Escalation Inevitable

Yup. We’re there.

Mind you, I for one didn’t want to “be there” but it wasn’t up to me, was it?

Anybody who knows me knows that I don’t like conflict. Kum-ba-ya is my theme song.  [Editor Note Mrs. M:  I thought it was “(Everything I Do) I Do It For You.”  Just saying. . .]

And yes, I know that there is nothing spontaneous about any of this. All that you have seen since March with the onset of the “deadly” coronavirus is being orchestrated by the left to take down The Trumpster or at the very least to try and demoralize the right.

The St George Floyd passion narrative is just the icing on the cake.

But you know what else I know? That once the mob is unleashed, it stays unleashed. Think of the legend of the Golem; or Frankenstein’s monster. Remember that scene from the Batman trilogy, where the archfiend, Bane, is brought in to help some corporate bigwig take down Wayne Enterprises via some kind of stock manipulation scheme?

Yeah, it didn’t work out so well for him. Or Gotham City for that matter. (Wondering aloud here: De Blasio kinda looks like Bane, don’t you think?)

Moral of the story? Don’t ever let the left gain control over the levers of power. Why? Because they’re bat-shit crazy, that’s why.

Don’t get me wrong, the Oligarchs, who are their paymasters ain’t crazy, just short-sighted. They think that they can actually manipulate events should things get out of hand. You know, use a Hitler when Stalin gets too big for his britches.

But the mob, that’s a different story. The mob actually believes their nonsense.

It’s one thing to try and play the Grand Game on a global stage but when the playground is a nation, things can get pretty dicey for the Oligarchs. Fewer variables are involved; that sort of thing.

For example, just the other day, Mayor Ted Wheeler, got paid a visit by the Rent-a-Mob. It seems they tried to set the foyer of his condominium on fire and shined a strobe light into his window. Just a friendly, neighborhood visit in today’s Portland, I guess.

Anyway, where was I? Ah, yes, the mayhem.

Neither the Oligarchs nor the mob comprehend the fact that, eventually, the tables will turn. They always do. There’s always a captain of the artillery waiting to be proclaimed First Consul for Life, then to add a little more panache, Emperor. That’s the normal run of things, historically speaking. And that’s why European statesmen were shocked when George Washington decided not to run for a third term. (It had been over two thousand years before somebody successfully –and voluntarily–pulled a Cincinnatus [d. 430 BC]).

To those on the Left, I say only this: that the murderous rage on present display has got to be dialed back. And soon. And I’ll tell you why you don’t want to cross this Rubicon: the Civics 101 view of American power was always an anomaly. Liberals (bless their hearts) never really understood that, not in the aggregate at least. I blame government schooling for this lack of any historical understanding.

Or human nature.  (Sounds like Gnosticism, if you ask me.)

For them, it’s all about “muh principles”.  And unless Trump wins reelection and puts Blue-state governors and mayors in shackles, and bounds them off to Club Gitmo, then the American experiment in republican governance will be over.

I’m sorry to say this, but it really is that simple.

Because you see, there’s only two rules in any conflict: First, it only takes one party to make a fight. –If the other party says you are fighting, then you are fighting.

Second, it only takes one party to make the rules of a fight. –If the other party says you are fighting to the death, then you are fighting to the death.

Mind you, I don’t like these rules. It violates every Christian fiber of my being. But I can’t argue with facts, can I? It was Lenin who said it best: “Comrade, you may not be interested in the Revolution, but the Revolution is interested in you.”

Can this all be walked back?  Yes, theoretically, it can. Will it be? No.

Why? Because Trump lives rent-free in the heads of his haters. The Democrat Party as a whole is way too invested in derailing Trump’s reelection. They can’t see any other outcome. His very election is nothing less than a moral affront. And so are the 63 million people who voted for him. So what’s Plan B? In the event he wins (as seems increasingly likely), their game is to amp up the mayhem to force him to go Roman on the Blue cities, thereby depriving him of any electoral legitimacy.

Will it work? I rather doubt it. But it’s on them. They are the aggressors in this conflict. Before anybody comes after me for simply recognizing that we patriots have a target on our backs, remember one thing: the Left hated first.

For a more in-depth analysis, please take the time to watch this excellent podcast by Tim Pool:

P.S. And yes, Kyle Rittenhouse is a freakin’ hero.


