Houston, We Have a Problem!

Actually, with a mayor who looks like this (talk about a face so sharp that it could saw wood), more of an existential threat.

Her Excellency, Annise D Parker has recently stepped in it big-time. It seems that her sweet little totalitarian heart wanted to push through an insane ordinance allowing persons of either sex to go into the restrooms of the other sex. Or the transgendered to go into the bathroom they felt more comfortable in. Or –something. It’s hard to tell any more thanks to the nihilism that has been unleashed thanks to homosexual identitarianism. I mean, I’m lost trying to navigate my way through this thicket. I imagine most normal people are.

Anyway, it was a stupid law on so many fronts. I suppose it bothered most people simply because it was absurdity on stilts. And it was stupid. It bothered me because it was totalitarian. These people simply don’t get it. They’ve strayed so far from the Lord’s (and Nature’s) way that they can’t see straight. Mind you, they’re not stupid, just evil. At this point I don’t know which is worse.

It get’s better (or worse as the case may be). Thousands of Houstonians rose up in protest at the sheer absurdity. Mayor Parker is not a bad mayor as things go –she’s been reelected twice–but even a booming town like Houston isn’t going to sit back and become a laughing-stock simply because some intellectuals have lost their grip on reality. Many pastors have risen up in protest as well. They can do that (it’s in the Constitution, you can look it up yourself if you don’t believe me) and they’ve been singularly successful in rousing their congregations to protest. This was too much for Her Neronic Majesty who directed her attorney to subpoena five of these pastors, ordering them to turn over their sermons, speeches and “other communications” to the Homintern.

Well, the proverbial s**t hit the fan. Parker was forced to dilute the original directive, striking the word “sermon.” This didn’t work either and so much obloquy has been heaped on her head that the entire project has been round-filed.

Still, the audacity of it all, the sheer lunacy is what is troubling. It’s been clear for awhile now that homosexualism, like feminism and egalitarianism, has been used as an acid to corrode civilization, but the audacity of such a move is still breathtaking. We haven’t seen such a directive on this continent since the Revolution, when representatives of King George III sent agents in to American churches in order to record the sermons of local pastors who they felt might have been inciting rebellion. Thankfully, most Americans are still familiar with the Bill of Rights, at least for now. I can’t speak to the future owever. That’s why our hostile elites have been importing ringers into our nation since 1965: in time, they’ll be able to further dilute the “mystic chords of memory” that bind a nation together. Eventually they will succeed and the young Abraham Lincoln’s prophecy will come true. America will crumble from within.

But for now, we can safely say that the good guys won a major victory.

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  1. The double agent backfire, of course, is when the Imams start to issue fatwas to kill people. Is it okay to demand the texts then? It is just a question. I don’t think the founders considered such madness.

    If I started a religion today based on any of the teachings of Islam, I’d probably end up in federal prison.

    Now, I really think the mayor was way, way out of bounds.

    • Michael Bauman says

      The only religion on the founders’ compass was some form of Christianity as long as it did not interfere with one’s civic duty.

      “A house divided against itself cannot stand”

      • Tim R Mortiss says

        “Render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s, and unto God what is God’s”.

        One can be a Christian and do one’s civic duty; that has been part of the message from the beginning.

        • Michael Bauman says

          Yes, but only up to a point. For the framers region was only to make things work better for the State. The Constitution was a massive power grab for central power. It has only gotten worse.

          • Tim R Mortiss says

            Whatever were those states thinking when they ratified it?

            How should this nation have been organized, after all? (Or- if at all…..)

            Emperor, king, tsar: “central power” good; Republic: “central power” bad?

            • Michael Bauman says

              All government tends toward corruption.

              The likely fact that the Constitution and the centralization it represents kept us a nation does not negatethe reality of what happened.

              Monarchs are supposed to rule as part of a commonly uunderstood divine economy. That too was corrupted over time.

              The Republic lasted until the commonly understood limits on government changed.

              The restrictions placed on a monarch and those on a Republican government both rely on people’s voluntary obedience to ruling principles.

              If all is in balance, I prefer monarchy because the ruling principles have life outside the human mind. When things are out of balance, I’m not sure it makes much difference.

          • Fr. Peter M. Dubinin says

            Michael: I concur it has gotten worse, but a pendulum by nature remains in constant motion. It can be argued that had the original 13 not moved to a Constitution with a much stronger central authority than the Articles of Confederation envisioned, we would have been easy pickins’ for the European powers of the time, and perhaps have been a mere ‘blip’ on history’s radar; we may in fact be nothing more than that in the end anyway…. However, one of the factors which worked to strengthen the grip of the Federal authority over the states at the expense of their autonomy was taking possession of debt from the states; much of which was incurred in the execution of the Revolution. This was Hamilton at his devious “best.” Perhaps we are too far gone to regain that which has been given up or taken by the Federal government, but I still believe our government can only take the power, authority and control we the people give it. I would hope there are ways still unexplored which can work to divest our Federal authority from its ongoing, growing control and disproportionate influence in the lives of its citizens.

          • Christopher says

            “The Constitution was a massive power grab for central power.”

            Well, this overstates it a little (perhaps only a little). Certainly most of the framers could not really have imagined what has happened. If you take the Constitution with the Bill of Rights and a “limited government mindset” as the framers intended, then it is more balanced than a “massive power grab”.

