Honey, I Started a Race War!

shrunk-kidsAnd so this is how America: the Propositional NationTM ends.

The idea that our Founding Fathers were liberals who believed in abstract principles about the genuine goodness of all men was never one based on reality. It was foisted upon us by Progressives in the early-to-mid twentieth century, many of whom did not like the Founding Fathers in the first place. In any event, it became the catechism which was force-fed down the throats of generations of children undergoing mandatory government schooling.

Still, it worked well enough to brainwash millions of Americans to send their sons to fight in foreign lands for the sake of “democracy.” Lincoln first (tepidly) trotted out a variation of this theme when it was clear that Northerners weren’t signing up in large enough numbers to maintain the tariffs which an independent South would undercut. It more or less worked but once the South was subjugated and the horrors of Reconstruction became apparent to all concerned, it was quietly forgotten.

It took Thomas Woodrow Wilson, a real Progressive (Lincoln was a realist and Unionist, nothing more) to dust it off in order to destroy Christian civilization. The Rev Francis Bellamy codified the veneration of Democracy in “The Pledge of Allegiance,” the Nicene Creed of the new liberal order. And like Orthodox Christians who cross themselves while reciting it, so too did millions of young children extend their right arm in the Roman salute when reciting the words of the new creed.

It’s fascinating when you think about it, all those foreign cities that have been bombed by the U.S. simply because they had forms of government different than ours. And now our wonderful President is in Warsaw flexing his muscles because the Neocons are upset that Vlad the Bad won’t get with the liberal program. Like the French and the British before World War II, we’ll fight the Russians to the last Pole.

In the meantime, our once-great cities are being destroyed. And all because the real racists –Progressives–have unwittingly accomplished what they wanted to do so many decades ago.

Make no mistake, the ideas that animated Progressivism were never meant to be applied to black people. Outside of a “talented tenth” of African-Americans, Wilson, Theodore Roosevelt, Clarence Darrow and countless other intellectuals didn’t feel that non-whites had the capacity to live in a civilized manner. They believed that their prophet, Charles Darwin had proved that with his famous theory. For good measure, Margaret Sanger and other eugenicists were brought in to make sure that there would be “more children from the fit, less from the unfit.”

To be sure, modern liberals are not animated by the same contempt for blacks, they truly aren’t. But in their heart of hearts, they still believe that non-whites are incapable of caring for themselves, hence the need for all those Federal programs. If you ever wondered what was behind The Great Society, now you know. They probably didn’t suspect that the narcotic of government aid would work as insidiously as it did but it’s not like they weren’t warned. Daniel Patrick Moyninhan certainly did his dead level best to do so back in 1964 first when only 26 percent of all black babies were born out of wedlock. In retrospect, that was a golden age.

Government dependence is a nefarious thing to be sure but it is not without some utility. When it became obvious that Southern whites were not always going to be on board with the grand New Deal coalition, the program of bread and circuses would guarantee the Party of Jefferson and Jackson a monolithic voting bloc once the Dixiecrats left. It couldn’t work forever but it could work long enough until another dependent demographic group could be brought in to augment the decreasing percentage of black people in the population. So if you’ve ever wondered why the Democrats want to flood the zone with millions of people from the Third World, now you know.

This of course will present enormous problems down the road, especially when it becomes apparent to black people that their share of the Federal pie will continue to shrink thanks to these new “Americans.” (I love it: Omar Mateen and Nidal Hassan are “Americans.” How ironic is that?) But that’s a race war for another day. In the meantime, it’s vitally important that the Democrats drag Mdme Clinton over the finish line by whatever means necessary.

So now we have Detroit. And Ferguson. And now Dallas, where a hate-filled veteran of Afghanistan (another “fellow American”?) killed five policemen in cold blood and wounded seven more. Witnesses said that in the immediate aftermath, passersby taunted and mocked the other police who were there –there to protect the Black Lives Matter protesters in the first place lest it be forgotten.

