Has the Turning Point Been Reached?

Yours Truly wishes to offer an in-depth analysis about the plague that is sweeping our nation.  No, not COVID-19 (that too will be discussed in due time).  Presently, I wish to discuss another plague, one that is injurious to our rights and very livelihoods.  And that is the plague of Karens.

A “Karen” for those who don’t know, is an imperious busybody who has found new meaning because of the novel corona virus.   Her life’s goal is to make life as miserable as possible for as many people as possible.  Uusually, she’s a middle-aged woman;  some Karens are soy-boy hangers-on who’s desperate for feminine attention.  A Karen’s sense of self-esteem is as overweening as it is undeserved.   Every time any Karen looks in a mirror, all they can see reflected back is their aura of moral superiority.  It is indeed, overpowering.  It is also delusional.

Now, to be sure, nobody knows why the name “Karen” became associated with this type of person.  In the ordinary run of things, there is nothing wrong with the name Karen or the vast majority of women who are so named.  (All the girls named Karen that I’ve known were quite pleasant and lovely.)  In any event, etymologists are feverishly working behind the scenes to figure it out.  For now though, all we have to know is that (1) there are such people, (2) they really hate anybody who doesn’t live up to their impossible standards, and (3) they are absolutely drunk with power.  Seriously, these people have a sense of entitlement that is found only in the House of Lords.

Now, your local neighborhood busybody is bad enough.  The insufferable woman who is in charge of your average human relations department  or is a “compliance officer” at your work (assuming you still have a job) is a Karen.  And she is clothed with a sense of invincibility and social justice.  Sadly, you can do nothing about the woman who is stridently marching up to the retail counter with the “I want to speak with your manager” attitude (except, maybe, don’t work in retail in the first place).  

These subspecies of Karens are bad enough.  Unfortunately, all too many have been elevated to actual positions of authority over people.  Governor Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan is one such person.  In fact, she is the epitome of the Karen.  If you look up the word Karen in the dictionary, it’s got her picture.  Governor Jared Polis of Colorado is another such person.  Bill deBlasio, the mayor of New Dystopia and Gavin Newsome, the governor of Thunderdome, are two others.  Curiously, most of these people are Democrats, liberals and progressive.  Every now and then, a RINO such as Mike DeWine of Ohio is found in their midst.  This could be the result of cross-contamination or a mutation.  Cuckservatives strive to serve as courtiers in the court of a Karen. 

Then there’s that jackass in Dallas County, a certain Judge Eric Moye, who really thinks too highly of himself.  This jerk fined and chose to imprison one Shelly Luther, a lady who owns a hairdressing salon.  To make matters worse —infinitely worse for his side–he demanded that she grovel and publicly apologize for her wrongthink.   Instead, Mrs Luther told Judge Dread “nothing doin’ fella” and so, in all his unrighteous conceit, he immediately remanded to the hoosegow.

Luckily, Texas is still a Red state with strong libertarian leanings.  The governor and attorney general threw a hissy-fit and the Supreme Court of Texas demanded that she be released. –pronto.  Good on them.  I really love Texans (except for all those libtards who have turned Austin into another Seattle).

Spontaneous acts of resistance such as Luther’s are popping up all over the nation.  I was particularly heartened to see all those Michanders show up at the state capitol in Lansing armed to the teeth.  (Hey, it’s legal, courtesy of the Second Amendment.)  And yes, I am pleasantly surprised by all those Californians who are telling their pretty-boy governor to go perform an impossible sexual act upon himself.

But now we come to the piece de resistance.  In the video posted above, a Marine is commanding an armed phalanx of local policemen dressed in riot gear to stand down.  And when confronted with an actual warrior, they did.   As y’all know, I have been a major supporter of the Thin Blue Line through thick and thin; especially during the Obama caliphate, when he did everything in his power to pour gasoline on the relations between the races. 

But now, in too many localities, too many cops have lost all sense of propriety.  Many have eagerly gone out of their way to handcuff soccer moms who committed the crime of disobeying Mayor Karen Busybody’s latest directive regarding children playing in the back yard.  Instead of using the Ferguson Effect as an excuse to spend an extra five minutes at the local Dunkin Donuts, pretending not to hear the radio, they eagerly get in their cruisers and go to arrest that elderly couple who committed the horrendous crime of walking in the park. 

