He Smoked It!

He totally dominated the debate. I’m sure of it. Just look at the picture if you don’t believe me.

After tonight, I’d say that the race has been rejiggered to back to even. Hillary’s only stratagem from this point forward is to run out the clock. I don’t think it will work.

That’s not my point here. It’s the Republicucks I can’t stand. These little men are disgraceful. Mitt Romney, John McCain, the Bushes…when they all wanted money for their races or their bogus foundations, they always went to Trump. Judases all.

What ingrates they are. Traitors even. These are not men of their word. How dare they come to me and other little people for their campaigns and then when the people made their choice, they turned their collective backs on those same people. My contempt for them knows no bounds.

Somebody once said that if you have an enemy in sight and a traitor but only one bullet, you use the bullet on the traitor.

After November 8, I leave the Republicuck Party.


  1. Peter A. Papoutsis says

    Trump will win in a landslide.

    As for the Republicans let’s not forget that McCain in 1992 called his wife Cindy a trollop and the (Gasp) the C-word.

    Hypocrisy at its best in McCain.


  2. But Trump said a mean thing! I guess we have no choice but to dump the constitution and usher in our open border hemisphere.

  3. John Quinton says

    Well said. I concur.

  4. Bishop Tikhon (Fitzgerald) says

    George writes, “After November 8, I leave the Republicuck Party.” Why wait, George? Are you feeling like St Augustine?
    You need to view the recent video of that Primo Alpha Male, Robert Di Nero, who, amidst a hurricane of choice epithets, refers to Trump as a MUTT whom he’d like to punch in the kisser! He makes this little hissy fit of yours against Romney, Bushes, and McCain seem rather more that of a theta or omicron male than of an informed Orthodox commentator!!

    • George Michalopulos says

      DeNiro is deranged. He was a great actor but like Pacino, he’s kind of become a character actor.

      To answer your question, I am in the process of writing a letter to Speaker Ryan announcing my disgust with his antics. It’s curious why Romney, Ryan and others couldn’t use the same level of outrage against Obama that they use against Trump. Ultimately, that’s why I’m leaving the Republican Party, they won’t fight for each other the same way the Democrats do. (I gotta give the Dems that.)

    • Cynthia mae Curran says

      Robert DeNiro was funny.

  5. I don’t know how other Trump supporters feel after hearing the tapes of Mr. Trump, but my first reaction was, that’s it, it’s over, the media have finally got him. But after a couple hours of going back and forth watching the media go at Trump, and accusing him of sexual assault, I came back to reality. I don’t know about others on this blog but sadly I was raised/brainwashed by the media, and Hollywood’s agenda. I thought how they displayed society was the way things should be. I believed that the larger than life news anchors of the big three channels: ABC, CBS, NBC, really were speaking the unbiased truth for the better of our nation. Well I was young and dumb back then, and made a lot of mistakes, that still affect my life today. I am not the person I was 25-35 years ago, my salvation was doomed, if I was to be judged by my life back then, but now I know better, and have change my life for Christ, a work in progress to be sure, that will never end, till my last breath. Hopefully the rest of America will see thru the smoke screens, by our media, and politicians.

    In regards to Trump. We do not know his heart today, especially after meeting thousands of people on the campaign trail, and hearing their stories. His demons are his own. Hopefully he is fighting them internally, as we all should with are own.

    My prayer is that people who go to the booth, will feel like I do, which is, we are not without sin, and have been mis led by our, leaders, and the media. The media is always in gotcha mode, to shape the election to their liking, DONT FALL FOR THE TRAP. The media tells us that everything is ok, in regards to lifestyle, yet all of sudden they become shocked with Mr. Trump’s behavior, yet give a pass to the Clintons, and our past presidents behaviors. Ironically the media has removed all the shock and awe out of us, by what they expose us to everyday, on the news, television, and movies. BUT NOW THEY WANT US TO BE SHOCKED, WITH TRUMPS PERSONAL WORDS.

    The media and our “honorable” politicians have made us numb to Trumps behavior, because we know this behavior by them is hidden but still there by many of them, but thankfully we have awaken to their bullshit. We see that nothing changes, regardless who is in office, we see the two parties just continue to keep us at each other throats with issues that really don’t exist for 90 percent of us. I believe the majority of everyday hard working Americans, who don’t have time to riot in the streets, because we are working long hours to support are families, will find time to riot with their vote. Let the political/media elite know the jig is up, and we will not be fooled again!

    This I know for sure, either Clinton or Trump will be President. If you want Supreme court Justices that stand for traditional issues, vote Trump. If you don’t want Government paid abortions, vote Trump. If you don’t want open borders, vote Trump. If you want good relations with Russia, vote Trump. If you want Obama care gone, vote Trump. If you want Hillary Clinton in jail, vote Trump. If you want terrorist hunted down, vote Trump. If you want fair trade with other nations, vote Trump. If you want all the welfare to other countries stopped, vote Trump. If you want welfare countries to pay their fair share for our protection vote Trump. If you America and Americans to come first vote Trump.

    If you want gay, transgender, illegal alien, criminal, and free abortion rights, Vote Clinton. As Trump has said, “What do you have to lose”

    • Peter A. Papoutsis says

      Amen brother. Could not have said it better myself. Go Trump Go!


      • Peter,
        Honestly, I have never been so angry during in a election in my life. So many things in this country have changed, for the worse, since Obama has been President, and now to think that the majority of the Republicans are helping Clinton win. They really don’t care for their nation, and are not ashamed to show it.

        • Peter A. Papoutsis says

          Dino, it was never about helping us, but ALL about controlling us and manipulating us year, after year, after year. All you have to do is start connecting the dots like I and many others did years ago, that my cousin Chris, a former Bernie Sanders supporter, started to recently do, and what you will find is so far from what is actually going on it will sicken you to your very core.

          However, what will also happen is it will draw you closer to Jesus Christ and His Church that the Gates of Hades will not prevail against. That’s the positive side of all this.

          As for the nation start by voting for Trump, and working after he is elected to get this country back to where it belongs. It takes work, but if you love this country and have kids growing up in this country then the hard work will be worth it.

          Go Trump!


          • So true, nothing can prevail against Christ, and his church, but the evil one with throw every thing he’s got at us, and it sure feels that way in this election. LORD HAVE MERCY ON US ALL!

      • Gail A Sheppard says

        Ditto, Peter. Great job, Dino. For me it comes down to the elite vs the “odd man out.” His sins would not seem nearly so egregious in another setting. I’ve worked with executives like this for 25+ years. They DO occasionally use locker room talk and I tell them to “stop being stupid” in a playful tone. I don’t get pissy. I give it right back to them. They like women just fine; SMART women. When I’d get in trouble or needed their support, THEY were the ones that would line up behind me to do whatever needed to be done and would not get on my case if something went wrong. They trusted that I was doing my job and sometimes things DID go wrong. For example, I missed a very important meeting that I was hosting (25+ people in attendance), because the battery died in my car. This put the Chief Medical Officer of a Fortune 500 company at a disadvantage, because he didn’t know the day to day stuff as well as I did. I called in by phone and we made it work, but I was afraid he’d be mad. When I apologized, his response was: “Gail, this is our fault. We’re not paying you enough. If we paid you enough, you have a better car and this wouldn’t have happened.”

        When I was pregnant with my first child, I had 40 of the same type of men throw me a baby shower! It freaked me out a little that they all wanted to touch my stomach to feel the baby every day, but I got used to it. These were NOT unfeeling, uncaring men. They even teased me when I returned. One man asked, what kind of baby did Gail have, a boy or a girl? ” Another guy quipped, “she had a woman,” making a joke out of the fact that women complain when they are called “girls.”

        They are very protective, too. If some jerk made an advance toward me, these men would shut it down immediately. They didn’t want anyone messing with me. It’s not like what people think.

        Trump is finally getting the idea that he is not surrounded by women who understand guy talk in an office setting, where men and women work shoulder to shoulder in the trenches. We forget this is all new to him. He’s not a politician. He shoots from the hip, but that’s what we LIKE about him so we have to give him a pass once in a while when he acts like an idiot. He’s still learning to be “presidential.” He’ll catch on.

        • Thanks Gail! Women like you, are what I have known all my life, and what make America great, but we would not know that if we only watched the majority of the news outlets. Leftist/Socialist ideals are suicide for all, but especially for woman. The left wing media will continue to attack woman, and confuse them to there agenda, but I believe that there are many more woman like you ,than the media would like us to believe. The media want us to believe that the election is now over with that video of Trump, to discourage us from voting. Hopefully more woman(and men) will come out and vote, and not believe the hype they feed us. The silent majority will be heard in 2016!

    • Cynthia Sprong says

      Great post! Right on! Don’t get lost in the media smokescreen. It’s appalling.

      So true what you said about the fact that they’ve got us to accept anything — any deviant behavior is now to be celebrated — and yet we’re supposed to reject Trump because he’s a naughty boy who says bad words. Some of these liberals are the the kings of profanity. It’s F this and F that. These old hippies, they think it’s cool. What hypocrites.

      • Cynthia,

        Thank you. Truly speaking from the heart. I know the media really does not care what Trump says, they just want a Clinton win. Just watch the news, you would think only one candidate is running. Trump 24/7. We hear nothing of Clinton vice’s, only Trumps. All the moderators are all pro Clinton, with one or two token Trump supporters which they bash and call stupid,racist, or perverts. That is what the media wants us to believe, only stupid, racist hicks would vote Trump. Be cool like us and all our movie star friends, we know what’s best for you, is what the media spews. God help us!

        • BTW Cynthia,

          YESTERDAY on my post, I told you that the media want us to believe that Trump supporters are stupid racist hicks, and TODAY I see on Fox News that Bill Clinton states that Trump’s base support are REDNECKS! Amazing the disdain and hate the left has for “yesterdays middle class Americans”. We will replaced, by the new immigrants, from Mexico, and the middle east refugees. Easy to the control the masses when they have nothing, but what the Government hands out to them. Not to mention more votes for the left. Again I pray that Yesterdays Americans, will rise and vote for a new direction for us.

  6. Mike Myers says

    Let’s charitably set aside the deep demerits of this rather deranged and creepy little memo. Just in case anyone on your blog is more interested in the substance than in Trump’s admittedly riveting simian theatrics — which resonates so irresistibly with George, Mr. Misha, Peter Millman, Peter A. Papoutsis et al., — here’s an extensive fact-check by the NYT of the candidates’ statements. Guess which candidate lied or distorted or twisted virtually non-stop? Here’s one from factcheck.org, and another from politifact.com.

    • Mike Myers says

      Mr. Misha attests to his powerful resonance with the unfiltered display of Trump’s Id here.

      Peter Millman’s affinity with reviling and other types of simian comportment attested to here, here, here* and here.

      Each of you is letting the Trump scampaign drag you down into the gutter for his own self-centered purposes. Maybe you should seriously consider snapping out of it.

      *He did apologize for this post, to be fair, but the Id is what it is. Why give it free public rein? Some of you clearly have no idea what an ugly caricature of the Orthodox faith you’re drawing on this blog. You risk causing inquirers to run away in disgust. Think about that. Not that I’m any prize, but I’ve given up on Orthodoxy because too many are so much like you. I’m sure far worthier seekers than me are repelled by such crude filth.

      (9) Revilers shall not inherit the Kingdom of God. There are many to speak boldly about things that they know little about. Many men and women of God have had to endure reproach for their faith. Not even the Son of God escaped verbal abuse. But they will not have to endure it forever because there will be no revilers in heaven.

      • Archpriest Alexander F. C. Webster says

        RE: “Not that I’m any prize, but I’ve given up on Orthodoxy because too many are so much like you.”

        Mr. Mike Myers, Esq., if you are serious about rejecting Orthodox Christianity (i.e., the one, holy, catholic, and apostolic Church) owing only to the, in your estimation, sinful thoughts, feelings, and actions of some Orthodox Christians, then I shall pray for your soul and your mind. For you are needlessly and foolishly forfeiting the former and losing the latter.

        • Mike Myers says

          Fr. Webster, sadly, I’ve come to the conclusion that I can no longer agree that your major premise is likely to be true. Far too much evidence to the contrary. At least that’s where I’m at these days.
          I’m not a lawyer btw. So Esq. is inappropriate unless you’re just being generously cordial, in the British mode.

      • Peter A. Papoutsis says

        You didn’t leave Orthodoxy because it was too much like us, but because you were not enough like Christ.


        • Mike Myers says

          The Gospel is quite clear: both saints and sinners love God. ‘Religious’ people do not love Him, and whenever they can, they crucify Him. — Fr. A. Schmemann, Journals, 52

          Fascinating how some nominal Christians hold seekers hostage to their own deformed spirituality, poverty of charity — and gross ignorance. A certain resonance with these things seems to be the price of admission to their club. I pass on that.

          I could interpret your comment in at least two ways. You might simply mean that unlike me, you’re enough like Christ to be Orthodox. Or, alternatively, you might have something more subtle in mind. You might mean that if I were more like Christ I would prove it by consenting to submit and accommodate myself to the common denominator of stupidity — or at best ignorance — delusion, self-righteousness and malice represented by much of the discourse on this blog and typical of the cold, dark and superstitious hearts, evidently, of too many in your churches, those types who hypocritically cling to a form of godliness, in profession and exterior ritual and observance, while showing next to no evidence of its power at work in the renewal of their minds and hearts. Instead, too many seem to become only more and more irrational, delusional, heartless, self-righteous — and abjectly captive to lies, liars and obvious charlatans of many kinds. (Kinda scary, actually. What’s up with that?)

          Please clarify which of these two interpretations represents your intended meaning. Or maybe you meant something else?

          • Mr. Myers, Assuming you are still Christian, and assuming you would rather have Clinton over Trump. WHY? Is Clinton cleaner than Trump, in word, deed, or thought, or for that matter 90% of our past Presidents. You see, Mr Myers, some of us are just better at hiding the skeletons in our closets than others, especially life long politicians. So who will do more for Christian values, Trump or Clinton. Really a no brainer. Hope the Holy Spirit stays with you. Truly I do! Don’t give up, we all have struggles with our faith at times.

            • Dino, I’d like to share this story with you in the way of a response to your questions:

              “While stitching a cut on the hand of a 75-year-old farmer, the doctor struck up a conversation with the old man. Eventually the topic got around to Donald Trump and his role as the Republican nominee for President. The old farmer said, ” Well, as I see it, Donald Trump is like a ‘Post Tortoise’.” Unfamiliar with the term, the doctor asked him what a ‘post tortoise’ was. The old farmer said, “When you’re driving down a country road and you come across a fence post with a tortoise balanced on top, that’s a post tortoise.” The old farmer saw the puzzled look on the doctor’s face, so he continued to explain. “You know he didn’t get up there by himself, he doesn’t belong up there, he doesn’t know what to do while he’s up there, he’s elevated way beyond his ability to function, and you just wonder what kind of dumb ass put him up there to begin with.”

              • Yes, Mr. Myers, we all know Trump, and those who support him are dumb asses. Yes Trump’s promises are grandiose, but what did Obama’s promises get us, and what the Clintons will give us, we already know. I will go with the hope of a dumb ass, as opposed to the given evil of the enlighten such as yourself.

              • Peter A. Papoutsis says

                Mike, please accept the fact Trump will win and move on with life.


              • Bishop Tikhon (Fitzgerald) says

                Mike Myers! That is a superb anecdote! Many thanks!
                Who did you hear it from ? From Peter Papoutsis, perhaps?

                • Peter A. Papoutsis says

                  No I think he got that from you Fritz. I think you were discussing with him your time on the OCA Synod.


                • Mike Myers says

                  An old joke, repurposed for the guy it was always destined to fit best. Heard from a good friend.

                  • It is indeed an old joke, but actually the joke only really works well when nothing but behind the scenes maneuvering can explain the outcome, since it implies that a person or people put the turtle on the fence post.

                    And we know that no back room deals were made arranging for Trump to get the nomination. He amazingly did it the old-fashioned way — by convincing millions of people to vote for him while spending virtually no money compared to his opponents — and over the unified opposition of literally the whole party apparatus. So the joke isn’t funny when applied to Trump. (Unless one just hates Trump, in which case even the lamest attempts at humor will be found to be hilarious.)

                    Now if Marco Rubio’s neocon handlers had managed to get him the nomination (rather than far more qualified candidates) after not even finishing one term as Senator and having little popular support, he would have been a turtle on a fencepost.

                    Obama was a turtle on a fencepost, going from state senator to President in a few years with no accomplishments to his name — Hillary isn’t (although she was a turtle on a fencepost the first time she ran for Senate in a state in which she had never lived.). McCain wasn’t. Sanders wouldn’t have been. Romney — the joke would sort of worked for him.

