Harmful Clinical Outcomes

As unbelievable as this sounds, Pfizer reported there were nearly 5 million (4,964,106) harmful clinical outcomes reported across nearly 1.5 million (1,485,027) mRNA injected victims (12/21/2022 to 06/18/2022)…

There are 393 pages.



  1. Due to a severe storm, George and I lived through a brief period of being without power. 100 MPH winds and I couldn’t get George to stay in the hidey-hole!

    Then the power turned off and stayed off for several days during a heat wave. In our general area, there were over 20,000 homes without power. And that’s just where we lived.

    Stores were shut down, including grocery stores. Fast food places were shut down. People were in their cars looking for food. The traffic was horrendous.

    I discovered two things: One, if looking for food, go in the opposite direction of traffic and before you settle on a drive thru with a 1000 waiting cars, keep going. Once you get outside the immediate area, things will open up completely.

    The other thing I’d recommend is this: Find a hotel you’d be OK staying in about an hour away from where you live and put their number in your contact list on your phone in case you need it. Find one north of you, south of you, east of you, and west of you. Be able to call them immediately in an emergency because they fill up incredibly fast.

    In our case, we were lucky to find someplace 50 miles from where we live that wasn’t completely full. Make sure they have power on before you book a room, because remote booking agents don’t know the status of your location and will book you anyway. If you don’t secure a room with a credit card, they will give your room away if they get full.

    I was worried our house would be burglarized when we left so I got out all our flashlights and a transistor radio and changed out the batteries so they’d be fresh. I pulled down the blinds and turned on the flashlights in key areas of the house. I took the transistor radio (really a weather radio with regular channels) and turned the dial to a 24-hour talk show radio station. I turned it all the way up and put it on the floor just inside the front door so from the outside stoop so it would sound like people talking in our living room. With the flashlights on, it was my hope a would-be burglar would think we waiting it out at home. I don’t know it discourage anyone from robbing us, but it made me feel better and our house was intact when we returned!

    • I was gonna ask about that, I saw Tulsa got slammed. Glad you and George are good. Part of living in Tornado Alley I spose.

      All really great advice Gail. Anyone who has been through a natural disaster/disasters before is usually really well prepared. Growing up I went through two hurricanes and an EF4 tornado so now I always have a bug-out bag and other supplies ready.

      • Like you, in CA where I used to live, we had different sorts of emergencies that kept us on our toes. I’ve been in some larger earthquakes and in places where there were fires.

        As a result, we had “go packs” in our trunks, kept our gas tanks half full, and had plenty of non-perishable food. I was sort of known as the “go to” person in our neighborhood in this regard, which didn’t help me in this situation as all the meat in my freezer that could have lasted a month, if need be, had to be thrown out. (After the power goes off, they say you can only keep meat up to 4 hours.) – However, I was glad to see my gas stove could be lit manually without a problem.

        [Edited] I heard there were two hubs (for lack of a better word) in the country that operate all the power grids. If they’re hit in a cyber attack, it’s lights out indefinitely.

        We’re looking at generators. Maybe solar panels.

    • George F says

      This is great advice Gail. Thanks!

    • There is a blizzard of news, reports, monographs, etc.

      All I know is at the end of the day, Joe Rogan offered $100,000* to Dr Peter Hotez, the head of Baylor Medical School, to come on his program and debated Robert F Kennedy, Jr (who is a noted ‘conspiracy theorist”).

      He refused.

      *Others have ponied up moolah, to the tune of over $1 million which Hotez can give to the charity of his choice.

    • Good tips. Thx!

    • Excellent advice about the hotels in an emergency!

    • Include one of these outside your door.

  2. From what I understand Pfizer is essentially immune from lawsuit, is that correct?

    It’s really going to be interesting to see the insane number of lawsuits that pop up against employers who demanded their employees be vax’d or be fired, just to have those employees have adverse reactions. I guess we could say the same about religious institutions (in our case mostly GOARCH), will these religious institutions who demanded their employees/clergy be vax’d be immune?

    • In 1986, Ronald Reagan signed the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act (NCVIA) into law, and this law created the VICP. The VICP protects the pharmaceutical company from liability related to vaccines. If someone suffers from a vaccine injury, they can’t bring a lawsuit against the manufacturer. But I’m not so sure this applies to the governments who paid for these vaccines.

      And you’re right that those employers who mandated an “emergency use” vaccines for their employees should be worried. Federal law prohibits anyone from requiring anyone else to take them.

