Is Frankie Losing His Mojo?

Pardon the snark but that’s a fair question if you ask me.

In the post highlighted below (courtesy: Gail Sheppard), there are unmistakable signs that Pope Francis’ popularity is trending downward. To be sure, he’s still “above water” as they say, but there is definite erosion in his persona.

The problem I see it is due to his accommodation to the world. Unlike his two predecessors, Francis –a likable enough fellow–doesn’t seem to want to offend all the right people. While this earns him praise from the “right people” it doesn’t earn him the respect he needs from the real “right people”.

Let’s be honest, spouting liberal bromides isn’t going to win you any brownie points with anyone. It’ll hurt you with the base and it won’t help you with those whom you are mollifying. If this was a winning strategy, the Episcopalian Church would be bursting at the seams right now. It ain’t.

Moreover, Francis (and Patriarch Bartholomew before him) entered the arena back when globalism and neoliberalism were still regnant. Mouthing the right cosmopolitan platitudes could earn you a significant seat at the globalist round-table to be sure but not really anything more. The Oligarchs want major religious leaders sipping chablis and eating finger food at the UN but mainly as a photo-op; to mollify the masses. Any real Jesus-talk and fun time is over. You’ll be tarred and feathered with the fundie label soon enough.

Unfortunately for the Oligarchy, Brexit happened. Then a certain pussy-grabbing, TV reality star, cowboy was elected to the highest office in America. Since then, the globalist dam has broken and the intellectual bankruptcy of elite cosmopolitanism, trans-nationalism, what-have-you has become apparent.

Francis and his ilk suddenly found themselves facing headwinds that didn’t exist under the New World Order, ushered in as it were by George Herbert Walker Bush back in 1991.

It should have been obvious. Those of us who believed Bill Kristol back in the run-up to the Second Iraq War, that the Iraqis were dying to be free so they could read The Federalist Papers, have learned a hard lesson. Tribe and nation matter.


  1. Gail Sheppard says

    Immediately following an audience with the Pope and the EP (separate meetings), UWC President E. Czolij met with high-ranking state officials in Austria. The Pope then donates 100,000 euros (£90,000) toward the first Orthodox monastery in Austria.

    First Question: Should we be building Orthodox monasteries with RC money?

    Second Question: Do you think Czolij brokered this deal between the Pope, the EP and Austria?

    • George Michalopulos says

      Hmmmm…..I wonder.

    • Should we be building Orthodox monasteries with RC money?

      Depends if it came with strings attached. If not… I say, “all money’s green.”

      • George Michalopulos says

        But there are always “strings attached”, aren’t there Mike?

        • Joseph Lipper says

          The only strings attached would be for the future monks to pray for their benefactors, and in this case it would include Pope Francis. The Pope naturally has a generous and direct persona, but he is not a manipulative strings-attached kind of guy. Although a monetary contribution of 100,000 Euros is significant, it’s not going to buy a property by itself.

          The Russian Orthodox Bishop John of Caracas and South America has recounted how Pope Francis, when he was formerly Archbishop of Buenos Aires, would regularly visit the Orthodox Cathedral in Buenos Aires for Christmas Eve (Old Calendar).

          • George Michalopulos says

            I don’t doubt what you say about His Holiness when he was Archbishop of Buenos Aires. However as Pontiff (and the first Jesuit) one to boot, and as one who was elevated to the papacy because of a conspiracy against Benedict XVI, I’d say that things are not as clear-cut as they seem.

          • The Pope naturally has a generous and direct persona, but he is not a manipulative strings-attached kind of guy.

            Cardinal Burke might disagree.

    • Why not? They stole enough from us through the centuries….

      • George Michalopulos says

        Anon, if I may interject: I agree that there has been much stealing from us by the RCs over the centuries. However, I can’t help but feel that there is a hidden agenda on the part of the Pope here. (If not, then I apologize.) Gail has tremendous insights into the globalist narrative and like many people on this blog, she (and I) discern a syncretist spirit that may be involved.