Since then policemen have been fired upon in Tennessee, Georgia and Missouri. 2016 is on the road to becoming the deadliest year for policemen in a long time. The Thin Blue Line that protects civilization is fraying and it will snap first in those cities with large minority populations. This is what is meant by “the Ferguson Effect.”

Only it will get worse as fewer good men –of all races–will want to get into policing from now on. This means that police work will become the province of thugs and losers. We are seeing this in fact with the Army which has been infiltrated by thousands of gang members. Not good, folk; not good.

Make no mistake: Micah X Johnson’s shooting rampage was well-planned. I’m going to come right out and say it: there is an unspoken understanding, a coordination if you will, between elements in the Obama regime and disgruntled minorities. Think of pre-Revolutionary Russia, with its many anarchist cells, all waiting to go into action at the first hint of provocation.

The provocation in this instance was what happened on Capitol Hill last Thursday. It was truly an awful day for Candidate Clinton. James Comey proved that she committed perjury before Congress. The polls were tightening. At this point the only way that she can win is to gin up the Democrat base. And so, all of a sudden, Black Lives Matter went into action and called for a massive protest in Dallas, the city where Johnson just happened to reside, a city in which there had been no “unarmed black man” killed by the police and where in fact, relations between the police and African-Americans was quite good. Heck, even the Chief of Police is a black.

There’s no doubt our President-in-waiting saw the internal polls and realized what she had to do. Unfortunately for her she walked into another of Trump’s now-famous traps and doubled down on the Alinskyite narrative; according to this evil doctrine, the white majority must be demonized because of what happened in Dallas. Of course it doesn’t make sense but this is politics and African-Americans must be made to feel threatened. That she will lose even more whites is a small price that must be paid. She really has no choice.

Never has it been more obvious that the Democratic coalition is so tenuous. Whereas her husband would have come out in a full-throated defense of the police a la Sister Souljah she has to retreat to the base, demonize the “other,” and hope for the best.

And so we can expect more of these crises. We can expect the Obama regime to try and nationalize the police force and we can expect more crackdowns on free speech. And all because the black base of the Democratic Party must be kept as monolithic as possible.

It’s going to be long, hot summer.

On the bright side, the massive spike in gun and ammo sales may help keep us out of recession!


  1. Terry Myles says

    A very consistent and interesting commentary. When is the complete novel available on Amazon?

  2. Michael Kinsey says

    Heaven help us. It’s the only Power that can.

  3. Gail Sheppard says

    RE: “And so we can expect more of these crises. We can expect the Obama regime to try and nationalize the police force and we can expect more crackdowns on free speech. And all because the black base of the Democratic Party must be kept as monolithic as possible.”

    You almost have to have been born in the 50s to see how absolutely insane everything is; unprecedented lunacy. I know I’ve spoken on this blog about my lovely daughter, Jessica, who is now 24. That this world is “normal,” for her, is horrifying and makes me realize how imperative it is that I remain as present in her life as possible. I give more thought to her well-being now than when she was a toddler, because then I could control her surroundings. I can’t do that anymore. All I can do is be as watchful as possible and pray. – Her entire generation is like a crab in a pot where the water is being turned up.

  4. I think you have the reference garbled, George. The saying was about the Germans in WWI: it was said that the Prussians (i.e. the general staff) were determined to fight and die to defeat the French and Germans — down to the last Bavarian (who were disproportionately the footsoldiers.)

    An American analogy would be that the neoconservatives/neoliberals in the DC are determined to use military force to impose their views on the world — willing to fight and die down to the last Alabaman

    • George Michalopulos says

      Even truer. My hunch however is that once it becomes obvious to Americans that Putin means business and Ukraine and Poland start bleeding big-time then we’ll look at the bloodshed of the Europeans and call it a day.

      Your analogy regarding the lost blood and treasure of Red-staters I think only applies to piss-ant enemies like Iraq and Afghanistan. Putin is a whole other ball of wax.

      Still, given the atavistic hatred Neocons and Yankee Brahmans have for Russia and Orthodox Christianity, I wouldn’t put anything past them.

