Finally Hear From James O’Keefe

He was kicked out of the company as CEO and off the Board.  He spoke with his people, directly, in a speech he intended just for them.  Someone recorded it and circulated it.  Can’t say I’m a very big fan of the people of that company.

He’s says at Project Veritas, “We don’t sell out.”  Yes, they do.  They just sold out him.

This won’t be out there long so I would look at it before it disappears.



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  1. Macbeth [Act I, Scene VII]:
    Enter Macbeth.
    ‘ If it were done when ’tis done, then ’twere well
    It were done quickly: if the assassination
    Could trammel up the consequence, and catch
    With his surcease success; that but this blow
    Might be the be-all and the end-all here… ‘

    Julius Caesar [Act III, Scene II]
    ‘ Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears.
    I come to bury Caesar, not to praise him.
    The evil that men do lives after them;
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    So let it be with Caesar. The noble Brutus
    Hath told you Caesar was ambitious.
    If it were so, it was a grievous fault,
    And grievously hath Caesar answered it.
    Here, under leave of Brutus and the rest
    (For Brutus is an honorable man;
    So are they all, all honourable men … ‘

    The reach of Pfizer is long…

  2. Yes, they do. They just sold out him.

    It’s not selling out, if your boss has a habit of humiliating people publicly and you take action to get rid of him. The public humiliations were just one of the accusations. O’Keefe apologized to his former staff, which means even he agrees his actions were wrong.

    I hope he can figure out his issues, and start anew.

    • It looks like the board went to the employees and not the other way around.

      Companies do what they call “Employee Satisfaction Surveys,” which can be an underhanded way of getting dirt on someone you want to get rid of. In one company I worked for they went to every employee on our team and asked us questions about our boss like, “What do you like and dislike about your manager?” If you said only positive things, like I did, they drilled down and said, “Of course, but no one is perfect so if you had to come up with one example where they might have handled something differently, it would really be helpful to the company so we can improve.”

      The report came out with everything we said that was “wrong,” and nothing we said that was “right.” As an employee, I felt tricked by the company, as it was never our intention to hurt our manager who had been very good to us.

      When the board at Project Veritas come out with a list of incomplete “complaints,” with no context, it could be indicative of a problem with them in terms of how they collected it. For example, saying he took a sandwich from a pregnant woman. That complaint may not have even come from her! Perhaps she offered it to him because he had to testify and his blood sugar was low! There could be so many legitimate explanations for this.

      Our manager showed us the “report” they had done on him, and it was a litany of negative one-liners we said under duress because they pressed us so hard to respond “to help the company improve.” They used us to get rid of our manager whom we really liked. Why? I’m guessing is was because he was too honest and too successful. He was outperforming other managers; even his boss. Can’t have that!

      Of course, he was very hurt by the things said in that report which did NOT represent how we felt about him at all. He was also in tears when he apologized to us which made us all feel like sh%^ because we had unwittingly betrayed him.

      Why did O’Keefe apologize as he fought back tears? Good people don’t intentionally hurt other people. I think he was genuinely traumatized by that list of complaints and sorry for not being more personable and approachable.

      Those employees who were there listening to him didn’t have to be there. He no longer worked for the company. They were there out of respect for their former boss.

      I suspect him firing a former collage friend and another CEO scared the board that he could get rid of them, too. The company O’Keefe created was way too lucrative to let go and, who knows, maybe they got a little push from their friends at Pfizer who probably have the finest private investigators money can buy looking into their respective backgrounds. Just a thought.

      The timing is interesting.

      And do you know O’Keefe only took home just over 3% of the profits? He not only was the head of the doggy and pony show known as Project Veritas, he was the dog and pony show! He was the one out there doing the shows and being hauled in and out of court. Principals like him make way more than 3%.

      The real test is what happens next. If good employees and donors go with him, it will speak volumes.

  3. Without O’Keefe, PV is nothing. I hear they’re losing twitter followers and others left and right. Good.

    Now, James needs to find another backer and rebels who won’t be disloyal as a board of directors.

  4. Oh, I’m sure O’Keefe’s not done. Project Veritas very well may be though.

  5. The Real Reason James O’ Keefe Was Fired From Project Veritas
    This will be taken down quickly, so watch now.
    If it is taken down, you will probably find it on the duke report on Rumble.

    • Isn’t this what I just posted??? Or is it another part of it?

      • Gail,
        There is a deeper part to the story. According to George Webb in the rest of the story, he has recorded a conversation with James O Keefe. During that conversation, he is sharing information that the big dog behind Pfizer, and Moderna is Boston Consulting Group. They were the original scientists who wrote a paper on gain of function and Vaccine Evolution. Not a quick easy video but if you listen to the taped phone call you hear one of the members of the board of Veritas trying to block the addition reporting.
        You have to listen to the youtube video in order to get the suggestion that James was fired because he was going to further investigate the Boston Consulting Group implications in the whole story.

  6. His life is in danger in my view. Lest we forget what happened to journalist Gary Webb.

  7. Veras Coltroupis says

    I’ve met O’Keefe, he is very slippery. Offer him tips and he is on his own agenda, won’t even listen long enough to consider. Not at all trustworthy. And will never take the sides this blog tends to take.

    • That’s OK, he doesn’t have to take sides with this blog but many of the stories, like the one with Pfizer, we wrote about here a long time ago. He is who he is.

    • Veras, nobody is perfect. O’Keefe and I may disagree about some significant things. I don’t know. All I do know is that he’s caught the Deep State in so many snares that the guy is keeping the liberals so busy looking over their shoulders that they’re having to go to chiropractors. For that alone, I’m grateful.

  8. California Supreme Court Rules that San Diego School Board
    was Operating Under Delusional Authority
    when Mandating COVID-19 Vaccines

    Karen Kingston:
    If charged and found guilty of inflicting harm or injury of a student
    due to the mandate, school board members may be sentenced to life
    in prison or the death penalty under 18 USC 242 and 18 USC 175.

    ‘ February 25, 2023: On February 23, 2023, the California Supreme Court put the final nail in the coffin of the San Diego Unified School District’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate for students 16 years of age and older. The California Supreme Court agreed with the plaintiffs, Let Them Breath (a San Diego based organization) that the school district board lacked the authority to impose vaccine mandates. … ‘

    • Frankly, what Kingston is doing is the only way to make it stop. She is threatening people but with good cause. Now law enforcement needs to start arresting people. Jim Jordan needs to start calling for arrests. Enough of the investigations! Until people are brought up on murder charges, nothing is going to change.

      • One conviction is all that is needed;
        and (with the possible exception of Switzerland where
        Pascal Najadi has accused the President/Health Minister)
        the matter will be settled in the United States of America.
        But it will be at State and County level that it will begin.