I Didn’t Know That David Duke Worked for the Smithsonian

Why didn’t I get the memo? This is monstrous! David Duke, for those of you who may not know, is a former Klansman. I believe a Grand Wizard or Cyclops or some such other high-ranking muckety-muck.

Anyway, he now falls somewhere on the ethno-nationalist/white-separatist spectrum. According to his own CV, he’s no longer a white supremacist. Instead he believes that white people have an “x” factor (so to speak), something that makes European culture different from Far Eastern, Middle Eastern, Latin American or African culture.

Personally, while I recognize that there are physiognomic and genetic differences between the races of man, as a Christian, I adhere to what St Paul said about the differences that really matter; i.e. that there aren’t any. That there is “neither Greek nor Jew, male nor female, bond nor free” (Gal 3:28).

Well, I guess I was wrong. You see, it seems that the Smithsonian Institution agrees with David Duke and white supremacists in general.

Don’t believe me? Then take a gander at this chart which they put out:

To be perfectly frank, when this first came to my attention, I thought this was a joke, like something that the old National Lampoon would put out. As much as I could not fault most of the qualities contained therein, I for one don’t think that these were the hallmarks only of the European-derived nations. Far from it.

Then I thought deeper about it. You see, it’s not only condescending to so-called white culture but its bill of particulars implies racial exclusivity: only white people have these attributes. Therefore all non-whites, by definition, don’t.

Taking this to its logical conclusion, we have to assume that so-called People of Color live by different values. This would necessarily imply things like laziness, dishonesty, criminality, impulsiveness, licentiousness and an inability to plan for the future.

That’s a very broad brush to paint an entire group of people with, don’t you think? A brush that could only be held in the hand of a white supremacist. Apparently, the brainiacs at the Smithsonian didn’t think this thing through. Or they hired David Duke (or somebody like him) to make this graphic.

And hence we arrive at the moral of the story: and that is that the further we travel down the road of identity politics, the sorrier the ending will be. Especially for those who identify as people of color. Especially if it’s true that only white people possess the qualities described.

Not good, people. Not good.

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  1. Ronda Wintheiser says

    Well, while there are differences in appearance (physiognomy), there really is no such thing as genetic race, at least in the sense that “…(g)enetic methods do not support the classification of humans into discrete races, [and] racial assumptions are not good biological guideposts. Races are not genetically homogenous and lack clear-cut genetic boundaries…”

    Race is a social construct. In effect, there is no such thing. It truly is mostly simply appearance, which makes racism that much more ridiculous and juvenile. The very idea that races exist is essentially racist. We are all the same under the skin.

    Now just watch the hysteria that always follows whenever such a heretical idea is asserted. 🙂


    • When a black poodle sees a white poodle (or vice versa)
      does it see a white poodle (or vice versa)
      or does it just see a poodle (which may or may not be white)?

      • Gail Sheppard says

        I think I heard that dogs were color blind so probably not!

      • George Michalopulos says

        Rhonda, according to the latest genetic research (as well as Darwinism –had to throw that out there to keep things honest) race is a physical reality.

    • George Michalopulos says

      For what it’s worth Rhonda, that evil being Trotsky made up that word (racism) during his sojourn in America. He did this to stir up racial strife.  Today, the ADL, SPLC and the ACLU continue his demonic legacy.

    • Antiochene Son says

      I would say that, while there is in Christ no Jew or Greek, male or female, but only the new nation called by Christ’s name and having Christ’s blood in their veins; that does not mean there are not Jews or Greeks, or males or females. These are real things and they are an integral part of us, for God made us these things and they are good. Only a very confused modern person would deny this; humans have understood this for all of time. 
      The real wickedness is in the modern Babelites who seek to redefine and erase human diversity, by either turning mankind into a beige mass of sameness and/or pretending that we can change the categories we are born into. It is a chiliastic heresy unique to our own age.

    • In a book that is often mentioned in academic circles – except in ideological ones like Kendi’s lauded, “Stamped from the Beginning” – on the subject of the origins of the idea of race, Ivan Hannaford in his “Race: The History of an Idea in the West,” (The Woodrow Wilson Center Press / The John Hopkins University Press) details in Chapter 4, “Jews, Christians, Moors, and Barbarians,” and Chapter 5, “Monsters and the Occult,” how what would become the modern idea of race began with the great Jewish sage, “Ram Bam,” otherwise known as  Maimonides. 

