He Said It

What we’ve always suspected is now out in the open.

I think you know what I’m talking about.  In case you don’t, the “it” is I’m talking about, it is what Robert F Kennedy, Jr just blurted out this morning on Cat’s Roundtable*:  that the CIA was involved in the assassination of his uncle, JFK, the 35th president of the United States on Nov 22, 1963, in Dallas, Texas.

For two generations now, America has been like a dysfunctional family, with most of its members dancing around certain topics like what really happened at Dealey Plaza.  Thanks to JFK’s nephew, we no longer have to wonder.  He used words like “beyond a reasonable doubt” and that “there was overwhelming evidence” that the CIA murdered his uncle.

In the interest of full disclosure, I must admit up front that I came very late to believing that there was a conspiracy.  Although I had never read the Warren Commission’s report, I had read Case Closed, the book by Gerald Posner, which “definitively” disproved all of the conspiracy theories that had sprung up like weeks in the interim.  All I can say is that in re-reading it some years later, I spotted some inconsistencies in Posner’s research.  I also spotted some “narrative fails” (so to speak) that indicated to me that he was not arguing in good faith.  Regardless of my own growing doubts, it is now indisputable that JFK’s assassination was part of a criminal conspiracy.  The only question for me was which conspiracy?  The Mafia, the government or a murky confluence between these groups?  RFK, Jr, has now given us the answer.

Now, there is no going back.  Mainly because in stating it as matter-of-factly as he did (and because he’s a Kennedy), no amount of whitewashing is going to ever make us believe the official report. 

Talk about crossing the Rubicon.

It’s also possible that Kennedy, an old man himself and running for the Democratic nomination for the presidency, finally felt that he had nothing left to lose.  I also believe that there are deep fissures in the Deep State which have widened over the last few years, and that cooler heads are finding the current political climate untenable.  It’s also possible that some factions want to get ahead of this story in order to save their own skins.  In any event, I believe that Kennedy wouldn’t have spoken so boldly unless he felt he had significant support within the Establishment.   

That doesn’t mean that we should start patting ourselves on the back just yet.  It’s also possible that too much of what is left of America remains culturally degenerate and doesn’t even care.  The level of corruption that has transpired over the last few decades has only grown in frequency and intensity.  For many, the only coping mechanism for all this failure and immorality is apathy.  As long as the government can provide bread and circuses, many will grudgingly trudge along with their lives, knowing full well that justice will never prevail (see:  Biden, Hunter “Laptop”).

That being said, I don’t think we can go back to the old two-party duopoly.  Too much water has gone under that bridge.  Even Establishment figures in the GOP, no matter how hard they’ve tried, could stop the electoral tsunami that gave the House a Republican majority.

I imagine that many in the Establishment are not going to be sleeping well tonight.  If I am right that things have been spinning out of their control since November 8, 2016, they’ve been hitting the medicine cabinet for their benzos for quite awhile now.

As a conservative, I generally prefer to conserve things, but there comes a time when we can’t just go along to get along.  This is one of those times.  There is an old Roman saying:  fiat justitia ruat caelum.   So, yes, “let justice be done, though the heavens should fall.”

(Please watch the following video, the part about JFK starts at min. 13.  Minute 18 is particularly explosive.)

*Kudos to John Catsimatides for hosting Kennedy.  Now that Tucker’s gone, it’s up to alternative sources to get the truth out.



  1. One can tell by the Zapruder footage that Kennedy was killed by a shot from around 1:30-2:00 from the front-right. Those familiar with weapons might even guess that it was a rifled slug from a shotgun that hit him. I have never been convinced by the reverse reflex theory of why his head jerked back and to the left.

    One must bear in mind that the public did not see the Zapruder film until around 1969.

    I long believed it was the Klan in revenge for his support of what would later become the Civil Rights Act of 1964. This made sense because of security changes which leaned on local law enforcement which I believed would have allowed the Klan to control the situation on the ground better.

    However, it is also possible that the CIA did it in cooperation with other local forces much like the FBI accomplished the Fedsurrection. The CIA is always at the top of my list of suspected perps in any mystery simply because of their known and documented long history of such activity.

    • My take is that the Klan wasn’t that sophisticated enough to pull this off. That’s not to say that the FBI hadn’t infiltrated the Klan by then (they had) and I could see them using some Klansmen as assets.

      In the final analysis, the fact that RFK, Jr came out and fingered the CIA means to me that he has the goods on them as well as hidden support from some in the Establishment; some of whom see Biden as a sure electoral loser. For some reason, the DS can’t get rid of Biden, mainly because Kamala is a flaming joke.

