Looks Like Another Case of Arkancide

Yours Truly first wrote about the medical malady known as Arkancide a few years ago. It’s a fatal disease which strikes people who exhibit a certain pattern of symptoms.

It mainly strikes those on the Left and/or Democrats who have had close, personal contact with a certain couple that hails from Arkansas. The victims themselves are usually highly intelligent people who seem to have acquired a certain high-level knowledge of said couple.

It manifests itself in suicide but the act itself is carried out under curious physical conditions, such as two shots being fired in the back of the head. Some of the victims have a strange desire to drive by Ft Marcy Park. So far, some fifty or so people have succumbed to this fatal disease. The only cure is to not have been exposed in the first place or to be a Republican. Its pathogen can even attack those who are under intense isolation.

OK, snark off. Seriously, folks, something is seriously amiss in Denmark. Rather than continue to offer my own insights, I have culled three of the best podcasts from three of my faves.

First, for a really good overview, please watch this from Tim Poole (he’s a liberal by the way):

Here’s a really good one from Dr. Steve Turley:

Finally, a brilliant analysis by Stefan Molyneux:

As for myself, I think it’s time for liberals in the West to stop blaming Putin and to start looking inward. Turley nails it: I’ve never believed in the moral equivalency between the East and West but hey, you gotta go where the evidence leads.

P.S. And don’t give me no crap, you know that is what y’all are thinking!

P.S.S. For those who are so inclined, meme away!

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  1. Almost everyone I know predicted this. Now the Deep State will bury all the evidence against Clinton, Prince Andrew and all of Epstein’s other pedo pals.

    • Anthony, Prince Andrew is yr classic Bovine hanoverian. PRIEVELEGED, thick, entitled and formerly married to Ferggie!!! They always revert to type and its a type you Americans might remember well as also the people of Scotland post Culloden.
      I am sure after Independence Scotland will have a national memorial there.

  2. The next suicide will be whomever “they” set up as the scapegoat. If the investigation into Epstein stops, does that mean that someone can pick up the blackmail baton?

    • Epstein doubtless had lots of employees who were “in the know.”
      Also, if prison guards are found dead of suicide or accident, the incompetence argument won’t be able to withstand the smell test (as though it has already), and though we may never ‘know’ in this life, we will know.
      What a hell these people live in – and create for the rest of us.

  3. George Michalopulos says
  4. GSV Little Rascal says

    Ooh, meme games are fun, I can get in on this* 
    * not an endorsement of conspiracy theories, as so far it looks like a suicide facilitated by institutional callousness, indifference, and understaffing

  5. George Michalopulos says

    This is how censorship in America works today.  I know this doesn’t really belong here, but yet another reason why Google has to be taken down:



  6. Yuri Elfrink says

    The fact that Epstein was not put on suicide watch even though he attempted to kill himself weeks earlier only adds to the fishiness factor. The Russia-blaming, whether it is to suggest that there is a Russian disinfo campaign afoot to disprove this “suicide”, or to even go as far as to suggest it was Russians that killed him (or did not put him on suicide watch) serves two purposes…to deflect blame from those in power, and to increase the animus towards Russia and her people.

    • Change the scene of this suicide of a man in prison with damning information on people in high places from New York to Moscow.  Then tell me that our government and establishment media would simply accept the officially reported ‘facts’ at face value – or trust that any ‘investigation’ into what happened will reveal the truth.