      In the second volume of his “Guide for the Perplexed,” in a famous section often referred to as “The allegory of the King’s Palace,” (perhaps his version of Plato’s Divided Line), Maimonides attempts to explain the connection between faith and reason and the role they play in having greater knowledge of God.  Those that are outside of the palace are further removed from Divine knowledge than those inside but not nearly as lost as those living abroad and without religion.  Maimonides places Turks and Black Africans in this category, likening the latter to monkeys:

      “. . .the extreme Turks that wander about in the north, the Kushites who live in the south, and those in our country who are like these. I consider these as irrational beings, and not as human beings; they are below mankind, but above monkeys, since they have the form and shape of man, a mental faculty above that of the monkey. (3.50. 384)” — pg 112 of Hannaford. 

      Hannaford notes that this is the first instance in the West (circa late 1100s or early 1200s) where people are described as lacking in rationality and, as a result, not being fully human.  Hannaford then discusses how elements within the Kabbalah, particularly what he calls, “The Doctrine of Countenances,” drew a mystical connection between physical features and inner states of virtue. 

      Interestingly enough, when critical race theorists discuss the rise of racism as an idea, they often place its origins in the early naturalism of people like Linnaeus, Blumenbach, Buffon, or Bonnett.  They then claim Enlightenment figures like Hume (especially Hume) and Kant in his “Anthropology” infected subsequent Western thinking, tainting it with racism.  To my knowledge, never do they trace these ideas back to Maimonides or to Sanhedrin 108b in the uncensored Balvi Talmud:

      “The Sages taught: Three violated that directive and engaged in intercourse while in the ark, and all of them were punished for doing so.  And they are: the dog, and the raven, and Ham, son of Noah.  The dog was punished in that it was bound; the raven was punished in that it spits, and Ham was afflicted in that his skin turned black.”


      This passage predates Maimonides by centuries so perhaps the so-called “Curse of Ham” has its origins here?

      As far as the idea of race regarding genetics, Charles Murray is till trying to make that case — 

  2. People Who use the verse abut there are neither “male nor Female” literally are intentionally twisting the scripture. Jesus used the analogies quoted to state that There are no preferred classes in God’s eyes, NOT to say that differences no longer exist. It seems ridiculous to have to point this out, yet the post seems to niss the distinction, and goes on to use this passage as a way to attack all who believe that there differences between people. Compare the developments on the continents of Europe to those of Sub Saharan Africa for example.

    • George Michalopulos says

      Differences exist. You are correct however in that there are no preferred classes in God’s eyes.

      • George Michalopulos says

        My point was to show the insanity of the Left.

        • Sage-Girl says

          believe me George, we see loud + clear the insanity of the rabid Left! ?
          I’m tired of these psychos slamming Whites + demanding we hate on ourselves, our White race — a mentally healthy individual does Not hate themself over their race!
          I love my White race, I recognize their contributions, inventions, Ancient Greek philosophies, literature, science, works of Art + positivity to World ? stage is frankly, Astronomical compared to other races.  This doesn’t mean I don’t love other races + appreciate their positivities.
          Likewise, I acknowledge the evil, infamous Whites who’ve brought destruction on World stage — But Newsflash: in this fallen world, Nothing is perfect… each of us is sinful until we reach Theosis — this truth alone is the genesis of our humility

  3. Michael Bauman says

    This was originally in the National Black Historical Museum

  4. The flag displayed in this “poster” is hung backwards. Anytime the flag is hung, whether vertically or horizontally, the union (the blue part with the stars) must be in the upper left. 

    You’d think that the Smithsonian should know this fact, though apparently not. Then again, maybe the backwards-displayed flag is intentional?  A metaphor for America’s inherent backwards-ism, despite still being the country that most of the world wants to emigrate to?
    So many African-Americans are offended at this poster. Being on time for work is racist?  Huh? 

