Hail to the Thief


This about says it all.

OK folks, we’re screwed. 

And not because the Democrats stole the election.  That’s bad enough.  In broad daylight.  No, come to think of it, that is bad enough.  It means we are now an oligarchy.  Oh, well.  At least now the mask is off.

There are other reasons why we’re screwed.  One reason is because the Chinese have us by the short and curlies.  That too, is bad.  But what is horrendously bad, stupendously bad, humongously bad with a cherry on top, is the fact that Biden is manifestly unfit to be President.   Don’t get me wrong, he’s probably doing as well as any other 78-year-old man but, how can I put this delicately? –remember Reagan?–Biden is now older than Reagan was the last day he left office.  And Reagan (who was suffering from the early stages of Alzheimer’s) was far more alert than Biden.  

So there’s that.  Then there’s his biography.  Folks, his life story is so lackluster that it makes Calvin Coolidge’s biography seem Jacksonian in comparison. 

For one thing, he cheated in law school and then when he was caught he cried like a baby for mercy.  Mercy granted, he undistinguished himself by graduating in the bottom ten percent of his class.  His life story was so insignificant on its own merits, that he had to plagiarize –word-for-word–Neil Kinnock’s to add some color to it.  He is the very definition of a man who in the ordinary run of things could “only go so far with a handshake and a smile”.  You know, maybe being somewhere in middle management in a shoe store.  

A back-bencher from an insignificant state like Delaware, essentially a one-party rotten borough, he was a legislator of only meager accomplishments.  To be sure, as a Senator he knew how to play the game within that exclusive club.  He had no problem dealing with ex-Klansmen like Robert C Byrd or avowed racists like John Eastland.  In fact, he bragged about it.  That’s where the handshake-and-a-smile thing comes in:  he could get along with most anybody in that august body.  That’s why he was liked there.

And why he will almost certainly fail as President.  It’s one thing to be a backslapper who has garnered good will among corrupt men, but when you mumble when you talk and don’t know where you are at any given moment, then that reservoir of good will dry up pretty darn fast.  “C’mon, Man!” is not going to be a good enough excuse when things go south.  And they will go south.  I guarantee it will get shopworn pretty quick when the excrement hits the fan.   

Folks, I’m not even sure that the Pentagon is going to give him access to the nuclear codes.  I mean, would you?  If so, then we are a vassal-state.  The Chinese have the keys to the car.  Joe is merely their figurehead/puppet. 

Am I overstating the case?  Well, let’s turn to that august example of right-wing journalism known as Politico (I’m being snarky –they’re lefties).  https://pjmedia.com/news-and-politics/matt-margolis/2021/01/20/wow-politico-is-no-longer-covering-up-bidens-cognitive-decline-n1398160.  You see, now that Trump is safely out of office, it’s OK to talk openly about his cognitive decline.  Why?  Because he’s served his purpose.  The man of meager accomplishment who could pass himself off as “Working class Joe from Scranton”, that is a centrist who got along with everybody in the Senate, was a place-holder for a San Francisco Democrat.

Yeah, it sure looks like the Dems are sharpening the knives.  So don’t be surprised if in the very near future he has “an accident” while showering with his dog.  You read it here first.  Think of Kommiela as the Dems’ insurance plan.  (Being  a “woman of color” she’s all but guaranteed to unleash the Military Industrial Complex so they can bomb brown people overseas to smithereens.)    

In the meantime, consider the fact that the Federal  City is now an armed camp and he’s done his dead level best to question the loyalty of the troops stationed there.  Also, look at how poorly attended his inauguration was.  The official estimates were that only 2,000 people showed up.  Only 1.2 million people watched in seven (that’s 7) different YouTube channels dedicated to the event.  And get this:  four days ago Joe and Kamala hosted their first major inauguration event.  It was live-streamed on Facebook.  And (drum roll please) it received a grand total of 320,000 views. 

Yeah, America totally voted for him.  That’s why there’s all that concertina wire in DC.  Because he’s so fricking popular. 

Last month, when Gail and I went to DC, I commented that there was a pall over the city; that the magnificent, Classical buildings were “whited sepulchers”.  My chest did not swell with pride.  If I had to guess, that pall did not lift in the last month as there was a funereal quality about the inauguration if you ask me.  Even among the many Democrats I know, I sensed no pride during this entire transition.  I remember every transition from Nixon’s first in 1968 to Trump’s.  There was always a palpable sense of excitement.  While the Corporate Media tended to go more ga-ga for an incoming  Democrat, even Reagan, Bush pere et fils were given their due.  With Biden, nada.  Nick Stamatakis over at Helleniscope nails it:  https://www.helleniscope.com/2021/01/17/why-bidens-inauguration-feels-like-a-funeral/.

