For Dino . . .

Seems Dino wants to make sure George made an honest woman out of me.   He’s protective like that.  

We got married at St. Seraphim in Dallas on 1/19/20 and later had a reception 2/9/20 in my hometown of Tucson.   

Still trying to get some pictures off a CD of our wedding but here are two from the reception.  George insisted on picking out my dress which is all I’ll say about that!


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  1. Archpriest Alexander F.C. Webster says

    Perhaps it’s the other way around, Gail. You made an honest man out of George!

    “Many Years!”

    • Gail Sheppard says

      You make an interesting point, Father. – Thank you!!!!

      • George Michalopulos says

        Indeed you do, Fr.

        Even before I fell in love with her, I often told her that she “was a remarkable woman”. I stand by that. She is remarkable in many ways and I am blessed that she agreed to marry me.

  2. Very nice. I didn’t know y’all lived in Dallas as well, did Fr. Gerasim do the liturgy?  

    • George Michalopulos says

      We were deeply honored to have Fr Gerasim officiate at our wedding.   A true hieromonk, of great pastoral discernment.

      • Thanks be to God, Fr. Gerasim is awesome.
        Meeting him is a major reason why I converted to Orthodoxy. I ran into him by happenstance at St. Seraphim’s (he was suppose to have been out of town), coincidentally it turns out he had just returned from the small town I grew up in which is in another state not close to Texas. Between meeting him and asking for Abp. Dimitri’s intercession, I’m calling it Divine Providence 

        • Gail Sheppard says

          The first time I walked into St. Seraphim’s I whispered to George that I wanted to be married there. 
          Abbot Gerasim is one of those people you think you’ve known all your life.  In God’s world, it often works that way.  The first time we met, he said, “We know each other, don’t we?”  Indeed. 
          I wish I had been able to meet Archbishop Dmitri.  So many. many people in the South loved that man.
          I got a larger wedding candle and decorated it with a cross so we could light it and set it on his tomb in the mausoleum where he has been laid to rest.  I would like to think His Eminence approved of our marriage and was there in spirit. 

  3. Many Years!

  4. Nice pictures! Congratulations, and many years!

  5. Ronda Wintheiser says

    I’m so very, very happy for the two of you.  This couldn’t have happened to two more wonderful people.
    May God grant you many, many happy years together. 

  6. Beautiful ?
    Kalo Pascha.

  7. I expect you picked his tie.
    That’ll teach him!

  8. Sage-Girl says

    ??Congratulations Gail & George – surprised your newlyweds … thought y’all were married forever — Soulmates ✨it was destiny.

    • Gail Sheppard says

      We might be (soul mates).  We are definitely evenly yoked.

      I worked with George on the blog for years before we ever spoke.  Several years ago, he wanted to set me up with one of his friends and I asked him if we could talk so he could tell me about him.

      The first time I ever heard George’s voice he said, “I just want you to know I would marry you myself if I weren’t already married.  I hope you and Rich (that was the name of his friend) hit it off.  He would be getting a heck of a girl!”  

  9. I was going to email George at some point because it sounded like there was a wedding:
    Congratulations to you both and many, many years!!!

    • Gail Sheppard says

      Thanks, Misha.  We weren’t really sure what to do with respect to the blog.  A few people knew.  –  I really appreciate your good wishes!!!

  10. Great pics! The joyful smiles communicates all we need to know, and more than we deserve. Thanks for sharing the love.
    I agree with Father Alexander, and if I may add, George is the lucky one!(dry humor)
    Many years, love, and good health!
    God bless you both

    • George Michalopulos says

      Dino, I am indeed the lucky one!

    • George Michalopulos says

      Dino, eisai palikari kai leventi!

    • George Michalopulos says

      And God bless you, Dino!

      • Joyous share and beautiful timing to brighten our spirits in stay at home Holy Week!  Thank you Gail!  Glory to God for bringing you together to strengthen one another and love and serve Him together!  ?☘️???❤️☦️ Nicole

        • Gail Sheppard says

          Thank you my, friend. How you have enriched my our lives, Nicole. We are so grateful.

