If I Had a Hammer

OK, this is just too bizarre for words.  

I mean, let’s get this straight:  Paul Pelosi, Sr, the husband of the Speaker of the House, who is second in line to the Presidency, was violently assaulted in his home.

Now, when I first heard about this late Friday, I was genuinely confused.  I would think that Pelosi’s home would have some round-the-clock security provided by the Secret Service. 

At the very least, it should have a state-of-the-art alarm system.  After all, the Pelosi’s are multi-millionaires.  It doesn’t cost that much to have a decent alarm system.

As it is, the victim sustained horrible injuries.  We should pray for him.  (I am still waiting for the Democrats to at least feign concern for Steve Scalise and Rand Paul who were nearly assassinated.  Then it was all crickets.)

As to how they got all those millions is a story for another day.  Let’s just say that a good amendment going forward would be that all Congressmen should put their assets in a blind trust before they take office, just like the President and Vice-President.  (That’ll take the money out of politics!)

Anyway, the story is bizarre on so many levels.  Some on the Right thought that this was a “hit” perpetrated by the Deep State to garner sympathy for Nancy.  Even though she’s going to lose her Speakership on January 3rd, she could conceivably still be President.  After all, there’s two months between November 8th and the third of January; that’s still enough time for Sleepy Joe to be 25th and an “accident” to befall Kamala.  

That’s grist for the tinfoil-hat crowd.  Having said that, given the absolute freakishness of the last two years, nothing surprises me anymore.  Come to think of it, such a constitutional crisis would give America an off-ramp from Ukraine (wink-wink/nod-nod) if you know what I mean.  Anyway, there’s a cui bono for you.

That said, I tend to refer to Occam’s Razor, that is that it’s not necessary to multiply variables; in other words, the simplest explanation is usually the best one.

So what do we have?  Well, we have Paul Pelosi, a known drunkard with an arrest record for DWI.  We also have a scenario in which the house’s alarm was not activated, nor were there any signs of forced entry.  And then there’s the fact that he –as well as the assailant–were all alone in the house.  In their underwear.  Fighting with hammers.

And that the police were alerted (possibly by a third party), not because of a home invasion but to execute a wellness check.  It was then that they found a certain deranged person named David DePape beating Pelosi with a hammer.  

In the interim, multiple reports have come out that Pelosi was a habitue of San Francisco’s colorful nightlife, often bringing younger men to his home.  As for the assailant, he was a “nudist activist,” a Green Party member, a known conspiracy theorist, and an active participant in San Francisco’s Castro Street district.  

One thing he was not was a Republican or a conservative. 

I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say that ever since the election of Donald Trump as President, the Left have been wound up tighter than a snail’s sphincter.  Ask Steve Scalise.  Or Rand Paul.  Or any of the dozens of ordinary  Americans who were murdered or otherwise brutalized during the Summer of Floyd.  

So, I suppose we can draw our own conclusions.  As for myself, I firmly believe that we’re in the end-state of our civilization.  There is no way a nation can revive itself in the face of such corruption, especially when it is so preponderant in the ruling class.

Maybe it’s time for military tribunals?  I understand that Club Gitmo is open for business.


In the spirit of this holiday, I’ve decided to throw in a lot of my favorite memes that capture the insanity of the times that didn’t make the cut in times past.


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  1. Μολων Λαβε says


    Perhaps we may not see a complete restart, replete with lampposts and rope, although many would applaud the idea.
    The difficulty is to not let a crisis degrade into a free-for-all like the “Years of Terror”.
    (many would applaud this idea)
    Perhaps we are civilized enough? Civilization is but a thin veneer to barbarity but wait! we passed that Rubicon a long time ago, when certain organizations, governments, individuals, corporations, organizations decided that we are all useless eaters worthy only as cannon fodder and fertilizer.
    But then, who will pick the lettuce and the garbage or mop the floors?
    When you consider the “elites” vision of their “utopia” it is actually hilariously impossible.
    So much for thinking things through instead of when a mental knee-jerk, synaptic function is an accidental momentary spark masquerading as intelligence.

    Is there any way we can get copies (download) of Ecclesioclasm Interview: What’s Wrong with the GOA? –Part I and Part II?

  2. Some of the memes and comments I’ve seen on Twitter are merciless and hilarious, most too crude to repeat here. There is a certain comic factor in the way the Fake Media, including FoxNews, is reporting this. It tickles me every time I see a report trying to describe it as a home invasion, the intruder being crazy (or worse yet, animated by the Right). Yes, dude is out there, fair enough. He’s a definite left-fringe element type. What else would you expect out there in SF? Nothing else is going to convince any serious person.

