The Legacy Media & “Fake News Networks”

This is really delicious. I suppose I should follow Napoleon’s advice and step out of the way. You know, when your enemy is in the process of imploding in all that. It’s better to let him take himself out; if nothing else it saves you a lot of time and effort.

What I’m talking about is the current meme going around Democratic circles that it was “fake news” that took Hillary down. And that it was perpetrated by Our Man Vlad deep in the bowels of the Kremlin.

As Jon Lovitz used to say on Saturday Night Live back in the 80s, “yeah, that’s the ticket.” (You remember: “My wife is Morgan Fairchild”, or “Me and Mick Jagger, we served in Vietnam together. Yeah, that’s the ticket.”) His Liar was one of the funnier on-going skits on SNL.

The difference is that Lovitz’s Liar knew he was lying. He wasn’t delusional. The Democrats on the other hand, really do believe this nonsense.

We shouldn’t be so hard on them however. They do have a point. There really was fake news being spewed out 24/7. However, it wasn’t from the other side of the Atlantic. They’d do better to look elsewhere, mainly on this side of the ocean, specifically east of the Hudson River.

An example of the Fake News was how the Mainstream Media (MSM) colluded with the DNC to put the kibosh on Sen Bernie Sanders. All those thousands of people who showed up at his rallies –literally everywhere–were not a “real indicator” of his actual support. Neither were all those primaries he was winning. Because, you know, he couldn’t actually win the election. Just because.

Then there was all the news that was suppressed about the actual number of people who showed up at Hillary’s events –which was usually in the low three digits. Then there was the issue of Hillary’s health, her explosive temper and violent drink-fueled rages. These weren’t important. Don’t look at the man behind the curtain, or in this case, consider the possibility that such an unstable woman would have access to the nuclear codes. Hillary hasn’t had a press conference in 200 days? Focus instead on the fact that it wasn’t necessary for someone of her invincible competence to actually have to deign to speak to the rabble.

Yup. Fake News all the way around.

The fakest news of all however was that Trump wasn’t going to be elected president. Because he couldn’t be elected president. Because Hitler. Or something. (Didn’t you hear? Trump was Literally Hitler.TM) It was as obvious as the dimples on Megyn Kelly’s chin. Everybody who was anybody said so. Why couldn’t you see it?

So, what happened? How did Fake News triumph? More importantly, who created all that supposed Fake News? I know! Let’s blame the Russians! All those millions of people who voted for The Donald must have been hoodwinked by those Wascally Wussians and their amazing hypnotic powers. Some are even suggesting that there should be Congressional hearings to investigate this espionage. Perhaps we can reactivate the House Un-American Activities Committee? Maybe “McCarthyism” will no longer be a pejorative (be still, my heart!). Who knows? Politics does make strange bedfellows after all.

It’s sad. We were told that Hillary was “the most qualified candidate for president of all time.” Obama himself told us so. And he was the greatest president of all time! Think of it. More qualified than Eisenhower, that guy who planned the greatest amphibious assault in history. Or Theodore Roosevelt, the flunky who created of the modern United States Navy. And won the Congressional Medal of Honor. And the Nobel Peace Prize when he it actually meant something. Jefferson, one of the few renaissance men of all time, was nothing but a piker in their feverish minds.

When I was a kid in elementary school, in Miss Heaton’s classroom there was a poster of all the presidents of these United States from Washington to LBJ. You could take a dart and throw it at random at that poster and wherever it landed, chances are that any one of those men would be more qualified (and certainly less criminal) than Hillary. I’m even talking about non-entities like Rutherford B Hayes and Chester A Arthur.

But the grandees of our Establishment couldn’t see that. Neither could their enablers in the punditocracy. And therein lies the problem.

So let’s blame the Russians. Yeah, that’s the ticket. In the meantime, we might as well hope that the Democrats keep on believing it.


  1. Nate Trost says

    After the Babylon Bee incident, I think we should all be wondering just how many fake news stories George Michalopulos has read, absorbed and believed over the past several months.

