Has the Church of Greece Changed Its Mind . . . Again?

According to our friends at orthochristian.com, the Church of Greece has just printed its diptychs for the year of our Lord 2020. Conspicuously absent was the name “Epiphany” (nee Michael Dumenko), the enrobed charlatan who has usurped the Kievan throne.

Notably present was the name of the rightful Metropolitan of Kiev, Onuphriy.


Here’s photographic evidence:

Notice that the heading for Kiev is under “Ekklesia Rosias” (i.e. the Church of Russia).

Something tells me that this wasn’t a typo. Just sayin’.

My takeaway? The internal situation in the Church of Greece regarding the “recognition” of Dumenko’s outfit is not settled. Not by a long shot. We are coming perilously close to the point where the Church of Greece is irrelevant, especially if they can’t get their act together on something as simple as printing what is essentially an ecclesiastical memorandum.

Until this situation is resolved (one way or the other), I’d say that the advantage goes to Moscow.


  1. Maybe they had a vote?

    • George Michalopulos says

      LOL.   My take is that this is a church made up of irresolute, skittish (and let’s be honest:  compromised) bishops.  Having said that, they knew that the EP’s Ukrainian gambit was wrong but because of a variety of reasons, some of which had to do with ethnic solidarity, they decided to kick the can down the road for as long as they could.  And then kinda, semi, sorta, maybe, quasi make a half-hearted decision supporting the Phanar’s position.

      Unfortunately, I imagine there has been a massive, behind-the-scenes blowback.  Long story short:  there’s no way that this diptych is the result of laziness, in other words, just printing out last year’s edition and slapping “2020” on it.  

      Mind you, it might turn out that way by next year this time but something tells me things aren’t going smoothly for the Phanar’s position.

      • ‘I imagine there has been a massive, behind-the-scenes blowback. ‘
        Perhaps some of the laity had a vote – or series of votes?

        • The philosopher Thomas Hobbes once described the Papacy as:
          “…not other than the ghost of the deceased Roman Empire,
          sitting crowned upon the grave thereof.”
          Perhaps the Roman Empire has two graves,
          only one of which is in Rome.

          • Tim R. Mortiss says

            That darn Papacy! Whipping boy since even before Hobbes. You should have heard what Calvin said!

            • The message was not about the Papacy…

            • Michael Bauman says

              Tim, you can make light of criticism of the Papacy all you want but the institution and all of the theological innovations around it and many of the men to occupy the office have twisted Christianity and paved the way for even more disastrous theology that has made actual Christian unity.  
              As horrible as the Turkish Yoke has been it is quite possible that being under it saved the Church from even greater deformation than occured.  
              The Papacy is not a “straw man” and only seems that way because Orthodox are too polite, apologetic and ignorant of our faith and history to make a cogent witness.  We’d rather be GREEK, RUSSIAN OR ARAB.  Anaxios!
              The actions and rhetoric of the EP only makes everything more confusing.
              I will never commune with Rome until there is a complete public repentance. I have enough of my own sins to deal without that mess.

              • George Michalopulos says

                Strong words, Michael but I am finding myself agreeing with you. For all the respect and admiration I feel for the Church of Rome, I must say that as I continue to follow all the Tradcats on the internet, I truly feel their pain. Intellectually, I can also see the internal contradictions even within their own understanding of the Papacy. And then there’s the whole sodomy thing which the RCC is on the brink of blessing.

                Why in God’s holy name would we want to hitch our wagon to that star?

                No, you are right: there must be a complete and total repudiation of the Filioque before we can even start to dialogue about reunification.

                • Michael Bauman says

                  George….that would be a start but there is so much I cannot see any union worth anything in this world. Plus, any serious attempt at reunion would scandalized many faithful RC’s that it could very well make their situation worse. It took about 1500 years to get to this point, it would take another 1500 years to get back to some semblance of unity at least following the templates we have such as the sojourn of the Hebrew children in the desert, St. Mary of Egypt that repentance is not magic, it is a cleansing that has a time element to it.

                  We might officially commit to work toward unity with a path of contrition laid out and pastorally applied over time. There is no magic “we are all one now” moment. Just as there is no magic point of theosis for us.

                  That is why I love so much the change of Eustace from dragon to human in The Voyage of the Dawn Treader. It hurt, it was a bit like peeling an onion with associated tears. There can be no repentance without tears.

