Patriarch Porfirije Tells the EU to “Back Off”

In the past, yours truly has commended the Serbs on more than one occasion.  Historically speaking, when all was lost, it was the Serbs who “stood at the gate”. 

They did it in the Middle Ages and they did it in modern times.  In World War Two and in Kosovo, they bolixed things up for the Axis and the New World Order, respectively.  At the Cretan Robber Council, they showed up but it was clear that they weren’t on board with Bartholomew’s shenanigans.    

And now in Montenegro, Patriarch Porfirije flew in like Rambo on a chopper and told NATO and the EU (and their Phanariote puppets) that they weren’t going to get their way.  None of this globo-homo business that “Metropolitan” Epiphony wants to see in Ukraine.  Not on his watch.  Heck, I’d have been happy if he flew in while playing “Ride of the Valkyries” on loudspeakers as he flew over the horizon and landed.

Now that’s an entrance!


I don’t know about y’all but I think we need more bishops like this guy.


  1. He has a new Instagram account that I follow. While it is written in a language I cannot read, the translation button gives me a good enough idea of what’s being said. I like him.

  2. Twenty years ago this Saturday as I watched the tower burn and then the second tower get hit, I had a sinking feeling that life as we know it would never be the same – that we were about to be at war with an as yet unknown enemy and that this war would alter everything.

    Today as I listened on the radio to Biden’s speech, I had precisely the same sinking feeling except that this time the enemy is known. And although this enemy has a political component, it is not primarily political in nature. Today, virtually every person (and soon to be every person without exception) in this enemy’s territory has been commanded to bow down before the golden idol he has set up and to sacrifice to it or lose every means of earthly sustenance.

    “We’ve been patient, but our patience is wearing thin.”

    If this is not evil, I don’t know what is.


      “when we do open up at 70% [of the population with] double dose, anyone who interacts with eachother will be fully vaccinated…”

      How is that possible? Because, the 30% of the population that isn’t fully injected will be “elsewhere.”

      1:44 to 1:56, “The ambulance and paramedics are key to this strategy, because ambulance and paramedics might pick someone up from a particular suburb in a hot spot, rather than take the patient to the closest hospital, they might be required to take the patient elsewhere.”

      3:00 to 3:07 of video, “We know that there are nursing and medical staff who will feel a little bit, ah, uncomfortable with what they’re being asked.”

      Life in the Covid camps:

      Health prisoner who has tested negative repeatedly demands to freed, 1:34, “Calm down, or you’re going to be fucking gassed.”

      Coming to America.

      Biden, “”What more is there to wait for? What more to do you need to see? We’ve been patient, but our patience is wearing thin and your refusal has cost all of us.”

      And, “If they’ll not help, if these governors won’t help us beat the pandemic, I’ll use my power as President to get them out of the way.”

      Ending with:

      “May God protect our troops”

      *whispering* “Get vaccinated”

      Smacks podium and walks off with no questions.

      What do the now fully injected troops have to do with anything? Protecting the vaxxed from the unvaxxed, and getting the elected state leaders “out of the way.”

      Revelation 13:16-17:

      Those here who didn’t think these people were ruthless enough to go full tyrant and win. I believe them willingly to do anything to bring the free states into line: internet kill switch, EMP grid down, civil war, nukes, and inviting in the Chinese military.

    • There’s another way to look at Biden’s rant and his apparent passing on a 9/11 speech:

      They’re declaring victory and retreating:

      He can’t get anything thru congress because of his own party. Afghanistan was/is an unmitigated disaster. Inflation’s rising and the courts are making him resume “remain in Mexico”. He has a looming debt ceiling battle on the horizon. And the audits are starting to get some traction.

      All the while he and his party are looking into the dark abyss of 2022/2024 without any ability to stop election reform. Venting about vaccine mandates he can’t enforce is just acting out.

      He is the lamest of ducks and we are beholding a power vacuum which, hopefully, will be filled by the states.