    • Gail Sheppard says

      Thank you so much, Dino.  It means a lot to me coming from you.  We really do love you, you know, and we’ve missed you.

  11. Michael Bauman says

    Gail, you both help each other become more human in Christ.  At least that is the way it has worked for Merry and me…and we were not even allowed an Orthodox wedding.  

    • George Michalopulos says

      Michael, if I may be so bold, you and Merry are an inspiration to us all. After we finally met you, I came to the conclusion that you were completely yoked in Christ.

      • Gail Sheppard says

        I agree with George.  Your love story is the story that other love stories are based on!

        At the end of the day, it is God who blesses the marriage and as long as the man and woman leave a spot for the Holy Spirit between them, they blossom in ways beyond imagination.  

        • Michael Bauman says

          …and yet at the wedding of my younger niece I saw her change from a girl to a strong young woman with an entirely new place in the community.  That is a part of the sacramental chrism.  
          Thank you for the compliment though.  If what you say is true, it is God’s work not ours.  

  12. George Michalopulos says

    Dino, Misha, Sage-Girl, Brendan, et al:  thank you for your warm wishes!  

    P.S. Btw, that lovely young lass (the other lovely, young lass) standing besides Gail is her delightful single daughter.   Surely there is a young Orthodox Christian man who would love to have Gail as his mother-in-law! 

    • Sage-Girl says

      George –
      regarding fixing up Gail’s lovely daughter …
      by any stretch of imagination, would you consider introducing her to the Roosh man? He’s looking for a wife.

      • Gail Sheppard says

        If he’s Orthodox! Of course, it would all be up to God. – I don’t know what you do for a living, but I hope you are in some kind of work where you are able to use your creative planning skills, Sage Girl. You are quite gifted in this regard!

        • Sage-Girl says

          thanks Gail – well I hear Roosh is Orthodox but he’s a wild card, your girl needs a “purer” Soulmate… no offense Roosh! ? Her guardian angels will find him.

          For me lately, I’m putting book ? together, of my collection of True mystical experience stories I’ve heard over years of those I’ve known + strangers + myself included;
          so if anyone wishes to share their personal story + contribute to future Book: [like seeing Angels, or vivid precognition dreams, or visits of Christ, of Panagia, or Near Death Experiences etc] please respond… it’ll stay anonymous .
          send to:

    • Is there a dowry? 😐

    • Finding an Orthodox spouse is no easy feat for sure! I’m part of the Orthodox Young Adult group in DFW and the overwhelming majority of those of us that are active are guys. There seems to be more of a shortage of Orthodox females. For me it has been way easier to try and find someone outside of Orthodoxy that is open to converting. Now that I am 30 I need to speed up the process lol

      • Gail Sheppard says

        Your instincts are correct, Petros. Keep praying and keep looking.

      • Michael Bauman says

        Pray to the Theotokos to lead you to a God loving woman who will also love you and the Church.  Worked for me. 

        • Tim R. Mortiss says

          For lack of a better spot to ask, Michael: set out to order a case of dry, and the winery website seems to be down…?

          • Michael Bauman says

            Call 1-316-554-9463 x203 after 10AM central and Merry will take your order.  

      • E M Cimmins says

        Greetings Petros,
        Have you and your fellows considered travel to traditionally Orthodox lands? Perhaps during your travels for school or business? Or perhaps going on a summer mission’s project through your parish or OCMC?
        Warmest regards,
        E M Cimmins

        • Hi EM, I have indeed. I have been on missions with OCMC before, however, they have been short term mission and the situation never presented itself for a possible spouse. All in God’s time! 

          • Hang in there, Petros. I tried hard over the years to find a good Orthodox woman—dating many. However, they all seemed to be lacking in their commitment to our faith. I ended up marrying a very wonderful Protestant woman—with a big heart—and she is now Orthodox! I know that there are good Orthodox women out there, but it just wasn’t my destiny to end up with one of them. God provided for me, just as I know he will provide for you! I will remember you in my prayers, brother.
            A most blessed Pascha to you and yours!