                  I see no tears from either the EP or Rome. That gives me tears.

                • “…there must be a complete and total repudiation of the Filioque before we can even start to dialogue about reunification.”
                  And purgatory, and Immaculate Conception, and papal Infallibility/supremacy, and their understanding of original sin, etc., etc., etc.

              • Michael, well put.
                I wonder if you have read about the conversion of the spanish RC monk Paul Ballester Convalier who became an Orthodox Bishop in Mexico City and was killed there by a crazy jesuit General:

                Missing bibliography is found here:

              • Tim R. Mortiss says

                Well, it actually was mostly a Calvin and Hobbes joke. I can laugh at my own jokes– so at least somebody does! After all, Brendan served it up on a platter, almost….
                Well, on a more somber note (not my usual modus), today’s Seattle Times reports on the front page that the Seattle Nordstrom’s store has just denied permission to the Salvation Army to keep bell-ringing at their doorways. Because the SA does not approve of LGBTQ marriage- though they discriminate against nobody in their charitable programs.
                Sooner than we think we’re going to find ourselves in the arena– actual or metaphorical- – and we may not be given time to find out if our fellows and friends there are Orthodox before the lions tear us all apart.
                I’m not playing down any heresy. I’m saying that I’m going to stand with other Christians as these times approach, and I want them standing by me and mine.

                • Gail Sheppard says

                  George and I were just talking about this the other night, Tim. The day is coming when we’re going to have to be able to recognize one another solely by our “light.” The light is there, make no mistake. If it weren’t, people wouldn’t hate us so much.

                • George Michalopulos says

                  I loved Calvin and Hobbes!

                • Michael Bauman says

                  Tim, you are correct. There was no heresy distinction of which I know while the Church was in the catacombs. Nor should their be. If you are willing to suffer and die for Jesus Christ, then so be it.

                  My beef with heresy is that it tends to weaken one’s ability to make such a witness.

                  I have had a number of faith affirming interactions with Protestant believers in my life. One of my wonderful moments occurred in a Dairy Queen in Indianapolis. I was visiting my brother there and arrived the day before he returned from a trip. I went to get some take-out lunch and had placed my order when a black man walked in. I took one look at him and knew he was a servant of God. He actually shone, quietly.

                  It became clear to me that God wanted us to talk. We ended up doing so for quite a while after I introduced myself and asked if he were a Christian. We shared our stories and had a discussion about Mary, the Theotokos. His name is Sam Johnson. He was a minister at a Protestant nursing home for former missionaries near the Dairy Queen–a calling he came to late in life. The home started out serving only one denomination but had to expand to any former Protestant missionary to get enough people. He told me he became more theologically flexible because of that.

                  We ended up sitting in Dairy Queen in Indianapolis, IN after we had shared our stories and understandings as well as eating holding hands across the table and praying together. We had a moment of communion and I, at least, left blessed. (…and given Indiana’s history with the KKK not an insignificant witness just being there together in such amity).

                  That was in 2008. He may have reposed by now. If he has, I am sure God has received him in His Kingdom. I will always remember him with joy and thanksgiving.

                  Whatever his theological beliefs, he was/is not a heretic. He is a lover of God. He asked one question at the end of our discussion. “Is it necessary to believe about Mary the way you do to be a Christian?” I relied exclusively on the Bible for my answer: “The Bible tells us that “All generations shall call me blessed” so, to be fully Christian you have to call Mary, Blessed.

                  I know she will take care of the rest and anything else needful.

                  Heresy hunters are not following Christ and endanger their own souls. That is why I emphasize the necessity of guarding one’s own heart as the primary virtue. Fr. Seraphim Rose of blessed memory wrote frequently about the disease of super correctness and rejected it. It is Orthodox legalism. IMO, neo-Calvinism of a sort. Jesus Christ died once and for all, there are no more scape goats. Scapegoating is a vile and dangerous sin that leads to the darkest of places and, in fact, a form of heresy in and of itself. It destroys every community in which it takes root.

                  I am one of the maimed, the halt and the lame who Jesus has graciously allowed to be grafted into Him. But I have seen the pain and destruction that heresy brings to people and so I speak of it and its dangers. I hope not with a crusading zeal, but a firmness and a heavy heart.