        Think about it: if the Pope really wanted to “make right” he’d stop meddling in the Ukraine and tell the Uniates there that they need to either fish or cut bait. The official story is that the Unia itself was an oikonomia for the Ruthenians to bring them “back” into the Church but the reality is far different (as I will comment more fully in a post which I am preparing for tomorrow).

    • Tim R. Mortiss says

      It’s all green. We take it from other sinners, why not heretics or schismatics? As long as no strings are attached (which would be the real issue). It’s not blood money.

  2. Constaninos says
  3. Gail Sheppard says

    Pope Francis can’t come through the front door because of the primacy issue so he’s going through the backdoor with money. Either way, his aim is to further infiltrate the Orthodox Church and block the Russian Federation. I’m beginning to think he’s the most duplicitous man on the planet.

    Every since the GOA went up in smoke, our own EP has been especially vulnerable to the Pope’s machinations. I believe now, more than ever, the GOA thing was orchestrated. There is a REASON it went off like a bomb. Someone lit the fuse. The EP may have wised up back in November which could explain why he suddenly stopped appearing with him. The Pope was pretty smart getting the EP to write that foreword in his book. He doesn’t need the photo ops any more. I doubt the EP has any choice but to go along with the Pope’s desire to finance this monastery and I’m guessing there will be others. Who knows what the Vatican has on the EP.

    This Pope is NOT what he appears to be and I’m not the only one who sees it. Books are starting to come on the shelves about his autocratic form of governance and dictatorial style of leadership. Some are writing under pseudonyms to avoid his “tendency towards vindictiveness.” The Pope is stepping up his game. We need to retire the EP if for no other reason than to protect him and the Church.

    Oh yeah, the Pope also met with Austria over this deal; with the son of a nice Catholic family. I think we found our broker.

    And yes it DOES matter who is financing something. With money comes control. This monastery will start churning out some weird hybrid of RC/Orthodox theology if the Pope has anything to say about it. . . and of course he does.

    • George Michalopulos says

      Most probably correct. The Phanar has one foot towards the unia for some time now.

      And the libs in the goa will go along with the anti-Russian neocon agenda in a heartbeat

    • Gail, do you believe George Bush orchestrated 9/11? Have you ever been abducted by aliens?
      Do you a have Sasquatch in your back yard?

      • George Michalopulos says

        JK, that’s not fair. Each of those three instances you bring up bring to mind several discrepancies that lead perfectly normal people to question the official story. While I don’t believe in any of them per se, there is a question as to why Bush allowed several Saudi nationals to leave the US the day after 9/11 when all other air traffic was shut down in toto. That raises a question in and of itself.

        As for alien abduction, something must account for the widespread tales from people who don’t know each other. There may be a perfectly plausible explanation but even if so, it’s not something run-of-the-mill.

        And as for Sasquatch, there have been numerous sightings over the years. Granted, most are probably bears but we must remember that until the 10th century, gorillas had only been rumored to exist. Now they are unexceptional.

      • Billy Jack Sunday says





        Those 3 questions were extremely condescending and uncalled for

        Building 7 fell because of an MK Ultra Martian Sasquatch

        Do you believe in Santa Claus? I do

        Don’t get me started on sea monsters . . .

        • Gail Sheppard says

          Johnkal, since BJS and George addressed this, I will, too. For me, it’s a maybe, no (wasn’t experimented on but think they exist) and probably, because there have been sightings in the Grand Canyon. But then I believe in equally implausible things like respect and kindness. I don’t mind being dismissed but when it’s done without even entertaining what I have to say, it’s kind of disappointing.

          With regard to the Pope: It’s not his person that I meant to attack, although it may have sounded that way. It’s the spirit that drives him, which is aggressive, single-minded and dangerous. I doubt the Pope is even aware of it. He sees a vision for the world and he is going to do everything within his power to make it happen. Like the EP, he sincerely believes he is operating from “good” place and that the rest of us just don’t know any better.

          The EP has struggled in Turkey and more recently with the allegations that came out of the GOA. The Pope and the EP were unable to unite, blocking the inroad the Pope sought to accomplish his objectives. The Pope called Erdogan to the Vatican on February 5th, which was widely publicised in advance. The EP started to squirm and blessed the Turkish tanks to please Erdogan and perhaps drum up support for his efforts against the Kurds, which he failed to do. I suspect he is no longer seen as an “influencer,” which would explain why he sort of dropped out of the news.