To all the police out there:  the one thing that has kept you from being thrown to the wolves during the Obama years was the goodwill that law-abiding, normal Americans feel for you.  We went out of our way to protect you and give you moral support.  Do not –I repeat, do not–squander that goodwill because Mayor Karen deBlasio or Governor Karen Newsome is a deranged authoritarian who issued a nonsensical order.

It’s not too late.  I implore you to order another bear claw or glazed donut instead.  Get another cup of coffee.  There is no moral high ground in “enforcing the law” when that law is unconstitutional and/or flies in the face of common sense.  And remember this:  that same local judge, mayor or county commissioner who thinks kids having play-dates will lead to the next 9/11 if not stopped in time, is the same bozo/bozette who  releases violent criminals from prison at the drop of a hate because they might acquire COVID-19.  And they think nothing at all of throwing soccer moms into those same jail cells.  It makes no sense.  More importantly, these same libtard authoritarians will be the first to throw you under the bus when you are caught using deadly force against a real criminal. 

So yeah, think long and hard about who your friends are.  “I was only following orders” is not a defense.

Yeah, one more thing:  it’s beginning to feel like 1775 all over again.  Capiche?  

BTW, here’s a larger image of the graphic:



  1. Bravo, George!  You channeled our feelings well.
    What we are witnessing is the death cry of the beast called Tammany.  It is caught in a tar pit.  Liberalism is on the brink of going into remission and it’s willing to try to kill its host (nasty little virus that it is) in a futile attempt to hold on to power.
    Trump is like an antibiotic.  The last three years the patient has been fighting for her (America) life.  This spring and summer will likely be the turning point where the disease enters genuine remission.  Autumn will likely bring a landslide, God willing.
    The corruption and monumental dishonesty, not to mention the treasonous treachery, of the Democratic Party and its minions in the MSM can no longer be hidden.  Sunlight is the best disinfectant.  Again, I did not think I’d live to see this happen and am humbled by the majesty of the Almighty.
    Christ is truly risen.

  2. Brendan says

    “So when they had dined, Jesus saith to Simon Peter, Simon, son of Jonas, lovest thou me more than these? He saith unto him, Yea, Lord; thou knowest that I love thee. He saith unto him, Feed my lambs.” [John 21:15 KJV]

  3. Sage-Girl says

    Misha – Yay!

    Trump is like an antibiotic…??

    Christ Is Truly Risen !?

  4. America First says

    “Obama Caliphate ” , I like that a lot.

    • George Michalopulos says

      I know it sounded snarky but believe me, Islam is a political ideology. Because of the Constitutional limits placed on presidential terms, Obama was Phase I. Hillary was to be Phase II.

      • I did not think they were going to have the balls to go after Obama in all this.  And it may be ill advised until after the election.  But with the emerging Flynn docs, they may have no choice.  He is no longer immune since he left office and could be imprisoned for his crimes.
        Alas, unless Hillary is prosecuted for stuff she did under Obama, I doubt she will land in jail.  Her part in RussiaHoax/Spygate was as a private citizen, though if they handle it as a RICO conspiracy there may be a way to get her.
        Exciting time to be alive!

  5. Virginia says

    George and Gail, do you know about the Trace Act (HR 6666)? House proposal HR 6666, “The TRACE Act,” “To authorize the Secretary of Health and Human Services to award grants to eligible entities to conduct diagnostic testing for COVID–19, and related activities such as contact tracing, through mobile health units and, as necessary, at individuals’ residences, and for other purposes” violates the very idea of a civil society. It is a stunningly illegal power grab beyond what the Constitution offers the Congress, and an outright assault on the people to be deplored by all. And, it is also a massive waste of $100 billion – allocated for 2020 alone. https://therulingclassobserver.com/2020/05/09/stop-the-unconstitutional-illegal-trace-act-hr-6666/

