Elder Aemelianos of Simonopetra: Memory Eternal

The other day, I found out about the repose of Elder Aemelianos of Simonopetra. In the opinion of many, he was a modern Father, who helped revitalize monasticism in modern Greece. I never met him but his reputation among people I know who have met him –and who I greatly respect–is all I need to know that he will someday be glorified as a saint.

Rather than prattle on with words that will do his life and ministry no justice, I found this eulogy by His Eminence Alexander Golitzyn, Archbishop of Dallas and the South (OCA). I hope you take the time to look at it.



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  1. Memory Eternal!

    • This is the Church we need and the Bishop also. Serious minded for serious times

  2. George, thank you so much for that.

    Here in the Baltimore / Washington D.C. area, we are blessed to have the Monastery of St. Nina, set on 130 country acres in Unionville, MD. The abbess, Mother Aemiliane, has left for Greece for the funeral of her beloved Elder. But to hear more about the astonishing way she came to know him, search for the Ancient Faith podcast called A Miracle at the Hyatt. Mother Aemiliane was one of the victims crushed in the Hyatt skywalk collapse in Kansas City in 1981, and the story of how Elder Aemilianos was involved in saving her is truly extraordinary. A breathtaking reminder that God is glorious in His saints, even now on this earth. Memory Eternal!

  3. visit St. Nina’s.. most beautiful chant in English, Greek & touch of Georgian, kind, sacrificing true women of God real & God-fearing, very experienced in prayer, humble yet bold & insightful Abbess Aemiliane, godly, real Bishop Saba is a gift to America// 5 stars

  4. There will likely be people who think this man (wonderful man) should be bishop material. No, he was what he should have been, a saintly abbott. Bishops should be married men, monks should be monks.

    • George Michalopulos says

      I’m not necessarily in disagreement with you, Bob. The conundrum is this: there really are saintly monks (who actually live in monasteries). And then there are celibate priests who don’t live in monasteries. Now of course, we are told that the new archbishop for the GOA is really an abbot of a monastery.

    • Michael Bauman says

      Bishops should be men who do not want to be a bishop. Anyone who wants to be a bishop should be automatically disqualified. Then the scriptural parameters should be followed which do not exclude married men. Although the requirement to be the husband of one wife seems to be a high bar to meet these days. If married they need to be age 50-70 with grown children.

  5. Michael I am emphasizing your words:

    “Bishops should be men who do not want to be a bishop.”

    This is what St.J.Chrysostom also says.

    So, a bishop, then Archbishop or Patriarch
    should be elected by the other bishops AND THE PEOPLE!