    Many of these qualities are simply positive qualities for a functional society. Anyone want to live in a culture where no one feels the need to be on time for anything?   No, of course we don’t. Such a society is economically non-sustainable. Enjoy waiting for your A/C repair guy or hair stylist who believes that being on time is oppressive. Those businesses will go out of business ASAP, unless it’s a communist system where everything is government-run, which is hell to live under and also will collapse.

    But according to modern sensibilities, we cannot point out characteristics of dysfunctional cultures. That itself is offensive. Which is why no one can point out the elephant in the room that rampant absentee fatherism in inner cities is bad. 

    Instead, insane white leftists make posters like this for other insane white leftists.  Make no mistake:  the intended audience for posters like this are not African Americans or any other “minority” – these posters are meant for other insane white leftists to view, so that they can delusionally feel better about themselves, deluded that they’ve “done” something. Insane white leftists are the real racists in the room. 

    I don’t know if a culture can bounce back from this insanity. I don’t think so. 

    • Gail Sheppard says

      I’m afraid the Smithsonian, like the CDC, is a former shadow of itself. It, too, no longer the gold standard it used to be, though people continue to assume it does. That’s why I continue to use the CDC, for example, as the benchmark for whatever I say with respect to healthcare because I’m hoping people will wake up when I quote them and think to themselves, “Huh? That doesn’t make sense.”

      I was beyond shocked by this flyer, or whatever it was. Common sense has “left the building” unless this was intentional, designed to inflame. I wouldn’t put it past them.

    • Sage-Girl says

      the dysfunctional culture of most leftist Blacks in one word — is due to widespread Lack of FATHERLESSNESS!!
      this is why authority figures of any kind especially the Police threatens them something fierce…
      I’m proud of the Black woman yesterday who threw paint over BLM mural by Trump Tower. Good for her + I hope more folks do it + make our statement 

  5. This flyer was put out by the NMAAHC (as it is written at the top of the document). This stands for “The National Museum of African American History and Culture.”  When you go to their website, the Smithsonian is linked on most pages. Are they a subsidiary of the Smithsonian?

  6. Anonymous says

    Kanye gets it…and as a black man, why isn’t the Left ‘supporting’ him…listen to this…https://pitchfork.com/news/kanye-west-holding-presidential-campaign-event-in-south-carolina-today-report/

    • Antiochene Son says

      I’m keeping an eye on Kanye. While the left is coming unglued over this speech, I’d like them to tell me what about it is untrue. God bless him.

  7. Surreal / Orwellian!
    I don’t know whether to laugh, cry or vomit…
    “Wokeness” has moved from awareness to insanity.

  8. Antiochene Son says

    They (Soros’ people) are openly working to destroy white culture, and this tells us specifically what that is, to them. The society they want is the opposite of that poster. Why do they want to destroy it? Because a society with those white characteristics is the only kind of society that is a threat to them.
    I don’t blame black people; I think ultimately blacks and whites have a common interest with different trajectories. Stopping and reversing immigration is the most immediate one. But Soros’ people are stirring up a race war to keep the focus off of them long enough for whites to fall away as a threat and die off. 
    Same with the COVID masks, frankly. Masks are another designated empty cause which people are allowed to protest. It’s a distraction. People are willing to go to jail to not wear a mask, but are afraid or, or oblivious to, other massively more important things going on. But that’s how it always goes—the energy of white people and conservatives is always directed to sideshows so the main event can keep rolling along on schedule.
    Did you hear that in the 2020 census, the US white population recorded zero net growth for the first time ever?

    • Sage-Girl says

      LOL!! Quite illuminating…

    • Antiochene Son says

      Great website, thanks for the link. 

      • Michael Bauman says

        It will be interesting if he gets around to the Moslem part of the slave trade.  Fact is slavery was endemic in the Mediterranean and Africa. It was northern Christian Europeans who fought against it.  Not necessarily wholly out of conscience. Slaves were not as productive in colder climates.  

        • Did anyone ever actually bring slaves to Europe?
          I know that the Brits freed any slaves that made it onto land there, but about the others?