                    But ultimately the last laugh always goes to those who win. And the left has won all of the wars, cultural and otherwise. So I guess by definition your joke, as told, demands laughter.

                  • Peter A. Papoutsis says

                    An old joke, repurposed for the guy it was always destined to fit best.

                    Yes, the good bishop.


                  • Bishop Tikhon (Fitzgerald) says

                    Mike Myers, today I realized that it’s pointless to point out Trump’s problems, for the guys who praise him here are just themselves but other versions of and variations on the Trump template. If one is critical of der Trump, they take it right to heart as assault on their own self-concept. They are all quietly chanting, “je suis Trompe!”

                    • Peter A. Papoutsis says

                      I quietly chant the Jesus Prayer. I suggest you do the same.

                    • Bishop Tikhon (Fitzgerald) says

                      Peter A.Papoutsis wrote: “I quietly chant the Jesus Prayer.
                      “C- H-A-N -T-?” The Jesus Prayer, the prayer of the heart, is SILENT! Those who PRAY it are called hesychasts, and they don’t brag on the internet about it!

                    • Excellent advice, Peter.

                    • Peter A. Papoutsis says

                      Peter A.Papoutsis wrote: “I quietly chant the Jesus Prayer.
                      “C- H-A-N -T-?” The Jesus Prayer, the prayer of the heart, is SILENT! Those who PRAY it are called hesychasts, and they don’t brag on the internet about it
                      That’s the best you can do my Good Bishop? I suggest you go back to practicing saying Shibolett.

                    • Bishop Tikhon (Fitzgerald) says

                      Peter A Papoutsis! Thanks for the reminder!
                      PETER! Answer this: in the book of Judges (KJV) CHAPTER 12, VERSE 6, we read, “Then they said unto him, Say now Shibboleth: and he said Sibboleth: for he could not frame it to pronounce it right, Then they took him and slew him at the passages of the Jordan…” How does your Septuagint surpass the KJV in rendering the Hebrew word Shibboleth?”
                      Still waiting, as your “good bishop….”

      • Mr. Myers,

        I’m amused. Feminists should not be welcome in Orthodoxy inasmuch as the Church is relentlessly patriarchal in its morality and social teaching. So if feminists want to renounce their feminism, dive on in. If not, the Kingdom of God is beyond you and out of reach since God made Adam to be dominant and Eve to serve him, and this before the Fall. Why would traditionalists want any more progressives in the Church? That would be irrational and counter-productive.

        Trump wasn’t bragging about assaulting women. Trump was bragging that alpha males can get away with such things by the woman’s own acceptance because she is haunching for alpha. That was his point. It is an utterly politically incorrect, unfeminist and patently patriarchal observation. That is why it is revolting to progressives. But progressives are enemies of Orthodoxy and enemies of Christ. Progressive ideology is completely deranged and evil by the standards of the Church. Yes, progressives seem to talk a good game regarding income redistribution. But in terms of morality and foreign policy they are demons, making war on God-given patriarchy, vexing harmony between the sexes in society and the family, waging war on the unborn, and endless war to dominate the world for their sick ideology to the tune of multitudes of dead and the eradication of Christianity in the Middle East.

        They have so much to answer for on the Day of Judgment that I am at a loss as to how any of them could escape damnation other than God’s resolute, boundless mercy.

        • Mike Myers says

          Mr. Misha, after reading your remarks I often feel as if my mind needs a shower.

          • Bishop Tikhon (Fitzgerald) says

            Right, Mike! A Russian scholar on Facebook recently opined that Russia is basically all woman, all maternalism and matriarchy– ever looking for the dominant male!
            It can be Ivan the Terrible, Peter the Great, Lenin, Stalin, Dzerzhinsky, Beria, Putin, etc. “Misha” is the same when it comes to der Trump….Der Trump is going to rescue the lady from all the perils facing her!

            • Holy abject confusion, Batman! “matriarchy– ever looking for the dominant male!”

              Q: Что это такое?

              A: Это патриархальное общество.

        • Make Monomakhos Great Again! says

          I guess we know who is never, ever getting taken to Red Lobster. Sad!

        • Unfortunately, I no longer remember where I originally read the following, but in view of @Misha’s assertion that “God made Adam to be dominant and Eve to serve him,” let’s remember that “God did not take from Adam’s head to create Eve, that Adam might be more intelligent and rule over her; He did not take from Adam’s feet to create Eve, that Adam might trample her underfoot; He took from Adam’s rib so that Eve could walk by his side.” (Source not remembered.)

          Additionally, we can read for ourselves at Gen. 2:18 that “the Lord God said, It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him an help meet for him.” Thus, before the Fall, the “help-meet” status of Eve vis-a-vis Adam is clear.

          After the Fall (Gen. 3:16), God cursed Eve by saying, “…thy desire shall be to thy husband, and he shall rule over thee.” Thus the patriarchy which @Misha asserts to have been decreed by God from the very beginning was not so decreed; it was part of the curse God placed on Eve.

          To some this may seem to be a minor point, but to me it says that Eve was created to be Adam’s friend, mate, help-meet, companion, whatever noun one would like to use. The subservience was part of the post-Fall curse from God.

          • Peter A. Papoutsis says


            I appreciate your effort here, but there is a deeper mystery here that actually ties in to the roles of Men and Women. What you offer I have heard as well. It is IMHO purely heretical as it feminist tripe and not biblical. I do not say this to insult you, but to let you know that this interpretation does not comport with other parts of scripture.

            However, if you view Adam and Eve as occupying different roles, while at the same time being treated fairly, you will understand this passgae in Genesis 2 much better.

            This is also where we must consecrate our thought in dealing with why we have an exclusive male priesthood and not a priesthood open to both men and women. It is actually here in Gen. 2 and in Jesus Christ’s Incarnation that Archmandrite Kallistos Ware’s heresy of opening the priesthood to women can be confronted and refuted.

            I bid you peace.


        • M. Stankovich says

          I am truly astonished, Scott, that again you would attempt to foist upon this forum your own chauvinistic, sexist, warped interpretation of Orthodox anthropology, by somehow casting the vulgar denigration of women by Trump as revealing “feminism,” “haunching for alpha,” or the universally “weak will” of women to succumb to pigs like Trump, rather than characterizing victimization by social & financial intimidation, male advantage, male ego-fragility, and appeal to a fraudulent “patriarchy” that is governed, not by the urge to acknowledge that “The Lord God said, it is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him an help meet [βοηθὸν] for him.” (Gen 2:18) And in this word βοηθὸν – which is derived from the ancient Greek βοηθόος, meaning one who hurries to a cry for assistance/help, or to a battle cry for help; and in this case, Genesis specifically refers to Eve as a male noun, βοηθὸν – is at the heart of this misogynistic insult you would refer to as “standards of the Church.”

          As is typical of your aggrandized authority, your sources for what is “Orthodox” are you, and nothing more. I tire of this fraudulent argument of “proof texting,” as we are joined with the Holy Fathers before us, or we contrive arguments and attempt to bully discussions. St. Gregory Palamas: “If one of the Fathers says the same thing as do those from without, the concordance is only verbal, the thought being quite different. The former, in fact, have, according to Paul, ‘the mind of Christ [νοῦν Χριστοῦ ἔχομεν]” (1 Cor. 2:16), while the latter express at best a human reasoning. What man of sound spirit and belonging to the Church could from this conclude that their teaching comes from God?” If you are correct about women, how do we understand St, Chrysostom:

          So. after saying, “Male and female he made them” as though to bestow a blessing on each of them, he goes on, “God blessed her,” in the words, ‘Increase and multiply, all the earth and gain dominion over it, and have control of the fish of the sea.'” Behold the remarkable character of the blessing! I mean, those words, ‘”Increase and multiply and fill the earth,'” anyone could see are said of the brute beasts and the reptiles alike, whereas “‘Gain dominion and have control'” are directed to the man and woman. See the Lord’s loving kindness: even before creating her he makes her sharer in this control and bestows on her the blessing. “‘Have control,”‘ the text says, “‘of the fish of’ the sea, the birds of heaven and all the cattle, the whole earth and all the reptiles creeping on the earth.'” Did you notice the ineffable authority? Did you notice all created things placed under this being’s controls? No longer entertain casual impressions of this rational being, but rather realize the extent of the esteem and the Lord’s benigity towards it, and be amazed at his love beyond all telling.

          Homilies on Genesis Homily 10, ix

          St. Seraphim of Sarov wrote:

          Adam was created to such an extent immune to the action of every one of the elements created by God, that neither could water drown him, nor fire burn him, nor could the earth swallow him up in its abysses, nor could the air harm him by its action in any way whatsoever, Everything was subject to him. To Eve also the Lord God gave the same wisdom, strength, and unlimited power, and all the other good and holy qualities. And He created her not from the dust of the ground but from Adam’s rib in the Eden of delight, in the Paradise which He had planted in the midst of the earth.

          If you have not read St. Ephraim the Syrian’s account of the temptation of Eve by the serpent in the garden, I highly recommend it, as he begins with a very astute observation: “The two of them were naked and were not ashamed. That they were not ashamed does not mean that they did not know what shame was, If they were children, as [the pagans] say, [Moses] would neither have said, they were naked and not ashamed, nor, Adam and his wife, if they had not been young adults. [Emphasis added] St. Ephraim suggests Eve was much more a psychological challenge than Adam and fueled his jealousy at the gifts God had bestowed upon them; Adam succumbed to the temptation of his wife in a moment. On the other hand, St. Symeon the New Theologian refers to Eve but once in his entire discourse, Eve is but a token for God himself, The Sin of Adam and Our Redemption: Seven Homilies:

          Therefore, when God called out to him, “Adam, where are you?” he replied, “I heard Your voice and I feared because I was naked, and I hid myself.” God, calling him to repentance, said to him, Who told you you that you were naked, unless you have eaten of the tree concerning which I charged you of it alone not to eat?” But Adam did not wish to say, “I sinned,” but said rather the contrary of this and placed the blame for the transgression upon God Who created everything “very good,” saying to Him, “The woman whom you gave to me, she gave me of the tree and I ate.” And after him she also placed the blame upon the serpent, and they did not wish to repent and, or fall down before the Lord God, and beg forgiveness of Him. For this God banished them from Paradise, as from a royal palace, to live in this world as exiles.

          St. Symeon the New Theologian, The Sin of Adam and Our Redemption: Seven Homilies, “On The Transgression Of The Commandment And The Banishment From Paradise, ii”

          And finally – thanking Vladyka Tikhon for his faithfulness to syllogistic thought – St. Gregory the Theologian writes in his First Theological Oration, “What of Adam? Was he not alone the direct creature of God? Yes, you will say. Was he then the only human being? By no means. And why, but because humaniiy does not consist in direct creation? For that which is begotten is also human.” St. John of Damascus writes in Exposition of the Orthodox Faith, “The earliest formation (of man) is called “creation” and not “generation.” For “creation” is the original formation at God’s hands, while “generation” is the succession from each other made necessary by the sentence of death imposed on us on account of the transgression.” St Cyril of Jerusalem writes, “Eve was begotten of Adam, and not conceived of a mother, but as it were brought forth of man alone.” And this logically takes us back to St. John Damascus, Exposition of the Orthodox Faith, “Just as the latter was formed from Adam without connection, so also did the former [Theotokos] bring forth the new Adam, who was brought forth in accordance with the laws of parturition and above the nature of generation.” And here is your greatest error, Scott, in choosing to defend a pig of a man, suggesting his errant, filthy behaviour does nothing more than reflect on him and those that support him by generalizing his “revelation” onto women, how do you avoid corrupting even Her who is the model of our salvation? You do not have a clue about feminism or women, and this is head and shoulders above dumb and offensive, even for you. And the fact that you would call down the judgment of God makes it all the more offensive and – I have to admit – just amusing as can be.

          • I’ve never been amused, Stankjoshka, at how you clumsily twist and misrepresent Scripture and the Fathers to come to obviously strained, contrived and evil conclusions about the solid patriarchal nature of God, His prophets, His Christ and the Faith that He has given us.

            You joust at windmills, Stankjoshka. The Orthodox Faith is never going to change for the likes of your amateur sophistry. It is what it always has been – the Law of God and a perfect reflection of the Mind of God. It is just as I have been telling you. That you and others here cannot accept it speaks to the evil in your own hearts and is no reflection on me.

            Nothing I have said here would cause the Fathers or, truly, any Orthodox of centuries past to bat an eye. It is only in the evil Age of Apostasy that has given birth to creatures like you, that bishop of the evil one and other feminists here that anything you write could be taken with anything more than a grain of salt by any Orthodox. As it is, no traditionally minded Orthodox has any interest in your ravings which are thoroughly anti-Christian.

            • M. Stankovich says

              As near as I can tell, Scott, you are the person who has admittedly been given over to someone or something taking possession of your faculties. Perhaps this is what convinces you that you are an authority and judge unto yourself, and justifies your exhibition of such a truly mean and offensive aspect of yourself. I would rather doubt that “traditional minded Orthodox” of any sort would ascribe to your vulgar and disconcerting affect. Take a break, son, and go speak with a professional.

              • Oh, I endeavor not to be mean, offensive or vulgar. But people pay from their own store.

                • M. Stankovich says

                  Brother, your cupboards are bare. Trust me. Take a break, son, and go speak with a professional.

        • Bishop Tikhon (Fitzgerald) says

          ‘Misha’ thinks the Theotokos is “patriarchal?” “Relentlessly patriarchal?”

          • Oh, BT,

            Recall that when the Theotokos told Christ He had to do something at the wedding at Cana, He told her that He did not answer to her. Moreover, when He was on the cross, He gave the Theotokos to St. John as her supporter and protector, which He had been up to that point from the time of St. Joseph’s death. Women were attached to and subservient to men. First to their father, then to their husband, then, if they survived their husbands, to their oldest son or other male relative.

            Yes, the Theotokos was integral in a throughly patriarchal society.

            • Bishop Tikhon (Fitzgerald) says

              “Misha” writes:
              “Moreover, when He was on the cross, He gave the Theotokos to St. John as her supporter and protector, which He had been up to that point from the time of St. Joseph’s death.”
              Well, as his new mother (“Behold thy mother”) I’m sure the All-Holy Theotokos maternally supported and protected Saint John under her motherly wing as well! Apart from God, her Son, to whom was the Theotokos “attached and SUBSERVIENT?”

              • I’m trying to imagine St. John cooking a “thimply fabulous” dinner for the Theotokos.

                Nope, can’t do it.

                “Oh you, my Son and my God, receive now my spirit from me.” – from the Dormition hymn

    • George Michalopulos says

      My favorite line was when Hillary blamed her duplicity on Honest Abe. “I lied because Abe said it was ok!”

      • Trump, PolitiFact’s 2015 Liar of the Year


        Invoking Lincoln

        Clinton invoked Abraham Lincoln in defending a comment she made in a paid speech to apartment building landlords about politicians needing “a public position and a private position.”
        Q: [Y]ou say you need both a public and private position on certain issues. So … is it okay for politicians to be two-faced?

        Clinton: [T]hat was something I said about Abraham Lincoln, and after having seen the wonderful Steven Spielberg movie called “Lincoln” [working to] get the congress to approve the 13th amendment [which prohibits slavery]. It was principled and it was strategic. … That was a great I thought a great display of presidential leadership.

        The question referred to a private email message — posted by Wikileaks — outlining some possibly troublesome passages from Clinton’s paid speeches, the transcripts of which she has not made public. It included this passage, supposedly from a transcript of a speech Clinton made to the National Multi-Family Council (a trade group for the apartment industry) on April 24, 2013 (emphasis added):
        Clinton (as quoted by Wikileaks): “You just have to sort of figure out how to — getting back to that word, “balance” — how to balance the public and the private efforts that are necessary to be successful, politically, and that’s not just a comment about today.

        That, I think, has probably been true for all of our history, and if you saw the Spielberg movie, “Lincoln,” and how he was maneuvering and working to get the 13th Amendment passed, and he called one of my favorite predecessors, Secretary Seward, who had been the governor and senator from New York, ran against Lincoln for president, and he told Seward, I need your help to get this done. And Seward called some of his lobbyist friends who knew how to make a deal, and they just kept going at it.

        I mean, politics is like sausage being made. It is unsavory, and it always has been that way, but we usually end up where we need to be. But if everybody’s watching, you know, all of the back room discussions and the deals, you know, then people get a little nervous, to say the least. So, you need both a public and a private position.”