      • Bishop Tikhon (Fitzgerald) says

        George, this is a calumny: “And like Orthodox Christians who cross themselves while reciting it, so too did millions of young children extend their right arm in the Roman salute when reciting the words of the new creed.’

        No, George, When we came to the words (I pledge allegiance) “TO THE FLAG”, we took our right hand off our chest and extended it PALMS UP towards the flag hanging on the wall. That is not a Roman or fascist salute. Of course that was under President Roosevelt…God bless him!

      • Terry Myles says

        In New England it is spelled Brahmin, as in the Bush family try to pass for Brahmins.

      • Peter Millman says

        Greetings George,
        With all due respect, the Neocons and the Yankee Brahmins don’t give a flying fig about Orthodox Christianity. Most of them have probably never heard of it.

        • George Michalopulos says

          I used to think along the same lines as you, but I can assure you that Orthodoxy is quite hated in many segments of our decision-making populace. For one thing, the Yankees who set up the various American Universities in the Middle East were quite contemptuous of all forms of high-church Christian sects.

    • St. John Chrysostom was right. says

      Israel is prepared to fight anyone who opposes “God’s Chosen People ™” to the last American. Never forget, Communism, Financier Capitalism, progressivism, feminism, and all the other ills of this modern era are “7 degrees of Kevin Bacon” away from a Jew.

    Until you understand how the ruling elite actually rules, you will always be confused, which by the way is also their aim. Why are they always one step ahead?
    You never learn this in schools.
    Liberal Progressivism was and is always a smokescreen to achieve their aims. They always knew the masses would debate the issues set before them, never realizing it was a cover for other goals.


    • George Michalopulos says

      How quickly people have forgotten that Churchill was completely aware of what was going on and how he fought it tooth and nail. How ironic that National Socialism was created in Germany both as a bulwark against Bolshevism and as a diversion for Churchill’s prodigious energies.

  6. Peter A. Papoutsis says

    100% accurate. That is the unfortunate part.


    • Peter Millman says

      Greetings “Big Pete,”
      Is it true that you have been translating the Septuagint Bible into English? If so, that is very impressive. All the best to you.

      • Peter A. Papoutsis says

        Yes it’s true. It is very KJV/RSV with the these and thus which annoys some, but not others. I just finished 4th Kingdoms, and am on Ch.2 of Paralipomenon. Slow going, but very enjoyable. I offer my flawed efforts to God to use as he sees fit. Thank you.


        • George Michalopulos says

          Peter, I recommend Fr Pat’s book on Chronicles (if you already haven’t gotten it). The insights (as always) are fascinating. Fr Patrick: you delve deep. Keep up the good work!

          • Peter A. Papoutsis says

            I am slowly getting Fr. Patrick ‘s works. I concur in your assessment of Fr. Pat’s work. His recent work “Reclaiming the Atonement” is wonderful and I highly recommend it.


            • Fr. Hans Jacobse says

              Peter, the priests (the smart ones anyway) do this: When Fr. Pat speaks, we listen.

              • Gail Sheppard says

                Even I’m addicted to his “ponderings!”

                • Peter A. Papoutsis says

                  Me too. I get alets on my phone when I get them in my email and go right to them, and Touchstone is awsome as well.

      • Peter A. Papoutsis says

        Oh btw my nickname “Big Pete” I received in my many years studying and practicing Okinawan Uechi-Ryu Karate-do. Although I have no problem with you or anyone using my nickname, as nicknames were something we all received in my dojo, outside of a karate setting it seems weird.

        I forget I have a whole other life in karate very well documented on the Internet for everyone to see. The best part of doing karate was not the training or tournament competition, but having my daughter at the ripe old age of 7 next to me in the dojo, and training her in doing her first Sanchin strike. May not mean much to you, but my buds in class told me I had a smile on my face the whole time.

        Those are the everyday miracles that we should always be mindful of.