  6. Please so not for a minute forget to consider Mayor Karen Nuremberg of San Antonio in the list!!!

  7. “Now, to be sure, nobody knows why the name “Karen” became associated with this type of person. In the ordinary run of things, there is nothing wrong with the name Karen or the vast majority of women who are so named.”
    But , George,  we do know for sure why the name Karen continues to be associated with this type of person and the reason is because of the herd mentality of thoughtlessly picking up a phrase from the popular culture.    I don’t think we should perpetuate this trend.  Language is powerful and it changes people . It changes us.    So it’s fine to talk about and expose the busybodies and know-it-alls , the gossips and meddlers , the snitches and stool pigeons , but we’re doing a disservice to many innocent people by cruelly attaching a particular name to this behavior.  Why slander all the good women name Karen with this ?   Would you like it if somehow the name “George” became associated with some reprehensible behavior … “oh, don’t be such a “George” .  (as everyone laughs … except you and the other Georges who are thinking: “what did I do to deserve this?”)  .

    • George Michalopulos says

      Understood. What can I say, life is unfair? The very fine name of John is also a pejorative for toilet and also for a man who procures the services of a prostitute. “Dick”, likewise signifies the phallus. In black lingo, “Mr Charlie” signifies any white man in a position of power. Etc.

      “Karen” has unfortunately slipped out of the bounds and has now gone viral. Sad but there you are.

      • “Karen” has unfortunately slipped out of the bounds and has now gone viral. Sad but there you are.”

        Oh, I see.  So that’s sort of like excusing any of the other lunacy going on as just part of the “New Normal” ,  it’s useless to resist, so best to just play along, right ? 

        • Gail Sheppard says

          Of all the things one could get upset about, this isn’t one of them (not for me, anyway). Maybe Curious George will have something more to say about it.

          • Yeah, we should go and ask Chad, Becky, and Tyrone while we’re at it.
            Getting offended about something as minor as this – especially considering everything that’s going on around us – shows that, for some people, being a Christian means having the most sterile, beige personality as possible.

  8. This microbiologist has sobering information on how the Covid19 orders are actually stunting immune systems, among other problems.

  9. George Michalopulos says

    As much as I am uncomfortable with the kritarchy (Gr: “rule of judges”), I am gratified by this ruling.


    Question: why is it that it is almost always Democratic governors who are willing to put on the jackboots when it comes to quashing Christian worship?

    Just curious.

  10. Sage-Girl says

    Wowza George,
    you sure gave me an education here,
    one I never got elsewhere –
    I never knew all that! Thanks.?

    & did ya know ladies & gentlemen, that
    gay Obama was linked to FBI investigation into
    Michael Flynn + tried to sabotage Trump’s presidency?

    • George Michalopulos says

      They didn’t call him “Bathhouse Barry” for nothing back in the day.

    • Archpriest Paisius McGrath says

      So your man lied to the FBI about contacts with foreign entities and never applied as a lobbyist of a foreign country(Turkey). And yet he was maligned and mistreated and persecuted? Got it. Jefferson and Madison are rolling in their graves as right wing oligarchs take over the beautiful and only in the world constitutional republic they founded is taken over by the oligarchs, carnival barkers and the masses.
      A Jeffersonian Democrat and disciple of the Holy Fathers
          Archpriest Paisius Robert McGrath

  11. Anonymous says
  12. Sage-Girl says

    p.s. it’s astounding how much of Obama’s antics were all covered up by liberal media during his campaign –
     example, from the Chicago gay bars, there were many gay men trying to report on Obama’s visits there + they got threatened to keep silent, that includes a gay man, Larry Sinclair who tried to hold press conference in DC to expose his homosexual trysts with Obama while he used to sell him crack or cocaine; he was shut down + put in danger.
    And media covered up truth of the death of Obama’s gay choir director named Donald from church of Rev. Wright – he was rumored to be involved with Obama +
    don’t forget Reggie Love, a black man rumored to have been Obama’s steady boyfriend in White House till it became obvious + he was dismissed.
    No wonder Michelle was perennially a most cantankerous First Lady.

  13. George Michalopulos says
  14. ‘…61% of those who had tested positive from the virus
    were women…most deaths are of men.
    Glasgow MSP Pauline McNeill, Scottish Labour’s Equalities spokesperson, said:
    “It is clear that women…are bearing the brunt of the coronavirus pandemic”.’