        • I modestly would hope our  Thessaloniki stay and our expressed views made to the clergy of St Dmitri, with never a come back, made a difference!!!!   
          We are just back in Bulgaria now with Thessaloniki return on 4/1..  Interesting similarity and contrast.  We will be attending the liturgy in village tomorrow with the meal and singing and dancing after.  The Irish family, musicians, in village, always attend liturgy and then play after.  
          Just a HUMAN story to finish. Took some pictures we bought in Thessaloniki to be framed and in the shop they were taking those cute kiddy photos of a little boy about 2/3 all got up in a reindeer and Christmas background. They wanted him to smile!!  Tried everything.  Would he!!  Until they turned their back and he gave me a big smile, and then scowled.  I thought. All is right with the world. 

  2. Gail Sheppard says

    I’m thinking they rolled over what they had from before and didn’t update it.  It’s also possible that whoever was responsible for getting it out was not a fan of Epiphany.
    There are so many possibilities that I almost don’t want to believe it and be disappointed again.  

    • My thoughts also, Gail. I’ve set myself up to many times, only to be frustrated and disappointed.

  3. George,
    Careful/precise reading needed:
    Page 1288 confirms ONE THING only, not more not less:
    Under the section for the RUSSIAN Church  the book also mentions Russian Churches in other countries e.g. Japan, Ukraine, Moldavia, etc. So under Ukraine, it is correctly mentioned that there is A RUSSIAN CHURCH there under Onuphry.
    The photocopy DOES NOT PROVE that the Diptychs do not have another entry with the schismatic church in Ukraine. It may still be listed on another page/part.

    • Exactly.  Until the Church of Greece says publically, openly, what it’s position is, best to read into it just what it says that there is a Russian church in  the Ukraine republic under Onouphrios.  Of course this is wrong, because the millions of believers under Onouphrios are Ukrainian citizens and millions of them Ukrainian and not Russian.

      • George Michalopulos says

        Respectfully, I must disagree. What is written in the diptychs matters to Orthodox believers everywhere. What is a Greek tourist to Ukraine to do? To where should he make a pilgrimage or in which church should he commune?

        Words mean things. Again, forgive me for bringing this back to impeachment. Is the President impeached or not? Can he fully exercise the powers granted to him under Article II of the Constitution? (Rhetorical question: yes he can because he’s still President). Why, if this a rhetorical question do I ask it? Because when NotoriousRBG kicks the bucket and he appoints Amy Coney Barrett do you have any idea how bad the screaming will get from the Dems? They will say idiotic things like “because he serves under a cloud he cannot make an appointment until X”.

        Likewise, the only possible answer that the CoG can give to someone who in all honesty asks: “Does the CoG recognize the UOC or the OCU as the only canonical church in Ukraine?” The only possible answer presently is “Yes”.

        Clear as mud.

    • Let this be a lesson to us all…

    • George Michalopulos says

      Good point, Ioanni.  I see what you’re saying:  that there is a Ukrainian Church under Russia located in Kiev with a Metropolitan and several vicars. 

      What is left unsaid is that there may be another church in Ukraine, the one under Dumenko.  However, unless I am gravely mistaken, the Russian Church in Ukraine is the only one that is mentioned in the CoG diptychs.  
      That would indicate that as far as the CoG is concerned, Onuphriy is still the legitimate Metropolitan of the only canonical church in Ukraine.  Wouldn’t it?

      Either way, doesn’t this Mickey Mouse way of doing things prove the larger point: that is that the entire way that the EP has gone about interfering in another archdiocese has profoundly unsettled many in the Church?

      Parenthetically, isn’t this rather like the “impeachment” which is not really an impeachment process that is going on presently here in the States?

    • George,
      Unfortunately I was right:

      “The schismatic Epiphaniy is mentioned as the 15th Metropolitan: “Ukrainian Episcopal Bishop of Kiev and All Ukraine”, under the section “The Ecumenical Patriarchate and Autocephalous Churches”. And it goes without saying that the issuing of the pseudo-tomos of Autocephaly is recognized as a “historic event” of 2019, as the pseudo-synod of Crete was recognized in 2016″.

      So Hieronymos is “His Master’s Voice”. He recognizes both Epifaniy AND Onuphry.

      Due to technical reasons, I have not been able to get hold of a copy of the book yet, but this news is published by the reliable web-site (it includes photocopies of pages):


      • Gail Sheppard says

        I was afraid of that.