      • Hopefully…

      • As much as I would love to believe these predictions, Misha, I don’t. The Left never retires and never surrenders, They simply create new lies to debate and move their godless agendas forward incrementally. Your observations are often quite astute. Your prognostications…well, let’s just say that few of them have come to pass. The last one that I can recall proving to be accurate is the 2016 election.

        Yes, eventually they will collapse, as all things rooted in nothing eventually must. But I fully expect that short of Christ’s return it will be decades, if not a century before things turn. This country (though not ourselves personally) is getting exactly what it keeps asking for. God is extremely patient, but He is not mocked.

        Remember Russia. The state of our country – indeed the state of the Orthodox Church – differs from theirs in the early 20th century in only minor details. Keep praying, stay faithful to God, and prepare for suffering.

        • Brian,

          Optimism will serve you better than pessimism in the interim year + until the midterms. In that interim, libs and maga will continue to battle it out, maga basically fighting a war to contain the libs until they can be replaced. Of course, a revolution could intervene. I don’t think we are in a 1917 situation here. Internationally, the winds are blowing to the right. This makes more sense as the libs last stand. Had they not stolen the 2020 election, they would already be done.

          • George Michalopulos says

            Brian, if I may add to Misha’s analysis, I see the entire vax-mandate imbroglio of the last 72 hours to be a direct result of the Afghanistan debacle. There is no way that Biden –who ran against vax mandates–would have done this were it not for the fact that his back is against the wall and he had to do something —anything–to get people’s minds off of Kabul.

            It was an unforced error.

            Having said that, you are correct that the Left will never retire, never give in –ever. It’s not in their nature. The reason is because they’re nihilists. They cannot create, only destroy.

            That doesn’t mean that they cannot be defeated or at the very least, avoided. I can think of things that they championed for their nefarious purposes, like government schooling or gun control. They had (or thought they had) the moral high ground for decades and eventually people started ignoring them. In the first case either through private schooling or home schooling or in the second case by just buying guns.

            Likewise their incessant yelling at their enemies by calling them “racists” is no longer working, especially when they’re reduced to calling Larry Elder or Candace Owens that (or “white supremacists”).

            We saw this in the USSR where the “proletariate” never really achieved equality, unless you can call the equal spreading of misery “equality”. George Orwell of course saw right through that in Animal Farm, wherein some animals were “more equal than others”. (I dare say we are watching this in the continued degradation of the patriarchate in Istanbul nobody believes their propaganda anymore._

            The arguments of the Left and the Globalists are thread bare. The question is: can we ride them out? We saw an example of this in Afghanistan, where guerrillas in pajamas, mean IQ of 85 (if that) were able to wait us out. As one mujahaddin said to his son: “They may have watches but we have time”.

            • “…were it not for the fact that his back is against the wall and he had to do something —anything–to get people’s minds off of Kabul.”

              This is rather obvious to me as well. As I said, they just go from one lie to next.

              As for the rest, I am not a pessimist. No Christian can be and remain a Christian. It’s just that our optimism is not rooted in whether or not events of this world go our way.

              “They may have watches but we have time”.

              Yes. And they were willing to suffer…for twenty years. Are we? If we are not prepared to share in Christ’s sufferings we will not be found worthy to share in His victory. If our hope is in events going our way (and don’t get me wrong, I do hope they do and will not cease to do whatever in within my limited power to see that they do), what will we do if/when they don’t? We are promised suffering and persecution. We are not promised that things will always go the way we hope.

              I am serious that we need to expect suffering and prepare for it.

  3. George,
    Can you give me the run down about what’s going on here?

    • George Michalopulos says

      Yeah, basically Bartholomew was looking to work the same magic in Montenegro and Macedonia that he did in the Ukraine, i.e. creating new “autocephalous” churches out of the hides of Serbia and Bulgaria, respectively.

    • Melana Pejakovich says

      This explains it somewhat.