  15. Sage-Girl says

    Brendan, it’s confusing, all these different reports, according to Barron’s:
    “Virus appears to strike Men, Overweight people harder. Women may have a more aggressive immune system, a greater resilience to infections.”

    • Part of the confusion comes from misreading relative data as absolute. That ‘…61% of those who had tested positive from the virus were women’ is a relative measurement which may simply result from women being more likely to call upon their doctors when they are ill and hence more women may be tested than men.
      However, to claim (as Pauline McNeill does) that “…women…are bearing the brunt of the coronavirus pandemic” when ‘most of the deaths are of men’ (confirmed in every country that reports such data) is to carry leftist grievance politics to ridiculous levels.
      But then, as Witchfinders need witches to justify their existence, Equalities Spokespersons must find inequalities to validate theirs.

  16. George Michalopulos says

    Is it possible that some Democrat governors did this deliberately:


    Think of it, 70% of COVID deaths in PA occurred in nursing homes, after their disgusting governor ordered them to take in patients who were infected.

    Just sayin’.

  17. Fr. Paisius, I don’t believe the FBI charged General Flynn about anything concerning failure to register as a lobbyist. It was only the process crime he was charged with i.e. lying to the FBI. I believe that those involved in the entrapment of General Flynn were out of control and need to be investigated. The documents declassified last week clearly demonstrate the FBI’s bad intentions and justice will only be served when the charges against General Flynn are dropped. It is dangerous to see this plot by the FBI and Obama administration officials as a partisan issue.It isn’t. It’s a violation of the constitution and all American patriots -Republican and Democrat must condemn this treacherous act.

  18. I always thought that ‘Karens’ were the Kurds of South-East Asia; a stateless people who fought for the British against the Japanese in World War II – and were then abandoned to their Burmese oppressors.

    • They’re not real Karens unless they asked to see the manager about that.

      • They did, often. But HMG turned a blind eye then; and Aung San Suu Kyi does so today.

  19. I work for a small retail company based in Idaho. In this state there is (yet) no law governing the wearing of masks as a retail employee. However we have been told it is now a matter of company policy that all employees are required to wear a mask at all times. I have had a sinusitis condition for the past 30 years that has no cure. I have learned to live and deal with it. However this new policy requires me to put my own health at risk because a few customers complained about employees not wearing masks, resulting in this new policy. Upon receiving the email from our store manager and HR, I informed him that I cannot wear a mask due to personal health concerns. He responded that he will speak to me on Monday. I wonder how this will be handled… Incidentally, here is the warning issued by the manufacturers of N95 masks:

    This mask provides relief from typical house dust. It is not a government approved respirator and should not be used for workplace/occupational use in regulated workplaces or exposures to airborne germs, influenza, or other contagious diseases that may result in sickness or death.

    Note: 3M now states the masks can be used for airborne pathogens… the product clearly states otherwise.

    N95 mask can cause breathing resistance, heat, moisture and discomfort for users and do not afford protection unless a tight seal is maintained. Prolonged wear causes ill effects owing to resistance of airflow and carbon dioxide rebreathing.

    .. Wearers experience significantly higher heart rate, temperature, and relative humidity and also report feeling tight, itchy, fatigued, odorous, and salty.

    Among the physiologic loads imposed by respirators, there is an increase in “dead space”, representing the volume of exhaled air that is rebreathed from the mask with each inspiration. Rebreathing this dead space air requires either an increased respiratory rate or an increase in the total volume of air breathed per breath in order to overcome the dead space effect. Also, there is a resistance to airflow, especially when using a non-powered air-purifying respirator that is called “flow resistive load”. Increased pleural pressure must be generated to overcome the airflow resistance which causes an increase in respiratory work. If a respirator has significant expiratory impedance, than upon expiration, the inthrathoracic pressure will need to be higher which will also increase the work of respiration. Increased respiratory work may also increase dyspnea (shortness of breath).


    • George Michalopulos says

      Mind you, this is not Big Brother mandating this on you.  He has simply sub-contracted out to a Mini-Big Brother, someone in the private sector to do his dirty work.

      • Yes. One in a sea of sub-contractors. They are easy to spot. Truth shall prevail. 