      But that’s a story for another day.

      • I don’t know. If they can puppet Joe, they can puppet Kamala easier. I think we’re seeing them in the process of throwing Old Joe under the bus.

        RFK, Jr. has some interesting ideas, but in the end he is a gd Democrat and buys into far too much of their nonsense. I’d never consider voting for him or doing anything to make his life easier regardless of his aura of liberal populism.

        This is actually why I’ve said to be cautious about such commentators as the Duran, New Atlas and Garland Nixon. All these people are really coming from the old center left or social democrat orientation, not the hard right. They may be right on the Ukraine and Taiwan, but I would never vote for any of them either. I assume they’re all pro-choice, anti-gun, moderate feminist and accepting, if not supportive, of LGB (perhaps not T). Trump is bad enough on the latter issue.

        On social issues, give me Putin, Orban, Law and Justice (Poland) and the rest of the serious Right. Pat Buchanan was way ahead of his time.

        • Don’t be so hard on the Duran. Mercouris may have at one point been an old school European leftist, but I never heard anything ‘libtard’ from his mouth and I listen to him every day. He’s not ‘center left’ in any case.

          I’m definitely a fan of Pat, but he’s not nearly as listened to as a lot of other voices out there today.

          • Pat was ahead of his time. If I seemed too hard on The Duran, that was not my intention. I watch them daily and they have the best coverage of the Russian Civil War out there. Sometimes, it’s overly detailed in the minutiae, but I’d rather they err on the side of detail than miss anything important, I suppose. You can always fast forward if need be.

            The Duran, The New Atlas, Garland Nixon, Coach Red Pill (please pray for him), Redacted and a few other sites have been a godsend during this period of complete MSM (including Fox) black out on truth about the war.

            The balance of world power is clearly shifting eastward and the Western media is desperately trying to shield the public from that reality.

            • I do think from time to time we have to stop and thank God for _GULP_ social media and video streaming. Because even though the parent companies are trying so hard to strangle free speech, they can’t really do it as much as they’d like to.

              Remember when all we had was TV, radio, and print? And those not part of the legacy system could only do print… hence the lazy TV generation was locked into the big networks, and only the older folk during parish coffee hour would be forwarding crumpled newspapers and fax chains to each other?

              Yeah… glad those days are gone. They can’t get the genie back into the bottle anymore, all you have to do is type monomachos dot com 😀

  2. Brendan says

    The gloves are off.
    I hope he has a food-taster.

  3. This from McGregor is quite good, especially at the end where he talks about the electoral situation in the US:


    He points out that there is no such thing as a free and fair election in any of the major cities, that over half the population understands that it’s hopelessly corrupt and the clock is ticking on when they will revolt.

  4. Some of us will remember exactly where we were when we were told that Pres. John F. Kennedy had been murdered. I was sitting in my fourth-grade classroom at school when Mrs. Kehoe told us that, despite the fact that we may have our political differences, that didn’t take away from the gravity of the assassination of the president of the United States. I had no idea what political differences she might have been talking about, but I guessed that adults just had their political differences.

    I have my own political differences with JFK’s nephew, Bobby Kennedy, jr., but I hope like hell that, by a fortuitous aligning of the stars, he becomes the Democratic nominee for president. The Manchurian Candidate who is currently pulling our nation apart board by board has just got to go. Biden and Bobby are both elderly Irish Catholic men from the Northeast, but Bobby is a man of integrity, whereas Joe Biden is a apostate puppet with no spine.

    The $64,000 question is whether the Democratic Establishment thinks that Biden can steal his way to reëlection or whether Kennedy has the gravitas to go toe to toe with Trump or DeSantis and is therefore the better bet for the campaign. If the Democrat power-brokers who denied Bernie Sanders his shot at the nomination in 2016 decide that they’re going to stick with Biden next year, just you watch how they turn savage and cut Bobby off at the knees.

    I’ll probably vote for the Republican opponent, but if Bobby gets the nomination and wins the general election, then the deep pharmaceutical state who prospered so handsomely from the manufactured pandemic, and the dark interior of the federal government will be in grave trouble indeed. So, for that reason, I have ambivalent feelings of both expectation and dread when I consider a Kennedy presidency. Expectation because Bobby will take names and kick ass; dread because Bobby is a Kennedy and the Kennedys have a way of coming to tragic ends.

