it to the ground.  This was the second tree this year.  The first developed a fungus.

“The Lorax: Which way does a tree fall?
The Once-ler: Uh, down?
The Lorax: A tree falls the way it leans. Be careful which way you lean.”

― Dr. Seuss, The Lorax

Be careful which way you lean, indeed.  A metaphor for the Left, if I ever heard one.  The National Christmas Tree lighting ceremony has been performed every year since 1923, and so the falling of the tree happened as we approach the centennial anniversary of this tradition. 

Coincidence?   I think not.

Many compared it to the Biden presidency:  “National Christmas tree falls DOWN,” the Republican House Committee on the Judiciary wrote in a post on X, formerly Twitter. “Perfectly summing up Joe Biden’s presidency.”

Without a doubt, we are a fallen nation, and we are completely and utterly unprepared to handle the consequences of decades of very foolish decisions.

In 2024 and beyond, there will be more political unrest, more wars, more pestilences, more economic troubles, more famine and more natural disasters.  

And more fallen trees, no doubt.  Maybe a whole forest of trees.  

Unless someone like you… cares a whole awful lot… nothing is going to get better… It’s not.”  Dr. Seuss 



  1. Gail says, “…there will be more political unrest…”. A timely prediction, as evidenced by this incident:

    “In a significant break from holiday tradition, Manhattan’s annual Rockefeller Christmas Tree Lighting Event was marred by a massive pro-Palestinian demonstration. The festive cheer was disrupted as thousands of protesters breached barricades in an attempt to interrupt the ceremony, resulting in multiple confrontations with New York City Police Department (NYPD) officers.”


    • I am surprised they still have a Christmas Tree.
      I thought by this time it would have morphed
      into a Holiday Tree or a Party Tree or similar…

      • Following this thought, I have just received
        an email from: info@theholyart.org with the heading
        💥Shop your Icons in time for holiday! SALE is still ON! 💥

        Given their likely market, I am astonished
        that they find it necessary to say:
        💥holiday💥 instead of: 💥Christmas💥.
        Who do they think they will upset?

    • George Michalopulos says

      Yeah, things are going to get real dicey in 2024. Why? Because as Wm Butler Yeats wrote 100 years ago: “The centre cannot hold”.

    • The power behind the Empire wants the gas and oil in Palestine.
      Memory eternal for Libyans, Iraqis, Palestinians, Iranians, Israelis, Syrians, and all nations ravaged by the power behind the throne for the love of money.

      There are no consequences for the oligarchs. Bombs and missiles shower the earthly skies; falling on humanity.

      O’ little town of Bethlehem…many tears 2023.

      Stealing oil is big business. Now I almost forgot. Venezuela is invading Guyana. US has a military base there I read. Slurp. Follow the oil. It’s always about the oil and gold whether black gold or yellow gold. Slurp!

    • None of the articles I read mentioned who the rioters were. Were they Americans, Palestinians, Muslims? Was this an attack against Christians, Christmas trees, or what?
      Anybody know?

      • Remember those military-age men I talked about coming over the border as migrants?

        There is a reason NY is screaming they can’t handle the influx. It’s not an accident so many ended up in NY. They are there to create chaos. In reality, Palestinians make up less than half a tenth of a percent of the U.S. population and as a rule and they don’t hate America.

        I had to laugh. There must have been a run on those kaffiyehins in NY or they were provided by their benefactors. People are showing up in scarves that look like they all came from the same manufacturer. Whoever hired these people told them to tell people the kaffiyeh symbolized solidarity with the Palestinian cause.

        If that were true, how come they didn’t wear them in Europe? There, it looks like flags were passed out. https://peoplesdispatch.org/2023/10/20/europe-rallies-in-solidarity-with-palestine/

        It’s not an “attack” at all. These people are being paid to do this. Their benefactors are trying to destabilize America.

  2. NYPD suffers during Rockefeller Tree lighting.

  3. For Monomakhos and all its readers. HOPE.