Hitler Finds Out Obamacare Will Not Let Him Keep His Doctor


Deutschland, Deutschland über alles,
Über alles in der Welt,
Wenn es stets zu Schutz und Trutze
Brüderlich zusammenhält.
Von der Maas bis an die Memel,
Von der Etsch bis an den Belt,
Deutschland, Deutschland über alles,
Über alles in der Welt!

Seriously now, I hope everyone had a blessed and happy Thanksgiving. I’m grateful for the gift of humor and that I can still enjoy it. I Hope you all will enjoy this as well!


  1. cynthia curran says

    Happy Thanksgiving

  2. Daniel E Fall says

    Thanks George and Happy Thanksgiving to all..

  3. 4 a strong country, healthcare 2 all says

    Happy nativity fast to you all!

    • Yes, very funny! Thanks for this.
      Poor Hitler, and more realistically, poor us!
      The more people that disbelieve Obama,
      and laugh at him and at all his lies, his old lies and and new ones,
      the better. Perhaps among his former glassy eyed air-headed drooling supporters and worshipers, some may vote against him and his Demo lackys. Let’s pray so.
      May the Good Lord, bless him, and REMOVE him!…and that right soon.
      I predict that his days are numbered.
      The sweet phrase, IMPEACH OBAMA! rings in my heart and in my ears,.
      We need to also throw out of political office, all Democrats, at every level of government in this land, and also all Republicans who are in league with them, and against us, the common people of this country.
      Rd. Daniel Everiss

      • Daniel E Fall says

        You see, this kind of rhetoric is why the Republican party continues to eat its own moderates. People take the Hitler comedy seriously and suggest Democrats are against the country to the point of making the Hitler movie parody as if factual.

        The ideology may not agree with yours, but to suggest that means they are against the country is, quite frankly, nuts.

        I’m trying very hard to not modify George’s fun into anything as serious, but let me ask you one thing Mr. Everiss.

        If the government is borrowing 35% of its funds and printing 8% of its funds, or sourcing 43% of its funds through borrowing and driving inflation and the expenses on the debt are 5% of outlays, do you believe we ought to cut 43% of the budget to balance it? Or more like 50% to reduce the debt as well? If one party believes revenues are not part of a solution; how can that party be taken the least bit seriously and how can anyone believe that party is for the country. Or, equivalently, if one party believes no expenses ought be reduced? Except for the oil company subsidies….

        The partisanship you display is poison to our nation. The sooner you and the rest of the wings of the parties realize it; the sooner we’ll have a better republic.

        The thing to remember is; Rush, Bill, Glenn, Ed, Stephanie only make a buck on the poles.

        Myself and a number of people I know were all ready to vote for McCain…yes, liberals even, independents, etc. He was a respected statesman and although a little lacking in the charm department; he seemed well worthy to be President. And the common thread of when we all went away from him was when he showed poor judgement picking Palin to satisfy the right side of the party. I guarantee you if McCain had picked Olympia Snow; he’d be President; barring Ms. Snow having some skeleton I don’t know about. So why on earth did McCain pick her? Someone convinced him he needed a woman and a woman from the edges of the spectrum. How well did that work?

        And you use adjectives and name calling to describe Obama voters as follows:

        glassy eyed
        air headed
        worshipper of a man

        And this is acceptable how?

        Healthcare was broken long before Obama tried to fix it. A complete and utter failure was at least an attempt. A total failure beats no effort, but you don’t seem to understand that either.

        • George Michalopulos says

          Well, at least the GOP is finally catching up to the Democrats, who ate their moderates back in 1968.

          • Michael Bauman says

            I equate “moderates” with being lukewarm without conviction of faith or even politics. They don’t have any flavor. Why would anyone want to eat them. Actually the Republican party is full of modested who seek the warmth only of their own temporary power.