    As some of you know, I practiced law for about a dozen years. I left that for a number of reasons, not the least of which was that I don’t like to encourage that type of behavior. In any case, a lot of what I did was domestic work. And in certain circles, “domestic” means “circus” or “house of horrors”.

    I saw a lot. Some of the worst domestic situations anyone in our bar community had ever seen in their careers. I was personally involved as counsel for a party in some of these. Truly gut wrenching, tragic, sometimes horrifying stuff. I’ve seen all types of abuse and perversion, most anything you can imagine. DNA tests to see which children in the home belong to whom . . . And I have some familiarity with the antics of the LGBT community, having been one of the goto attorneys for them in bankruptcy matters in our city.

    It is also my belief that what comes out in the initial hours and days after an incident is often the most reliable information – usually because it has not been massaged or scrubbed. Initially, you have a flurry of genuine press concern from all political quarters in a story. Later it is managed by the powers that be so they can purvey their chosen narratives.

    I say all of that to lead up to a sharing my working theory on what actually transpired in this sad situation. It may be off base, but it fits all the facts of which I am aware that seem to be substantial.

    David, the assailant, was a general perv who engaged in and advocated sex with everybody including children. What I think happened is that somehow Paul Pelosi and David became acquainted, may have been at a bar or club, who knows, there are a plethora of venues in San Francisco. Paul hooked up with David for an evening of fun. To spice up the proceedings, David called or brought in an underage “toy” for them to play with. This would be the mysterious third person who let the police in, according to the police chief, and now subsequently they seem to want to scrub from the picture.

    Things went sideways, as drunken, gay/pedophilic orgies sometimes do, and Paul got nervous about something David was doing. Inebriated and probably drugged up, he slipped into the bathroom and called the po-po.

    According to the dispatcher’s official account, at first Paul said he didn’t know the “male” but then said that his name was “David” and that he was a “friend”. This is code language from a certain era of closeted activity. It would be recognized in San Francisco. In fact, before they did the “wellness” check, the police already probably knew that they had “squirrel problems” (“squirrel” is the Russian term for gay boy pet).

    The police get to the place and are let in by the minor. (No name was given and nothing or next to nothing will be said about this person by authorities, ostensibly due to child protection confidentiality concerns.). So the police come in and find Paul and David squared off, either both holding the same hammer or holding separate hammers – accounts are murky on this point. My guess is that there was just one hammer, originally wielded by Paul but snatched from him by David.

    Now this is when it gets ugly/pathological (in case you didn’t think it was already).

    David does the math in his head that he is the lone adult who is touchable in the room and that he will be the fall guy/scape goat. Paul is married to the number two person in line for the presidency. The minor is not going to take the blame for anything. Perhaps David was stiffed for money, who knows? All he knows is that Paul called the po-po on him and they are going to take him away and he doesn’t know how bad it’s going to get but given that there is a minor in the room, it could be pretty bad – he could wind up like Epstein. That’s when he lays into Paul with the hammer.

    Now, that is my best guess as to what transpired given what has come out so far. The thing with the minor is speculation but it would explain who let in the police and part of the motivation as to why David attacked Paul.

    Happy Halloween!

    • George Michalopulos says

      Misha, I think you hit the nail on the head. The “third, undisclosed person” was no doubt a teen boy. As to why DePape felt the need to whack Pelosi, at this point, given all that is probably going to happen to him, why not? (And also being inebriated and in a drug-fueled rage.)

      In other words, if I’m going down, I’m going to take down as many down with me as possible.

      Makes sense.

      • Who brought the hammer to the handbag fight?

        • There are a couple of odd ends in any case. From the internet, I gather that the hammer could have been a sex toy. Don’t ask for the specifics but the normal business end would be used as a handle. The slip ties would fit nicely into the BDSM category. The broken glass could be anything but what it purports to represent. the glass is fallen on the outside of the house indicating it was broken from within. Also, the hole created is too small for a man to fit through. It may have just been a lame afterthought to create some type of entry damage for the story, a lame effort being sufficient since they knew there would be no genuine investigation.

          But, of course, we’ll never hear the truth from the media or the powers that be. They’ll just play it straight (pun intended) and act like it’s a serious news story, giving updates from the federal case which no doubt will be an Olympic lying event. David should be quite compliant with whatever the Dems want at this point. His life is hanging by a thread.

          There’s little more to be had from this story than that. Other than it is a litmus test to gauge the honesty or corruption of news outlets to the extent that they parrot the government narrative.

          • “Don’t ask for the specifics …’

            I won’t. Don’ wanna know…

          • George Michalopulos says

            Having worked in an ER myself several decades ago, I can honestly say that the sex play (and attended toys) that took place among men in that “community” are better left unsaid.