        So we find Clinton was correct to this extent: If the Wikileaks quote is accurate — and Clinton did not dispute it — she was indeed holding the Great Emancipator up as an example to justify taking one position in public and another in “back room discussions.” But she also was conceding that she sometimes feels it politically necessary to be “two faced,” to use the phrase posed by the questioner. — © Copyright 2016 FactCheck.org

        • Peter A. Papoutsis says

          No Mike she was being a two-faced lpolitician thinking we are all stupid and who believe the BS she and the Dems were shoveling. Let’s put Mike’s manipulations on hold and place the Devil’s speech in context:

          Wikileaks has released a whole new set of emails allegedly hacked from Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman email account. Among these, for the first time, are excerpts from Clinton’s paid speeches – many of them to Wall Street corporations. https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2016/oct/07/wikileaks-hillary-clinton-paid-wall-street-speeches

          The emails were leaked online Friday afternoon by Wikileaks. Excerpts from Clinton’s speeches appear in an email from Tony Carrk, the research director of the Clinton campaign, to John Podesta, the campaign chairman.

          In the memo, there are several potentially politically damaging quotes from each paid speech, with headers like “Clinton admits she is out of touch” and “Clinton remarks are pro keystone and pro-trade.”

          Some of the remarks that were marked:

          Clinton telling a crowd at a Goldman Sachs-sponsored speech that she is “kind of far removed because the life I’ve lived and the economic, you know, fortunes that my husband and I now enjoy, but I haven’t forgotten it.”

          In an April 2013 address a housing trade group, Clinton stated, “If everybody’s watching, you know, all of the backroom discussions and the deals, you know, then people get a little nervous, to say the least. So you need both a public and a private position. You just have to sort of figure out how to — getting back to that word, ‘balance’ – how to balance the public and the private efforts that are necessary to be successful, politically, and that’s not just a comment about today.”

          At a Goldman Sachs Builders and Innovators Summit, Clinton complained about ethics rules that require officials to divest from certain assets before entering government: “There is such a bias against people who have led successful and/or complicated lives.”

          Speaking on regulation at the same event, Clinton stated, “The people that know the industry better than anybody are the people who work in the industry.”

          Clinton’s tax returns show she made a minimum of $225,000 per speech. During her campaign against Senator Bernie Sanders earlier this year several people and organizations, including Sanders himself, demanded that she release her full transcripts of her paid speeches, to which she refused.

          Spokesman for Clinton’s national presidential campaign, Glen Caplin, said: “We are not going to confirm the authenticity of stolen documents released by Julian Assange [of WikiLeaks] who has made no secret of his desire to damage Hillary Clinton. Guccifer 2.0 has already proven the warnings of top national security officials that documents can be faked as part of a sophisticated Russian misinformation campaign.” – Nation of Chance by Alexandra Jacoba.

          She tells the American people one thing and her fat cat doners something else. Kinda reminds me of “If you like your health plan you can keep it.” Riiiiight. Try again Mike or just stop trying to make chicken soup out of chicken shit.


        • FactCheck.org

          Into the trash it goes.

    • “fact-check by the NYT” … into the trash it goes.

      Everyone knows that “fact-checking” is just a new style of editorial writing. I have seen several “fact-checks” that are patently false themselves.

      • Bishop Tikhon (Fitzgerald) says

        “Ages” You wrote “I have seen several “fact-checks” that are patently false themselves.”
        PATENTLY? Please name one or two such items calling themselves a fact check!!

      • Mike Myers says

        Ages, I take it you’re claiming to be able to demonstrate the alleged falsity of some of the fact-checking to which I linked.

        If it’s true “everyone knows that ‘fact-checking’ is just a new style of editorial writing,” then you should be able to perform to the point of proving, or else citing someone else’s proof, that widely respected fact-checkers such as those I cited are disseminating objective falsehoods, which you’ve clearly claimed. Or maybe your claim is just one more example of the hollow bluster for which this silly blog is so infamous?

        Having explicitly trashed the NYT’s published efforts, maybe you could focus your scrutiny on the other two fact-checkers I linked: factcheck.org and politifact.com. You buried them in silence, perhaps intending to imply that they should be similarly discounted. So let’s hear some rebuttal, with solid reasoning and adequately sourced facts. Put your mind where your mouth is.

        • “Widely-respected” within the political-media establishment echo chamber? That is your standard? Ha!

  7. Peter A. Papoutsis says

    Although I have come to despise Rod Dreher on his stance on Trump, and consider him a Cuckservative of the first order because he can’t see past Trump to the real people at the core of his (THIS) movement, I do still want to offer his article on Paul Ryan and his fellow Cuckservatives abandoning Trump (AND US!). The GOPe drew first blood.

    Paul Ryan abandoned Trump.

    Time to go to war…FINALLY! Let the REAL revolution begin!


    • Yes, I’m tired of Rod Dreher’s apparent moral superiority complex also. I used to love his stuff & his books, and I still like some of it. But lately, when he writes about politics, he’s too sanctimonious for me.

    • “Cuckservative” is too good for Paul Ryan, John McCain, and their ilk. They are outright globalists, anti-patriots. They have shown their true colors.

      Anyone who is not actively fighting against Hillary’s dream of open borders and unrestrained free trade, is in favor of it.

      • Peter A. Papoutsis says


        I found this in the comment section over on Rod’s website and it pretty much nails it:

        Fr. Daniel Kirk says:
        October 11, 2016 at 12:55 am

        I can’t see that my first attempt to comment published so I’ll say it again, because I think this is important. While I have immense respect for you, your love of Christ and His Church and for your passion to actually act as a Christian, I must protest this article and the thinking behind it. This is beneath you. This election and the players in it are not characters in a fiction, placed there to be liked or loathed because of some ideological association we may or may not have with them. This is real life and voting for one or the other means something concrete. This article basically says that people who vote for Trump are compromisers and have destroyed the remnants of the so-called religious right in America. Who are we kidding? Since when was the religious right ever theologically on the right course or even peopled by primarilly moral individuals? What about the founding fathers? Would Paul Ryan and the other “principled” people with him have turned on Benjamin Franklin or Thomas Jefferson when it was leaked that they were sleeping with their Parisian mistresses or having their way with the slaves? This conversation is almost shameful to be having! When Laura Ingraham tells us to put our big boy pants on she’s not compromising her faith convictions, she’s telling us to vote for Contanstine! Tell yourself the truth, my friends, to not vote for Trump is to vote for Nero! That woman will do nothing but make it easier for people to slaughter infants, to undermine any remaining Christian values in our culture and is almost guaranteed to start wars which will do nothing but kill christians and embolden radical Islam! Pull your heads out of your ideological hinies right now! I will support the Benedict Option as much as I can as long as it remains grounded in actually circumstances and concerns actual people and doesn’t descend into ideological fantasy, however morally scrupulous it might claim to be. I deeply respect you, Rod, but you are wrong on this one. Stop perpetuating idealism in the name of Christian principles and get your talent behind convincing people of the truth that where it counts, Hillary might as well be Diocletian and Trump Justinian the great.

        When your book comes out I will be doing a class on it in my parish. Maybe you can come speak about it? I hope it is more realistic than this silly article and half the comments attached to it!

        Now if Rod can actually believe that daddy Bush actually told Billy Bush to release the tape on Trump the truth will prevail. Alas Rod still thinks very idealistically and doesn’t understand how vile the Bush family is along with the Clintons. My thoughts and prays go out to Rod.


      • Mark E. Fisus says

        “If you are not with me, then you are my enemy.” Darth Vader

        • Oh Mark,

          Old Darth seems to have been quoting our Lord God and Savior:

          “He that is not with Me is against Me; and he that gathereth not with Me scattereth abroad.” Matthew 12:30

        • Implying the prequels are canon.


        • Bishop Tikhon (Fitzgerald) says

          Mark E Phesus! Why quote Darth Vader, rather than the Holy Gospels, which report Christ teaching “Who is not for us is against us,” in one place, and “who is not against us is for us” in another place?

    • Make Monomakhos Great Again! says

      I find it deeply ironic that the Monomakhos posters who most freely throw around the cuckservative label also come across as if Trump tried to take their wives “furniture shopping”, they’d still happily vote for him anyway. Sad!

      • Bishop Tikhon (Fitzgerald) says

        Make Monomakhos Great Again! I think “cuckservative” gives a sensuous thrill to those who use it—it’s a type of surrogate pornography, no? “Hard up,” we used to call them !

    • Mike Myers says

      Cancellations of Trump campaign’s TV ad buy reservations, a few days ago:

      State $Canceled
      Florida $741,000
      NC $307,000
      Ohio $263,000
      PA $179,000
      Iowa $165,000
      Maine $93,000
      NH $53,000
      CO $32,000
      18 U.S. Code § 2385

      • Peter A. Papoutsis says

        Hey Mike, DON’T CARE! Go Trump!

        However, you can continue to try to make Monomakhos Great Again.


      • Small markets that were deemed irrelevant.

        Reminder: the conventional wisdom that ad buys=winning is rubbish.

  8. oh, the irony! says

    It’s the irony of ironies that that Clintons are being sold as paragons of moral and sexual purity as opposed to the vulgar Trump, whose election would only mean moral perdition.

    Please. This is a classic case of we-don’t-like-him-so-we-won’t-give-this-a-pass. But the Clintons, well their policies are better, so all they do gets a pass. I have acquaintances on Facebook who post garbage like “how would you like Trump behaving like this toward your daughter,” and then they post “Clinton ’16!”, entirely okay (apparently) with Bill’s history of rape and HRC’s well-documented enabling of it to help her political ascent.

    Like everything in our degraded American politics, if you like the person, whatever they do/say is ok. If you can’t stand the person, attack whatever they do/say. I’m so sick of our American political system.

    • Bishop Tikhon (Fitzgerald) says

      “oh, the irony!” Where are the Clinton’s “being sold as paragons of ANYTHING (such as moral and sexual purity) by ANYBODY? Please cite your reference. I personally have never heard of Clintons ever characterized by ANYBODY as such paragons. If anybody else can come up with this, I’d be grateful to them, too for instructing me on a topic of which I was heretofore ignorant! As far as I know, no one has claimed Hillary Clinton should get the vote because she’s morally upright! What an idea! Next, someone will say Trump opposes abortion! Oh, boy! It sounds to me as if Trump backers would count on a President Trump to rule ENTIRELY by executive order to “make America great again!” Or maybe they just can’t count at all?

      • Peter A. Papoutsis says

        On this the Good Bishop and I agree Hillary is not now and has never been a paragon of virtue. In fact she is the complete opposite. The Good Bishop should do a prayer of exorcism so she can leave us all alone. We should all count on the Good Bishop doing that?

        • Bishop Tikhon (Fitzgerald) says

          Peter has a very Hollywood-esque comprehension of exorcism. If I were the kind of hierarch that resorted to exorcisms of this or that detested presidential candidate, I’d surely want to exorcise some possessed contributors to “Monomakhos &Trump, Inc.”, first!
          When has Trump indicated he was against abortion? Since Hillary has not done so, you’d think he’d jump at the chance to do so! When has Hillary committed sexual advances at boys or men?I know of NO “paragons of virtue” in public office or running for public office, saving only Jimmy Carter! We got him out of the White House after one term through the machinations of that scrub team, Reagan & Khomeini!

          • Peter A. Papoutsis says

            Peter has a very Hollywood-esque comprehension of exorcism. If I were the kind of hierarch that resorted to exorcisms of this or that detested presidential candidate, I’d surely want to exorcise some possessed contributors to “Monomakhos &Trump, Inc.”

            We as Baptized Orthodox Christians have already been exorcised, so I don’t know what you mean my Good Bishop, but Hillary “Evil Incarnate” Clintion has not. Give her a shot.

            When has Trump indicated he was against abortion? Since Hillary has not done so, you’d think he’d jump at the chance to do so!

            Bait and switch as always my good bishop. When you cannot answer a question you just change the subject. However, Hillary “Evil Incarnate” Clinton is for abortion and even Partial Birth Abortion. So is Obama that you love so much. As for Trump:

            Trump announces ‘pro-life coalition,’ supports making Hyde Amendment permanent

            When has Hillary committed sexual advances at boys or men?

            Woman claims Hillary Clinton Sexually Assaulted her

            I know of NO “paragons of virtue” in public office or running for public office, saving only Jimmy Carter!

            Really!? Now you know where Bishop Tikhon hails from politically. And you wonder why the Orthodox Church had and still has problems. Sheesh!

            We got him out of the White House after one term through the machinations of that scrub team, Reagan & Khomeini!

            Speaking of Reagan:

            The Greatness of Reagan


            • Bishop Tikhon (Fitzgerald) says

              Peter Papoutsis wrote: “We as Baptized Orthodox Christians have already been exorcised, so I don’t know what you mean my Good Bishop,” Ever-memorable Bishop Basil Rodzianko, when he was Bishop of San Francisco, “solved” problems with the West Sacramento (Bryte) parish by having everyone go to Confession and Communion and then he exorcized them all!
              And for your enlightenment, baptized Orthodox Christians like you, Peter, can be possessed by demons and need exorcism!

  9. Cynthia mae Curran says

    Well, people have already voted, so abandoning Trump now is a mistake. Trump has his wealthy donor, Robert Mercer, a hedgefund, hard core conservative that also backs breabart and another conservative web blog that has some different views than braebart.

  10. Cynthia mae Curran says

    I missed Gary Johnson and Jill Stein on the stage. Gary Johnson would have asked where is Aleppo as the pot smoke would blow from his mouth. Jilll Stein would say everyone here including Clinton is controlled by corporate interest.

  11. Cynthia mae Curran says

    Lyndon Johnson was the king of bad sex behavior he said to a girl that he got in bed with this is your president. Always showing off his private parts. Trump is not more crude than LBJ on this issue. Personality, I do agree with Peter, Ron Drieher sometimes gets a little self-righteous. What about Methodist pastors that excused what the Clinton’s do since Hilary is a Methodist.

    • Michael Bauman says

      Politics is not for the virtuous. By today’s public posturing morality there is probably not a single man who has been President who could pass muster. No slave holders need apply so that lets out Washington.

      Maybe John Adams, John Quincy except he liked nude swims in the Potomac. Jackson was legally a bigamist who shot people in duals and owned slaves. If all the Presidents, he is most like Trump.

      Grover Cleveland had to get a loan from JP Morgan(the man) to keep the government going, several were alcoholics (Grant and Fillmore for sure). Adulterers have abounded. All except Washington engaged in person or by proxy in gutter politics.

      Most of them, despite their impairments, have generally had the interests of the country as a top priority. Harding is the only one I can think of who did not and he was mostly stupid. One could argue about Wilson, who BTW was the most “moral” President in the 20th century. His policies have proved disastrous.

      Trump seems likely to make the interest of the country top priority, Hillary will not.

      We have become a nation of wildly immoral hedonists who are absolute prudes about the behavior of our politicians except in the one area where it matters-putting the interest of the country first.

      Only a small handful of our Presidents have been personally corrupt. Johnson, Harding maybe, Clinton. His wife would be worse. She obviously does not give a fig for the interests of this country. She is the state, Sun Queen a hater of Christianity.

      Trump is far preferable despite being a sleaze.

      Those who would disqualify Trump on the grounds of personal behavior alone are not on strong grounds.

      Fast and pray. Lord forgive me a sinner.

      • M. Stankovich says

        Michael Bauman,

        I was raised in the home of a grandmother, the fondest memories of whom are awakening as a child with my bed facing the lights of the major street we grew up on, and her silhouette against the lights, siting in the living room, making the Sign of the Cross as she prayed before going to bed. Other times, I would awaken to her making the Sign of the Cross over me and my brother before before she went to bed as she checked that the doors were locked. This is all to say we were raised in a home of respect, decency, respect for both women, and elders, and it is, literally, shocking to me that you, of all people on this site, would say, “Those who would disqualify Trump on the grounds of personal behavior alone are not on strong grounds.” How, in heaven’s name, does one person, or one era, or one circumstance have bearing on another? I have been in locker rooms, I have been on the streets, I have worked in jails, I have worked in prisons, I have been with the the most despicable and the most despised that humanity has to offer, and you will not find a person on this earth who has ever heard me speak or act in terms of vulgarity or disrespect as this man who would put himself forward as the leader of the greatest country on this earth. Ever, Michael Bauman. And why? Because I was taught fundamental decency and respect by women. God forgive me, I may not have spoken out against behaviour when I witnessed it to be wrong because of my own weakness, fear, or need to be accepted, but I kept my own convictions. I ask you – and others as sincere as you – to reconsider your position.