  3. Father Wilson says

    Good Lord. That was why George was in the car when he phoned me yesterday. Well, he is one cool customer; I had no idea anything was wrong, although there certainly seemed to be a lot of turbulence in the background. I just chalked that up to the poor reception in the area. Glad you are both safe.

  4. Thanks for those tips. Another idea would be to have members of one’s parish be on a list of possible places to stay in such situations. That would be good especially if one cannot get a hotel room for any reason.

  5. “There are 393 pages.”

    No wonder Pfizer/FDA/CDC wanted it buried for 75 years…

  6. It’s shaping up to be the greatest class action suit ever filed.

    • Misha, I know I’m no lawyer, but as God is my witness, I’m sure that whatever indemnification Pfizer, Moderna, et al, were given by the Congress, there will be civil retribution against them.

      Louis XVI and the other denizens of Versailles were sure the mob would never reach them. But they did.

      All things come to an end, even oligarchies.

      • Yeah, I’ve seen stories about Congress giving types of immunity to Big Pharma in this process, but what is given can be removed or sidestepped given enough evidence of damage and negligence.

        • Proven criminality should negate legal immunity.
          The trouble is in finding a court to hear the charge.

      • And yet they seem to think they’re protected after the CDC admitted they DO NOT PROTECT AGAINST TRANSMISSION. Not at all. Never did. And with all these injuries, they continue to give them to children.

  7. Fooled me once. Fooled me twice. After reading the Pfizer violation tracker (in depth) two years ago I believe nothing Pfizer says. Nor do I believe Congress.


    • It’s unbelievable, really. This is probably based on VEARS which, as you know, is so labor intensive, they estimate only 1% use it to report injuries.

    • Over $10 billion in fines in 23 years…
      Who would take a shot from this Mob?

  8. Anonymous II says
  9. Anonymous II says

    Great take by Dima of the Military Channel. Basically he says that this was a special operation by Russia and Belarus to reveal the West’s plans against Belarus (Belarus rebels fighting in Ukraine published a video saying they will use this opportunity to start a rebellion in Belarus), and Russia used this chaos to move tens of thousands of men from Donetsk region to Belgorod in preparation for an invasion of Kharkov.

    If Russia invades Kharkov in the next week or so than this proves that this was at least partially a psy op.

    Apparently much of Wagner will be sent to Belarus to guard Belarus’ borders with Poland and Ukraine as part of the deal.

    See: https://m.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=1043&v=N0GAF3Vez-I&embeds_referring_euri=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.rooshvforum.com%2F&source_ve_path=Mjg2NjY&feature=emb_logo

    • Wagoner says they do not oppose the NWO. – BRICS is not opposed to a NWO either, as long as it’s not the one of 2030.

      • “NWO” is the frequent machine translation of SMO from Russian, not the New World Order. Nothing to worry about.

    • Yes, I’ve heard another commentator discuss this. The objective would have been to get Prigozhin to Belarus without questions as to his role in a coming surprise offensive out of Belarus to take Kiev.

      It’s possible, but it seems like a lot of trouble to go to just for that.

      • One could say it was a lot of trouble to take Putin and Russia on and then hours later say, “never mind.”

        • If he fades away, then it was not a maskirovka. If he shows up later with troops in Belarus as part of a Russian move into Ukraine from the north, then it may have been.

          Time will tell.

      • “…it seems like a lot of trouble to go to just for that”

        …especially if they felt the need to shoot down
        Russian choppers to establish verisimilitude.

        • The really beautiful part about how Putin dealt with this is the fact that so many people suspect it was all staged. If it was staged then it is no embarrassment and no sign of weakness at all.

          Dealing with a mutiny so well that people doubt it was real to begin with is true bushido/Art of War level.

          • What’s really brilliant, is that Putin got what he wanted: the disbanding (or reconfiguring) of Wagner, exposing traitors, and refortifying the front in Belarus, 100km north of Kiev.

            Plus exposing the idiocy of NATO’s intel capabilities, they fell for it hook, line and sinker.

            Freaking brilliant.

            • Here’s Ritter on Redacted. He thinks it was Wagner as a criminal arm of Prigozhin probably egged on by British intelligence through Russian expats. That may be the western connection. But I’m confident that the West got in his ear by the nature of his recent statements. That and the fatalities tell me it wasn’t a “ruse”.

              • Since its participants stopped actions directly aimed at committing a crime, I’m guessing no one was killed in spite of what was reported. Look’s like Putin didn’t take the whole thing too seriously. Kind of like the joke is on us.