          The EP is probably on his way out of Turkey and no one is going to stop him from retiring at this juncture. Not only is his physical location tenuous, he has alienated at least a third of the Church through Crete and a good percentage of the GOA. The Pope, who is nothing if not compassionate, is making his exit possible through a donation to the monastery, which was presented to the EP (not to the Abbot), giving the EP a soft landing should he decide to take it. It’s doubtful the money is to build a monastery when one already exists (unless they are going to rebuild it), particularly since the Orthodox represent something like 2.2% of the population in Austria.

          • Michael Bauman says

            Outer space aliens: doubtful. Demonic delusions instead: possible.
            Big Foot: becoming less plausible in my mind.
            9/11: It was the religion of peace all the way, which could include globalists in some way shape or form but seems unlikely to me.

            Jesus Christ Rising from the dead? Absolutely. There is far more third party evidence and credible testimony and yet many people refuse to believe. So it is quite evident to me that most people do not believe on facts and evidence. That is why the government indoctrination known as “public education” works. People need to be taught how to think not what to think. That means learning what evidence is and how to evaluate it effectively. Evaluating it effectively means understanding the context as completely as possible.

            Facts, you see, are rather tricky things. They depend on the system/environment/ecosystem in which they exist and are evaluated. Some pieces of data do not become facts until one enters and becomes part of the system.

            More often than not, facts are revealed, not discovered or intuited.

            One small case in point: the Australian out back doctor who noticed, through work with his patients, that many ulcers were caused by a bacteria was almost driven from the profession of medicine by his “betters” who had all of the grants, prestigious positions and the arrogance that typically goes with them. “No simpleton, outback scrub doctor can possibly know better than we, the priesthood of the unholy mercenary physicians. He has no evidence except ‘anecdotal’ evidence.” Funny he proved to be right.

            Ah, well. Life is strange. Facts are even stranger.

            We all tend to think that we make decisions on facts, but that is simply wrong. Facts can play a role to be sure and they are not inconsequential, but our own experience, bias and immediate situation all have a strong influence on what we notice and accept as factual.

            Thus it is wise to treat others with whom we disagree with great respect and kindness as we may be the ignorant ones. …and that’s a fact.

            • George Michalopulos says

              Michael, re ETs: there’s something called the Anthropic Principle which shows that there are so many fundamental physical principles that have to be in alignment at just the right time, moment and place that it’s highly unlikely that life developed anywhere else in the universe.

              Having said that, we have to be open to evidence that may contradict what we know:

              • Michael Bauman says

                Yes, George the anthropic principal is well known AND hotly debated as immaterial by the anti-theist cosmologists(fact or not). Extraterrestrial aliens as demons seems more plausible to me anthropic principal or not largely as the result of my experience and the way I came into the faith not any factual evidence.

                My point is that most people select the facts they like and reject as factual what they do not like. The evidence of the lives of the saints means less than nothing to those who reject God.

                There is a commentator on Fr. Stephen Freeman’s site who is the exception. A chemist by vocation and a non-theist, she was reviewing the data in one of her experiments and in her words “saw the death and ressurection of Jesus Christ” not an analog but the actual thing. Then she went in search of a theology that fit the data.

                Guess where she found it.

                Me, Jesus introduced Himself to me at my request on a northern Illinois hill 50 years ago. After that I went in search of where He was and where he wanted me to be. Took me twenty years.

                The facts of sin and redemption are really not in doubt but we mostly ignore them in favor of our own creations. We prefer to rearrange the deck chairs on the Titanic.

                Those who come in humility and repentance glorifying and thanking God will be saved. Even if I do not like them. Even if there is literal blood on their hands from killing someone. Help me to see my own sins and not to judge my brother.

                The pillars of the Church are repentance/forgiveness, fasting, almsgiving, prayer and worship.

                The key is that our sins are covered by God’s love AND the love of our brothers and sisters. If we offend even the least of these…..