Recently, I wrote an essay about the end of the GOP.  Now I will make another prediction, and that is that once the GOP bites the dust (that’s conditional by the way on how they treat Trump in his post-presidency), the Democrats will also will go the way of the Whigs.  On the first day of Biden’s fraudulency, in Seattle and Portland, antifa and BLM rioted and torched the offices of the Democrat National Committee.  (Wait a minute, didn’t some blogger we all know and love predict this back in August or so?  Hmmm, I wonder who that handsome rascal was?)

You read that right:  the Democrat Party headquarters.  Their signs said “We want revenge, not Biden”.  Their hatred of the corporatist Biden is manifest.  We are actually witnessing the opening stages of a civil war among the Democrats.  Hoping to appease the hard Left, Biden did the single most stupid thing that any “working class guy from Scranton” could do:  he signed an Executive Order stopping the Keystone XL pipeline. 

Canada, which is our biggest trading partner is headed by a very leftist Prime Minister.  And he has already threatened to sue the United States for this egregious action.  But think what this means for working men and women on both sides of the border, who now will lose well-paying jobs.  Thousands of well-paying jobs.  How is this going to help the working class?  Oh, that’s right!  I forgot, Trump brought the working class into the GOP.  His other Executive Orders were even more job-and-culture destroying.  I for one will look on resignedly so as women’s sports is decimated in the country, now that biological males will be able to compete (and shower) with women athletes. 

Yeah, that’s gonna work out really good.  

The fissure in the Democrat Party is between the utopian hard Left and the Corporatist/Wall Street Left.  You can’t please both.  And all the feel-good propaganda by the Corporate Media won’t be able to paper over the differences in the Democrat Party.  And the screw-ups by Biden will be legion.  Now don’t get me wrong, the Corporate Media will try and cut Joe as much slack as they did Obama but Obama had a lot of things going for him.  He was different in every way from Biden; a charismatic, well-spoken, youngish black man who saved us from Hillary 2.0.  And we thought would also absolve us from our national sin of slavery to boot.  (Silly us.)  

So what’s in our future?  I imagine the Chinese are going to yank his chain and we’ll be going to war with Russia sooner or later.  Because Democracy.  That makes sense.

Buckle up!

Anyway, we should seriously think about starting a pool about Joe’s longevity in office.  Or the longevity of the First Amendment.  Or when the first bill is introduced in the Congress to “deprogram” Trump voters.

Seriously.  I’ve never seen such a bunch of sore winners in my life.




  1. cynthia curran says

    On the first day of Biden’s fraudulency, in Seattle and Portland, antifa and BLM rioted and torched the offices of the Democrat National Committe Not surprise on this one. Biden is an old buercratic that will probably bring back inflation.

  2. Ok, I’ll give it a go.
    Joe will go all four years. (Why waste a bought and paid for asset)
    The first amendment already died the moment hate speech laws were enacted.
    There will be a deprograming program, but it will be an end run around the legislative process. My guess is it will enter via Children’s Protective Services. You know, like the ones in California that take kids away from parents who don’t support their child’s thinking that they might wish they were the opposite sex. (Friend of a friend who is a social worker that left the state because if this.)
    I don’t see any point in keeping up with the farce of a legislature now anyway. We are now governed by executive order and the courts.

    • The first amendment already died the moment hate speech laws were enacted.,

      Correction, I meant hate crime laws. The reason I say this is the definition of hate has become, as we have seen lately, very subjective. To disagree with the narrative of the day is considered hate. So hate speech will eventually evolve into a hate crime regardless of what is written in the constitution.
      As I already suggested, it is no longer about the law, but how the courts interpret them.
      See, we don’t need to bother with those tedious amendments. There is an end run around everything now!

  3. I give it 6 months at most before Kamala takes over. And I think the opposite, I think the media will start portraying his cognitive decline and gaffes more so that when they do pull the rug from under him and put Kamala in they will have broadcasted it for everyone to see.

    You forgot to mention one thing, and this is important to remember when/if we go to war with Russia, Kamala as a “woman of color” will be beyond any and all reproach. What she says and does will be gospel because of her ethnic status.

    Joe is a puppet, Kamala is the one that we should be worried about. She’s the real terror. If you think Biden is Left, he is going to look like a conservative compared to her.

  4. I see no difference between Biden and Harris and I found weird the kind of fear conservatives feel that Harris would become President sooner or later. Biden will support exactly the same extreme, woke and destructive policies that Harris would openly endorse, even if he personally doesn’t share its content 100%. This is not Joe Biden working as a senator in the 80s and 90s, its an old man with no principles serving only as a vehicle for his party, especially for his most hateful wing. They dont care about improving peoples life, they only care to have as many people as possible being obedient to their ideology.

    • George Michalopulos says

      Yes, but as Petros commented above, being a “woman of color” she will be “above reproach” when the missiles start flying.

  5. Law Professor responds to WOKE university

    A brave professor replies to an idiotic email from a University President.
    It is a compelling response. [31 min video]

  6. George,

    Though I disagree with very little you have written, I believe all is not lost but rather we have entered into a very messy period of turbulence on the way to an eventual Christian Nationalist victory.

    Trump, and we, discovered how deep and putrid the Swamp really is. I always had doubts that he could succeed because it was difficult to sense a solid plan from him on how to break Democrat power. That is the key to dethroning the present (Democratic) Establishment. Mass prosecutions for Spygate might have done it. Complete exposure in the MSM of extensive voter fraud might also have done it. Alas, he was unable to accomplish either because “the fix is in”.

    And so they had the ability to get away with what they did in the 2020 election and boot him from office for the time being. Yet they really only barely managed to preserve their own dominance within the Democratic Party. ChiCom Joe got in with a moderate thinking cabinet and staff. This is not only his instinct but a preventative measure against Kamala. She’s more of a political prostitute than ideologue; however, she’s made enough noise in support of the riots that they needed a buffer against her possible sudden ascension.

    But, bottom line, you have civil wars in both parties at the moment and that is a very good thing for the Right. The Democrat Establishment is being attacked from both sides at present with Sleepy Joe on the throne. Rumor is that Trump and his supporters in the party are focused on election reform in the state legislatures at this point. That is essential to turn the situation around. They have to prevent what happened in the 2020 election and in Georgia earlier this month from becoming the norm. Republican state legislatures are the key. The Republican Party is still strong at the state level as the elections revealed.

    Trump still owns the Republican base. Democrats are full of hyperbole about their intentions regarding political repression but their power is limited in this regard by their own party, allies and whatever sense of self preservation still exists in the deluded Republican Congressional leadership.

    Trump will try to primary everyone who is disloyal, otherwise displace and/or purge those who aren’t up for election soon (like McConnell) and consolidate power. A lot of it won’t be sexy and on TV but behind the scenes.

    Bottom line is that Trump’s not going anywhere and neither is his base which comprises almost the entire Republican Party outside Establishment leadership. Given that, the dynamic to watch is what happens on the Left. They are still in the process of self-destruction. They unleashed Bernie, BLM and Antifa and now they have to live with them.

    Trump lives rent free in all their heads and makes the whole situation unstable. On some visceral level they know this and that is what drives the worst of the Trump-hatred: the knowledge that he is the continuing catalyst of radicalization and civil war on the Left. To put it another way, Trump has two sets of troops: MAGA and the Radical Left. In a sense he owns them both and has unleashed them on the Center. That, combined with the international ascent of Christian Nationalism, is why I believe that we’ve just hit a temporary bump in the road along the way to the Revolution.

    The Democrats talk big, but apart from using private assets like FB and Twitter to censor and other corporate warfare, what can they really do in terms of repression? Private platforms will continue to arise for conservatives. Whole swaths of the country have strong immune systems against the madness. And pressure makes diamonds. We do need to look internally. “The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars but in ourselves, for we are underlings”.

    The Right is too timid.

    The Right need not become radical in the sense of violent. It needs to become more radical in the sense of more adamant and insistent. As the Eagles sang, “She can’t take you any way you don’t already know how to go.” If Chuck Schumer can stand outside the Supreme Court and rally a crowd threatening a “whirlwind” upon the justices, Trump can call upon his followers to march to the Capitol and demonstrate, so long as they do not engage in violence or enter the building illegally. Yet that is what he is being “impeached” for and what 10 House Republicans supported, as well as McConnell.

    It’s madness.

    The Republicans have what is presently a fatal inferiority complex. This is reinforced by Democratic identity politics and virtue signaling, but it is all psych warfare. There is no substance behind it at all, moral or otherwise. Pure political/psych bs. It is a sick form of bullying and until the Right shakes it off and rejects it, they aren’t capable of self help.

    So if we can’t have a Trump second term immediately, the next best thing is for the Right to experience the shared trauma necessary for it to grow some balls. Efforts at leftist repression will be rhetorically harsh but ineffectual. How are they going to “re-educate” the South? They’re not. They’re going to fuss a lot and do a lot of bureaucratic, ineffectual bs and declare victory. And little will change in the hearts of men other than that it will steel the will of the Right to reassert itself much more forcefully and unapologetically.

    “Defiant and Unapologetic”. That should be the Right’s motto going forward. Repeating it enough may cure the complex.

    PS: I see no reason to debate election fraud denialists anymore. The science is settled.

    • George Michalopulos says

      Misha, I don’t believe that “all is lost”. Far from it! We are seeing the Great Reveal. Now most everybody knows how corrupt our Oligarchy is.

      I’m in health care. The first rule is: the patient has to accept that there is a problem. Whether that problem was alcoholism, drug addiction, cancer, hypertension, obesity, what-have-you, unless you agree that you have it, then you’re not going to be cured.

      For too long in America we believed in the “Make Room for Daddy”/Eisenhoweresque/Happy Days paradigm of the 1950s still obtained. That we were a force for good in the world, instead of instability.

      Now we know thanks to the $600 stimulus checks that the Congress moved heaven and earth to give Sudan and other countries $500 million but tossed the American people breadcrumbs.

      • George Michalopulos says

        Misha, I’m also glad you brought up something about “reconstruction”. I’ve been in the process of writing something about the first Reconstruction and in doing so, show why the second Reconstruction (i.e. “deprogramming”) won’t succeed.

    • Misha, you’re a true believer and I respect your faith. Nonetheless, I disagree. Trump, the Republicans, and his supporters have just demonstrated that they do not have the will or the testicular fortitude to go through with what is needed.

      What we have witnessed is clear fraud and what amounts to an armed coup, and very, very few people did anything about it. The right in America is dead.

    • cynthia curran says

      Bottom line is that Trump’s not going anywhere and neither is his base which comprises almost the entire Republican Party outside Establishment leadership. Given that, the dynamic to watch is what happens on the Left. They are still in the process of self-destruction. They unleashed Bernie, BLM and Antifa and now they have to live with them.
      True, Bernie Bots and Biden were apart of the youthful left of the 1960’s that conservatives try to blame on people my age. I was only 12 in 1969 while Sanders and Biden were approaching 30. in 1969,

  7. Michael Bauman says

    George, hate to break it to you but we have ALWAYS been an oligarchy. What do you think the Founders and the Federalist Party were?

    The only U. S. President who was not an outright oligarach was Andrew Jackson. However, his successor was much like Biden, minus the cognitive decline.

    Martin Van Buren was a machine politician from New York.

    Politics have never been more irrelevant George and it breaks my heart to see you and Gail (I like and admire both of you) invest your intelligence, drive and hope in them to such a degree.

    • George Michalopulos says

      Michael, there was a German sociologist (can’t remember his name) who came up with the “Iron Law of Oligarchy”. Namely that there will always be oligarchies, perhaps not at first but then inevitably one would congeal. I rather liked our previous oligarchies in that they at least liked the people they ruled.

      Let me say a good thing about the Chinese Communist Party: believe it or not, they are extremely responsive to the customs and traditions of the ethnic Han majority. The same could have been said for the Communist Party of the old USSR: they divided up the old Romanov Empire into ethnic enclaves and the local SSR’s were attuned to the ethno-cultural interests (minus the religion) of the various ethnicities. (There was even an autonomous Jewish region and their language was Yiddish.)

      None of this can be said for the United States. Our oligarchy is not only antithetical to the Western tradition but they eagerly reduce the ethnic majority (and native black and Hispanic population) to penury. They do this any number of ways: through things like the Paris Climate Accords, the TPP, “free trade”, and open borders. None of the other superpowers are this oblivious to their native populations.

      • Michael Bauman says

        George, all true, deeply regretible and I did what I could to prevent it. I pray for God’s mercy for me and for our country. His mercy is sufficient. We just need to submit to it.

        That is not quietism BTW.

        If I get involved in the power game, I become a judge of others, or worse I stop caring. A few years ago Mike Pompeo came to our parish in titular support of the Antiochian initiative for Syrian and Lebanese orphans. I was close enough to see his body language and gage his energy in an unguarded moment as he left our hall. He is the most scary man I have ever run across. Full of aggressive anger and a walking tower of intimidation. That is where live of power leads. I am afraid that is where allowing elective politics to become a dominant passion leads. Church “politics” are even worse.

        The Church is still here! I know because I went to a funeral tonight of a parish woman who was 83. She was an astounding woman fighting debilitating illnesses for some time. Guess what, the Church knows how to bury people!
        Since I have actually had a spouse I called her surviving spouse to let him know I was there for him to help him grieve and also understand the hope that only the Orthodox Church understands and communicates. My parish in particular. It is why I have no fear of COVID or the politics.
        His mercy is here and now and so alive it hurts sometimes.
        My wife and I pray for you daily BTW as part our prayer to the Holy Theotokos asking for mercy, grace, peace, and healing that you might come into the Kingdom.

        May it be so.

        • George Michalopulos says

          Well said Michael. Your insight re Pompeo is quite helpful as it is he who is putting the squeeze on orthodox primates everywhere to conform to the new world order.

          • Curious what is going to happen now that Pompeo is out. Wonder who will be taking the “muh Russia” shtick to the primates now. Also, now that he is out, will the primates who have not accepted the Ukrainian schismatics now have the fortitude to stand up to Pat. Bartholomew

          • Michael Bauman says

            George, you know Pompeo is, or was, a creature of the Koch brothers? He was employed by them when he first sought public office and ran with their money and influence.

            His temporal power is real–as far as that goes. The Church will loose on that battlefield. Always has. Always will. So will all of us. That is largely unimportant except we must keep those of our brothers and sisters who are tempted to that battlefield in our prayers. No one dies well on that battlefield.

            As oxymoronic as it sounds God’s mercy is stronger. If we submit to it. We each of us chooses which thief we will be, I think. Pompeo used to be a nice guy long ago, or so I hear. No longer. He has taken on the thief on the left. Still, in a way, my heart goes out to him for he has put on “The Ring of Power”.

            St. Dismus, lead me and all here into repentance and the Life of Mercy, substance and communion to which we are called.

            …and let us remember in prayer all our brothers and sisters recently departed this life, especially our sister Judith Hull- faithful to God, wife, mother, grandmother and artist.

            Forgive me a sinner.

            • Gail Sheppard says

              Well, we don’t have to worry about Pompeo anymore. If Trump ever does find his way back into office (and I’m not sure he won’t; my money is still on him), it is my hope he can find someone else.

              • George Michalopulos says


              • Michael Bauman says

                Gail, we still have to worry about the Pompeo clones and all those who think power solves problems or worse “brings about change”. Power is power and the kind Pompeo radiates is not of God. May God grant him mercy. Power is seductive because it gives the impression that one is doing good.

                You did get my point though right?

                Luke 6:36.

                Mercy is not a feeling much less an emotion. It appears to be a state of being that is an attribute of God Himself. Only God grants mercy but we can each participate in it. Or not.

                We are not called to change the world we are called to participate in God’s life so we can each be changed. That is the nature of salvation.

            • George Michalopulos says

              I don’t disagree at all Michael. We are going to need God’s mercy in all its strength because of what the State Dept is trying to do to the Orthodox Church.

  8. Ella Marie says

    Idk who’s more naive…blm who thought that o kimismenos would immediately grant all their wishes; or o kimismenos and crew who thought that all the pandemonium and the fix were for free…

  9. George Michalopulos says

    See this one quick before they pull it:


    Biden is signing one of his Executive Orders and literally says: “I don’t know what I’m signing here”.

  10. Here’s my prediction. China Joe will last one or two years. Whoever is president (him or Kamala) will do massive damage in that time. In 2022, they will lose the house and senate (if the election fraud is rectified). In their final two years, they will be blocked from doing anything except executive orders. The Republicans need to file lawsuits against everything they do…even a sneeze (just as the demonrats did to Trump). In 2024, a conservative will win the Whitehouse, and the house and senate will have Republican majorities.

  11. I am hopeful. I believe that what we are watching and experiencing is a very ingeniously planned LARP so that all Americans, left, right, and center can really experience what communism feels like regardless of flag design and the fact that your neighborhood still looks the same this morning.

    I have always been conservative and gave up on politics when I saw how the establishment on all sides covered up the 9/11 attacks by the Clintons, Bush, the neocons and the Mossad among others. I have been down the rabbit hole ever since. If any readers read this and think that it is insane, then YOU ARE STILL ASLEEP.!!! The sophisticated programming that has targeted the human mind and culture has been amazingly effective.

    If you consider anything that is not promulgated by the 5 or 6 corporations that own all mainstream media outlets to be a “conspiracy theory” you have proven yourself to be any easy mark for the masters of our society and are unwittingly doing violence to Christ’s Church through your intellectual laziness.

    I was never a huge Trump fan and reluctantly voted for him twice. I have over the last 3 or 4 months come to see him as brilliant. He was an establishment outsider that was chosen by elements within our military and intelligence complex that still had their humanity, love for country and love for God. He has everything on them via the NSA. All the dirt on our masters. Everything. This includes the darkest forms of child sacrifice imaginable.

    What we are experiencing is literally “the storm”. To avoid civil war the left must be shown the preposterousness of their mentally ill positions. There is no argument, expose, that will convince them, It must reach their doorstep before they can change.

    Everyone is slowly figuring out that everything about this so called election is off. Trump will be back and soon. You don’t have to believe that – because the reality is that anything that I write here won’t convince you anyhow. I simply ask that you pay close attention. Go back and watch Trump. His old interviews from the 80s and 90s with Larry King, Oprah and the like. Go watch him roast Hillary at that benefit dinner with the Catholic Bishop of New York. The shot he takes at her about villages in Haiti is a direct shot across her bow that he knows that the Clinton Foundation was trafficking children – for Satanic ritual abuse!!!

    In the last few weeks before he left he said nothing about the obviously stolen election or child trafficking. His exit was very un Trump-like if you looked at the surface of it all. He will be back – and soon – mark my words. If you don’t know or think that it was stolen you are being played as a fool. You might have a high IQ and be academically certified by the Rockerfeller academic complex but the junk in that they allowed you to upload is producing junk outnin terms of your analytical capabilities.

    We live in insane times. Our Bishops implicitly promote Bill Gates’ GMO experimental vaccinations but do little to nothing about abortion, human trafficking, and satanic ritual abuse. At best they are naive. Dear Bishops and Priests – WAKE THE @&$! UP!!!

    Sleepy time is over folks. Time to wake up from your slumber. It is called the American dream for a reason. No blame assigned as we have all been duped and wake up at different times in our lives. What is happening right before our eyes – the INSANE clown show that is playing out all around us – may just be an EPIC Grace from God.

    Let us not screw it up this time. We will have no more excuses when all is revealed.

    May God Bless us all!


    I put the over under on baby boomer normie criticism replies of what I wrote at 17.

    • You sound just like the Health Ranger who, only this very day,
      was saying these very things on his ‘Situation Update’.

    • Salutations, Mike. This was a pretty damn woke post, although I’m still not holding out for a Trump comeback.

  12. Michael Bauman says

    Biden will last until the powers behind the throne decide it is time for him to go. One way or another.

  13. With regards to Russia, Biden is already rounding up the NATO cowboys and head toward Russia:


    • “Election interference?” Surely not?
      If Biden raises the subject, who is most likely to confess?
      Putin or Biden…???

  14. George Michalopulos says

    Now they tell us!


    Yup, the cleanest election in all American history. (Take that, George Stephanopoulos!)

  15. George Michalopulos says
  16. AnonymousII says
  17. Absolute Proof – the Mike Lindell bombshell
    evidence of election rigging


    It’s a two hour video by Mike Lindell. It’s fascinating. Dr Shiva is on for about 15 minutes (from 00:49 – 01:02), but the host is very enthusiastic and keeps interrupting him, so he starts to get really pissed off. After all, Shiva likes others to listen. It’s very funny.

    Besides that, there is compelling evidence that Trump won by a massive majority.
    The election was stolen.

  18. George Michalopulos says

    Here’s another reason why I think the entire progressive project is going to go haywire, and fast:


    File this one under “No Asians Need Apply”.

  19. George Michalopulos says

    OK, there’s only two and two options:

    1. Biden is an addle-brained, senile old man, or

    2. He’s in the pocket of the Chinese.


    Upon further reflection, I’d say that it’s possible to be both.