  3. Great memes George !
    Isn’t it amazing how the media hasn’t
    figured out the Jan 6 pipe bomber, the
    Supreme Court leaker, a single one of
    Epstein’s clients, the motive of the Las
    Vegas shooter, but they knew Paul
    Pelosi’s midnight visitor was MAGA
    even before both could put their
    underwear back on?

  4. This was surprisingly good from Christianity Today.

    The author’s tone is a little unsettling. Christians should be conscious of St. Paul’s exclamation, “Death, where is thy sting?” I for one am uncomfortable celebrating a “holiday” dedicated to extolling fear, terror, horror and death. Really, I don’t even think that the desensitization is a good thing.

    But opinions vary. not the hill to die on. Pun intended.


    Where it is revealed on Tucker that the Russian orthodox Church need to be destroyed as part of the aim of the Ukrain war (at 2:45)


    Alexandr Dugin’s address in from of the Synod

    It can’t really be clearer, can it?

    • George Michalopulos says

      The ghost of Brzenzski continues to rise from his grave.


    • Gail Sheppard says

      Fossil fuels include coal, natural gas, and petroleum. Petroleum can be refined into other fuels, such as diesel and gasoline.

      The United States used to lead the world in natural gas production. We had enough for 90 years.

      However, when Biden came into office he ordered the secretary of the Interior Department to halt new oil and natural gas leases on public lands and waters, and begin a thorough review of existing permits for fossil fuel to avert “climate change.” He signed a series of executive orders that prioritize climate change across all levels of government.

      Get rid of Biden, we can open it all up again. It took him days to shut it down. Couldn’t take all that long to get it back up.

      Heard Germany has reached a deal with Russia. They have agreed to redraw its borders back to what they were at the end of WWI, being careful to keep the German speaking population together and the Russian speaking people together. – The EU is ramping up to get rid of Ursula due to the contracts she made with the pharmaceutical companies for the vaccine. (Edit: Have Germany on my mind. Meant EU) – They should be getting fuel soon.


      It was interesting to me to see all the cars lined up for coal. Why didn’t Germany listen to Trump when he told them to develop their own resources? Nobody listened to Trump about anything and now they’re seeing the consequences, which is the whole point of this exercise. https://www.cnbc.com/2018/07/13/trump-is-exaggerating-germanys-reliance-on-russia-for-energy.html

      Trump wanted the world to “see” where it was heading with these stupid Western policies that were driving us all into the ground. Well, now the world is getting the picture so I expect things are going to fall into place soon.

    • Gail Sheppard says

      Gold star for comments of the day!

    • George Michalopulos says

      Gene, thank you for providing these two links! I just watched them. Profound.

      • I think with all the noise narratives are being clarified. Everything is being exposed, but we need to be vigilant and get the word out to other Orthodox. With such a clear message on Tucker ALL Orthodox need to understand what is at stake, and there could be violence against us. I see it as a warning. All Priests and Bishops need to take note.

    • From what I found, here’s the quote:

      “Russia is an Orthodox country professing traditional values. That is why it must be destroyed, no matter what price the United States pays for it” – said Raskin.

      Can’t find a video clip of it. That would be even more powerful.

      Raskin represents Maryland/suburban Washington DC in the US Congress. The heart of the OCA’s Diocese of Washington DC. Would love to see a statement from Metropolitan Tikhon on Raskin’s blatant Orthodox Christian hatred. This area is also in the backyard of St John the Baptist Cathedral (ROCOR), Washington DC. A statement from Metropolitan Nicholas would be equally powerful.

      Of course, Raskin’s party leaders are the decadent, corrupt, and pathetic Pelosi et al., the angry and bitter octogenarian woman whose husband is almost certainly equally angry and bitter. This is the guy who spends his time trying to releasing his pent up emotional baggage through gay sexcapades in their Pacific Palisades San Francisco mansion, which Misha artfully outlines above.

      So much is wrong with our American land, and at the root of it is our corrupt, degenerate, pathetic, demonic, and atheistic cultural and political “elites.” The sooner we rid ourselves of these folks — how about we exile them to Siberia before they exile us to Siberia? — the sooner traditional Americans can reclaim our country as an entity worthy of leaving to our children.

      Traditional Americans and Orthodox Christian Russia are not “natural enemies.” We are — as Tsar Alexander III and Abraham Lincoln were — natural friends. A recent American President once said this part out loud, and he was then summarily run out of town.

      Raskin’s public declaration that traditional Christians — and he mentions Orthodox Christians — are a religious group worthy of public hatred and persecution is chilling. Never thought I’d hear those words come out of the mouth of one of my American leaders. Why did I spend a couple of decades in the US military serving this country if it’s run by these clowns?