          • La Revolution freed Haiti’s slaves de jure.
            Toussaint L’Ouverture freed them de facto.
            Bonaparte reimposed slavery
            and jailed Toussaint for life.

          • Michael Bauman says

            Basil, yes. The Portuguese started it as far as black African slaves. The Moors in Spain brought white Christian slaves before that.
            Anyone who does not include the Black Islamic Moors and other Islamic tribes as major to the slave trade is either ignorant or dishonest.

            • Well, I knew about the trafficking of slaves from Europe, but the trafficking of African (or other) slaves to Europe was a blind spot in my knowledge.

              • Michael Bauman says

                Basil, the great pond called the Mediterranean has always been a soup of the slave trade.  The idea that there should not be slaves is a really new one.  Not much more than a couple hundred years old.  It is not necessarily a Christian idea but Christians have tended to see a corallary of Jesus freeing us from the slavery of sin with being freed physically. 
                All races, at all times have perpetrated slavery and been held in slavery.  It is a remarkably persistent and common human experience rife with hypocrisy and greed 
                Thus the NBA being all in the bag for “freeing” folks here while ignoring the Uiguhrs.  
                Nor the delicious irony that William Willberforce was able to fight to end the slave trade for so long because he was an MP from a “rotten borough”.  That meant all he had to do to win was be on the ballot. 

            • “Anyone who does not include the Black Islamic Moors and other Islamic tribes as major to the slave trade is either ignorant or dishonest…”
              “…or both!”

  9. Austin Martin says


    White people have good work ethics, aren’t dependent on government handouts, and don’t have endless bastard children compared to other races? They speak coherently and believe in science?

    Hey, those aren’t my words.

    Really though, it’s still pretty “racist” towards whites. The whole “bland is best” and assumption that whites only like democracy when they’re in control and that women are expected to stay home. Notice that it says “the King’s English” instead of “the Queen’s English”. So it’s still propaganda fluff.

    The bit about science. Many indigenous cultures in Africa and the Americas don’t have numbers. Their numbers are one, two, and many. They don’t have a way to say that the coconut is halfway up the tree — just that it’s up.

    So a lot of leftists say that science and math is racist, because it’s a white people concept. Brown people don’t use math, so it’s erasing their identity to expect them to.

    It also helps excuse the gap in IQ testing.

    • Michael Bauman says

      Arabs gave us numbers because of the trade they ran: from China and the slaves.  Jews were given the money trade originally because “good Christian folk” could not charge interest.  So, it seems the Semitic races have had a competitive advantage for some time.  
      The simplistic notions floating around supported by incomplete fact sets used with a high degree of bias makes for good reading but that is all. 
      There are plenty of reasons for all races to repent.  As
      well as all sorts of rationalisations with just enough existential reality to be plausible to say “that guy over there” is worse and different. 

      That feeds all sorts of passions I already have enough trouble with.  “Oh the white folks, hate the black folks and the black folks hate the white folks to hate all but the right folks is an old established rule…” Tom Lehrer, a Jew AND a mathemetcian.  Oh and the tag line “everybody hates the Jews” 
      Nothing changes outside of Christ because outside of Christ there is only the quest to survive through power and deception. Manipulation and greed.  Unbridled lust and death.  

      • Sage-Girl says

        Michael Bauman:
        YUP! ?

        That’s why in my opinion, the Monastics got it right — this world is a massive Delusion + the cloistered monastics smartest of all!

        • M’s. Sage, one must be carefull to not fall into a gnostic world view. This world is good as evidenced but the creation story. “The earth is the Lords and the fullness thereof” says the Psalmist. What is a delusion is the world’s system.

          • Michael Bauman says

            Jk, the delusion is that there is goodness in opposition to Jesus Christ.  Creation is good only to the extent that it reflects the glory of God. Because of human sin, my sin, it has been made subject to death.

            It is not “the system” as if “the system” is independent from people.  That sort of thinking is proto-Marxist.  
            The world (mamon) and everything in it is without ultimate value in itself.  The temptations in my heart that flow from seeing ultimate value any where but Christ are real and substantial.  However, the evil one is responsible for the delusion.  

          • Sage-Girl says

            Well JK, then cloistered monastics are darn smart to wash their hands of the “world’s system”… ?
            I envy them!?