      The NWO wants to keep Serbians and Montenegrins at each other’s throats. Add to that Djukanovic’s communist mafia who aren’t willing to tuck their tail between their legs and go, because they aren’t willing to give up power and money. But George Michalopulos is correct. The globalists also have Bartholomew in their pocket to use if all else fails.

      Think of Saint Sava’s 13th century quote:

      “At first we were confused. The East thought that we were West, while the West considered us to be East. Some of us misunderstood our place in the clash of currents, so they cried that we belong to neither side, and others that we belong exclusively to one side or the other. But I tell you, Ireneus, we are doomed by fate to be the East in the West and the West in the East, to acknowledge only heavenly Jerusalem beyond us, and here on earth—no one.”

      —St. Sava to Ireneus, 13th century

      Nothing much has changed in 900 years.

  4. Достојан!


  6. Wayne Matthew Syvinski says

    Like I needed another reason to love the Serbs – but here it is!

  7. John Sakelaris says

    I watched all of the video.

    Who were the armed guards trying to protect him from?

    Why did the guards have those coverings for the Patriarch? Were they attempts at having some protection from bullets?

    What were the crowds chanting as the Patriarch approached the church?

    • Gail Sheppard says

      I imagine the head covering was given to the guards to confuse a potential sniper.

    • Who were the armed guards trying to protect him from?

      Any Montenegrin nationalists infiltrated in the crowd.

      Why did the guards have those coverings for the Patriarch? Were they attempts at having some protection from bullets?

      Snipers potentially hidden in the countryside.

      What were the crowds chanting as the Patriarch approached the church?

      Достојан! = Axios! = Worthy!

  8. Warren Caterson says

    Got chills watching this. Axios!

  9. It is worth noting on this 9/11/2021, twenty years later, that America has failed utterly to learn the single most important lesson of 9/11 – indeed, the only real lesson to be learned:

    Islam is inherently evil and must be eradicated by any means necessary.

    Why do they hate us? Because their sick religion demands it.

    • The US government did 9/11, not cave-dwelling Muslims.

    • George Michalopulos says

      Bush lost the war right off the bat when he immediately went into a mosque and declared that “Islam is a religion of peace”, didn’t he?

      • George,

        America has yet to wage war on Islam though Islam has been waging war on us since 1979.

        The Uniparty does not take religion seriously. That is their fatal flaw. It is understandable because neither Christianity nor Islam is compatible with Liberalism, the religion of the Uniparty. They believe, much like the late Christopher Hitchens, that God is not good. At most, they hold to ceremonial deism. Not taking Christianity seriously, they cannot take Islam seriously. They mouth superficial platitudes designed by interest groups like CAIR for the political purpose of obscuring the motivation behind “terrorism”, which is Islam.

        Terrorism is a tactic, not an ideology. A terrorist is one who strikes at civilians for the purpose of terrorizing the civilian base behind a military. The people who attacked us on 9/11 (and yes, only a fool or an idiot believes the US somehow got 19 Muslim Arabs to hijack airliners and kill 3000 people) are mujahedin, what we call jihadis. They are devoted to jihad which is a tenet of Islam:

        “I will strike terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve; therefore strike off their heads and strike off every fingertip of them” – Quran 8:12

        These people are quite serious, quite dangerous and there are almost 2 billion of them, about one quarter of the human population. That’s a problem.

        I don’t think anyone in the US, Trump included, has the balls to call a spade a spade. That means that Muslims will continue to make gains in their world, in Europe and in the US for the foreseeable future. We have no hope of even beginning to fight them off until we have completely defeated the Liberals. That is how unspeakably weak and pitiful that the enfeebling ideology of Liberalism has left us.

        And that is a ponderous realization.

        • Misha “Islam has been waging war on us since 1979. ”

          Do you mean Operation Cyclone (Brzezinski/Carter/Reagan)

          • I was referring to the Iranian Hostage Crisis. Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini returned from exile in Paris after the Shah (“king”) of Iran fled the country. That was the beginning of the Islamic Revival as well as the Islamic Revolution in Iran. Iran does not call itself “Iran”. It calls itself “the Islamic Republic”. Period.

