Happy 8/8 Day!

According to the Best and the Brightest on MSLSD, President Trump ordered the raising of all American flags today because of occult mysticism.

As you know, the flags have been lowered in memory of the victims of El Paso and Dayton. But Trump, dog-whistling to the white supremacists that make up his base, decided that they would be raised today, August 8th.

You see, that’s 8/8.

In mathematics, 88 is a refactorable number, a primitive semiperfect number, and untouchable number, a hexadecagonal number, an Erdos-Woods number, a palindromic number, and the smallest coprime abundant number.   It’s also the approximate number of days it takes Mercury to complete it’s orbit and considered to be the luckiest number in Chinese culture.

But to the Left, 8 is the eighth letter of the alphabet and stands for “H.”  And you know who’s name begins with “H” don’t you?  Of course, you do!  A certain Herr Hitler. As in “Heil Hitler!” (“H-H”, get it?)

Sooooo –that’s kinda where we are in the intellectual discourse with the Left. If they truly believe Trump is signaling to white supremacists that he’s on board with their agenda, then I’d say the Left has totally lost it.

Having said that, I do think it appropriate to take a short trip down memory lane. Several years ago, I mentioned that American schoolchildren began the day with The Pledge of Allegiance. When I was a child, we put our right hand over our hearts. In previous generations, they did it with the so-called Roman salute. Which looked amazingly like the same salute that Germans used to greet each with.

Only then it was called the “Bellamy salute”, in honor of the Rev Francis Bellamy, the author of The Pledge of Allegiance.

Here’s one example:

And here’s another:

If I remember correctly, Yours Truly was taken to the rhetorical woodshed by some of his critics. “Surely, George, you can’t be serious! Why nobody in America would give the old Sieg Heil! to Old Glory!”

Of course, nobody was using those words. These photographs predate World War II. Anyway, my critics were wrong. The “Roman salute” was used when reciting the Pledge.

Now getting back to the original point: the Left has truly lost it. They need help.


  1. As the Brits like to say, these people are barking mad!

  2. The swastika of course pre nazi epoch, was merely the Aryan Indian  sign for luck. The last empress of Russia enscribed it on almost everything she wrote. 
    I am no trump enthousiast.  I believe as a human being he falls and fails at every turn, and you can cover him with as much lipstick as you may wish.  But of course as with Brexit etc., so with Trump,  without the yrs of, for the few,  neo liberal  economic and other policies, and  smugness and arrogance of Blair, Bush, let alone the obscene iraq war,  and of course the living hypocritical  non- entity known as Obama,  there would be no trump, bolsaneirjo ( Brazil)   or even Johnson ( you should read his Novel, ‘Four two Virgins’ complete with a Bollocks to Brexit. BOLLOCKS TO BORIS, sticker!!) .  I am as gift from my London visitors!  Very great fun! 
    No doubt you may  applaud his forcing one of his many partners to have an abortion , let alone not knowing how many children he has, or his incessant lies. 
    I don’t.  If i dislike Blair et al.,I certainly don’t buy this man’s and his merry crew’s self interested  snake oil EITHER!!! ;

  3. George Michalopulos says

    Since we’re on the subject of ethnic nationalism, I guess we can chalk this one up to the Trump Effect: Native employment goes up as illegal immigration goes down.


  4. George Michalopulos says

    And then there’s this:


    Diversity is Strength! You see, you don’t need assault rifles to engage in mass-murder when machetes will do just fine in a pinch.

      • George Michalopulos says

        Dino, try as I might, I can’t bring myself to dislike Creepy Joe. He’s a one-man Gaffemaster 2000 (by Ronco).

        • Dino Tsortanidis says

          Speaking of creepy. Demon Epstein is dead. First nearly dead a few weeks ago, and now fully dead. Keep in mind he was under 24/7 suicide watch in a New York City prison. The world now will never learn about his circle, nor their crimes and sins against children. Amazing, yet not. Have we just witnessed death by Arkancide? I also wonder if James Comey is getting more and more nervous?

          • George Michalopulos says

            I’m of two minds Dino on this:

            1. 24/7 suicide watch. Impossible, as this raises up other questions:
            a. is the Deep State that powerful?
            b. were the guards that incompetent?
            c. was he really on suicide watch or is this just a fabrication?

            2. The body taken away was a decoy and thus, he’s still alive. This would mean that the White Hats that are active in the DoJ are just as resourceful as the Deep Staters.

            • Throughout history, some elite and powerful “movers and shakers” have always silenced those who can hurt them.

              America in 2019 is no different. The lunacy is that we tell ourselves that we are “above” all that, when of course our leaders are not.

              Damn right that Epstein was silenced by those who were fearful of what he might say. It is incredibly naïve to think otherwise.

              AOC (whom I typically always disagree with) said this morning about Epstein’s death that “We need answers; Lots of them.” For the first time ever, I’m in complete agreement with her: yep AOC, you are on the money on this one.

              Though it’s naïve to think that the establishment will give answers. They will probably invade Iran to distract attention from Epstein’s death… throw a few thousand Southern boys (and now girls) to their death to distract attention and cover this one up. And they’ll tell America to numb out, go shopping, watch porn, play video games, and don’t care about all of this… and most of America will gladly comply.

              • Anon 2: “They will probably invade Iran to distract attention”
                It is not feasible.

            • Dino Tsortanidis says

              George, so far as your #2:

               I would call you a conspiracy nut. Now? Anything is possible in this banana republic we call earth. That said, most likely the powers that be would want him dead, given even a 1% chance of him being discovered. Dead men tell no tales. 

              What I really believe is the powers that be don’t care how fishy this all looks, they will just call it one more conspiracy theory, without proof, by nut jobs, for the world to debate for decades, much like JFK hit job, Arkancides, etc.  Compared to the possible exposure against them, and slightest chance they are charged with the worst type of crimes against children, they knew there was only one way out, and solution. “Death solves all problems-No man, no problem.”(Anatoly Rybakov)

              From Epstein’s nihilistic point of view, at age 66, with no hope of freedom, he gladly excepts death and feels his pals are doing him a favor. Except that, I don’t imagine he has any idea what awaits on the other side of death.

            • I dealt with suicide watch as it’s called in my uk NHS mental health work. It meant regular observation say every 10 minutes and recorded .
              The timing intervals related to the level of risk.
              Of course one of key things was to ensure the person’s surroundings and clothing etc, did not give them the means.
              I knew one case of lad who was 24/7 trying to kill himself who had two agency nurses from Ireland with him 24/7 on shift rotation. They say houses were built in Eire on the agency level payment!!!.
              Of course in the lad’s case and in general, this could work behaviourally to “RE-INFORCE’ The suicide risk by rewarding it with the attention. And not feasable long Term.
              I do not know how Epstein’s died actually, but can say that although it is near impossible to stop someone trying to kill themselves, IT IS POSSIBLE EASILY TO MAKE SURE THEY DO NOT SUCCEED. So in this gentleman’ s case I would be asking some questions as to the possible lapses in procedure and detail.

          • Tim R. Mortiss says

            He wasn’t on suicide watch (‘why not’ is the question), and, to clarify, he was in a Federal facility which happened to be in NY City.

  5. I couldn’t believe it when I heard the garbage about  8/8 or 88 on the radio. Does that mean the everyone who ever owned an Olds 88 is a secret racist? How about people born on August 8: Keith Carradine, Dustin Hoffman, Esther Williams, Shawn Mendes — born to be racist! And President Nixon announced his resignation on this day:  must have been a “dog whistle” to white supremacists!

    • And then there’s one of the most feared weapons in the NAZI Wermacht which was., of course… 
      …the 88.