            • Michael Bauman says

              SG, envy is sinful in nature plus the trick, the warfare intensifies as one withdraws.  But the object is to still be “in the world” what ever that means but not “of it”.  That avoids the dualism of Gnosticism and other similar heresies.  It is much easier to be of the world, but not in it.  The evil one is just fine with that. 

            • Sage, it is interesting that our Lord did not choose a “cloistered” life style.

          • This is what Sage-Girl means:
            What Do We Mean By Death To The World?
            “The world” is the general name for all the passions. When we wish to call the passions by a common name, we call them the world. But when we wish to distinguish them by their special names, we call them passions. The passions are the following: love of riches, desire for possessions, bodily pleasure from which comes sexual passion, love of honor which gives rise to envy, lust for power, arrogance and pride of position, the craving to adorn oneself with luxurious clothes and vain ornaments, the itch for human glory which is a source of rancor and resentment, and physical fear. Where these passions cease to be active, there the world is dead…. Someone has said of the Saints that while alive they were dead; for though living in the flesh, they did not live for the flesh. See for which of these passions you are alive. Then you will know how far you are alive to the world, and how far you are dead to it.”
            -St Isaac the Syrian (7th Century)

            • Sage-Girl says

              Thank you, thank you … Basil ? —
              As Prof. Henry Higgins said to Eliza Doolittle —
              I think you’ve got it!?

    • Johann Sebastian says

      Speaking of the “King’s English” why is it that leftists seem to fawn over the British royal pain-in-the–I mean–family?

      It’s a shame the 1917 Revolution didn’t happen in England.

      • Sacred Monarchy received it’s death blow in England in 1688 (1689 in Scotland when Claverhouse fell at Killiecrankie) – though it croaked its last upon Culloden Moor in 1746.

  10. Jacob Lee says


    Great YouTube video showing woke and racist agree.

  11. BLM supporters holding down and kneeling on neck of white baby still in diapers:


    Sheriff’s office investigating:


    Former DNC Vice Chair, and Current Minnesota Attorney General, Keith Ellison, Says He Doesn’t Want Police to Respond to Rape:



    “At the age of 19, while attending Wayne State University in Detroit, Ellison converted from Catholicism to Islam…”

  12. Michael Bauman says

    Myst, your characterization of Mr. Ellison’s remarks seems a bit hyper.  What I understand him to say is that in a rape situation, police are not necessarily the best folks to respond.  While his characterization of the level of training police officers have is stupid and offensive, his suggestion has some merit.  I would say the number of rapes in which the perpetrator is still on scene when the police get there is probably zero.  
    Both my late wife and my living wife were raped.   My living wife when she was a young child.   I have close friends whose father raped them repeatedly when they were young children.  
    I can tell you that law enforcement did nothing good for any of them. The legal community’s ability in properly and compassionately dealing with children especially who are rape victims is astonishingly small.  
    In my friends case the support of a local motor cycle group who befriends  rape victims and then attends any court proceedings with them in full black leather and chains gear and even guarding the victim’s  house at night helped the children heal and feel safe while the legal system just brutalized them in a different way.  It was disgusting.   
    In this case, the premise of what Mr. Ellison is saying seems quite sound to me.  These rape responders can do it without compromising evidence and testimony of the victim.  In fact it could quite easily lead to more effective prosecution and conviction of rape cases as well as doing a good job of guarding the “innocent until proven guilty” premise of our jurisprudence.  
    Now if the rape responders are nothing but ideological men haters that is a really bad situation.  So the proof is in the the nature of the training required and the attitude toward victims and accused perps.  
    BTW, the trauma of being raped, even with a great deal of love and support, takes a long time to heal and some changes induced by that trauma are permanent.  

    • Gail Sheppard says

      The value of the police is they know how to collect evidence so a crime can be successfully prosecuted.

      I would hate to have assault reduced to a social services matter.

      • Antiochene Son says

        Interestingly, in the olden days before police existed, Grand Juries were convened for this purpose.

        Perhaps we need to consider returning some of the policing and prosecutorial power to the people, from whom it was borrowed?