  20. Here is a turning point:
    “VICTORY – Bill Gates, Anthony Fauci & Big Pharma
    lost a Massive Supreme Court Case in USA”
    Gates and Fauci had to prove their vaccines were safe.
    They couldn’t.

  21. Matthew Panchisin says

    Personally, my how I miss the old Priests of blessed memory who articulated that the Christocracy will always be far above democracy, beyond measure.

    There should be no freedom of religion, every human being should be an Orthodox Christian. There should be no freedom of speech (other than in confession ) there should be temperance and obedience, etc. authentic Christian virtues, instead of the God forsaken ways of democracy. Sorry George and ‘the Jeffersonian Democrat and disciple of the Holy Fathers.’

    Depending what sort of prelest is being embraced, the Americans think Trump or Obama, our excellencies of our democracy!

    It should be sufficient to say George in the Christocracy with the utterly beautiful byzantine chant one would hear, “We knew not whether we were in Heaven or on Earth. We only know that God dwells there among the people, and their service is fairer than the ceremonies of other nations.”

    Nations would be converted to Orthodoxy instead of falling, which is God’s will.

    Just sayin’.

    • Matthew,

      I entirely agree. Hearing clergy who unabashedly preach that life in Christ and the Kingdom of Heaven in no way resemble that pinnacle achievement of human governmental organization — which we call the American system of government — is so refreshing.

      I’ll take a priest or bishop who eagerly quotes St John of Kronstadt — “Hell is a democracy; Heaven is a Kingdom” — over a clergyman who encourages us to vote any day. Our faith is “not of this world” — it is not enfleshed or realized in this world via the conservative Republican party, as many of our protestant brethren like to think. (And it’s without question not realized in the Democrat party, either.)

      I know many Orthodox Christians who don’t vote simply because they don’t have a real voice — none of the political parties accurately represents them. Where is the political party for the life-loving, baby-protecting, anti-neoconservatism, love your country as a patriot not as a nationalist, love your neighbor, give to the poor, and give what you have back to God Orthodox Christian?

      In a sense, one of the reasons that we Orthodox Christians are largely invisible to American public life is because American society was not created for us. It just wasn’t created with us in mind. What we call American society was created more or less for the rationalist Anglo-Saxon/northern European WASP. Which is why so many others — Irish, Italians, Blacks of African descent, folks from India, middle Easterners, Orthodox Christians — often have had a tough time fitting in here, and which is why our history is replete with often tragic stories of the non-northern-European-WASP trying to assert that they, too, should have a piece of America.

  22. MP: “There should be no freedom of religion,
    every human being should be an Orthodox Christian”.
    Are we to be Orthodox out of love or out of compulsion?
    “…Trump or Obama, our excellencies of our democracy!”
    Every Presidential poltroon can be matched with an Imperial idiot;
    not that I cast aspersions at the two named.

    • Matthew Panchisin says

      Dear Brendan,

      “The first definition of love as agape is love as the action of perfect goodness for the sake of the other. This is the most basic meaning of love: to do everything possible for the well-being of others. God Himself has this love as the very content of His being and life, for “God is agape.””
      I don’t want anybody to be a follower of the religion of Islam or the jehovah witnesses etc.
      “not that I cast aspersions at the two named.” It’s ok for the two named to do so, traditionally it’s part of the democratic process.

  23. Antiochene Son says

    My ancestors were converted to Christ pretty much by force. I’m glad they were. 

    • Antiochean son, I don’t think anyone can be converted to Christ by force. Conversion is a free act of the heart and the will. One may be converted to religion by force but no to Christ.

  24. Deputy Sara Cunia calls out Bill Gates in Italian Parliament:

  25. Anonymous II says

    Oregon judge tosses out statewide COVID restrictions!
    Here’s the article, for more: https://www.cbsnews.com/news/oregon-judge-tosses-out-statewide-coronavirus-restrictions/

    • Michigan Orthodox says

      Thank God.
      A judge in Michigan could rule on ours as soon as tomorrow, and the judge didn’t seem impressed at oral arguments last week. 

  26. George Michalopulos says

    File this one under “Rules are for the Little People”: