First Anniversary: Unbridled Joy!

Today is the first anniversary of the Election that Saved Western Civilization and I’m feeling particularly giddy.

Therefore, I bring you two starkly opposite perspectives from that very night. The first is an edited meltdown of The Young Turks (caution: very foul language).

The second is Stefan Molyneux singing The Star-Spangled Banner”.


P.S. Happy namedays to all Michaels, Gabriels and Raphaels!


  1. Peter Ray Millman says

    Okay, now check this out. George, I would like to make a proposition to you. Let’s you and I go to a football field; I’ll throw you a pass in the end zone; you catch it, then we can both jump up in the air and bump each other while we’re giving one another high fives. Man! Wake up!

    Now, that Trump has been in office almost one year, George is very happy to report that abortion is now illegal, gay marriage has been abolished, his border wall is completed, Hillary is in jail, there is no investigation of the president for collusion, terrorism has ended, there’s no more mass shootings, and America is once again a “shining city upon a hill.” And to further top it all off, Melania didn’t have implants.

    • George Michalopulos says

      Peter, none of the things you described has been accomplished.

      What has been accomplished? Here’s a couple of dozen I could think of right off the top of my head:

      1. Illegal immigration is way down.
      2. The stock market is way up.
      3. Two quarters of 3% growth in GDP.
      4. Unemployment is down to levels not seen in 17 years,
      5. Consumer confidence is up.
      6. ISIS is on the run.
      7. Ban on trannies in the military enacted.
      8. No shooting war with Russia. (That’s the biggest one actually.)
      9. Number of people on food stamps has been reduced.d
      10. Funding for the Wall has been budgeted.
      11. Eight different prototypes for the Wall have been erected.
      12. BLM/Antifa have been exposed as domestic terrorist groups.
      13. Excellent conservative judges have been appointed to the Federal judiciary.
      14. Planned Parenthood is being defunded.
      15. The DNC has been exposed as actually rigging the election.
      16. Hillary has been exposed as actually colluding with the Russians.
      17. Trump has enacted dozens of Executive Orders, 95% of which have withstood judicial scrutiny.
      18. These Executive Orders have supercharged the economy (esp the one about removing regulations).
      19. Trump has pulled us out of the Paris Accords, the TPP and is renegotiating NAFTA. (All are huge.)
      20. Sanity has been restored to the EPA.
      21. The Federal bureaucracy is shrinking thanks to attrition.
      22. Foreign affairs/NATO are being revisited and rejiggered to better reflect our interests.
      23. Foreign leaders are treating the US with respect.
      24. People are re-assessing in a positive light Western Civilization.
      25. Tax reform looks likely.
      26. Obamacare is dying on the vine.

      As for gay marriage and the other things you describe, those still exist. We’re not going to win everything. But I’ll take the above list any day of the week.

      • George Michalopulos says


        1. pedophile rings are starting to be exposed.
        2. Hollywood is dying out.
        3. Corporate Media has been exposed.

        • George Michalopulos says

          Also, media big-wigs are going down for the things they accused Trump of, i.e. sexual assaults/harassment/etc.

          Oh the irony. It reminds me of the climax in Ghostbusters, in which the Bill Murray character unwittingly “chooses the Destroyer”.

  2. Bishop Tikhon (Fitzgerald) says

    Speaking TODAY of salvific elections………

    • The evil party beat the stupid party in Virginia

      • George Michalopulos says

        It did. However, given the fact that the Dems have lost almost 1,000 seats nationwide since 2010, they were due for a few. Also, I think a transsexual won in New Jersey.

        • None of those states went for Trump last year. All Clinton states. No surprise, at the results. No story her, unless of course, they went Repub.

    • Bishop Tikhon(Fitzgerald), Thank you for your service, and I hope you have a great Veterans day! Don’t know who else served, but a happy Veterans Days to all on Monomakhos as well.