    • Unfortunately, all things are not equal. One of these candidates is a human being. The other is not; he’s a front man for a well-oiled machine. Unless the machine is dismantled, the human being hasn’t got a chance.

      • “One of these candidates is a human being.
        The other is…a…” Toom Tabard [Empty Coat]
        controlled by others…

        John Balliol

        ‘ … In Norman French his name was Johan de Bailliol, in Middle Scots it was Jhon Ballioun, and in Scottish Gaelic, Iain Bailiol. In Scots he was known by the nickname Toom Tabard, usually understood to mean “empty coat” in the sense that he was an ineffective king. Alternatively the word coat may refer to coat of arms; either to the Balliol arms which are a plain shield with an orle, also known as an inescutcheon voided or because his arms were stripped from his tabard in public. ‘

    • Lawrence, like you, I have had my issues with the Kennedy clan (esp the odious Teddy) .

      That said, RFK, Jr is coming out with some interesting insights that I cannot disagree with and in fact, heartily endorse. Among them the end to the 800 overseas American military bases, our support for the evil Kievan regime, and pardons for Julian Assange and Edward Snowden.

      I mean, what’s not to like?

      On another note, I’d like to comment on your essay on the Novus Ordo mass: I heard a joke the other day. “Do you know two things that don’t change in a Novus Ordo mass when a Jesuit performs it? The bread and the wine.”


      • Oh, no! The pope’s a Jesuit, so does that mean that his masses are invalid? What does that mean for the entire Roman Church?!

        Joking aside, I agree with you on those positions of RFK, jr.’s that you list above. I’m all in on his indictments against Tony Fauci and the pharmaceutical industry’s manipulation of Covid-19. My concern is that RFK, jr. is a veteran “lawfare” lawyer from the environmentalist camp who will promote the green agenda more forcefully than the current bunch.

        In any case, I’m at the point where I say, “ABBEFH!” (Anybody But Biden…Except For Harris).

  5. What makes anyone think the next President will not be assassinated? Chaos is king now. Bank consolidations, tranny woke cult, Marxists, world war., tyranny…vote? Hah!

    Food control. starvation, bioweapon diseases…truth is under attack, reality is under attack, decency is under attack, freedom is under attack. Christians are under attack. Prep for non stop violence. The storm is here now.

  6. Johannes says

    Assuming the story about Trump not revealing the evidence is true, what could possibly have given Trump pause on that score? He would not have hidden anything to protect the FBI. Who or what would he have done that for?

  7. Here’s a 2-for-1: RFK interviewing Col Douglas MacGregor:


  8. It should be pointed out that today, May 9th, is Victory Day in Russia.

    If I may quote President John F Kennedy: “No nation in the history of battle ever suffered more than the Soviet Union in the Second World War.”

  9. This is a military comment; the Russians have found the detailed plans for the upcoming Ukrainian counter-offensive. Jacob Dreizin has translated it for us:


    I just wish he’d stop trashing other good guys (like the Duran guys, MacGregor, etc. Very childish.)

    If I had to guess, the Russians picked this up via Sigint and not Humint. My opinion.

  10. BTW, y’all need to click on Counterflow above. Buck interviewed Dr Naomi Wolf. If you thought what RFK jr said was explosive, you’re in for a real treat. Wolf lays the smack down on the clot shot.

  11. Things will only change when traditional real republicans (not Rhinos) and traditional real democrats (not communists) *leave* their old houses to their respective rats, create together a third party that wins big for a couple of elections effectively sinking the old ships. Then, they will be able to split up again into two or more normal parties.

    • The two party system is on it’s last legs.

      • I agree. Completely.

        Fortunately, with the defections of Tulsi Gabbard and Kyrsten Sinema from the Democrat Party and the rising contingent of MAGA Americans in the GOP, even the best efforts of the RINOs to reclaim the Republican Party will fail. If however, they succeed in placing a RINO at the top of the ticket, then the GOP will collapse under the weight of its internal contradictions.

        We should also consider the rise of RFK Jr, I imagine that if the Dems succeed in sidelining him, then the same thing will happen to their party. That said, the Dems (being the Evil Party) will have more staying power than the GOP (which is the Stupid Party).

      • Let us pray that this is so. America has been schizophrenic far too long. “A double minded man is unstable in all his ways.”