                Interestingly, there are still people IN JAIL for being in the Capitol building on January 6 and yet people would have you believe that if Putin’s head mercenary group defected and tried to initiate a rebellion against him, he would drop all the charges against them and say, “It’s OK. No problem.” When they talk about this and other circumstances below, they’re pretty much telling you that these commentators aren’t going to be able to call this one.

                I have a mp3 with the guy’s own voice explaining what was going on. Of course it’s in Russian, but you can have it if you want.

                Putin would chop off their heads if it was real.


                Russian Criminal Case On Armed Rebellion Dismissed

                MOSCOW – On June 27th, Russian Interfax and RT reported that the criminal case on the armed rebellion led by Wagner chief Yevgeny Prigozhin has now been dismissed.

                Also See: Russian FSB’s Criminal Case Against Wagner Leader Still Open Despite Agreement Being Reached

                Interfax states that the reasons for dismissal are, that the “department noted that the materials of the criminal case became the basis for the termination of the criminal case”.

                It cited the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) as saying, “In the course of the investigation of the criminal case initiated by the Investigative Department of the FSB of the Russian Federation on June 23 this year under Article 279 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation on the fact of an armed rebellion, it was established that on June 24 its participants stopped actions directly aimed at committing a crime“.

                The FSB added, “Taking into account this and other circumstances relevant to the investigation, on June 27 this year, the investigating authority issued a decision to close the criminal case”.

                The criminal case had been opened on June 23rd under Article 279 of the Russian criminal code. Russian media had reported later that agreements were reached that would release the Wagner founder from prosecution on certain conditions.


                And listen to what Lavrov has to say about Western analysts. https://mid.ru/en/foreign_policy/news/1893510/#:~:text=Foreign%20Minister%20Sergey%20Lavrov's%20interview,Affairs%20of%20the%20Russian%20Federation

                Question: How do you assess the landslide of statements from Western analysts that the Wagner-related crisis revealed the fact that the Russian authorities were losing control over the situation and a civil war would break out?

                Sergey Lavrov: This is their wishful thinking. It is something that our Western colleagues were overwhelmed with yesterday and on Saturday evening. I looked at how the events in Russia were being covered. In particular, CNN (if memory serves) reported that US intelligence knew about the impending mutiny several days before, but chose not to tell anyone, clearly hoping that the mutiny would succeed. Another piece of news reported by CNN just yesterday with reference to US intelligence analysts corroborates this theory. It said Prigozhin’s march on Moscow was expected to be met with much more resistance and be much bloodier than it actually was. This indirectly answers your question about what they expected and why they commented exactly as you said. Representatives of the Ukrainian regime, including Vladimir Zelensky and his henchmen Mikhail Podolyak and Alexey Danilov, expressed quite openly, in a Freudian manner, these kinds of “expectations,” that is, the disintegration of Russia as a state. They all lamented that they had not been able to use this situation to “break up the regime.”

                A representative of European democracy – President of France Emmanuel Macron – who defends Europe’s “strategic autonomy” from the United States and everyone else, also had something to say. But he did not stray far from US rhetoric. Emmanuel Macron said they were contemplating the situation with caution. Allegedly, it is unfolding quickly, but, most importantly, they saw a split and a frail and weak regime and the army, which fully justifies their actions to continue to provide military support to Ukraine. Even an eighth grader will know what kind of position Emmanuel Macron is advocating, who clearly saw the current developments as a chance to follow through on the threat (which is being repeated by NATO leaders like a mantra) of Ukraine inflicting a strategic defeat on Russia. I am talking not so much about Ukraine, but the entire Western camp, as President Putin said in his speech on Saturday: “The entire military, economic and informational machine of the West is directed against us.” Clearly, CNN, the Ukrainian regime leaders and politicians such as Emmanuel Macron are part of this machine.

                Yesterday, US Ambassador Lynne Tracy spoke with Russian representatives to pass on signals (they are not secret) that the United States had nothing to do with it and hoped that things would be good with the nuclear weapons and that American diplomats would not be impacted. She emphasised that the United States saw the developments as the domestic affair of the Russian Federation.

                Here, it is also possible to cite some recent and not-so-recent examples where attempts were made to stage a mutiny or a coup d’état in various countries. Each time, the United States reacted differently, depending on who was in power and who attempted to stage the coup. Take, for instance the sadly memorable 2014 – the Kiev Maidan, bloody provocations against defenceless law enforcement officers, and a government coup against the legitimate President. Meanwhile, an EU-backed agreement was signed just several hours before these events. Neither the US, nor its European allies protested against that mutiny. They admitted in a way that this zigzag was produced by a democratic process, as one German leader put it at that time.