            Prior to that, Grendel slumbered. The Muslim world was checkered with Baathist quasi-socialist, Soviet aligned, secular based dictatorships. Hafez ul-Asad and Bashar ul-Asad are the family that ran/runs Baathist Syria, for example. They belong to an eclectic sect of Shii known as the Alawii. Being a minority of a minority, they favor secular government and a policy of tolerance, as opposed to the handful of feckless democrats mixed with murderous jihadis we supported to overthrow him.

            Saddam Hussein was another such Baathist. Jordan was ruled by the Husseins, a sharifi family (descended from Muhammad) in a kingdom which imposed a certain religious tolerance. Egypt had been pan-Arab under Nasser but Sadat stepped out of line in treating with Israel in 1978. Though this earned him ostracism from the Arab league, it was not until after the Islamic Revival began in Iran that Islamic Jihad in Egypt, or some such coven, succeeded in assassinating him in 1981.

            The Iranian Revolution resurrected the Beast we fought through the Middle Ages. It is true, as you allude, that we actually trained and armed the root of this poisonous tree in Afghanistan to combat the Soviets. But the government of the ayatollahs was clearly at war with us from the time the hostage crisis developed. You may recall the hijackings from that period.

        • George Michalopulos says

          Misha, your points are well-taken, especially about liberalism being the religion of the Uniparty.

          I have an intuition however that the Uniparty –while it cannot take neither Christianity nor Islam seriously–has an affinity for Islam. This is based on Freemasonry in my opinion. This affinity will grow over time. We see this for example in popular culture, where activist Democrat women who wear the hijab rise right to the top, whereas Muslim women who are conservative office-seekers and who do not wear the hijab are quietly forgotten.

          This is very subtle but I see it as well in Dem office-holders who are conspicuously Muslim (like Keith Ellison). My hunch is that Islam is viewed in socio-political terms, i.e. the religion of “brown” people, therefore inherently good as opposed to Christianity, which is the religion of Europeans (i.e. white people who are intrinsically “bad”.

          My prediction is that we will see more Muslim office-holders in America who are Democrats because the optics are good. And that they will be forgiven if they say the “wrong thing”. Look at Ilhan Omar, she stepped right up to the line and said the anti-Jewish trope of “it’s all about the Benjamins” and after a brief flurry of controversy, she’s still there. Marjorie Taylor-Greene on the other hand talked about vaccine passports being equivalent to the yellow stars that Jews wore during WWII and the poor lady had all of her committee assignments stripped from her.

          A lot of this Islamophilia began with the Nation of Islam 60 years ago, especially when Cassius Clay, Jr put off Christ and took the name Mohammed Ali. This electrified the black population and it’s been downhill ever since as far as the left side of the spectrum goes.

          Anyway, just some random thoughts about where we are, where we’re going and how we got here.

          • George,

            Yes, it is a childish, liberal reflex to hate what you know, or think you know, and love what is foreign and exotic.

    • Another take on 9/11. George Webb is a citizen journalist, and he likes to go on location, and tell his story in a rather long story mode, but he has presented some convincing evidence.
      You might find a lot of his stories interesting. He works with a lot of young volunteer journalists in training, so you need patience to follow along.
      September 11 Attacks, Neighborhood News Studio

  10. God bless the Serbs!! The last two – and now the third -Serbian Patriarchs have been and are the conscience of Orthodoxy! I am Greek but sadly cannot imagine any of our eunuch “bishops” at the Phanar show this type of courage. They might mess up their precious French cuff shirts or gold cufflinks or ruin this week’s manicure or, heaven forbid, miss their morning kafedaki.

    Constantinople is gone and it ain’t coming back. No need for an All-Holiness Ecumenical Patriarch of it. Time to make the Archbishop of Pec and Patriarch of Serbia the first among equals in Orthodoxy. Black Bart has lost that right for himself and his successors.

    Axios to the Serbian Patriarch!!