            Of course, all that is mute because Lincoln’s ware of aggression (no matter the morality of slavery) squashed the only real counter to any reading that is not a “limited government” take, and that is secession. By the time you get to the “New Deal” the jig is up. Today, the idea that Government should not be providing for your retirement, your healthcare, and indeed just about every need you have is quite foreign to the vast majority of citizens. Defining what a bathroom is a small drop in the ocean…

        • Michael Bauman says

          Not to mention the city father’s in Couer D’Alene who want a couple who are supposedly ordained Christian ministers but run a for-profit wedding chaple . The city is apparently requiring then to marry same sex couples. L

          Another consequence of the Protestants trivializing the Church and consumerizing the faith. No leg to stand on.

          • Tim R. Mortiss says

            One of the ironies of Monomakhos is that so many who post admire the autocracies of the Orthodox “old countries”, finding these to be “most compatable” with Orthodoxy, while abominating the centralization of power in the US. They yearn for an era of a decentralized Republic– yet then pronounce a Republic in turn to be incompatable with Orthodoxy!

            And yet when large numbers of Orthodox came here, they didn’t look around, pack up, and leave! Perhaps they didn’t understand……

            It is disconcerting (even amusing in a sad way) to watch those of both the “left” and the “right” (and we’d have to put monarchists on the right….) so bitterly deprecate their own nation so regularly.

            There’s considerably more than an echo of the 1930s: democracy has failed, it has produced weakness and chaos and undermined true values; the future belongs to stronger and purer regimes….we know how that went.

  2. Michael Kinsey says

    Legally, the only criminals in Sodom, were Lot. for interfering with their gay,(offering his daughters )agenda, and the Angels who refused to co-operate with the gay agenda, outright. This carnal mentality has no limits it will impose on itself.. It is an obsession which devours their humanity, and works openly in gay monks and priests, God forbid.Perhaps, again, professing Christianity should restrain this spiritual malady to the laity, where only those seeking healing may be tolerated..People who follow the Vision, do not suffer this spiritual affliction, as they have centered their lives in the Grace of God. Those who serve God alone,, live by His Word, and not bread alone,, and , thus not having entered into the great whore by self service,. We are not led into temptation, and do not suffer this dire affliction. We remain male and female, quite natural as God made us. We experience no temptation to eat cardboard and sand sandwiches, even if were hungry. We turn up are noses at such unappetizing fare, Thus it is the same with natural mankind. concerning this rapid obsession.

  3. Michael Kinsey says

    St John Chrysostom wrote. They are punished by God, for their act of self indulgence influenced by demons, their self service. Their punishment is that they like it, homosexuality. Natural man finds it repulsive. This is cause and effect, a wage of sin.
    I say there is no way to reconcile the two opposing appetites. I just don’t believe the Holy God will enact His Holy sacrament through the vessels of prurience, You cheat God and yourselves, if you give gay cleric’s God’s tithe. They cannot perform the Holy functions. Good tree , good fruit, evil tree, evil fruit.s, this natural way of things has not changed.

  4. Michael Kinsey says

    All Christianity is instructed by Jesus Christ in St John’s revelation to come out of the great whore so these disciples do not partake of her plagues. This is direct clear absolute authentic authority, unquestionable.The only way to come out of the great whore is to serve God alone. It is this simple.. Choose, self service too, along with serving God and you will absolutely experience the plagues the Christ waned us about. There isn’t anyone alive who can prove this directive wrong. You can dislike it all you want to, but you will not escape the consequences of self service.. Of course, I include myself.

  5. Steve Knowlton says

    I wonder how muslims feel about mixed sex bathrooms?

    It’s not hard to imagine that in 10 years we will simply solve ALL problems related to bathrooms and sex identity by just declaring all bathrooms “individual.” One person at a time. That would cut the legs out from under a lot of fruitless arguing sex identity, religion, etc.

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  7. Michael Kinsey says

    I have claimed that the responses of the Christ are the Vision, the Lord gave to His Church. I add this clarification to the importance the Christ stressed to paying attention to it and wake up.
    The Lord’s Prayer address each relationship in sequence. Our Father, who art in Heaven, hallowed be they Name, they kingdom come, they Will be done, on earth as it is in Heaven. This addresses the relationship of man to man, as the Way of Peace begins with man to his fellow man, which maintained in harmony , if man DOES the first part of the Prayer.Give us, this day our daily bread, and forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors. This addresses mankind’s physical/ /spiritual duo nature. This employs a sense of the sacred, which contains fair play, belief in divine justice, and the ability to respond to the divine unhindered, by the steadfast practice of honesty. Behold an Israelite, indeed, in whom there is no guile.. These spiritual qualities are derived from living by His Word.. Our Father does not ignore our human needs and shows us where proper regard is placed in His Vision.
    And lead us not into temptation addresses God to man, but deliver us from evil, (the dragon). If we obey the first part of the prayer, and we ask, in prayer, we are freed of the dragon’s power, and it’s life destroying effects.. For Thine is the Kingdom, the Power and the Glory, forever , Amen. We bring forth fruit of the Holy Spirit, 30, 60, 100, fold. Each number indicated a life giving spiritual relationship, If these are desolated by disobedience to the Vision , the great whore, beast and dragon desolate all spiritual life, This is abomination of desolation. No one will match this wisdom with a different explanation of what abomination of desolation is. I continue to push this, because it champions the Command of God, Life Eternal. Your congregation will do well, once understand in what abomination of desolation is. Most of professing Christianity does have a clue. Please don’t leave them in the dark.