    Looking back, it’s not like he fell for a fake photoshop of Hillary Clinton with a confederate flag or anything…

    • Christopher Keller says

      A very real concern for someone who has assumed the role of a teacher of the public.

      “My brethren, let not many of you become teachers, knowing that we shall receive a stricter judgment.”

  2. Bishop Tikhon (Fitzgerald) says

    Your Comet Ping Pong item was the biggest fake news item recently. WHO CARES who started it? IT’S A TOTALLY FAKE BIT OF NEWS GOBBLED DOWN EAGERLY BY MONOMAKHOS!

  3. Christopher Keller says

    Choosing what to report from among things that are true is very different from spreading direct lies.


    In the midst of allegations of fake news (cue in Dan Rather “Fake, but accurate.”) and the various publicly published meltdowns we have perused, El Jefe managed to do something quite precocious.

    He tested China.

    I mean, like they were planning on testing him.

    And he knew exactly what he was doing. That’s what scares the life out of the Left. What is really hillarious is the media’s reaction. They think he just took the call without knowing the context and then back fed the story.

    But this is pure, uberarrogant Trump. He has raised the bull in a china shop act to high theater. He just “accepted the call of the President of Taiwan.” Why else would it be news unless he wanted it to be? Jeez!

    That’s his offhand way of saying to the Chinese that the notion of walking on eggshells to please them has not and will not ever remotely occur to him and we are going to resolve this trade thing or else, and I’m willing to go to the mattresses if that’s what it takes.

    This is going to be so delicious.

    • 35 years ago, the weak among us were livid that Pres. Reagan was “provoking” the Soviets. He’s going to start a nuclear war, they said. If only he would cower to the Soviets, they said. If we followed the advice of the weak, Communism may not have fallen & the Cold War may have not ended & we may all be living under communism now. But perhaps that was their goal all along….

      It’s the job of our President to be bold and to care about America first. America is not the world’s charity, and it’s not our job to police the world. Some are so collectively shocked by this behavior, though, since we haven’t had a President like this for years. All we’ve had lately are neocon globalists, both “liberal” and “conservative.” Trump ain’t a neocon globalist, sorry.

  5. George Michalopulos says

    Nate, I get paid exactly $0 to run this blog. Compare that with the six & seven figure salaries of the MSM. While I may have re-posted a story that didn’t hold up factually every now and then, I’ve never made up a story and/or actively suppressed a story either.

    Judith Miller of The New York Times was incessantly pushing stories about Saddam’s WMD throughout the late 90s. How many people died in that war? We could go on: William Randolph Hearst’s media empire pushed the destruction of the USS Maine. In 1965 there was the Gulf of Tonkin incident.

    So yeah, me and my compadres in the Blogosphere have clean hands. Not perfect but (at least as far as I’m concerned) morally impeccable.

    Also, a word of caution: you have this incessant need to brand every photograph that doesn’t comport with your worldview as being photo-shopped. You appear thin-skinned in doing so. The rebel flag over the young Hillary Clinton’s shoulder is one such incident. I imagine you’re much younger than me but when I was growing up, the rebel flag was a counter-cultural symbol in many quarters. You could even find it in dorm rooms throughout this nation, even in New Haven.

    You can even find the rebel flag in this Cheryl Crow video “Steve McQueen”: (And no, Cheryl Crow is not a white supremacist.)

    • Except that flag was photoshopped. It isn’t in the file photo. The issue isn’t the symbolism of the Confederate flag, the issue is George Michalopulos doesn’t give a tinkers fart whether anything he posts or not is actually true.

      Compare that with the six & seven figure salaries of the MSM

      The median salary for a journalist in the US is $39,000. I’m willing to bet you make a fair bit more than that.

      So yeah, me and my compadres in the Blogosphere have clean hands. Not perfect but (at least as far as I’m concerned) morally impeccable.

      George Michalopulos: I’ll casually spread discredited anonymous rumors of senators patronizing underage prostitutes and never retract or apologize for it, but I’m morally impeccable! No, you neither have clean hands or are morally impeccable, you have a casual disregard for diligence, accuracy or facts. It would actually be better if you were a pathological liar. But you’re not, you just publish whatever you want, even if what you are posting is something that ten seconds of internet research would have shown you what you are posting isn’t true. But nobody should hold you accountable for your recklessness or laziness! Heaven forbid!