        • Michael Bauman says

          My position is to vote none of the above, literally write in None of the above. That being said I would prefer a venal, nassisitic thug to a traitor and someone who will actively oppress us.

          We already elected one sexual predator as president, of course he was a traitor too. His wife will be worse and will take action to marginalize Christianity of all types.

          Her husband bombed Serbia on Pascha and handed Kosovo over to Islamic drug lords.

          There is absolutely no way I could vote for Hillary nor stomach her as President.

          I can not vote for Trump either, but for those who feel compelled to participate in what is fast becoming a fascist plebiscite, Trump would be less quick to sell out Christians and this country.

  12. Trump is a big old pice of dog s**t, that needs to be put in the trash. Before we all step in it

    • Peter A. Papoutsis says

      No he is not. The Dog s**t I think you are refering to is Hillary “The Devil” Clinton, and we already stepped in it with her. That’s why we need to vote against her in November. To scrape the Dog s**t off our shoes. Bye bye Hillary.


    • Not an argument.

  13. Or worse yet, his arrogance and total lack of foreign policy experience would spell disaster, with his access to the nuclear codes. That’s where the real war with Russia, North Korea could start with this bubblehead in charge.

    • Peter A. Papoutsis says

      If you actually want to give nuclear codes to Hillary after she suffered a total collapse at the 9/11 memorial then buddy you are extremely deluded.

      Also Trump has done and continues to do international deals. I think his stability and reasonableness is beyond reproach. As for Hillary’s stability well you saw how stable she was when threw her lifeless body in the secret service car and sped away.


      • I would rather have an illness, if she has one and no one has proven that, versus an incompetent buffoon and misogynist who has no foreign policy experience. If you think International deals building hotels constitutes training for the Oval Office and dealing with foreign leaders, then you are extremely deluded. Trumpf does not have the temperament, fitness, or experience to occupy that Office. More and more polls, GOP, and especially his once-loyal group of suburban women, say the same thing.

        • Thanks for Correcting the Record!™

        • Peter A. Papoutsis says

          Baffoon? Ok, I’ll take the bafoon over the liar and abortionist.

          • Trumpf has done his share of lying, too, e.g. his denial of groping women (corroborated by many contemporaneously), his failure to release taxes (what’s he hiding?) and now his stupid reluctance to accept the results of the election, asked twice by the moderator, because he thinks the election will be “rigged.”. That reluctance is similar to fascist dictators, third-world dictators, who attempt coups, and will do nothing to solidify his already-fractured GOP party. He did the same thing many times in the past–when he knows he is about to fail, he blames others, e.g. Emmy Awards when his reality show did no win and a few primaries. A sign of immaturity, unfit to occupy the Oval Office.

          • Bishop Tikhon (Fitzgerald) says

            Peter, it’s “buffoon” not baboon. Baboons have Putin eyes and noses!

    • What foreign policy experience did Obama have?
      And Hillary is more warlike than Trump by far.

  14. Abbouna Michel says

    Frankly, I find much of this discussion morally appalling. Just to set all this in a wider frame, I’d commend the heartfelt essay by Erik Erikson (link pasted in below). He may be an evangelical, but his theological depth puts many, many, “good Orthodox” to shame, in my estimate.


    • George Michalopulos says

      Erickson? Seriously? He put the “cuck” in “cuckservative.”

      Really, these people are nothing but Church Ladies: offended at talk but not at actual behavior. Jesus called people like this “whited sepulchers.”

      • Make Monomakhos Great Again! says

        Let’s get real: Trump is both talk and action. And let’s get even more real: the rape allegations against him could be proven true and you’d still vote for him. You’re all in. At this point you’d forgive him sodomy on 5th Avenue.

        • Peter A. Papoutsis says

          Not voting for Trump. I’m voting for our people that deserve freedom and the constitution restored. Voting for no war. That’s why I am voting for the crude talker, and opposed to evil incarnate.

          Why is no one, NO ONE, taking offense at the evil Hillary has done and said, but are all over Trump? Interesting.


      • Abbouna Michel says

        If the faith articulated in the essay I referenced is genuine–and I have no reason to doubt that it is–I can only pray that I will be able to make as good a defense before the awesome judgment seat of Christ as this “Church Lady” will.

        • Peter A. Papoutsis says

          This “Church Lady” is a shill for the establishment elite. See past the manipulation and hold fast to the Orthodox faith. I for one do not want to go to war with Russia, an Orthodox Christian nation. Do you? If so vote for Hillary “Evil Incarnate” Clinton, and enjoy the fireworks.


    • Peter A. Papoutsis says

      Erickson? If that poor man ever finds his spine and balls maybe then I’d listen to him. Until then he is nothing more than a mouth piece for the establishment both inside and outside the Church and government. No thank you.


  15. Peter A. Papoutsis says

    The Truth is revealed! Part 1
    From: Howard Schultz
    Date: Mon, Jul 6, 2015 at 8:39 AM
    Subject: For your consideration…
    To: Cheryl Mills
    Good morning Cheryl, For what it’s worth some respectful thoughts for consideration… From the outside looking in, I see an old style start to the campaign that feels stale with very few signs of the kind of freshness and transparency that the American people (especially millennials) will need to trust and ultimately elect HRC as President. It’s also becoming very apparent and concerning that the media is not on her side. This will get only worse and not bode well for her as time goes on. She desperately needs the people on her side. And, although it’s early, the imprinting process has begun… And, I don’t like how it feels. Her inner circle and the powers to be, need to reject the status quo, and understand how brands (and she is a brand) in the world we now live in are built. It requires a vision for the future that is steeped in truth and authenticity and builds an enduring emotional connection with the voters. The rules of engagement for running for President have dramatically changed, accept it. Substance absolutely matters, but so does the form it takes. The campaign feels “yesterday.” It’s too packaged and prescribed. The American people are longing for truth and someone to believe in. Reboot the look of it all and the overriding message before its to late. The answer is not in the polls, it’s in her heart and her conscience. When she begins to truly trust herself and find her inner voice, and has the courage and conviction to share it with the world, things will change and change rapidly. Encourage her to be herself. And, to embrace her core purpose and reason for being. That’s the lens it all needs to go through. It’s not politics as usual. Especially as it relates to technology and social media, but that’s a whole another story. I’m not a politician and certainly not a pollster. Just one person with one vote, who cares deeply about the country and the dire need for authentic leadership. Thank you. Sincerely, Howard
    That was July of 2015. I think HRC got the media on her side after she and the DNC killed Bernie Sanders campaign, but not the truth and Transparency. But wait it gets better. In another email Howard Shultz also stated that although he believes the American people have been properly conditioned to think what our “Managers” (thank you C.S. Lewis) want us to think and feel we are starting to wake up and break free of the control mechanisms put in place to control and pacify us. Once I find the full second email from him I’ll posted it.

    Love it.


  16. re title fo this discussion: He’s smoking something. Meanwhile, in news of disgraced Orthodox ex-servants of the people


  17. Peter A. Papoutsis says

    If this is going on in the American Catholic Church, what exactly is going on in the American Orthodox Church and in the Phanar?

    Democratic Conspiracy Against the Catholic Church

    Well here is another conspiracy that tuned out to be fact. I do believe more and more “Conspiracies” will be becoming fact. We as a Church in this country are divided and so completely unprepared that I truly fear for my children’s future if Hillary “Evil Incarnate” Clinton gets in the White House.

    Vote for Trump if for no other reason than for self-preservation.


    • George Michalopulos says

      Shocking, isn’t it Peter? My fear is that the average American Catholic doesn’t give a damn. Can you imagine the screaming if it were American Moslems or American Jews being talked about this way?

      “John, what’s up with this ban on pork? Can’t we encourage a Muslim/Jewish Spring? They need to get over their Medieval beliefs.”

      “Jennifer, I hear you. I imagine we could get a grant from the American Pork Council to start something up.”

      The Wikileaks continue to pour out and every day it’s worse than the day before. Thanks to the likes of Comey, et al, it’s simply not possible to believe that the Federal Govt has any credibility any more.

      • Peter A. Papoutsis says

        Check this out:

        Hillary makes fun of Catholics and Evangelical Christians

        This was posted on the Huffington Post 14 hours ago, but if you go to the Huffington Post website it is NO LONGER THERE! HuffPo took it down as fast as it went up. So the meme about Trump is getting Pushed relentlessly, but the Wikileaks info is not seeing the light of day.

        You still think we have a free and independent press? You still think we are not being lied to and manipulated into hating Trump and to vote for Hillary “Evil Incarnate” Clinton? Think again.

        Go Trump go!


      • George Says: “John, whats up with this ban on pork????”
        NOW, imagine coffee shooting out of Dino’s nostrils as this is read by Dino. George, priceless. As hilarious as your post was. The leaked email is disgusting. Another reason to pray for the Trump movement victory over the demons of the Clinton clan!

      • Estonian Slovak says

        How many Orthodox here have been ridiculed for turning down meat on Wednesday and Friday? How many have had coworkers ask, “How come you don’t celebrate Christmas and Easter with us? What’s up with that?” It happened to me and I’m sure to many others.
        Yet when a Muslim worker observes Ramadan, he gets angry that the rest of us aren’t fasting. Nobody bothers to question him, it’s just accepted. It looks like soon we may have to choose between following Christ or doing what we are told. I’m afraid that our fellow Christians will find out that their caving in to the world will not save them.

        • Bishop Tikhon (Fitzgerald) says

          Estonian Slovak! This is the first I’ve heard of anyone being RIDICULED for turning down milk, fish, and/or meat on Wednesdays or Fridays! I know that Catholics were often ridiculed as “mackerel-snappers” because it was BELIEVED they were required (rather than prohibited, like the Orthodox) to eat fish on Fridays!

          Please, when and where did a Muslim show anger to you when you ate during Ramadan? Please let us know because at 83+ and after living many different places and knowing many of various non-Christian beliefs, including Moslems, I’ve never ever experienced anything but more or less polite curiosity about my beliefs and customs! Where did you suffer so for Christ?

          • Estonian Slovak says

            Excuse me, Your Grace, but as a bishop and priest for over 30 years, have you been in a working class environment recently? Because it didn’t happen to you doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.
            I never said I suffered for Christ. I pointed out what happened to me. I could be wrong, but I bet if I were a man of the left, you’d be more inclined to believe me.
            This is too bad because I’m not one of those who has called you names or insulted you as some have here. I respect you as a bishop, but strongly oppose your politics.
            By the way, my employers have been very accommodating letting me take off Sundays and Feastdays. No complaints there.

            • Bishop Tikhon (Fitzgerald) says

              Well, “Estonian Slovak,” How many replied to this question of yours: “How many Orthodox here have been ridiculed(sic) for turning down meat on Wednesday and Friday?”
              How many replied to this one: “How many have had coworkers ask, “How come you don’t celebrate Christmas and Easter with us? What’s up with that?”?
              I repeat: Please, when and where did a Muslim show anger to you when you ate during Ramadan?
              Do you honestly imagine that a Muslim is LESS likely to be ridiculed on the job than you?
              You were totally off your rocker to say to me: “I bet if I were a man of the left, you’d be more inclined to believe me!” I thought you were a woman of the left until now ! You’re a MAN? Hah! How could we know that?
              I remember when I was in the Air Force, and one of my men came to my office and complained that on Friday the mess hall did not serve fish, “And, Captain Fitzgerald, us Catholics are required to eat fish on Friday!” Surely, that wasn’t you, “Estonian Slovak”, was it? Because this guy, like you, thought he was being singled out for SUFFERING because of the customs of his faith!

        • Sadly, it’s already that way. If a Jew wishes to observe the Sabbath, how many employers would refuse to work out a schedule that is agreeable to him? But if a Christian wants to go to church on Sunday, expect nothing but obstacles and threats.

          • Michael Bauman says

            Ages, when my son worked jobs where the business was open Sunday morning he always made it clear that he would not work the Sunday morning shift. The one he got any grief he called his manager’s manager and he was allowed to continue to not work the Sunday morning shift. When his manager continued to harass him my son transfered to another store with a more friendly manager. The transfer was granted. My son refused to be bullied.

  18. Peter A. Papoutsis says

    Fr. John Whiteford and the Truth about Syria
    Thursday, October 06, 2016
    The Immoral Policy of the United States Government in Syria

    I feel compelled, as a Christian and as an American citizen speaking only for myself, to condemn the policy of the United States government which has been to overthrow the Syrian government by arming and funding a radical jihadist insurgency. This has fueled and exacerbated a conflict which has witnessed the deaths of nearly half of a million Syrians, produced five million refugees, seven and a half-million internally displaced people, and has brought untold misery upon many millions more who have suffered either directly or indirectly as a result of this shameful policy. [1]

    I cannot turn a blind eye to the fact that our government continues, with our tax-payer dollars, to fund and arm those who are raping, murdering, and displacing Christians (who represent about ten percent of the overall population) and other religious minorities in Syria. [2]

    Our government waged a phony bombing campaign against ISIS for more than a year, with the only effect being that it made it appear that we were doing something, and provided cover for what we have clearly been up to. In fact, the end result of our government’s actions was to allow these terrorists to push further west into Syria. Our government willfully “looked the other way” because it put added pressure on the legitimate Syrian government (a United Nations member). [3] Some of the foremost academic experts in the world have repeatedly confirmed this. [4] To the extent that ISIS has been “on the run” in recent months, this is primarily due to the efforts of the Syrian Army and their allies, and not to the half-hearted actions of our government.

    ISIS soon overran much of Iraq and Eastern Syria, often traveling in large convoys across open desert (which would have been easy targets for a serious bombing campaign by the world’s most powerful air force), and eventually captured historic Palmyra in Syria. This has resulted not only in the immense immediate loss of human life, and the destruction of countless communities – but also the loss of priceless artifacts and documents that are lost to future generations, forever. Ancient Christian communities, many that spoke the very language of Christ, and have existed since the time of the apostles have been destroyed. [5] We have seen the revival of slave markets, which have functioned openly in the streets of cities in Syria and Iraq. And our government has not only done very little to put a stop to these things, but has in fact funneled arms and supplies to groups closely allied with the al-Nusra Front (which is a branch of Al Qaeda, lately calling itself Jabhat Fatah al-Sham) and ISIS. [6] Our own government has also continued to demonize other world powers, who at the invitation of the Syrian government, are assisting in the fight against ISIS and other terrorist groups. Our leaders continue to keep this civil war going, instead of pursuing legitimate avenues of peace, while continuing to remain closely allied with sources of terrorist ideology like Saudi Arabia. [7]

    Lest anyone think that what I am saying reflects conspiracy theories or fringe views, I would note that no less than Franklin Graham, who does charitable work on the ground in Syria, and is the son of the famous evangelist Billy Graham, has been pointing out these errors in US policy in Syria for years. Like most of those who know the Christians of Syria, he opposes any attempt to overthrow the Syrian government, because this government has protected Christians and other religious minorities, and any government that would likely replace it, would see the end of Christianity in Syria. [8]

    We should all call upon our leaders to stop this reckless and inhuman policy, and especially condemn any suggestion that we should bomb the Syrian Army. It is unfortunate that many civilians have suffered and died in this civil war, but the primary responsibility for that belongs to those who set this war in motion, fueled it with a steady supply of arms and supplies, and have consistently prevented efforts to bring it to a swift conclusion. [9]

    We should also immediately cut off all military and financial aid to “rebel” groups, which is what fueled the rapid rise of ISIS in the first place. [10] We should end the sanctions that helped create the turmoil that laid the groundwork for this civil war. And furthermore, the US government should provide sufficient resources to rebuild the communities that have been destroyed as a result these immoral and unjust actions. We should also all continue to pray daily for the peace of Syria and for the victims of this tragic and foolish war.