  13. What a team! Many Years!

  14. Dino, my brother.  You’ve got clout.  I asked for pics some time ago (a comment that was never published) and got nothing :).  All I can say is, It’s about time we saw the happy couple!
    Kali Anastasi! 

  15. Jacob Lee says


  16. Greatly Saddened says

    Congratulations to the two of you! I am so happy to hear the great and wonderful news. May the good Lord above grant you many blessed, happy and healthy years together.
    Thank you so much for sharing the pictures. With much love and respect as well. God bless.

  17. This gives me such a smile, such good news!!  You are both radiant!!  Congratulations!  Many years!!

  18. E M Cimmins says

    These are wonderful pictures.
    Gail, you look lovely, and George looks very happy.
    Many Years to both of you!
    E M Cimmins

  19. Fr. David Hovik says

    George, you married “UP!” Many years!

  20. Kentigern says

    Many years!!!

  21. AnonymousPA says

    Many years to you both – and many congratulations!!! Love the photos!!!
    It is indeed a beautiful model to have two people who are so grounded in the faith who then marry – as it should be.
    Sadly, for many of us, it often takes years of “hard knocks” to realize that this is the sequence of how things should be done. 
    The one piece of advice that I would give to young Christian men and women is to be solid in Christ and know Him and live with Him sacramentally in His Church as best you can, all with guidance from a loving pastor/priest — then, and only then, if you feel that God calls you to it, get married in the Church to someone else who without question places Christ first in his or her life.  (At least, this is the way that I wish someone had guided me….) 
    Growing up in a secular society and in an unbelieving family with no spiritual guidance, often young people float as rudderless ships for a while and have to live through some terrible storms at sea in order to realize the importance of being grounded in Christ *first* before you get married.  (That’s my experience, if you couldn’t tell…) But God loves us all so much that whenever we begin or are ready to come to Him, He always meets us right where we are in life.
    To be married at St Seraphim in Dallas and officiated by Fr Gerasim with the saintly body of Vladika Dmitri nearby…. what wonderful blessings.
    Gail, we are so thankful for what you and George do every day on these pages here.  A blessed Holy Thursday to you, Gail and George, and to everyone!
    Christ vanquished death — and He will vanquish coronavirus as well, without a doubt.

    • Gail Sheppard says

      Thank you, AnonymousPA. I especially like the words, “. . . be solid in Christ and know Him and live with Him sacramentally in His Church as best you can all with guidance from a loving pastor/priest.”

  22. Dear George & Gail, να ζείτε/may You live w great Grace, Health & Discernment, serving the Lord all the days of your life w Joy & gladness!

  23. As an occasional poster who hardly knows who you are, how can I not add my congratulations and best wishes to the myriad others after seeing your awesome pictures. Many Years united as one in Christ.

  24. Όπου αγάπη εκεί ο θεός ~ Where there is love there is God. Wishing you George and Gail a life filled with the wonder, blessings and love of the Wedding in Cana our Lord Blessed with His first miracle. Χρύσα Στέφανα ~ Golden Crowns . With love and friendship? ??

  25. Christ is Risen!! May I add my heartfelt congratulations and wishes for much happiness and joy. God Bless and Keep You always!!

  26. Two have become one!
    May God bless you both.

    • Gail Sheppard says

      Thank you, Mikhail. George and I are good for each other. We share a deep love for God and the Church and there is this genuine friendship between us. If George and I remained separated by a 1000+ miles, as we were for the better part of a decade, we would still be us. Our relationship is a manifestation and a deepening of what was there from the beginning. It sounds trite, but we genuinely like each other and enjoy being together. I don’t want to “fix” him and he doesn’t want to “fix” me. It’s effortless. The only thing we work at is pleasing one another but it’s a joy rather than a burden. – We thank God for what He has given us every day.

      • George Michalopulos says

        Gail is definitely my friend.  Even if we weren’t married and separated by two states, we would be friends with a deep and abiding love for each other.