      While I may have re-posted a story that didn’t hold up factually every now and then,

      Far more often than that. Frankly, your record is so bad, that generally speaking, your readers would be best served by operating under the assumption that the opposite of whatever you are asserting in one of your essays is true.

      • George Michalopulos says

        Nate, $39,000/year —seriously? Have you lost your mind? No one is talking about the cub reporters for The War Eagle Globe-Democrat. That you would even compare the stringers for dying papers in the Midwest with Rachel Maddow, Wolf Blitzer and their ilk shows that you have absolutely no sense of perspective.

        Even if I were to take your criticism as valid (and I do not), that’s still $39,000 more than I make for running this blog.

        And no, I (unlike Judith Miller and Chris Matthews) don’t have any blood on my hands.

        P.S. You said my “record is so bad.” Give me facts, not opinions. Otherwise, your criticisms are specious. (BTW, Pizzagate is not going away anytime soon. Sorry to inform you of this.)

        • Nate Trost says

          George Michalopulos wrote:
          P.S. You said my “record is so bad.” Give me facts, not opinions

          You can start with the dozens of posts I’ve made on your site over the years challenging your incorrect information.

          Shorter George Michalopulos: “I don’t make any money on this blog so I shouldn’t have to care whether what I publish is true or not”.

          • George Michalopulos says

            Again, you can’t point out any. Interesting.

            • George Michalopulos: Facts not opinions!
              Me: Look at my post history on your blog for that.
              George Michalopulos: You can’t point out any!

              Sounds like somebody didn’t actually look. I miss a feature this blog had at one point to see all posts by a poster. Sadly, since it is gone, all I can do for now is a few Greatest Hits, this is not an exhaustive reference. In addition, if I went back and looked at posts from various times I wasn’t paying attention to this site, the actual total number would but grow and grow.

              That Time George Michalopulos Slandered a Senator
              That Time George Michalopulos Grossly Inflated the Partisan Internet Rhetoric Ratio (with an amusing nod to the future)
              That Time George Michalopulos Demonstrated a Lack of Understanding Between Authorization and Appropriation and The Whole Federal Spending Process Really
              That Time George Michalopulos sided with an internet crackpot page over a Library of Congress Archival Photo
              That Time George Michalopulos Made An Argument Based on a Malicious Editing of a Tweet to Insert Words That Weren’t There
              That Time George Michalopulos defined “recent” news in terms of a crime as 1987
              That Time George Michalopulos Got UK Self-Defense Laws Wrong
              That Time George Michalopulos Got Obama’s First State Visit Wrong
              That Time George Michalopulos Tried to Insist Military Occupation of the Crimean Peninsula Doesn’t Constitute an Invasion
              That Time George Michalopulos Got Bob Jones and the Mormons vs the US Wrong

              And as I said, that’s not even an exhaustive list. You have a consistently poor record, and you haven’t gotten better over the years.

              • George Michalopulos says

                Really, Nate, I’m rather flattered that you and Stan, Inga, et al get together and go over every one of my posts with a fine-tooth comb. (I hope you’re getting paid for this and not doing it because you’re an under-employed blogger living in his grandma’s basement.)

                It’s rather a herculean effort to waste this much time looking for gotcha! incidents on an Orthodox blog. That is unless this blog is more influential than I’ve been led to believe. Either way, I’ll take it as a compliment.

                Let’s take your assertions seriatim:

                1. Me “slandering” a Hispanic Senator. What I reprinted was a humorous meme about Marco Rubio drinking water. Seriously?

                2. TARP monies/debt ratio. I got that one from the Congressional Budget Office. Bush 43’s average yearly deficit was in the $200 billion plus range (give or take) until the last year in office when TARP was added to the final quarter of 2008.