    [1] Seumas Milne (June 3, 2015). Now the truth emerges: how the US fuelled the rise of Isis in Syria and Iraq. The Guardian. Retrieved October 6, 2016, from https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2015/jun/03/us-isis-syria-iraq

    [2] BBC News, Syria’s beleaguered Christians (February 25, 2015) Retrieved October 6, 2016, from http://www.bbc.com/news/world-middle-east-22270455

    [3] In fact, Vice President Biden, speaking at Harvard University on October 2, 2014, admitted that our regional allies (Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar) created, armed, and funded ISIS and the other terrorist groups because they hoped to overthrow the Syrian government: https://youtu.be/dcKVCtg5dxM?t=53m20s

    [4] See for example University of Oklahoma professor Dr. Joshua Landis in a May 2015 statement: https://twitter.com/joshua_landis/status/601579194179420161?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw or see Chatham House (UK) expert Hayder al-Khoei: https://twitter.com/Hayder_alKhoei/status/601528444686565376?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw

    [5] Philip Jenkins (September 4, 2013). Syria’s Christians Risk Eradication: A post-Assad Islamist regime threatens to re-enact the Armenian genocide. The American Conservative. Retrieved October 6, 2016, from http://www.theamericanconservative.com/articles/syrias-christians-risk-eradication/

    [6] Kevin Boyd (September, 2014). Remember Those ‘Moderate’ Syrian Rebels That The U.S. Armed? ISIS Got Some Of Those Weapons Too. Independent Journal Review. Retrieved October 6, 2016, from http://ijr.com/2014/09/175685-remember-moderate-rebels-syria-obama-armed-isis-got-weapons/

    [7] Scott Shane (August 25, 2016). Saudis and Extremism: ‘Both the Arsonists and the Firefighters.’ New York Times. Retrieved October 6, 2016, from http://www.nytimes.com/2016/08/26/world/middleeast/saudi-arabia-islam.html

    [8] Newsmax Prime (September 30, 2015). Rev. Franklin Graham on how Russian airstrikes affect Christian persecution. Retrieved October 6, 2016, from https://youtu.be/IWX44PqYc6c?t=2m21s Russian Orthodox Church Youtube Channel (October 29, 2015). Rev. Franklin Graham meeting with Patriarch Kirill. Retrieved October 6, 2016, from https://youtu.be/uHaldjbUgc0?t=13m15s

    [9] Ron Paul Liberty Report (October 6, 2016). Why Everything You Hear About Aleppo Is Wrong. Retrieved October 6, 2016, from https://youtu.be/I8mA0h7dCKI

    [10] RealClear Politics (August 10, 2015): Former DIA Chief Michael Flynn Says Rise Of ISIS Was A “Willful Decision” Of US Government. Retrieved October 6, 2016, from:

    Posted by Fr. John Whiteford at 7:13 PM

    Love it! Get the message out and vote for Trump and not Hillary “Evil Incarnate” Clinton.


  19. Peter A. Papoutsis says
  20. Ever since February 12, 1999 the Democratic Party has assured us that lewdness – and even lying under oath about lewdness – neither constitutes a threat to the republic nor disqualifies a person from occupying the oval office.

    “The perjury charge [against William Jefferson Clinton] failed with 45 senators voting “guilty” and 55 senators voting “not guilty”. The obstruction of justice charge failed with 50 senators voting “guilty” and 50 senators voting “not guilty”. In both cases, a two-thirds majority of 67 senators would have been required for conviction. All 45 Democrats in the Senate voted “not guilty” on both charges.”

    I am not saying I agree that lewdness doesn’t disqualify – quite the contrary. But I am…well… just saying.

  21. Mark E. Fisus says

    Would you still leave the Republican party if Trump wins?

    • George Michalopulos says

      I’ve already left. I sent my resignation letter to Chiefcuck Paul Ryan the other day. I cc’d my Congressman and Reince Priebus.

      If the Oligarchy somehow shoots itself in the foot between now and Nov 8 and Trump manages to eke out a victory, I’ll have to reconsider my options. My feeling at this point is that a new, nationalist party based on the Constitution must arise as the GOP is destined to go the way of the Whigs.

      Mind you the GOP will not die because of policy preferences or even differences in principles but because they are saddled with traitors who either are Globalists (e.g. Bushworld) or servitors of them (Erickson, Beck.) Either way, such spineless men have no intention or inclination to stop the continued sovietization of our country under the likes of Clinton.

      Regardless, once it is known that there are traitors in your midst, you have no choice but to extricate yourself from their company. It’s simple self-preservation.

      • Wise choice, George.

        What’s left of the GOP is largely simply a more conservative version of the Progressive Liberal Democratic Party. It is a continuous spectrum and the powers that be that run the GOP are absolutely committed to long term tactical loss because, essentially, they agree with the Democrats on which direction the country needs to go. It’s just that the Democrats need a foil and a retarding influence on their eagerness to progress very quickly. Joe Sixpack would have a hissy and start shooting otherwise.

        That pretty much sums up the American “two party” system. It’s an American Party with two wings, both of which are dominated by international corporatists who have no intention of respecting the interests of the American people. They are moral libertarians, which means evil propagators of abortion, feminism, and the general destruction of the institution of the family. Largely atheistic as the upper classes tend to be, they will of course pay thin lip service to faith and religion in order to quell the “ignorant masses”.

        That’s modern America. It is no longer my country. I intend to move my citizenship as soon as the opportunity presents itself. Of course, I would visit America from time to time. Maybe even undertake projects here as a foreign national – at least as long as I feel like I always have the freedom to leave.

        Eventually, a more controlling despotism will take over here, one more obviously totalitarian than what prevails today. That is the natural result of the political self destruction we see before us.

        I suppose a Nationalist Party might save the day. But it would have to effectively morph the form of American government away from its present state and into something resembling Russia’s “sovereign democracy”; i.e., something with a much stronger executive with the rest of the government being, de facto, dependent on that executive. Then American dualism could be suppressed and something decent emerge.

        But I’m not holding my breath. The dualism of the two-party system has taken its toll on the American psyche. Americans cannot even imagine a virtuous unity government. Faction seems to be a necessity. Faction has created a two party system where each side has part of the truth but each side also demonizes the other completely as the vehicle of the devil himself. That is how all dualism ends.

        I don’t know, I doubt I’ll vote at all in November or ever again. I was momentarily inspired by the frank and open way Trump laid bare the truth regarding the psychological nature of women. However, even if he won, I seriously doubt that he would be able to accomplish much of anything since the entire Democratic Establishment and most of the Republican Establishment can be relied on to oppose him at every turn. The Republicans should be more loyal at this stage of the campaign than at any time during his presidency, if he wins, except perhaps during his re-election campaign. Yet they are turning on him left and right. So the odds he can actually improve anything are damn slim.

        If Hillary wins, of course, it will be a disaster.

        If Trump wins, it will be entertaining to see him go through his paces. However, the American people and their leaders in various guises have become so decadent and corrupt that I’m pretty sure they can’t be saved in the short term.

        I’m convinced it will get much worse here before it has any realistic chance of getting better. But that is what happens when a nation decisively turns its back on God.

        • George Michalopulos says

          Misha, things really crystallized for me when I came across a post recently by Ace of Spades (I wish I could find it).

          It’s thesis is basically this: the Elite Right (NRO, RedState, FOX news, cuckservatives in general) have internalized the Leftist cultural paradigm. Gay “marriage,” “Invade the World because Democracy,” “Invite the World in because Federalist Papers,” etc. nonsense. This is because the cuck-Right lives in the same zip codes, sips coffee at the same Starbucks, and dates the same people as the dominant Left.

          Their job (according to Ace) is to police the boundaries of polite discourse, what is acceptable in conservatism. Example: just five-ten years ago, these same “conservatives” would have fought to the death for religious freedom and against gay “marriage.” Now, for them, “marriage equality” is sacrosanct beyond all question. It’s blasphemy to even question it.

          • Peter A. Papoutsis says


          • You got it, George. The whole thing is professional wrestling.

            Something significant just happened, my sources tell me. Obama may have blinked. After Assad takes Aleppo, the US has signaled that it will be open to political solutions in Syria and the Ukraine.

            • George Michalopulos says

              I hope you’re right.

              • Bishop Tikhon (Fitzgerald) says

                for the week of October 16-23: Why does Russia stand head and shoulders above the whole western world in its rate of A.I.D.S. infestation? Only a FEW African countries come up to the Russian rate of infection! WHY are ABORTIONS LEGAL there, if Russia is more spiritually admirable than the West?
                Finally, is non-homosexual sodomy less sinful than homosexual sodomy? I’m speaking of the buggery practiced by a heterosexual man with his heterosexual female wife. I understand this is a vital question in Texas and Oklahoma, for example.
                And then there is the touchy question of male circumcision and its relation to freedom from AIDS and from cervical cancer in the wives of those who are circumcised. Did God know what He was doing when He instituted circumcision (and underwent it in His Human Nature) for Israel, a salutary practice later to be discarded by the Apostles for the New Israel without any corresponding Divine Revelation or consultation on the topic?

        • Michael Bauman says

          Misha, I agree with your analysis. Moving to some other country is not an option for me and my family. Plus, this land is important to me and, despite the Church’s lack of commitment to it, it is important to the Church as well.

          • Michael,

            I feel you. I have family (sisters, cousins) here. It may be difficult to get them out when the time comes. And God does not completely abandon any one or any country. I see that toward the end of things, it is likely that America will be involved in a shooting nuclear war. I doubt that it will be with Russia, at least I hope not. But the Sunnis will eventually be able to deliver a weapon to targets here, one way or another. And in the Middle East I would be surprised if it did not go nuclear. It might be “tactical” nukes, those with low yield designed for combat. But that’s what it looks like.

            Given America’s condition and the eventualities, I’d rather be elsewhere when it all hits. Nothing I can do here but entertain until the climax. Much I can do elsewhere. Most of the prophetic stuff, I assume, applies to the Middle East and Mediterranean. That was “the world” as they knew it when the prophecies were given. But at the same time, America is quite a Babylon, no? I could not object to the description, “Mother of all Whores”. We have bribed everyone to do our bidding and shed enormous amounts of blood pursuing Progressive Hegemony.

            I would stay away from any place “strategic” (major cities, military facilities, ports, etc.) in America when the poo poo hits.

      • If Trump loses, with 40%+ of the country behind him, I hope that he (or perhaps more likely, one of his sons) will become America’s Nigel Farage: the businessman who heard his country’s call to change the political paradigm.

        The Great America Party, with a 20-30% built-in base, would have an easier climb than UKIP, and see what UKIP has accomplished.

  22. George Farsalas says

    Vote or write in McMullin. A sound conservative with experience.The link explains how there may be a small chance your vote won’t be wasted.

  23. Cynthia mae Curran says

    Well, I have trouble fitting as well. In fact I’m one of the few that supports the third world getting better economically to reduce immigration. I know this takes time and support border control measures, one reason why I disagree with the American Sol-diary Party but I think they are a good idea since they are made up of the pro-life Democratic and Orthodox like Ron Dreiher. Kind of a left and right on different issues. This party might split the Dems as well and become larger than the Libertarians in 7 years.

    • In fact I’m one of the few that supports the third world getting better economically to reduce immigration.

      I have heard Trump speak about this in terms of Mexico.

      If Mexico’s most daring and industrious citizens are busy sneaking into America, that is effectively a brain drain, and how does that leave Mexico? The best thing we can do for Mexico is to force their best citizens to stay there and effect political change. Same with other countries.

  24. Debate 3: Trump speaks about the horrors of abortion in the strongest terms I have ever seen from a presidential candidate, especially in a national forum.

    Sure it will hurt him with some, but he even made that high-priestess of Moloch across the stage uncomfortable when he kept repeating, “ripping the child out of its mother.”

    If we elect Crooked, we are asking for the just judgment that is coming. And that judgment very well may come at the hands of Orthodox Russia.

    • George Michalopulos says

      Ever since the release of Wikileaks, I’ve been granted an insight into our circumstances, one that has been solidified by the Project Veritas exposes. And that’s this: the Lord is exposing massive corruption in high places and throughout the body politic. He does this as a mercy to believers, especially those who have been deluded these past few decades that if we just vote for this party or that man or abide by that platform, then all will be well with America. I’m sorry, but having Lee Greenwood sing “God Bless the USA” at the next GOP convention which nominates Bush III as he kneels before Pope Hagee ain’t gonna do it for me.

      Believers are now being disabused of their previous delusion. The GOP is now being mercifully hollowed out because the traitors have been exposed as such. This includes the Neocons and their Zionist Christian allies who think nothing of fomenting war in the Middle East and sacrificing the flower of American youth to do it. The time for the Democrats will soon follow as that party is a even more committed to treason against the American nation and culture than the Republicans.

      How will this judgment against our nation take place? I imagine that the senseless war-mongering of the Oligarchy (Hillary, Biden, etc.) in order to paper over the very real divisions that exist in America today against Russia will have dire consequences.

      • Our country will only be destroyed from within. When other countries see that we have destroyed our self, they will pounce on the opportunity to finish us off to their liking, and control. The only shots fired before that will be from within, American against American. This is why the right to bear arms is most important in this election. Those who want to change our country from within, or outside our borders, do not not want to deal with well armed citizens. Once the military style rifles are removed, and all we have are shot guns, and single bolt hunting rifles, it’s over for us.

        The only time I see the revolt beginning, is when either The Great American Government Ponzi bursts, and the likes of Greece’s economic depression come to our shores, or the second amendment is overturned, and the Government tries to take our weapons away.

        Your everyday average American will never get out of their cars, or off their couches , in protest, until the money runs out. Then things will get really ugly. Imagine the FBI, or ATF going door to door trying to remove registered guns. Don’t be surprised when local police refuse to help the Feds, and join the revolt! That’s when things go from ugly to bloody.

        I never understood how, or why, or when, if ever God would punish us for our countries transgressions, but if he was, would not that time come if the Clinton’s have their way, are they the final nail in our coffin?

        • George Michalopulos says

          Excellent points. My analysis is not to worry about semi-automatic rifles so much as to worry about ammunition. The black market will take care of both but in the final analysis, the massive gov’t buy of ammo over the last few years has driven up the price significantly. People are also learning to make their own ammo.

          Back to your main point: I see a time under a HRC Administration (if she wins) in which the police departments will continue to be nationalized and militarized, all under the influence of the Black Lives Matter movement. While evil on its face, the reality will be more complex in that many police dept’s and individual policemen will bolix things up from the inside, much like happened in the Soviet bloc nations.

          • Thomas Barker says

            Mr. Michalopulos said “My analysis is not to worry about semi-automatic rifles so much as to worry about ammunition.”

            Next month California voters will decide on Proposition 63, “The Safety for All Act of 2016.” One of its many provisions is to require an individual to apply for and purchase a permit from the Dept. of Justice in order to buy ammunition. Yes, that’s government permission required just to buy bullets. The permit may cost up to $50.00 and expires after four years. There are many other provisions in the text of Proposition 63 including tightening restrictions on magazine size, increased court powers for confiscating guns from convicted individuals and controlling ammo transfers between individuals.

      • Peter A. Papoutsis says

        You got that right. Absolutely.


      • Cynthia mae Curran says

        A lot of the Zionist Christians supported Trump like Jerry Falwell Jr and focus on the family. I think Hagee sided with Trump. In fact Trump’s son in law is Jewish, so I doubt Trump has the alt-right and paleo-con view on Israel. He picked Mike Pence who also is in the Zionist camp.

        • He probably is sympathetic but not attached. The Israelis are too anxious about the Iranians and not as concerned about the Saudis. That’s a problem.

  25. Make Monomakhos Great Again! says

    So. Trump goes 0-3 in the debates and the map just gets grimmer and grimmer. Time to update my November 8 predictions:

    Clinton 372 EV, Trump 160 EV, McMullin (!) 6 EV
    Clinton 50.4, Trump 41.3, Johnson 5.7, Stein 1.9

    This is really not what you want to have happen less than three weeks out from election day:


    • George Michalopulos says

      Dan, sorry to burst your bubble but even the Talking Head Leftists on TV all thought Trump won the last two debates.

      Interestingly enough, the tracking polls put Trump at even or plus 2 as of yesterday.

      Also, I’ll throw this in as well: Jill Stein all but endorsed Trump, saying that a vote for her is “wasted” while a vote for Hillary is a vote for war. Then I read somewhere that Bernie told his people to “vote their conscience.” Hmmmm…..

      • Make Monomakhos Great Again! says

        I could ask you for these clips of ‘Talking Head Leftists’ declaring Trump the winner of the last two debates, but I’ll settle for your electoral map and popular vote predictions.

    • Peter Millman says

      Who cares about your idiotic predictions? Who are you that anyone should take you seriously? For your information and edification, Donald J. Trump is going to win this election. Hillary is falling in the polls while Mr. Trump is rising. Mrs. Bill Clinton is a thief, liar and evil person. I guess you’ve never heard of Travelgate. If the corrupt, bad cop Comey had done his job honestly and ethically, this charlatan witch would be under federal indictment right now. This wretched woman is the most corrupt politician in the history of the USA , and you, son, are one of the dumbest posters on this forum. You, Fritz, and Myers are the Three Stooges. You’re a wombat and a loser.

      • Make Monomakhos Great Again! says

        So many insults and so few predictions! I’m again amused that people who emphatically believe Trump is going to win seem to be allergic to spelling out their predictions for the electoral college and popular vote.