      • George Michalopulos says

        Or is this a case of “dueling diptychs”?

        In any event, it does not invalidate my argument of the whole “Mickey Mouse” aspect of the CoG’s “recognition” of Dumenko and the Schismatics, does it?

        • George, it means that the CoG, like Bartholomew, accept there are TWO Orthodox Churches in Ukraine: MP and EP.

      • 15th Metropolitan?
        Who does it say was the 14th?

        • Brendan,

          “15th Metropolitan?Who does it say was the 14th?”

          15th means the 15th (new) entry in the Diptychs.
          The previous (14th) last entry in the list was Czechia-Slovakia.
          The new entry (15th) is now for Ukraine (Οὐκρανία), see the second image at the bottom.
          Please correct “15th Metropolitan” to mean “15th Country”.
          This is clearer and agrees with the image.

  4. All very interesting. Indeed. 

  5. George,
    “That would indicate that as far as the CoG is concerned, Onuphriy is still the legitimate Metropolitan of the only canonical church in Ukraine.  Wouldn’t it?”

    No, it would not YET.

    It does indicate that as far as the CoG is concerned, Onuphriy is still the legitimate Metropolitan of the only canonical Russian church in Ukraine.

    This is strictly speaking and until we find out whether there is ANOTHER entry for the schismatics on a different page/part of the book.
    I hope I can have a look at the book one of these days, when it reaches the parishes. 

    If there is NO entry for the schismatics and the CoG does not issue a correction slip (mind you the Diptychs Book went to the printers before the recent developments) then and only then is there a real reason for celebrating.

    • George,
      in other words, if there is another entry for the Ukraine schismatics, it won’t be on the same page  (under Russia), but it will be a new paragraph under Ecumenical Patriarchate (e.g. like Finland etc).
      Just a few more days of patience, we’ll find out! 

    • Gail Sheppard says

      Well, let us know, Ioannis. Until then, I don’t want to get my hopes up. What some of those bishops have done in Greece and Alexandria have caused me genuine tears.

  6. Rhonda Dodson says

    They did not just roll over the old diptych with merely a change of year. I initially thought this myself, but a reading of the original article negates such. Also changed on the diptych were the several Greek bishops elected in October/November. Thus the omission of Epiphanius is telling, even if the inclusion of Onuphrius is not. However that being said, I agree that the proverbial waters are as clear as mud. Greece may be trying to backtrack Jerome’s prior letter to & commemoration of Epiphanius. Many media outlets have spoken of the marked decrease (>50% drops) of Russian & Slavic Orthodox tourists taking vacations & making pilgrimages to Greek sites, including Mt Athos. 

  7. Rhonda Dodson,
    please bear in mind there are sometimes severe errors in the annual Diptychs thick Volume (nowadays more than 1300 pages).
    I wouldn’t say roll over, as there are many changes every year. 

  8. Johann Sebastian says

    Maybe the CoG just considers Epiphany to be the “Honorary Metropolitan” of Kiev.

    • Gail Sheppard says

      Too funny, Johann! That didn’t work out so well for the “honorary patriarch!”

    • George Michalopulos says

      That’s a good one!

      • Here’s another good one for y’all.
        In 1990, when Filaret was a canonical Metropolitan of the Church of Russia, he said the following in reference to uncanonical autocephalists operating in Ukraine.
        “… autocephalists cannot grant absolution. Because a layman cannot do this but only a priest or a bishop. The Sacrament of the Holy Communion is also invalid. This is not the Body and Blood of the Savior but ordinary bread and wine. And therefore, no one should be tempted by this autocephaly. In general, this Church was not created to save human souls but in order to fight, to be a political tool against Moscow. That’s why they need this autocephalization of the church!”

        • Mr Denisenko old boy, we could not put it better.  Thank you.  Those words should be on every church door.   

  9. If all of this keeps up Europe and Africa are going to look like North America with multiple jurisdictions duking it out . It’s sad but , I guess , understandable .

    • Stephen Europe has always looked like that. As example. Southampton in Uk has three bishops technically, Greek, Russian and Romanian. 

      With really no cooperation and especially now. Effectively three separate churches.  Two, Russian and Romanian, within walking distance of each other, and third, in city centre, the long established Greek church,  a ten minute if that. car ride away  .  I don’t see anything changing any time soon as to be honest the faithful don’t seem to realise or actually care.. 