                3. Doll test. I’m sorry, but you may very well be wrong. I’ve read a lot of criticism (pro and con) about the infamous Doll Test. There is every reason to believe that the results were jimmied in order to enhance the desirability of “white” dolls versus “black” dolls. You would be wise to put not too much stock in this story as even black activists are wisely stepping back from its central premise: that white things are more attractive than black things.

                4. Edited version of a Russian tweet? OK, possibly. I re-tweet many things. So does everybody else.

                5. UK self-defense laws? What did I get wrong that makes a difference in the real world? Nothing. British subjects have nowhere near the latitude that American citizens have when it comes to defending themselves against aggression. Hence the horrific rate of home invasion in England and Wales. Live in the real world, Nate, not the one of platonic ideals.

                6. Obama’s first visit. OK, I’ll give you that one. Who the hell cares which Islamic country this Mahometan African first went to? It’s been all downhill from there. All those Christians who were martyred by ISIS were really “Egyptian citizens.” Those soldiers butchered at Ft Hood by an “American” officer died of “workplace violence.” And so on.

                Go back and read 1984 (assuming you read it in the first place).

                P.S. Go pull up some YouTubes with a (real) journalist named David Seaman. He’s a liberal Democrat, voted twice for Obama and a regular contributor to The Huffington Post. Or at least he was until he started writing about Comet Ping Pong.

                • George Michalopulos says:

                  1. Me “slandering” a Hispanic Senator. What I reprinted was a humorous meme about Marco Rubio drinking water. Seriously?

                  So you are claiming the meme you posted which had an image of Senator Menendez with the caption “screws underage Dominican hookers”, which was not true, isn’t slander? It’s all just good clean fun?

                  Which should I consider the graver sin, that you so casually spread the smear in first place or you think it is a laughing matter that you did so and were wrong?

                  Oh, but I forgot, you’re morally impeccable!

                  • George Michalopulos says

                    The underage hookers were what was reported in the mainstream media at first. I think later it was proven that they were just barely in their majority. Still, if you want to hang your hat on the “morality” of Sen Menendez, be my guest.

                    • Nate Trost says

                      George Michalopulos wrote
                      The underage hookers were what was reported in the mainstream media at first. I think later it was proven that they were just barely in their majority.

                      Not only is everything you just wrote wrong, you, once again, didn’t even bother to investigate whether what you were about to claim was correct before banging away on your keyboard. Even though your factual accuracy or lack thereof is the very topic of discussion. Just astounding.

                      Morally impeccable!

        • George Michalopulos says

          P.S. I suppose you’re going to tell me that this was photo-shopped as well:

        • Trey the Virginian says

          Matt Lauer’s salary is $28 million per year.

          If his salary was $1 million per year, CBS could hire 270 reporters at an average salary of $100,000!

          These aristocratic salaries have much to do with the desensitizing toward the common man and erosion of common-sense ethics.

          From this easy stat it becomes obvious that CBS and the other networks are not interested in reporting and journalism, but in hiring presenters that they can control.

          Another question comes to mind. What are Matt Lauer’s notable journalistic accomplishments and talents in view of this gargantuan salary?

          To put in context the incredible inflation to get to Matt Lauer, while the audience of CBS has eroded, Walter Cronkite expressed envy at Katie Couric’s then $15 million a year salary compared to his career ending salary of a million. To get to Lauer’s salary is an annual inflation rate of 9.7%.

          • George Michalopulos says

            Put another way: Rachel Maddow, an unattractive reporterette of no major accomplishment, get’s $30,000 a day. That comes to $210,000 a week, more than what 95% of the population makes in a year. And her audience share is pathetic, even by cable news standards.

            Still think that there’s no hidden agenda (read: propaganda) going on here?

            • Nate Trost says

              Irony: When a bunch of people decry the salaries of a tiny handful of the people working in news that happen to sit behind a camera to deliver the work of other people, and question their motives. Those same bunch of people then re-share Facebook posts sourced from web sites created by young Macedonian men inventing stories to pull in Google Ad-Words dollars.

      • Peter Millman says

        Where do you get off talking to George like that? George has more integrity in his baby finger than you do in your entire body. For your information, this is George’s website and he is entitled to publish anything he so chooses. He doesn’t get paid one dime for all of this- and you have the unmitigated gall to call him ” lazy.” I dare say that he works 100,000 times harder than you.
        Nate, No one gives a “tinker’s fart” what you say or think. You are Mr. Irrelevant from nowhere. Now , I expect you to apologize to Mr. Michalopulos for your character assasination, calumny and slander against him. Take your stupid, idiotic opinions and shove them. Believe me, I’m being very kind to you, my twerpy friend.

      • George Michalopulos says

        Interestingly enough Nate, Milo Yiannopoulos was going to give a boffo presentation of Pizzagate and paedophilia but he was told to “drop it” at the last minute. (He admitted as much and implied that he’d pick it up again in due time.)

        Even Alex Jones of InfoWars has quietly deleted some of his videos regarding Pizzagate with nary a word of commentary. Someone is leaning hard on people to make this story go away. Aren’t you curious? I am.

        • George Michalopulos wrote
          Even Alex Jones of InfoWars has quietly deleted some of his videos regarding Pizzagate with nary a word of commentary. Someone is leaning hard on people to make this story go away.

          Once false stories reach the point of sending people with guns to shoot up an innocent pizza parlor, I suspect Alex Jones might have realized that some of his videos might be legally actionable. There are, in fact lines you can cross with non-public figures that will put you in a world of legal hurt. Although if George Michalopulos slanders an innocent man, frankly you aren’t really worth going after legally. Alex Jones is a different story.

          I find it telling how firmly George Michalopulos finds himself in the grasp of the Pizzagate delusion: Alex Jones is quietly deleting some videos not because they were wrong, or defamatory, potentially inspired the Comet Ping Pong gunman, or might get his ass sued, but because somebody got to him. Uh huh.

          • George Michalopulos says

            I did not “slander” Mr Alefantis. I merely reported that there is evidence of a paedophile ring being run out of his business. In much the same way that Barney Frank did not “run” a sodomite brothel out of his apartment –his catamite/roommate did.

            As for the pictures that are posted on Mr Alefantis’ instagram account as well as the statue of one of Jeffrey Dahmer’s victims hanging from the roof of Mr Tony Podesta’s home, well, we’ll let the pictures speak for themselves. I’m sure that in your circles theses are merely examples of avant garde “art” (hence your lack of outrage). Not so in mine or, I dare say, in that of the majority of readers of this blog.

            • George Michalopulos says

              As for Alex Jones, he admitted that he’s laying low on the Pizzagate scandal because he has info that fabulous stories are being surreptitiously being added to it and he doesn’t want to be exposed as being the victim of disinformation.

              Both he and Milo are waiting until the right moment to pick up the story again when the time is right. AS for myself, I’m more than willing to do the same and let it come out on its own (and they will) as events warrant.

              • George Michalopulos says

                Heavens to Betsy! Don’t look now Nate but it looks like The Washington Post is taking down their “Russia/Fake News” story. Seems it was fake after all:

                You’re welcome.

                • Nate Trost says

                  No, they are not. The accurate statement is the Washington Post added an editor’s note to an article to improve clarity, transparency and accuracy. Why is it so hard for you to get the simplest things correct?

                  • I wonder if Nate Trost, and Mike Myers are related or connected in some way? Or maybe make mono great again.

                    • No connection, Dino, as that’s conventionally understood. Shared journalistic instincts, I’d say, and a basic reverence for honesty, rationality and the essence of the Gospel. “Reality Checker” was an alias of me, transparently, my only alias on this blog in ~6 years, excluding just one rather harsh and stern thing posted in the first year, I think it was. That single instance of pseudonymous comment was unique in my case. Honest, injun.

                      ‘Make mono* [sic] great again’ was someone else. Your host banned him, comically. George was suffering from a grave bout with spiritual swine flu (*mono-related) in the days after y’all’s world-historically Pyrrhic ‘victory,’ at which juncture he said and did lots of seriously crazy shit that I’m big enough not to stress overmuch. Unfortunately for him, though, I fear the NSA is likely to prove less lenient. But such matters are none of my business. Dialogue is what it is. And of course it could fall into the wrong hands temporarily, too, in which case . . . Just saying’.

                      Anyway, my Sabbatical is upon you. So best of luck, lie-lovers! Though it can all seem to have fallen largely on deaf ears, I’ve nonetheless dutifully warned you for years that you’re asking for, and will get, a belly-full and then some of all that — and its consequences. That’ll learn ya not to lie and blaspheme and fall hard for frauds and charlatans and far, far, far worse. xxx


                    • George Michalopulos says

                      Mike, rather than respond to your assertions, I’d like to address what I believe to be your underlying assumptions.

                      First a word, however. The reason it won’t do any good to expose the fake news that has been put out ever since Walter Cronkite told us that the Tet Offensive was an overwhelming victory for the Viet Cong, is because the Progs have put too much faith in their false religion. Dan Rather’s Memogate, Judith Miller’s WMD, and others too numerous to mention here are the result of the “fake, but accurate” narrative that drives the modern Left. In such a light, I’ll gladly take whatever lumps I have as an amateur blogger if for no other reason than this: none of my misstatements rise to the level of lies nor –and this is key–have they resulted in disastrous government policies. We’re talking the death and dismemberment of tens of thousands of people.

                      ‘Nuff said about that.

                      What I see here, clearly and possibly for the first time, is how terrible the Left is taking the election of Donald J Trump to the presidency. This was not an election but a complete repudiation of the entire Progressive religion. What started with the Brexit and the failure of the Cretan Robber Council has now been replicated not only with Trump but with last week’s Italian referendum. Next comes the Netherlands, France and possibly the loss of Angela Merkel in Germany.

                      I’ve been watching stupid slatterns like Chelsea Handler and The View bimbos, Ana Kasparian of The Young Turks, et al having crying jags. I read about Democratic cat-ladies who long ago gave up having families and/or having abortions in favor of Feminazism and they’re complaining about their inability to have sex thanks to Trump. Some are dyking themselves up, shaving half their heads and dying the other half purple.

                      What we are witnessing here is their collective realization that they have been gang-raped by America. I imagine that the religionists of the Church of Big Gay feel pretty much the same way.

                      Hence the vitriol of your post.

                    • George, Leftist Progressivism, is literally suicide. They on the the left don’t realize it, but we are trying to save them, from themselves!

                  • George Michalopulos wrote:
                    none of my misstatements rise to the level of lies

                    As I’ve stated before, it would actually be better if you were a liar, because with that is the implication that you actually knew what the truth was, or what the actual facts of a matter were. But you rarely do, you just regurgitate and when called on it find some tangent to try and divert to, or goalposts to move, or some false analogy to draw rather than confronting your simple incompetence.

                    And now, as a reward for your faith, you get to spend the next four years in a never ending defense of top-grade crony capitalism and kleptocracy. The beautiful thing is, the more wantonly corrupt the Trump Administration turns out to be, the more vociferously George Michalopulos will defend it. If it weren’t so tedious it would be entertaining to watch.

                    • George Michalopulos says

                      Yawn! The election must have really hurt.

                    • George,

                      It is slowly dawning on me that the dichotomy you are seeing between those who can reconcile themselves to a Trump victory and those who cannot is not a matter of partisanship primarily, but epistemology.

                      The Left and some significant part of the country club Rockefeller Republican set are starting to come to a terribly, terribly uncomfortable realization that terrifies them and causes them to go into neurotic, irrational tirades of pseudo-reasoning and denial.

                      They are beginning to get a “feeling”, a glimpse on the horizon that they can’t be sure about but can’t completely dismiss, that God really does exist, that He is a personal being, that He seems to be ok fine with traditional Christianity, especially Orthodoxy, and that He, not they, is ultimately in charge.

                      Think about how terrifying that would be to someone who has long deluded themselves into thinking that the only God that might possibly exist is a god of our own construction or projection – a god we can define and control – a god malleable to our political perspective.

                      What if . . . horror of horrors . . . there is a real Being on the other side of the Man/God telephone conversation and what if . . . God forbid, I’m not on His side?

                      That may be the realization, the ghost that is slowly emerging in their psyches which has them spinning in their shoes and reaching for the bottle.

                      And that suits me just fine. They are almost literally scared to death. “The fear of Yahweh is the beginning of wisdom.” I just hope that they don’t do anything too stupid.


                      The problem anymore isn’t that they don’t believe in God. The problem is that they are starting to.

              • Bishop Tikhon (Fitzgerald) says

                Yes, George, he’s LYING low.

    • “Fake news” is often in the eye of the beholder. Winston Churchill was the king of fake news to accomplish what he felt was the best end (a very utilitarian approach), but history is generally ok with his use of fake news. FDR again made significant use of fake news, but we give him a pass too.

      Much of this comes down to power: the MSM doesn’t like their loss of influence. They’ve decided to combat “fake news” by widespread public shaming if one partakes of a non-MSM news site. Fortunately most of us ignore their shaming and it backfires — the public thinks even less of those who shame them. The other way to combat “alternate news” is to only make certain news outlets legal — i.e., a state-controlled media. We’re not there yet, though many would probably happily go to a state-controlled media.

      Fake news isn’t the same as confirmation bias. Many of us suffer from confirmation bias, especially in our polarized world.

      Other than making alternate news sites illegal, it’s nearly impossible to combat alternative news sites with widespread use of the internet. Unless you restrict the internet. Again, it all ultimately comes down to state control.

      • M. Stankovich says

        I would point out to you that you are confused as to the distinction between “fake news” and confirmation bias. Confirmation bias is an unintentional statistical error whereby one gathers and compiles data that is more likely to comport with one’s preconceived idea of the result e.g. a researcher might perceive a “trend” in their data that seems to agree with their research hypothesis, causing them to unintentionally exclude data that, in the end, would have led to an opposite conclusion. Their research is worthless. On the other hand, “fake news” has no other point than to be purposefully misleading and manipulative; as you say the “ethic” of that “manipulation” is apparently negotiable.

    • M. Stankovich says

      Mr. Michalopulos,

      I believe that since 2011, I am the only person on this site to identify as having been certified by the courts in CA to testify as an expert witness in regard to matters related to serial child sexual predators. On behalf of the Dept. of Corrections, and specifically for the Parole Out-Patient Services, I conducted nearly 500 clinical assessments of sexual offenders who had been granted parole over a period of nearly ten years. I am not “bragging,” but merely stating the facts, such as they are. The questioning is whether, at face value, your actual interest was a determination of the voracity this story at all.

      Given the fact that I have mentioned on this site the extreme paranoic lengths organized paedophiles exert simply to protect their personal collections of pornography (their most precious & prized possession) e.g. multiple instances of call forwarding , voice-altering technology, and redundancy backups in multiple certified, anonymous bank accounts, etc., what is the likelihood that “half-dead” children that must later be literally “consumed” will appear, discounted in “code word,” on a menu in a busy “family-oriented” pizza shop in the heart of Washington, D.C.? The fact is, you were not the least bit interested in whether this was true or not; you could have contacted me, but you didn’t. You published it for its lascivious value alone.

      And to end it all, you say, “me and my compadres in the Blogosphere have clean hands. Not perfect but (at least as far as I’m concerned) morally impeccable.” So, by what criteria do you publish this filth of the human mind alongside two columns of the inscriptied symbols of our Lord, “Jesus Christ,” Who is the way, the truth, and the life? (Jn. 14:6)

      • M. Stankovich says

        Well, Mr. Buchschotte, you got me dead to right on that one. I’ll conclude in a similar fashion as did a story in the Washington Post this morning of a gentleman who persisted in phoning the FBI claiming he had pertinent information regarding the Comet Ping Pong Pizza story. So persistent was he that they finally put him through to a female agent to whom he detailed the meaning of symbols on the walls, the significance of the business phone number, and so on. The agent interrupted him to say, “Sir, you are an idiot,” and hung up on him. Consider yourself hung up on, Mr. Buchschotte.