  1. Linda Lawson says

    “There is neither Jew, nor Greek, slave nor free, male or female…” DEMOCRAT or REPUBLICAN!
    I really expected better from so-called Christians on here. Regardless if people hate you, your first response as a Christian is to love. Apparently, many people on here are incapable of following what Jesus wrote and “love their neighbors and their enemies.”
    FACT: Kyle Rittenhouse is 17-years old and officially a minor under the law.
    FACT: Kyle Rittenhouse violated Wisconsin State Law when he was illegally in possession of a firearm.
    FACT: By shooting a firearm that he is illegally in possession of, he was a danger and threat to others around him.
    FACT: Kyle Rittenhouse was not a homeowner or business owner so he did not have the right to violate the law, especially since he did not reside in Wisconsin.
    FACT: Kyle Rittenhouse was in violation of curfew ordinance.
    Kyle Rittenhouse is not a hero.  Because Christians do not love their enemies, they want to get upset when people have opposing viewpoints than them. Examine yourself first.

    • Gail Sheppard says

      Linda, I did not delete the beginning of your comment because you’re new to the blog, but for future reference, please don’t call our other commentator’s Christianity into question.

      In your “facts,” you fail to make the distinction between purchasing, possessing and carrying a firearm in the state of WI and different laws apply to each.

      In 2011, WI passed Bill 93. The majority of the provisions of the bill relate to restrictions on a person’s ability to “carry” a firearm. The bill defines “carrying” a firearm to mean to “go armed with” a firearm. The phrase “go armed with,” as it would relate to a firearm, has been defined by the Wisconsin courts to mean that the firearm was on the individual’s person or was within the individual’s reach and the individual was aware of the presence of the firearm. The bill specifies that it should not be interpreted to limit an individual’s right to openly carry a firearm, other than the specific limits included in the bill. For instance, the bill specifies a list of places where a licensee may not openly carry a firearm. A place of business that permits it is not one of those places.

      The second amendment allows people to have the right to keep and bear arms for security, which is what Rittenhouse was doing. Under both Hamdan and Cole there are 2 places in which a citizen’s desire to exercise the right to keep and bear arms for purposes of security is at its apex: in the citizen’s home or in his or her privately-owned business. Rittenhouse’s place of business was a privately-owned business who gave him the right to protect their property with his firearm.

      The most natural reading of “keep arms” in the 2nd amendment is to have weapons. The natural meaning of “bear arms” is to “wear, bear, or carry . . . upon the person or in the clothing or in a pocket, for the purpose . . . of being armed and ready for offensive or defensive action in a case of conflict with another person.” Putting all textual elements together, the 2nd amendment guarantees the individual right to possess and carry weapons in case of confrontation. The 2nd amendment right to bear arms, is fully applicable to the states.

      I can’t speak to the curfew. It seems the terrorists weren’t obeying them either. Rittenhouse may have to pay a fine or something.

      The term “hero” is defined as “a person who is admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities.” To many, Rittenhouse was definitely a hero.

      Frankly, it was you who “got upset with people who had an opposing viewpoint.” The way you stated your case was unnecessarily confrontational and it didn’t need to be.

      BTW, I am not a fan of what Rittenhouse did, either. Just saying. . .

    • George Michalopulos says

      Linda, thank you for your comment.  As for the particulars, my Muse has put things in perspective.

      My concern however is that you seem to have rushed to judgment regarding young Mr Rittenhouse.  I’m curious, why don’t you display the same displeasure towards the rioters who had set the dumpster fire so dangerously close to the gas station?  Are you aware that Rittenhouse put it out (at great risk to his own life)?

      Please understand, I’m not filled with hate to the evil, demonic communists who are terrorizing America’s great cities.  I pity them.  (Lot’s of contempt but still, no abject hatred.) I could go on an try to discern what propels them to undertake such mayhem but at the end of the day, I’m just one man.  And in any battle, one must choose a side, even if not everybody on your side is Simon-pure.   (You are aware, are you not, that during the Second World War, FDR imprisoned 120,000 Japanese-Americans in concentration camps?) 

      Linda, please understand, we didn’t ask for this fight.  They hated first.  In any event, I have the right to defend myself, my family, my state and my country. 
      There’s an old saying:  “pick a side, stick with it”.  That doesn’t mean that I can’t –or won’t–pray for their redemption.  I only wish that they would do the same for all those people whom they feel it’s OK to terrorize. 