        • Jenny Ratulas says

          Schizophrenia is hearing voices, not multiple personality.
          Multiple personality, aka dissociation, is a form of histrionicity resulting from abuse.
          Hence priest dissociate into abuse when they get caught trying to satisfy contradictory finger wagging yiayias without getting slashed by all the wagging fingernails

  12. Jim Zetros says

    Check out Neo-Catholics by Betty Clermont, it explains EVERYTHING

  13. A Duran segment brought up an interesting possibility in my mind:


    Alex Christophorou discussed the Durham Report which vindicates and exonerates Trump completely in the Russian Collusion Hoax. He suggests the plan was actually to sink Trump in 2016, elect HIllary and then start the present Russian Civil War back then, during Hillary’s first term. The thinking would have been that at that time, Russia might not have been able to withstand the sanctions war and collapsed as a result of it.

    Now, an interesting thing to bear in mind about this theory is how the Russians actually did manage to interfere somewhat in the 2016 election. The CIA intercepted a conversation between Russian intelligence agents suggesting that they knew that there was a fix in between the Hillary campaign and the DOJ not to prosecute her on the email scandal. This was not true; it was simply Russian intelligence screwing around with the CIA, planting a false narrative. But the CIA fell for the bait and thought the Russians would be able to use this against Old Crooked. So they notified the FBI and Comey reopened the Hillary investigation as a CYA measure to ensure that they could say that they were still investigating in case the Russians leaked whatever “evidence” they had to the press.

    Stepping back from all of that, it appears that the Russians bought time to fortify themselves in anticipation of the current war by waging disinformation against the CIA and depriving Hillary of the presidency.

    If I were Hillary, I’d be mad as hell about that and have a vindictive streak a mile long against both Russia and Trump as a result. Yet, she had already started the Russia collusion narrative before this entire drama unfolded. I.e., she was simply outfoxed, so to speak.

  14. I’ve always been a person of the right, and always will be (the paleocons that is), BUT…

    Robert Kennedy Jr. deserves all the attention he can get these days.

    They will try to pull a Sanders with him, but it’ll be tougher: he’s a Kennedy. And when you look at Kennedy’s current platform, he really is a candidate that can bring anti-globalist left and right together. He obviously has to run as a Democrat, otherwise he’s not going to get anywhere. But that’s a good thing – we WANT that. If 20% of Democrats already want him, that’s 20% of Democrats I have more in common with, including anti-globalism.

    This isn’t a Roger Waters type of situation, where you’re disagreeing with 75% just because the 25% in common is a big deal.

    • Very much agree with you.

      • Here is a pro-RFK piece from the left wing Counterpunch. This gives an interesting insight into the dynamics at play:


        Of the many interesting thoughts we read there, this one sticks out the most for me:

        I was always bothered by the fact that recent national progressive campaigns have left the biggest elephant in the room—namely, empire—mostly out of the discussion. It always seemed ridiculous to me to imagine that we could attain Medicare for All, a Green New Deal, free higher education, or whatever other welfare prescriptions of the moment were, while leaving the machinery of empire alone. It never computed to me that you could have surveillance, censorship, a uniparty system agreed on fighting new forever wars—in short, the whole apparatus of empire struggling to keep up with emerging challengers—and have the domestic goodies at the same time.

        An article well worth reading. It also touches upon other current hot points, including government-corporate collusion (things Tucker and other conservatives have expounded upon), pharma, and race relations.

        There is something quite interesting going on with RFK Jr and those conservatives that simply dismiss him as ‘just another Kennedy’ are missing what could end up being a critical weapon in their own battle.

        • GeorgeS, I completely agree with you.

          If I may take it a step further: Milton Friedman said “You can have open borders or a welfare state, but not both.”

          • I’m glad he’s running inasmuch as it divides the Dems. He would be terrible on judges/justices, make the environmentalism more intolerable, probably as bad on guns as any Dem . . . so I would never consider voting for him, or any other Democrat under any circumstances.

            However, divide and conquer. Trump seems to be uniting the Right whether the elites like it or not.

            • Realistically speaking RFK Jr is never going to be given platform to get on the presidential ballot. This is another Kennedy that will be shot, by the pen this time. But they can’t shut him up, and he’ll keep talking and making at least some progressives consider his points. That can have very good fruit down the road, and it may even prevent this country from coming apart at the seams as perhaps some younger people on the left see how their current champions are creating more and more animus instead of getting results.

              I genuinely believe that RFK Jr is capable of creating a platform of peaceful dialog. He’s a devout Catholic, and I think he genuinely wants peace in this world. That’s just my take on him. I may be wrong, but it all starts with good intentions. Either way he’s no uncle Teddy. He did his partying and he’s at this point where he may have the last chance in his life to make an impact in the world, so he’s doing it as he knows best. Progressive warts and all…