Giving Credit when Credit Is Due

As you know, we here at Monomakhos have been restrained in our criticism of other Christian confessions even when it is most warranted. At the very least, humility demands that and, truth be told, it’s not like we’ve got an awful lot to be triumphant about.

Oh sure, the giggles that attend videos of clown masses and purple-haired Anglican priestesses wearing garish robes is inevitable and should be held up to ridicule. I mean, if you’re going to make a spectacle of yourself, don’t complain when people gawk at you.

All that aside, I do believe there is genuine grace outside of Orthodox precincts. I certainly believe that the Truth can be preached and to great effect. Today, we see an example of this phenomenon in the excommunication of Sen Dick Durbin (D-IL) by his bishop, Thomas J Poprocki. The issue of course is Durbin’s “all hands on deck” defense of baby-killing.

Illinois Bishop Bans Sen. Dick Durbin from Receiving Holy Communion over His Pro-Abortion Stance

Bishop Poprocki did not mince words. He said that Durbin is “participating in evil”. Of course he is. And kudos to Poprocki for pointing out the obvious. He’s going to take heat for this but so what? I’m sure it will redound to his benefit when he stands before the Great White Throne.

In the meantime, perhaps the Orthodox episcopate in America can start to honestly engage the culture and preach the Gospel. We can only hope.

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  1. Oh! If only the other (feckless) RC bishops would do the same with the other pro-abortion RC pols. Pelosi anyone?

    A Former RC

  2. The 5 women martyrs in Dagestan were laid to rest:

  3. Billy Jack Sunday says

    I’m confused

    Why wasn’t the senator given a humanitarian award?

  4. Our Greek Orthodox archbishop is just as impressive. As Greece’s unofficial Foreign Minister, he is helping Macedonia with a name change. He is also searching for St. Nicholas’s money all over NYC. He may also be searching for Nicole Simpson’s killer, I heard. So don’t hold up the Catholic bishop as some sort of paragon of virtue based on all that, okay?

  5. The Catholics anathematize Sen Durbin while the Greek Orthodox lionize Gov Cuomo.

  6. Yeah that’s good, a public slap in the face, I’m not sure where “grace” plays a role
    here, could they get Pelosi doing penance, Gavin Newsome, who else, Michael Moore? We need another Mel Gibson movie to instill Faith and Fear in the Lord.

    • Cy, Resurrection is in the works. Looking forward to seeing it.

      • and there should be an immediate sequel “judgment day” for all the ultra-luke warm believers they inherit “democracy” in the after-life, which is below, according to
        St. John of Kronstadt when the question was posed to him about his opinion of Democracy, below. ABOVE !!!! Kingdom

  7. Verad COltroupis says

    Well, Karloutso went after Iakovos because he supported Bush v Dukakis over abortion.