                A coup also took place in Yemen in 2014 and the country’s President Abdrabbuh Mansur Hadi fled to Saudi Arabia. During all these long years that we tried to steer the situation with regard to Ukraine back into a political vein, we were told that Viktor Yanukovych had left Kiev. As for the fugitive leader Abdrabbuh Mansur Hadi, the entire West told us in chorus that no, he was the lawful President and ought to be returned to Yemen – only after he had returned could the process of settlement start.

                Also in 2014, there was an attempt to stage a coup in The Gambia. When the first reports about the putschists taking up arms appeared, the US Department of State instantly announced that the US would never recognise forces that came to power by non-constitutional means.

                A couple of recent examples. The US adamantly refused to urge dialogue with the puppet government of Moldova, when President of Moldova Maia Sandu went so far in her Russophobia that thousands of people staged peaceful protests. Recall how the West responded – it described this as an attempted coup – that it would never support. At the same time, some processes were taking place in Georgia where the West disliked the government. Supporters of Mikhail Saakashvili (who was brought to power in a West-backed coup and suited the West completely) protested against that government, organising a Georgian Maidan.

                These examples show that any protests are ruled out by definition when the West is interested in keeping a corrupt government. But where the authorities are trying to proceed from the national interests of their country and people rather than the hegemon, all kinds of hoodlums are incited to act against them. These are American “rules” – pax americana. This is what they want to see and strengthen.

          • INTERVIEW: The Wagner finale. Cashing out

            [Video – 20:56]

            Scott Ritter explains to George Galloway on MOATS
            (Mother Of All Talk Shows) what exactly happened:
            why the Wagner Group’s legal status had to change,
            why this would affect Prigozhin’s bottom line,
            why he did what he did to protect his business,
            the terms under which the gambit was resolved
            and what is likely to happen to Prigozhin hereafter.

            Mr Ritter also explains why he thinks the Brits
            (ie: MI6) were likely in it right up to their necks.
            In his analysis, he prefers Ockham’s Razor to 5D Chess.

            He makes a lot of sense.

            • Yeah, that about sums it up. The only part that I would take issue with is whether they will actually send him to prison in Russia. Having let him go to Belarus, what seems to be happening now is that the RF is going to seize as much of Prigozhin’s property in Russia on the grounds he both gave intelligence to the West and, more importantly perhaps in a legal sense, misallocated and defrauded the Russian government regarding funds he received on account of Wagner as well as any business or tax matters they might find fault with. The process will likely allow the government to seize everything he owns in Russia. Now whether they will extradite him from Belarus, and whether he will even stay in Belarus, is anyone’s guess. But my guess is that his only hope at escaping extradition if the Russians choose to pursue it would be to bolt to the West. Africa is on historically and increasingly good terms with Russia so he’s not safe even there.

              If he was an MI6 asset, it is unlikely that he would have to stand trial for “war crimes” in the West.

  10. Michael Bauman says

    See http://www.lewcromwell.com for extensive info

  11. Sonar 21 had this take which is probably pretty close to the truth.

  12. Tekunas Kirahas says

    Jonathan Edwards was the evangelical spiritual unifier of the Thirteen Colonies.
    Almost immediately after becoming president of the College of New Jersey (Now Princeton), Edwards, a strong supporter of smallpox inoculations, decided to get inoculated in order to encourage others to do the same. Never having been in robust health, he died as a result of the inoculation on March 22, 1758.


  13. RFK Jr. Town Hall | RFK Jr.:
    “Saying I’m anti-vaccine is ‘way of silencing me”


    [Video – 13:09]

    Very funny exchange with interviewer…

  14. ‘Bombshell’ Study of Pfizer COVID Vaccine Suggests Some
    People Got Highly Dangerous Shots, Others Got a Placebo


    ‘ … Danish researchers looked at Pfizer-BioNTech vaccines administered in Denmark between December 2020 and January 2022 and found that batches of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine could neatly be divided into three groups.

    Two of the three groups demonstrated higher-than-normal
    percentages of severe adverse events in recipients.

    However, for the third group of batches,
    a total of zero adverse events were reported. … ‘

    I wonder, from which group were the politicians vaccinated?
    And did this stacking of the deck also happen in other countries?

    • The public was their phase 3 clinical trial. It would make sense they would have a placebo.