    • “Myst, your characterization of Mr. Ellison’s remarks seems a bit hyper. ”

      I’d say this guy has a huge personal interest, not to mention racial and religious agendas, for sending out merely “social workers” or “community volunteers” to talk to rape victims, because such would be much easier to train to be biased against women reporting rape/abuse by men from certain demographic groups, than the police.




      Because of the explosive nature and timing of the accusations, Minnesota’s Democrat Party was forced to launch an investigation into the allegation. They appointed a local attorney who had links to the state party. Unsurprisingly, the attorney hired by the Democrat Party found Monahan’s abuse claim unsubstantiated. Ellison went on to become Minnesota’s first black and first Muslim AG.

      Ironically, Monahan’s allegations coincided with the infamous Brett Kavanaugh investigations. Even though Justice Kavanaugh’s accuser presented zero evidence and he was ultimately exonerated, his reputation has suffered greatly from the accusation in a high-profile, high-stakes Supreme Court confirmation hearing.

      Donald Trump Jr. pointed out the hypocrisy of the media’s portrayal of Kavanaugh and Ellison, whose accuser even presented medical records bolstering her claim: “Interesting how quiet the left/media (redundant I know) is on this given that there seems to be ACTUAL EVIDENCE that something happened here. Why the double standard? U.S. Rep. Keith Ellison’s ex-girlfriend posts medical record alleging abuse.”

  13. Michael Bauman says

    Gail, you are correct BUT the rape responders could be trained as basic criminalists with an emphasis in dealing with rape trauma. Of course to do it correctly would cost more money so it would not get off the ground or quickly devolve into just another ineffective social service project as you suggest Gail. Too bad.

    Because, despite SVU TV wokeness to the contrary a lot of police do not know how to safeguard and not contaminate the best evidence they have–the victim. Often the victim is still treated with suspicion and lack of respect–that was what happened to my friend’s children from the start. Both delayed reporting and the fact that their father is an intelligent highly organized sociopath(a pillar of his RC parish), there was no physical evidence and he was deemed more credible than the children he attacked. Oh and he was a friend of demons–literally. An incredibly good liar. In the years I knew him, I only got a brief glimpse of the beast he is and that was when I caught him completely by surprise and he did not know I was watching. I saw the demonic rage with which he is filled. He wanted to kill me. Then I turned around, the mask was firmly back on as was the fake cordiality. Even having seen what I had seen, it was almost credible.

    In the case of my living wife, raped at age 9 by her school bus driver, he was brought to trial but a corrupt judge let him go. He later escalated and killed a subsequent victim.

    My late wife was date raped as a teenager and never reported it.

    Rape is an incredibly complex crime to deal with in out adversarial legal system not to mention emotionally and spiritually. DNA and other physical evidence not always present or highly ambiguous. Progressive sexual assumptions about women and children make the crime even more difficult to resolve.

    Ellison is the WRONG person to create and administer alternative rape crises teams but the essential idea has merit even though it is offered cynically without any good faith. Not unlike my fiend acquaintance.

    • Gail Sheppard says

      Dealing with traumatized victims is a product of many situations where there has been a serious crime. The police have to deal with family members of gunshot victims, DUI fatalities, stabbing incidents, etc. As far as anecdotal stories go, I have always found the police very helpful but that’s not the point. The point is that they are trained to respond in a way where crimes have the best chance of being prosecuted.

      I’m not sure how the police would be able to “safeguard and not contaminate the victim” in a case where a rape is reported after the fact. How do they “contaminate” a victim? And how can you safeguard a victim from something that has already happened? The police can only act during the commission of a crime which is not generally the case with rape. But what they can do is give it the legitimacy it deserves.

      I don’t know that it is fair to say that the “victim is still treated with suspicion and lack of respect” because that’s what happened to your friend’s children.

    • Antiochene Son says

      What if we returned some of the policing power to the people? In the olden days justice was swift; if a woman was raped, her father, brother, and/or husband would go and find the perp and ensure the rapist found justice (bringing him before the grand jury, who would investigate the crime and bring charges before a criminal jury). I mean it sounds quaint now, but society operated more politely when everyone had police authority.