        • Peter Millman says

          Hi Peter,
          I too am a black belt in Uechi-Ryu. My sensei was the late Jack Summers 10th dan. Perhaps, you have heard of him. With your kind indulgence, I would like to ask you what your current rank is. I know that at one time you were a third dan. I would imagine that you are probably an eighth dan by now. By the way, Sensei Summers was an excellent practitioner of jiu jitsu as well. All the best to you brother.
          By the way, I enjoy your posts on this website. Also, my nickname was Petey.

          • Peter A. Papoutsis says

            Yeah I know of Sensei Summers. Did he attend George Mattson’s camps up at Buzzard’s Bay? If so I definitely bumped into him and took some seminars with him. I still remember him being in my Red Uechi-Ryu book.

            As for rank I am still a sandan. Kids and work tend to keep you in one rank, but also allows you to perfect the skills you have acquired.

            Get my contact info from George and we will communicate about all thing Uechi-Ryu privately.

            See ya Petey.

  7. Michael Bauman says

    My wife’s oldest son just summed it up: “Does it bother you that whenever political corruption is caught something happens to direct our corruption elsewhere.”

    He is an army MP in Alaska with little formal education but much practical experience and skill as an investigator.

    • That was my immediate reaction. The timing was perfect. Hill got slammed and the same day Dallas. Anything to take the focus off what was going on. And of course, HRC blamed it all on white folk.

      • George Michalopulos says

        I’m only 57 and always did the Pledge with my right arm across my chest as well. However, in the period before WWII, the “Bellamy Salute” was used in many schools for the Pledge. The Bellamy Salute is/was identical to the Roman salute (which the Nazis appropriated for their Sieg Heil! salutation.

        The Bellamy Salute was dropped in the immediate pre-War period.

    • Bishop Tikhon (Fitzgerald) says

      Michael Baumann’s wife’s oldest son should try to get in the OSI which does all the Air Force investigating! (except traffic, of course!)

      • Michael Bauman says

        Unfortunately he is fed up with government and the pusillanimous recruits he gets to train and looking to retire. Plus his wife is severely ill with cancer.

        On a minor note you still persist in adding an extra N to my last name. Hasn’t been there in over 150 years.

    • Bishop Tikhon (Fitzgerald) says

      George, that may have been Texas lore—in Michigan we took our hands from our hearts and extended them PALMS UP toward the flag at the words, “to the flag.”
      We did it that way throughout WWII.

      The Germans did, indeed, extend their hands palms down for Heil Hitler (Save or Hail Hitler) and other “Heils.”

  8. M. Stankovich says

    Helter Skelter for the rest of us.

  9. Too bad you’re right, Thanks for sticking your neck out on the chopping block.

  10. You’re almost there, George. https://youtu.be/U2RVIi6M7oM

    • Molyneux has a lot of good content, despite his atheism. The recent interview with Diamond and Silk was great.

      • George Michalopulos says

        Molyneux’s a smart cookie. He’s a very clear thinker and asks very direct questions. I like that.

        • Race War Troubadour says

          Any Orthodox Christian who thinks Stefan Molyneux or Jared Taylor have anything meaningful or true to say about the human person should probably just walk over to their icon corner, spit on all of them in the face, pull them off the wall and toss them in the trash. Because all their intercession ain’t gonna help you.

          • George Michalopulos says

            I dunno about that. Molyneaux has some really good youtubes up about Aristotle, the inherent goodness of Christian civilization, the dangers of open immigration, etc. Yes, he’s an atheist but I respect honest atheists.

            BTW, he believes in evolution. As a good liberal, I’m sure you believe in evolution as well.

            As for Jared Taylor, he’s no different than Judge Gonzalo Coriel. Or Louis Farrakhan. Or the chief Sephardic Rabbi of Israel. I’ll take your criticism seriously when you condemn Black Lives Matter, La Raza and the Haredim.

            • Race War Troubadour says

              Your comparison of Jared Taylor to Louis Farrakhan is a good one. Both are busy spreading filth from the father of lies! The difference is I quite easily condemn both. You in contrast, would happily condemn Farrakhan but a little googling shows you have even published Jared Taylor on this blog.