    • George Michalopulos says

      Indeed. Just the fact that we’re even bringing this up (the victims of Communism) is significant. Under Lightworker Obama, it was the Great Non-stop unAmerican Apology Tour.

      Having said that, I don’t think our larger blue-state cities (Baltimore, Chicago, Detroit, etc.) are ever going to heal. Instead, what I see is a hardening of attitudes between those who are elite urbanites and those who are not. We will continue to talk past each other (and that’s a best-case scenario).

      • P. Antonio Arganda says

        The US Doomsday clock has been rolled back a couple of minutes. Trump has already accomplished more with this feat than the last 4 presidents combined.

      • Probably. However, George, policy must be made. One side will gain the advantage at some point and realize they have to press it to comfortable dominance. I doubt the current tension can be held for very long.

  3. George,
    Great response to Peter. Not included in your list has been the freedom to invoke the words, God and Christianity, again in our daily discourse.

    • Yes, every time I said “God Bless America” and “God bless you” from January 20, 2009 to January 20, 2017, I was deprived of a job, ostracized from polite society, and threatened with arrest. I also served a month in jail for going to Liturgy and wearing a necklace with a cross. Now I feel my freedom has restored, thanks to thrice-divorced adulterer and serial liar Donald Trump who nevertheless is God’s instrument (along with Roy Moore, upstanding lover of the youth).

      • Wait for it…Wait for it…Yup, we knew the slippery slope was wet, but now oiled as well.
        NEWS FLASH: California NAACP Advices Abandoning the “Racist” National Anthem, calling the song a racist relic of the past! The NAACP passed a resolution in October, attacking the “Star Spangled Banner”, and called it one the “most racist, anti-black, and pro-slavery songs, in the American lexicon.”

        What could possibly be next? WORSE! Imagine if Clinton or Bernie were Prez. We might have hearings to determine if The Star Spangled Banner is a racist anthem. Imagine a new American Anthem under President “Bernit All Down” Sanders!

        • Joseph Lipper says

          The Star Spangled Banner is an impossible song for most people to sing, and it’s ridiculously bombastic. If they get rid of it, I’ve always felt that “My Country ‘Tis Of Thee” by Samuel Francis Smith would be a much better national anthem:

          My country, ’tis of thee,
          Sweet land of liberty,
          Of thee I sing;
          Land where my fathers died,
          Land of the pilgrims’ pride,
          From ev’ry mountainside
          Let freedom ring!

          My native country, thee,
          Land of the noble free,
          Thy name I love;
          I love thy rocks and rills,
          Thy woods and templed hills;
          My heart with rapture thrills,
          Like that above.

          Let music swell the breeze,
          And ring from all the trees
          Sweet freedom’s song;
          Let mortal tongues awake;
          Let all that breathe partake;
          Let rocks their silence break,
          The sound prolong.

          Our fathers’ God to Thee,
          Author of liberty,
          To Thee we sing.
          Long may our land be bright,
          With freedom’s holy light,
          Protect us by Thy might,
          Great God our King.

  4. Fr. Deacon John says

    I made it about 1 minute into the video and shut it off when the brunette bimbo ran her mouth (with what I believe to be a lie) about how she told people to shut up (expletive deleted) because she just couldn’t take it any more. Well, turnabout is fair play. I just couldn’t take it any more.

    • George Michalopulos says

      Yes, it’s painful to watch. I respect TYT inasmuch as they seem committed to extreme leftism (even though I am a rightist myself). I just wish they’d tone down their gutter language. They hurt themselves immensely by acting out in potty-mouth manners.

  5. Alitheia1875 says

    Are you serious???? What the American public got was an election between two people who were both unqualified in their own way. But Hillary Clinton is irrelevant now and to think she is not is beating a dead horse. We elected an immoral, unethical, lying, ignorant, highly narcissistic (and therefore highly dangerous) person who is quite possibly the greatest fraud foisted on this country since St. Ronald Reagan.