Gun-totin’, Bible-believing Republican Woman to Replace Founder of Democratic Party on $20 Bill


Well, that’s one way of looking at it.

Ironic, isn’t it? The Obama Administration, arguably the most culturally-Marxist regime in American history, is going to replace the founder of the Democratic Party with a Bible-believing, always-armed Republican woman. I kind of like them apples; I wonder if our Betters understand what they’re doing.

Regardless, it’s rather delicious watching the entire Liberal religion collapse on itself. It bodes well for the future; it gives me hope that the egalitarian project that began in France in 1789 and laid waste to Christendom is not long for this world. (One can always hope.)

Still, the death-throws of Liberalism are not going to be pretty. Things will get worse before they get worse. But it’s a small consolation to the ever-shrinking productive class as we continue our long march into the culturally Marxist gulag to watch the Jacobins turn on themselves. I can hardly wait for the spate of rape allegations that are going to be lodged by women against all those “women” who can hardly wait to use their restrooms. Maybe they can send the NBA and all those rock stars their legal bills.

Maybe they really are that delusional.


  1. We need to return to the philosophy of not having any (real) people on the currency. All of life is political now, and the choice of who we honor this way is political. Bring back Lady Columbia, the Eagle, Mercury, et al.

    But not to worry, the powers will get rid of currency soon enough. Then we can live our lives beholden to numbers that can be confiscated and granted at a whim.

    • ReaderEmanuel says

      I don’t think we’ve ever NOT had real people on our currency. Coins, yes; Lady Liberty graced our coins for many, many decades. But there have always been real people on currency. And BTW, Harriet Tubman will not be the first female on our currency. Martha Washington graced the $1 bill in the 1880s.

  2. Delicious indeed. But the important thing is that she is of African descent – the usual style and symbolism over substance that will be hungrily devoured and lauded as great progress.

    While it is, quite truly, progress that a person of color be honored with an image on our national currency, it will not alter the fact that the very people who will doubtless be overjoyed at the honor will continue to have ever fewer of these images in their own wallets.

    Ever more circus; ever less bread. But hey…it feels good, so who cares?

    • George Michalopulos says

      One of the “delicious” ironies of the Obama regime is the fact that the parlous state of black people in America has only gotten worse. If some science-fiction writer versed in writing alternative history had chosen to do one in which the Grand Dragon of the KKK had become President, he couldn’t imagine a worse outcome than what obtains at present.

      In fact, if he had just predicted the events of the past 8 years back in 2008, he’d have gone broke trying to sell any copies.

      • Tony Kartopolous says

        First, you post is just plain wrong. “Marxist regime?” George, your political views are certainly skewed and therefore, you views on the Orthodox Church will also be skewed. We see this with your consistent railing about the OCA, + Jonah, etc. Like it or not, Hillary will be our next President and her prime adviser will be just down the hall in the WH, Bill! Thank God!

        • Pat Reardon says

          Hillary will be our next President and her prime adviser will be just down the hall in the WH, Bill! Thank God!

          I wonder about the Orthodox credentials of someone who can “thank God” for the election of the worst female political figure since Athaliah. This gives “skewed” whole new dimension.

        • Michael Bauman says

          Tony, you have an inverted hierarchy. Political ideology is always wrong in any ultimate sense no matter what the ideology. Adherence to ANY ideology over the Incarnate Lord, God and Savior will skew our understanding of the Church.

          There are no candidates for which we can thank God. We can give glory to God no matter whom is elected simply because He is capable of transforming anything, even my hard and angry heart.

          The big flaw of ideology is that it is a type of idolatry, a created thing that is elevated above the Creator. Read Romans to see the result, then look at our society. No political figure, even the most gifted and honest (none of the current crop is either gifted or honest) can sent right what is asunder because we deny God and His righteousness.

          We Orthodox are without excuse (also in Romans), yet we still fall prey to the wolf of souls, don’t we. At least, I do. I can only look upon the current political-economy in our country, spread around the world, and see my own sin and shame writ large and called “right”.

          Lord, forgive me. I indeed have no wedding garment to worthily enter.

  3. River Guide says


    You said, “Regardless, its’ rather delicious watching the entire Liberal religion collapse on itself.”

    Then we have this from New SVS Press book presented to Pope.

    Now it’s considered Orthodox news when one heretic gives a book to another heretic. Next week’s announcement will be that the OCA bypassed the Bosporus, and headed straight down the Tiber!

    • Carl Kraeff says

      From the article: “On April 6, 2016, His Grace, Bishop David of the Coptic Orthodox Diocese of New York and New England and a trustee of Saint Vladimir’s Seminary here presented a copy of The Life of Repentance and Purity by His Holiness Pope Shenouda III, recently published by St. Vladimir’s Seminary Press [SVS Press], to Pope Francis…The book is the first in SVS Press’ groundbreaking Coptic Studies Series.”

      “River Guide”–You wrote “Now it’s considered Orthodox news when one heretic gives a book to another heretic.” Are you referring to the OCA, the SVS Press or the Coptic Bishop David?

      • Michael Bauman says

        Carl, clearly River Guide is referring to Bishop David and Pope of Rome, Francis as the two heretics. Clearly he is also decrying Orthodox participation in the publication of said book as participating in their heresies.

        For my self, I must say that using the word heretic in reference to anyone now alive in this world is a problem. Many, many hold heretical views to be sure but to really be a heretic, those people must be called to account, offered a chance to repent and not accepted the opportunity.

        The office of the papacy as now constituted is heretical in nature and the current holder of that office appears to be quite heterodox.

        The Copts are officially in schism as I understand it. Some of the saints they revere are official heretics and they have anathematized some of ours. They are unbending, if you read Ravena documents in their lack of acceptance of the Councils 4-7.

        We need as persons and as a Church much better understand the nature of heresy and what it means to be heretic as we have lost the importance of those two words. Just using the word as an epithet to shut down all conversation prevents a better understanding, IMO.

        God forgive me for the hardness of my heart.

  4. Pat Reardon says

    I love it.

    I wonder how long it will take for the government to learn the truth about this wonderful American woman. When they do, they will likely abolish the twenty-dollar bill.

    A few years back, they gave us the Susan B.Anthony dollar. Sometime later they actually learned the lady’s views on abortion. When did you last see a Susan B.Anthony dollar in circulation?

  5. death throes, not “death-throws”.

  6. The best take on this is from the wag who suggested that Prince take the place of Andrew Jackson and that the bill’s denomination be changed to $19.99.

  7. M. Stankovich says

    Obama made a funny comment at the White House Press Corps dinner, “If my remarks are any good, I’m going to shop them to Goldman-Sachs and make myself some serious Tubmans.”