      There is no moral equivalence.  Period. 

    • Antiochene Son says

      Kyle Rittenhouse is a hero, he has inspired a generation to defend their hearths and kin, and he will walk free.

    • the Ossetian says

      We wouldn’t be in this mess if Obama didn’t canonize Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown with the media’s LIES (CNN-hand up don’t shoot)
      Talk about judging people….

      • “We wouldn’t be in this mess if Obama didn’t canonize Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown with the media’s LIES”

        It started day one when Obama and Eric Holder refused to prosecute the armed Black Panters at the voting booths in the 2008 election.  By July 2009, Obama was siding with the man who was arrested, because he was seen kicking in the door of a house (turned out to be his own, locked himself out), when the police came to investigate and the man became disorderly, because the police motive obviously had to be racism, since police are supposedly in the habit of just accepting a white person’s word that they own the house whose door they were seen bashing in.  

  2. Bravo George!
    Truth is this a battle between those on the side of life and those on the side of death. Many on the side of death might not even know they are with death, but that does not change the fact. Big question is why do our Greek Orthodox leaders, and many other Orthodox leaders choice the side of death? Should they not know better?

    Does God  ever speak to them? If the majority of clergy are on the side of life(I would hope), why don’t they speak up to the minority? This is even bigger than our nation. This is on a cosmic level between Good and evil, maybe even God and satan, but I can’t speak to that, nor care to.

    Again why does our Archbishop support BLM, and why does the “green” EP push us to support the green new deal, Paris Accord, etc? Is this not a stamp of approval for the left, and in my opinion, the side of death?
    Should not the first issue for our Church leaders be abortion? Yet they go with the side of death? Are Communist not against God? 
    Forgive me George, but maybe a better title for your article above should read:

    A good Communist is a…

    That is, if this really is war as you say, that they say it is, and yet so far a one way street. God help us all, when life goes all in, against death!

  3. Building on your analogy of Batman, The Dark Night scene where innocent people have been on two different ships, one meant to blow up the other, good prevails and neither ship is blown up. This is essentially what is going to happen, normal people are getting tired (if they aren’t already) of the mayhem bulls*** and you can tell this is happening bc Biden and the Demsheviks have done an about-face on the “peaceful protest.” 
    My hope is that before the election, at the last minute, Trump makes mail-in voting illegal with an executive order. It’s obvious that’s how the Dems plan to steal the election. 
    If we manage to get the House/Senate/Presidency in November, I truly hope Trump goes blitzkrieg on the Left/Leftist cities. I’m holding out hope bc there are things that haven’t been done yet that I hoped he would have done 

  4. Archpriest Alexander F. C. Webster says

    On December 8, 2016, a month after the presidential election, you generously posted my article “Apocalypse Averted” on this website. Here is the direct link: Averted

    Fr. Hans Jacobse did the same on his website (AIOUSA):

    As we approach the second act of this civic drama on November 3, 2020, I have to concur with your analysis about the coming storm. Whether President Trump wins re-election or has his re-election stolen from him by the Demsheviks in public office and the raging mobs in the streets of our cities, the likely scenario will be “Apocalypse Now.”

    Instead of Francis Ford Coppola’s absurd, offensive, leftist take on the Vietnam War in his film by that title, we shall, I fear, become subjected to massive violence against our cities and suburbs and particularly tradition-minded, conservative, patriotic Americans. 

    It behooves each of us to prepare our families, our homes, and our churches for that most unhappy outcome both spiritually and by more worldly-wise means.

    • George,
      I think a lot of people sense the same thing.  You can turn the other cheek when you are only resposible for youself and this is laudible and a path to martyrdom.  When you stand between the thugs and innocents, however, it has another name.  Cowardice.

    • George Michalopulos says

      Thank you, Fr, for linking this excellent article of yours.  I trust that our readers will take another look at it.

  5. I confess, when I think of things that would constitute ending ‘the American experiment in republican governance’, a re-elected Trump destroying Federalism by using the power of the Federal government to overthrow state and local governments controlled by members of another political party and imprisoning all of them would seem to be a perfect example. As opposed to the only hope for said experiment not to end. Perhaps I am a stupid communist who does not understand America.