        If you’re embarrassed because figuring out how to use the 270towin web site and share a map is beyond you, maybe you can get a grandchild to help. Not asking for help is the only thing that’s Sad!

        • Bishop Tikhon (Fitzgerald) says

          Right! None of them put their money where their mouth is! The Kochs and others like them are just planning on big tax write-offs, as is Trump himself! What a scam! It’s heart-breaking to see so many being taken in, especially here on Monomakhos! Trump: “How I Increased my Millions by Running for President and Losing so Wonderfully!” It will hit the New York Times Bestseller lists in no time!

          • Bishop Tikhon, Forget money aside, how about you putting your salvation where your mouth is? When you stand before Christ on your judgement day, how will you explain voting for an anti-Christ like candidate like Clinton. Please try and refrain from your usual cynical wit, and insults, instead try and educate us as a Good Bishop should. Imagine how much good you could on this blog, if you used our time wisely, to enlighten us towards the path of salvation, instead of insulting those who would dare disagree with your views. You may be a retired Bishop, but we never get to retire our roles as the sons of the light.

            Why am I wrong to vote against Hillary, a hater of Christ? What good do you see in Clinton?

    • “So. Trump goes 0-3 in the debates . . .”

      You’re in la-la land if you believe that he didn’t do well in the last two debates. As to the map, it looks about even with a rough but doable road for him. That is not to say he will win. I firmly believe that a majority of the American people are foolish and decadent enough to elect Hillary as president and I would not be the least bit surprised if I woke up the day after Election Day and the news said she had won.

      We disagree, of course, on whether that would be a blessing or a curse. I’m sure it would be a curse. But America would deserve it. America has been far to complacent for far to long to fuss about being dragged to hell. If America goes, it will not have fallen. It will have jumped.

    • I think his campaign manager KellyAnne is feeling it, too. She admitted there is a lot of work to do, that her boss is behind. I think more will be jumping ship shortly. The path to Trump 270 electoral votes has been destroyed with his stupid actions, lying, inhumane words, and ongoing proof that he has neither the temperament nor foreign policy experience to occupy the Oval Office.

      • Peter A. Papoutsis says

        Trump will win in a landslide. Do not believe the polls or the progressive sick in the head and heart Clinton supporter. Vote for Trump and break free of the mind control, and get out the prison the establishment (right & left) put us in. Vote for Trump, and vote for freedom, and to start to make America great again.

        • Make Monomakhos Great Again! says

          Mr. Papoutsis is setting himself up in two weeks for an evening of numbly staring at a muted tv, with empty glass and empty bottle, as “Enjoy the Silence” by Depeche Mode plays in the background.

          • Peter A. Papoutsis says


          • There is a misperception on both the left and the right regarding this election and the poll numbers.

            From past elections, likely-voter polls and patterns/models that have proved quite accurate in the past, Peter is right that Trump should win this hands down. This is because the polls are generally skewed across the board toward the Democrat and have been for many presidential election cycles through various means usually involving the sampling.

            It’s psyche warfare at its lowest. Much like Brookings putting out a piece about how Trump should handle defeat for the good of the country.

            Few who really understand American public sentiment believe that an election where the coverage of the candidates was more evenhanded would yield a close vote this time around. Trump would win in a breathtaking landslide.

            Yet it is also foolish to trumpet this as an eventuality. In order to believe that the election results as published in the media will actually reflect the way the majority or plurality of the voters cast their ballots, one must believe that the process has some integrity. My point, Buchanan’s point and the point of many other observers is that the process, even if it were justifiable as a way to choose leaders by Christian standards, lacks any integrity because of the corruption of those administering the process.

            In all likelihood, there will be no fair count of the ballots – nothing approaching that. In all likelihood, the Democrats and establishment Republicans working the polls have already decided who is going to “win”, as has the press.

            So, yes, Trump will probably have won the election come Nov. 9th after everyone has voted.

            And it won’t matter.

            Because the precincts and states will report who they decide will have “won” and the press will report that Hillary “won”, in all likelihood.

            The only way this might fall through is if enough people lose heart and actually behave honestly during the election out of fear of the backlash (possible violent revolution) which might ensue after everything is investigated. That is probably why Trump is not agreeing to accept the “results” of the election as reported by the media. He’s holding the threat of insurrection behind an investigation looking at every ballot with a hair-tooth comb as a sword over the head of the powers that be in the hope that it will influence them not to fix it for Hillary.

            We’ll see.

            As a practical matter, we’ll know that we live in a flat out Progressive dictatorship untroubled in the slightest at being perceived that way if we see that Hillary “won” on Wednesday morning.

            If Trump wins, we will see that they got cold feet, much like Bartholomew at Crete, but that will not by any means indicate that the system is legitimate. Trump will still be confounded at every step of the way by the other two branches of government, part of his own branch and the majority of media and academia.

            It reminds me of the situation in the Soviet Union under Gorbachev and the predictions among political scientists here in America as to whether what he was doing could succeed. They were uniformly skeptical that he could move the Soviet system in the direction of openness and economic restructuring.

            They were right. It took a revolution to overthrow the former regime.

            So it will be here in America, I suspect. Trump is probably our Gorbachev. He may or may not win on Nov 8th.

            But either way, the revolution is coming.

            • George Michalopulos says

              My position is that should Trump (hopefully) win, two things will have been accomplished:

              1. the Globalism will have taken yet another beating, and

              2. the Neocon/lib war-machine will be derailed for the time being.

              The end-result will be that America has been granted a reprieve, nothing more. Unless we repent, the long-term indicators, especially the national debt and the cultural rot of single motherhood, homosexualism, etc., point to a coming economic collapse, sooner rather than later. The low-level race war that has been ongoing will get worse as well. (BTW, that’s one reason that the Oligarchy want all those Meso-Americans and Moslems in the US: as auxiliaries to help put down black folks.)

              • George,

                That much is true. As commander in chief, Trump would be able to derail War, Inc. On globalism, he would mostly have to play spoiler using his veto power and rejecting or “unsigning” this or that treaty. Of course, and you make the point, not to facilitate it is to stand in its way if you happen to be president . . .

                . . . also, he would have the bully pulpit and could go on executing sacred cows by the dozen. At least an entertaining prospect, I’ll admit. We’ll see if he can pull it off. What I wonder is how deep is his “prowess” as opposed to that of the Progressive Establishment (to use a Machiavellian concept). Sun-tzu would say if a battle can’t be won, don’t fight it. It is entirely possible – but I’m not betting on it – that he has gone deeper in intrigue, “gotcha” and “raw power brought to bear” than the other side. Or it may be that he has a wave of such focused power to unleash closer to the vote, which would be any moment now.

                We have seen quite a lot regarding wikileaks. We may see more international intrigue which focuses the spotlight more brightly on the futility of War, Inc. in the next week or so. It could be something really big, or he might have just calculated it well enough to pull it off in the tradition of Karl Rove.

                Hard to say.

                • George Michalopulos says

                  Agreed. A victorious Trump would have more than enough moral authority to derail War, Inc.

                  Of course, the Deep State would rebound in six months time with a false flag somewhere that would necessitate us going to war because of “Democracy.” Or so the war drums on ABCBSNBCFOX would mandate.

                  • Fr. Herman Schick says

                    Even in the event that Trump, despite the GOP establishment’s best efforts, should somehow be elected, War Inc. will not, as you note, be put off for long.

                    If all else fails, look for the GOP establishment to ally with the Dem establishment to get rid of Trump by other means, possibly through impeachment over sexual scandals (they are already laying the groundwork for it). Being a bipartisan effort, it would be more successful than the attempt on Bill Clinton. With Trump out of the way, Pence (definitely a “company man” and their “Ace in the hole”) would return to neocon business as usual. Problem solved!

                    • George Michalopulos says

                      Agreed. Jim Marrs (a JFK assassination theorist) has called Pence “Assassination bait”.

                    • It depends on how smart Trump is. As soon as he is inaugurated, he would arrange for things to be utterly screwed up in the event of his assassination. Given his precarious position, that would be what I would do. I would do my best to fix it so that there would necessarily by constitutional crises and, if possible, military insurrection if I were assassinated. I’d let my adversaries know it privately, and get on with business. It’s betting the health and continued independence of the country in a high stakes crap game, but really, that’s what’s been on the table all along.

            • Make Monomakhos Great Again! says

              It is utter total and complete nonsense that Republican state government officials in Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania and North Carolina are conspiring to rig the vote to elect Hillary Clinton. The United States presidential election is not stage managed. You might want the US to be more like Russia, but it isn’t in that regard, at least not yet!

              The Trump campaign internal polling tracks pretty closely with say, 538 project, and shows him behind, see:


            • Misha says: “In all likelihood, the Democrats and establishment Republicans working the polls have already decided who is going to “win”, as has the press.”
              Misha, as corrupt as our system has become, that is a stretch. Too difficult to involve so many people, from so many states, without something, or someone leaking something out. Quite the gamble and the repercussions too great,if caught, for them to risk. Great analysis though.

              I believe Trump might believe this rigging of the system, but not in such a wholesale scale, as you do. Love how the press went bananas, when Trump said he will leave us in suspense . That said, he is very wise, to let everyone know he will not go away without double checking them all. Great strategy on his part. Good read on yours, but I hope your wrong. I really don’t want our country to go down that path. I’d rather just have Trump as President.

              • George Michalopulos says

                Dino, I see your point about how improbable it would be to rig the election system as widely and as openly as would need to be to derail the Trump Train but that’s not what’s being alleged.

                For one thing, the disdain and not-so-sub-rosa collusion between the MSM, the Dems and Establishment GOP has now been exposed thanks to Wikileaks and Project Veritas.

                Second, it has been documented in two Texas counties that some voters’ electronic ballots registered “Clinton-Kaine” when the voters in question voted straight-party Republican.

                Third, Soros’ (and the Koch brothers) ownership of certain ballot-box machines has been documented.

                We’re not talking about a conspiracy to stuff the ballot boxes so that Hillary gets a 40-state/10% electoral landslide but more like what happened in 1960, when the Daley machine waited to release the necrotic vote in just the right numbers to put JFK right over the top.

                • George, I get it, just pray the voter fraud is not enough to make a difference.

                  The Deep State will never go away, like a fly on a horse, we must always swat it away.

                  • George Michalopulos says

                    Dino, isn’t it strange that the concept of the “Deep State” was first pioneered in post-Ottoman Turkey? And now that it’s been exposed there the concept has taken up residence here in the States? It’s curious to me. Regardless, there’s an incestuous relationship between Bushworld and the Clintonistas (to my everlasting shame –given that I was a supporter of Bush 41 & 43. Oh well, once burnt, twice shy.)

                    Erdogan, for all his faults (read: this is NOT an endorsement!) seems to be the populist repudiation of the Turkish Deep State. Maybe that’s the reason behind his rapproachment with Putin, something I never would have envisioned given the Turkish shoot-down of the Russian jet last year.

                    • George, Growing up I have known many Iranian Americans, some Muslim, some Jewish, both groups saw the Turks as low class uneducated village fools. I know better than that. My only prayer is whatever their role in future conflicts, will be either ineffective or on the right side of the conflicts to come. Village fools not, evil perhaps.

                      In regards to the Deep State here, we must never let any proposed climate change policies, turn into climate change Agencies Simply more control Agents of the people..Obama Care literally will decide who will live and die in the future. The liberal minded American sheep, and their unborn babes will line up, with out protest to the slaughterhouses. Stalin, Mao, and Hitler would be impressed! Unwanted babies and unproductive seniors will be eliminated. More Agencies will only strengthen The Deep State, just one more Agency to control the people, and weaken us.

              • All of the electoral information has to be handled, collected and compiled by people with biases.

                You recall how it was in the election of 2000. Regardless of who you think should have won, what in fact happened in Florida and in other places was that people were making up their own standards as to what constituted a vote for whom.

                Essentially, there is always enough play in the system to allow tampering and fraud, that is why it is a perpetual story.

                Do both sides do it., i.e., does it just “even out”?

                Probably not. Tammany Hall is not a legend for nothing. The Democratic machine is famous for widespread organized voter fraud and has been doing it long before any of us were born. I recall PBS footage of Tip O’Neil reminiscing about the “good ole days” when he was campaigning for John Kennedy handing out stacks of thousands of dollars going up and down the Eastern seaboard.

                Do Republicans do it?


                But Republicans tend to be more conservative so they do not feel that they are “entitled” to win, just that they want a fair hearing. It is very naive given the realities over the past 80 years or so, but that is the prevailing mindset among what used to be the “silent majority”.

                So yes, it is possible, doable, has been done, and likely will be done on a widespread scale no matter what anyone says or does to discourage it.

                But, will it be done to such an extent, so flagrantly in fact, that it will simply not be plausible that the results were as reported? That is the real question. At what point will the corruption look itself in the mirror and say that we can’t hold back the dike any longer because they will skin us when, not if, it comes out.

                As Walter Cronkite used to say, “And that’s the way it is . . .’

                The latest one from Pat is actually funny, in a macabre sort of way:


              • George Soros spent a lot of time and money getting Secretaries of Stateat the state levelto help control outcomes on his projects. Might be enough to tip the scales. Who knows maybe Soros is a necromancer too.

    • Mike Myers says

      My update, MMGA.
      Record turnout: 145,000,000.

      Record turnout for Democrats and Independents, anyway. The other side of the coin will be the record number of registered Republicans who stay home in shame and disgust. (You’re about to learn why …)

      Clinton: 54.7%
      Trump: 30.9%
      Johnson: 6.1%
      McMullin: 4.3%
      Stein: 1.7%
      Other: <1%

      Senate: 53 (D & I); 47 (R)
      House: pick-up of 20+ for (D)

      • Make Monomakhos Great Again! says

        I’m bearish on Trump, to put it mildly, but I’ll disagree on Texas and Indiana (even though internal GOP tracking polls in Indiana are dead heat) and Alaska. Mcmullin is also a non-entity outside of Utah and perhaps Idaho, although he might win Utah, I don’t believe he is on the ballot in enough states to pull 4% of the popular vote. Likewise I still see Trump as staying, barely, above the 40% popular vote mark, and it’s going to be difficult for Clinton to barely crack 50%. Partisan tribalism dies hard, no matter how dismal the campaign.

        • A nice summary. It is amusing how one’s fevered desires can color one’s view of reality — and this is just as true for MM as for PP.

          My prediction remains the same — Trump will get an Electoral College count somewhere between Dole (159) and Dukakis (111). I’ve not made popular vote predictions because they don’t mean anything, but my guess would be about 47 for Clinton and 42 for Trump.

          I will add this: if I am wrong, I feel very confident that, if anything, the election will be closer than I am predicting.

          • Mike Myers says

            I’m a long way off from any sort of positive “fevered desire,” if that is supposed to suggest passionate endorsement of any presidential candidate, either now or ever, with due respect to your baseless caricature of my position and the false equivalency you assert. I’ve always thought that to want the job at all is a disqualification on its face. It is to confess a worrisome tendency to megalomania. But since someone has to do it, the question is always who among the plausible options is least likely to wreak injustice and harm on a vast scale.

            The closest I come to fevered desire this cycle is in the negative sense, along with any sane, informed person of at least median judgment and intelligence, passionately opposed to the prospect of a guy like Trump in the White House.

            Because you’re one of the more rational correspondents on this silly blog, I’m a bit puzzled by your statement that popular vote predictions don’t mean anything. Now, if you meant ‘predictions’ to be the operative word, fair enough. But it’s obvious to me that given the objectively fevered political syndrome on one side in particular (exhibited regularly here by the cretinous anti-HRC ravings of Peter Millman and Mr. Peter A. Papoutsis, for example) the degree of popular mandate delivered to HRC in this cycle is going to prove anything but meaningless for the future of democracy in this country. Fortunately, it looks like a plurality of many millions are flying in formation over the cuckoo nest. I think many millions more may be about to join them. Whether they will be able to stay in formation for long remains to be seen.
            One thing, however, is for sure: your GOP is about to fall prey to a protracted civil war and, as anything resembling an integral American political party, its long overdue, overdetermined doom.

            • Peter A. Papoutsis says

              Trump IS winning in a landslide and that’s why the FBI just re-opened it’s email investigation into Hillary “evil incarnate” Clinton.

              She is to be thrown out and replaced with Michello Obama or uncle Joe Biden.

              Welcome to the banana Republic called “Amerika.”


            • Cynthia mae Curran says

              The Democrats may have the same problem in a decade, the pro-life Catholics have formed their own party the American Soldiary Party. This means that lots of catholics, some evangelicals and Eastern Orthodox may shift out of the Democratic Party over some of the social issues.

