The End of the Neoliberal World Order

As many of you know, I have long been a critic of the kritarchy.  For those who don’t know, kritarchy comes from two Greek words:  krit| which means “to judge” or “adjudication,” and |arky, which means “rule.” 

In other words, rule by judges. 

This isn’t supposed to happen.  It’s not in the Constitution.  In that document, there are three co-equal branches of government:  the Congress (which creates laws), the Presidency (which executes those laws) and the Judiciary (which adjudicates legal cases brought by plaintiffs.  Some of these plaintiffs can be States for example.)

Way back in 1803, in Marbury vs Madison, the Supreme Court gave itself an additional power:  the right of “judicial review,” essentially, the right to judge whether a law was constitutional or not.  

This was a momentous precedent and it has created much turmoil over the years.  In fact, Alexander Hamilton (writing as “Publius”) wrote years before in The Federalist Papers, that the judiciary would be the “weakest” of the branches.  As far as George Washington was concerned, the power of the people as represented in the Congress was so overwhelming that he exercised the power of the veto only twice in his eight years in office.  He was so respectful of the power of the legislature that he signed bills into law even though he found some of them distasteful or questionable.  But that’s a story for another day.    

So, if it were up to me, and I had the power to change the Constitution, I would limit the power of the Supreme Court to only being the final court of appeal and that part of its purview would be resolving disputes between States.  It would not have the right to decide which laws were “constitutional” or not.  But that’s me.

Since I’m on this kick, I would also do away with the 16th and 17th Amendments.  Plus the Federal Reserve.  Both of those Amendments effectively destroyed republican governance.  As for the Federal Reserve, hell ain’t hot enough for the bastards that came up with that monstrosity.  

Unfortunately, it’s not up to me.  So, in the vein of Donald Rumsfeld, you “got to fight with the army you got.”  The kritarchy is here to stay.  Short of a miracle (or a revolution), there’s nothing you or I can do about it.  So we might as well get whatever victories we can and by whatever legal and/or customary means that are available.

And boy, did we get two MASSIVE victories.  

Yesterday, in the Bruen decision, the Supreme Court ruled that the 2nd Amendment means what it says.  Today, with Dobbs, they overturned Roe vs Wade, quite possibly the worst Supreme Court decision of all time.  In both cases, the vote was six-to-three.  (The Chief Justice did not cuck out for once, I wish I could say the same for the GOP.)

Now it was wonderful to see these cases decided on their merits.  Not just constitutional law but natural law, and good ole’ common sense.  I must confess, it was especially delicious for many of us on the Right to see the collective heads of many on the Left explode.  (Yes, yes, I know that’s immature of me, but what can I say?  They’ve had it coming for a long time.  Please allow me this sweet indulgence.)

OK, now that the snark is finally off, we can get down to serious business.  What we just saw within the last 48 hours, was (in my estimation), the end of the neoliberal world order.  It’s still too early to say whether a new rightist, patriotic age will arise from the ashes of secular liberalism, whether the Republic can pick itself up off the floor, dust itself off, and go charging into a glorious future. but I can say this:  that had these rulings gone the other way, then the glory days of America would indeed be over.

Make no mistake, American civilization at present is utterly Babylonian in its depravity.  Half-naked cannibals who live in the tropics are aghast at displays of our present culture.  It is literally impossible to lampoon our society:  Gov Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan called women “menstruating people.”  Three years ago, one of the Democrat candidates for president said in a debate that he would not rest until “men could have abortions as well” –to thunderous applause for that matter.

We have become the laughingstock of the world.  (That’s one reason so many countries are standing by Russia at present, while only the degenerate West is all “muh Ukraine.”)  So it’s going to be a tall order whether we can overcome the sheer insanity of the last twenty years.  But that doesn’t mean it can’t –or won’t–happen. 

The countries of the Warsaw Pact fell within a few weeks.  The Soviet Union itself fell two years later.  All it took was one or two people initially to stand up and say “I don’t believe you.”  Then a few more, then hundreds, then thousands simply refuse to believe the Marxist narrative.  We are starting to see glimmers of that now in the West.  Many simply don’t accept the liberal terms of the debate anymore. 

I certainly don’t.  Neither should you. 

It’s liberating.  In fact, it’s cathartic.  Imagine, if you will, that scene in The Wizard of Oz when Dorothy accidentally throws water on the Wicked Witch of the West.  What happened to her?  She turned into dust.  Remember as well what happened when Toto pulled back the curtain and everybody realized that the Wizard was really an old conman who fooled everybody for years.

That’s the way it will be with liberalism.  Someday, your grandchild will sit on your lap and ask you “how come they put tampon dispensers in men’s bathrooms?”  Or, “how come you allowed little boys to act like supermodels so that grown men could salivate over them?”  Things like that.

Hopefully, you won’t have to be chagrined.  Why?  Because the Supreme Court did something momentous.  And if we are smart and resolute enough, we can turn this sorry state of affairs around.  (Already I hear rumblings from Clarence Thomas that anal marriage is not long for this world.)  And if we’re so lucky, you can tell your grandchild, “well, Sonny, things were really bad but at least some of us fought back.  There’s only so much crap a man can take.”

And yes, thanks must go to Donald Trump, the legitimate President of the United States.  It was he, more than any other man, who remade the Federal judiciary into what it is today.  His three nominees to the Supreme Court made these decisions possible.  As for you never-Trumpers, cuckservatives and other assorted RINOs, we will gladly take your apology now.  But we will never allow you in our precincts again.  Go back to your country clubs and Episcopalian parishes and lick your wounds there.  

Let us enjoy this unalloyed day of happiness.  We need resounding victories like this to give us hope.  Today’s battle is decisively won.  Other battles remain. 

Still, these rulings were huge.  Thanks be to God.  


  1. Glory to God for all things!

    I listened to Dr. Steve Turleys livestream yesterday with the overturning of Roe v Wade and I agree with him, the head has been cut off of liberal globalism, the body will continue to flail but it too will eventually die as well.

    This is a huge win for federalism and states rights and I suspect Obergfell is next.

    Will this be the final catalyst that leads to the “great divorce” of America? Will that even happen? With R v W gone and and snap laws having gone into effect about half the country is now wholly pro-life. It almost exactly mirrors election results of those states. I think the days of places like Idaho, Utah, Oklahoma and Alabama being governed by far-left DC are over.

    Now we wait for the Midterms, if it’s a Trumpian Republican landslide like Bannon and other pundits have claimed then that’s when the games begin.

    America is going to have to come to terms with the fact that the world is now multi-polar and play along (which the neocons and neolibs won’t do) or we will be left in the dust.

    • Maybe my long-hoped-for (canonical) Holy Orthodox Patriarchate of Austin and All Texas is in the cards in the future! 🙂

      Prayers that God has not given up on America. Thank you, Christ, for the Supreme Court decision yesterday. There is plenty of weeping and gnashing of teeth, as Our Savior assures us there will be. We must pray for them, also, that “The Light of Christ Illumines All Mankind,” as we say at the Presanctified Liturgy.

      Thanks, George, for your insights and for further bringing me hope today, for my family and my children.

      • Elpidophoros says

        Sorry, FTS.
        Austin and all Texas are, and will forever remain, among the barbarian lands of the Great Diaspora.

      • I vote for a patriarchate not located in Travis County lol.

        That place is a dumpster fire and has on insanely downhill over the last 10-15 years. I’d take San Antonio though! A Tex-Mex patriarchate would be nice.

    • Gail Sheppard says

      What if this is a setup? If the elections don’t go as we think they’re going to go, I don’t know how we will be able to take it. I can see the left using the Supreme Court victories to try to assure us nothing is amiss.

      I hate to be a “Debbie Downer,” but we’ve seen so many inexplicable things happen these last 2 1/2 years. Where are all the protesters? Maybe this is part of the plan and they know it. No sense in protesting something that doesn’t matter in the end. If you successfully cull 90% of the population and sterilize the other 10%, there will be no babies to abort.

      On the other hand, this may be the “movie” everyone has been talking about. The Trump team may be working behind the scenes, allowing us to watch all this so we won’t forget how bad it is when they tell us what they had to do.

      I have believed for months Biden may be an actor (or actors) working for Trump. On that bike, he put his toe in the toe “thingy” to bring the bike down on a specific side. He also fell “up” the stairs boarding that plane. He (or they) may be stunt men. Nothing would surprise me at this point. While we’re busy being entertained by Biden, et. al, special forces may be getting the real work done and I suspect it’s going to be a shock to us how they’re doing it.

      But as Trump said, it has to be done. These people are evil.

      It all comes down to God and what He wants to do. Hopefully, it won’t take too long to find out. This has been a very difficult ride.

      Like the day Kennedy was shot and 9/11, we will remember what we were doing when we heard the news! Perhaps the tide has turned. So much has happened it’s almost too much to even hope.

      • Dear Gail,

        I appreciate your level of apprehension. I myself have had a sense of foreboding since the beginning of the pandemic scare and the Summer of Floyd. I wouldn’t put anything past the godless radicals in power. The supreme court’s decision has, for some odd reason, only exacerbated that sense that something really dreadful may happen. Time will tell. If it does happen, Lord, have mercy!

        Nevertheless, consider the possibility that you are being overly suspicious in this case. I would like to think that the leak of the majority opinion to overturn Roe v. Wade played a role in defusing the shock of the official announcement yesterday, and so the protests turned out to be smaller and tidier than they might have been, had there been no “spoiler” beforehand. It’s still early in the game, though, and you are privy to more insider knowledge than I am.


      • What if this is a setup? If the elections don’t go as we think they’re going to go, I don’t know how we will be able to take it. I can see the left using the Supreme Court victories to try to assure us nothing is amiss.

        Yea, my statement was predicated on the elections being fair, which at this point who knows. I don’t think you’re being a “Debbie Downer” but being realistic of what we have seen overtly since the last election.

        I see the overturning of Roe v Wade, and I seriously think the overturning of Obergfell is coming, in two ways:

        1) It is a misdirection that has been orchestrated, to what end I’m not sure, possibly to direct attention away from massive domestic failures.

        2) We are finally seeing the fruits of Trump appointed judges, not just on the Supreme Court but in district courts across the country. I believe there was even a recent conservative victory in whatever court San Francisco falls under.

        3) Could be both.

        That’s why this upcoming Midterm is sop important, it will give us a litmus test and show where we are at – will we stabilize, or, will we continue to slide further into being a banana republic. I hate to say it but I almost wish the post-Roe riots are like the Summer of Floyd, that happening made a huge impact on how people viewed BLM & the burning down of cities was massively unpopular. Dr. Steve Turley has a few videos on this.

        I saw a tweet earlier saying the following:
        “Red states will ban abortion, Blue states will continue to allow them, in 30 years America will be Christian and conservative”
        or something to that effect, and it’s true.

      • Μωλον Λαβε says

        I see the pieces moving in place and God’s hand at work. Several months ago I had mentioned to friends that a battle was taking place and God’s armies of angels were mobilized. I believe what happens in the spiritual realm directly affects our world.
        Yes, the signs are foreboding. I see calamity in the making, many will suffer. Pray that cooler minds prevail.
        We are not dealing with rational, God-loving individuals and leadership. We see how evil has corrupted those in charge and many others.

        The evil that has permeated our world is losing control and will over-react and lash out blindly. What promises were made by the old bastard will drive them mad……unless God’s love prevails and these people come to their senses and disaster is avoided. In essence we may come close to the brink, but not fall into the abyss.

        The future is unfolding before us and we can perceive to a point the possibilities. No one can ascertain what or for how long, but I feel it in my bones, that life will be hard for a while yet I see beyond the event horizon a beautiful future.

        Do not despair. Do not fear. The Lord has matters at hand.

  2. George Michalopulos says

    A great summation by the inimitable Mark Dice:

  3. Christine says

    Praise be to God! This is exactly why I voted for Donald Trump–the appointment of conservative judges.

  4. I wish I had your optimism George. I can’t help but think these are just tiny bumps in the road and the reign of antichrist will just roll along soon enough.

  5. I was at once thrilled, grateful, and saddened by this ruling – saddened only by the knowledge that the lawless left will only quadruple their rebellion, lawlessness, and hatred of all that is good and beautiful.

    I can only hope and pray that their nihilism will come to full fruition quickly.

    Let the wicked fall into their own nets while I escape safely.

    Glory to Jesus Christ! Glory forever!

  6. The new “red flag laws” just signed into law are another danger to our republic and I imagine will be struck down by this same court.
    I’m curious how this overturning of Roe will manifest itself. The states banning abortion view it as murder. If one were to cross state lines to procure an abortion, would it then become a federal crime of first degree murder? I’m curious how this murder/right dichotomy will play our. Maybe there’s some legal minds that can shed some light?

  7. Roe is a significant milestone along the way to the restoration of the patriarchy, which is our only hope inasmuch as it is the God ordained social structure. Hopefully, the destruction of this idol will inspire the people and their representatives to displace others such as “gay marriage”. Make no mistake though, it is the entire edifice of feminism which must be destroyed, not just this facet.

  8. Peter A. Papoutsis says

    Encyclical from Metropolitan Demitrios of the Genuine Orthodox Christians regarding the overturning of Roe v. Wade.

    G.O.C. Metropolis Headquarters
    106 Elm Street
    Cobleskill, NY 12043


    Beloved clergy and faithful of our Holy Metropolis,
    Grace be unto you, and peace, from God our Father, and from the Lord Jesus Christ in the Holy Spirit.
    In the Book of the Holy Prophet Jonah, we read that, in response to words of the Prophet of God, “the people of Nineveh believed God, and proclaimed a fast, and put on sackcloth, from the greatest of them even to the least of them … And God saw their works, that they turned from their evil way; and God repented of the evil that He had said that He would do unto them; and He did it not.” (Jonah 3: 5, 10)
    In September 2020, the faithful of our God-protected Metropolis undertook a special three-day fast of repentance––a τριήμερον––in response to my hierarchical appeal, for God to protect our Church, our Families, and our Nation and to turn away and dispel the wrath stirred up against us and our neighbors, on
    account of our many sins.
    The next day after the fast of repentance, our Lord provided for the future overturning of the infamous “Roe vs. Wade” decision with the nomination and subsequent appointment of another pro-life justice to the Supreme Court of the United States of America.
    On June 11/24, 2022, on the feast of the Mother of God “Axion Esti”, the Supreme Court finally abrogated the fifty-year legal precedent that had permitted the murder of tens of millions of innocent infants over the decades.
    The overturning of the abomination that was “Roe vs. Wade” is an event of great significance. For us, this is not a political matter, but rather a spiritual one. Abortion is murder. To enable it is to be an accomplice to murder. To endorse it is to endorse the murder of innocents––to the extent that being “pro-choice” is
    entirely incompatible with being an Orthodox Christian. The abrogation of the decision that permitted and sanctioned abortion throughout the country is a victory for truth, goodness, and justice.
    But more importantly, it is a demonstration of divine intervention. At a time when our liberties are increasingly hemmed in by the forces of technocratic despotism and, more broadly, when the mystery of iniquity is at work without check, who could have predicted that religious liberty and the principles of God’s
    law would be upheld in worldly courts?
    Ordinary Orthodox Christians do not have access to the halls of secular power to have an audience with the Supreme Court of the United States or to influence policy and legislation. The pious, however, do have access to the Master of all, Who guides history and provides for our salvation. They do not trust in the sons
    of men, for, indeed, in them there is no salvation. Rather they commend their whole life and hope unto God alone; and our Master, when He sees the genuine fruits of repentance, hears the prayers of His people and grants them their requests which are unto salvation. Accordingly, the recent decision to overturn demonstrates the power of repentance and prayer to draw God’s mercy and to confound the plans of the evil one. For this reason, I often tell the faithful to never underestimate the power of prayer.
    Throughout sacred history, whenever the people of God repented, after facing destruction on account of their sins, God showed them mercy and delivered them from righteous chastisement. In the lives of the saints, we see how God, in response to prayer and repentance, overturned the plots of the evil one. So too
    in our own time, we see the schemes of the demons overturned and undone, and from this we have a firm hope that His mercy will prevail. In this we find great solace, for God is with us.
    Let us, therefore, continue our repentance and give thanks unto the Lord so that He continue to help us in the struggle to overcome altogether the great evil of abortion. St. Isaac the Syrian teaches that gratitude from the receiver incites the Giver to bestow gifts greater than before. In gratitude to our Lord for His manifest
    benefaction and mercy, let all the parishes in our God-protected Holy Metropolis chant a Doxology of Thanksgiving after Divine Liturgy this Sunday, June 12/26, 2022.
    Lastly, let us continue to repent, for the days are evil. The evil one will never cease to fight the Church. But let us remember: if God is with us, who can be against us?
    Your fervent suppliant before God,

    Metropolitan Demetrius of America

    • Axios! Axios! Axios!

      He is not only “correct” (so to speak), he is correctly (and truly) oriented. This is a spiritual matter, a matter of repentance for us all. God is with us, and we must look to Him (not primarily political figures) to save us as a people from our rebellion and/ or indifference.

    • Most excellent!

    • I truly wish the GOC’s were within the canonical bounds of the Church, what a force of good they could be

      • Peter A. Papoutsis says

        Maybe they are and the rest of us Greeks are not. I wonder.

        Peter A. Papoutsis

        • The GOC’s are not recognized by any canonical Orthodox jurisdiction anywhere in the world.

          Though I do sympathize with some of their positions they are indeed not within the canonical bounds of the Church, whether it be the Greeks, Russians, Serbians or any local Church.

          What they should do is reunite with ROCOR or some other jurisdiction and come under the omophorion of a canonical bishop and help fight from within the Church, they have done a huge favor to the enemies of the Church by removing themselves, now, who cares what hey have to say since they themselves are not even in the Church.

          • I think it was Fr. Peter Heers who said that they made themselves irrelevant by going into ecclesiological exile. It’s a shame, really, as they are mostly good people.

      • Mark E. Fisus says

        Canonical jurisdictions are all uniformly pro-life.

        Regarding the schismatics, sure, a broken clock is right twice a day. They get no credit for saying 1+1=2.

        Our very own American Supreme Court ended Roe v. Wade. Those who had looked for Putin to save the West from “globohomo” can eat crow. Benedict Arnolds, the lot of them.

  9. Jim Jatras says

    The vote to overturn Roe was 5-4, not 6-3. Roberts did indeed cuck again by concurring in the outcome of the case but not in the legal holding overturning Roe.

    • ” The Supreme Court in a 5-4 decision overturned Roe v. Wade,
      the landmark ruling that established the constitutional right to abortion. …
      ” … Chief Justice John Roberts voted with the majority
      to uphold the Mississippi abortion restrictions
      but did not approve of tossing out Roe altogether. ”

      The technical description of this sort of opinion is:
      running with the hare while hunting with the hounds

      Roberts intends to be on the winning side – whichever one that is;
      so that, should the Harpies turn up at his door, he can cry:
      “It wisnae me! A big boy done it an ran away!”

    • George Michalopulos says

      Jim, if so, I stand corrected. How come everybody’s reporting that Roberts sided with the majority? I realize there were two cases here but is it possible to split a vote?

      • The main dichotomy in a case is whether the justice votes with the plaintiff or the defendant, not the opinion on this or that issue. The vote was 6-3 for Dobbs (i.e., the State of Mississippi). Roberts would rather not have voted to overturn Roe, just to further limit it and uphold the Mississippi law, and thus he concurred rather than joined in the majority opinion. However, as a practical matter, given that Roe has been overruled, Roberts could not be counted upon as a vote to re-establish any right to abortion in the Constitution and thus, effectively, it is a 6-3 decision.

  10. George, I saw this article on Telegram and thought as a Greek American you would appreciate it:

    It’s pretty long but a really good read by a Greek priest on the current state of Hellenism and Greek Orthodoxy, and where it is headed. I agree with Fr. Ioannis in thinking that the EP has done extreme harm to Hellenism and Greek Orthodoxy.

    Would like to hear your thoughts on it if you have time.

    • It is a thought-provoking article;
      which, in me, evokes the following exchange:

      Petrus: Quo vadis? [Where are you going?]
      Iesus: “Rōmam eō iterum crucifīgī” [I am going to Rome to be crucified again.]

    • George Michalopulos says

      Let me look at it, Petro!

      • Sounds good!

        Also, Elpidophoros up to usual BS again:

        I am genuinely interested when the bishops of the other jurisdiction are going to say enough is enough

      • George Michalopulos says

        Read it! A good analysis. (BTW, I got lost in the hyperlinks. Those Greek rebels were something else entirely! Especially Papaflessas: war-hero, monk-priest and serious womanizer/hard drinker.)

  11. Petros,
    That is a fascinating article. I’m interested as to George’s thoughts on it.

    I love the Greek people, as I do the Slavic people and, really, all God’s people. I attended a Greek parish for about eight years and learned Byzantine chant. My godfather is Greek. But it pains me to say that there is a conflict within the Greek soul with respect to Greek Orthodoxy. Part of the Greek Church, the dominant part in the West (at least the hierarchy), has chosen poorly. They have, essentially, chosen Western Liberalism as the new criterion of our age, rather than the faith of the Fathers or traditional Hellenism. In political terms, this is an alliance with the American Democratic Party and the liberal socialist parties of Western Europe as opposed to more traditionalist alternatives. In geopolitical terms, this is an alliance with DC against Moscow. Moscow has only become a bulwark of tradition because it has been, literally, through hell and has no desire to go back. The Phanar’s choice to side with Washington is actually contrary to culture and faith.

    This is a mistake, not simply because the future is Eurasian but because the only truth is the traditional truth, not something invented on the fly to appeal to contemporary sensibilities and passions.

    The “truth” of the West cannot even sustain itself demographically and has led to interminable gender and ethnic confusion. There is one respect for one’s countryman, another for the foreigner: one respect for a male, another for a female. This is the divine hierarchy which has been disregarded by these spoiled children who dare to reinvent the cosmos according to their emotional sensibilities which are internally inconsistent and self-contradictory. They sow chaos and tragedy.

    But a new era will dawn. A revived Hellenism, the imperial philosophy of the Greek East, has a lot to offer the Eurasian century. The Greeks just need to get their act together and learn to side with their fellow Orthodox to the east. It is in their spiritual best interest and increasingly in their economic and political best interest. The Greeks can, once again, “have it all”. They just need to get on the “right side of history”.

    • “A revived Hellenism, the imperial philosophy
      of the Greek East, has a lot to offer the Eurasian century.”

      It has got a lot to offer the West, if it can just
      get rid of its Rhodes Scholarship fixations…

    • Μωλον Λαβε says

      I sadly have seen that the Greeks have discarded their heritage and birthright to become Europeans.
      It would take a massive revival of ethos for Greeks to regain their dignity and honor. I have serious doubt this may happen except by the Divine Grace and Mercy of God.

      • George Michalopulos says

        ML, I shuddered when the Greeks threw away the drachma, as Esau did his porridge, for inclusion into the EU. The drachma was the oldest currency in the world. (I like to think that we Greeks lost a lot of our patrimony when we ended the monarchy as well. But that’s just me.)

        • Μωλον Λαβε says


          I had warned many that it would be a terrible mistake to discard their sovereign currency. When one does this, you are beholden (enslaved?) to the issuer of the “scrip”
          Before the conversion, I remember the drachma conversion was 400 to the dollar on the black market !!
          It would have been one thing to join the EU, but not surrender your currency.
          The UK kept the pound and I believe Denmark kept the krone when they joined the EU.
          During the ’50s, the drachma was considered one of the strongest currencies in Europe. Up until 1970 or so the exchange rate was 30 drachmas to the dollar.

          As far as Constantine and his lineage……at least they gave a genuine damn about the people and knew who they served.

          • George Michalopulos says

            ML, along the lines of the whole “scrip” thing (as well as the monarchy) you’re totally spot-on. Regarding the drachma, the UK joined the EU but at least they were smart enough to keep their traditional currency. If only the Greeks had done the same thing.

      • Peter A. Papoutsis says

        Unfortunately true.

      • At the rate the EU is going it will be lucky if it lasts another 10 years, this winter may be what breaks the camels back for them with food and fuel shortages. At least that’s the impression I get from The Duran.

        Either this was by design by Putin or a very lucky ramification of the sanctions against Russia. All I have to say about the end of the EU is good riddance.

        Only then will Greece be able to pick up the pieces.

        • Μωλον Λαβε says


          I think the EU will break apart must faster, even perhaps by this time next year especially IF there will be shortages. I’d expect many riots and I pray authorities do not get too heavy handed. I expect matters to unfold very quickly.
          Historically when a sitting administration is losing control, they tend to get very oppressive. Unfortunately there are many examples.


          TPTB actually LISTEN to the experts about the real difficulty in trying to change horses in mid-stream. At this point the only ACTION they have left is to make amends with Russia – and quickly ! Of course this would mean “disobeying” the US and NATO falling apart – Oh fragistras ! Kaloo, Kalay.

          IF TPTB do NOT wake up to reality they will be in deep doo-doo. Hilarity and exchange of pleasantries ensue (use your imagination)
          (NOTE: Russia has not shut down fuels to EU entirely, I think knowing not to create unnecessary chaos and giving the idiots some wiggle room to save face, and their rear ends besides the back-room deals)

          Thus all the smartest boys being dumber than a bag of wet mice are damned if they do and damned if they don’t. Either way I see major changes in the EU.

          I cry for Greece…….the smartest people in the world…….caught by their nose !

          • I think the EU will break apart must faster, even perhaps by this time next year especially IF there will be shortages.

            I do tend to agree.

            I think Hungary will be the first domino to fall, they have been threatened relentlessly by the EU for supporting Russia and for the egregious act of pushing out globohomo from the country.

            Austria, Czech Republic, Bulgaria (if they can oust Kirill Petkov who is a western shill)….beyond that it is anyone’s guess, if Lega can get back in power then I think Italy is in play.

            If/when Germany crashes then Greece, who will probably crash as well, will finally stop being a German vassal state. To add a religious spin to this, I have a Cypriot acquaintance who has a relative that is a priest in the Church of Cyprus and travels extensively. He told me that since the economic problems in Greece a few years ago, since covid and the current political/economic instability he has noticed more people returning to Church and returning with more passion than they had before. They are visiting more monasteries and seeking out spiritual fathers who preach the truth. It seems that Greece is turning back to God. If God is not done with America yet, then I have to believe that He is not done with Greece as well.

        • Meanwhile Boris’s bubble has well and truly burst.

          Tiverton and Honiton by-election: Lib Dems take seat

          ‘ The Liberal Democrats have won the Tiverton and Honiton by-election,
          overturning a Conservative majority of more than 24,000. …

          The by-election was triggered when former Conservative MP Neil Parish resigned after admitting watching pornography in Parliament. … ‘

          The men in the grey suits won’t stand for that…
          (Err… I mean losing so badly…

          • Imagine being let down by the conservatives thinking that Labor or the Liberal Dems are going to help you lol

    • Misha, I’ll add what I said in a previous post that I think may sum up the situation with Greece:

      “If/when Germany crashes then Greece, who will probably crash as well, will finally stop being a German vassal state. To add a religious spin to this, I have a Cypriot acquaintance who has a relative that is a priest in the Church of Cyprus and travels extensively. He told me that since the economic problems in Greece a few years ago, since covid and the current political/economic instability he has noticed more people returning to Church and returning with more passion than they had before. They are visiting more monasteries and seeking out spiritual fathers who preach the truth. It seems that Greece is turning back to God. If God is not done with America yet, then I have to believe that He is not done with Greece as well.”

      Having said that, Hellenism here in the States as it stands in GOARCH is unsustainable. Why? Because they have put Hellenism above Orthodoxy and not the other way around. They have failed to convey Orthodoxy to the next generation and there are only so many Greek cultural events that will keep the younger folks in.

      For Hellenism (true Orthodox Hellenism) to survive in America, especially as it preserved in the monasteries, it needs to break free from GOARCH.

      • George Michalopulos says

        Petro, if I might add: I have a quibble regarding your assessment that the GOA “puts Hellenism over Orthodoxy.” Broadly speaking, you are correct in this regard, they are indeed putting something called “Hellenism” over Orthodoxy but it is an ersatz, denatured type of Hellenism. At best, it’s a Zorba-the-Greekist type of low-class Hellenism. There is nothing about Classical Greece, Byzantium or the modern (post 1830) Hellenic period, much of which was elegant and uplifting.

        Even when it comes to America, they consistently screw things up. Consider for example, Ab LP’s keynote address at the annual March for Life. He so totally screwed it up that it incensed pro-lifers everywhere. And how unnecessary: we were so close to complete victory! Anyway, when it comes to committed, serious Christians from other faith traditions, they now know that they can never go to the GOA again for any type of serious support or sympathy.

        Bottom line? The EP/GOA axis is more than ever committed to globalism and becoming an Eastern-Rite Episcopalian denomination. They’d rather accept the “moral authority” which the Establishment places on them than become a martyric Church. In other words, a Laodicean entity.

        As far as the Athonite movement here in America, they say even less. I’d be interested what would happen if a GOA parish decided to not have a food-festival one year. I imagine GOA/HQ would come down on them like a ton of bricks.

      • Petro,

        Yes, the Phanar has become the adversary of true Hellenism.

        Times change. During the Cold War, there was a certain logic to allying with DC. But even then, DC was insidious and secular materialist, hellbent on an Anglo-American empire. It’s just that the alternative was worse: Soviet Communism.

        The period from 1988-2000 saw a seismic change in geopolitics. Russia became a Christian, market-based society, fundamentally anti-communist in the sense of anti-socialist and monotheistic. When I first saw the cover of Russian Course, Sir NIcholas Brown’s Russian primer with Russian troops marching in front of St. Basil’s with a Coca Cola ad in the foreground, something in my psyche remarked that they had finally found destiny. Having abandoned totalitarian socialism and re-embraced Christianity, given their reserves of natural and human resources, their potential was limitless.

        Unfortunately, the Phanariotes missed this transition. All they were willing to see was a nefarious, ethnic rival. The potential for a new Hellenistic world based in the Greek east with Slavic, Romanian, and Syrian subparts became lost in the new rivalry. C’pol and Athens could have occupied the honored position that the UK occupies in the Western Anglo-American empire but in a new Greco-Slavic Eurasian model, with China and East Asia serving as the new Europe.

        They are smart enough to see the writing on the wall, but they must not let pride cloud their vision.

  12. From Hellenicscope, thanks to Nick Stamatakis we have the latest from Archbishop Elpi. He and his black robed helpers just don’t get real American Orthodox. Yes, we are the laughing stock of the world.

  13. George Michalopulos says

    BTW, today is the anniversary of the Battle of Kosovo:

  14. #Groomed – How Schools Sexualise Your Children

    [Video – 22:28]

    ‘ “Groomed: How Schools Sexualise Your Children” exposes the worrying degree to which politicised, divisive ideologies – including gender theory, critical race theory, queer theory and “transgender toolkits” – are being taught to our children through Personal, Social, Health and Economic education (PSHE). ‘

    The cancer spreads…

  15. The Unravelling of the UK and the Western World
    and Their Reconfiguration | July 05, 2022 | By Batiushka for the Saker Blog

    Looks like Father Andrew is reconfiguring maps again;
    only this time it’s secular rather than ecclesiastical…

  16. Uruguayan official says judge’s ruling on vax was “nonsense”

    ‘ Uruguay’s Presidential Secretary Álvaro Delgado Thursday admitted that “rulings are obeyed, but they can be criticized and this ruling is nonsense.” He made those remarks after Surrogate Judge Alejandro Recarey ordered vaccination against COVID-19 of children aged under 13 years of age to be halted.

    Delgado also announced the Health Ministry (MSP) would appeal the magistrate’s decision. “The government respects science and respects the Judiciary, that is why the MSP is suspending the voluntary vaccination of minors and the second thing we want to say is that we will undoubtedly appeal this ruling.”

    The official also stressed that the ruling “puts on the Judiciary the responsibility of the possible health affectation of a number of minors in Uruguay who wanted to be vaccinated.” He added that 5,800 minors had signed up for their second doses of vaccine. “Many of them with comorbidities or medical prescriptions,” Delgado underlined.

    “The first thing that the government is preparing in these hours is the immediate appeal of this court ruling,” he assured. ”Rulings are complied with, but they can be criticized and this ruling is nonsense (…) that dictates, among other things, in its rationale that the Vaccination Plan is illegal and unconstitutional and that the economic interests of private pharmaceutical companies weighed. For the government and the whole of Uruguay this argument is inadmissible,“ Delgado stressed.

    He added that a judge suspending ”a vaccination that is voluntary worries us enormously against the opinion of science and against what is happening in the world,“ he went on.

    Judge Recarey acquiesced to an injunction filed by lawyer Maximiliano Dentone and ordered all vaccinations within this age group be halted for 72 hours pending appeals. Anti-vaccine activists celebrated the measure at the court’s doorsteps with signs reading ”hands off children.“

    The magistrate ordered the MSP and the Uruguayan Presidency to publish in full all the purchase contracts for the purchase of vaccines with the Chinese pharmaceutical company Sinovac, the Anglo-Swedish AstraZeneca, and Pfizer of the United States.

    He also requested that a text be penned to be given directly to minors under 13 years of age who want to be vaccinated, in which there is ”complete and clear“ information on the substances contained in each vaccine, their benefits, and risks, as well as the adverse effects ”already detected.“

    Recarey, who is handling the case as the magistrate on duty during the Judiciary winter recess, also ruled that once these requirements are met he would agree to review the resumption of vaccinations.

    The MSP announced on social media that vaccines for this age group will no longer be available ”until further notice,“ but insisted that ”each decision taken regarding the vaccination of the National Coronavirus Plan was based on the available scientific evidence.”

    Vaccination is not mandatory in Uruguay, which in June 2021 became the first country in Latin America to vaccinate minors between the ages of 12 and 17, while in January 2022 began vaccinating children between the ages of 5 and 11. ‘

    “…the National Coronavirus Plan was based on the available scientific evidence.”

    Would that be all the available scientific evidence?
    Or just what was made available to the planners?

  17. I don’t think most people appreciate the degree to which the ideology of Liberalism has poisoned the West. First, we have a demographic crisis of low fertility for native populations and unbridled immigration. This is deliberate. Liberals have been pushing down birth rates through feminism and abortion for fifty plus years. They have destroyed the family through no fault divorce and the rise of the concept of “domestic violence” as opposed to the normal criminal code which was quite sufficient to the task, anecdotal evidence notwithstanding. Given the settlement divisions and custody arrangements that have become customary, we have a recipe for the reduction of marriage to a temporary contract, severable at will with an obligatory seizure of male assets for redistribution. This has destroyed the institution of the stable, patriarchal marriage.

    An underappreciated facet of this decline is the reduction of testosterone levels in Western males, doubtlessly due to the artificial curbing of masculine/aggressive tendencies due to feminism. Repression, never being uniformly effective, is also the likely culprit behind the mass shootings by young males.

    This is not all. Liberals have used the racial situation in America to divide the country for political purposes and this has become much more virulent in the last decade or so with the rise of BLM and Antifa. BLM is a Marxist, pro-perv organization which has found considerable public support in the black community. Antifa is a radical leftist, anarchic anti-traditional outfit committed to violent intimidation and assault of perceived enemies, much like the Brown Shirts in 1930’s Germany.

    Widespread riots in 2020 caused many Americans, myself included, to abandon the idea that racial harmony is attainable under the circumstances of racial favoritism in the law (“reverse discrimination”, “affirmative action”, “disparate impact”) and the race baiting politics of exploiting rare, isolated incidences of questionable police action in a nation of 330 million people. This too is part of the liberal project. White liberals have used American blacks as a political weapon against conservatives, stoking the fires of racial tensions with demagogic racial rhetoric.

    The bridge too far may be the extolling of transexuality. Though the entire LGBT phenomenon is filthy, sick and evil in its essence, the tranny facet is particularly loathsome as being a rejection of nature and a war on the same. It has run into troubled waters due to the propagation of trans-athletes in women’s sports and the attempt to redefine the meaning of “woman”. Even some liberals object to these travesties. But this too is all the gift of Liberalism. Generally, Marxists are not inclined to such things, at least not historically. It’s all progressive liberalism.

    Finally, liberals gave us masking, lockdowns and a mandatory, poisonous vaccine for what was never more than an odd variant of the flu. On top of that, they have given us a war with Russia by military proxy and direct economic conflict as well as an impending war with China over Taiwan – wars which we will likely lose badly. All of this due to Russian and Chinese reluctance to go along with the liberal social project.

    Liberalism must die.

    Christ, of course, is the answer to all of this. Specifically, traditional Orthodox morality and the Orthodox appreciation of hierarchy as opposed to radical equality or “equity” as a basis for social relations. It seems we are in a similar position in the West to the one we were in vis a vis the Roman Empire in the early years; i.e., evangelizing the society, culture and government.