  10. Antiochene Son says

    I am really struggling with the moves of the Russian Church to convert all “its” parishes (i.e. parishes of Russian tradition serving primarily ethnic Russians, but under the local hierarchy) within other canonical territories unilaterally into stavropegial parishes. 
    Parallel jurisdictions have been tolerated in Europe and the New World because no solidly established canonical territories existed in those lands when Orthodox immigrants exploded onto the scene. But here, Russia is creating parochial exclaves all around the world, within the territory of other Churches, to which all Orthodox believers within them are subject. The Church is supposed to be organized geographically, not ethnically.

    • AS,
      “The Church is supposed to be organized geographically, not ethnically.”
      It seems have not the Church but the Churches.
      Let them become one, again, but without a Pope.

      • there was a cannonically formed Church in USA when migrants arrived. This was the Russian missionary diocese based in San San Francisco and then with Tikhon in new York. All the other ethnic churches were under it’s wing.  Til. 1918 this worked fairly well, although the Greeks were always at a distance as they equated Russia with support for slavophile and bulgarian interest..  But they still acknowledging the Russian archbishop who they remained under.  Under this system advances in use of english and for future, were being made. 
        Disaster came when the 1917 communist take over in Russia, left the Russian church unable to fulfill this role, as it struggled with living church, to just survive, opening door to the ethnic chaos there is today, as shown by  the EP  power grab in 1920s.. 

    • I do not see a choice for the Russian Church. The Patriarch of Alexandria decided to act like Judas and go into communion with schismatic laymen who are pretending to be clergy. Russia must protect the people who wish to remain in a canonical Church….and the Eucharist must be protected.

      • Antiochene Son says

        Heresy does not spread through communion. If communion with schismatics makes you a heretic, then the whole Church is fallen because everyone—including Russia!—is in either 1st, 2nd or 3rd degree communion with the fake Ukrainian church.
        At this point, Russia has not declared that Constantinople, Greece, or Alexandria are graceless. If they do believe this, then their actions are defensible, but they ought to be upfront and say so.

  11. Michael Bauman says

    Nikos, the historical narrative you give is not accepted by all historians of the Orthodox Church in the United States unfortunately. Still the real problem lies with the ethno-Patriarchal division. If as we say, all bishops are equal then let all bishops be equal but require them to be at the heart of a local community with real Orthodox worshippers. There should not be “ethnic” missions within another territory under the control of a foreign Patriarch.

    • Michael, exactly!

      This is it!

      One Bishop per geographical area of certain size and/or population.

      Individual parishes can decide on the language(s) and rite in celebrations.

      The laity has also a vote for Bishops and priests and deacons.

      No bishop with superlative titles above those for God!

      Real apostolic church of the martyrs.

      • Michael Bauman says

        Ioannis, ….and the United States is the perfect country for such a structure to flourish but IT CANNOT BE A CONGEGATIONAL POLITY.

        • George C Michalopulos says

          Michael, I’m not sure I understand what you mean by that.

          • Michael Bauman says

            Congregationalists communities operate separately and elect elders. We have to be careful with the election process and that our Bishops remain Bishops in the full sense of the term. Although they should be men of good repute in their home communities and approved as such, the synod should make the selection.

        • Michael,

          you are right about the congregational paradigm.

          That is why I put that word “also” there, probably very unclearly.

          I mean to do things like it was in the time of the Apostles. They asked the people as well. Nowadays e.g. in Greece Bishops, and presbyters and deacons are (s)elected without asking the opinion of the laity.

          The only function of the laity is to cry “Axios” during the ceremony. If they say “An-axios” the must duly prove that! 

      • Blaise Detoras says

        In the USA we gerrymander electoral districts but leave actual borders of neighborhoods and towns alone. In Greece, they redistrict the town lines and even rename the towns. So what is a district?

    • Michael thank you.  Yes the crux of the problem is control by foreigners with different agendas. It was what the Bulgars and Romanians struggled with against the Greeks so far more problematic for you in USA. It holds back the Church and what was doable in first and second generations is a travesty for those that come after, who are fully american but treated as children. 

      • Menas Batsios says

         It is no different from how Russians view Ukranians. What goes around, comes around. Greeks consider Romanians and Bulgarians to be Thracian Greeks forced to speak another language. Some Romanians claim Bulgarians are Romanians (Thracian/Dacian Greek). When Bulgaria inflicted the East Rumelia catastrophe, most people in what is now Bulgaria spoke Greek and the NY Times referred to all the cities in modern Bulgaria by their Greek names (eg Philipoupolis for Plovdiv, Pyrgos for Burgas and so on). Back then those shephards had very limited vocabularies, probably under two hundred words.  Self-determination is a Darwinian concept. Our families still bear the woulds of the Comitazis and communists. We will never forget.

        • Peggy Skevatas says

          Or how Arizona views Mexico or Aztlan

        • And Bulgarians would say they bear the greek wounds. We have to.stop having. I live here after all. To paraphrase, better the bulgarian gospodi pomiloui than the Turkish, well arabic. allah akhbar. Greek was, as english today,the dominant language and Culture in Balkans in middle ages and until 19th century . But it’s about time we respected how people feel they want to be. I had greek cypriot friends who kids were totally anglofied while others were totally Greek.

  12. Michael Bauman says

    So many wrongs to remember. What a heavy burden it is. We have to be sure to kill, disable or reject just the correct scapegoat and then everything will be fine.

    Of course, that is the fundamental lie of all ideology; I do not have to repent because it is always someone else’s fault and THEY are the ones that need to change, repent, etc. If they don’t then I am not obligated to.

    Guess what, persecution is a given in the Christian life, the institution of the Church will always be deficient, even out right destructive. None of that changes my obligation to love and forgive one little bit, especially when it is difficult and dangerous. I do not have to accept it, but I had better be fully ready face whatever worldly consequences are incurred by doing so. Otherwise I need to shut up and go into my closet and pray.

  13. Greatly Saddened says

    Below please find from today, a “Letter to the Editor” by Theodore G. Karakostas of Boston, MA, in The National Herald.
    Letter to the Editor: Responding to Smashers of the Orthodox Church
    January 4, 2020

  14. Greatly Saddened says

    Below please find an article from today in The National Herald.
    Greece’s First Crematorium Offers Alternative to Burial
    By TNH Staff 
    January 4, 2020

  15. Greatly Saddened says

    Below please find an article from today on the Orthodox Christianity website.
    Athens, January 15, 2020

  16. Jerry Sakapas says
    • George Michalopulos says

      It’s like Tsipras the Commie is still PM.

      • He isn’t, but they seem to have the same big brother. 

        • Bill Gates? Who famously (or infamously) said he wished to reduce the population of the world by ‘vaccination’ and ‘education’.
          I presume this nonsense falls under ‘education’…

        • as Johnson and Blair.  No different.  They all hold secular current ‘me’ Culture. Even if Blair was Christian so called. 
          What Fr Alexander noted as greater danger than communism, that is western secularism, that hollows out the Church as we see with Phanar et al now.  Don’t expect most to oppose. The night as Patriarch Tikhon said, will be very long. 

  17. Even if Blair was Christian so called.
    If you mean Tony Blair, he was no sooner received as an RC
    than he was telling the Pope what to do.

  18. An update on the Harry and Meghan story.  Reading behind the PR the Queen ( she may be 93 but SHE IS QUEENIE) AND Charles, the next King if living,  have taken the HRH titles away, well they are in abeyance but he can’t style himself that now. They want the 2.4 million uk  sterling re. FROGMORE  paid back to uk ltd. And they have to withdraw totally from royal life, although he keeps some lines with his military disabled olympics.  But all his military connection and Charity cut. And what good their commercial brandy now?  

    I must say I feel sorry for the guy because she has totally changed him and he loses alot of what gave him status and popularity, and I am sure self worth and personality. This is his title but even more his military status and work. 
    What has he left? Yes money,  but he is a 35 yr old Ginger head with not much experience of life outside military.  
    How long will their novelty last on the USA celeb  circuit?   ( Oh,  don’t worry they will be in USA)  Not long.  He should learn from Edward vii. 
    That the Queen left the title HRH in abeyance, tells me it’s saying  ‘ Boy when this Marriage breaks, you can always come back. ‘ 

  19. Ah…the Georgia Guidestones…the ultimate Malthusian wet dream.
    And how shall this guidance be effected?
    “Cry havock and let slip the dogs of war?”