            • Peter Millman says

              When you use the word cretinous, you are describing yourself. Answer me one question: are you gay?

        • Mike Myers says

          Texas is my wild card; possible campaign drama there. E. McM on ballot in AR, CO, IA, KY, LA, MN, NM, SC, UT & VA. His campaign is aggressively recommending write-in votes in the other states. Word of mouth publicity from increases in traffic to his website and related keyword searches makes my estimate of 6+ million votes not wholly unreasonable. He has a good shot to win UT and pile up significant votes in ID, CO, TX, VA and AZ (write-in). I think more and more genuinely conservative Republicans will be looking at and then voting for him on principle. My Johnson vote may be a bit high, though. I could consider giving 1 or 2 % of those back to Drumpf. But I won’t.

          Trump typo, should have been 31.9%.

          Estimated non-Democrat % is ~43, and the reason I hope Trump won’t pull much above an historically miserable 32% (in my optimistic, best-case scenario) is very low turnout among his misguided/racist low- to no-info minions, partly as a result of the demoralizing scandals to come, which I hear may faze even some hard-core zombies. Look for these to hit any day.

          Epic revanchist turnout for blacks, Hispanics, and women will boost HRC to mid-50s. Her GOTV ground game could be ace, on a par with Obama 2008/12.

          • Mike Myers says

            I see I left out ID; McMullen’s on the ballot there, too. He’s already won official write-in status, or will have won it by Election Day, in all but 8 states: NV, SD, OK, MS, FL, IN, HI & NC. Legal challenges pending in the courts to make write-in votes count there. His support has skyrocketed in a matter of weeks and is still rising.

        • My map of the most likely result, rather than best-case.

          Turnout: 140,000,000

          Clinton: 50.8%
          Trump: 38.7%
          Johnson: 5.5%
          McMullin: 2.2%
          Stein: 1.7%
          Other: <1%

          Senate: 52 (D & I); 48 (R)
          House: pick-up of 15+ for (D)

      • MM, thanks, yup, looks like a landslide alright..for Hillary. Go Hillary! We don’t need that racist bigot who has no foreign policy experience or the temperament to be in the White House.

      • Peter A. Papoutsis says


  26. Every time you use the term “cuck” you should keep in mind who your bedfellows are…


    “I distinctly remember the first time I saw a picture of my then-seven-year-old daughter’s face in a gas chamber. It was the evening of September 17, 2015. I had just posted a short item to the Corner calling out notorious Trump ally Ann Coulter for aping the white-nationalist language and rhetoric of the so-called alt-right. Within minutes, the tweets came flooding in. My youngest daughter is African American, adopted from Ethiopia, and in alt-right circles that’s an unforgivable sin. It’s called “race-cucking” or “raising the enemy.” I saw images of my daughter’s face in gas chambers, with a smiling Trump in a Nazi uniform preparing to press a button and kill her. I saw her face photo-shopped into images of slaves. She was called a “niglet” and a “dindu.” The alt-right unleashed on my wife, Nancy, claiming that she had slept with black men while I was deployed to Iraq, and that I loved to watch while she had sex with “black bucks.” People sent her pornographic images of black men having sex with white women, with someone photoshopped to look like me, watching.”

  27. Peter A. Papoutsis says

    Trump will win in a landslide, and all the cuckservatives have exposed themselves so as to avoid them in the future. Their control over the minds of the people has finally broken. Their use of racism, sexism, fear and hate have all failed to get the American people off track and to keep them in their prison. Too bad for them.


    • The latest polls are not reflecting anything close to a “landslide” for Trump. In fact, a candidate this low in polls has never become President. Trump’s misogyny, racism, bigotry,not the mention his lack of experience in foreign policy and his temperament, spell failure. We can just hope he accept the outcome and does not play into the minds of the 35% supporting him and cause civil unrest.

      • But Timothy it is the misandry of the left its embracing of abortion and euthasia, it’s racism in favor of non-whites, it’s bigotry against Christians and Jews and a depth of utter failure in foreign policy as it’s only experience that makes Trump attractive.

        I would not be at all surprused if a whole lot of folks ended up pushing the button for Trump who never thought they would and even proclaimed publicly they would not vote for Trump.

        Even Mark Levin has expressed guarded support for Trump.

        The alternative is to vote for a dogmatically committed anti-Christian who has more in common with Islamic jihadist than she does with the Constitutional principles of our republic even as tattered and torn as we have become.

        HRC is more of a totalitarian than Trump, she is more bigoted, full of a deep hatred and an utter failure in foreign policy activities. Not only that she is a criminal and traitor.

        The other national candidates are simply buffoons.

        The genteel political elite of the Northeast and their progeny have no more control so they are throwing a tantrum. Disgusting.

        Trump is no prize but he is no ideolog either.

        It may be the chance of Dumb and Dumber but it is a real chance to perhaps salvage some real government that is not wholly devoted to tryanny and destruction.

        May God have mercy on us.

        • Well said, thank you.

        • Michael Bauman!BRAVO! This post of yours, IS the winner. Of all the pro-Trump posts yours has been the best, and clearly to the simple truth, you truly spoke to me. We can only have one President, for the life of me I can not understand how ANY Christian, Orthodox or not, Jew, Muslim, Hindu, or any God fearing semi-educated, semi-intelegent person with a righteous soul, could vote for any candidate but Trump.

          Not voting for either Trump or Clinton, is simply washing your hands like Pontius Pilate, truly sealing your fate. Voting for any of the alternate candidates, is a vote for Clinton, don’t fool yourself. Pilate did not want the responsibility of his decisions, but we cannot run and hide in fear of our own. Yes Trump has personal issues, but he has never killed anyone directly or in-directly. Clinton has, thousands, and her policies will kill many more. Our country has truly arrived to a forked road, which cannot be reversed.We have a very serious decision to make in two weeks. Choose Wisely. May our Lords will be done, and have mercy on us all.

          • Dino, may I ask if you voted for GW Bush in 2004? Or Reagan in ’84?

            • Mike Myers,
              No problem, I voted for the Democrats in the 80’s. Repubs in the 90’s, and first Bush JR. election. BUT! I have not voted since then, until yesterday with my mail in vote for Trump. Bush JR first term had turned me off, as I saw no difference between the two major parties. They simply suck from both ends of the straw consuming everything in the middle. Bush has nearly destroyed us economically with his” no one is going kill my daddy”, war in Iraq, and
              his “too big to fail” Wall Street fiasco, right before he left office. In the past 7.5 years we have had Obama destroying us socially, and now our choice is Trump or Clinton. Trump is the great unknown, and I like his new message, hope he backs it up. What other choice do I have?

              Say what you want of Reagan, but he was a patriot, and wanted America to succeed, and survive the cold war with the Soviet Union. I wish I could turn back time and vote for Reagan . Back then I was young, dumb, and brainwashed by the media monopoly upon us in the 80’s, not to mention for some reason Greek Immigrants(my parents and relatives) always voted for the Democrats back then.

              Can’t remember who said”If in your youth you are not a liberal, you have no heart, but in your adulthood, if your not a conservative, you have no brain”, probably not the exact phrase, but Mike you get the point. Don’t you?God Bless!

              • George Michalopulos says

                Dino, I believe it was Churchill who said that. But you’re right: the GOPe took us all for a ride. They thought that as long as their candidates invoked the thrice-blessed memory of the Gipper and brought Lee Greenwood out every 4 yrs to sing “God Bless the USA,” we’d fall in line and send our Red-state men to go fight endless, winless wars for the banking cartels.

                No more.

                • George, We are becoming more like Mexico, on a much larger scale. In Mexico whenever a new Mayor is elected, actually appointed, he will remove almost all the civil agencies below him and appoint friends, relatives, and his pay for play buddies. they will then suck everything they can from their district/city, until the next appointed replace them, and wheel continues to spin. Same here, it’s no longer about the enrichment, and continued strength of our nation,instead it’s about strengthening , and enriching themselves, and

                  • Bishop Tikhon (Fitzgerald) says

                    Dino, I, too, like Mike Myers, want to say “thanks!”
                    You wrote this to George: “George, We are becoming more like Mexico, on a much larger scale.”
                    That was SO appropriate, for George has been a Texan, and we originally STOLE Texas from Mexico, so that “we” is particularly applicable in his case!

              • Mike Myers says

                Dino, thanks. I’m curious which parts of Trump’s “new message” you like.

                • Mike Myers, Simply go to donaldjtrump.com. Click,” policies”, on his website. If he can follow thru with just half of his policies, I would be quite pleased. Simply Trump’s position on Abortion, 2nd amendment, immigration, and foreign trade, and military policies, as opposed to Clinton’s is enough to get my vote. Whether or not he will commit to his promises we shall see. But. We know for sure what we will get with Clinton, and I don’t want our country going down that road. Obama has damaged us enough, can’t handle a continuation of that.

                  The new twist now, of course is, her possible impeachment, and imprisonment as our prez. Our nation can’t handle that now in it’s fragile state economically , and militarily. We need to give Trump a chance.

                  • Mike Myers says

                    Curious what “you know for sure we will get with Clinton.” Does this refer to your suggestion that the Republicans will obstruct her Administration with interminable investigations (something many of them have threatened)? Maybe you could explain what justice you see in that, if so. Are there other things, too, presumably bad ones, that you know for sure? I’m interested in what those might be, in your view.

                    Curious what you mean by “Obama has damaged us enough.” What has he himself done to damage us, do you think?

                    Can you be at all specific and avoid vague verbal gestures?


                    • Mike Myers, The Republicans need not obstruct, but the FBI will. Do you feel the Clintons should be above the law? Just curious, is not Justice for all, or just those who can buy there way out. What did Hillary produce to make the millions of dollars she made? Does she care about us or our country or just the highest paying bidder , all that matters? You know the stories, and now we are starting to see the truth in her and her minions leaked emails. Please don’t play dumb. Read the emails, if thats not enough Google Clinton scandals. Don’t waste my time, just to humor yourself.

                      In regards to Obama, how about you feed my curiosity , what good has Obama done? What will his legacy be, other than the first black American President? Maybe we should ask Iraqis specifically , the middle east generally, U.S. police officers, U.S. veterans, our military leaders, and their troops, God fearing Christians, small business owners, whats left of our middle class, subsidy less Obama care recipients, and let’s not forget the voiceless, and defenseless souls ripped out of their mothers wombs everyday, paid out by our Government, how they feel about the damage done by Obama.

                      But hey, homosexuals, transgenders, illegal aliens, black life matters supporters, Hollyweird, foreign lobbyist, socialist, and all those who love going into whatever bathroom they want, just adore Obama. Clinton will be round 3, if elected, and not in prison. God bless, and enlighten you Mike Myers.

                    • Mike Myers says


              • Mike Myers says


        • Cynthia mae Curran says

          Well, Trump is better than Clinton on the religious matters but in the next decade pro-life Dems under the American Soldiary Party could changed the course of thing. This is the Ron Drieher politics and Christians don’t have to looked up to the Republicans Party for their support while I disagree with the ASP on lots of issues they are more honest than Trump who had contractors hire illegal immigrants and make his products overseas. Personality, I get tired of vote for Donald or Christians are doom. I think there is a better alternative in the next decade and the so-called M generation which is pro-life tends to favor the American Soldiary Party over the Republicans.

        • We live in a scary world and Hillary is the only one that has the foreign policy experience and knows the world leaders. We should all shudder to have Trump with access to the nuclear codes. No temperaments to accept constructive criticism and thinks he is right, a megalomaniac of of sorts. Hillary has the experience over the past 30 years of good work; she is not perfect. But compared to Trump, she will do much better in all areas, including immigration reform, improving the ACA, human rights, and a myriad of other issues.

          • Why would Russia not want Hilary to be President?

            It is a good question if it is a fair one.

            • Because Hillary is a tool of interests that cannot abide a multi-polar military/political/economic world. They and she have made that clear. She would impose a no-fly zone in Syria and set off a massive conflagration that, judging by today’s news reports, might likely also involve the Chinese who have begun to assist Russia in the fight against ISIS in Syria.

              You are witnessing a showdown which, even if the US/EU/MNC side wins, they lose in the slightly longer run. They will not engage in a nuclear war to stop Russia and China and other emerging nations which do not wish to be economically and culturally colonized further.

              Russia, on the other hand, would engage in a nuclear war to remain independent and dominant in its sphere, as would China. They don’t like the economic and cultural dominance which Progressive Liberalism represents, have rejected it ideologically, and would rather incinerate the world than surrender.

              At the end of the day, that is all that matters.

              West, Inc. has actually stooped so low as to ally with al-Qaida and ISIS in some areas in order to fight against Russia and its allies.

              It’s all just the very ugly dying gasps of a failed ideology.

        • Bishop Tikhon (Fitzgerald) says

          A lot of Trump supporters think just like Michael Baumann.

          • Ja, Mein Bischof! Das ist richtig! Das ist gut. Mein Gott uber alles!

            • Is that supposed to be German? You made no fewer than 7 errors in spelling and grammar in 13 words. That has to be some sort of record. What was the point to that? — Not that it matters, but I guess I’m curious…

            • Bishop Tikhon (Fitzgerald) says

              Ich gratuliere! Ihr Gott UEBER alles!Und ich, dummer, haben Sie fuer einen Scheiss-Preuss gehalten! Wer wuesste?

      • Peter A. Papoutsis says

        Polls lie! Grow up Tim. Let go of your progressive bs, and become fully Orthodox.


        • Far from BS, Pete. All the polls are false, including FOX? Take a look at Mike’s numbers above; this is reality. I am probably more Orthodox than you, based on your rude comments here with the Bishop.

          • George Michalopulos says

            You mean the IBD poll that shows Hillary up 2 points or the LA Times poll that puts the race at dead even?

          • Peter Millman says

            No Tim, you’re not more Orthodox than Peter. As John Rambo said in First Blood,” The bishop drew first blood, not me.” Orthodox Christians are supposed to be kind, Christlike, and give people the benefit of the doubt. Can you honestly say, based on his nonsense on this site, that he is Christlike? Not by a long shot, my friend. He accused me of lying ,then when I objected, he was even nastier. As a consequence, I have no respect for the man. The bishop has a very controversial past. Respect is earned, not given by virtue of a title. There are many corrupt priests, hierarchs, and Metropolitans in the Orthodox Church who are completely unworthy of any respect.
            In my opinion, Peter Papoutsis is a magnificent example of a true, faithful, excellent Orthodox Christian. I could only hope to be half as good as him. Peter Papoutsis, George Michalopulos and Dr. Stankovich are three people on this site that I really respect and admire. They’re not the only ones, but they are the top three.

            • Guess we can agree to disagree. The Bishop may be a little aggressive, but still deserves our respect. No one is perfect, especially the ones you cite as well as myself. I am sure he has his reasons to come back with comments when you and others disrespect him. Yes, we can all strive to be more Christ-like and Orthodox.

              • Peter A. Papoutsis says

                Respect is earned not given. No one, Bishop or no Bishop “deserves” our respect.

                I should respect all the GOAA Hierarchy and the OCA Metropolitan that stood by on stage giving Gov. Cuomo that humanitarian award when he is an avoid abortionist and same-sex marriage advocate, and the clergy present said nothing, did nothing, and all for a building. A BUILDING! That’s the going rate for betraying the Gospel? No thank you.


              • Bishop Tikhon (Fitzgerald) says

                Timothy, one must agree, though, that, like “Rambo,” one might cry out: “Mommy, he hit me FIRST!”

          • Peter A. Papoutsis says

            Hey Tim the FBI just re-opened it’s investigation on crooked Hillary. I wonder why? Hmmmm?

            Get ready for a Michelle Obama and/or Joe Biden ticket in 11 days because HRC is going buy bye.


            • Sorry, Pete, but no one has any idea what the emails consist of, and Comey had an obligation to re open when these new ones appeared, otherwise; they would have leaked out. Comey has a responsbility to reveal what they even include, if anything. Let;s not jump to conclusions.

              • Peter A. Papoutsis says

                Wow, you must read HuffPo or Being Liberal as that is straight out of their talking points from Hillary “Evil Incarnate” Clinton’s camping.


                • Bishop Tikhon (Fitzgerald) says

                  Peter A. Papoutsis wrote of Timothy’s assertion: “Wow, you must read HuffPo or Being Liberal as that is straight out of their talking points from Hillary “Evil Incarnate” Clinton’s camping.” So what, Peter A. Papoutsis? ! Was what he wrote BAD? True or false?
                  As to “talking points:” Did anybody mention the 32 MILLION emails the Bush people destroyed?