  6. Have you heard of the ‘millions’ of illegal voters?

    Quite an example the leader is setting.

    Lying is the new okay. But lying to yourself is the worst.

  7. Michael Bauman says

    All news is fake. It is the ideological, speaking of the world, to manipulate the herd.

    Shoot the majority of the press cannot honestly report a simple fact like: Trump won the election; Hillary lost.

    Let us attend. “Be of good cheer, I have over come the world.”

  8. The thing is, with all the largesse flowing through the DNC and the Clinton Foundation, and given Bill’s predilections and the lack of moral compass in the Left, most anything is believable. I mean, where’s the bottom? Does anyone know?

    • Michael Bauman says

      Misha, you are right. All things are possible with God. It is the very fact that we have all begun to realise that our “leaders” are indeed capable of any evil that feeds conspiracy theories and enhances the state of fear.

      But since I know that I am quite capable of the most heinous sin that allows me to honestly say “I am the worst of sinners”.

      The situation as you state is precisely why we need to more earnestly follow the teachings and practices of the Church as the only effective means of salvation. Not in quietism but not in ideology and scorn of each other either. Holding to ideology over communion is wrong.

  9. Michael Bauman says

    Misha, my post above should have read: all evil is possible once we forget God.

    Ideology destroys communion. All ideology is a perversion of the truth. It divides and creates “sides”. It prevents the bearing of one another’s burdens in love and discovering the truth together because “I already know the truth and you don’t.”

    There is a lovely woman in my parish who gets so incensed at election time she does not even come to church. She is so offended by Republicans. Since there are not many at our parish who agree with her politically, she cuts herself off. It can happen regardless of the ideology.

    I have another good friend who is so hyper aware of being Afro-America in a parish that has almost none he stays away. He is very dedicated to the truth he has been shown in the Church and has even taken extra training our Archdiocese offers to better equipped himself, but it is still largely an idea to him – the seed of all ideology. If he does not attend on the sacraments, that is all it will ever be. Not saving knowledge.

    We Orthodox contend with one another all the time. We have always done so. When we contend in love in the context of the Church, that is good. When we contended based on the lies of the world and separate for the same reason, we all suffer no matter who is “right”

  10. Gail Sheppard says

    Could THIS be true?

    • Michael Bauman says

      Could it be true? Yes. Is it true, it would not surprise me, but why on earth would Australia do it?

      Died in the wool secularists hate Christianity even in its most attenuated form.

    • Gail,

      The only ally the Progressive Borg really has now – not a friend, mind you, but an ally – is Sunni Islam. They think the Chinese might be their allies, but the Chinese are too smart.

      It seems weird, I know. But the Sunnis want to make inroads into Europe (which they have in great numbers) and into America (which they are trying to do) in order to destabilize us and out breed us. That’s the contemporary battlefield. Progressives want to dominate the world for their sick ideology, but they must defeat the traditionalists among them in order to do it. Sunnis are their “useful idiots” and Progressives are Sunni’s “useful idiots”. That’s why the news seems so crazy these days.

      Huma and Hillary in the White House? Could it be any clearer than that?

      “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand.” – Ephesians 6:12-13

  11. Gail Sheppard says

    Yeah, I think you’re right about this Misha. I had heard that this is actually an exchange that will involve Christians from Costa Rica going to Australia. I also heard that these people we’re getting are not the sort of people any country would want, not because of their religion, but because they are suspected of being outlaws.

    • I heard Obama admitted it too, that no vote hacking took place. The most that happened was an involvement in driving the direction of the discussion.

      Still, no one has claimed anything FALSE was leaked by Wikileaks. So they’re just mad they got caught.

      • One thing the Electoral College does is to help contain ballot box stuffing to a particular state. In places where the electoral workers are Democrats, for example, they might be very tempted to skew the results to their candidate. If the overall election were decided simply by the popular vote, you might have ballot stuffing competitions everywhere. With the electoral college, the effect of popular victory in a state is confined to that state.