              You try to smear me as a liberal because I object to white supremacy? I don’t want sodomy in my Church, but I also don’t want robes other than vestments.

              • George Michalopulos says

                Actually, you’re right: Jared Taylor is a mere separatist and bears no animus to non-whites, whereas Farrakhan actually believes that white people really are devils.

                I’m not a separatist but like Taylor, I too believe that Christendom found its greatest successes on the European continent.

          • @Race War

            Yawn. The “race card” is played out. Everyone sees through it and nobody is scared of the “racism” scare word anymore. The observation of cultural incompatibility is not racist, and after the West’s many failures to change the Middle East, it is indeed self-evident.

            Of course, my only spiritual concern is the Race of Christians who are born of the Holy Spirit and whi have the Blood of Christ in their veins. But we also have to live in the world, and there are policies which promote tranquility and those that do not. The proof is in the pudding; what we are doing today does not.

            • George Michalopulos says

              Ages: an excellent summation. In Christ there is neither Jew nor Greek… As for Israel, the Church is the Israel of God.

              As long as we live in this world, and as long as we are cognizant of the two truths written above, there is no reason that we can’t recognize national and ethnic differences as part of God’s plan. If only for the sake of peace and tranquility.

              For example, I fully realize that Israel is not a Kumbaya nirvana, however I’m not going to expend blood and treasure to marginalize or militate against it. Nor will I advocate for the spending of tax dollars so that more Bushmen and pygmies be trained so they can have an equal shot at playing in the NBA.

            • If you aren’t scared of being labeled a racist, you clearly need to get out more.

            • M. Stankovich says


              The “race card” has been “played out, ” you say? I would have agreed with you, but in 2002. That was when Malcom Gladwell published, in my estimation, one of the truly most idiotic “fantasy-posing-as-scholarship” volumes of our time, The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference. Gladwell defends “intuition” in critical decision-making, apparently having never heard of the “race card,” racism, racial profiling, or the things white people do with the deadly combination of authority & guns [And lest anyone take offense at my comments, I note that I spent nearly 10-years under the direct protection of law-enforcement professionals – for which they will always have my utmost respect & gratitude – but my replacement knee joint, memory deficits & need for medications to prevent seizures is evidence that the urge to protect was reciprocal].

              Gladwell employs the case of Amadou Diallo, a benign 23-year old immigrant from Guiana, who just happened to be Black and in the area of a “Street Crimes” unit of four White NYPD detectives who fashioned themselves plain-clothed “bad-asses” with a high arrest rate; they were on the street with nothing more than a search for a “young, thin Black man who was a suspect in 29 rape cases.” There you have it. Diallo fit the bill. As Gladwell details the timeline: the elite unit is notified of Diallo’s presence [they are blocks away], and as they roll up in an unmarked car, start yelling at Diallo to put his hands up (he is standing at the top of a short, concrete landing attempting to unlock his front door, and probably would have better understood had the message been delivered in French); someone yells “Gun!” and simultaneously, one of the officers falls from the landing near Diallo [it was later determined he simply lost his balance]; officers fired 41 shots, 13 of which struck and killed Diallo at the scene. In his hand was not a gun, but his wallet. Time elapsed, from the arrival of the unmarked police vehicle to the 41 shots: 7 seconds. SEVEN SECONDS, start to finish. Do I even have to ask if a single cop was convicted of anything?

              In my mind, Ages, there is a hellhound-on-my-trail ton of conspiracy theories about White cops shooting Black suspects, but why are we not seeing “rogue” Black cops as the primary shooters of White suspects? Are they “trigger shy” (which should then be reflected proportionally in Black officers shot/killed in the line of duty); less “impulsive/ “intuitive” or easily threatened (which could then be reflected in the number of “officer involved shootings” e.g. better “outcomes/ resolutions” than firing their weapon, despite it having been drawn); OR unlike their White colleagues and counterparts, they (legitimately) fear that juries would not justify the same use of force utilized by a Black officer as they did by a White officer. You made the claim that “nobody is scared of the “racism” scare word anymore,” Ages, so I hold you responsible for proving it.