                  • Peter A. Papoutsis says

                    Well when Hillary “evil incarnate” tells us if all the wikileak emails of hers and Podesta are true I’ll answer your question then.


                • It is pretty much against the law to make a statement against a political campaign if you are a federal employee.

                  Comey is done. This is just a tit for tat move to repair the other damage he did when he ‘cleared’ Hillary a few months back. Trouble is, now it is unlawful, then it wasn’t.

                  Has to do with impacts.

                  When Hillary wins on the 8th, Comey will have no choice but to resign. He won’t and it will be Wm. Sessions take two. Obama will need to fire him so Hillary doesn’t walk in and fire him and look bad.

                  • George Michalopulos says

                    Tell that to Lawrence Walsh. Back in 1992 on Thur, Oct 30, five days before the election, he indicted Caspar Weinberger, Reagan’s SecDef.

              • Comey is going to get charged with a far more serious crime than Hilary.

                He is going to get fired on November 9, watch and learn.

                • Bishop Tikhon (Fitzgerald) says

                  Could be, “Anonymous.” But remember that Nancy Pelosi and the Democratic House chose NOT to bring Bush and co.into court! Perhaps the Democrats will be generous again!
                  Of course, Trump & Co. have announced they would never hold such qualms!

                  • Peter A. Papoutsis says

                    Pelosi, Clinton, Bush and Obama are all the same. That’s why no charges were brought. Trump is not part of the regime, or don’t you remember Gingrich saying that?


                • Peter A. Papoutsis says

                  Yes I agree by Trump when he becomes president.


                  • Bishop Tikhon (Fitzgerald) says

                    Go ahead and agree by him, whatever that means!

                    • Peter Millman says

                      Your Grace,
                      I would like to ask your forgiveness for all the unkind, unChristian, disrespectful things I have written to and said about you. I have not conducted myself like the Christian I want to and should be. I have a million miles to go before I achieve theosis. I’m also sorry for any things I have written that have offended other posters and readers of this forum. I have always had a nasty temper.

                    • Bishop Tikhon (Fitzgerald) says

                      Peter Millman, thank you for the good example you set! Of course I forgive you! It’s a “given”.

              • Bishop Tikhon (Fitzgerald) says

                Timothy wrote ‘Sorry, Pete, but no one has any idea what the emails consist of.”
                Peter A. Papoutsis apparently agreed, for the only retort he could come up with was PERSONAL: “Wow, you must read HuffPo or Being Liberal…”

                • Peter A. Papoutsis says

                  No the FBI know and I can guarantee you that it’s extremely damning for Bill and Hillary.


                  • Bishop Tikhon (Fitzgerald) says

                    Peter A. Papoutsis passes out guarantees like dirt!

                  • Comey just announced that he/staff have reviewed all new emails and are closing investigation. Nothing there. Kind of hard to believe they reviewed thousands of emails (government does not work that quickly anywhere!), but that’s last word as of now.

                    • George Michalopulos says

                      That’s OK Tim, you now own this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_7g_1dLZ6X8

                      She’s all yours. Enjoy your stay in Babylon.

                      Don’t say you weren’t warned.

                    • http://www.nydailynews.com/news/politics/lupica-fbi-boss-james-comey-making-worse-article-1.2861253

                      The thing is that everybody misreads what he is saying and not saying. In his original statement over the summer, he blatantly stated that she violated the law over 100 times. That was the approximate number of classified documents that they found on private email servers at that time.

                      What he declined to do was recommend prosecution.

                      Again, we do not know how many of the 650,000 emails contained classified information. Comey merely said the FBI reviewed them and that nothing has changed from their position over the summer; i.e., he is not recommending prosecution.

                      FBI investigates. Justice prosecutes. Only the Justice Department can put this in front of a grand jury. They will not do so regardless of Comey’s recommendation.

                      Comey cannot have much if any detailed idea about what is in 650,000 emails in this amount of time. On the other hand, regardless of his declining to recommend prosecution, he may know of some truly outrageous stuff, stuff that caused him to reopen in the first place. All that he will do at this point is cover his butt as best he can and pray.

                      The one and only thing we do know by Comey’s announcement is that for some reason he is not recommending prosecution given what he knows.

                      That could be because there is nothing there. (Even he does not know that, he hasn’t had time)


                      He dares not recommend prosecution given that he might be recommending prosecution of his soon to be boss. He has to consider what his own agency might do to him after January 20, 2017.

          • Peter A. Papoutsis says

            Actually your previous comments in support of Homosexuality and gay marriage say otherwise.

            Also, we should not challenge bishops? Like I said before tim, grow up.


            • We should of course challenge bishops, but you went way beyond and showed plenty of disrespect, rudeness. I think you are the one who needs to mature even more.

              • Peter Millman says

                Hello Timothy, Did you read the disgraceful post that the bishop wrote to George in which he suggested that he was having “erotic dreams?”It makes no difference who the person is, if the person wants respect, he must be respectful, kind, and live a life above reproach. The bishop was totally disrespectful to me when he accused me of dishonesty, then when I rightly called him on it, instead of admitting his error and asking my forgiveness, he doubled down on his previous scurrilous remarks. After that, I had no respect for him. Instead of leading people gently to Christ, the man is nasty. I will not under any conditions whatsoever show respect to anyone unless they show me respect.
                Pardon my French, but I don’t take shit from anybody. The honorable Peter Papoutsis is without blemish in his discussions with the bishop. I consider Mr. Papoutsis to be a shining example of a committed, Christ loving, Orthodox Christian. Mr. Papoutsis is a good man and does not deserve your abuse. You and the bishop owe Mr. Papoutsis a deep, sincere apology. Shame on you!

                • He owes the Bishop and the Greek Archbishop an apology for his words, slamming them with derision. I think it was something like a “fawning” elephant, but can’t find the message. These are not the thoughts of a true loving person. We can challenge the hierarchy, but resorting to such language is childish and immoral.

                  • Peter A. Papoutsis says

                    I will apologize when they apologize to me and the rest of the faithful for their sins and stupidity.

                    Btw I wasn’t being disrepectful, I was being faithful.

                    Peter Millman that you for the compliment, but I am a sinner who is in desperate need of Jesus Christ, and the only thing I shine in is my sin. Please pray for me as I desperately need it.


                    • Calling an Archbishop a “fawning elephant” is far from being faithful; it’s totally disrespectful and deserve apologies. There are other ways to make our points than resorting to name-calling and insults.

                    • Monk James says

                      Rather than waiting for or even demanding apologies from people who hurt us personally or do evil things altogether, it would be better for us to follow the example of our Lord Jesus Christ as He was dying on the cross, and say to God: ‘Father, forgive them. They don’t know what they’re doing.’ And then we, too, should forgive them without reservation, and move on, remembering our own sins rather than theirs, and repenting them until the end.

                    • Peter A. Papoutsis says

                      Calling an Archbishop a “fawning elephant” is far from being faithful; it’s totally disrespectful and deserve apologies. There are other ways to make our points than resorting to name-calling and insults.
                      I never called him a fawning elephant, and don’t even know where that came from. Are you.making things up?

                  • For the record… Peter MILLMAN used the term “fawning sycophant.”
                    “Fawning elephant” was too preposterous to ignore.

              • Peter A. Papoutsis says

                Really? If you think what I said was rude you have no idea what rudeness is. Also, I am a grown up as I put my name on what I said, can you or do you want to stay a little boy?


              • It is obvious that Fritz’s first commitment is to Progressive Liberal ideology. That is the faith that he is called to die for. Some of us simply can’t respect that.

              • timothy, as you sow so you reap. I do not remember one comment from BT Fitz that was not full of sarcastic nonsense.

        • Now Peter, why all the hostility to the Polish? How insensitive of you.

        • Bishop Tikhon (Fitzgerald) says

          “Polls lie,” says Peter A. Papoutsis! That is, unless they agree with Peter A. Papoutsis’s assessments?

  28. You people are all delusional. Trump doesn’t have a shot in hell. The guy can’t possibly win alienating all the women of America; all the Latinos or ANYONE with a brain!

    • Good mature viewpoint, Sam. Let’s also not forget the handicapped that he has ridiculed or the veteran heroes he has criticized or his lying about his taxes or his coziness with dictator Putin or his misogyny….need I go on? Hillary’s no angel, but Trump has no experience or temperament to be in the Oval Office with access to the nuclear codes.

    • Peter Millman says

      Hi Sammy,
      You have brains? When did that momentous event occur?

    • Wait, “a shot in hell”? The polls all show this being a tight race regardless of who wins. The miracle is that it is tight, and a pleasant miracle it is.

      We’ll see come election day. I make no predictions. I do think that the powers that be in American politics are ruminating on what they can and cannot live with at this point.

      We’ll all know soon enough.

  29. Bishop Tikhon (Fitzgerald) says

    Heh heh heh! What odds are they giving in Las Vegas on that, Peter Papoutsis? Are you willing to offer a money bet here on Monomakhos? A political Campbellite!

    • George Michalopulos says

      Your Grace, for what it’s worth, the bookies over in England are seeing the exact same scenario being played out there with betting patterns that took place in the run-up to the Brexit vote.

      I’m just sayin’…

    • Peter A. Papoutsis says

      What are your terms Fritz? Let’s bet, and just prepare yourself to lose.


      • Bishop Tikhon (Fitzgerald) says

        I’ll bet a bottle of Irish Whisky that Mrs Clinton wins the election, Peter A. Papoutsis.

        • Peter A. Papoutsis says

          Deal. What kind?

          • Bishop Tikhon (Fitzgerald) says

            “This election is all about Trump, right? Nope: recent polling indicates that the majority of blue voters are voting that way to support Clinton, and that the majority of red voters are voting that way to oppose Clinton. Trump is just a place holder where an actual candidate should be.”

      • Bishop Tikhon (Fitzgerald) says

        Why does Peter A. Papoutsis persist in calling me “Fritz?” If I were a supersensitive Peter A. Papoutsis type, I would complain repeatedly the he is prejudicially attacking German ethnicity!

        • Your Grace, it’s another sign of his disrespect, apparently. We can all agree to disagree, but throwing ridicule ( a la Trump) is not a good sign in a person, but then we all are all sinners.

          • Peter A. Papoutsis says

            It is a sign that I am no man’s pawn. Grow up Timmy.


            • A degree of respect is due to all clergy, hierarchs. You resort to Trump-like attitude and words, which are hateful. Guess you have a lot of growing up to do, in terms of social skills , respecting others, and setting an example for others.

              • Peter A. Papoutsis says

                My name is on my post. My background and profession is for all to see, and I mean what I say and say what I mean. What about you little boy? Until you do that you are no man, but a coward. I may have my disagreements with the Good Bishop, but at least he has the guts to give his real name and profession unlike the many, MANY, Orthodox Bishops and priests on this blog that do not do that but hide like the scared little children that they are. Are you one of them Timmy?

                Good night Timmy, go have some warm milk and go to your crib and have a good night sleep. Don’t forget your pacifier for comfort.


                • You’re deflecting again, Pete. Your disrespect for the clergy and hierarchy and others here shines through. Maybe you can stop resorting to name-calling, a la Trump, and engage in a mature conversation…but not holding my breath. 🙂

              • Archpriest Alexander F. C. Webster says

                RE your comment in reply to Peter Papoutsis: “You resort to Trump-like attitude and words, which are hateful.”

                Timothy, do you not recall Mrs. Clinton’s “basket of deplorables” speech in September in which she dismissed half of Mr. Trump’s supporters (i.e., almost a quarter of the entire American electorate) via five “hateful” epithets reflecting her identity politics, as well as “not America” and, perhaps most shocking for its theological / spiritual significance, “irredeemable”? Does the Democrat nominee for the Presidency also “have a lot of growing up to do, in terms of social skills , respecting others, and setting an example for others”?

                • Hillary’s comments were not respectable, that is true. Let’s also not forget Trump’s disparaging of handicapped people, his sexual assaults (also a criminal activity), his ridicule of war-time heroes, his purchasing of Chinese steel to put American steelworkers out of work, his reluctance to reveal his tax returns (what’s he hiding)..I could go on. I would rather have Hillary, her foreign policy experience and skill in the Oval Office, than the racist bigot Trump.

                  • George Michalopulos says

                    Timothy, for all his faults (and there are many) Donald Trump has never sexually assaulted anyone.
                    All those women had stories that were instantly refuted by eyewitnesses or their own words (like Summer Zervos).

                    I imagine after tonight, they are going to be impoverished in short order as Trump has said he would initiate defamation suits against them after the election.

                    • Touching women without their consent is inappropriate. Listen to his words coming off the bus–he says he can do anything he wants to women, “because I am a star” means he approves of that. There have also been corroboration from some of the women and their husbands, contemporaneously. I doubt if he has going to start lawsuits; that would open up even more troubles for him, but we’ll see.

                    • Peter A. Papoutsis says

                      Trump is going to win and win in a landslide.

                    • George Michalopulos says

                      Spoken like a true prophet!

                  • Hilary Clinton has no foreign policy skill except to sow war and division while putting our country and our soldiers at risk by her attitude and gross disregard for actual diplomacy.

                    She is an obscene tyrant who wants all traditional Christians forced to change our homophobia and Islamaphobia as well as our discrimination against women who kill their babies.

                    How can any Christian be so deluded to vote for her. I can only conclude that such folks do not take the faith seriously or have substituted a non-Christian ideology and in fact are functional atheists.

                    Certainly such folks have no respect for the Constitution.

                    There is a division coming no matter who wins. A Clinton Presidency will hasten that division.

                    Lord have mercy.

                • Mike Myers says

                  . . . and, perhaps most shocking for its theological / spiritual significance, “irredeemable”?

                  Why fail to mention that Sec. Clinton apologized for her remarks within hours and repeated this admission frequently in the weeks afterward? In case you missed all these instances of her repentance, Senator Kaine repeated her apology during the VP debate. Did you miss that, too?

                  Does your post not raise serious questions about the “theological/spiritual significance” of a ROCOR archpriest publicly pointing his finger — on a gutter tabloid-style blog no less — at a remark a soon-to-be President-elect repented of almost at once? Is parading in public the repented sins of others ever appropriate in a priest? And even if it were, is such a thing admissible on a scandal rag like this, where slander, outright lies, grotesque distortions, vile innuendo and worse are so at home?

                  You’ve posted some quite outspoken and serious criticisms of Hillary Clinton on this blog, but I have yet to see so much as a word of rebuke for Donald Trump. Have I missed something? Perhaps you could cite examples of rebuke or criticism offered here, or anywhere for that matter.

                  Would I be wrong to conclude that you regard only Sec. Clinton as deserving your public censure? Evidence known to me at present points clearly in that direction. But I’m hopeful you can reassure us that this conclusion would be inaccurate.

        • Peter A. Papoutsis says

          Oh you are something alright, but I cannot say what it is in polite company. Don’t worry my Good Bishop God is in control and He is always watching, especially of you.

          Good night.


          • Bishop Tikhon (Fitzgerald) says

            Looks like Peter A. Papoutsis blames his conduct on God Who is in control and perhaps not watching Peter! I personally don’t mind ANYTHING Peter A. Papoutsis utters, I’m just curious. I ask questions and he never ever answers them!
            “Why does Peter A. Papoutsis persist in calling me “Fritz?” If I were a supersensitive Peter A. Papoutsis type, I would complain repeatedly the he is prejudicially attacking German ethnicity!”
            Isn’t that an interesting question? Doesn’t anybody but me worry about him? I learned some of my prayers and a LOT of hymns in German and Dr Luther’s Small Catechism, as well as Arndt’s “True Christianity” (also a favorite of St Tikhon’s). I’ve even been called by close German-speaking friends “Fitzchen!”
            “Fritz”, on the other hand, is a friendly version of Friedrich or Frederick, but I wasn’t fortunate enough to be given such an illustrious name! However else one may disparage the Germans, they did a pretty good job of ruling the Greeks, after these were given their independence by the Western powers! Oh well! “Peterlein” it is, if that sort of thing does it for Peter A. Papoutsis!
            Peterlein! Ich heisse “Fitz,” nicht “Fritz!” You learned the impossible-for-Greeks-to-say “Shibboleth” so well that I’m sure you’ll manage!

  30. Cynthia mae Curran says

    Well, Trump does better in Idaho than Mississippi, so Democrats are incorrect the south is less of a Republican based as much as some smaller north states. Trump is 7 percent up in Texas but over 20 percent up in Oklahoma. Trump does really well in rural counties and this is a trend since Romney also won higher in rural counties. The problem in the long run is rural counties don’t have populaton.