    I must say, between this piece and the no half-measures piece from the other day, I found myself nodding along at parts of this article:

    • George Michalopulos says

      OK, Flavius, that’s so delusional that it doesn’t even make sense.   I imagine that if you lived in a Blue city and/or had a small business there that went up in flames, you would be singing a different tune.  

      • It helps that the St Louis and Portland mayors have had to move from their homes due to the turmoil for folks who cannot respect even their allies. Not sure if is because both appear not the “people of color” as Vernon Jones used the term. Are Democratic mayors of a different skin tone faring better?  Amygdala run amuck like all mobs of old, enjoying the destruction.   Lord have mercy. Should help Trump/Pence. 

        • George Michalopulos says

          Nicole, as much as I decry the violence going on in the Blue cities, there’s only so much sympathy I can have for those who live there.  Why?  Because the people who live there “voted for the fire”.

    • Archpriest Alexander F. C. Webster says

      I get it, “Flavius.” You obviously harbor a visceral animus against President Trump and his supporters. But your citation of that New York Magazine piece with its absurd race-mongering is, I would suggest, a (Milvian) bridge too far for the polite company on this website. I, for one, do not take kindly to accusations of “white racism,” even when thinly veiled.
      Perhaps you can explain why you hide your true name here behind a nom de plume that just happens to be the family name of the Roman Emperors Vespasian, Titus, and Domitian, the last two notorious, respectively, for their (1) brutal treatment of the Jews and desecration of the Temple in Jerusalem as a soldier and heir-apparent to his father and (2) mass persecution of Christians, which inspired, in part, St. John the Theologian’s Apocalypse in the New Testament.

      If “Flavius” is intended as humor or irony, I am not amused.

      • Matthew Panchisin says
      • Dear Father,

        As you may know, there is an Orthodox priest who uses or once used the pseudonym Josephus Flavius online, which may reference the Palestinian historian in early Christendom per wikipedia.

        A heterodox website, angry with his good defense of an Orthodox belief, identified him by name which made me sad, as I understand needing to have separate professional and personal presences online in some cases for the good of self and those served/helped through work. I also understand that priests may be instructed by their bishops/jurisdictions not to post personal opinions in an identifiable way (zB, I believe OCA priests at one time were told not to have facebook friends  from their parishes).  

        Given your comment about “Flavius” and my ignorance, hope to learn from you your specific assessment of historical Josephus Flavius(es) from an Orthodox perspective or a reliable reference.

        Thank you in Christ,

        • In the interests of clarification, while Josephus Flavius was the inspiration for this alias, I am not that priest. I omitted Josephus as throwing it in seemed a bit over the top. I concede that dropping that versus Flavius introduced some ambiguity, although it provides perhaps a useful study in people seeing what they want to see.

        • Archpriest Alexander F. C. Webster says

          Nicole, you raise an intriguing connection of the name “Flavius” with Josephus Ben Matthias, the Jewish general and renowned historian.

          As it happened, having fought against the brutal Romans during the “Jewish War,” which ended in catastrophic defeat for the rebels and the destruction of the Temple by the Romans in AD 70, Josephus was enslaved by Roman commander Vespasian and, when the latter assumed the purple in AD 69, granted freedom and Vespasian’s family name (“Flavius”). Josephus’ sycophantic attitude toward the oppressors of his own people and desecrators of the temple only highlights my point that “Flavius” is a very dubious nom de plume on this blog or anywhere.

          Perhaps the “Flavius” who posts here might consider another, honorable anonymous name such as “Maccabeus.”

        • cynthia curran says

          Josephus is pretty reliable. The passage about Jesus is one of the few that historians argue about. Its more likely that a christian changed some of the passage to make it reflect the faith.

      • Joseph Lipper says

        Also there’s Saint Flavius Clemens, the brother of Emperor Vespasian and uncle of Titus and Domitian, who was beheaded for the Orthodox Faith in the year 96 A.D.   Flavius was also the first name of St. Constantine the Great. 

        Since this is an Orthodox blog, why not simply assume that bloggers are referencing the names of Orthodox saints if such exist?

        • Archpriest Alexander F. C. Webster says

          For the answer to your rhetorical question, Mr. Lipper, I refer you to “Flavius'” own post on this thread:

          September 5, 2020 at 10:05 am

          That post appeared on this blog well after I posted my own. In any case, our anonymous “Flavius” admits now that his inspiration was Josephus “Flavius” Ben Matthias. The latter was not a Christian, much less a saint.

          • Gail Sheppard says

            Few people in the first century were Christians or Saints. Frankly, I don’t know of any prominent “anybodies” named “Gail Sheppard”, and if I can post here using my lowly real name, I suspect it’s alright for Flavius to post here using his made-up one. I real life, he probably has a really stellar name like “Matthew John Christian” or something like that!

        • Gail Sheppard says

          . . . or, as Orthodox Christians, can’t we just accept whatever name someone chooses, for whatever reason he or she chooses it, unless the name is blatantly offensive? 

          I do appreciate your suggestion we associate the name with something positive.  One of the biggest reasons I like you so much, Joseph, is because of your heart.

          Intuitively, I knew Josephus Flavius was the inspiration for our brother’s alias.  Not sure how.

          Josephus Flavius independently acknowledged the existence of Jesus.  Not a bad alias to choose, in my book.      

    • “a re-elected Trump destroying Federalism by using the power of the Federal government to overthrow state and local governments controlled by members of another political party and imprisoning all of them would seem to be a perfect example. As opposed to the only hope for said experiment not to end. Perhaps I am a stupid communist who does not understand America.”

      What you’re worried about happening, already did.  If this was Ante-Bellum, you’d have a great case, but post Civil War, “federalism” demands this very intervention when a party removes citizens’ rights to do much of anything, under the pretext of a cold virus, other than B(urn), L(oot), and M(urder).  In fact, many Republican governors and mayors can join their counterparts in jail, for their handling of Covid by removing basic civil rights from the general population of citizens. 

    • Antiochene Son says

      Federalism has been for all practical purposes defunct since 1865.
      Its recent resurgence is driven by the lawless—sanctuary states, riot zones—not for the purpose of more effectively dealing with local problems, but for the purpose of allowing open insurrection to continue.
      A lot of the popular “civic religion” beliefs about America’s founders are rather quaint, but there is no way that any of them would see federalism as a tool for allowing lawlessness to continue. Any one of our past presidents (actually governors, but they’re part of the problem too) would have marched the army into those cities, arrested its elected officials, and ruled by military decree until order was established. The perceived power of our talmidic legal system is what’s preventing that today.
      America was founded by and for a certain group of people, and now other people are coming in and using a system founded and operated on good faith, under a certain cultural understanding of social responsibility, to destroy both it and its people.

      • Michael Bauman says

        AS, the demise of federalism is inherent in the US Constitution.  Its official death began in 1832 with the Nullification Crisis and Andrew Jackson’s threat to send federal troops into South Carolina.  Jackson’s famous toast: “Liberty and Union one and inseparable” was the death knell.  Of course the South doomed itself by choosing to die on the hill of slavery. 
        I used to think Jackson’s toast glorious but in a political sense it is simply a lie even in the quite mystical manner of Jackson’s belief.
        The only union that insures freedom is union with Christ.  

        • Antiochene Son says

          Good points. And truth be told, the Constitution itself was the end of the true Federalism contained in the Articles of Confederation.

    • George Michalopulos says

      The trouble with your observation (probably correct) is that it was the Left which foisted identity politics on the body politic. Once one side throws down that gauntlet, it will be picked up even if the person picking it up doesn’t want to do so. It’s inevitable.

      If I may expand: the white demographic is the least identitarian electoral demographic in America today. Whereas most non-white subgroups vote at least 80% along tribal lines, whites vote only 60% according to racial identity.

      • Antiochene Son says

        Whites would be more identitarian if whiteness wasn’t treated as a pathology by academia and the media. That’s why “it’s okay to be white” posters were treated as terrorism.
        The meme that white people are bland and boring has been pushed for a long time, but today white people are called illegitimate and evil, every single white person is a sleeper cell Nazi just waiting to be activated. A significant portion of whites have internalized this. But more are starting to see what’s going on.

        If whites are going to be attacked as a collective identity, then whites have to defend themselves as a collective identity.