                God forgive me, brothers and sisters forgive me.

              • Joseph Lipper says

                Pope Francis says he would baptise aliens: ‘Who are we to close doors?’

                Pontiff made the out-of-this-world pledge during homily on acceptance


                • Tim R. Mortiss says

                  Thought it must be the Onion…..but no!

                  • Billy Jack Sunday says

                    The EP said he would baptize aliens too

                    Unless they are from the planet Gillquist

                    • Billy Jack Sunday says


                      Upon hearing the announcement

                      The Archbishop of Canterbury recognized that he, in fact, is an outer space alien –

                      and therefore immediately baptized himself

                    • Billy Jack Sunday says


                      The Patriarch of Antioch emphatically protests the presence of Jerusalem’s Hutt Orthodox Church on Tattooine

                      Stated by the Patriarch of Antioch,

                      “Tattooine clearly falls under the juristiction of Antioch.”


                      “The Hutts are gangsters and not even native to the planet [Tattoine].”

                      The Ecumenical Patriarch has not commented in favor of either juristiction.

                      However, the EP did state that the Andromeda Galaxy as a whole falls under the juristiction of the Ecumenical Patriarchate.

                      Regardless of any potential reports of massive life signs throughout that vast galaxy, any and all possible churches there will be referred to as ‘Greek Orthodox’ and will exist to further serve the needs of Earth’s Greek diaspora

                    • Billy Jack Sunday says

                      In a move of preparation in the event of discovery of alien life in the Andromeda Galaxy, a functionary to the Ecumenical Patriarch was recently appointed Bishop of Krypton.

                      When asked how such an appointment was possible since Krypton no longer exists, His Grace replied [with a shrug and seemingly mild contempt], “Neither does Krateia.”

                    • Billy Jack Sunday says

                      “I’m prepared to receive and baptize intelligent alien beings!” – touted the Russian Patriarch to Russian Times and Sputnik News.

                      A retraction was soon printed, however.

                      Shortly after the announcement, closer examination of received Extraterrestrial U.F.O. “photographic evidence” was conducted.

                      The examination revealed that the Patriarch was to be once again embarrassed by a photograph that had been altered by ‘Photoshop.’

                    • Billy Jack Sunday says

                      In a further attempt to locate extraterrestrial life, the EP stated that the GOA in the diaspora would be frequently performing and broadcasting a few select repetative rythmic tones played at various speeds into Earth’s atmosphere.

                      However, the Russian Patriarch stated that the use of pews remains highly irregular

                      Stated by the Russian Patriarch, “At this point, we don’t even have cause to believe that there are any significant numbers of infirmed or morbidly obese among the Gray Aliens, if at all.”

                      Also reported:

                      The GOA Archbishop was recently seen at a NY homeless shelter with a giant pile of mashed potatoes.

                    • Tim R. Mortiss says

                      Of course, to need baptism, such aliens would have to be fallen.

                      Puts one in mind of C.S. Lewis’ Space Trilogy– three unfallen races on Mars; on Venus, a new “Adam and Eve” and a new temptation….

                      Good books. I last read them just a few years back.

                      Nice to see some humor here, BJS!

                    • Billy Jack Sunday says

                      Friday, March 23, 2018

                      Source – CNN*

                      The leader of the world’s global population of Orthodox Christians, Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew, announced on Friday, that a gathering of Orthodox head church leaders would take place in the summer of 2020 on the Island of Patmos, Greece.

                      The purpose of the gathering would be for the Orthodox leaders to be able to greet any potential arrival of intelligent extra-terrestrial life to the planet Earth.

                      Although no indications of intelligent life outside our planet have been discovered yet, the Ecumenical Patriarch holds out faith that the gathering will produce desired results.

                      Either way, the Official Press Release Office of the EP has, once again, stated that, “The gathering will be binding for all Orthodox Churches located in our Solar System and beyond.”

                      Stated by the EP, “We’re building a four story sized organ for the event. We actually have started on it, but have run out of funds. We call upon the world’s community of Orthodox Christians, especially the Archons of the Ecumenical Patriarchate, to assist us in gathering the necessary resources to complete the project.”

