Here Comes Hannukah

In honor of Hannakah, please enjoy this delightful carol by Adam Sandler! L’chaim!

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  1. The Sovereign of the universe
    ‘Neath shining star is seen
    In feeding trough for cattle
    One of the Trinity
    Messiah unto us is born
    A Man yet Deity

    How is it that within our ears
    The cries of God we hear?
    Creator born of Virgin
    To Mary’s breast draws near
    In hands of men the Lord of Heav’n
    Whom angels serve and fear!

    The hosts of heaven stand amazed
    As Thou, Lord, condescend
    Laying aside the glory
    Which fore’er Thine had been
    To walk upon the earth as man
    O who can comprehend?

    Behold God and man forever One
    In the Son
    Blessed mystery of Incarnation!

    A blessed Nativity to you, George, and to all of you, my brothers and sisters in Christ.

    Glory to God in the highest! And on earth peace to men of goodwill!