  6. It could and probably will get hairy between now and election day.  Yet there is hope on the horizon given the potential position Trump may find himself in after being re-elected, especially with a solidly Republican Congress (both houses).
    That is what Democrats should and do fear.  Trump has had to restrain his natural impulses in light of the imperative of getting re-elected.  He could declare an insurrection and use the full weight of the military to restore order across the country. 
    Following his second inauguration, he will have no incentive to restrain himself any longer.  The specter of midterms will be two years off and will generate very little forbearance on his part.  Winners win and everyone loves a winner.  Routing the rioters would constitute a decisive victory.  
    He will also likely wage war on the MSM through defamation suits and encourage others to do so.  The MSM has become quite reckless in printing known falsehoods and he has already started down this road.  A full court press by the entire conservative establishment could bring down the MSM.

    • Michael Bauman says

      He might even go after pro sports to reclassify them as lobbing organizations and attack any tax breaks they now receive.  

      • I’d be totally in favor pf that.

      • Mr. Bauman,
        if my understanding is correct the NFL as a corporate entity is tax exempt. This tax break was put into an unrelated piece of legislation years ago.

        • Michael Bauman says

          So, it could be changed. 

          • George Michalopulos says

            Indeed it could.

            Seriously: I’m frankly amazed how the owners are letting their cry-baby prima donna athletes commit economic suicide.

            An example of shortsighted thinking when one thinks that things will go on forever –until they don’t.

            Oh well.

            • Michael Bauman says

              George, the owners are cry babies too–infintile narcissistic idiots despite their money.  The prototype is Mark Cuban. 
              In the NBA it is now “racist” to hire a white coach.  So, all of the team owners are going to have to sell their teams to a consortium of black players-current and former.  In the future each new player will be given a share of ownership kinda like preferred stock. The consortium of players would own all of the teams. No white man need apply even if they were as good as Havlicek, Bird and the coach under question Steve Nash.  
              Shoot Patrick Mahomes is now in the ownership group of the KC Royals baseball team.  They are not playing like a MLB team
              this year but hey. Patrick has a piece of it
              Shoot, maybe their heads will start exploding when fans stand around laughing.

              • I am delighted by my brother ~ an ardent football lover in the past and consistently supportive of his son’s family fantasy football league ~ who without fanfare simply added a new behavior as well as a phrase this year to his usual fantasy team name “Notwatching…” in peaceful protest while still playing in the family league.

        • Dear Mr Keys:  
          Do you happen to know on what basis?Certainly seems its status should be changed. 

          • Nicole,
            I believe the NFL wanted a favor and their friends in Congress were happy to help. The “tax break” only applies to the corporate offices in NYC. I’m guessing members of Congress like to associate with wealthy owners and star athletes.

            • Thanks much for your quick reply and glad it is only for the NYC corporate offices. I’m guessing along with you!

              • Indeed, individual teams are subject to taxes in their locality. The public has been more than generous in providing most if not all monies for their playpens  ( stadiums) which are used only a few days each year.

                • Yes I am foregoing my former payment to watch any games streaming (no TV) as my financial protest.  If we totalled the salaries of all those playing and protesting, I wonder what that would be?  And I wonder how much of their income they are hopefully sharing with foundations which support family values, Church, police, and education for “people of color” as well?  

  7. Christine Fevronia says
    I’ve wondered over the past three months how the violent mobs in Democrat-run cities have become so powerful. Almost demonic. The article linked above just might explain it.

    Of note is this section regarding BLM rituals of summoning dead spirits, including this revelation by BLM founder:

    “Cullors, in response, explained how she has been empowered by these spirits and how the mantra to “say his (or, her) name” was more than a slogan. It was an appeal to the spirits of the deceased to rise up and work through her and others.”

    • So disappointing and scary. These people don’t realize that the ‘spirits’ of the dead that they’re summoning are actually demons. (But we all know that.) It’s also no wonder that BLM and their looter friends are acting the way that they are. Kyrie eleison!

      • Michael Bauman says

        Alex, if you think they do not know?  I am not so sure of that. 

        • Michael, I really dunno? I put them in the same league as non-Orthodox* zodiac and astrology users…people that don’t understand the basic principles of Christianity…yet indulge themselves in these dark practices—without realizing what they’re doing. Who knows what’s really flowing through their minds? (*As we all know, right believing Orthodox Christians do not dabble in astrology, zodiacs, ouija boards, and fortune telling.)

