How a Nation Becomes Orthodox

Stories like this make my day. Thanks to the intrepid (and greatly appreciated) Greatly Saddened, we are pleased to inform you that the Holy Synod of the Moscow Patriarchate has created four new dioceses in Southeast Asia. The bishop for Korea is an ethnic Korean, His Eminence Archbishop Theophan Kim.

We can possibly infer from this story that the intramural sparring between Istanbul and Moscow shows no sign of letting up. At any event, with the creation of these dioceses, Moscow for its part is not accepting the Phanar’s terms of the debate, at least as regarding evangelism. For good measure, Russia is not reticent of finding qualified indigenous men and raising them to the episcopate.

What a difference that is between the two Sees.

AXIOS to Archbishop Theophan! May God grant him many years!


  1. Boris Jojic says

    What? They didn’t get Patriarch Bartholomew’s blessing? Shocking, isn’t it? Some people just don’t know their place!

    • George Michalopulos says

      Don’t be so hard on him. Word on the street is that he’s not averse to Greek festivals to fund his diocese.?

      • We had korean Orthodox students attending Veliko Tarnovo university now just gone back to Seoul. They were always asked to say our Father in korean, as me in Greek. They were amazed at the worship and loved it and explained that theirs in the greek Cathedral there mostly in greek and with harmonium.
        I have to say how korean, how respectful of KOREAN CULTURE is sakallarides and harmonium.?..Actually that not respectful of anyone with any musical nous, let alone Culture or understanding of the 2000 yr tradition of church.
        Anybody annoyed at this post go and tell the korean students not me. Their expressed opinion. They actually did say that they would approach the Russian church, they told me about a monastery there, to attend.

    • What is Bartholomew after all, according to the Rudder?

  2. Tonyr Omab says

    So the problem of multiple jurisdictions and multiple bishops and multiple churches in one place will keep getting worse, rather than better.
    This man might be worthy, but he is not indigenous – he was born in Russia and moved from a Diocese in Siberia.

    • Tonyr Omab says “… This man might be worthy, but he is not indigenous”

      You mean t say that
      it is more important to be indigenous than worthy?
      Do you imply there another person who was both indigenous and as worthy?
      Who, and how do we know?

      • Tony means that he is worthy, but not indigenous, not to put one above the other, but to state the fact that he was neither born nor raised in Korea. He was born on Sakhalin Island, raised there, converted to holy Orthodoxy there, and serves as a bishop in Siberia.

        Maybe he speaks Korean, but he did not grow up in Korea and therefore can’t be considered indigenous.

        • Ok Basil,
          Why does he have to be indigenous,
          where does that criterion come from?
          You happen to know some Canon of the Church saying this?
          I don’t.

          • George Michalopulos says

            When I said “indigenous” I meant his ancestry. He is clearly Asian.

          • Ioannis,

            Relax. Neither Tonyr or I said that he had to be indigenous. We both pointed out that the use of the term indigenous was not quite correct. No more, no less.

        • Johann Sebastian says

          He’s may not be Korean by nationality, but he certainly is of Korean ethnicity.

          And blood is thicker than water.

      • GLFarmer says

        The article says Russia is raising “qualified indigenous men” to the episcopate. Suggesting that this archbishop is indigenous to Korea when he isn’t. Perfectly proper to correct the misconception.

    • Claes vanOldenphatt says

      If you had any idea why Metr. Nikitas formerly of Hong Kong now of the Dardanelles (!) has been idled in Berkeley lo this last decade, you might rephrase that exclamation.
      If you ever met Fr. Daniel Byantoro (likely to be called Eisapostolos some day) and heard of his persecution by the same bishop you might altogether change your opinion, since Fr. Daniel and the parishes he evangelized are all now happily in ROCOR.
      If you could show a string of examples of recent growth in Asian missions led by HAH Bartholomew and thereby prove his ever-expanding claim to universal jurisdiction outside the Pentarchy of Autocephalous, we can have an argument.

      • If you listen to their fantasy speak and fantasy Festal addresses to the faithful, you know the bit the priest rushes through just before the collection that no body hears or listens to ( apart from me of course ?) than you can believe all they say. If u listen to reality? Has one heard a word from Bart about Saint Sophia becoming a mosque?

      • Markos Farinas says

        Generally they get moved to conceal sexual dalliances

  3. Joseph Lipper says


  4. Tonyr Omab: “the problem of multiple jurisdictions and multiple bishops and multiple churches in one place will keep getting worse, rather than better”

    I disagree. Russian Orthodox will promote an authentic Orthodoxy there.

    I doubt EP is capable or willing of doing that. It will just make fancy claims of jurisdiction over “barbarian lands”, taking advantage of other peoples work and spoiling it.

    • Yes the Ep is in sad situation and as a Greek, let alone orthodox believer I feel great pain. But now Bart is losing it any dignity it had

  5. Zem Tsuvertis says

    We get Koreans in Queens Greek churches. They show up for a few services then quit. You need to do a threa don this graph:

  6. Dan Contras says

    Consider the son of Reagan

  7. Joseph Lipper says

    How the Moscow Patriarchate Tramples on Church Canons and Undermines Orthodox Unity in Korea

    “One aspect of the controversy over the autocephaly of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine has been the claim that His All-Holiness the Ecumenical Patriarch’s grant of autocephaly violated ecclesiastical canons. His All-Holiness has provided the truth behind these false claims numerous times, demonstrating from history and the canons themselves that his actions were entirely in keeping with Canon Law and established practice. The article below, meanwhile, demonstrates that those who have been charging the Ecumenical Patriarchate with violating the sacred canons have shown scant respect for them regarding the Orthodox Church of Korea.”

  8. Joseph Lipper: ” controversy over the autocephaly of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine”

    We did not vanish, we exists – faithful in Pticha village: