Exposing the Unfruitful Works of Darkness

The other day, we published an insightful piece on the “re-start-up” of the St Nicholas Shrine by a correspondent close to the scene. I, for one, got the feeling that there was “something more” going on, that it wasn’t all hunky-dory.

Well, as you can read for yourself, with the GOA there is always “something more”. For starters, in the ordinary course of things, there should have been outbursts of joy. After all, this was the signature accomplishment of the GOA ever since the turn of the millennium. Also, it would put to rest a massive embarrassment for Orthodoxy in America in general, not just the GOA. Instead, outside of this story, there’s nothing but the sound of crickets.

Why? Because the corruption in New York is so palpable that nobody believes anything good will happen. And I’m not talking only about the religious angle but the political one as well. I was shocked to read the comments to this story. The overwhelming number were unequivocally negative. And not just from the GOA website but the political one as well. It’s almost as if the good people of New York have simply stopped believing the nonsense that Gov Andrew Cuomo is peddling.

If so, then look for more scandalous fallout from the re-start.

(Many thanks to our friends over at www.Oxiday.com for being on top of this story.)


By Oxiday.Com 

Say it with pride or stay inside!

After yesterday’s “PR GOVERNMENT COVERUP” announcing the restart of St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox National Shrine, some are bantering the idea of class action lawsuit, as there are some compelling reasons to believe the U.S. State Department’s involvement was not just hortatory.

As reported in Oct 2018 by Jim Jatras, a Washington, DC-based attorney, political analyst, and media & government affairs specialist, there was ” . . .  an unconfirmed report originating with the members of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia (an autonomous New York-based jurisdiction of the Moscow Patriarchate), in July of this year State Department officials (possibly including Secretary of State Mike Pompeo personally) warned the Greek Orthodox archdiocese (also based in New York but part of the Ecumenical Patriarchate) that the US government is aware of the theft of a large amount of money, about $10 million, from the budget for the construction of the Orthodox Church of St. Nicholas in New York.” 

That’s $10 million, from an estimated $37 million, raised from believers in the scandalridden and broke Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America in an effort to rebuild the St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church destroyed in the 9/11 attack.  

In a July 2018 meeting with the head of the American-Ukrainian Diocese of the Patriarchate of Constantinople, Dimitri Trakatellis, Pompeo announced that federal prosecutors have documentary evidence confirming the withdrawal of these funds abroad on the orders of Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew and  Secretary Pompeo “closed his eyes” to the theft in exchange for Ukrainian autocephaly, which set Patriarch Bartholomew on his current path, causing a major schism in the process.  

Moreover, the State Department’s direct hand in this sordid business may not have solely consisted of wielding the “stick” of a legal threat.  There are reasons to believe there was a “carrot,” too, as there have been numerous (albeit, yet to be proven) reports of a $25 million payoff to Constantinople from Poroshenko, who allegedly attempted to skim $15 million off the top for himself. Attributions of the original source of that money differ. Some claim it may have come from organized crime bosses in Dnipro. This analyst was told by an unsolicited, confidential informant in the Greek Archdiocese in New York, that the funds came from the U.S. State Department.

H.E. Archbishop Elpidophoros welcomed to The Archdiocese NY State Andrew Cuomo and discussed the future building of St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox National Shrine Church at Ground Zero.rrrPHOTOS: © GOA/DIMITRIOS PANAGOS

The Governor is now kissing the hand of Papa Smurf, thanking him for all the money flowing his way.  Look how happy Alex Karloutos is with those seemingly overly medicated eyes of his.  Who runs New York in this picture?   Not the one kissing or getting his hand kissed, I assure you!  Amazing the Governor doesn’t understand the necessity of separating church and state, but then the US government works for Alex Karloutsos, don’t they?  –  I don’t. 

OK, let’s have some fun. ?

Since the announcement of the restart, an estimated 99% of the social media comments have been negative and are still trending that way.  Even the response to the Governor’s announcement on his own Twitter feed is primarily negative.  You’d think his own family would step up to post something positive!  An archon had to turn off the YouTube comments on the video because they were so negative.

Doesn’t it seem strange that a church announcement about a 9/11 shrine would see this kind of backlash?  Psychopaths who kick puppies are better received!  Like I’ve been saying for several years, people are not going to stop asking questions about the missing millions or why the people responsible are not in jail.  This is one big Gov coverup and people won’t rest until they know the truth.

   Comments Trending Negative 

“The GOA could have fed/clothed many homeless in NY with this huge financial outlay plus helped churches like HT. The original St Nicholas was humble and the rebuilt one should have been the same. God showed the hierarchy with the significant delays due to the financial debacles, however, they didn’t heed. This shrine is built on Ego and grandiosity, not Christianity. My .02.”

“People in the church who caused this should be in jail.”

“I’ve been to the shrine. St Nicholas will be a beautiful church. My thoughts were those exactly as the construction guys let us in (well, as nick told them to let us in ?). We are losing our church, but building a massive new one? We lost a small humble church on 9/11. But why must we forget our past? Without HT, would there have been a St Nicholas to build? The first churches laid the foundation for the churches to come later on. Just heartbreaking overall.”

“What’s the world coming to”

“Let’s build new shiny churches, And let a root get taken down like its nothing. Shows you a lot.”

“unbelievable this was allowed. No words”

“this is just a photo op Cuomo doesnt care about the greek community or the citizens of NY in general ,,,Just pandering for votes … he should resign”

“I’m saddened to see Our faith associates with this ANIMAL!!!!! He is everything that is wrong with this country right now! Awful!!  I will keep writing letters and signing petitions to make sure this animal is removed from office!”

“Who cares what cuomo has to say. ??

“agreed he’s a douche”

“They hired an architect known for doubling his price during construction with ‘as builts ?

“We must keep watch of criminals particularly in our Church.”

“Did they get back the embezzled money?”

“Please reconsider. The Archdiocese money could be used in better ways then another church building.”

“Penny Katsanos stealing… like usual”

“Money ‘Misappropriated’ seams to be a recurring theme with the Greek Orthodox Churches Everywhere ! Shameful !”

“Cuomo is garbage”

“Everybody in North America should stop paying church dues. You’ll see how fast thet show an accounting of where all the money went”

“Thanks for trying to make New York the next Baltimore!”

“More People Are Leaving New York Than Any Other State In The U.S.”


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  1. If Cuomo was meeting St Nicholas instead of Papa Smurf I do believe that Cuomo would still be experiencing an Orthodox Bishop’s hand upon his face.

  2. Cuomo is the most corrupt, pro-death, baby murderer in the history of politics…and he is kissing the Archbishop’s hand while Karloutsos smiles and Bartholomew divides the Orthodox Church on a world-wide scale.
    Satan is smiling.

  3. Michael Bauman says

    Well, exposing the works of darkess is not difficult. Just wake up, open your eyes and read any mornings news. 
    The darkness is around us an in my heart, no doubt. 
    Our Lord tells us to overcome evil with good.  I am bad at that but I just watched a movie on Prime video, A Promise to Astrid.  
    It is the story of a woman who was quite good at it.  
    God forgive me the hardness of my heart.

  4. Why Ask Bankrupt Greece to Support Hellenic College / Holy Cross?


    English Section Nick Stamatakis – 7 January, 2020

    UPDATE (4pm January 8): This article was written before Arch. Elpidophoros announced yesterday evening that prime minister Mitsotakis officially offered for the Theological School of Boston 2 million euros per year starting last year!! In other he is getting now about $4.4 million in hard cash form the Greek Government under the pretext of “helping the Seminary!” What is really hidden behind this offer from a government which does not have enough to fund the Greek hospitals’ basic necessities? Why would the Government of Greece help a Theological School which owns 59 acres of land (or 240.000 sq. meters!) in the best neighborhood of Boston (Brookline) worth anywhere between $100-200 million dollars? For a measure of comparison in recent very big news, the adjacent to the Seminary property belonging to Tom Brady and his wife, supermodel Gisele Bundschen, is only 5 acres and was just reduced to $33 million!!


  5. I believe this post concerns with and qualifies as an a works of darkness exposure occurring now, but on a global scale. Weather warfare fits a puzzling scripture of a warfare which touches not the grown., and is the only warfare that does not use ground attacks. Iran has complained to the UN that the West is attacking them with famine produced by a severe lack of rainfall. It now, appears to me that a ground attack may not need to occur in order to declare this prophesy fulfilled. This reality places the earth at the cusp of the end of the world beginnings. Arctic News has predicted a blue ocean in September which will allow massive ch-4 methane releases which will increase global temperature by 10 C. This temperature will cause massive extinction world wide, including the human race. Expect the mark of the beast to appear to within 5 years. Then comes Armageddon.