                      Exhausted by continual financial “bail-out” requests, a frusterated spokesperson for the Archons suggested that the leaders alternatively meet at Switzerland’s Hadron Collider with an amplified Casio keyboard.

                      Some doubts have been raised if the gathering will actually take place at all.

                      The leaders of four Churches have already indicated a disinterest in the event, citing various issues (including the use of pews, the unwillingness to baptize Superman, as well as the alleged presence of a Hutt Orthodox Church – unconfirmed and widely believed fictitious – on Tattoine).

                      The head of the Serbian Orthodox Church has already made it clear that the Serbian Church is uncomfortable with the proposed (by the EP) plan of blessing marriages between interplanetary species.

                      “The marriage issue is confusing as well as premature at this point, anyway” – stated the leader of the Serbian Church.

                      The Serbian leader went on to say,

                      “We haven’t even figured out how we would go about baptizing an exclusively aquatic [dependent] species of alien yet. How would you be able to tell that an aquatic individual was in fact baptized after the rite had been performed? Therefore, should we already be making plans to unite a hand with a tenticle?”


                      Although the EP will recognize any alien baptisms conducted by the Metropolitan of The Orthodox Church Of America, said leader of the OCA will not be invited to participate at the gathering on Patmos.

                      In a response, the current Metropolitan of the OCA stated, “It’s too bad that he [Jonah, former OCA Metropolitan] did not warm up to the Ecumenical Patriach when he [Jonah] was still Metropolitan of the OCA. Otherwise, most likely, none of this would be necessary . . . I’m pretty sure that guy was a Reptillian.”

                      Former Metropolitan Jonah could not be reached for comment as his wherabouts are currently unknown (as his ministry is all but forgotten).

                      However, sources say he was last seen working late hours at an unnamed convenience store – location undisclosed.

                      *Disclaimer – Fake news

                  • Billy Jack Sunday says

                    The newly appointed Bishop of Krypton was asked if Superman is discovered to be real and he is able to be located – would the Bishop, in fact, be willing to baptize Krypton’s sole survivor?

                    The Bishop of Krypton replied, “Unlikely. Not because Superman is an alien, but because his real name from Krypton is ‘Kal El.’ That name sounds Muslim. If Superman was raised Muslim, our Church has a strict policy against any appearance of proselytizing.”

                    Shortly after the Bishop made that statement, an anonymous poster made a comment on a notorious web site for Orthodox Christian related current events.

                    Under the alias, “Clark Kent,” the accused on-line troll stated, “Obviously, ecumenicism is the Kryptonite of today’s Orthodox Church.”

                    The posted comment was picked up on Twitter and went viral.

                    The viral comment therefore brought swift rebuttal from the “Official Press Release Office of the Ecumenical Patriachate.”

                    A first statement by that office again affirmed that the 2016 “Holy and Great Council” [conducted on the island of Crete] was indeed binding for all Orthodox Churches in the known universe.

                    A second statement of the press release office condemned the practice of using pseudonyms for anonymous on-line comment postings:

                    “These individuals are quite abrasively opinionated while separated and mostly unaffected from the actual real-life situations that help create these policies.”

                    “We encourage these cowards to take responsibility for their careless words. These are issues that affect the lives of real people; not basement dwellers with low incomes and even lower intelligence levels.”


                    “We ask that these individuals permanently unmask themselves and reveal their true identities and/or refrain from continued on-line blog comment diarrhea.”

                    Unknown individual ‘Clark Kent’ subsequently posted an incoherent comment on-line concerning a “Fortress of Solitude” [presumed to be his parent’s basement].

    • Joseph Lipper says

      Gail Sheppard, a donation is not the same thing as a mortgage. As far as I can tell, the Vatican is not financing a mortgage, but rather the Pope himself has provided a donation. There is a difference. Control comes with mortgages, not with outright donations.

      “And I say unto you, Make to yourselves friends of the mammon of unrighteousness; that, when ye fail, they may receive you into everlasting habitations.” (Luke 16:9)

  4. Gail Sheppard says

    Thank you, George, but I’m not sure it’s helpful to argue the veracity of conspiracy theories!

    Johnkal, specifically, what do you find so crazy? That primacy is the stumbling block to bringing the RC & the Orthodox Church together? That the RC has and continues to try to infiltrate the Orthodox Church; this time in the form of paying for a monastery? That in those cases where the RC has been successful, a sort of bastardization has occurred? That the Pope supports the efforts of those who seek to block the Russian Federation? That the RC is beginning to paint a very different picture of the Pope behind the scenes? That the GOA experienced a series of bombs (in the form of missing money) that seemingly detonated simultaneously? That these events weakened the EP? That the bromance (joint appearances) between the Pope and the EP abruptly came to an end around the same time the GOA began to tank?

    These aren’t theories. These are facts.

    • George Michalopulos says

      Agreed. The discrepancies in the three phenomenon that jonkal brought up I decided to argue on their own merits. People who question the official stories (which may be correct btw) are not delusional because they are able to see the holes in said stories. That’s all. I for one, long accepted the Lone Gunman Theory regarding JFK, however even the Warren Commission acknowledged several discrepancies. It’s not loony for some who disagree with me in this instance to come to another conclusion.

      This was my brief against jonkal’s criticism of you.

      As for the litany of facts that have plagued the GOA over the past year, plus the syncretist impulses that inevitably arise with the transfer of money, well that’s unarguable.

      Joseph Lipper: I didn’t have the presence of mind last night to bring up a countervailing argument and that is this: While as Arb of BA, Jorge Bergoglio visited Orthodox church every now and then, it’s quite another thing (on a whole other level really) to give big bucks for the purchase of a monastery for another denomination. Especially given the financial crunch that the Vatican is undergoing presently. I’m serious here: I don’t know where they got that kind of money. The pedophile scandal has pretty much wiped out their reserves.

      Let me give you an example that hits close to home. My elder son went to St Gregory’s University here in Shawnee, OK. It was the first college built on Indian Territory by the Benedictines (with a monastery and beautiful large church attached). It first started out as a 2 year then became a 4 year. It had a fine name here and many proud alumni. However, last semester, in the very middle of the Fall semester, it abruptly and without warning closed its doors permanently. It sent shock waves throughout higher education and the alumni world. They scrambled for money even trying to reincorporate as a rural area so they could get Dept of Interior/USDA money for “research”.

      Many of us asked if they could have gone to the local diocese for a loan but that’s when the reality hit: most dioceses are operating on a bare-bones budget thanks to the massive multi-billion dollar payouts.

      Bottom line: if the Pope had a cool million to give to the EP why didn’t he first give it to St Greg’s? I’m going to go so far and say that that money he gave the EP wasn’t even his own but some bridge loan from some globalist.

      • Joseph Lipper says

        Was it really a donation as was claimed, or was it a loan? It’s a big difference. I’m willing to believe this was a legitimate donation, although perhaps the money actually came from the philanthropy of someone like George Soros.

        However, there’s probably another shoe that’s going to drop soon. I still believe we may soon witness Patriarch Bartholomew’s eviction from the Phanar and replacement by a Vatican representative, all by the courtesy of President Erdogan.

        The EU is at work, and Pope Francis is doing public relations.

        • Gail Sheppard says

          The monastery appears to be an existing one and the abbot is a former Catholic priest. The donation was from the Pope (not the Vatican, apparently) and presented to the EP by the President of the Pontifical Council for the Promotion of Christian Unity, Cardinal Kurt Koch and the Bishop of Eisenstadt (capital of the Burgenland) Ägidius Zsifkovics.

          Might be a lovely place to retire if you’re an ex-EP. Hmmmm

          • George Michalopulos says

            Gail, thanks for the info! And maybe an additional insight (or prediction)?

  5. Gail, next you are going to tell me that you believe aliens visit Earth to create patterns in corn and wheat fields. George, I think you may agree with her.

    The EP will make no move that in any way diminishes his authority and power. Power and prestige dominate his world view. He is not going to “sell out Orthodoxy” as many have claimed for years nor is he motivated to better the Church. His one goal is to maintain power.