              Personally, Ages, I believe the “race card” has only begun to be played anew. The fact that the shooter in Dallas had devoted such a significant amount of planning into his effort, suggests that the “global media stage” is every bit as important as the message. I can’t tell you much about the workings of the ACLU, but I certainly have a laminated cheat-sheet about what to do, and what not to do if you are stopped by the police under both front visors of my & my wife’s car. As near as I can tell, the 1st Amendment guarantees your fundamental right to instruct a police officer who has made a traffic stop that, “The observation of cultural incompatibility is not racist.” You would, however, be a dumbass to say anything beyond what is asked of you, and make it home. For you, it’s a “talk thing,” I can tell. Me? It’s all hair.

          • George Michalopulos says

            Take a look at who just came out in favor of segregation: http://www.breitbart.com/texas/2016/07/11/houston-official-calls-form-segregation-blacks-can-police-black-communities/

            Jared Taylor will be accepting your apology any moment now.

  11. Anonymous says

    So much baloney I need a side of mayo.

  12. Michael Kinsey says

    It is a spiritual duty to inform the baptized children of Orthodoxy than they render unto Ceasar things that are Ceasar’s. The Christian heart with a conscience is not Ceasar’s, it is God’s. The Holy God requires us to insure Christian children are not raised to be cannon fodder for the beast. I went to Federal Prison refusing to kill helplessly trapped peasants. They were stuck between to totalitarian systems, 2 snakes, and made to choose which side they were on, the Cobra or the rattlesnake. Knowing both were intent on biting them.
    Christian children need to be taught they are not serving God, when they fight for totalitarian imperialism. I am sure the Holy God can help them find something else that is better to do. Such as Serve God alone, and Live by His Word. If the OCA doesn’t t teach this, it is delivering up their children unto death, possibly physical, and most certainly spiritual. I was not just a hippy, when I was 20 years old. We will all face Perfect Justice from Our Holy Lord, none will escape.

  13. Michael Kinsey says

    It is extremely doubtful, that either nominee has any reat ability to cope with the present real threat to humanity. The NWO fears global warming. It appears that their fears are not unfounded. The planetary co2 emissions are pin drop compared to the release of global methane frozen deposits in land and water. The melting permafrost in Alaska and Russia and the Arctic have gigas of tons of methane. The is indeed enough to warm the globe enough to release ocean methane deposits. It appears the Permian extinction is cyclical. Life in man can never be in Peace and brotherhood as long as abortion continues to be practiced. The Holy God must know, they will not repent. The Lord God of Host is DOING SOMETHING ABOUT IT.
    The ram and he-goat wars are near completed. Masonic Saddam( he-goat) attacked Iran The he-goat USA, plus allies attacked Iraq after Saddam was dead. The USA attacked Afghanistan and Syria. All portions of Media/Persia have suffer war. This fulfills the description of the beginning of the end spoken by the Archangel Gabriel. The end is not yet, but it is next.The anti-christ and his mark must appear before the bowls of God’s wrath are sent upon the earth in rapid succession.

  14. Michael Kinsey says

    ABRUPT CLIMATE CHANGE. We will be hearing this term quite frequently for t nukeshe rest of our live. They also have a solution to stop the global methane gas releasing all over the Northern Hemisphere. Darkening the sun, and not allowing the moon to give it’s light. Some scientists have proposed to cause a new ice age to cool the earth and stop the methane from thawing. This is not a joke. The 1% ers would set off the Yellowstone caldera with nukes to create a global ash cloud to shade the earth from the sun and take there chances with a new ice age. This would also solve their overpopulation problem. Hiding in caves and such. Check it out. This is a game changer, extinction, a genuine inescapable threat. Guess the Holy God decided He will not tolerate the murder of another billion innocent children. Life is intolerable having to live with murders day in and day out. Glory be to God for all thing. Justice again reigns on earth.