          • Michael Bauman says

            One thing the  demons hate is laughter. It shatters the illusion of their power.  So, let us laugh “for the sake of laughter. It is surely the surest touch of genius in creation…The phenomenon of cachination is an irrelevancy that almost amounts to a revelation” Christopher Frye
            It may even make them explode.  Just think of that, as we laugh there are demon critters going “pop” all around us, like bubble wrap.
            Glory to God for all things.

            • Ouzo for Algernon says

              Well said my good chap! Ol’ Ouzo shares your sentiments and couldn’t help bring his own two coppers to add some LEVITY to these trying times. These things aren’t always appreciated though. I think somebody didn’t want to turn their FROWN upside-down! But sometimes you just have to scatter those seeds, rocky soil and all, you know how it be. Yow!

    • Gail Sheppard says

      It sure would explain a lot.  –

      Before late May, #witchtok content featured subtle romance spells, negative energy hexes, and full moon rituals. But following widespread demonstrations protesting the killing of George Floyd and other victims of police brutality, the witches of TikTok have been doing spells in support of the Black Lives Matter movement.

      Practitioners explain that while witchcraft might not have an obvious contemporary link to the racial equality protests, there is a deep-rooted connection.

      “Historically, curses and hexes have been in this country since the Trans-Atlantic slave trade”, Reina, who posts as the official La Reina on TikTok, tells Bustle. “The ownership, safety, and protection of our bodies has always been political,” she continues. “These workings have been attributed to great change, fights of freedom, and establishing community during times of trial and suffering.”

      In the videos, witches of all races and ethnicities light candles, perform lunar rituals, say incantations, and ask for protection for Black protestors. In some videos, they recite hexes aimed at the police or anyone who might harm the demonstrators. The videos have hashtags like #witchesforblm and #blackwitch. Some witches are showcasing the work they are doing on their own, while others are using TikTok to teach viewers how to perform simple spells, draw sigils, and manifest progressive allyship themselves. . . ”

      To Read More . . .

    • Ouzo for Algernon says

      Well how about that. That does solve a little puzzle had been running round my head ever since I started seeing wanted ads for NECROMANCERS on CRAIGSLIST. At the time I just shrugged and said to myself they sure didn’t have birthday parties like that when I was a lad.
      But now it all clicks in the ol’ noggin. See, it’s so much harder for the dead to vote these days. Back in the old country when my back was much straighter than it is now, I’d be working as a GRAVEDIGGER and voting for the dead. Coffin laid to rest, I’d hop on out of the hole and nod to the family and they’d slip me a shilling and a ballot. And you know I’d walk into town with a big handful of votes and put them down on the counter. “Tom,” the clerk would say, “these aren’t votes from the dead you just buried with that shovel in your hand, are they?” And I’d look and the shovel, and look back at old Saoirse and swear on my mothers grave[1] I hadn’t been burying folk with that shovel and collecting their ballots. And it was easy as that!
      These days with your databases and high falutin cross referencing nonsense it’s not so simple! But I reckon if you reanimate the dead, wrap them in a class four GLAMOUR, and march them into the polling place it could be done. Lack of speech ain’t really a problem, the dead have quite the stare. When they ask “but aren’t you dead?” just hold eye contact until they wave you to the booth to get away from you.
      But see now, you can’t swing an election that way. As the suits with the MBAs will tell you it just isn’t SCALABLE. The most powerful necromancer I ever met couldn’t control more than three thralls at once. And let me tell you, in a tri-county area you might have one or two period. And odds are, those’ll only be able to reanimate something the size of a small RODENT! Around here, there’s just Brenda. Sometimes I’ll be out for a donut run bright and early on a Saturday morning and on the right side of the road I’d see Elmer walking his pot bellied pig (400lbs of beauty), and on the left side of the road Brenda playing fetch with a zombie squirrel.
      Bushy tails, full heart, can’t lose! Not going to win a campaign with that slogan.
      All that to say, don’t put too much stock in the occult, what’s really magical in an election is a good old GotV GROUND GAME. Yow!
      [1] I know you’re wondering, and yes, I buried my mum with that shovel, God rest her soul. But she was the one who taught me how to earn a living and she wouldn’t have wanted me to answer any other way.