  4. Well, Daniel E. Fall:
    First of all, this Hitler parody, is just plain funny, yet the words put into Hitler’s mouth, are indeed some of the rotten truths about it,( for us all,) and thanks to George for sharing it, and it does not reveal any new truth to me, that is not already apparent about the hopeless mess, that Obamas’ health care plan is all about.
    But yes, ‘many a truth has been told in jest’.
    Secondly, YES, absolutely!.. our current American health care delivery system is totally inadequate/unavailable for millions of us in this land.[where I disagree with rich man, Rush, who is correct on many political issues, but not 100% correct, when he speaks on this central issue], It DOES need some sort of massive overhauling, and at many levels, including for this country to produce many more doctors than we have now, but not a Marxist solution as is B. Obamas’ command-economy dictatorial Marxism, which has never worked anywhere, and it will not work here. Such principals of his and his leftist democrat party’s leadership, are ruining American businesses and thus, killing jobs, and driving this whole nation into poverty. -which is the Marxist record anywhere on earth. [see, Soviet Russia].
    And from the mouths of many doctors themselves: The number one problem in this country today, is that many many Americans CANNOT PAY FOR HEALTH CARE, anymore.
    BUT, Obamas’ plan simply is counter productive to solving the real problems. IT like himself, simply does not work. His health care plan, [whose real motive, is a power grab by the president] makes things much worse for virtually everyone.
    So, the kindest thing to say about that miserable man: He is utterly incompetent to be our president, and he needs to go, the sooner the better. He can’t even get all his lies straight anymore.
    He is bring this country down, at home and abroad.
    If that is a ‘divisive’ statement, what about the facts, that that IS EXACTLY what he is doing?
    I do not trust or believe in either of our two political parties, neither of them care a rat’s rear end about what we the people either want or need, They see themselves as our masters, bolstered by the regime-mouthpieces, news media., nothing anymore,. but propaganda purveyors for those in power.
    If one is a sincere Christian, and also a sincere American patriot, and living in this country, the so-called, ‘Tea Party’ movement speaks for us. Neither of the two established corrupt parties does.
    And, sorry for you, that you feel that to believe in and to adulate over that pathetic man in the White House,
    delineates you, as an intelligent, fair, unbiased, person.
    If you still believe in him, you just do not care about about yourself, your children’s futures, your neighbors, or this country, and you have not bothered to seek out the truthful information sources (some of which, you have named here).
    I can forgive those who voted for him in his first term, as all they (we all) were allowed to know about him, was from his massive fraudulent cover-up & smeer campaign.
    Back then, all that we knew about anything, was from the main news networks. BUT, they lie to us, they give only their leftist-progressive slanted versions of any and all news.
    But now, we have many sources to know a lot more about that man: his formative belief system (hate America & destroy our free enterprise -Capitalist economic system, and adore Marxism and being pro-Islamicist),
    Anyway, Sir, you can only state what you do here, if you are detached from reality, if you are the proverbial ostrich. If you think that all is well with this man, then you need to get informed and wake up.
    PLUS ,we now can behold his rotten decisions as President. He now has a proven record, which prove what he believes in,,,and/or that he is a complete IDIOT.
    It is time to get alarmed, and to demand that our government be fully responsible to us the people.
    This is a time for war, not ‘peace’ (at any price).
    Jesus said:
    “I come to bring a sword”.
    Sincere Christians, will reject Obama and his leftist anti-American demo party, and also all republicans who go along with them.
    THROW THE BUMS OUT!..before they totally destroy this country and all of our lives and fortunes.
    AMEN and AMEN!
    And sorry if my and many millions of other American’s convictions and truth-seeking, disturb your comfortable nest, the ‘ignorance is bliss’ crowd?, where, it seems you are ever eager to proclaim,
    “A good time was had by all!”.
    Rd. Daniel Everiss

  5. Al Jizzara says

    Hitler’s doctor shot him up with Meth in the morning to keep him going and downers at night for sleep. Hitler was already on the verge of being a psychopathic, schizoid and the drugs pushed right over the edge. WW II was being waged by a drug addict!

  6. Michael Kinsey says

    What is refreshing is the sober recognition by people of genuine faith and good will towards men, who can see this diabolical chimp for what he is. He is of the beast and leads all he can into perdition. What is sad is most people are deceived by him, and voted for him, twice. Those people, spoken in the manner R.E Lee used the term, referring to the North, will not find this little video funny. I have a Christian mind, and soul, as do most who read and write in this most aptly named site. Perfect, Holiness will win in the end, ending suffering and death, and we can still laugh with others who are brethren of the Victorious Lord Jesus Christ.. We live in the most interesting of times, the end time. How anyone could find Obama appealing is a proof, that we live brave new world, where conditioning controls the masses, not commonsense, or Truth.

  7. Thank you George. I just love these! On just about any topic, and there must be 15 of them subtitling this clip if there’s a one! This one is particularly well done, and the parodies of what is coming … well we can laugh lest we weep.

  8. But Blair does not deliver on his promise. We do not get any insights into the momentous decisions he was involved in, be it Princess Dianas funeral, the Northern Ireland peace agreement, the Kosovo war, the war in Afghanistan, or, most important of all, the decision to go to war in Iraq. What he offers in each of these issues is a Blairean justification and analysis, which is a good read but does not add to anyones understanding neither of the issues, nor even of Blairs mind.