      Muslim lands certainly profess “traditional values” also, but I guess, according to Raskin, Muslim lands don’t have to be “destroyed”?

      Christ commands us to love our enemies. I’m finding that difficult to do right now. May Our Holy Mother protect us.

  6. This Paul Pelosi story is just like the COVID drama for the past 3 years….. anyone with half a brain and paying attention knows what happened and knows what’s going on, it simply is “impolite” to discuss it publicly. Therefore, everyone is expected to pretend. The major media channels do the pretending in overdrive, it’s pretend all the time for them.

    Exact same dynamic in the Soviet Union in the 1970s and early ’80s…. everyone knew the system was crazy and ridiculous, but you couldn’t discuss it publicly. Everyone was expected to pretend, with serious ramifications if you didn’t pretend. Then the system crashed down later in the ’80s….

  7. Anonymous II says

    Report: Twitter and Facebook Had Regular Meetings with DHS on Censoring Americans

    Surprise, surprise, surprise!

    Executives from Facebook and Twitter, including the recently-fired head of trust & safety Vijaya Gadde, held regular meetings with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to discuss censorship on a wide range of topics, including the withdrawal from Afghanistan, coronavirus, and “racial justice,” according to leaked documents.

    The information came to light via leaks to the Intercept, as well as documents and minutes revealed through Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt’s lawsuit filed against the Biden Administration that alleges government collusion with Big Tech to suppress Americans’ First Amendment rights.

    According to the material, DHS plans to target alleged misinformation around “the origins of the COVID-19 pandemic and the efficacy of COVID-19 vaccines, racial justice, U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan, and the nature of U.S. support to Ukraine.”

    More: https://www.breitbart.com/tech/2022/10/31/report-twitter-and-facebook-had-regular-meetings-with-dhs-on-censoring-americans/

    • George Michalopulos says

      I had especial contempt for Agarwal and Gadda, not because they were immigrants from the Subcontinent but because they knew nothing about America and our institutions. To think that they thought they could get away with denying us our First Amendment rights is reprehensible.

      And to think that we allowed them to do so is even more regrettable.

      Still, there is a silver lining: it’s scandals like this, which are occurring on an almost daily basis now, shows that we have become unAmerica. And thus it becomes ever more necessary that NATO fails in its attempt to spread these satanic toxins to the Ukraine, and then the rest of the world.

  8. Nate Trost says

    Federal criminal complaint from the Justice Department is out:


    Blows up the furiously spun fantasies of a right-wing media that is frantically trying to pretend it isn’t the mechanism that radicalized a formerly crunchy hippie into a right-wing radical.

    A couple notes: the Speaker’s Capital Police security detail travels with her, so wasn’t at the house. It’ll be interesting to see the timeline, because from the outside witness statement, it seems likely Depape’s forced entry triggered a silent alarm and the police were already en route when Pelosi made the 911 call.

  9. Mark E. Fisus says

    Let’s suppose the whispers are true, that the incident was a lovers’ quarrel. That would affect the criticism of Nancy Pelosi’s flawed agenda not a whit. She, and not her husband, is the representative and the speaker. All these sordid insinuations only discredit the political opposition who bandy them about. To those of us in the vanishing middle, those gossiping about Paul Pelosi and his side boy just look like they’re desperately grasping at straws.

    • George Michalopulos says

      Mark, at first, I was just spit-balling. Simply because I couldn’t see how someone so close to such a high position could be so vulnerable.

      However, in retrospect, I can see how your recreation of the scenario is the most plausible: a lover’s quarrel gone bad. I think Misha fleshed it out even better: a drug-fueled lover’s quarrel with a pedophile angle as well.

      Notice that in my defense, I did say, instead of asking cui bono it might be better to repair to Occam’s Razor.

  10. George Michalopulos says

    Maybe there’s a Russian angle? (On my bingo card I have “Revenge by the Chinese for Going to Taiwan.”

    File this under “Kinda makes you go ‘Hmmmmm…’.”

    “The creation of DePape’s website in September and its population with QANON images originally created by Russia’s IRA seems way too convenient of a coincidence. It will be interesting to see if Federal and State prosecutors follow through and take this guy to trial. My guess is that he will occupy the limelight up to election night here in the United States as the Democrats try to convert him into a MAGA poster boy and blame “the attack” on Donald Trump. I also believe that sometime after November 8, he will be declared mentally ill, the charges will be dropped and he will be shuffled off to some psychiatric facility.”

    For the full story (so far) please go to Larry Johnson: https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2022/11/mentally-illegal-alien-drug-abusing-nudist-really-trump-stooge/