      • Michael Bauman says

        As far as the dead voting it is not really possible to improve on the late Mayor of Chicago, Richard Daley. His cemetery votes got JFK elected President.  Thoudands of them. Greatest necromancer of all time. 
        Still, as St Justina proved to Cyprian the sign of the Cross defeats all enemies. “Let God arise, let His enemies be scattered; let those that hate Him flee from His presence. As smoke vanishes, let them vanish; as wax melts from the presence of fire, so let the demons perish from the presence of those who love God and who sign themselves with the sign of the Cross and say in gladness: Hail most precious and life-giving Cross of the Lord for Thou drivest away demons by the power of our Lord Jesus Christ crucified on Thee. Who went down to hell and trampled on the power of the Devil and gave us Thee, His venerable and life-giving Cross for driving away all enemies. O most precious and life-giving Cross of the Lord, help us with our Holy Lady, the Virgin Mother of God and with all the Saints throughout the ages. Amen”
        Of course they are not really the spirits of the dead but the demons do not care. Just don’t call them late to dinner for the harvest of souls. 
        Pop, there goes another demon head!☦️

    • Every day in the Prologue of Ohrid we read about the wrath and hatred of folks in response to Christ and Christians…It is very unsettling for me to see it spew forth in our time by people saying and believing they are honoring Christ…I know I should not be surprised, just trying to adapt to the naked rage emerging without logic or love for anyone who understands Christ quite differently from them…Psalms 123 (Orthodox number) helped today.  Your prayers please as some of these folks are close so I need prayers to remember they are being misled and deceived.  Each one is truly a compassionate person usually, but they do seem bewitched and are “not themselves”, all in the service of the spell of social justice by any means, not realizing (and apparently not hearing from their priests/ministers in their various nonOrthodox Churches) that is not Christ’s way ever.  So thank you for helping me understand another possible reason for this phenomenon. Your prayers please for me and for them. Finding Patristic Orthodoxy is the greatest gift in my life (I second Fr Seraphim Rose!) and I fervently wish that for them as well.

  8. Michael Bauman says

    A functioning democracy has always been dependent on limited suffrage and a relatively small homogeneous population.

    A large and diverse country has only been governed well by some sort of autocracy. Of course not all autocracies are conducive to life.
    Right now the Russian 40 year plan is looking pretty attractive to me right now.

    • What’s the Russia 40 year plan? 

      • Michael Bauman says

        Petros, it was referenced in another post a couple of days ago and this link provided:

        • Thanks for linking that Michael, it looks very interesting from the time stamps on the vide. I’ll have to give it a listen! 
          I wonder how to Russian Church plays into all of this? In a hypothetical world dominating scenario, I would much rather live under Russia than China

        • John Sakelaris says

          Michael, I thought that YouTube video was disgusting Russia-hating paranoia.    You can see my comment to that effect which I posted below that video several days ago.  

          • Michael Bauman says

            John, don’t know if its true or not, unlikely.  All I was saying is that it might not be so bad if it were true.  

  9. On a side note, kind of similar mischief, but on a much smaller scale. (The dark forces and followers of the evil one not only infect Ukraine, but tiny Montenegro!

  10. Depending on how this election goes, this may be a viable option: 

  11. George Michalopulos says
  12. The coming election is a matter of life and death. The following was filmed in 1969:

  13. Antiochene Son says

    You heard it here first: the American Psychological Association is going to define racism as a mental disorder, take away your guns and lock you in a nut house (aka concentration camp).

    “But I’m not racist!” 
    By our definition, you are. And most mentally ill people don’t know that they are ill. Your lobotomy is scheduled for tomorrow, have a nice day. 

  14. George Michalopulos says

    I’m happy to report that the apprehension and subsequent death of the Portland murderer of Aaron Danielson was mostly peaceful.

    • “I’m happy to report that the apprehension and subsequent death of the Portland murderer of Aaron Danielson was mostly peaceful.”

      A “federal task force from the FBI and the U.S. Marshals Service” had to try to arrest him, because local and state law enforcement under Democrat control weren’t just failing to pursue him, but refusing to declare him even a person of interest, even after the guy confessed to the shooting in a friendly Vice interview.   Meanwhile, Facebook censored Patriot Prayer pages, because the guy who was killed in cold blood was a member. “A Facebook spokesman told Reuters the company pulled the pages as part of ‘ongoing efforts to remove Violent Social Militias from our platform.’ ”